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Happy Holidays!


t’s hard to believe the holiday season is upon us already. In Southern California the weather has remained warm, even while I watch so much of the country battling winter storms. I love seeing dedicated fans out in the lots even in cold and snowy weather! It’s a testament to the importance of tailgating as part of the overall fan experience. In our 2019 holiday issue, we wanted to share some tips on staying warm and tailgating after dark. There’s no reason to shut down the fun this winter just because the sun is setting at 5 p.m.! If you’re not up for braving the elements and prefer to entertain from the comfort of your own home, we’re thrilled to highlight one of our favorite “Food Network Stars” Eddie Jackson and his new cookbook: Game-Day Eats: Recipes for Homegating Like a Pro. I think you’ll also appreciate, as we do, Eddie’s tips for holiday meal prep as well as some recipes from the book he generously shared with us. Let’s elevate our homegating game and tackle our holiday meals like Pros! As for holiday shopping, we’re here to help with that too! Our 2019 gift guide is chock full of ideas for your tailgating (or homegating) loved ones. And we won’t blame you if you add an item or two to your own wishlist while you’re at it. The guide includes everything from subscription boxes, outrageous sportswear for men and casual gameday wear for women to tailgating games and essentials like coolers and grills. The holidays also mean college football bowl season is here and the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl are on the horizon. We get you ready for the big games by highlighting the “New Year’s Six” bowl games and giving you the 411 on either attending or watching all the big games from home. Whether your weather is frightful or delightful, I’m certain you’ll find something in this issue to raise the bar on tailgating, homegating or gift-giving this holiday season. We at Inside Tailgating want to wish you the happiest of holidays. We look forward to bringing you more of the latest trends and ideas for tailgating in 2020 when it comes to Fans & Thrills, Food & Drink, Grills & Gear. Tailgate Better, Tailgate Forever!

17 “Game-Day Eats” With Celebrity

Chef Eddie Jackson

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Six Most Prominent Bowls in College Football

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by Carroll R. Walton,

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s a mother of three sons ages 3 and younger, I don’t get out much, especially at night. So, when I escaped for a girls’ night out at a college football tailgate recently, I was blown away by the spectacle of night time tailgating. It was so cool! Normally when I tailgate for a college football game, or think about tailgating in general, I picture a beautiful Saturday or Sunday afternoon. But when my sister and I drove up to Durham, N.C. for the Duke-Notre Dame football game in early November, it was already dark when we pulled into the parking lot. Kickoff was at 7:30 p.m. and with the end of daylight savings, the sun had set on Wallace Wade Stadium by 5 p.m. Check out more Grills & Gear at


GRILLS&GEAR Even so, the scene was, well, electric! And yes, I know, Duke doesn’t have a giant reputation for its football program but I’m telling you, Duke has a sneaky good pre-game atmosphere. With a recently renovated stadium and Coach David Cutcliffe at the helm, the tailgating game is solid. And just because it was dark and really chilly (it was 32 degrees by the start of the third quarter) that night, it didn’t seem to dampen anybody’s spirits. Being dark early almost made it more festive, in part because it felt so different. One of the first things I saw that intrigued me as we pulled into the lots was two guys playing cornhole in the dark. They had set a battery-operated lantern on the ground under each board which lit up the hole. Genius! Really, all you need to be able to see is where you’re aiming. And what a great way to stay moving and warm. I saw grills doubling as heat sources, bringing a “campfire” feel to the tailgates, which made the mood seem even more intimate and fun. People were standing huddled together in groups, talking, laughing and rubbing their hands together in the front of their fire pits. My sister and I are lucky to have a gracious friend with a fabulous tailgate spread. All we had to do was just show up (did I mention I have three sons 3 and under?) and we had


a delicious hot meal and a seat by the fire waiting on us. Jimmy had hot chili bubbling in a stainless-steel pot, and we popped open a couple of beverages we had brought in the name of hospitality. We caught up on friends and family, and oh yeah, the latest with Duke football. And we did it while standing on a rug. That’s an especially nice touch, and something that makes you feel a little warmer on a cold night. At Duke, they shoot off fireworks an hour before kickoff to let you know it’s time to start winding down your tailgate. Seeing them pop against the night sky? All the more reason to enjoy the changeof-pace of a night-time setting. With the upcoming college bowl season and soon thereafter, the start of the NFL playoffs, tailgating after dark is going to be a regular thing for the next few months. After my fun night out—minus the lopsided loss, of course—I thought I’d suggest a few items that might help make your wintertime tailgate more enjoyable: 1) Hand warmers, that are great to shake up and keep in your pockets,

gloves, or inside of your boots! 2) A set of string lights to hang from your canopy gives a little ambience to the tailgate while serving a practical purpose too, and 3) some “officially” lit cornhole boards would be a fun addition to any night time tailgate as well. Ultimately, the biggest challenge of any winter tailgate is coping with cold temperatures. Inside Tailgating correspondent Jason Bales has some great tips on how to stay warm this tailgating season. Read on for those!

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1. Dress for success.

Always dress appropriately. Unlike the offensive linemen for the Green Bay Packers, tailgaters need sleeves to stay warm. Over-dressing is better than under-dressing. You can always take layers off but can’t add layers you don’t have. Drop the macho-man attitude and bundle up. When it comes to winter apparel, the price tag does matter. Canada Goose might seem overpriced inside the heated storefront, but in sub-zero temperatures, it makes a big difference. Obviously, not everybody can afford Canada Goose, but always opt for the more expensive brand when shopping for winter coats. And bring as much added heat as possible. We recommend OCOOPA rechargeable hand warmers. Keeping your fingers and toes warm is half the battle!

hotdogs and hamburgers will lift the crowd’s spirits, and the heat will keep people happy. If grilling isn’t part of your tailgating experience, consider setting up a fire pit instead. We recommend this pop-up pit with an added heat shield!

