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Fall 2014

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January 17 - 18, 2015

Coastline Conference and Event Center Wilmington NC

$20,000 in Cash

4 Man Teams - 8 Doubles Tournaments (4 Cornhole, 4 Other)

Teams win cash for every match won



9 Titletown is Tailgatetown GRILLS AND GEAR

Welcome! In the fall of 1992, a 22-year-old Carolina boy found himself in a foreign land. It was the state of Wisconsin, Land of the Cheeseheads. His college football game experiences were plenty, but his NFL experiences were minimal. He’d only experienced the Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins as a kid. As an avid sports fan, attending a Green Bay Packers game was number one on the bucket list for obvious reasons. When meeting new people in town it seemed that all conversations led to a discussion of the Packers, and everyone—men and women—had an incredible depth of passion and understanding about Packers teams past and present. Every time this young man would mention a desire to go to a game, people would chuckle, say good luck, and wish him deep pockets for scalping tickets, which are nearly impossible to get with a waiting list that is 30 years long. It looked like his exposure to the Green Bay Packers would be restricted to sports bars and strangers’ homes on gameday, which was a pretty amazing experience in itself. Then a vendor called with an invitation. It was not an invitation to just any game; it was the Bears game. The tailgating started four hours before the game with a group of eight fans grilling brats on a charcoal grill, drinking Old Style, sharing stories, making predictions about the game, and embracing the experience with the tens of thousands of others doing the same thing. After a few hours, the group made its way to a jam-packed sports bar and then onto the stadium. More Old Style, cold bleacher seating, intense fans, and a Packers win left a lasting impression, and the tailgating fire for a Southern boy nicknamed Lil Big was stoked. Twenty-two years have passed, and I’m a man now. But when I was invited recently to visit Green Bay, I felt the same excitement I did as an unseasoned boy. As much as Lambeau Field has changed, the core is the same. The fans’ passion for their team and for tailgating runs deep. It is one of those special places that should be experienced first-hand. Titletown is Tailgatetown and should be number one on all tailgating bucket lists. ENJOY THE FALL!

Stacey “Lil Big” Moore Publisher @LilBig02


18 Condiments to Kick Up Your Tailgate 21 Quick-Prep Recipes 22 Grab a Growler to Go FANS AND THRILLS

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Add a Tailgate TV Stand to your Tailgate Game Plan. Be the envy of the parking lot with the original Tailgate TV Stand. Our 360 degree, hitch-mount design is easy to assemble and manufactured in the USA. We’re proud to honor the American traditions of football and tailgating.

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Thrilla the Gorilla

presents Grills for Grrrillas by Michael Reed Kean


rue grrrillas are set apart from casual grillers by how prepared they are for whatever comes their way. A few friends dropping by for homegating in the backyard? Cool. A few dozen friends dropping by for the finest culinary experience available in a parking lot? Sweet. A true grrrilla always has the right tool for any occasion. Up your game to grrrilla status with any of these versatile grills.

Cabela’s Ultimate Cookstation

When we are out on the road, we love to mix it up a little, and with Cabela’s Ultimate Cookstation we can do just that. If we are at the stadium early, we can griddle up pancakes, bacon, and eggs on the griddle top, while we grill some juicy breakfast sausages on the grill top. If you are a real foodie and looking for a gameday challenge, add the Ultimate Cookstation Pizza Oven and put together some primo pigskin pizzas for all your tailgating buddies! For right around $300 you could have the best of both worlds, grilling and griddling to produce all the tailgating delicacies you and your tailgating “krewe” desire. Four independently controlled 14,000 BTU burners 38-inch wide x 18-inch deep cooking area 42.5-inches high x 65.7-inches wide x 20.1-inches deep weighs 93.7 pounds $299.99

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Prefer “homegating� to tailgating? This grill table is a backyard beast! Hand crafted right in here in the United States, the Jag Grill is truly a work of art for those of us who want to take grilling and barbequing to the next level. Honestly, I am sitting here trying to figure out how we can get the sixseat version of this table into a truck or an RV. These tables are beautiful to look at and ruggedly constructed by some folks who know a thing or two about cooking outdoors. The removable surfaces and side entry doors make for easy and convenient cleaning and storage. This amazing grill table comes in two different sizes: a six-seat table that is about four feet in diameter and an eight-seat table that is almost twice as big! The Jag Grill has adjustable legs to balance the table in the event one finds oneself on uneven ground. The more I think about it, the more I think this backyard beast could very easily be a gameday, primetime player! 6-seat table, $1,199 plus shipping 8-seat table, $2,499 plus shipping


