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We are over halfway through the football season and man oh man, what a year so far. We’ve had some crazy upsets, awesome plays, and first and foremost, some kick butt tailgating! Just in the past few months, we’ve met hundreds of hospitable Superfans and some TRUE tailgaters. We’ve been busy here at Inside Tailgating since the beginning of the season, but not too busy to put together an excellent issue for all of you die-hard tailgating fans out there! In this issue we’ll touch on topics ranging from Beer (mmm…beeeerrr), to tasty tailgate recipes, featured celebrity chefs, and even automobile accessories to pimp your tailgate ride. We also have a Q and A with the Founder of Fans Against Violence (F.A.V.) that you should make a point to check out!


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34 What are Tailgaters

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The 2013 football season might be winding down but there is still a lot of tailgating left to do, so get out there while you can! If your team doesn’t make it to the postseason, we’re sure that you’ll have a ton of fun watching all of the action during your homegating parties! This issue has a wide range of topics and products to peruse so, in the meantime, sit back in your fold up chair, crank up your firepit, slip on the snuggy that you got for Christmas last year, and read through this issue. We hope this issue will give you some inspiration for your next tailgate or homegate party! Enjoy the issue,



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Grills&Gear New

By Stacey Moore,


New and Innovative Grills that Will Make You the MVP of the Tailgate

on the Block

rills make a statement about a tailgater’s personality. If you are like me and have multiple personalities, you need multiple grills for tailgating. For this issue we are covering a lot of personalities by featuring some awesome new grills with new shapes, features and functionalities…one of these is bound to be a fit for you or at least one of your personalities.

Hot Box Grill

The name speaks for itself…it is a portable grill in the shape of a box. What the name doesn’t tell you is that this 370 square inch charcoal grill that can cook a 15 pound turkey, over 20 hamburgers, or smoke 20 pounds of pork butt. A great feature for this grill is that it can fold up and be stored in two tote bags. When in tote bags, it will take up less cubic feet of storage than grills half its size. The set-up and break-down process takes less than five minutes. When fully assembled, this grill is 18” x 24” and can easily fit on any table top and feed a party of 10 or more with no problem. The Hot Box is made of heavy duty galvanized steel and features three charcoal grates and two different levels for placement giving the grillmaster a lot of flexibility to show off some skills. If that fails to impress people, stand on it, as long as you are less than 400 pounds, it will support you. The Hot Box is made in the USA with a starting price of $339. For more information check out

Hot Box Grill

18” x 24” • $339 & up

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O-Grill Portable Gas Grill

O-Grill Portable Gas Grill 24 lbs • $189

The O-Grill is a very nice small portable gas grill. It weighs 24 pounds and has a 225 square inch porcelain coated cast iron cooking area. The main stainless steel burner has a max output of 9,450 BTU. It is efficient and won’t burn through propane bottles as quickly as other grills on the market. The O-Grill has small retractable legs that allow the clam shell design to be stored with the handle up. There is not a lot of height on this grill so it can’t cook large items, but plenty of room and power to cook burgers, hot dogs, chicken and steaks for a large group of people. This small grill is stylish and comes in 6 different colors. For about $189, this grill is a real bargain for all it offers. For more information visit

Coleman NXT 300

Coleman NXT 300 up to 750° • $250

Ever since coming out with the Coleman RoadTrip Grill, the reliable Coleman brand has continued to tweak and make improvements for tailgaters. The Coleman NXT 300 that debuted this year is like a 80 yard touchdown pass for the company. The grill features dual burners with 20,000 BTUs of cooking intensity… up to 750 degrees if you really need it. The 321 square inch surface with standard porcelain coated cast iron grill grates can hold around 18 hamburgers. The dual burners and dual grates allow for cooking surfaces to be switched out. For example, you can use a grill grate on one side and a griddle on the other to impress the mass followers. The tall lid gives you options to cook more than just burgers, dogs or steaks. A big area of improvement is with the solid rugged wheels and scissor stand legs that make it easy for travel and to store. Our favorite feature is the swivel grease cup to prevent spills! Every time we use any scissor leg tailgate grill or table top grills that go into a rolling bag, we always seem to spill our grease because it is the last thing on our mind at tailgate when packing up (THANKS Coleman for a grease cup design that is idiot proof…I mean….tailgater proof). The NXT 300 also comes with hip underglow effects that give it an extra wow factor. If you don’t care about the wow factor, you can step down to the NXT 200 with a red top and save about $30. The NXT 300 as shown goes for around $250. To learn more about the 300 and the entire NXT line, check out

Halo Cooltouch BBQ

Halo Cooltouch BBQ

cooltouch up to 575° • 25 lbs


Get this charcoal grill and don’t answer any questions about it until you cook on it and immediately make this challenge statement…Who wants to see me put my tongue on the outside of this grill for 10 seconds? Put your money up now! Do your best acting impression like you are getting burned for the 10 seconds and BAM your grill is paid for and with some excess cash to boot (give us 10% of the profits for the idea). The Halo Cooltouch BBQ looks good, cooks good and feels good…touch it with any body part at any time and you won’t get burned thanks to an original triple skin design that took two years to develop – it allows up to 575 degrees on the inside while remaining cool on the outside. While we would like to say this is an invention from the USA, we have to give props and full credit to our blokes from across the pond for creating the “Dyson” of grills. Just in case the “cooltouch” factor alone doesn’t sell you, the innovative design and fresh metallic colors like Powder Blue and Arizona Blue Sky give this grill a visual wow factor. The performance matches the aesthetics. The triple skin keeps the chamber of the grill hotter for 6x longer than a single skin grill, making if more efficient and requiring less charcoal use. The marine grade stainless steel grillplate can go in the dishwasher and the thickness translates into less fat falling on charcoal to prevent flare ups. The air out is controlled by a precision stainless steel lever system that will never clog like some others and the ash is separate from the air intake so there are never any clogs there either. This grill is a four legged friend with selfleveling legs to make it more sturdy on uneven surfaces. It only weighs about 25lbs so keep that in mind the next time you are toting a heavier grill out to the lots. This grill is hip…so much so it will make Beyonce bounce and sing: I can feel your Halo…I can see your Halo….for more information head to the UK or

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phot o:JohnDawson-pat i odaddi obbq. com



echnology is changing…FAST and it isn’t stopping at the tailgate. Tweeting, posting, updating, LOL’ing, and Instagramming is becoming more and more popular ways to communicate with like-minded individuals, family, friends, and of course other tailgaters. We’ve found some cool apps and websites that can lead you in the right direction whether you are looking for a parking spot, tickets, food and drinks, or tailgate parties!

