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The Turtle in the Snow With another slew of exams headed our way soon, the students at Kyamk are burdened by a workload that would make a turtle unable to walk. But with the bittersweet taste of procrastination comes a fulfilling amuse-bouche climax upon completion. It will be okay in the end. We will move on to greater things, like winter break! In the meantime, let your eyes twitch back and forth and consume this issue of the

ever-popular Insider review but also a Student Magazine. comic book review! This week we have interviews with two Finnish companies and the Student Union. A delicious Christmas tart recipe by our delightful in-house chef, accompanied by a trash metal music review from our staunch audio critic. Our constantly annoyed designer from Slytherin, really exemplified the turtle this week. She wrote not only a movie

Now I will leave you with a rhyme and start you off with a haiku: Green as turtles are The snow steadily will fall All for the future

n o s y a Gr


As you all have probably seen that there is a new student union, called Kaakko, starting in our university. Here is an interview with the board members of the student organization. Rurik Rantalainen is the new chairman of the board, Simo Lipsanen from Savonlinna is the vice chairman, and Hilla Antikainen and Santeri Roivas are the board members. Have you worked before in any organizations? Hilla: No, this is my first time. Simo: Yes, Mikkeli Youth Council. Santeri: I have worked before in student union Klaani as a board member. Rurik: I have worked in student union Klaani, student association Meteli (board member) and in politics. What made you take part in this student union? Hilla: I took part in this student union because I like to help other people, and here I can help other students promoting their privileges. I also thought it would be very interesting to learn more about the board. Simo: Kaakko represents the school I will be studying for the next 3-4 years and I wanted a chance to improve it. It’s a chance that hasn’t presented itself in any other school I’ve been in before. Santeri: I took part of this student union because of good experiences from student union Klaani. I also like to take a part to policy making. Rurik: I have been creating this organization and I want to continue to work with it to take it forward. Could you describe Student Union Kaakko briefly? Hilla: Exciting. Simo: Students and the school united. Santeri: Student union Kaakko secures students’ rights in XAMK now and in the future. Rurik: Every SouthEast Finland University of Applied Sciences student support. How will the board be different than the previous board? Hilla: It will be different when the two old Student Unions merge, because now we are going to begin with clean table and create a new way to observe every campus. Simo: This


year’s board has a lot of first year students and one international student as well. Santeri: This board will affect in four campuses. Rurik: We have now people from three different campuses and we got the first international student to join the student union in our history. What will you bring to the students? Hilla: I’m bringing a new way of thinking, because I don’t have previous opinion about this organization. Simo: Come to me. I will listen and I will speak on your behalf. Santeri: I bring to the student’s student union knowledge and good social skills. I also stay close to other students so I’m easy to reach if necessary. Rurik: I bring equality, unity and listening skills. What are your career goals? Hilla: My career goals are to become as eminent as possible, but the most importantly I want to enjoy what I do. Simo: A career in HR management and/or entrepreneurship. Santeri: My goal is to get positive affect to student union working and give my best to student union. Rurik: I live day by day and now my task is to strengthen the role of the students in our school, as well as in society. What are the top 3 things that are the most important thing you want to achieve as a board this year? Hilla: More visibility, equality at all campuses, to become one big community. Simo: First: it’s a new job for me, so I must get to know the basics as well as I can. Second: See if there’s things to improve and learn how to improve them. Third: Improve the cooperation between the four campuses. Santeri: Secure student rights in school,

help students with different kind of problems and keep myself easy to reach. Rurik: To unify our school students, to make Kaakko known and create a strong and functional base for the new student union. When the board changes next year, what is the most important thing you want people to remember about you? Hilla: That I’m just like any other student. So, if they are interested about this organization, they can also try to be part of it. Simo: That I got things done well enough to warrant a second year in the same position. Santeri: I want people to remember me as a high-quality board member. Rurik: Friend and defender of students. What traits or characteristics does a person need to be successful in this position? Hilla: You should have real desire to do this and have good social skills. Simo: Social skills, ability to negotiate and perseverance. Santeri: Person needs good social skills and energy to take part to happenings besides school. Rurik: Strength, confidence and co-operation. What expectations do you have for this year? Hilla: Fun and productive year. Simo: Meeting new people and making new connections to other students and groups of interest. Santeri: I wait next year with excitement and I know it will be quite tough at the beginning because of the fusion of the school but we will survive and make this student union great. Rurik: There will be heavy, but a unique year. We are creating a new student union and I’m going to put everything on the line, to become the best student union in Finland. 