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Cook-Air Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill If you are more in the mood for a simple, elegant, and insanely powerful grilling experience, then look no further. The Cook-Air Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill is all of these things wrapped into one very handy little bundle. The Cook-Air has a fan built into the bottom of the unit to control the heat produced by the wood, which you will use to produce an actual campfire effect. The combination produces some wondrous results indeed. Mind-searing 1,000-degrees Fahrenheit cooking temps are easily within your grasp. The Cook-Air can be either plugged in or battery operated for super convenience out in the stadium lots on gameday, or any day for that matter. Available in red, black, or gray $149.95

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Green Bay

by Stacey Moore (Twitter: @LilBig02)



reen Bay, Wisconsin, was nicknamed Titletown back in the 1960s to pay homage to the Green Bay Packers for winning five out of seven NFL Championships. Enter in a web browser to visit the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. In 2010, the Green Bay Packers formally trademarked Titletown for certain business uses. The Packers are well known for having a special bond with the fans all over the country as the team is publicly owned and has some of the best tailgating anywhere. Titletown is definitely Tailgatetown.

The Packers’ tailgating tradition dates as far back as 1919 when the team embarked on its first road trip to Ishpeming, Michigan, from the Chicago

and North Western Depot in downtown Green Bay. In those days, faithful fans would gather and throw tailgate parties at the station prior to the team’s departure and would welcome it back with a party

whether it won or lost. One of the biggest parties happened when the Packers beat the Bears for its first championship on December 8, 1929. An estimated 20,000 fans lined the railroad tracks to celebrate. The team traveled from this depot for over four decades. On shorter trips, many times fans would travel with the team, and one of the baggage cars would be converted into a bar—tailgating on wheels. Currently, the depot is home to Titletown Brewing Company (established in 1996). Stop by and have a Preseaon Pale Ale while soaking in the tailgating history of this spot.

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Jerry and Diane Watson converted a woman’s fine clothing store into The Stadium View Sports Bar and Grill in just 28 days back in 1992. The Green Bay Packers and Packers fans are in sync when it comes to tailgating. They just get it. Explore the Green Bay Packers website, and you can easily find tailgating information and guidelines. Proving that not all NFL teams are alike, compare the first tailgating guideline sentences on the Green Bay Packers website ( versus the Carolina Panthers site ( stadium/directions-andparking.html). The Packers: “Tailgating is a time-honored tradition at Lambeau Field. We encourage fans to have a good time, but please do so responsibly.” The Panthers: “Tailgating activities can create special risks to public safety due to the use of multiple open-flame cooking devices in close proximity to people, vehicles, buildings, structures and combustible vegetation.” Where would you rather tailgate? The Green Bay Packers encourage tailgating in the lots the team controls by allowing a 9-by-6-foot space behind a parking spot to set up a tailgate area. Separate disposal containers are set up in the lots for hot charcoals, recyclable items, and trash. And some stadium restrooms are accessible from the parking lot until one hour before game time. Another tailgating option at Lambeau Field is the Tundra Tailgate Zone. The indoor-outdoor area is approximately 30,000 square feet and entering its seventh season. The 15,000-square-foot, climate-controlled, semipermanent structure near the Oneida Nation Gate features food, drinks, and live music. It is free to enter and stays open for a minimum of one hour after the game—not a bad way to enjoy gameday without a ticket to the game. In addition to the great tailgating options provided by the Packers, there are plenty more tailgating options outside of the Why does Vince Lombardi have #1 on top? He says, “There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game, and that is first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay, and I don’t ever want to finish second again.” Check out more Grills & Gear at


