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EDITORIAL December outside and the weather does not please us lately. In one north Finnish village Kilpisjärvi, 26th of November snow cover reached a thickness of 79 centimeters already, so we are apparently still the lucky ones. The northern areas of Finland dropped in polar night, in Finnish “kaamos.” During the polar night, the sun never rises above the horizon. First in the winter darkness plunged Nuorgam, village on the border with Norway. There polar night will end on January 17. Scientists say that amount of sun has a strong impact on the human, this is explained by lack of vitamin D. Therefore short days provoke drowsiness, lethargy, decreased performance, and prolonged exposure “surrounding grayness” may even lead to depression. Salvation from it doctors believe in vitamins, it is desirable to use the more “colorful” fruits and vegetables. Due to the lack of solar energy in the body decreases production of hormones endorphins (also called hormone of happiness) and melatonin, responsible for vivacity and good mood.You can strengthen the synthesis of hormones with the help of physical activity (during training occurs enhanced production of hormones) and food. To increase the level of endorphins - eat chocolate, bananas, red peppers, and to increase the level of melatonin - eat carbohydrate foods: potatoes, pasta, rice and oats. Before the start of the Christmas season, when people enthusiastically involved in shopping, on November 29th will be held Finland’s Day without shopping. International day of protest against consumerism culture is celebrated annually on the last Friday of November. Anyway, Christmas is approaching, and in Helsinki for the 65th time already opened the traditional Christmas street decorated its Christmas garlands. Have a nice week!




Photo Competition Insider has a brand new boxed edition of PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate (generously donated by our good friends and ex-Insiders over at www.photokuva. com), worth approximately €50, to give away to one lucky reader. PaintShop Pro is a viable alternative to the renowned Photoshop, and this version is no less than a true workhorse for all of your photo editing needs. To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize, take a photograph that you best think shows November in Finland. Technical qualities are not important here, we are looking for creativity, imagination, anything you like! The image can be taken using any kind of camera, even a mobile phone, tablet, etc. Just head on over to our Insider Facebook page (, post your photo on our timeline and tag the image “PhotoKuva”. Don’t forget to “like” us at the same time!. The winning image will be announced on our fb page and featured on our ArtPage in issue 12 (13.12.2013) both print and online editions.


Competition rules: Open to all Insider readers. Only one entry per person. Photos must be submitted by Monday 9.12.2013. No entries accepted after closing date. Entries only accepted via Facebook page. Entries will be judged by Insider editorial team. Judges decision is final.

Competition sponsored by / tre e cen KA KOT ning in th square e arket es Op istma 0 in the m otka Mar r h C . K 0 : 1 n 0 1 t1 30. sh i tka a he Fi 18:00 e of Ko ight of t in th m at eds Fish N u . i 2 r a 1 t 5. aus fe e ofta Cl Tank. n a S its ar c u g i t c n l s i i a B Div ger b d gin he event. n a e t in ed w ed dur ing Mull fer

KOUVOLA 29.11. Kuningas Pähkinä & Setä Tamu in Amarillo at 22:00 1.12. Christmas event in Kouvola Museum Quarter at 12:00 3.12. English Speaking Club in the Saaga Centre of Multiculture at 17:30 Adress: Asemakatu 1 3.12. Christmas Opening in Myllykoski at 16:00 Adress: Keskikoskentie 4.12. Independence Day Gala in Kouvola City Hall at 18:00 Tickets: 25 euro from the Students’ Headquarters. Dress code: for men black suit and for women evening gown. 4.12. Basketball game Kouvot - Lappeenrannan NMKY in Mansikka-aho sports hall at 18:30 7.12. American band Hayseed Dixie in House of Rock at 23:00


IPP OPEN Helsinki (ATP Challenger) IPP&OrtoLääkärit Open is an international professional tennis tournament. Competitions are held in Helsinki every year at the same time from 11th to 17th of November, in the end of the season. The tournament was organized in 2001 as a stage of male ATP Challenger Tour. In 2008 female competitions were added to it. The prize fund of the men’s tournament is $50 000 which is always divided among 32 participants and 16 pairs; the prize fund of female’s tournament is only $10 000 and also has to be divided. IPP Open was a bright start for the many famous tennis players, like Jarkko Nieminen (Finland, 32, ATP Singles Ranking), Michal Przysiezny (Poland, 58), Dmitry Tursunov (Russia, 29), Denis Istomin (Uzbekistan, 45), Ernests Gulbis (Latvia, 24) and others. However, only Jarkko Nieminen won IPP Open in singles games more than ones – in 2002 and this year, 2013. Jarkko Nieminen was born in Masku, Finland in 1981. He is a professional tennis player and Finland’s best player of all time, also Jarkko is the highest ranked Finn in rankings history and the only Finnish tennis player, who has won an ATP singles title and has reached ¼ finals of a Grand Slam tournament. His highest ranking was No.13 in 2006.