Design & Media Capricorn

Text by Julia Felizitas Weyrauch | Photos by Richard McGrath

The Design & Media Capricorn Oy is a small business focusing on interior design, graphic design and marketing services in Kuusankoski and Kouvola. The Insider team interviewed Pia Hiltunen, the founder of this unique, little business, about the launch of her company, chances and challenges. How did you get your idea or the concept for the business? I’ve been working for a public organization for eleven years and I was responsible for the communication in this company. When my job ended, I tried to figure out what to do and since I’ve been always interested in design management, which includes concepting and branding, and interior design I tried to combine these fields and my own skills. That was my initial idea. In the beginning, I started my company from home, but after six months I moved to this Taideruukki place, since I already knew those other people here. I decided to take some interior design courses at the same time to improve my skills even further. Today I’m offering design management, marketing, communication and interior design products for the public sector, private persons and companies. I don’t know any other company in Kouvola, which offers all these fields together. So, you can combine the skills of your old job with your new ones? Yes. Well, I’ve always studied all the time in my

entire life. When I was younger, I wasn’t so keen on studying, but as I grew older, I’ve found those interesting topics and from that point on I’ve been studying all the time. And actually, communication and interior design are fields, for which you always have to study. There come new things and new programs, so you have to stay up-to-date. What are your company’s missions or what is your idea for the future? I would like to create a new product line with my own product design. Maybe I will design products with a new, unique Kouvola brand. And since I’ve been here only for one year, I would like to get in touch with much more customers. How do you reach those customers? How do you advertise? At the moment, it’s mainly social media: Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. And then of course, we reach customers through the bush radio. Customers, who have been here, pass the information about our business on. Exclusive magazine and newspaper ads are too expensive, but some-

times we place ads together with the other companies here. How would you describe the business environment of your company? Kouvola can be a challenging place for a company like mine, since it’s a small city. Design products are usually the first sort of goods, which people save money on. Naturally, people in Helsinki buy much more interior designs, then over here. That’s why I offer a combination. However, Kouvola has the benefit, that I’m able to share a close contact with the other designers here. We are friends and help each other. Sometimes we even share the same customers. Do you have one advice for a person who starts a business like this and what would it be? I highly recommend the use of free public services for calculations and risk management, which are offered by public organizations. These services are very helpful when you’re applying for a bank loan, especially when you have no knowledge in finance and accounting. They often have a broader view on your financial situation. 


A Passion for Maritime Design

Meidan Studio is a Maritime concept industry based in Kuusankosi, Finland. Meidan Studio does not build or engineer ships but instead they redesign parts of the interior and exterior. Their team consists of five hardworking individuals. Ekaterina Malukhina is the graphic designer, in charge of designing the website and establishing visual communication with the customers. Jukka Eskelinen, the Chairman of the Board, is in charge of business to business and business to customer areas. Tuula Karatvuo is in charge of research and the psychology behind perceiving customer expectations. She provides texts ranging from manuals to scientific reports in both English and Finnish. Andrei Patrushin, a designer with a background in manufacturing and engineering, is in charge of prototyping and testing. Last but not least, Pasi Korhonen, the CEO, is the one who maintains the big picture. He provides a holistic approach when it comes to designing and marketing products. ďˆš 6

I interviewed The CEO, Pasi Korhonen, and the Chairman of the Board, Jukka Eskelinen about their business and how it operates.

“big fish” first and then continue by referrals. If the customers like our work then hopefully they will tell their friends, who will tell their friends, and so on.

What does “passion” mean to you? Our entire company has a strong passion for ships. Honestly though we gained knowledge as we proceeded. We barely knew anything about ships before we started Meidan, but through our customers we learn vital information. This increases our passion further and we pass this passion back to them and they in turn learn from us. Networking is very important.