Bart Starr was a 17th round draft choice back in 1956. His play was limited until Vince Lombardi became head coach of the Packers and recognized his talent. stadium. One unique option is a house on the corner of Lombardi Ave. and S. Oneida St. aptly named “Under the Lights of Lambeau.” Owner Debbie Jacques has created a Packers heaven for anyone needing accommodations for up to eight people and wanting a great area to throw a tailgate party. The two-bedroom house features an amazing patio with fire pit grill and full bar set up. The garage area has been converted to a Fan Cave for entertaining. The icing on the cake is that Debbie will even stock the place with all the groceries you need in advance! Other houses are available for rent within easy walking distance to the stadium as well, but start with A few other large tailgating options are available, and two of them are named after famous Packers quarterbacks. Bart Starr Plaza Tailgating Party is entering its 12th year. A $25 ticket during the regular season includes burgers, brats, potato salad, cheese curds, pickles, gourmet cookies, and all-youcare-to-drink beer and wine. Go VIP for $45, and get access to an upgraded menu, select liquor drinks, indoor seating, and indoor restrooms. The Bart Starr Party is located in front of the Resch Center within one block of Lambeau Field and entertains around 1,000 tailgaters per game. For more information visit Two blocks from the stadium is Brett Favre’s Steakhouse. It has been throwing down on gamedays since 1998 (that’s 16 years for the math-challenged) and averages 1,500 fans per game with a high-water mark of 3,200. For $30 tailgaters get Favre Family Jambalaya in addition to brats, hamburgers, salads, cookies, beer, bloody marys, and screwdrivers—all you can eat and drink for around three hours. A live DJ and plenty of retired Packers players entertain and hang with the fans. Other celebrities that have attended this party include Tim McGraw, Larry the Cable Guy, and Kid Rock. In addition to being a legendary lineman, Jerry Kramer kept a tape recorded diary of the 1967 season. Dick Schaap transcribed those tapes into a book, Instant Replay, that sold over 400,000 hard back copies.


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Another unique tailgating experience integrates the Oneida Nation Walk of Legends and the Stadium View Sports Bar. Stadium View has received numerous sports bar accolades over the years and estimates that 15,000 people go in and out on any given gameday. DJs, live bands, swag vendors, and former Packers players are on hand. Pay as you go, or take advantage of the $25 buffet that includes beer and tailgate food. The Winning Tradition (Pride and Glory) monument, part of the Walk of Legends, adorns the Stadium View patio. The Walk of Legends outlines the Packers’ history with 24 monuments that showcase 13 past Packers players and 11 important eras. Other great tailgating monument areas include Badger State Brewing Company on Tony Canedo Run and Saranac Glove on Lombardi Avenue. With all the different options available in Tailgatetown, it would take a full season of games to experience all of them properly. Experiencing just one of them should be on all bucket lists, and that experience will last a lifetime. Inside Tailgating certainly has tailgate envy for those fans who get to do it every game.

The Pride Statue represents the era from 1895 to 1918. The Oneida Tribe of Indians of WI is the naming sponsor and played a vital role in this initial era.

Paul Hornung was the first player in Pro Football History to have won the Heisman Trophy, been selected first in the NFL Draft, won the NFL MVP award, and been inducted into the College and Pro football Halls of Fame. Check out more Grills & Gear at






OUTLAW by Stacey Moore (Twitter: @LilBig02)


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he Outlaw is the most versatile recreational vehicle around. Since the first Class A Toy Hauler was introduced back in 2007, the features and floor plans have evolved to cater to all the different needs and desires from owners. The Outlaw appeals to a variety of buyers, not just those who want to haul toys. (“Toys” might include anything from bikes to jet skis to small race cars.) Currently the Outlaw can be found in use as a dog grooming studio, a dental office, a blood drive unit, and a mobile office just to name a few. It is popular for sponsor activities, and we consider it the best overall RV for tailgaters. Here is a look at the past, present, and future of the Outlaw.

2007 – 2010:

The Birth of the Outlaw Damon Motor Coach introduced the Outlaw, a first of its kind. The toy hauler wasn’t new to the industry; however, no one had applied the concept to a Class A motorhome. With the introduction of the 3611 floor plan, Damon created not only a new market segment but also a legend in the process. This floor plan featured a slide-out to create a large living area and a sleeping loft over the garage area. Damon continued to improve the product by offering additional floor plans and limited-edition packages such as the Scorpion Package with a special paint job and electric awnings with wind and rain sensors. In 2008, Damon introduced an outdoor entertainment center with speakers and a television— perfect for tailgate parties. The company even offered a front engine diesel for a limited time.

