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Hello, my fellow creatures from the Hominidae family! Halloween came and went, from this issue you can read what happened at Kupla’s Halloween party, if you weren’t there. I know there are some people that have waited all year for this occasion to show off their costume-making skills. Pictures and stories of some pretty awesome dress-ups, blood, gore and lots of fun is to be expected! We will also learn how all hallows eve is celebrated in different cultures. Insider was also at DigiExpo, which was held for the 10th time last week at the Messukeskus in Helsinki. The exhibition was about home electronics, gaming and photography among other things. If you are a media student, I’m sure you’ll be interested in reading about that. Also we have an interview with Jaana Hermunen, a senior lecturer from design and media, and as usual a tasty recipe for you to try and an incisive movie review. I myself haven’t had too much time to party, as I just finished writing my seminar work. But now that it’s done, I can’t wait all the events that lie ahead! Pre-Christmas parties or ”little Christmas parties” are yet to come and a test serving of Christmas tarts and glogg must be done. ”Must”, as if I really had to. I just want to stuff as much Christmas tarts in my face as possible during Christmastime. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned, but you just have to wait until November to make the first round. Remember that Christmas is just around the corner, so you better start behaving yourself! The elves are observing. Or maybe it’s the slender man? Which one would you prefer?

Reetta 3



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Saturday 30th of November

Note the following information to the message: * Name * Contact (phone nr. and e-mail) * Group * Product rating (estimated amount of products) * Binding registration fee 3 € / person, used in event organization costs. Products sellers receive income for themselves.


Are you interested in working / having your practical training in one of the EU countries? And you need information how to find a placement? To learn more, attend the info on the EURES programme provided by Helena Sommarberg on Tuesday 19.11.2013 at 10.00-11.00 in kaarisali 357.


Registration and info: registration until Friday 22.11.

International Evening-KYAMK'S got talents on 12th of November!

Send us your artwork to and have your work published for the world to see!

9.11. Korisliiga (the top league of basketball in Finland): Kouvot – KTP Basket at 17:00 in Mansikka-aho sports hall in Kouvola. 12.11. Aula Acoustic: Julian Rock at 21:00 in Aula, Kovola. Free entrance. 12.11. from SULOIN & Chembaltic Final Seminar in the meeting room Optio (Heikinkatu 7, Kotka)Programme in Finnish from 9:30 till 11:45, Programme in English from 12:45 till 15:20. Topics: Environmental risk assessment of the most commonly transported chemicals in the Baltic Sea, Chemical tanker spill risk in the Gulf of Finland, Chemical accident prevention from a tanker owner point view and Response to chemical spills in the Gulf of Finland/Baltic Sea. 14.11. Kupla’s Mytholgical Party at 22:00 in Encore. It is time for the last party of the year by Kupla, and this time we return to a time when great legends, heroes and mythical creatures prowled the lands bringing joy, pain and delight upon the humankind. So dress up like the grand heroes and heroines of the tales, powerful but fickle gods, beautiful but treacherous mermaids, tricky fauns or even feel free to show your loyalty to the great Chtulu! Tickets from Student’s Headquarters With student card 2€ Without student card 3€ The ticket price includes the coat check and patch mark. 15.11. Mestis (the second-highest ice hockey league): KooKoo – Hokki at 18:30 in Kouvola Ice Hall.


First, tell me about where you were born?

I was born in a village not far from Kouvola and lived there for 4 years. Then we moved to Kouvola, so my teen age I spent here. Then I got married and moved to Kotka.

And where did you study? Which university you graduated from? From the University of Jyväskylä.

What did you study there? What courses were interesting to you?

I was interested in culture; therefore I studied culture, folklore, ethnology and languages.

Actually, about languages, sometimes during the lessons you are starting to talk in Russian. So, what languages do you know?

Jaana Hermunen

Oh, not so much. First of all, Finnish. It is my favorite and the most difficult language. I also know German, Swedish and Russian which I studied for 8 years.

Are you travelling a lot? What countries have you visited?

I had quiet many trips. I was in Germany, Sweden, Russia, Hungary, Thailand and etc. By the way, Russia is the last place where I was just a month ago.

What country do you like more? Where would you come back again and again?

I think‌ Hungary and Germany, because they are very similar to Finland. Unfortunately, I have not enough time to come back.

So, you love to travel. And what other hobbies do you have?