What sort of business tools do you use? We use a variety of tools for 3D modeling, graphics, video, administration, and communication. For modeling we use 3D Max and Rhinoceros. For the graphical work we use Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. When we work with video, we use other Adobe products such as After Effects and Premier. For administration purposes we use Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Most of us also use webmail. Communication tools are also vital to our workflow. We use Skype to keep in touch with our clients and Facebook for internal messaging. Naturally, we all have mobile phones to expedite the process.

What was the hardest part of starting your business? Actually starting, for sure. Finding the motivation to commit 100% and start. Another obstacle was trying to find an appropriate domain name which had not yet been reserved.

Do you use cloud services? Yes, but we also keep backups on physical hard drives. We use Google Drive and Dropbox because for the amount we need, they are free, so there are less bills to worry about. How did you start the company? Actually at Kyamk, but I (Pasi) have been an entrepreneur since 2002. The official launch date of Meidan Studio was on the 21st of November in 2010. We had contracts drawn up which covered each part that needed addressing. Jukka already had some paperwork ready from a previous company so that saved some time. How were you initially funded? All of our funding comes from customers. We did not have any investors or work through any startup programs. Our philosophy is to focus on the

What are some of the issues you face? As far as our finances are concerned, we are always unsure of what will happen next. The paychecks are not so consistent because we may have customer after customer but sometimes we go without customers for an uncomfortable amount of time. Those are the times when we worry a bit. We stay motivated though and continue through these harder situations. When there are gaps between these customers we have to forego our own salaries and limit our own personal expenses, but this is the life of an entrepreneur. Then to make matters even more perilous, the customers usually have customers of their own who have an additional timetable. We must take care to respect not only our time, but our customers, and their customers. It can be quite stressful. There are also some issues more applicable to the maritime industry as a whole. Fuel consumption is the biggest lifetime expense. In the past, ships would travel from China to the U.S. traveling at about 25 knots (nautical miles per hour) the entire time. More recently, to cut down on costs and to create more efficient shipments, the speeds have been dropping down to 16 knots. While it may take a bit longer for

the ship to arrive, it is worth the money saved on fuel. These fuel costs have also lead the industry further towards crafts which emit zero pollution. Some of these ships can actually gain energy from the sun, for example, we are working on a cruise ship which transforms some parts into a solar panel while docking. What kinds of products do you design? In the past we have taken it upon ourselves to reshape the outer design, coloring, and graphics for a 266-meter crude oil carrier. We were initially handed a 3D model of the hull and some drawings. With this we planned out a new outer design, rethinking the lines and colors to provide the best possible solution for Aker Arctic and their customers. The coloring was altered to work well in the arctic environment. A blue akin to the color of the artic itself was used for the hull and for the deck we decided on a strong red hue to promote optimal safety. Another Aker Arctic/Mobimar Ltd. product we have improved upon was the ARC 131 Trimaran Icebreaker. They wanted us to make it more appealing to potential customers. Our team went through various color options and shapes to find the best possible end product. Not only did we build upon the looks of the ship but we also improved the functionality. It really helped with promoting the cost-saving features of this vessel to the clientele. We are currently working on a submersible bulk carrier. A vessel which can transport massively heavy equipment or even other ships by loading them underwater, taking the cargo to its destination, then bringing it to the surface to offload it. It is a very interesting and useful method of freight transport. What about the future, five years from now? Finland is in an interesting situation in which the west side of the country is focused on building ships where as the eastern side is actually instructing students on how to build and design them. In five years we plan on being one of the leading design offices in the Baltic Sea. We are already off to a great start. 