37LS floor plan

2010 – Today:

The Outlaw Continues to Build on its Success

Thor Motor Coach was formed when Damon Motor Coach and Four Winds International strategically merged in late 2010. Thor Motor Coach continued to build on the success of the Outlaw. It continued producing the 3611 floor plan (now called the 37LS) and created the 37MD floor plan to join the Outlaw’s posse. The 37MD floor plan extends the Outlaw brand as the most flexible motorhome available by adding a second slide room, which is dual-purposed as a second living area or dedicated bedroom. Other cool features that were added during this time period include: A sliding glass door (with an automatic privacy screen) that separates the main area from the garage. A ramp door that can convert into a party patio with an optional railing system. It locks into place and creates a perfect spot for chairs and a small grill. A PA system and DJ fit perfectly on the patio. Optional fold-down sofas in the garage area can provide additional seating for six and sleeping for the least favorite friends. A flat-screen TV option was added to the garage area as well. An electric drop-down bunk option in cockpit area to provide even more sleeping possibilities. When not in use it blends into the ceiling.

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37MD floor plan The Outlaw gang didn’t stop at adding new features to the two Class A models. In 2013, Thor Motor Coach made some big moves adding two new products to the group. A smaller, gas-powered 29H Class C comes fully equipped on the Ford E-Series chassis, while the 35SG Super C is powered by the potent PowerStroke™ diesel engine of the proven Ford F-550 chassis. Both Class Cs feature an expansive garage, ultra-flexible living and storage spaces, and many of the same options found in the Class A models.

3611 Interior

floor plan eliminates the garage but still has plenty of storage and the party deck on the back with the option for stairs. With the addition of the new floor plan and Class C options, the Outlaw will continue its reign as the most versatile RV and the best choice for tailgaters for many years to come.

29H floor plan Scorpion Exterior

35SG floor plan

The Future:

The Outlaw Breaks All the Rules

On the horizon is an all-new breed of Outlaw, the Class A 38RE floor plan, which launches in winter 2014-2015. Rules? What rules? Who said an Outlaw had to have a garage? Who said that you couldn’t make something no one else has? The 38RE continues to blaze a new trail. Like its predecessors, this Outlaw knows no bounds. This

35SG Interior

37MD Loft 38RE floor plan


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ou’ve just arrived in the parking lot for your home team’s big matchup against its hated rival. The crew is all there and with their game faces on. The ribs and chicken? Well-marinated and ready to roll. The beer? Ice cold. You fire up the grill. The gas ignites. The fire burns for a minute and then goes out. The tailgate has gone from just getting started to already over. Every tailgater out there would like to know when the gas is getting low in time to do something about it, and there are a few technologies out there that offer a solution to the problem. These range from temperature strips to weighing scales to the new electronic gauge by Propane GasGenie®. But the most popular by far is the pressure gauge. In fact, four of the top six searches for “propane gauge” on are pressure gauges. Some reviews on the Amazon site suggest that a system based on pressure is a poor way to assess remaining quantity.

So we decided to investigate. We asked a few tailgaters what they thought their gauges did. Most expected it do as advertised: read full when the tank is full, half full when half empty, and nearly empty when the propane is low. But a quick trawl of the web shows they might be wrong. The science associated with propane liquid and gas means that the gauges don’t behave as people expect. Factors like temperature and humidity can cause a propane pressure gauge to indicate that there’s more or less propane in the tank than there actually is. The pressure of the gas isn’t an accurate measure of the amount of propane liquid left. Bottom line: weight is probably a more accurate measure of how much propane is left in your tank. And don’t hesitate to give the Propane GasGenie® a look as well—its time and temperature system seems to perform well and has garnered positive reviews from its users.

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The body of a tailgater requires special nourishment.




by Melisa LaVergne (Twitter: @melisakl)


ou might be tempted to eat these condiments straight from the jar with a spoon. But before you tweak out in a corner of your kitchen like a soccer mom hoarding Nutella, incorporate these tasty accents into your tailgate feast. Your fellow fans will thank you.


is a relish that combines traditional tailgate fare—slaw and salsa—into a delicious accent for everything from hot dogs to tacos to tortilla chips. Flavors include original, spicy, garlic, and spicy garlic, and “fire” is coming soon. You might have seen Slawsa founder Julia Busha on the 2013 season of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. She didn’t get an investment deal from the show, but her story was a huge hit with viewers. She was inundated with support from social media and retailers who stocked up. Visit to find grocers near you that carry Slawsa. Or use discount code INSIDE20 through February 15, 2015, to get 20 percent off when you buy Slawsa from the website.


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Full Page Bleed 8.25” x 10.5” plus .125 on all sides Safe Image area: 7.75” x 10

Bringing The World’s Treasure....