I like to walk around the beautiful places, enjoy nature and take photos; I like to be alone to think about my life. Besides, I really love reading.

What about art, you are teaching us and are you making something yourself?

Oh no (laughing). I prefer to research arts and culture. Creating is not for me. Now I would like to finish my doctoral work about old customs. It is interesting for me to know why we Finns do something, how we behave.

You are working a lot and living fulfilling life. So, what advice do you have for students to be energized and inspired all the time?

Have friends, have fun, be together, enjoy your lives. Go to the nature and take photos. Pay attention to yourself, to your thoughts and ideas. Try to have at least one calm minute per day; nowadays it is really important. Appreciate life and people around you. I hope most of you will find real friends in Kyamk. Text: Olga Rusakova,Photos:Hermunen Jaana


Samhain, the Roman Pomona Day (the goddess of the plants) and the Christian “All Saints’ Day.” It combines together Celtic tradition of honoring evil spirits and Christian worship of the saints. At the 8th century Christianity became the main religion in the places, where druids’ rituals were performed previously. The Christian church made November the 1st “All Saints’ Day.” That was a celebration of the saints who do not have their special day. People called it “Allhallowmas” (the mass of all Hallows) and the night before that day was called All Hallows Eve - “Halloween.” That is how the name of the holiday appeared.

HALLOWEEN PARTY organised by Kupla

In the night from 31st October to 1st November many people all over the world celebrate the most unusual, scariest and at the same time funniest holiday – Halloween. What does it attract people a lot and why are they so enthusiastic about this? Let’s have a look to the history.

Text:Mariia Kiseler and Victoria Zhorina,Photos:Sarah Rosenthal

At the night of the November the 1st, people dress up in the costumes of evil creatures and organize parties. Because of these the ancient sense of HallowFor thousands of years in October, difeen is being lost. In Europe this night ferent people celebrate Halloween - one meant the transition to winter. It was of the oldest festivals in the world. Its believed that at this time the souls of the history starts from the Celtic festival of dead people visit their homes to warm


before, we celebrated it on Wednesday 30th October, because Wednesday is usually a party day for Kyamk students. At 9.00 pm everyone started to gather in the event spot. There was one thing which made the happening even more interesting and attractive-there was a skeleton hidden somewhere in the House of Rock and the reward was promised for the person who find the lost one. However, it was found just in the very beginning of the party and people did not enjoy so much the searching process. During the first hour of the event DJ was playing rock music, people were coming and getting drunk. The costumes of attendees were amazing: vampires, witches, devils, princes and princesses, rabbits, characters from movies, for instance Joker - all of them could be seen all night long. But the most exiting was a dance of girls on the stage, they were burning fire on the dance floor and people got their energy, showing to everyone how they can have fun.

themselves by the fire. So, at this night, all barriers between our and the “other� worlds resign and the gate between them opens.

Also friendly bartenders should be mentioned, they served tasty drinks and cocktails and enjoyed the party as well. More or less the final point of the Halloween party 2013 was a song Y.M.C.A by Village People. Boys and girls felt that they are one big family, while dancing all together, everybody had lots of fun, energy and excitement.

But now this is a time to learn how students from our university had fun this year. An event,which was organized by Kupla, took place in the one of the most famous bars in Kouvola, House of Rock. Everyone who wanted to go could get a ticket with the student price, only 2e in Students’ Headquarters. Despite that official day of Halloween is 31st October, as was mentioned

All students hope that soon they will have a chance to repeat such event and have fun again. We all look forward for the next Kupla party. 7

DigiExpo 2013 The annual DigiExpo was held at Helsinki fair centre last weekend (1-3.11.2013) and was once again a successful event attended by more than 55,900 visitors. No doubt the combination of SkiExpo at the same time and place also helped attract visitors. This year the event was more compact and mixed than in previous years. Electronics and ice hockey related stands shared the same hall while gaming and skiing related companies were in the other hall. Undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the event was the same as in previous years: that of the gaming stands, with Sony and EA dominating the event. Sony’s latest incarnation of the Playstation system, the PS4, was constantly full of visitors checking out the latest console and the latest releases of the highly acclaimed Assassin’s Creed series, IV Black Flag, and Gran Turismo 6. Nokia was also well represented showing off their latest Lumia 1020 with its incredible zoom capabilities, and also their latest foray into the tablet world. For the first time since I have been attending the fairs Apple was showing its latest iPhone 5S and 5C, and the new iPad Air, albeit through subscriber services rather than Apple representing itself. I could not help feeling that this seemed to be a missing part of DigiExpo, and I think that many visitors did not even notice the extremely low key effort with the subtle Apple T-shirts adorning the highly visible DNA stand.