3. Consider hot, fingerfree food.

Certain popular tailgating foods, such as grilled corn-on-the-cob or chicken wings, might be delicious, but they’re difficult to eat without bare fingers. Make your food offerings glove-friendly! Hotdogs and hamburgers are an obvious choice, and if you’re looking for a way to spice up your veggie burger game, see this article. However, there are a few more creative routes to take. Chili is a great option. Just be sure to bring bowls and spoons or ditch the bowls with a few pre-made 2. Gather around the grill. walking tacos. Also, consider adding chili peppers Set up a heated central location within to your winter tailgating recipes. your tailgating zone. The easiest way Capsaicin, an active chemical in chili is for everybody to gather around the peppers, induces thermogenesis. grill. Whether gas, wood, or charcoalThermogenesis is the process by based, add extra fuel and leave the which cells convert energy into heat. grill lid open. The smell from the Be careful not to Cornhole Led Lights overdo it, though. If for Cornhole Boards, your body gets too Check them out here. hot, it will start to sweat, and sweat can cause damp clothing, which is a dangerous combination in sub-zero weather.

4. Put down the beer. Pick up the hot chocolate.

Leave the beer at home this winter tailgating season. OK, bring the beer along

but have some alternative options for those who would rather drink hot beverages instead of ice-cold beer. You might be thinking, only children party with hot chocolate, but you’re not thinking hard enough. Food Network has a great recipe for alcoholic hot chocolate! For anyone who doesn’t enjoy sweet drinks, a simple hot toddy will do the trick. It couldn’t be easier. Bring hot water, whiskey, honey, and lemons, and follow Cookie and Kate’s recipe.

5. Break out the games.

Keep moving! Tailgating is better with games whether it’s summer or winter. In winter the activity of playing games will keep your body warm. Plus, it’ll keep your mind off the weather. Cornhole and beer pong are two popular choices, but more active games might be even better. Spikeball is gaining popularity these days, and while it might take some time to figure out how to play, it’ll definitely keep you moving. A simpler option is to bring a few footballs to throw around, or even start up a small game, space permitting. Just avoid standing or sitting around. It’s a tailgating party after all! —Jason Bales, Inside Tailgating correspondent

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inside tailgating’s 2019


by Carroll R. Walton and Elizabeth Moore


e have scoured the market and checked our sources. We’ve done some serious thinking, so you don’t have to this hectic shopping season. Voila! Here are 25 of our favorite holiday gift ideas for the tailgaters in your life. This list runs the gamut, from super affordable to luxury, from the practical (coolers and grills) to the downright frivolous (and hysterical.) We’ve got some traditional items, and cutting edge too, with just about everything else in between. Get going on the shopping list and start knocking out that to-do list now. Don’t thank us, by the way. Just throw a little something extra into the online shopping cart for yourself, and we won’t tell!



QB54 Tailgate Game

It’s two tailgating chairs and a play-it-yourself football game in one. This invention from two brothers from New Jersey is catching on like crazy in the tailgating scene. Co-creator Mike Silva says, “When you go to a football tailgate why throw a beanbag or a frisbee, when you can a throw a football?” Hard to argue there. Two players or teams play to 54 points by tossing a football into the chair seat basket or kicking it through the attachable uprights. One game set (two canvas chairs and a football) retails for $99, but you can get 20 percent off by using the code: tailgate20.

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Timber Ridge Laburnum Tailgate Wagon

The Laburnum was the winner of our monthly Select 6 vote for the best tailgate wagon. First off, it’s durable. It’s made of 600D material and can hold up to 180 pounds. Its front wheels fully rotate, which makes for great maneuverability. And it has a drop-down tailgate which means it can accommodate longer items like chairs and tent poles. The Laburnum is also budget-friendly, retailing at $99.99.


Tellum + Chop College Apparel

Give the gift your favorite sports fans won’t give to themselves, either a) because they don’t know about it yet or b) they didn’t know yet that they’re this bold. This fun and fabulous sportswear from Tellum + Chop does much more than rep a team, it breeds confidence for the wearer. It’s an instant conversation piece at any tailgate, watch party or holiday gathering. FOR INFO


Game Day Chic Apparel

This is hip and modern sportswear for the discerning fashionista (and her boyfriend.) This is for the friends who may or may not need to tout their favorite team, maybe just their sports passion. The slogans on these high quality T-shirts go a little deeper: “Baseball and Coffee” or “Weekends are for Sleeping In & Football.” We totally get it. T-shirts go for $25-$29 and sweatshirts $34-$42. Game Day Chic is offering Inside Tailgating readers 10 percent off their purchase with the promo code: INSIDETAILGATING.

Entertainment Beverage Tub

You’ve got to love the versatility of this galvanized, rust-proof metal beverage tub that works beautifully indoors or out. Load it up with ice and 24 beer bottles or a half dozen wine bottles to snazz up your tailgate spread or bar-side buffet. Personalizing it just adds the perfect touch to any gift, especially for the entertainer and tailgater in your life. It retails for $34.99. FOR INFO

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This is the first truly wireless smart meat thermometer and it connects to an app on your phone. It means you can insert the probe in a piece of meat, place it on the grill, and get back to the party. You’ll receive a notification on your smart phone when the meat has reached the desired temperature. (And you can follow easy step-by-step directions within the app for the specific cut of meat.) No more burning dinner because you’re chatting up your fellow tailgaters. Too good to be true, right? But it is. Cost is $69.00 FOR INFO VIDEO FOR INFO

Best of Times Pop-up Bar

This is a steel-framed portable bar with optional umbrella set that’s built as sturdy as high quality patio furniture and can be toted around in a bag. Coordinated bar stools are an additional add-on option. It’s great for backyards, tailgates and any outdoor venue, whether it’s for personal or corporate use. No tools required for assembly, which can be done in a matter of five minutes—we know because we’ve done it ourselves. Customized covers are available, as well as an array of colors and themes. Retail starting at $299 for the bar only in a solid color.

18.5” Classic Pit Barrel Cooker

Our friends at Pit Barrel Cooker get rave reviews for this beauty, which is rated the best-selling drum booker on the market. Unlike a traditional grill, which cooks from one direct source, Pit Barrel cooking puts the food in the middle of the action, where it gets heated from all sides at once for a consistently great taste. Retails from $299.99. FOR INFO

College Team-Colored Christmas Lights

Fanatics has orange and purple Christmas lights for Clemson, scarlet and gray for Ohio State, orange and blue for Auburn, and red and black for Georgia. Currently at $14.99 they’re a guilt-free gift for yourself. Use them to line a canopy at an upcoming tailgate, then string them up to your Christmas tree at home or the tree in your front yard. Be the talk of the neighborhood and tell them we at Inside Tailgating told you.