To Your Back Door. delivers the highest quality seafood and specialty items to the most discerning chefs nationwide. Daily we offer over 1,500 fresh and frozen seafood and specialty items sourced from around the globe. We provide comprehensive next day service. We deliver Tuesday through Saturday. Visit us online at or Call us toll-free at (877) 710-FINS (3467).



Slawesome Deviled Eggs

Dillapeño, another relish, is a sweet and spicy combination of pickled cucumbers, jalapeños, and carrots. It’s a great topper for any tailgate dish that needs some extra kick. It is made in Houston, Texas, by Smither Family Kitchen, a gourmet food company started by sisters Ashley and Paige Smither. It has won several awards including two gold awards in the pickled goods competition and a silver award in the condiments competition at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival. (Let’s pause for a moment and appreciate the fact that a whole festival is dedicated to hot sauce. Road trip!) To find retailers or to order online, visit


Ingredients 12 hard-boiled eggs sliced in half lengthwise with yolks removed and set aside ¾ cup Slawsa spicy ¼ cup mayonnaise 6 slices of cooked and crumbled bacon 2 tablespoons finely minced red onion paprika Directions Thoroughly mix together yolks, Slawsa, mayo, bacon, and onion. Pipe into egg whites. Garnish with paprika.

Dillapeño Salad Suprise


Slowly stir Dillapeño to taste into diced tuna, chicken, egg, or potatoes for a spicy and mayo-free salad.

Dillapeño Burger

from Mix Dillapeño to taste into ground beef before forming it into patties. No other seasonings needed!

Singapore Sauce

is the house table sauce at CO Sushi, which has locations in Myrtle Beach and Charleston, South Carolina. It has a spicy, smoky flavor that goes well with fish, noodle dishes, soups, and even sandwiches. It’s not available online or in groceries, but you can order by phone by calling 843.839.1733 or 843.720.3631. They’ll flat-rate ship four bottles to you for $10. Or you can take your group to the lovely Carolina coast for some offseason sun and relaxation, and then pick up some Singapore Sauce for a beachfront tailgate!


“Singapore” Mary by “Rock Cod” Rod


Ingredients 1 cup tomato juice 1.5 ounces CO Singapore Sauce 1.5 ounces premium vodka 0.25 ounces lime juice Directions Fill shaker tin with ice. Combine all ingredients and shake vigorously. Lime and salt the rim of a pint glass. Pour mixture into glass and garnish with a sprig of fresh Thai basil. Or simply replace the horseradish in your favorite bloody mary recipe with CO Singapore Sauce for a spicy Vietnamese version of your favorite brunch cocktail.

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by “Rock Cod” Rod (


an’t get in the Cornhole tourney because you’re stuck behind the grill? Don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen while the national anthem is performed? Need a couple of easy-breezy go-tos for gameday? Here are a couple of quick-prep recipes that get you back in the “game.” A couple of knife strokes, a whir of the blender, a stir here and there, and you’re a gameday rock star.

Rockin’ Florida Rock Shrimp Ceviche Ingredients: 1.5 pounds peeled raw rock shrimp 1 pink grapefruit (juiced) 3 key limes (juiced) 2 lemons (juiced) 1 red chili pepper (diced; whichever species fits your desired heat levels) 1 large green bell pepper (diced) 1 medium red onion (peeled, halved, and thinly sliced) 2 garlic cloves (minced) 1 small bunch fresh cilantro (roughly chopped) 3 sprigs fresh mint (roughly chopped) 1 teaspoon salt

Preparation: Rinse rock shrimp in cold water and pat dry. Marinate rock shrimp in citrus juices in the refrigerator for 3 hours, folding the shrimp over in the juices occasionally. The acids of the citrus will “cook” the proteins of the shrimp. This is a historical preservation method that has been used for centuries in many countries of the world. After the shrimp have firmed, combine remaining ingredients 1 hour before service. Serve with sliced cucumber chips, corn tortillas, Bibb lettuce, or your favorite cracker.

In a Hurry Chimichurri

Ingredients: 1.5 cups flat leaf parsley (roughly chopped) ½ cup cilantro (roughly chopped) ¼ cup oregano (chopped) 3-4 garlic cloves (peeled) 1 medium chili pepper (seeded) 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar 2 lemons (juiced) ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil Preparation: Combine all ingredients except olive oil in a blender. Blend at medium. Stop periodically and scrape the sides down to get those blades back in action. As the ingredients begin to incorporate and pulverize, slowly pour olive oil into the swirling mixture. This is a great method for many quick vinaigrettes as well. This is a traditional Argentine beef sauce. Chimichurri is a fresh, flavorful fit to any quick-grilled steak, smoked belly cut, or slow-roasted shoulder pieces. A little goes a long way! You’ll find a place for this 10-minute sauce in your entire tailgate line-up.