1 2 3 4 5

Save on Brew – Yep. This is exactly what you need. The Save on Brew App gathers sales on beer in your area and lets you know what beer is on sale at a store near you. There are currently over 300,000 beer deals that you can find with the Save on Brew app. All you do is download the app or head to the website, enter your zip code, and BAM you can find deals on beer! You can filter results by brand, store, beer type, and quantity. Oh and did we mention that you can sign up for email alerts for when your favorite beer is on sale in your area? This is PERFECT but most importantly, IT IS FREE! Never again will you pay for overpriced beer! Head to to get saving!

Tailgater– Looking for other tailgaters or tailgate parties? Check out the Tailgater App. You can create a tailgate party, plan, and browse other tailgates that are happening at the games you are headed to. When it comes to planning, the app allows you to plan tailgates, invite friends, assign tasks, and easily share your event on your favorite social networks. If you want to keep up with other tailgates, you can follow the best tailgates from around the country and compete for the top tailgate rank at your venue. Once you are in the lots, use Tailgater mobile to set your location, find your friends, and navigate venues on gameday. For more info on this app head to ParkWhiz

– In some of the bigger cities across the nation, parking can be a HUGE pain. There is nothing worse than driving into the area you want to park in on gameday and finding that the lot is full or that it is twice as expensive as you thought it would be. Well, don’t worry about not being able to find a reasonable parking lot on gamedays anymore! ParkWhiz has partnered up with parking lots across the nation and allows you to compare prices, locations, and lot amenities before you get there. What’s best about it is that you can go ahead and buy your spot before you get there! Download it and don’t stress about getting a good spot again! Check out for more details!

Bypass Lane - So you’ve made it into the game, found your seats and now you really could use a chili dog. But it seems as though everyone else in the stadium has the same craving as you so now the lines are excruciatingly long. Not anymore. The Bypass Lane App has changed the way we avoid long lines at the game by introducing in seat ordering. Simply download the app, sign up for your account, go to the game, and order your chili dog and a refreshing beverage. It’s EASY! You can choose to pick up your order or have it delivered to your seat. Check Bypass Lane out at iGrill - The techies over at iGrill came up with an app-enabled wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer so you can return to the party while still monitoring your culinary masterpiece through your Apple or Android devices. Once you purchase the iGrill kit (which includes the iGrill Device, two meat/temperature probes, 4 AA batteries, and instructions), just download the free app and get cooking! Insert one of the probes into the thickest part of your roast, set the iGrill Device for your desired temperature, and throw that beast onto the grill or into the oven. You will not have to keep opening the grill lid anymore to check on the main course again! Find out all of the specs at

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9 // Twitter: @TailgateLeague





our vehicle is an essential part of your tailgate. It can act as not only the means by which you get to the game, but it’s also your party hub for the day’s pre and post-game festivities. When it comes to tailgating vehicles, we’ve seen everything from decked-out old school buses to pimped-out hoopties. But, chances are, you don’t have the money or the time to customize your vehicle the way that some people do. Don’t think for one second that you can’t make your vehicle stand out in terms of being a fan or a dedicated tailgater. Here at Inside Tailgating, we see tons of awesome products that make tailgating a lot easier for the average tailgater. So we have collected a few of items that can turn your vehicle into an efficient, tailgater-friendly mobile party fan-wagon. By: “Gameday” Steve Long,


For many die-hard fans, stickers and magnets just ain’t gonna cut it. They have to show their pride AT NIGHT too! PowerDecal is a definite upgrade from your average run-of-the-mill sticker, magnet, or window cling. Powered by three standard AA Alkaline batteries (that are included), the PowerDecal shines while you are rollin’ home from the game. If you are worried about the batteries wearing down, this modern display of pride uses light sensors to turn itself on and off when the sun does up and down. To attach, it is easily mounted on the inside of your vehicle’s window, and with a flip of a switch, you have an illuminated sign that shows off your team spirit. Ranging from 24.99-29.99, this high-powered decal was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, and is now making a splash into tailgating lots across the country. Find your favorite NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA and NASCAR team logos (and even custom logos too) at

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Are you looking for a safe, easy, and secure way to transport basically every piece of equipment you’ll ever need to your tailgate party? If so, then you definitely need to check out the Taildecker. It contains lock-in accessories such as a storage trunk, stainless steel grill, swing away table, and cooler. Everything sits on a weather-resistant marine-grade easy to clean up deck, with a patented locking system that allows you to “lock it and leave it.” Optional upgrades include a fade-resistant umbrella, swiveling TV and Satellite positioning arm, cutting boards, grill cover, lantern, a utility stand, and many more! There are 3 Taildecker packages to choose from, ranging from $899$1,459.99. To learn more, head over to

Winegard Satellite:

Trying to catch all of the action before you head into your game? You are going to need a high-powered antenna or satellite system to go along with the big screen you packed into the back of the car. Winegard is the company you are looking for. Check out the Winegard Carryout Portable Satellite Antenna. The Carryout is a lightweight and portable solution that is compatible with DISH, DIRECTV, and BellTV receivers. It has the power to connect 2 different TVs and allows you to watch 2 different games at the same time! This model can come in white, black, or camo. The Carryout retails at $699.99. Find out more info on this and other cool antennas at


Need some extra room inside your vehicle for people instead of cargo? Check out some of the products from StowAway2. StowAway2 manufactures everything from covered and uncovered cargo carriers to yes…hitch tailgate grills. These items are definitely a good source for making room. Their Standard Hitch Cargo Carrier with SwingAway Frame ($529.00) is perfect for bringing along your cooler, food items, tailgate chairs, you name it. It will give you an extra 12.5 cubic feet of cargo space that will keep you and your crew from being cramped up inside the vehicle and prevents random chairs falling on the people in the backseat. When you get to your parking spot, simply swing away the weather-resistant cargo box and open up the rear end of your vehicle to access the gear you’ve placed inside. It’s that easy. StowAway2 offers some options in addition to the cargo carrier. You can purchase just a rack ($319.00) or even the grill package that includes the rack AND a tailgating grill ($489.00). Check out for more info.