The Tailgater Cooler and Trunk Organizer

This awesome accessory can double as both holiday gift and New Year’s resolution crusher. The collapsible three-compartment organizer will help any tailgater de-clutter for the next road trip, day at the beach, VIDEO or even trip to the grocery store. The cooler compartment can hold two gallons of milk (or 18 cans) while being flanked by two full grocery tote bags. The cooler has a removable liner that makes for easy cleaning. The organizer comes in black, blue or red and can be customized with an imprint. It retails for $29.95.



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Traeger Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker: One of the top-rated grills by Seriously Smoked. And it’s not exactly “Lil” either. It has the capacity to cook four whole chickens, 16 hamburgers or five racks of ribs, which makes it great for entertaining at a tailgate or backyard cookout. It has an 18-pound hopper which means you can grill or smoke for hours without refills. The side grease drain makes for easy cleaning. Retails on Amazon for $699.99. FOR INFO

Omaha Steaks

A gift box of delicious high-quality meat ready to throw on the grill at a tailgate delivered to your door? That’s what you get with the Tailgater’s Choice, which includes eight Omaha Steaks burgers, eight gourmet jumbo franks and eight Gourmet Bratwurst for $39.99. To step it up, go with the Serious Tailgater, which features four boneless chicken breasts, four Polynesian Pork Chops, four Gourmet Burgers and four Classic Beef Franks for $57.99. A practical gift any tailgater would love. FOR INFO

Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Grill: The Coleman RoadTrip won our Select 6 vote for best portable grill. It’s easy to use, both in terms of transporting and cooking. It folds up and rolls on two wheels like a roller board suitcase, complete with pull handle. When assembled, it folds into a waisthigh cooking surface. (No more bending down to cook on a shin-high portable grill, and no table required for table-top grilling!) The Coleman Roadtrip LXE features two 10,000 BTU burners, InstaStart matchless lighting, and a 16.4-ounce propane tank that’ll cook for more than an hour. It retails for $250.59. FOR INFO

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SAC-IT-UP Cornhole Beach Chair: What a great idea! A beach chair that doubles as a cornhole board (in one of its eight reclining positions.) Folded up, you can carry it as a backpack. It’s got a head-and-neck pillow and plenty of pockets—for cell phone, sunglasses and sunblock—and one for the six cornhole bags that are included. Use it to tailgate a music festival, picnic at the park or just set it up in the back yard. Price: $69.99. FOR INFO


Tailgate N Go



As seen recently on ABC’s Shark Tank, though you may remember we introduced it to our readers in 2018 (see it here). This ingenious storage-container-turnedcooking-space is basically a portable outdoor kitchenette where you can keep cooking utensils and supplies organized when you’re on the go. The attachments include cutting boards, a grill, stove, sink, cooler, and condiment stations. It can be reconfigured four ways to customize the cooking station. Tailgate N Go will fold back up and slide easily into the bed of a truck. You can serve from the Tailgate N Go off the back of your tailgate or add a swing-out hitch to allow access to both sides. Retails for $1,650. FOR INFO

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Hydro Flask Soft Coolers

The “Unbound” series cooler is built for the tailgate-hopper, who wants to travel light while moving from one tailgate spread to the next, but still keeps its contents cold (for up to 48 hours) and is easily accessible (wide-mouth hinged top.) The 24 L tote doubles as a great beach bag. The 22L backback ($199.95) is light enough to carry on a hike or camping venture. They’re lightweight, sleek, durable, and with just enough heft for the job at hand. They retail for $199.95. FOR INFO

Team RLN

Founder Brianna Cannon calls TeamRLN’s look game-day glam, and that’s the perfect way to describe it. These are earrings that shout your allegiances, whether it’s for Ole Miss, the state of Texas, your sorority, or pom-poms the color of your favorite team. They’ve got adorable Christmas tree and snowflake earrings for the holiday season too. The hand-crafted designs from Team RLN, which we discovered from one of our favorite bloggers, Mrs. Southern Social (,) retail for $65 to $85 and are available through Amazon. FOR INFO



Honda EU2200i Generator

It’s light—at 46.5 pounds—relatively quiet and has a .95 gallon fuel tank, which allows for a little more than eight hours of run time at 25 percent load. It comes with a three-year warranty from Honda and carries the durability and reliability you expect from Honda products. And if you need more power, you can add a second EU2200i. Retails for $1,049.00. Check out more Grills & Gear at





GameChanger Cornhole Bags: For the serious cornhole players in your crew, buy the bags that the pros use.

Don’t know what to get your favorite sports fans for Christmas? Get it all. Fanchest is your sure bet, offering an array of their favorite team’s officiallylicensed sports gear from the NFL, NHL and college in a box. The combos include everything from hats, jerseys, umbrellas, water bottles, mini-helmets, and even baby gear. What assortment you get is part of the surprise. Fanchests range in price from $59 to $289, depending on whether they include a jersey or memorabilia. Youth and baby gifts are available too.

GameChanger Cornhole bags from All Cornhole, are approved by the American Cornhole League. They can be seen on ESPN being used by players on the ACL’s college cornhole championship series. These bags retail for $90-$97 FOR INFO


Grill Masters Club

Know a serious pit master and tailgate host who likes to stay up on the latest BBQ trends? Grill Masters Club boxes feature items picked by a certified BBQ judge. With a different theme for each box, they’ll never see the same thing twice. Boxes include everything from rubs, sauces and spices to grilling supplies and recipes, as well as one surprise item FOR INFO each month. Sign up for a single box or subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months of monthly deliveries. Cost is $27.95 to $32.95 per month

GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong Table



This portable regulation-sized beer pong table will be a hit at any tailgate, backyard party or BBQ. Certain models come with pre-cut cup holes to prevent spilling and it folds up into a briefcase-style carrier. It comes in black, football field, American flag or custom dry erase where you can draw your own tournament bracket, fraternity letters or express your school spirit. It includes six pong balls. Retails for $67.99 to $99.99.