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Hi-Wire Brewing Company

GRAB A GROWLER I by “Last Call” LeeAnn Marhevsky

t’s no secret that Asheville, North Carolina, is the reigning East Coast capital of craft beer. With over 20 breweries in Asheville and the surrounding area, it’s a virtual beer mecca. There’s no shortage of schools with solid tailgating nearby either. Wake Forest, Western Carolina, Appalachian State, and UNC Charlotte are all about two hours from Asheville. Since nothing beats a draft beer, short of hauling a kegerator around, how do you get these delicious drafts to your tailgate? Grab a growler—a reusable glass, ceramic, or stainless steel jug!

Wicked Weed Brewery (91 Biltmore Avenue), founded in 2011, is open seven days a week and offers nearly 20 beers



toGO for growlers. It’s most well known for its flagship beer, the Freak of Nature Double IPA, an 8.5 percent alcoholby-volume (ABV) double India pale ale with so many hops that the brewmaster can’t even gauge the IBUs (a bitterness rating). While you’re waiting for the barkeep to fill your growler with a signature Saison or Gluten FREEk, a gluten-reduced ale, try a dish from the full kitchen. Wicked Weed’s take on a fried chicken sandwich topped with kimchi and miso mayonnaise will give you plenty of new ideas for your own tailgating menu.

Wicked Weed Brewery

hing t y r Eve Need You or f ing! t a g Tail


Each kit includes supplies for a fun cookout or picnic And the best part is... it’s all disposable!


Asheville Brewing Company

Asheville Brewing Company

(675 Merrimon Avenue) was the third brewery to make its home in Asheville. Housed in a former automobile body shop, ABC brews seriously solid beers. It has half a dozen drafts available for growler fills, including its Ninja Porter and Shiva IPA. Take my advice and get a growler of Asheville Brewing Company’s 828 Pale Ale. At 6 percent ABV and 25 IBUs, this pale ale was made for all-day tailgating.

Recently voted Best New Brewery in North Carolina by Beer Advocate, Hi-Wire Brewery (197 Hillard Avenue) is making waves in the Hi-Wire craft beer community. It opened in Brewery July 2013 in a warehouse that also holds Ben’s Tune-Up, an Asianfusion restaurant and sake brewery. Hi-Wire Brewery may only offer six of its own microbrews, but everything this brewery touches is golden. Fill up one of its stainless steel growlers with Bed of Nails Brown Ale, a 6.1 percent ABV Englishstyle brown ale that is perfect for fall weather. With intense coffee and toffee notes, it doesn’t knock


you over the head with malt like some other brown ales. Don’t have time to hit up a bunch of breweries? Try Asheville Growler (660 Merrimon Avenue) or Appalachian Vintner (745 Biltmore Avenue) for one-stop growler fill-ups. Asheville Growler has unique drafts from North Carolina breweries like Brevard Brewing Company and Natty Green’s Brewing Company, as well as craft favorites from Allagash and Boulder Beer. With 21 rotating taps, including Windy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill’s Strawberry Pippin Cider, Appalachian Vintner has something Wicked Weed for everyone. Brewery While it’s best consumed within two days, your beer will stay fresh for seven to 10 days if unopened and stored properly. But I have a feeling if you show up to your next tailgate with growlers filled with Asheville’s finest craft beer, you won’t have to worry about taking leftovers home.

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Tailgate Queen > Krewe of Crown > Fantasy Football



FASHION By Stephanie O’Neal (Twitter: @Tailgate_Queen)


ollege gamedays are here, and Tailgate Queen is busy finding all of the things that will make your fashion fan-tastic this season. If you’re not gameday ready, we think these ideas will inspire you to expand your spirited wardrobe. So take a look at what’s in style for 2014.

Make a State-ment

State-inspired styles are all the rage. It only makes sense to show your state pride while sporting your team pride. We’ve found a few options to help. Tailgate Queen’s State Love Tanks are hugely popular with their school-inspired coloring. Complete with the cutout heart over your collegiate location, these tops will win you over. Dress the tanks up with a colorful skirt or down with a pair of jean. The Tailgate Queen tanks will make a statement any way you wear them.