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You’re a diehard fan and want the world to know. But short of repainting your car, how can you deck it out in your team’s logo? With FanMats, you can adorn the interior of your vehicle with officially licensed headrest covers and custom mats. Fan Mats offers tufted car, truck, or tailgate mats with the logo of your favorite collegiate, NFL, NBA, NHL team, or military branch. Using high quality, high luster yarn, each machine-washable mat is chromojet-printed, which allows the color to penetrate the full tuft of yarn, not just the surface, in Suwanee, Georgia. With over a dozen products for each team and over half a dozen for the branches of the military, including cell phone grips, grill mats, heavy-duty vinyl car mats, and even a 6’ long indoor putting green, you’ll have no problem finding something at to showcase your team spirit in and around your tailgate wagon.


In the early days of tailgating, fans would listen to the car stereo to hear what was going on in the sports world. Tailgates today now sport several HD televisions with satellite feeds that let you watch games all across the country. Mounting your TV has evolved as well with the latest “hitch mount” advancement courtesy of Hitch-N-View. The stand accommodates up to 40-inch TVs, but it will also work with some selected larger models, depending on the brand. Orders can be customized for televisions within 10” tall and 14” wide mounting patterns. The Hitch-NView can hold 200 pounds, but then again, no decent flat-screen TV even comes close to that kind of weight these days. The set-up of this device is quite simple, involving a total of five bolts and four screws, and it’s even easier to break down for storage purposes. Although the company’s slogan for this product is rather hyperbolic (“The best tailgating accessory since the cooler”), it is a pretty handy device and is reasonably priced at $89.99, with shipping included. For more information, connect to

Napier Tents:

For a good part of the year, your tailgate spot is your home away from home. Some of you have even slept out in the lots to be the first ones there to start the party. But sleeping in a car can get hot, cramped, buggy, and down-right uncomfortable. When you need a place to lay your head, a good tent can come in handy. Napier Tents has created tents designed specifically to attach to the rear end of your truck, minivan, hatchback, or SUV. It has to be one of the greatest tailgating products in extreme tailgating history! There are several tent models to choose from, ranging anywhere from $250-$360. The Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room is a roomy 10’ x 10’ tent that provides plenty of headroom with 7’ at the center and 6’ at the corners. The tent comes with a fully removable screen room that can easily be detached when not in use. The shock corded poles and clip system allow for a fast set-up that is simple enough for one person to do. If the rain rolls in, you can engage the full rain fly to protect you against the wettest weather. If the blaring sun decides to make an appearance, the 6’ x 6’ awning will provide plenty of shade. Whether you are planning to camp or tailgate, you should check out this amazing line of automobile tent systems. For more information, head to


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ineCT eetSunsh


the AWESOME all natural sauce





Flavor before

10 years! Winner

of 62 International Awards including: Best in Show and a Silver Sofi Finalist at NASFT!

Choose the level of heat with our 6 flavors! Sweet, Warm, Roasted Shallot & Garlic, Jamaican Jerk, Hot and Atomic

Order yours today!

The body of a tailgater requires special nourishment.



TAILGATE TEAM aving won a few national grilling titles and labels in the American tailgate market the past half-decade, I’ve been featured at the Pro and College Football Hall of Fame, Fox, NBC, as well as in national magazines and newspapers. Has it been an experience to cherish? You bet it has! I wouldn’t have ever traded that for a date with Jennifer Aniston...well…maybe! I can say though, that these experiences have led directly to the most rewarding part of tailgate travels. And that has been the opportunity to forge some great relationships with not just hundreds of tailgate friends and clubs, but many celebrity and notarized chefs as well. What I derive the most from these relationships is the camaraderie amongst them, and the willingness to share both knowledge and passion on a continuum that continues to fuel me day by day. I recently sat down with 4 iconic tailgating chefs to discuss what fuels their passion for the tailgate cuisine. These four chefs are better people than they are chefs. They bring their own passionate flare to the world of food and tailgating. Inside Tailgating is proud to feature a few of their succulent recipes for your next gameday feast! We are also happy to share some exciting conversations with these folks to give our readers a quick look into their passion for food, culinary arts, all things tailgating, and its marriage to sports.

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GODFATHER OF THE GRILL Ted and I hooked up several years ago, meeting in his backyard (which has become the Disney Land of BBQ and Grilling). We’ve worked at several trade shows together, and we recently met at an “old school” steakhouse for a hunk of cow that could choke a pig.


You’ve accomplished so much – cookbooks, award-winning sauces and rubs, TV shows and much more! What is your greatest source of pride? “Doc, to be honest, personally…my family! They allow me to do what I do. And from that, professionally, I am proud to still love all aspects of what I do. Whether that’s the food, entertainment; I love writing and developing for retailers, restaurant chains, creating menus and all. Most of all, I love cooking. That’s what makes me happy to this day.”


What we have celebrated in the tailgate industry is the ability for friends and family to “break bread” before a sporting event. With the growing popularity of cooking, grilling, BBQ et al. in mass media over the past decade, do you see a similar parallel in the culinary mainstream today? “Absolutely, there’s a parallel, and lots of camaraderie. Except I guess, when you get into competition and toe-to-toe, there is camaraderie and at the same time it’s like being on the gridiron. A lot of competition will be had, but at the same time, cheers and beers are flowing, and people are having a good time. I mean the friends I’ve made in the industry have become lifetime friends, just like you and Ray Lampe. In the end, we’re just a bunch of cooks.”