Finally, in the games section you could even find Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences represented, with their stand related to the degree programme Game Design, which started this year. Hopefully their stand raised awareness of our university and the programmes it has to offer.


Text and Photographs: Hugh Clack

Many small exhibitors also attend the event showing off their latest products, hoping to attract new customers or gain entry into the markets. One interesting stand showed an exhibitor wrapping his finger in an orange “gel-like” substance and then hitting it repeatedly with a hammer. The idea of course was to show off the protective shock-resistant properties of the substance incorporated into their device cases for phones and tables, and also screen protectors. Another interesting device on show was the iPhone camera lens adaptor, allowing wide-angle and macro photography.

DigiExpo 2013: a students perspective DigiExpo is a consumer electronics trade fair, which is held each year during All Saints’ Day weekend in Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre and is organised by the Finnish Fair Corporation. On the same weekend several other Trade Fairs are held as well, for example Skiexpo, BoardExpo and HifiExpo at Messukeskus. DigiExpo was first held in 2004. In 2011 DigiExpo and other simultanious events were visited by over 68 000 people. This year Kyamk had its own booth to advertise this years new study programme Games Design to potential future students and of course bring home new ideas to share with you. Jenna Väisänen was there and answers some questions:

What were you doing at DigiExpo?

Our main task was to advertise Kyamk’s Game Design and game programming degree programs to people who are interested in games and (almost) old enough to study at a university.

How did visitors respond to the Kyamk booth?

There were quite a lot of people who were interested. They were either people who were interested in game studies themselves or parents/teachers/friends of people who could be potential students.

Do you think that could interest some potential future students in the programme offered at Kyamk?

I didn’t spend the whole weekend by our booth (we worked in shifts) but I think we’ll be seeing at least twenty or so people who visited the booth in the exams next year. One guy even said that he’d been looking for something like Kyamk’s game design program but never found exactly what he was looking for before he stumbled upon our booth.

What was the most exiting thing for you? Text:Sarah Rosenthal,Photos:Sirja Lyömiö

It’s hard to say what was the most exiting thing. It was great to get to try PS4, play some of the new games that have just come out or are about to come out, and listen to the presentations that were held on the game stage (which was right behind our booth). But now that I think about it, the very best thing was to meet game students from other universities and people already working in the game industry. We got to talk about games and the game industry, share and get ideas and what’s the most important: learn things that will no doubt prove to be useful in the future. For more information visit 9

Halloween traditions

Motherland of Halloween is Ireland. Celtic tribes, that lived there, divided year into two parts – winter and summer, thus first of November was the day to take stock of supplies and prepare for winter. They also believed that the souls of the dead come back to earth to visit their families or friends on that day. On the night of October 31, all those living used to extinguish fires in their homes and make them cold and undesirable. They also dressed in ghoulish costumes and made noisy parades as a way to discourage and frighten away these spirits. One more of the Halloween traditions was to carve lanterns out of pumpkins, better known as “Jack-o-lantern”, the name comes from the legend of Jack: “Jack was a drunk and trickster, one night he tricked Satan into climb a tree. Jack then carved a cross on the tree’s trunk, this way he trapped the devil up in the tree. Then Jack made a deal with Satan that he never would tempt him again, and he would let him down the tree. The story says that after Jack died, he could not get into Heaven for all of his evil ways when he was alive, but he could not get into Hell because he tricked the Devil. Satan only gave him a single ember to light his way through the darkness, Jack placed the ember inside of a hollowed-out turnip so it would glow longer”. How do people from different countries celebrate Halloween? In Austria during Halloween night, its believed that the dead come back, so to welcome them, people leave bread, water and a lamp on a table. A superstition in Germany says to hide the knives on Halloween because they hurt the spirits. Yue Lan (Festival of The Hungry Ghosts), it is the celebration to honor the dead in Hong Kong. People burn down pictures of fruit or food, because they believe this will way, the images will reach the spirit world and will confront them. The Belgians believe that it is unlucky for a black cat to cross one’s path and also unlucky if it should enter a home or travel on a ship.