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BruMate Winesulator Gift Set

For the wine-drinking friends you thought already had everything. This wine canteen and coordinating tumblers with lids make bringing your own wine to a tailgate or party a snap. The winesulator holds an entire bottle of wine, and it keeps wine chilled for 24 hoursplus. It’s also great for the pool, beach or music festival too because it’s glass-free, which means it’s not only safe but travels well. Retails for $59.99-$69.99. FOR INFO

Logo Brands Round Table

It was hard to pick just one Logo Brands item to share but we settled on the fold-up round table because it’s super handy and an easy way to add some spirited surface area to your tailgate! Each table has four drink holders and easy access for four chairs. Eat a meal? Play a game of spades? Use it as part of your buffet? And when you’re done, fold it up and put it in a handy carrying case. Retails for $42.00. FOR INFO

WYLD Dually Hard Cooler

These durable double-compartment coolers are great for separating hot and cold items and for wet and dry. And while these 50-quart tough guys are built for the boat deck on a deep-sea fishing trip or the rugged terrain of a deer hunt, they’re easy and practical for tailgating too. Another option is to forget the ice and containers and pour your beverage directly into the cooler compartments. Using the Tap Kits on each side you can serve FOR INFO Sangria from one side and beer from the other. Retails for $289.99.


t Inside Tailgating, we independently select and write about stuff we love or want to try out and think you will too. FYI—we may receive commission on sales or other compensation from links on this page, at no additional cost to you. We gotta pay for our tailgates somehow...

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By Carroll R. Walton,


New Cookbook is the Perfect Guide for Homegating Like a Pro


Photos courtesy of Food Network

ood Network celebrity chef and former NFL player Eddie Jackson has put out his first cookbook, and it’s called Game-Day Eats: Recipes for Homegating Like a Pro. We think it’s the perfect guide for celebrating the college bowl season and the upcoming holidays with family and friends! Jackson recently caught us up on life since he burst onto the culinary scene in 2015 when he won the reality show “Food Network Star.” He also shared some “Game-Day” recipes and gave us some great pointers on cooking over the holidays.

At the moment, “all” Jackson has going on besides promoting his new book, is his work hosting four cooking shows, including the “Christmas Cookie Challenge” for the Food Network, the traveling food show called “Yum and Yummer” on the Cooking Channel, a baking competition show called “The Big Bake” on Food Network Canada, and “Fire Masters,” a barbecue grilling competition show on Food Network Canada.

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FOOD&DRINK And in February of 2018, Jackson opened a food truck park and beer garden called Rose Hill Beer Garden in Cypress, Texas, a suburb of his adopted hometown of Houston, Texas. He still owns his own food truck that specializes in Caribbean food. Jackson first fell in love with Caribbean cuisine when he was playing for the Miami Dolphins. He played four seasons in the NFL, including two with Miami and one for the New England Patriots, before retiring in 2008. Jackson plans to reopen his private gym, Fit Chef, when the cookbook craze dies down. In the meantime, he is still basking in the birth of his nine-month old son, who is already walking and showing off the athletic genes he inherited from his father. Q. Clearly you haven’t slowed down much since last we spoke in 2015, have you? A. I stay pretty busy. Every day is a to-the-max kind of day, 12 plus hours every day. I’ve always been like that. I’ve always felt like If I’m sitting down, I’m missing something. I get that from my dad. My dad is a military guy, and he says, “You can always be doing something instead of sitting down.” I’m always thinking up new ideas, something else I could be doing. I’m only here for a short time so I try to maximize as much time on earth that I can. Q. How did the “Game-Day Eats” idea come to be? A. My grandmother wrote a cookbook way back in 1978 (called Ruth Jackson’s Soulfood Cookbook.) I’ve always wanted to write another cookbook to have in the family. I wanted to blend my background being in sports and food, and I came up with the idea to call it “Game-Day Eats.” It’s all about hanging out at the house, taking the tailgate from outside to inside and hanging out with friends and family,


which is something I grew up doing— whether it was with friends, or my dad’s friends growing up, or my family. Everything always centered around food and hanging out. I took it to publishers, and everyone loved the idea. Q. Was it based on recipes you loved cooking for friends and family yourself or did you mix in a lot of new ideas? A. I’ve taken my travels since I’ve been in the food world and combined some of the things I saw when I was playing professional football. We would travel to different cities and we always got in a day early, so I had a few hours of down time. I would catch a cab and go to what that particular city was known for, whether it was seafood in Seattle, or in wings in Buffalo. When

I was in Miami it was all about Cuban food, different Latin foods, Caribbean foods. You find different recipes in the book you would associate with game day, whether it’s wings, or meatballs, or different types of one-handers, sandwiches, and I just add a little bit of flair to that based upon my travels all over the world. Q. One thing you’re known for is making food everybody likes but with a twist. Did you want that to come across in the cookbook? A. Yeah. I love cookbooks that are approachable for everybody. You can get all the ingredients at the local grocery store. When I think about game day, I think about how you have a lot of different people over at your house, so people want things that