You’ve cooked through such a diverse bunch of culinary cultures, from BBQ and on, all with diverse ingredients and styles. Do you have a category i.e. a protein, a starch etc. that you love working with more than others? “I love steak the most. That’s my meal of choice. Beef is my favorite food, but steak is my meal of choice. Filet, New York, or rib steak- it doesn’t matter what it is really. I’ll cook with it all. Bring me the ingredients and let me play. Whether it’s cooked on a grill, smoker, firepit or a stove, I’ll cook with it and have fun with it. Food is forever changing. A world of flavors has opened up because of free trade and sharing recipes via social media. You can now find and achieve any flavor you’d like and that is what makes it so much fun. The one thing I do miss, now that I am little older, is that there was a time when you couldn’t buy what you needed in your area. You’d have to go get it whether it was in another state, region, or country. And you’d get one jar or one bottle of something, you would have to cook something special with it, and have to hang on to it. Now you can get anything anywhere. I miss the old world where things were

TED’S RECIPE Planked Twinkies Serves 4-8

1 regular cedar plank, soaked in water for one hour 4 packages Twinkies (2 per package) ¾ cup Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) ½ cup mini marshmallows 6 Oreo cookies, smashed into chunks ¼ cup Skor pieces Preheat grill to medium low approximately 300 degrees F. Arrange the Twinkies on a plank. Slather the top of the Twinkies evenly with Nutella. Sprinkle with mini marshmallow, Oreo chunks and Skor caramel pieces Place on grill and close lid Allow Twinkies to heat and smoke slowly for 15 minutes or until marshmallows have softened and are golden brown as well as all is hot and gooey Remove from grill Serve immediately with a big glass of milk.

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Full Page Bleed 8.25” x 10.5” plus .125 on all sides Safe Image area: 7.75” x 10

Bringing The World’s Treasure....

To Your Back Door. delivers the highest quality seafood and specialty items to the most discerning chefs nationwide. Daily we offer over 1,500 fresh and frozen seafood and specialty items sourced from around the globe. We provide comprehensive next day service. We deliver Tuesday through Saturday. Visit us online at or Call us toll-free at (877) 710-FINS (3467).

FOOD&DRINK TED READER harder to come by, as it made it more challenging. Sweat equity counts for something. I know you cover a lot of cold-weather tailgating stories, and I wanted to say it doesn’t matter what the weather is like. It could be hot and sunny, or freezing cold, snowing and sleeting, or windy and raining. I want to be outdoors, and that is the greatest thing about tailgating. Fans are there to support their team, and no matter what the weather is like, they’re going to make a feast and something delicious. That is what I find inspirational. You don’t have to be a chef to do something special. That’s what I like – using that inspiration to keep doing what I am doing, and showing people how to make things simple and tasty just as easily as I do.”


I’ve eaten with you many times and have had a little window into what you love. But let’s say, hypothetically, it’s the last tailgate on Earth. What’s Ted’s quintessential gameday meal? “It will be hand-held. Knives and forks are not necessary, and I

RAY’S RECIPE would be definitely be cooking on hardwood charcoal. I’d take a boneless prime rib low ‘n’ slow early in the morning. I’d shave it very it thin, and pile it high on a very soft roll, say on an egg dough or brioche bun. I’d top it with some caramelized onions and a bit of bacon, some mustard, and some very hot ‘make ya cry’ horseradish. It would be juicy, so messy that it would ruin your t-shirt. Also, I’d make some fried chicken. First, marinate all thighs and drums with some buttermilk and my bone dust. I’d then roll it in some tapioca flour and fry it up real crisp. Ruin your t-shirt stuff again. Finally, I would plank some Twinkies for dessert (recipe on pg. 18). I think it’s the perfect tailgate dessert!”



Ray is unmistakable in many circles. If you know anything about American BBQ, you’ll know Ray. His dedication to the world of BBQ in America is unmatched and was indirectly cultivated while tailgating with the Chicago Bears. Ray and I have worked together many times, including during the Super Bowl, and he remains as generous with his time as anyone in this industry. Ray was the first BBQ champion on my Sirius XM Tailgate Radio Show, discussing his undertaking of the first ever NFL Gameday Cookbook.


Peachy Baby Back Ribs 1/2 cup of your favorite barbecue rub 1 1/2 cups peach preserves 1/4 cup turbinado sugar 6 tablespoons packed brown sugar 3 full slabs (about 2 pounds each) baby back ribs, back membrane Mix the rub and sugar together and sprinkle it on the ribs. Use about two thirds on the meaty side and one third on the boney side. Prepare the grill for cooking over indirect low (300°F) heat, using peach wood or a combination of cherry and hickory for flavor. Cook the ribs until they are nicely caramelized and looking great. This should take about 2 hours. Remove the ribs to a platter or sheet pan. Lay out 3 double-thick layers of heavy-duty aluminum foil, each big enough to wrap a whole slab. Transfer each slab of ribs to a piece of foil. Top each slab with 1/2 cup of the preserves. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of brown sugar over each slab. As you fold each foil into a packet, pour 1/4 cup of the juice in under the ribs. Seal the packets snugly, being careful not to puncture the foil with the rib bones. Return them to the grill for 45 minutes. At this point, you could let the ribs cool down to finish later. This is a great way to take the ribs to a game-day party at a friend's house or at the game. To reheat them, put the cooked ribs on a direct medium-hot grill. Cook and flip them for a just a few minutes, until they are warm and caramelized. Cut each slab into 3 pieces and serve.

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You’ve made your way into American BBQ as a dynamic public figure and you’ve seen and done almost everything there is to do with it. The NFL Gameday Cookbook project is obviously a source of pride… but what is your greatest source of pride? “As BBQ and tailgating do go hand in hand, I feel like I’ve been part of that growth. 10 to 15 years ago we felt that these industries would grow into something significant. I like to feel like I had a hand in it and was a vital part of its growth. That’s what makes me the happiest.”


We’ve always talked about how we have celebrated, in the tailgate industry, the ability for friends and family to “break bread” before a sporting event. With the growing popularity of cooking, grilling, and BBQ in mass media throughout past decade, do you see a similar parallel in the BBQ Industry today? “We all have to eat! With tailgating, we’ve brought people that typically haven’t been involved in food, into our food culture. Now, you can be an individual who doesn’t have the ambition for ‘coq au vin’, but you may add some wine to some chicken and think you’ve reinvented something; it’s good in its own way. I took a cooking class way back in the 70’s, and it was intended specifically for women. Back then, we left class with apple pies, muffins, and pancakes. Cooking is completely different in the present day. What I cook, what I teach people to cook, and what people want me to sample has changed so much, but it’s still about that food culture and how it’s been taken to another level. It’s as much men now, and they’re so excited to experiment. And they want you to eat out of hand in a parking lot.