Text&Photos:Victoria Zhorina

And this year, it wasn’t a surprise when Nieminen won the main prize in Helsinki. His opponent was a young Lithuanian tennis player Ricardas Berankis. At the beginning of the game, Jarkko was showing a relaxed and uncertain game – 0:3 and his fans (all tickets for this game were sold out right away and Finnish sportsman had a huge support from the stands) didn’t understand how is it possible. Nevertheless, the first set was finished with the score 6:3 in favor of Nieminen and in the second set Berankis lost his faith and gave up after the first unsuccessfully losing game. As a result is 6:3, 6:1 and Jarkko Nieminen is the winner of IPP Open Helsinki 2013. In the end of the game he thanked the public, said that it was a pleasure for him to participate in the home tournament and promised to come back here again next year. No doubt that everyone got positive feelings from the match. Website of the tournament:


Model Business -the inside view-

................... Almost every girl dreams to be a model. Interesting photos shootings, runway shows, beautiful clothes, new countries and cities, cool parties and lots of interesting people around, it isn’t life, but a fairy tale. But nobody knows what the model business has behind the glossy magazines and spotlights. I was 16 years old when the scout from the model agency (a person, who looks for new faces) met me on the street and invited to a casting. After several days, I came to the office of the agency, had a meeting with the owner and directors and signed the contract. And I want to disprove the first stereotype of modeling.You don’t need to sleep with someone in order to be a model and work in this area. The most important thing is to find a good, highly qualified agency, which takes care of its reputation and won’t offer such dirty things. My mother agency in St. Petersburg is Select Deluxe Model Management and I can say that they totally fulfill their obligations and act in the interests of the model. I have done one magazine cover. I was getting three times the first face of the different brand clothes, participated in many runway shows and commercial shoots. In Russia model schools are very popular and with my experience I can advice them to girls, who want to become models. During two months, young lady can learn how to walk, act and behave in the shooting. Furthermore, all acquired skills will be useful in casual life as well. The second stereotype: models don’t work or their job is the easiest one. People, who think so, are wrong. Let me describe a casual day of the model. Very often a model can have 3-4 castings per day and usually they are located in different areas of the city. Girl has to organize her day and be everywhere in time. The average number of participants in the casting is 100 girls, and time expenditure is 10 min 6

per girl.You spend all day and nobody can give a guarantee that you will get the job. Next day, a girl has, for instance, a photo shooting. The average time of the shooting day is 8-10 hours, when model has to change 50 sets of clothes, wear high heels, act and show the emotions. Or lets consider a runway show. Usually the event starts in the evening for the guests, but not for models. In the morning you have a rehearsal for 1-2 hours, then it’s time for fitting, after which you might have one hour break but not more, next it is a preparation period: two hours are for the make up and hair, however, there are only several make up artists and hair stylists, so it means that you have to wait when it’s your turn. Afterwards it is a rehearsal again and the model is already in designer clothes and waiting for the start of the show. By the way, I forgot to mention about the damage, which your skin and hair get because of everyday’s make up and hairstyle. And in the end of the day you are absolutely exhausted, don’t want to go anyway even to the after party. And the worst thing is that nobody appreciates that. Moreover, in Russia the model’s salary is very low, comparing with Asian market for example, or even with European. It is almost impossible to survive only with the model’s salary.

Photos: Igor Saharov, Dmitry Pavlov, Dave Campbell, Roman Mischuk

The most memorable shooting in my life was for an Estonian underwear brand called BonBon. It took two days in Tallinn, the theme of the work was “Alice in Wonderland” and as a result we got beautiful pictures and positive memories. However, I always like runway shows more. It is impossible to describe the feeling when you are walking on the runway and the audience is watching you. Here comes the third stereotype: models always get presents from designers. That’s not true. Of course, in some rare occasion it might happen but not always. In my life I got only once several things from the shooting and only because I worked more hours than it had been planned. About future plans, I can’t say anything exactly. I study and want to work in marketing area. I still have two contracts with Russian and Finnish agencies, but nowadays it is only a hobby. Anyway, I got lots of experience, met lots of people and know the model world from the inside.