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FOOD&DRINK they know. You have wings, but let’s not make regular Buffalo wings, let’s make some wings with Gochujang, which is a Korean fermented chile-bean paste. It gives people that experience of trying something new but also staying true to game day. Q. You don’t want to be spending the whole time in the kitchen or behind the grill either, right? You want to be visiting with your guests. A. Yeah. You don’t have to be an expert chef to create these recipes. But the good thing about a lot of the recipes is that you can do a lot of the prep work ahead of time, whether it’s making dry rubs or marinades. And a lot of the recipes cook up very quickly, so you’re not cooking all day on the day of. I have chapters where it’s all about dips and one-handers. Q. Are most of the recipes prepared in the oven and on the stove, or do you mix in the backyard grill too? A. The cookbook has a little bit of everything. I have things in there that center around the smoker, the grill, the oven, the stovetop. We have some fried items as well, but we also have a whole chapter dedicated to

desserts, drinks. I have a whole chapter dedicated to big salads that you can make for game day. Q. How did you decide what recipes to use? A. All the recipes are either some of my staples that I always keep on hand for game day if my friends come over or when I have friends over just to hang out. I actually had about 300 recipes, and they made me narrow it down to 100. I cook every day. I’m always experimenting. I’ve been in the food business for over 10 years, so I just have a repertoire of recipes that I always use. Q. So are you homegating for Houston Texans games now, or is it the Dallas Cowboys (where Jackson’s family moved when he was 10)? A. I just love sports. For me the book isn’t just for football. It’s all sports. But it’s also for if you just have some friends coming over, and you want to make something unique that everybody would love. That’s the beauty of the book. It’s not strictly for game day, it’s basically for entertaining. Q. Speaking of entertaining, tell us about your food truck park and beer

garden. Has it been a dream of yours to open one? A. Yes. I started out in the food truck industry about 10 years ago. I started out with one food truck. I’ve always loved food trucks, how dynamic they are. You can pull up anywhere and create a party. A lot of people use them now for catering events because it’s easy. I’ve always wanted to create one location, where it was a food truck park and also (served) beer. I fell in love with craft beer about eight years ago. I wanted to find a way to bring those together so I opened up my beer garden and food truck park about a year and a half ago. It’s a three-acre lot, and it’s an indoor/ outdoor concept. On any given day, we’ll have eight food trucks, 24 taps of craft beer, a playground for the kids, and a stage for live music. We can hold up to 300-400 people. Q. Do people rent it out for parties? Come on the weekend with the kids? A. Oh yeah, we’re open every day, 11 to 11, and on weekends we close at 2 a.m. So you can come in for lunch. You can come in for happy hour. You can come in any time you want. A lot of people have parties there. We’re so big you can reserve a specific area of the park, with your own little section, your own little keg of beer, and have a party. We’ve hosted parties of 200 people and still opened for business because we have so much space. Q. How often do you rotate trucks? A. We normally keep trucks about 90 days, then we rotate them out unless the truck is just amazing. We do a lot of pop ups, where trucks just come in for a day or two on the weekend or for an event. It’s a really cool atmosphere. Q. It’s like a permanent tailgate? A. That’s all it is—a permanent tailgate.

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Calabrian Red Sauce Prep Time: 15 minutes Makes: 2 cups (480ml)

This simple red sauce gets its heat from Calabrian chiles, which are balanced with notes of spice and fruit. Their fiery flavor is why I love using this sauce to make my Spicy Calabrian Meatballs, and it’s also great on sandwiches, pastas, or even as a dip. This sauce freezes beautifully, so feel free to make it ahead. — E. J.


1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil ½ cup (70 g) chopped shallots 2½ teaspoons kosher salt 1 (14.5 oz/411 g) can crushed San Marzano tomatoes


½ cup (120 ml) chicken stock 3 cloves garlic, finely minced 1½ tablespoons finely minced Calabrian chiles in oil 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh basil 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley ½ teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper

Game Plan

1. In a large heavy-bottomed skillet, warm the olive oil over medium heat until it begins to shimmer, 1 to 2 minutes. Add the shallots and 1 teaspoon of the salt and cook, stirring occasionally, until tender, 2 to 3 minutes.

2. Add the tomatoes and use a potato masher to smooth out any lumps. Add the remaining 1½ teaspoons salt, along with the chicken stock, garlic, chiles (and some of their oil), vinegar, basil, parsley, and black pepper and stir to combine. 3. Bring to a simmer, cover, and cook for 15 minutes. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cook until it reduces slightly, about 20 more minutes. (It will be a thinner sauce.) To prevent scorching, stir the sauce every few minutes. Serve warm or let cool to room temperature, then transfer to an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 2 days.

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FOOD&DRINK Spicy Calabrian Meatballs

Prep Time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Makes: 40 to 45 meatballs Meatballs are a great way to combine flavors you’re not normally used to. Here, I take a North African–inspired meatball and pair it with my Calabrian Red Sauce. The subtle heat from the sauce marries perfectly with the aromatic ginger, cloves, and nutmeg spice mix in the meat.— E. J.

garlic, paprika, salt, ginger, turmeric, cumin, black pepper, cayenne, cloves, coriander, and nutmeg. Using your hands, mix well to combine. Add 3 tablespoons each of the parsley, cilantro, and scallion and use your hands to mix for 1 minute to distribute the herbs. 3. Line a large sheet pan with parchment paper. Using a small 2-ounce (60 ml) cookie scoop, add the meatballs to the pan, leaving a

1-inch (2.5 cm) space between them. Bake until the meatballs are lightly browned and the internal temperature reads 155°F (68°C), 15 to 20 minutes. 4. In a large bowl, toss the meatballs with the sauce and transfer to a serving platter. Garnish with the remaining tablespoon each of parsley, cilantro, and scallion and serve immediately.


2 pounds (910g) ground lamb 2 large eggs, beaten ½ cup (40g) panko bread crumbs 1 tablespoon mayonnaise 1⁄3 cup (80ml) whole milk 4 cloves garlic, minced 1 tablespoon smoked paprika 2 teaspoons kosher salt 2 teaspoons ground ginger 2 teaspoons ground turmeric 1 teaspoon ground cumin ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper ½ teaspoon ground cloves ½ teaspoon ground coriander ¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg 4 tablespoons chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley 4 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro 4 tablespoons finely chopped scallion Calabrian Red Sauce

Game Plan

1. Preheat the oven to 400°F (204°C). 2. Make the meatballs: In a large bowl, combine the ground meat, eggs, panko, mayonnaise, and milk. Add the Check out more Food & Drink at


FOOD&DRINK Roasted Herb Wings Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 45 minutes Serves: 4 to 6

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Of all the wing recipes I’ve ever created for my game-day parties, this is definitely the crowd pleaser—it always seems like I never make enough! I like to marinate the wings a day in advance so all the flavors have a chance to fully come together, then I cook them an hour before kickoff.— E. J.