You’ve cooked through such a diverse bunch of cultures, from BBQ on, and with diverse ingredients and styles. Do you have a category i.e. a protein, a starch etc. that you love to showcase? “It will have to be BBQ Ribs. They’re not necessarily my personal choice, but I choose that because of the reaction you get when you serve someone a really good BBQ Rib. Nothing lights people up like ribs. They just have this thing about them. Anyone you know can tell you where they’ve had the best ribs they’ve ever eaten. It might have been on a street corner, a back alley, an uncle’s house, or a famous BBQ restaurant. If you’re a rib lover, there’s always a place in some city you’ll drive by, and say to yourself, ‘What if they have the best ribs?’ If you don’t stop, you’ll never know. There is no close second for me!”


Give me 3 items that you would love on your ultimate gameday menu, be it a football game or NASCAR race. What’s Dr. BBQ’s ultimate gameday meal, say at the last tailgate party on Earth? “One of my favorite things to eat in my hand, and it may seem a little bit simpler, is a good old steak sandwich. Take a thin cut ribeye, season it up with a little garlic and some olive oil, and serve on a toasted garlic Kaiser bun. Top it with some caramelized onions, and include an ice cold beer, and I’d be a happy man!”

I met this rising star in the culinary world when I was watching the Next Food Network Star one night and was blown away by Linkie, her personality, and obviously her food. So I contacted her. That’s it, just made contact. Again, a better person than I would have ever imagined. I discovered her passion for tailgating and homegating through our chat on how she arrived in Mississippi from South Africa, and discovered our great American pastime. Months later, Linkie was my featured chef at last year’s Hearth, BBQ, and Patio convention. I keynoted. She cooked. Her food carried the day.


Since you’ve been a finalist on Food Network Star, your “star” has steadily risen the past year. You are in-demand on so many fronts. A lot has obviously been sprung from that appearance, and now you have yourself involved in a great many projects and media platforms. To this point in your young career, what has been your greatest source of pride? “I think a source of pride that I have is the fact that we have now shot 17 episodes of ‘Living Linkie Style,’ which is a lifestyle and cooking show that I host and produce. I am also proud of my relationship recently with Big Green Egg. I have been hired to work with

Check out more Food & Drink at:


FOOD&DRINK LINKIE MARAIS them on their events, the latest being Taste Of Atlanta and the Savannah Food & Wine Festival. Another source of pride is being a part of a new show called Living Light in Rhode Island, where I have become their food expert. The press and TV coverage over the past year has been fun for me, and of course, all of it is a great source of pride.”


What did you learn and take from your Food Network experience? “I think it’s ‘perseverance!’ It’s easy to have a dream, and it’s harder to achieve those dreams. As an immigrant from another country, I am certain that I am living my American dream. I think that I’ve also learned patience. You shouldn’t ever give up. It doesn’t matter how many stones are in your path, you persevere and set your mind to it until you reach that success.”


We have always talked about sharing food on gameday and its importance in the sports realm. The popularity of the Food Network and the growth of the foodie culture has fueled our culture of tailgating and homegating. Do you see the parallels of popularity in tailgating and homegating? “Absolutely! Absolutely! That’s what I like about homegating and being part of it. It’s not just getting together with friends over football and sports. It’s about living life to the fullest, enjoying the company of your sports friends and cheering on your team. It’s also about enjoying and experimenting with food while you’re doing it. I feel tailgating and homegating has become somewhat of a competition as of late. Fans love to ‘fancy it up a bit,’ and of course braggingt about it. Tailgating and homegating setups can become wars, just like dinner party wars. Now that women are included and targeted, they have become as much of a part of gameday, be it tailgating or homegating, and play an important role. I think I fit into it because it’s not just food, it’s a lifestyle, and building layers of entertainment has become a focus. Sports and food are like peas and carrots. I can’t imagine watching any game without a Scooby snack!”


Is there a protein, starch, or other category of food that you love to work with the most? “My husband grew up on a lamb farm in South Africa so I’d have to say lamb. We’re


LINKIE’S RECIPE Caramel Apple Crostata 2 apples 1 can sweetened condensed milk 1 cup all purpose flour 1 ½ sticks unsalted butter ½ tsp. salt

½ tsp. granulated sugar 3-4 tsp. cold water 1 egg 1 tsp. water

Remove paper wrapping from sweetened condensed milk and place in a medium pot. Fill with water until the water covers the can very well. Boil for 3 hours, only flipping the can once. Cool very well. In a food processor, combine flour, butter, sugar, salt and cold water. Pulse until the dough comes together in a loose ball. Remove dough from food processor and wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 1 hour or overnight. Preheat oven to 350 F or if you are planning on baking it on the grill using a grill plate, heat the grill to 350-400 F. Core and slice apples and set aside. Sprinkle flour on a rolling surface and roll dough out until about ¼ inch thick. Take half of the can of sweetened condensed milk (it will be a thick caramel when opened) and spread into a small circle on top of dough, leaving about 2-3 inches of dough on the sides. Place apples on top of caramel fanning them into the center. Fold edges of dough over apples. Whisk together an egg and water, making an egg wash, and then brush the sides of dough. Bake for 30-40 minutes or until the crust is nice and golden.


LINKIE MARAIS both carnivores, but he ate lamb for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lamb has an earthiness that I love to work with, and it’s so easy and fun to work with. When you think of lamb, you may always immediately think of ‘lamb chops’ or something traditional like that. During the Big Green Egg Celebrity CookOff in Orlando, I developed a cranberry chutney that I paired with the leg of lamb. Since then, it’s probably been the most requested recipe that I work with. My husband and I still both love that recipe. People love cranberries because they work with ribeye, London Broil, pork loin, and of course with lamb. Paired with rosemary, it goes perfect with lamb.”