As promised last week, this time there is no dough making for you guys. Instead you can buy the dough ready from the stores. You’ll find them both in the freezer. How convenient! But first something shortly about the joulutorttu. It is made in this way mainly in Finland. It is commonly shaped as a star, and it has been like that for ages. A few years back the Swedes found the joulutorttu to be appalling; they accused it to look like a swastika. We Finns were then appalled; the Swedes were probably so jealous of our beautiful joulutorttus that they just had to try to ruin everything, as they always do. It’s not a swastika, it’s a freaking star! Mind your own business, Sweden. Joulutorttu is usually made from puff paste and as said earlier, it is shaped as a star (the ones in the photos are very much trying to look like a star). In the middle there is traditionally plum jam, but nowadays people are exploring new flavours as well. Apple - cinnamon jam has been quite popular over the recent years. What you need: • puff paste (from the freezer) • plum jam • icing sugar • egg • oven paper • a baking brush • scissors or a knife

What to do: 1. Spread the dough sheets to the oven tray that has oven paper on it. Let the sheets melt for 15 minutes. 2. Cut the dough sheet in two squares and make oblique cuts from corners to the centre, but only to the half way. 3. Lift every other corner up and pinch them down towards the centre. 4. Add one tablespoon of jam in to the centre. 5. Take the baking brush and brush the entire surface of the dough with whisked egg. 6. Bake for 10-15 minutes in the middle position of the oven. 7. Sprinkle icing sugar on top.

ed! k a b y l h s e r f y o j n E

 


BACK TO PEGASUS Text by Sarah Rosenthal

A short while back I was corresponding with friends over how it was such a shame that the whole universe of Stargate was so abruptly killed off open ended when MGM started to experience money troubles. Not only was there never a satisfying end to the spin-off SGA but also SGU was left on cliffhanger before it had even started to build up speed. SAG was supposed to get at least one feature film to properly tie up loose ends that were created in the last few episodes of season 5 and the franchise overall was to continue on in another media - an MMORPG somewhere along the lines of WoW just not quite as tacky and dull. On top of all those nice and missed opportunities it hasn’t been too long since Roland Emmerich started piping up again how he was not okay how what they did to his original idea and how he’d love a reboot from clean slate and the only thing I can think about here is the fact that that is coming from a guy who might have good ideas but is really very shit at bringing them to the big screen (“Nooo! GOD! Please - NOOOooOO!!). In fact I think it is a miracle that someone saw the original Stargate movie and thought “Hey, what an amazing movie; let’s make it into a tv series with 200+ episodes, two feature films, two spin-off, an animated series and a massive multiplayer online roleplaying game”. All the changes deviating from the original SG movie, especially when it comes to the characters, were good one,

well thought through and were the reason the show was running for more than 10 years (not counting the spin-offs). What I’m trying to say please somebody stop Roland Emmerich from fucking this up. I really don’t know why Stargate isn’t more popular among Sci Fi fans. It really seems like it’s the exact thing that die-hard space travel fiction fans would be all over. It’s like a cross between Star Trek, and Star Wars. It’s based on real world and realistic science like Star Trek (more so, actually), without being set in a fantastic future. It’s a series about high action, without being set a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. It asks big questions, like Trek, but doesn’t take itself too seriously and following Isaac Asimov’s principles about what Sci Fi should really be about. When it comes to the episodes itself one episode will deal with questioning the ethical implications of open warfare, with the very next being a literal spoof over itself, followed by a simple action/adventure story. And It’s full of deep, complex, and lovable characters. That leads to me to come back to the task at hand - while SGA never got its own feature film only this year a new comic book series was launched: Back to Pegasus. Seven years after the final episode aired in 2009 we finally get to find out about the fate of the Ancient City of Atlantis. The first three comic books are out already and will be followed shortly by another series: Gateways. 



Metallica is one of those artists kind of like Michael Jackson before his passing - who have done great things in 80s and early 90s, but in the 2000s have basically become laughingstock for the mainstream audience. In addition to their musical decline with their universally hated St. Anger, the horrendously produced Death Magnetic, and the disastrous Lou Reed collaboration Lulu, the band has gained notoriety from shenanigans like suing filesharing software Napster, and the band publicly complaining how the music business is so down in the dumps these days that the band “has to” tour so the band members could keep their big mansions, private studios and luxury vehicles. These are hard times for musicians, indeed. Now, the band has released Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, their first (non-collaborative) studio album in eight years. During the years of silence the band seems to have carefully studied their days of greatness, with many of the new songs emulating specific aspects of their classic albums; the high-speed thrash of ...And Justice for All; the mid-tempo shredding of The Black Album; and in few, regrettable cases, the odd grooves of Load and Reload. Tracks like “Atlas, Rise!” feature a lot of very Iron Maidenesque layered, harmonic guitars. That is the closest the album comes to experimentation, but then again, Hardwired doesn’t really need that. It’s good enough that the band is doing what they do at least decently for the first time in roughly 20 years. The lyrical content features mostly cynical observation of the human condition, exploring the themes of war and abuse of power; something that the band is known for. Occasionally they also just go with clearly the first thing that pops