State-inspired fashion

Another great state themed-option comes from Moon & Lola in the form of adorable accessories! Choose from an assortment of finishes to select the perfect state and school option for you. Your decisions don’t stop there. They offer both necklaces and bracelets to help you rep your state like a champ. Visit and to see these state-love and team-love options!

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Gameday Footwear

Shoes that Shout

Put your best foot forward in some spirited styles. Boots are always in fashion for fall. Try a pair from Gameday Boots (www. This company puts a twist on a popular gameday staple with the unique update of officially licensed logos embroidered on its cowboy boots. Are you more of a flats kind of girl? Check out Lilly Bee’s ( huge gameday line of adorable two-toned flats. When selecting your Lilly Bee shoes, you have the option of adding a removable logoed bow to your ballerina flats. Lilly Bee is fast becoming a great source for the fashionable fan. Both companies have a large selection of team choices that will complete your Saturday style. Don’t let these styles pass you by.

School Shades

Shades of Game Day

Society 43’s ( gameday collection includes some of the best-quality sunglasses that also show support for you school! These officially licensed shades combine your school logo and your school colors with a wayfareresque design. The color-tinted lenses make these sunglasses stand out in the stands. You’ll love these shades so much that you may be tempted to get them in every color combination available for your school.


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ety of colors!

ri ble in a wide va Phlingers availa

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the PERFECT game for:






Geaux Tigers! Krewe of Crown - Road Purple Hooligans


photos courtesy of the KOC-RPH

away games. The KOC and the RPH had he Krewe of Crown, also NAME: Krewe of Crown–Road Purple many members in common and met up known as the KOC, was Hooligans (KOC-RPH) throughout the 2002 season. In 2003, formed in 2001 by a group TEAM: Louisiana State University they combined forces. of friends tailgating from the CITY: Baton Rouge, LA Over the next few years, the group back of Daniel “Pickle” Piatkiewicz’s PARKING SPOT: On the grass by the became increasingly more organized, Chevy Caprice and drinking Crown Royal Old Front Nine lot (corner of Nicholson purchased a trailer, created a new leadership whiskey, which they liked because of its Drive and Nicholson Drive Ext.) position called the director of tailgating purple and gold bag to match Louisiana affairs, and instituted a $40 optional State University’s colors. With Glen membership fee to help fund the tailgate. Steady leading the group as president The membership fee covers equipment, ice, food, plates, and Pickle taking the second chair as vice president, gas for the generator, and non-alcoholic beverages. the group dubbed themselves the Krewe of Crown. Members simply show up with their adult beverage Meanwhile in 2002, James Roy, Jonathan Roy, of choice and are ready to “geaux.” In true Louisiana and Marshall Roy formed the Road Purple Hooligans fashion, the group’s food menu is a Cajun feast with (RPH), a clan with no plan other than to hit the road dishes such as alligator sauce picante, jambalaya, wearing purple, to find other cool groups to hang frog legs, pulled pork sandwiches, hot sausage poout with at away games, to be the craziest group boys, potato stew, pastalaya, gumbo, and more. of people tailgating, and to have a blast. Members Though the road game activities waned a bit during of the group competed to become the King of the the years the Roy brothers were starting families of Hooligans, the person who attended the most LSU


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their own, the group has renewed its old traditions and alliances with other tailgating groups. In 2010, the RPH Tailgating Alliance was formed between KOC, Krewe of Them Dudes (KOTD), Threaux Down Tailgating (TDT), and Krewe’d Awakening. These krewes join together for bigger, better tailgates on road games. James Roy, the current KOC director of tailgating affairs, and Matt Bryant of Krewe’d Awakening also joined forces during baseball season to throw the “Big Ass Tailgate” also known as the BAT Party. It includes the KOC, KOTD, TDT, Krewe’d Awakening, Luzianna Skool of Misfitz, Bayou Bandits, Fifth String,

Tacklin Fuel, and Bama’s Ultimate Tailgating Team (BUTT). After just a few years, the BAT Party has already become an annual tradition for these tailgating groups. If you decide to visit the KOC-RPH at the next LSU home game, go to the grassy area beside the Old Front Nine lot off of Nicholson Drive Ext. and look for the 45-foot flagpole topped with the KOC and RPH emblems. Once there, you can expect beer pong, cornhole, and washer toss, along with the Tailgater of the Week competition. Attendees nominate one another for a chance to be immortalized in KOC lore with a personalized Crown Royal sticker that is placed on the interior door of the KOC trailer. At the end of the year, the four tailgaters of the week with the most votes throughout the season are voted on again, and the winner becomes Tailgater of the Year.