In our last tailgate party on Earth, maybe at a Super Bowl where your Pats are playing my Saints, you

get to design the perfect meal. What does Linkie Marais have on her gameday menu? “If we’re beginning the tailgate around 8am, we’ll start with a Bloody Mary and a breakfast pizza. The pizza has to have smoked sausage, fresh basil, eggs, a sun-dried tomato, pesto and lots



COOKING EVERYTHING OUTDOORS Every late fall into winter, I do quite a bit on national radio and TV on cold-weather tailgating. And the past five years, I have increasingly become infatuated with my Dutch oven, especially during late fall and winter. So, when I was in Bass Pro Shop having a chat with a department manager about Dutch oven cookbooks and websites, Gary’s name came up. I ran home and watched some of his videos from www., and was hooked. Gary covers all things grilling and BBQ, and he has a very successful YouTube channel. He’s known all over the world. I had a chance to meet Gary at the National Hardware Show in Vegas and found out just how passionate he is about cooking outdoors.

of mozzarella cheese of course. Then for lunch, we’ll definitely cook some lamb sliders with tzatziki sauce and fresh arugula wrapped in a pita pocket. Let’s pair that with a bitter beer of your choice (maybe Pilsner Urquell or a Sam Adams IPA). My favorite ingredients to work with in the fall are apples so let’s do a Caramel Apple Crostata (recipe on pg. 22). If you can finagle some ice cream into the tailgate, definitely serve it with that. You can cook these on a grill if you can use a grill plate like the one from If you like pineapple, grab some brandy and brown sugar and then grill the pineapple and chop it up. From that, make a trifle with some angel food cake and mascarpone cheese. I served this at a women’s show recently, and they went bonkers for it. Maybe we’ll feature it around Super Bowl.”


As you’ve grown in the industry and developed your web and digital platforms, what has been your greatest source of pride? “I would say there are two greatest avenues of reward and accomplishment. One is my cooking videos, which are distributed worldwide on ITunes and YouTube, and

Check out more Food & Drink at:

have views in the millions. I get comfort from the comments on the videos and knowing that I have helped people succeed at something that they were uneasy with. I also take pride in my cooking and grilling classes that have empowered people who have previously had a fear of doing it. They walk away feeling confident that they can cook gourmet meals and enjoy doing so.”


We have always talked about sharing food on game day and its importance in the sports realm. The popularity of the Food Network and the growth of the foodie culture has fueled our culture of tailgating and homegating. Do you see the parallels of popularity in tailgating and homegating? “Yes, absolutely. Its very similar to the Dutch Oven Group we’ve formed in central California. We get



together on a regular basis in parks to cook, eat, and sit around and complain about how much we eat. The common denominator is the food. We are there for the love of the food and outdoors. We do not talk politics, religion, race, or even sports. Our gathering is not restricted by any one thing. It seems to be universal, whether it’s a conference, convention, Dutch oven cook-off, BBQ championship, or regular gathering. It’s about not being bound by conventional boundaries.”


You cook all over the map, figuratively and geographically. I want to know if there is a protein, starch, or other type of food that you love to work above all others. “Believe it or not, with all that I cook, I am a monstrous hamburger fan! It would be my last meal. There’s

so much versatility with it. You can do plenty with steak, or brisket, but it’s pretty narrow in scope with what you can do it with it. Chicken is versatile, but the possibilities are endless with burgers. You could build a castle out of hamburger, and that’s where my comfort, joy, and passion are. I love pasta and shellfish, but I would rather doctor up a hamburger or turkey burger that everyone would devour.”


It’s our last tailgate party on Earth and Gary House gets to design his perfect meal. What’s on your gameday menu? Obviously we start with a burger, right? “I would have a burger. It would be seasonally inclined depending on what ingredients are the freshest. I would definitely have a good craft beer close by to have along with it. I’d pair those items up with some homemade grilled potato salad, while making sure to get some of that charcoal and warmth in there. I’d also add something light, maybe a salad built around the craft beer.

GARY’S RECIPE Portabella Mushroom Burgers 1/4 cup oil 2 tbsp Four Seasons bourbon 2 tbs apple cider vinegar McCormick Grill Mates Spiced Brandy & Herb marinade 4 large portabella mushrooms, stems removed 1 large Wala Wala or sweet onion, sliced thick 4 slices provolone cheese 1 large avocado, sliced 4 hamburger buns Mix together oil, bourbon, cider and seasoning packet. Clean mushrooms and marinate for 30 minutes. Cut your onion to the same thickness (or less) than your Portabella Mushroom, one per burger. Pre-heat your grill for direct heat grilling. Drain mushrooms and place mushrooms and onion slices on grill. Grill on one side for 3 – 4 minutes and then flip. Watch out for flare-ups! The brandy in the marinade will catch on fire but burns off very quickly. Add slice of Provolone cheese to each mushroom to melt. Toast hamburger buns.

We thank Ted, Ray, Linkie and Gary for spending some time with Inside Tailgating Magazine and for sharing a their succulent gameday recipes. To get more info on each of these iconic tailgating and homegating chefs, head on over to for in-depth bios and more recipes!

Top it all off with some fresh sliced avocado and you are ready to devour this tasty morsel! No sauce required…


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By: “Last Call” LeeAnn Marhevsky,


nce upon a time, beer wasn’t complicated. Beer was what working stiffs drank after putting in a shift. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t bad. It was just beer. But now there’s a new craft brewery in every up and coming neighborhood, and even your dad is homebrewing in the basement. With all this newfound reverence for beer, how are you supposed to know if the beer you’re drinking is actually any good? There are four things beer experts judge in a brew: appearance, aroma, mouthfeel, and overall impression.

APPEARANCE: So how do you learn how to do this? Buy some beer you’ve never had, open it in the privacy of your own home, and pour one into a glass. Are you looking at it? Great, because that means you’re currently judging its appearance. Consider the color. Is it copper orange or golden yellow? Is it clear or hazy? Does it have a thick head (the foam cover) like a cappuccino or does it melt away quickly? AROMA: I know you’re tempted to take a sip, but hold off for one more minute. The next thing you have to do is smell it. Pretend you’re a fancy wine drinker, put your nose in the glass, and take a big whiff of the aroma. What do you smell? If you’re drinking an India pale ale, you might smell citrus or something floral like honeysuckle from the hops. If you’re drinking a porter, you might catch ground espresso or chocolate. All of these smells are good. If it smells like something other than just beer, that means it’s complex and someone put some time and thought into brewing it. MOUTHFEEL: Now

take a sip. Swish it around if you’re feeling crazy. Hold it in your mouth for a moment before swallowing. Right now what you’re assessing is called the mouthfeel. Does the beer feel thick like a stout or thin like a pilsner? Does the carbonation make it feel effervescent in your mouth like champagne?