1 teaspoon hot paprika


¼ cup (20g) finely shredded Parmesan cheese

For the wings 2 pounds (910g) chicken wings ¼ cup (60ml) extra-virgin olive oil ¼ cup (25g) grated ParmesanRomano cheese blend 12 fresh thyme sprigs 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley 2 teaspoons minced garlic


1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning ½ teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper For the tossing sauce 4 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Game Plan

1. Prepare the wings: Preheat the oven to 400°F (204°C). Rinse the chicken wings under cold water, then pat dry with paper towels. Make sure the wings are completely dry, then break the wings down. 2. In a large bowl, combine the olive

oil, Parmesan, thyme, parsley, garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, Italian seasoning, paprika, and pepper. Add the wings and toss to completely coat. Make sure you don’t overcrowd the skillet or the wings will steam rather than bake and won’t be crispy. 3. Transfer the wings to two lightly greased large cast-iron skillets and roast, flipping every 10 to 12 minutes, until you can cut into the wing and the juice runs clear, about 40 minutes. 4. Make the tossing sauce: In a small saucepan, combine the sauce ingredients over medium heat. Once the butter melts, reduce the heat to low, stirring occasionally. 5. Remove the wings from the oven (leave the oven on) and toss with the warm sauce, making sure to cover each morsel. Return the wings to the cast-iron skillet, drizzle with any leftover sauce, return to the oven, and roast for 5 more minutes. Serve hot.

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Citrus Beer Float Prep Time: 5 minutes Makes: 1 drink

I was born in Americus, Georgia, a small town not really famous for anything, but, man, did we have some of the finest food around! Even after traveling and eating all over this great planet, I can still say that some of the very best foods I’ve sunk my teeth into came from that town. Back in the day, my mom would give us a dollar to go to the corner store to pick out some goodies, and I always chose root beer or cream soda, because I loved making floats. These days, I’m not much of a root beer fan, but I sure do love me some real beer. Here are a few “grown-up” floats that pay homage to my childhood favorites. These are best made one at a time, but they’re quick and easy to throw together, even with waiting guests.— E. J.


2 scoops citrus sorbet ¾ cup (180ml) citrus IPA or witbier (Belgian flavored wheat beer)

Game Plan

Fill a chilled glass with the scoops of sorbet, then pour the beer over. Serve immediately. PRO TIP: Chill glasses by running them under cool water, then placing them in the freezer until ready to use. Check out more Food & Drink at





ddie Jackson might be a celebrity chef with four TV shows and a new cookbook to prove it, but he’s got some really practical ideas for every-day cooks (and tailgaters) to try this holiday season. He offers some great tips on how to take the stress out of holiday meal-prep at a time when there’s no room for error. Jackson was born in Americus, GA, and grew up on down-home southern cooking, which means his holiday table always includes family favorites like macaroni and cheese, collard greens, dressing and his grandmother’s peach cobbler. His family moved to Dallas when he was 10 and Houston is where he makes his home now, so the Texas influences are strong too. You’ll notice both trends as Jackson coaches us up with four tips on how to win your holiday meal.

Break Down the Turkey



love my collards. Growing up we did collards the oldschool way with ham hock, but for me now I love to use smoked turkey. It gives it some more flavor, and it’s a little bit healthier of a protein. I also love Brussels sprouts. There are so many different ways you can cook Brussels sprouts. You can roast them up and get them nice and golden brown. You can fry them up really quickly and get them nice and charred. You can create a nice sauce with some Balsamic vinegar and lots of garlic. And then I like simple things I grew up on. We had a lot of green beans growing up; my grandfather had a farm so green beans were readily accessible to us. So I love to incorporate green beans on the day of as well. It’s something that’s quick and easy to put together.

I like to spatchcock my turkey, which is taking the backbone out and spreading it out. It cooks more even, and it cooks quicker. You can actually smoke it that way too and you get a nice even smoke. I tell people you’re going to carve the turkey anyway. Take the breasts off, and somebody is going to get a leg or wing, so why not just do it before. Just break it down like you would a chicken, season it however you want to season it, inject it if you want to, then cook all the pieces individually. Whether it’s spatchcocking your turkey or breaking your turkey down into the individual pieces, it’ll cook a lot faster, and that way it saves you time and embarrassment if you’re not used to cooking in front of everybody. like to prep a lot of things ahead of time. I’ll make my macaroni a week ahead of time and I’ll freeze it. That way you’re not wasting a lot of stovetop space, a lot of oven space. You can let it thaw out on the night before. Then you just heat it up and it’s ready to go. Unless you have a large We live in a world where everybody has all kinds of dietary restrictions, kitchen, which a lot of people or they don’t like this, they don’t like that, or they’re going through some don’t, you’re trying to cook four type of fad. I always tell people “Make sure you have different varieties,” and and five different things the day that’s why I created the cookbook like I did. You may have someone who of, and you’re waking up early. doesn’t eat a lot of red meat, so we have a lot of chicken recipes. We have It’s all about doing as much as salad recipes. We have different types of desserts. We have desserts that you can ahead of time. you don’t have to bake. We have desserts that are not necessarily sweet.




Offer a Variety, Whether it’s a Family Meal or a Tailgate

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By Carroll R. Walton,

BREAKING DOWN C THE [ [ NEW YEAR’S SIX Go “Bowling” To The Six Most Prominent Bowls In College Football

ollege bowl season is here and what better way to enjoy it than to get out and tailgate! When watch parties and TV channel surfing aren’t quite cutting it, we recommend trips to any of the “New Year’s Six” bowls.

Not only do these six bowls feature automatic tie-ins to the College Football Playoff—its semifinals are played in two of these bowls each year, and rotate through them every three years—they are also some of the most storied venues in college football. For a guide to the history, traditions and what you can find to do in and around at each of the six stadiums, read on.

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Rose Bowl

WHEN/WHERE: January 1 at Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, Calif. THE TRADITION: Nicknamed the “Granddaddy of them all” the Rose Bowl is the original college bowl game. Its history dates back to 1890 when the first Tournament of Roses Parade was held. Twelve years later, in 1902, a football game was added. It got its official Rose Bowl name in 1916. The game has been played at historic Rose Bowl Stadium since 1932, every year but one. In 1942, officials moved the game to Wallace Wade Stadium in Durham, N.C. because of national security concerns just weeks after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. It has sold out every year since 1947.

WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE: The storied Tournament of Roses Parade featuring floral-decorated floats was created to showcase Southern California’s mild weather at a time when one organizer said, “In New York people are buried in snow. Here, our flowers are blooming and our oranges are about to bear. Let’s hold a festival to tell the world about our paradise.” The parade travels five miles down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena. GAME DAY TAILGATE INFO: Alumni associations from each team will host a tailgate party on the golf course north of the Rose Bowl Stadium. A free FanFest is open to


the public from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., including interactive games, music, and a variety of food and beverage options. FanFest is located on the golf course north of Rose Bowl Stadium. For more information, visit FAN’S GUIDE: For a VIP experience, book a stay at Hotel Constance Pasadena ( which is located on the historic Route 66 and Rose Parade Route, within walking distance of shopping, dining and entertainment. For information on RV and game day parking, go here:

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Orange Bowl

WHEN/WHERE: December 30 at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Fla. THE TRADITION: The Orange Bowl started in 1932 when organizers were looking to boost Miami’s economy after the Great Depression by mimicking the Rose Bowl with a “Fiesta of the American Tropics.” The festival was dropped the following year, but the football game took hold, first as the “Festival of Palms Bowl” and then the Orange Bowl. It was originally played at a stadium by the same name in Little Havana before moving to what is now Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins and the University of Miami Hurricanes. The Orange Bowl was the first bowl game to be televised in prime time in 1965. WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE: Proximity to South Beach, for one, and a festive night life. As for the game, the

Florida ties are undeniable and the University of Miami’s legacy solidified. The Orange Bowl is the site of four matchups between Miami and Nebraska, three of which the Hurricanes won for national titles (’84, ’88, ’92.) Some other notable matchups include Joe Namath’s MVP performance for Alabama in 1965, Clemson’s win with William “Refrigerator” Perry, and the final meeting between coaches Joe Paterno of Penn State and Bobby Bowdon of FSU in 2006. GAME DAY TAILGATE INFO: Ticket holders are invited to a free Fan Fest from 3-7 p.m., which features interactive rides and games like a zip line, free fall, bungee trampoline and a rock wall. There will be food trucks, face painters, caricaturists, and live music from the teams’ marching bands and cheerleaders as well as a local performing artist. There’s also a “Burger Battle” in the North West Gate parking lot featuring restaurants from each team’s home city.

FAN’S GUIDE: Advanced parking passes can be purchased at parking. The Orange Bowl offers six different premium seating and game-day experience packages. For information go to

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at Champions Square, just outside the Superdome. The party features food, live entertainment, interactive games and appearances by the bands and cheerleaders from both competing schools.

Sugar Bowl

WHEN/WHERE: January 1 at MercedesBenz Superdome in New Orleans, La. THE TRADITION: This is the 86th year of the Sugar Bowl, which offers fans a New Year’s Eve celebration in one of the biggest party cities in the U.S. The first 50 Sugar Bowls were played at Tulane Stadium, which was built on the grounds of a sugar plantation owned by a family member of the man who discovered how to granulate sugar from cane syrup. The game features powers from the SEC and Big 12 and a legacy that includes star performances from players like Tim Tebow, Ezekiel Elliott and back in the day, Herschel Walker, Dan Marino and Archie Manning.

the French Quarter that travels up Decatur Street along the Mississippi River past landmarks like the Old U.S. Mint, the French Market, Café du Monde and Jackson Square. GAME DAY TAILGATE INFO: The Sugar Bowl makes it easy to join in the fun with a readymade tailgate known as Fan Jam. The event starts at 4 p.m.

FAN’S GUIDE: A handful of downtown hotels (JW Marriott, New Orleans Marriott, Sheraton, Holiday Inn Superdome and Hilton New Orleans Riverside) have joined forces with the Sugar Bowl to offer fans hotel and ticket packages for either two or three nights. For more information, go to Parking in the Superdome garages is $25 on a first-come, first-serve basis. The garages wil open at 2:30 p.m.

WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE: Mardi Gras comes a little bit early for Sugar Bowl visitors, who are treated to a New Year’s Eve parade through


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Cotton Bowl

WHEN/WHERE: December 28 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX THE TRADITION: Founded in 1937, the Cotton Bowl was fully-funded by oil tycoon J. Curtis Sanford. It was originally held in the Cotton Bowl stadium in the middle of the Texas State Fairgrounds. Ironically the Cotton Bowl isn’t held at the Cotton Bowl anymore, which is also home

to the annual Red River Rivalry Game between Texas and Oklahoma. In 2010, the Cotton Bowl was moved to the stateof-the-art AT&T Stadium in Arlington where the Dallas Cowboys play. WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE: The Kilgore College Rangerettes have performed at halftime for 69 years. The first ever precision dance team was created in 1940 and believed to

be the first dance drill team to ever perform at a football halftime show. GAME DAY TAILGATE INFO: The Goodyear Huddle Up Fan Fest will be held in the plazas outside AT&T Stadium and feature interactive games, food and beverages, pep rallies and merchandise. Traditional tailgating is permitted in the grassy areas flanking each parking lot on a first-come firstserve basis once lots open at 7 a.m. A limited number of parking passes are available for $50. For more information, go to FAN’S GUIDE: The Battle of the Bands event and the Cotton Bowl Live! Concert will be held on Dec. 27 at the new TexasLive! indoor/outdoor entertainment and dining complex within walking distance of AT&T Stadium.

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Peach Bowl

WHEN/WHERE: December 28 at Mercedes- Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA, College Football Playoff Semifinal in 2020. THE TRADITION: Created in 1968, the Peach Bowl was long considered a second-tier bowl before changing its trajectory in the early 1990s. It moved indoors to the Georgia Dome, ending a run of bad weather issues, locked up an ACC-SEC matchup and signed a deal with ESPN. Moving into a primetime spot on New Year’s Eve in the 2000s didn’t hurt, and a steady stream of competitive games and sell-out crowds built its national resume.

WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE: While in town for the game, fans can visit the College Football Hall of Fame, which opened in 2014.

GAME DAY TAILGATE INFO: For $95, fans can buy parking passes to the Home Depot Backyard, which is a large grass parking lot adjacent to the stadium that was designed for tailgating. For information and other parking possibilities, go to For a premium experience, fans can purchase tickets to the Official MVP Tailgate, which includes preferred stadium access 30 minutes before gates open and a suite level lounge featuring tailgate buffet and open bar. FAN’S GUIDE: FanFest will be held Dec. 28 at the nearby Georgia World Congress Center, featuring food, interactive games and entertainment. Peach Bowl fans are also invited to Fan Night at the Georgia Aquarium on Dec. 27 for $26.95 per person. For information, go to


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Fiesta Bowl

WHEN/WHERE: December 28 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. College Football Playoff Semifinal in 2020. THE TRADITION: The “newest” of the four major bowls was created in 1971 by officials from the Western Athletic Conference who were frustrated that two of its recent champions failed to earn bowl berths. In “only” 48 years of existence, the Fiesta Bowl has hosted nine national championship games, including the first BCS national championship game in 1999 when Tennessee beat Florida State. WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE: The Cheez-It Bowl is played the night before in downtown Phoenix at Chase Field, where the Arizona Diamondbacks play.

GAME DAY TAILGATE INFO: Fan Fest is held on the Great Lawn at State Farm Stadium featuring interactive games, performances by the marching bands, food and beverages. It’s free with a game ticket. For more premium tailgating, with live entertainment, and an all-you-can-eat buffet, there’s an APS Stadium Club Pregame Party.

Bowl and Cheez-It Bowl, go to Travel packages to the Fiesta Bowl are available which include a three nights’ stay at the Westin Kierland, tickets to the Fiesta Bowl, the Official Fiesta Bowl Pregame Party, and pregame and postgame field passes.

FAN’S GUIDE: For information about ticket packages to both the Fiesta

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Third Party Vendors, From Apps to Concierge Companies, Make Tailgating a Breeze

By Carroll R. Walton,


ootball fans already have enough to do this time of year. Between holiday shopping, planning, cooking, hosting and/or traveling, there’s not much time left to plan for a tailgate party for an upcoming bowl game. Not to worry. A plethora of tailgating services are available to fans across the country, whether it’s one of the premium concierge services that has an existing relationship with a school or team or a user-friendly app that connects individual fans to each other. We are your resource for finding tailgates to attend, or easy ways to organize and elevate your own. We’ve included eight of the best services available for fans who want to tailgate for college and NFL football, and we’ve provided information on specific upcoming bowl events where applicable.


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FANS&THRILLS Tailgate Connect: This service is for fans who want the experience of tailgating but without the hassle or cost of hosting. Tailgate Connect says it’s like Airbnb, Uber and Match. com rolled into one, connecting fans to tailgate hosts for a ticket as low as

selves, providing “hassle-free, fullycustomized tailgates.” The company is Florida-based and has a stronghold in Miami, which puts Tailgate Nation in great position to host events in Florida during the college bowl season. For information on upcoming events and how to download their app through the App Store and Google Play, go to their website:

traveling with grills and gear. Fans can also sign up to host and share in the financial benefit. Hosts determine the cost, which can range from free to $100 per person. For more information, go to $40-$50. Tailgate Connect has a team of hosts ready to entertain during bowl season, but who will be where won’t be determined until Selection Day on Sunday Dec. 8 when bowl matchups are announced on ESPN (12-4 p.m.EST.) Check back with for details. Tailgreeter: This is an online marketplace where tailgaters can find hosts throughout the country. And they have until 24 hours before the tailgate to sign up. It’s an easy way to just show up and join the fun, without the hassle of

Tailgate Nation: This is an app tailgaters can use to find hosts in other cities, or host a tailgate them-

OpenGaters: This is a mobile app connecting tailgaters at sports events who either want to host or attend. The app provides information on everything from where and when a tailgate will be set up to how much a ticket costs and what food will be served. For information on how to download the mobile app through the App Store and Google Play go to

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FANS&THRILLS set-up, take-down and cleanup. Also available are upgrades like satellite TV, speakers, BBQs and cornhole games. Catering and beverage delivery will also be offered. Rose Bowl tailgate packages must be reserved by Dec. 28. For information or to make a reservation, call 888-301-2190 or go to

Team Tailgate: This is an app for people who want to host tailgates (or other parties) and be super organized about it. Through the app, the host can invite guests and plan for who’s bringing what, whether it’s food and beverages, gear or games. Team Tailgate has made inroads among young fans across Major League Baseball, the NFL and college football, who want to “bring down the stress and boost up the fun.” For more information, go to the App Store or Team-Tailgate-App.

Tailgate Guys: This Auburn, Ala.based concierge service has taken football tailgating by storm. They provide tailgating services for 48

Monday, Jan. 7, the Tailgate Guys offer private premium reserved hospitality locations in the Blue Lot outside Levi’s Stadium for groups ranging from five guests up to 100 or more. They include reserved parking, bellhop service, turnkey setup and breakdown, high-peak tents, DISH media packages and local catering options. For more information, go to Ultimate Tailgating: This is an event rental company that’ll take any tailgate to the next level, renting out hospitality gold like RVs, Motor coaches and tailgating trailers that come complete with grills, awnings, big screen TVs and private bathrooms. “We can make you the Parking Lot or Campground King,” they boast, and when you check out their website, you’ll believe!

college and NFL teams or events— and counting—including both the upcoming Sugar Bowl and the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. Fans who purchase packages with the Tailgate Guys for the Jan. 1 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans get access to the Champions PRE Game Club inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. For the CFP National Championship on

Tailgater Concierge: This is a turn-key tailgating company that offers premium packages to fans looking for the next-level tailgate. Tailgater Concierge is already aligned with the Rose Bowl and is offering its premium service Jan. 1, starting at 10 a.m. Private tailgate packages start at $495.00 and are available for groups of 15 up to 50. Tailgate Concierge provides space and premium equipment (tents, tables, chairs, coolers, ice) and handles


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