in their mind: the chorus of the title track goes “We’re so fucked / Shit outta luck / Hardwired to SelfDestruct”. Not only is that lazy, but it is trying so hard to be edgy that it makes most Swiss Army knifes feel second hand embarrassment. Fortunately James Hetfield grunts his way through his lines in a way that usually diverts the listener’s attention away from the lyrical content. Hardwired… To Self-Destruct reminds me of the recent David Bowie comeback album The Next Day: while the album doesn’t even try to reinvent the wheel, and occasionally borrows so heavily from the band’s past material it borders on self-plagiarism, it’s a joy to see the band doing what they do best in an adequate, serviceable fashion. Cutting off some of the excess fat could’ve made the album somewhat better, but even as it is, it is probably the best result anyone is allowed to realistically hope from Metallica at this point. 

Genre Thrash Metal Release Date October 07, 2016 Producer Greg Fidelman James Hetfield Lars Ulrich Rating 


The adventures of writer Newt Scamander in New York’s secret community of witches and wizards seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school.

Genre Adventure, Fantasy Writer J.K. Rowling Director David Yates Cast Eddie Redmayne Katherine Waterston Samantha Morton Dan Fogler Ezra Miller Colin Farrell Johnny Depp Rating 

Mhm yes, finally something new from J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world. Let’s begin with the plot. Anyone well acquainted with the original series knows that “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is the book that teaches Hogwarts students all about magical creatures. When you have that in mind, going into the movie you might expect a Steve Irvine like documentary of Newt Scamander running around dragging magical creatures from their natural habitat and showing them to the audience. The reality of this movie is (unfortunately) quite a different one. The movie is set in New York where Newt is trying to find like minded people and save more or less dangerous creatures and give them a new home in his suitcase. The creatures he has got in there already range from “oh so cute, I want one” to “oh nice, another plot device”. That being said I’m not disappointed with the creatures we got but now have more questions about how some of them affect the original series now. One in particular the Obscurus. Was Dumbledore’s sister one? Is that the reason she died/got killed? And was it because of that that Dumbledore and Grindelwald hit the breaking point in their relationship? However, the plot does not only revolve around the magical creatures and the terror Grindelwald has been causing the magical world. It also introduces us to the relationship wizards and Muggles have in North America. One the one hand you have those who think it is important that muggles be protected from the dangers of the magical world and therefore may under no

circumstances be engaged with. Wizards are generally not allowed to form any type of relationship with Muggles something that seems to be quite different to how things are done in the UK. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is only the first in a series of five movies to come. I presume that is the reason they chose Johnny Depp to play one the character that is most likely to play a major role in the upcoming movies. They needed someone who has the pedigree to lead a franchise as big as this one which is unfortunate because the character he portrayed like someone they had to break-out of Tim Burton’s closet in the dead of night in order to have him in the movie. Besides Depp the only other person that seemed a bit amiss in this movie was Colin Farrell. He just didn’t seem to fit into this type of movie. All the other characters were quite wonderful, most of all Kowalski and Queenie. These are the characters I would personally look forward to seeing in the next movies. As with all the other movies/books set in the Harry Potter universe this movie opened up a can of plotholes and inconsistencies. For example: What are the rules for spells? Sometimes you seem to need fake Latin or Greek, sometimes not or some people can do magic without a wand. Like what are the rules? Also those undetectable expansion charms. In the Harry Potter books it is said that it does not have an effect on the weight of the actual bag, suitcase or whatever. The how come Newt or even some Muggle can carry a suitcase filled with a bunch of magical creature (which I guess weigh something) around New York no problem? If you can apparate why would you take a ship to New York? 

Newt Scamander: “My philosophy is if you worry, you suffer twice.”


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