The celebration to honor the dead in Mexico is called as “Dia de los Muertos” (Days of the Dead) and it continues for three days. On November 2nd, relatives gather at the gravesite to picnic and reminisce. In the villages, parades are held.  Many families construct an altar in their home and decorate it with candy, flowers, photographs, fresh water and pieces of the deceased’s favorite foods and drinks. Usually, a basin and towel are left out in order that the spirit can wash prior to indulging in the feast.


Text:Iuliia Safonova,Illustration:Olga Rusakova

In China, the Halloween festival is known as Teng Chieh. Food and water are placed in front of photographs of family members who have departed while bonfires and lanterns are lit in order to light the paths of the spirits as they travel the earth on Halloween night. Worshippers in Buddhist temples create “boats of the law” from paper, which are then burned in the evening hours. There are two purposes to this custom: as a remembrance of the dead and in order to free the spirits of the “pretas” in order that they might ascend to heaven. “Pretas” are the spirits of those who died as a result of an accident or drowning and whose bodies were consequently never buried.


Don Jon

Fri 08.11.-Thu 14.11.

Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Genre: Comedy, Drama Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore

KINO KOUVO Keskikatu12 05 375 4255 THOR 3D:THE DARK WO

RLD 12€

(K12)|Fri,Sat,Mon-Fri 19:4

5,Sun 19:00|1h52min


Jon spends his weeks with a simple routine: scoring one night stands at the club, going to the gym, dinner at his parents house and Sunday church. Then there is his laptop and an unlimited supply of internet pornography. It is when Jon's routine breaks that he meets the perfect woman and is faced with big questions about his sexuality and lifestyle. Gordon-Levitt makes his debut film with an interesting approach to the topic of sex addiction, using comedy and straight forward imagery to get his point across. Its surprising to see the talented actor, change from a dimple-faced handsome character into a guido, accompanied by an equally jersey shore Scarlett Johansson to complete the cast. Funnily enough the dramatic change works and all tough I had my doubts, their characters are quite believable. The film revolves around repetition and moves along with a rather simple plotline, that at times is on the verge of awkward and boring yet still leaves room for curiosity as the scenes unfold every time with small changes. Don Jon gets you subconsciously thinking about the topics at hand, with the help of different views on the subject of sex addiction and objectification. Unfortunately the plot doesn't get as deep into the details of the topic as it should have in order to counterpart the comedy. Julianne Moore is introduced into the story as Ester, an older student taking the same night school classes as Jon and helping him understand the true power of sex connecting people. Ester is a key element in bringing forth the moral of the story in Don Jon, but her short screen time and lack of depth as a character fails to help ground the plotline into a cohesive ending. At the end there are a lot of good elements to this film even as it is plain to see that this is just the first of hopefully many productions to come. Gordon-Levitt clearly has something interesting to offer, and this should be a must see to viewers ready for a new line of work from this up and coming director.

(K12)|Fri,Sat,Mon-Fri 17:4

5,Sun 17:00|1h32min

KUVA PORTTI Kouvolankatu 10 053713664 DIANA 10€ (K12)|Fri-Sun 16:00,Mon-Fr

i 18:00(Fri 14:00,8€)

LEIJONASYDÄN 10€ (K16)|Fri-Sun 18:15,Mon-Fr

i 20:00|1h40min

THE WORLDS END 10€ (K12)|Fri-Sun 20:15|1h49m


STUDIO 123 Kymenlaaksonkatu 1 45700 Kuusankoski 05 3792082

The Royal Opera:LES VEPRES SICILIENNES 26€ (S)encore Sat 09.11.,12:00(23€)| 4h45min MUSE Live At Rome 18€ (S)| Mon-Tue,17:00|1h35min TURBO 2D dubbed 8€ (7)|Sun 15:00, Wed,Thu 17:20|1h36min LEIJONASYDÄN 10€ |1h44min

(16)|every evening 17:25,Sat,Sun 15:20,17:20,19:00 THOR:THE DARK WORLD 3D 12€ (12)every evening 19:20|1h51min BETONIYÖ 10€ (12)|Sun 15:30, Wed,Thu 19:20|1h36min CARRIE 10€ (16)|Fri-Tue 19:30|1h40min GRAVITY 2D/3D 10/12€

Laila Lehtinen

(12)|2D Fri-Sun,Wed-Thu 17:00,3D every evening 19:00|1h31min DIANA 10€ (12)|Fri-Tue 17:201h53min


Photo by Hoang Minh Trang

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