Find the KOC-RPH online at or on Facebook at Don’t forget! If you have a tailgating crew that you would like to see on or inside our magazine, shoot on over to and NOMINATE YOUR CREW!

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Weekly Fantasy


by Zack “Big Z” Hill


ou drafted your fantasy football team during the presesason and felt great about it. Then a month into the season you lose your stud wide receiver for weeks with a shoulder injury, your starting quarterback is out indefinitely with a concussion, and your star running back is on the shelf until 2015 with a blown ACL. Your season is over. But it doesn’t have to be if you are playing weekly fantasy football. In weekly fantasy football, you get a new team every week. And if you’re savvy with how you build your roster, you can also win a good amount of cash to go on top of your bragging rights. If you’ve ever done a fantasy football auction draft, the format will feel familiar. If you are more used to the traditional snake draft, here’s the deal. Roster composition is similar. Usually a quarterback or two, two wide receivers, two running backs, a tight end, a few flexes, plus a kicker, and defense. Instead of getting a pick each round, you get a (fictional) budget to spend on your players. Instead of valuing a player by round and pick, you place a dollar amount on the player. For example, if you have an overall budget of $100,000, Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles will probably cost $20,000 of your overall budget, as will top players at other positions. But how you use your money is up to you. One method is to go stars and scrubs: use most of your budget on superstars like Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Graham, Calvin Johnson, and Adrian Peterson. Go for it. But the drain on your budget will be heavy. Or you can fill out your roster with a lot of medium-level talent and high-upside injury risks, but you’ve got no guarantees on what you’ll get. The fun part is that it’s all up to you. And if this week goes wrong, so what? There’s always the next game.



Never Lost is


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Carolinas Cornhole Tour 2014


he 2014 Carolinas Cornhole Tour presented by Corona Light kicked off in March and finished up in early August. The tour is the most extensive regional cornhole competition in the country. This season the tour had over 1,200 players and gave out over $40,000 in cash through local leagues, throwdown tournaments, money shots, and the $5,000 Finals. Cornhole players earned points by participating in local leagues and regional tournaments. Chris “Sticky Bags” Green ended up taking first place in the points with 222 overall tour points. The top 24 points finishers qualified for the $1,000 Singles Tournament, and the top 128 points finishers qualified for the $4,000 Blind Draw Doubles Tournament at the finals. At the finals, Stephen “Smokey” Bolen ended up taking first place in the Singles and Blind Draw Doubles events. He personally pocketed $950 at the Finals event. Green, the overall points winner, ended up finishing second in the Singles competition. The top eight finishers in Singles and the top 16 teams in Blind Draw Doubles finished in the money. In addition, the TOPO Organic Spirits Money Shot paid out $340 to Seth Eudy, $300 to Kipper Melmige, $225 to Joe Tadder, and $85 to Booty Idol. That left $260 to be donated to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. The Carolinas Cornhole Tour was created by the American Tailgating League. Future competitions for the league include the ATL Tailgating Game Championships and the Championships of Bags. For more information visit Check out more Fans & Thrills at





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PACKERS PLAYERS ON BIKES EVOCAP IS THE EVOLUTION OF HATS Got a problem with your sunglasses falling off your hat? Now you can lock them out in with EvoCap. Check out the details in our Product Spotlight Video at DON’T FORGET TO SHARE WITH US YOUR TAILGATING PICTURES AND TWEETS ON OUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER CHANNELS!


One of the coolest traditions in Green Bay is when Packer Players ride kids’ bikes to practice during training camp. The kids carry the players’ helmets and get to chat it up with them on the way. Surprisingly, we saw no accidents and have no idea what this does to the team’s insurance rates.


Vitamin C (Cory Shook) shared a large number of videos with us on Facebook during the Carolinas Cornhole Tour. This screenshot of Ragin Robert is from our favorite video of the season. Check it out at AmericanTailgatingLeague.



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Inside Tailgating: Fall 2014  

Check out the tailgate scene for the Green Bay Packers, learn about the most versatile RV in the tailgating lots, get the latest on some new...