TASTE: Let’s delve into the taste. Most beer drinkers know

that there are two main elements to taste in a brew: hops and malt. But what do those buzzwords even mean? Hops give beer its spice and bitterness, while malt gives beer its color and


sweetness. If your beer tastes floral, fruity, citrusy, herbal, earthy, piney, or spicy, that’s from the hops. If your beer tastes like caramel, coffee, burnt grains, toffee, brown sugar, or toast, that’s from the malt. It’s up to you to figure out if you’re a fan of more hoppy or maltier beers.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: The last criteria for judging beer is your overall impression. Was it satisfying? Would you drink it again? If you answered yes, then dammit, it’s a good beer! Do you want to leave the rest of the 6-pack on the hood of someone’s car? That means it’s not the beer for you. Whether a beer is good or bad is completely subjective. If you like it, drink it, even if you can’t put your finger on why exactly it knocks your socks off. Don’t forget: it’s just beer.

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Fans&Thrills The Well-Dressed


By: Stephanie O’Neal,

Best of the Best-Dressed


cattered throughout tailgates everywhere are perfectly put-together game day outfits. I’ve previously addressed the tradition of dressing up for collegiate game days, but with an emphasis on ladies attire. In this article, I would like to expand on that same tradition, but with the gents in mind. Southeastern game days are also a time for the guys to show off their fashionable sides. Taking this mindset into consideration, I’ve compiled a list of must have items for the well-dressed fan. I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon a few of these winners on any given Saturday.

Vineyard Vines: Collegiate Tie Collection

There is no better way to dress up a bland white oxford than with a Vineyard Vines Tie. When we saw the introduction of the Vineyard Vines Collegiate Collection, adding them to the best dressed list was a no brainer. Already a staple on most college campuses, Vineyard Vines has solidified their best dressed status with this spirited collection. I strongly encourage you to tie one on.

Pennington & Bailes: Collegiate Oxford These oxford shirts take button-ups to the next level. The Pennington and Bailes Collegiate Oxford dresses up your every-day dress shirt with the hidden detail of gingham


cuffs. P&B created an instant classic when they perfectly combined school logos with team color combinations. Talk about making the ordinary oxford game day extraordinary!

Southern Tide: Collegiate Skipjack Polo

Looking to take a more casual approach to your football attire? Southern Tide recently launched a collegiate version of their extremely popular Skipjack Polo. In an array of colors, the fit and feel of the skipjack polo already makes the shirt a favorite for the guys. Add a collegiate logo, and you have some extremely happy (and well dressed) fans on your hands.

Honour Society: 365 Ball Cap

Honour Society has made the effortless dress-up easy with their 365 Ball Cap. Available in different shades of tartan and herringbone, these multi-color prints dress up the every- day hat. If you’re going to add a hat to your ensemble, I highly recommend this one.

Smathers & Branson: Collegiate Needlepoint Flask

Every well-dressed fan needs to be efficiently accessorized. When we came across the Smathers & Branson Needlepoint Flask, we knew that it was a gentlemen’s must-have. Among Smathers & Branson’s large selection of needlepoint belts & wallets, the flask sticks out as a spirited wardrobe necessity… specifically for your spirits.

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Stop Violence in the Stands Fans Against


Violence By Steve Urena,

verybody loves to have fun at the tailgate, and we at Inside Tailgating encourage that fun to be the utmost priority out in the lots and inside the stadium. However, whether it is spawned by alcohol, passion, or a combination of both, there are instances where the fun can stop and turn into a violent affair. It happens way too often, and it needs to be stopped. Just in 2013, there have been numerous accounts of shootings, fights, and other acts of violence before and after sporting events in tailgating lots across the country. Attempts to curb gameday violence have come in the form of tailgating bans, increased security, and undercover police posing as visiting fans. NCAA, NFL, and MLB events have all fallen victim to fan violence and officials are working on ways to stop it without taking the fun away from the fans that are behaving appropriately. In particular, the NFL has recently instituted a program targeted to curb unruly fans. If a fan is kicked out of an NFL stadium for inappropriate behavior, he or she will have to take a $75 four-hour online class and pass a code-of-conduct test to be allowed back inside. But while franchises, security, local government, and leagues themselves look into ways to halt violence inside and outside of sporting venues across the nation, there is a private non-profit group that is working to keep the peace in spectator sports, and they are making some solid progress. Fans Against Violence is a fan-based organization that is working to represent and include all fan bases and promote friendly rivalries. Stereotypes and misconceptions of opposing fans have played an adverse role within rivalries, which increase and encourage hostility. Through F.A.V.’s mission, they hope to provide fans a platform where this hostility can be diffused and positive gameday experiences can be front and center.


We recently talked to Kathy Samoun, the Founder of Fans Against Violence (F.A.V.) who told us all about her cause and the prevention of violence at sporting events. IT: How did this organization come about? What made you decide to start F.A.V.? KS: When SF Giants fan Bryan Stow was attacked after a game against the LA Dodgers, the issue of fan violence emerged as a major issue in the sports community. Then, after the shootings during the "Battle of the Bay" in August of 2011, it became clear that something needed to be done, because this was no longer an isolated incident. IT: What is the goal of your company? KS: For every incident we hear about on the news and through social media, there are countless incidents we do not hear about. By bringing awareness to this issue, F.A.V.’s hope is to change the societal perspective of sports rivalries and fan violence. While the leagues, teams, and their security staff work to create safe environments, we feel it is imperative that the fans take responsibility as well. F.A.V.’s mission is to work with

Check out more Fans & Thrills at:

leagues, teams, fans, and other like-minded organizations to make our sports venues safe for fans of all ages, regardless of their team allegiance. IT: How have you been able to spread awareness about your cause? KS: Through our partnership with teams, social media, and the fans, we have grown tremendously in the two years. With our team partnerships, we are able to have a presence at the games where we can speak with fans and pass out awareness ribbons and other materials. We have also implemented numerous programs, such as our FanShake™ and F.A.V. Fanbassador™ Pledge programs, to promote positive interaction between rival fans on game day. IT: What do you think prompts violence in sports, especially the violence in the stands? KS: This is a very difficult question to answer, as


there is no one particular thing that prompts violence in sports. It is easy to point fingers and put the blame on numerous factors. You can blame alcohol, the sports fans intense connection to their team, or even violence in our society as a whole. The bottom line is that it comes down to fan responsibility, team and league responsibility, and remembering that at the end of the day it is just a game. Unless we as individuals take responsibility, these major incidents will continue to happen. IT: How do you educate the fans? Do you have videos or PSAs? KS: The most impactful way to influence a change, of course, is going out into the communities and the games and speaking with the fans one on one. Through a vast network of passionate volunteers and supporters, we have been able to speak with fans about the devastating consequences that these incidents can have on the victims, their families, as well as the aggressors.