Victoria Zhorina 7

PERKEROS -a heavy comicFinland is well known for its love for metal music and a variety of metal bands. What you may not know is that Finnish comics are also respected abroad. Comic artist J.P Ahonen and illustrator K.P Alare have found the perfect way to combine these two – the graphic novel Perkeros. Akseli, a music-junkie and a perfectionist with a low self-esteem tries to navigate his metal band Perkeros through the reefs of music business. His band mates include the bass player, a hippie way older than you may think, Kervinen, the keyboardist, art student and a bartender Lilja and the drummer Bear, who’s... well, a bear. Bands poor success takes its toll also on Akseli’s relationship and studies. When they finally discover a new singer, Aydin, the band gets its chance to show off their talent and get a gig in Rocktoberfest. The tale and the characters feel realistic. People balancing between the passion and the everyday life, trying to be something more, the pain and the sacrifices they have to make. Most artists have been there. Still the story contains some fantasy-like elements right from the beginning, and even more so as our heroes sink deeper down in music and to its many secrets. As Kervinen says: “The laws of nature, they are only music, the whole universe is just a vibration of sound”. A shivering surprise is on the way, when the monsters crawl out from the last pages. The book is a masterpiece of comic, excellence of visual narration concretes on the pages where the reader can actually see the music. Artwork is simple and easy to read, yet incredibly vivid and deep. Ahonen and

Text:reetta Somppi,Photos provided by J.P Ahonen and Marjaana Malkamäki.

Alare say that idea for Perkeros started forming already at 2006, it seems that long processing pays off. I haven’t got anything bad to say about the comic book, except that I was left with a bad craving for more. I truly recommend this to you, even if you’re not into heavier music. The heartwarming quintet will win anyone over. USA and France have already made contracts about publishing Perkeros in their markets, so I hope it will not be long before you can enjoy English version of this amazing graphic adventure! Learn more about J.P Ahonen, K.P Alare and Perkeros from following addresses:



Sarah-Jane Leavey You have already read an interview about the background of Sarah-Jane in one of the previous issues. However, she is interesting not only as a teacher, but also as an artist and creator. Q:About your field...Your lessons are so interesting. Obviously, you like your work and your subject. So, how you started your career in this field? A:Oh, I was very lucky. My mother and father encouraged me in the fields of design and computers. At school I was not interested in typography; I wanted to work with books and magazines. After my school I have got my own experience. I was a community artist and I made so large paintings in schools. However later I had a great luck to go to the interview to the company with Macintosh computers. I understood how many interesting things are possible to make on computers. Therefore I like technologies; there are a lot of things to know. Graphic design is exiting because it is always changing. Q:What about your drawings besides your graphic works. Are you drawing yourself? A:I draw every week. It is a figurative art. Now, I finished pictures for a project that is going to be published. Few years ago, my works have been at the exhibition of local artists in Kouvola. I am drawing also for myself. I am working in a lot of different styles. I have portraits, illustrations, pastel and ink drawings. My graphic design works are function and my art works are more about me. Q:As a creative person, where are you getting inspiration? A:From everywhere! In my childhood we used to collect pictures with my mother. I continue to make it now. Therefore I always ask students to print their works to show it to everybody, discuss and inspire each other. I am always looking for something interesting; architecture, photos, posters. Q:All the time you are looking for something interesting. Are you travelling a lot to find something new? A:Yeah! I really like India. I’ve been there three times and spent about one year in the slum. Besides Vancouver, there is a fantastic artistic culture. Actually, I travelled through a lot of Europe. I think India is the place where I want to come back again and again. Q:What are you doing if you have a bad mood but you have to work out? A:I cycle a lot. I have to do physical activity, it reduces stress. I used to be a serious meditator. I spent years to meditation. It means that you do anything in slow motion and you sit and meditate and do not speak or look people, touch people. Q:What about your place for future? A:I am going to go to the London with my girlfriends. It will not be a tourist trip. I want to share London with them.


Sarah-Jane,Artwork by Sarah-jane Leavey

Text:Olga Rusakova,Photo provided by

Q:What can you suggest for students to be inspired, powerful and energized all the time? A:Let’s think about the meditation; it begins in mind. Besides, try things, do not be afraid of mistakes. Be a beginner every day!


Jam YOU NEED: -a preserves jar(always have more then needed, the final amount varies a lot, in this case, I used 3) -2kg of frozen or fresh fruit(I used 1,5kg of strawberries and 0.5 kg of mango) -1kg of sugar with pectin(jam sugar, or sugar and then separately pectin, which serves the function of preserving the jam) -1dcl of water -a kettle

Instructions: Wash the jars, dry them and then place the glass jars in the preheated oven(200C) for about 15-10min to disinfect them. Make sure not to touch any inside part with your hands after, because if you do, you have to start the process again. Put the frozen fruit into the kettle, bring up the heat and slowly add sugar and water while stirring.You can either mush the fruit smooth or leave it chunky, depending on your desires. Cook the sugar, fruit and water for about 30min, stirring occasionally, then pour the mixture into the glass jars. Be careful not to brake the jars, the liquid is piping hot! Close the lids and wait until it cools off, you will be able to get the vacuum out by lightly pressing the cap with your finger,seeing that the indent in the lid stays down, keeping the jam preserved longer.