Through our numerous programs, website and social media, we also promote fan responsibility. As fans, there are numerous things we can do to be proactive in our own safety. Some of the most important tools we have available inside the stadiums are Game Day Hotlines and SMS Systems. We’ve listed those for every stadium on our website at As many fans are still unaware of this system, we try to promote it as much as possible. We also encourage fans to treat their team stadiums as their home, and visiting fans as their guests. With our FanShake Cam™, which is similar to the Kiss Cam seen at baseball games, the cameras focus on visiting and home fans sitting together and promotes positive interaction. Our F.A.V. Fanbassador™ Pledge program encourages fans to take a stand against violence and pledge to be a responsible and respectful fan, a Fanbassador™ for their team so to speak. On YouTube, we currently have a FanShake™ PSA, written by one of our Denver Bronco supporters, The Mad Fanatic. We are currently working on numerous other Videos and PSAs and we hope to release them soon! We also have the video of when we were featured on

ESPN’s Outside the Lines at the home opener in 2012 between the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers. IT: What are some on the key partnerships that you’ve made so far? KS: In the past 3 years, we have been blessed to receive tremendous support from so many different individuals, organizations, and fan booster clubs around the country. Our first team partnership last season was with the Oakland Raiders. We were also honored to have supporters such as NFL Linebacker Aaron Curry and the voice of the San Jose Sharks, Randy Hahn. This season we are pleased to continue our partnership with the Oakland Raiders and to start a new partnership with the San Diego Chargers. We are also working with local community organizations such as Visit Oakland to help give back to the community. IT: Explain journalism’s role in combating fan violence. KS: We would like to think that we try to promote good journalism as opposed to combating bad journalism. Journalists have a great deal of influence in regards to fan base identity. Perpetuating stereotypes is not responsible journalism. Using one off incident to classify an entire fan base is not responsible

journalism. This type of stereotyping only helps promote the animosity among the fan bases. IT: How would you like F.A.V. to grow? KS: Since inception, our organization has grown leaps and bounds. Our hope is to eventually have a presence in every stadium and spread our message to fans across the country. Long term, we would like to create educational programs for schools and youth leagues geared towards sportsmanship. Ideally, it would be wonderful if we arrived at a day where our organization was no longer needed! IT: Anything else you would like to add or say to our readers? KS: The only thing I can really add is that we implore the sports fans to be responsible fans. Be aware of your surroundings, treat visitors the way you would like to be treated if you were a visiting fan, report any issues before they escalate, and lastly, have fun and remember at the end of the day…it’s just a game.

For more information on Fans Against Violence or to donate to this very worthy cause, head to

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Features Tailgate Group:


TAILGATE CREW By: Steve Urena,


and you will find an Francisco has NAME: Club 49 Tailgate Crew us grilling up given birth to a lot TEAM: San Francisco 49ers main courses of of notable things: CITY: San Francisco steak, chicken, the hit television STADIUM: Candlestick Park seafood, lamb, show Full House, Rice a Roni, PARKING SPOT: South side whole pig, deep and in the realm of tailgatof the walk-over bridge from fried & BBQ turkey, ing, the Club 49 Tailgating the public lots between or anything that Crew. This group of 49ers gates 3 & 4 directly under shows up.” fans first came into the world the POW/MIA flag This crew shows up 5 of red and gold in 2005 and GAMEDAY TRADITION: The hours before each game has raised hell ever since. The Shot Stick and every event starts off group is extremely diverse and the same because has members from all over the group is very the world. But despite their superstitious about their tailgates! cultural differences, they all share one thing: Everyone who is legal to do so goes 49ers fandom! Group member Travis Martin tells for a GO 9ERS! celebratory shot with Inside Tailgating about the founders and how the “Shot Stick.” the group works together on game day. The group has been known to unite “Alex "Chingon McChavez" Chavez and his and contribute to charitable causes as pops Don Chuey are the founders. He and his well. “Over the last 3 years our crew right hand man Andres Baiers keep it all cenhas raised nearly $4,000 for the Autered and between the ditches. Generally, the tism Speaks foundation, and we never game day crew is broken up into 4 groups: let a uniformed member of the armed the beverage service, the kitchen, general forces walk away hungry,” says Martin. operation, and the guests. The guests are the “Like the 49ers, what we do on party, and our crew appreciates the opportugame day is bigger than the team itnity to host a worldwide network of 49er fans. self. We have a legacy of success with We have an established guest list with people two Tailgater of the Year awards, several Tailthat make annual visits from OR, WA, HI, gater of the Game awards, and an honorable AZ, PA, MA, NE, and WY. We also have some mention from Food Republic. We’ve been international guests from Scotland, England, featured on CSN Lunchbox as an all-around Canada (BC & Ontario), Guam, and Mexico.” leader in 49ers tailgate hosting. We enthusiClub 49 holds a unique distinction of being a astically tailgated through the difficult years tailgate with a communal kitchen. This means and could not be more excited with that if you bring it, they will cook it! Travis says, the transformation and what the “While our membership is only about 15 core future holds. We want our tailgate to people, we host anywhere from 60-120 guests be a reflection of that success.” at any given tailgate. There is always a theme, This tailgating crew draws a large crowd and they are always prepared. If you are ever in the San Fran area for a game, be sure to tailgate with them! Connect with them on Facebook or check them out online at Don’t forget! If you have a tailgating crew that you would like to see on InsideTailgating. com or inside our magazine, go to and NOMINATE YOUR CREW!


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for sharing a photo of what he was grillin’ up on a Saturday in October during his tailgate! Check out his Burger Dogs: weenies wrapped in cheese, then wrapped in hamburger meat with jalapeño wrapped in bacon!


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Inside Tailgating Winter 2013  

In this issue of Inside Tailgating Magazine, we feature Fans Against Violence, Must-Have Auto Accessories, Hot New Grills, and interviews wi...

Inside Tailgating Winter 2013  

In this issue of Inside Tailgating Magazine, we feature Fans Against Violence, Must-Have Auto Accessories, Hot New Grills, and interviews wi...