Text and photo: Mattea N채veri can add vanilla, or mix any fruit of your own personal liking to make whatever jam flavour you want, except the fruits that have a high percentage of water like watermelon or orange.



Last Vegas


Genre: Comedy Director: Jon Turteltaub Starring: Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, God, Kevin




Keskikatu 12 05 375 42 55




LIEKIT|K1 2|10€ 5, Sun 17:4 5 |2 h 26min POUTAPIV IA JA LIH APULLA KUUROJA |K7|10/8€ 3D Fri,Sat 17:00,Sun 16:00 2D Mon-Thu 17:00|1h3 5min .................. .................. .................. .................. ....... KUVA PO RTTI Kouvolank atu10 Fri,Sat,Mo

Kline, Mary Steenburgen

n-Thu 18:4

Last Vegas starts off with four boys living in Brooklyn. are best friends and both are both in love with the same girl, Lisa. After these introductions were made we jump ahead 60 years to see what happened to the boys they used to be. Sam (Kevin Kline) is happily married, ‘enjoys’ water agility training and a variety of prescribed pills, he has kids and grand-kids and lives a quiet life in Florida with dinner parties starting at 16:30h. Archie (Morgan Freeman) survived an ‘episode’ which is just a nice way of putting that he had a mild stroke and since then lives with his sons family and is supposed to rest and rest and then rest some more. Paddy (Robert De Niro) has a lady-neighbour of whom he is more or less fond. She keeps bringing him food and tries to get him to participate in life again after Lisa, his wife and childhood girlfriend died a while back. The last one in the group, Billy (Michael Douglas), does not even remotely think about retiring. Moreover, at the proud age of almost 70 he wants to get married to his long-time girlfriend of 32 years. He promptly proposes to her at his mentors funeral and this is where the movie really starts. The four friends meet-up in Las Vegas for bachelor party and we soon learn that there are some unresolved issues namely between Paddy and Billy. With snarky remarks and actually funny one liners as well as a much better love story on the side this movie is prime example of good writing, better directing and a cast who knows their craft. I honestly did not expect to be entertained by a movie set around a couple of Hollywood actors well-advanced in age. This sort of movie in most cases just turns out to be sad and awkward for everyone including the audience. But Last Vegas is not your average chick-flick or a geriatric Hangover remake. It brings together some of the best actors of the last century and keeps you in the suspense between smiling and the brink of tears.You have to give it to Jon Turteltaub to create character depth and layers to this film and making it a delight to watch.

Sarah Rosenthal




LAST VEG AS|K7|10€ Fri-Sun 18 :00|1h 45m in MAFIAPE RHE|(K16 )|10€|1h5 0min Fri-Sun 20 :00, Mon-T hu 19:00 BUTLER|( K12)|6€|2 h05min Tue 14:00 POSKI PO SKEAVAST EN|(S)|6€ |1h22min Thu 14:00 DIANA|K 12|8€

STUDIO 123 Kymenlaaksonkatu 1 45700 Kuusankoski 05 3792082

POUTAPILVIÄ JA LIHAPULLAKUUROJA 2 2D/3D|(7)|8/10€|1h35min 2D every evening 17:00 Sat,Sun 15:00,17:00 3D Fri-Tue 17:30 NÄLKÄPELI-VIHAN LIEKIT|(12)|10€|2h26min every evening 18:50 LOTTA JA KUUKIVEN SALAISUUS|(S)|8€ 1h13min|Sat,Sun 15:30 ISÄNMAALLINEN MIES|(12)|10€|1h36min Wed,Thu 17:30 GRAVITY 3D|(12)|12€|1h31min Fri,Sat,Wed,Thu 19:20 THOR:THE DARK WORLD 3D|(12)|12€ Sun-Tue 19:20|1h51min SALPA|(12)|10€|1h47min Sat,Sun 15:30 ÄN|(16)|10€|1h44min ASYD LEIJON Fri,Sat,Tue,Wed 17:30 VIIMEINEN RAKKAUS|(12)|10€|1h56min Sun,Mon,Thu 17:30 MENNEISYYS|(7)|10€|1h56min Fri-Tue 19:40



ENDERS GAME|(12)|10€|1h54min Wed,Thu 19:40

Photo:Maria Kiseler

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