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International Week at Kyamk


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yamk has a very international atmosphere with people from a bazillion different countries, which opens great opportunities for everyone to learn about other cultures, languages and just meet great people. The more friends you have the better your (student) life will become, so get out there and socialize – with everyone! Last week was the International Week, which is the theme for this issue of the best student magazine in Kouvola! We Juho Kuismin hope you were able to dodge the flu well enough to attend at least some of the events, but if not, you can read all about them now. And even if you did attend absolutely everything, you should still keep on reading! In this issue we also have a profile article, and a review about an exciting new movie. In the often budget-dominated life of a student, free food is always welcome. That is exactly what we got last Tuesday in the form of food tasting with delicacies from different countries, and we have a big article about it right here. Other interesting events of the International Week were the Wicked World seminars and the International Music Performance, which we have also covered for you. Even though money can be tight at times, one should always have enough in the piggy bank to attend a good student party. Luckily we don’t have a shortage of those here, the latest one being the Gender Bender. The life of a journalist is tough at times, but we take our job very seriously so that you can read all about this and every other party in the magazine. Check it out, and be sure to attend the next one! Without further ado, move on to the articles! Study hard, have fun even harder and keep reading Insider!



INSIDE INFO CONCERTS 5.10.2013 Kymi Sinfonietta joint concert with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor - Nikolai Alexeev; soloists: Kaisa Ranta - soprano, Tuomas Katajala – tenor, Starts at 19.00 in Kuusankoski-talo 7.10.2013 The day of music and songs. Local choirs and orchestras. The proceeds will go to charity, Starts at 18.00, Kuusankoski-talo SPORTS 5.10.2013 KooKoo - SaPKo (Savonlinna) Finnish ice hockey championship series, Starts at 18.00, Kouvola ice hall Send us your artwork to and have your

6.10.2013 MYPA – VPS (Vaasa), The match of Finnish football premier division, Starts at 16.00, Kymenlaakson Sähkö Stadium, Kisatie 1, Myllykoski

work published for the world to see!

10.10.2013 Toto 5 horse races, Starts at 18.00, Kouvola racetrack

EXHIBITIONS 24.9.-20.10.2013 Eeva Haverinen: Colours, paintings and graphics of life Art Museum Gallery, Kouvola-talo

OTHER EVENTS 5.10.2013 Leijona – day ,At 12.00 –Football match, Sarkola field, Kouvola, At 21.00 – Leijona party, Sommelo, Kuusankoski, The performers: Raili Eronen and Twangers, The Legends, Stillblues

2.-31.10.2013 The 63rd annual exhibition of Kuusankoski Art Society Kuusankoski-talo Gallery

9.10.2013 Greek evening, The warmth of Greece has flooded into the main library of Kouvola. All those who are interested in Greece, Greek literature and language are very much welcome! In cooperation with the Main library and the Kouvola Region Finland-Greece Association Starts at 18.00, The Main library

LIBRARY EXHIBITIONS 1.-6.10.2013 Old Kuusankoski, photo-exhibition The library of Kuusankoski 7.-19.10.2013 Torsti Penttinen: Art exhibitionThe Main library


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Saturday 30th of November


Registration and info: registration until Friday 22.11.

One of the main events of International Week was Wicked World Seminar which took place on Thursday and Friday. The main aim of this seminar was to discuss different Wicked Problems in Multicultural Working Life and ways to solve them. The seminar started from the Opening and Welcoming Speech by Ari Lindeman. After this, Kyamk welcomed a very special guest- Andrew Gale from The University of Manchester, UK. He gave very interesting presentation about wicked problems as projects and shared personal experience. When Mr Gale finished his speech people had an opportunity to participate in three workshops going on at the same time. The first one was about importance and use of English language, the second was about problems in Leadership and the third one was concerning Asia destination development. People split to these three workshops according to their interests.

Text:Bac Le&Mariia Kiseler,Photos :Mariia Kiseler

After lunch two more workshops were held: The Relevance of Learning Styles from Indian Perspective and Wicked Problems for Strategic R&D Projects. Friday events started at 9.00. Even though there was a dinner party held in Voikkaa on Thursday night, no one seemed tired on Friday morning. The day started with two keynotes from two Finnish people who both are working in healthcare field. The keynote theme of the day was promoting health through advanced technology in a Wicked World. Following workshop was about the role of universities from Bland Tomkinson, from The University of Manchester, UK. It was quite an experience when you saw both teachers and students taking part in group works and some small activities. After the lunch break, as a summing up event, people were sitting and sharing their own perspectives towards wicked problems in education. The whole seminar was closed with a formal farewell. 5

International Week Potluck No doubt, International Food Tasting is the most popular event during the International Week.This party of food and communication with its cheerful and friendly atmosphere is what all students need during the rainy autumn days. The event this year started a little bit before the planned time and at 17:00 there already were crowds of people in Paja downstairs. Ivan Pennonen, the traditional DJ for this event, who has been playing there for the past three years, turned on the music and the evening was full of new disco, disco and deep house. For several minutes the place seemed to look like a buzzing beehive and fifteen minutes after most of the food was eaten.Traditional pies and potato salads from Czech Republic, chicken Biryani and payesh from Bangladesh, special meat sticks called chevapchichi from Croatia and Boerenkoolstamppot from the Netherlands – even those who attended the event not for the first time had a room for the new experiences.Vietnamese table again appeared to be one of the most popular tables, and their spring rolls, which are so much loved by those who have already tasted them, were the hot cakes. The lecturer of St. Petersburg State University of Information,Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, who was one of the guest lecturers during the International week, told that in her home university such kind of events are rare. She enjoyed the atmosphere a lot and the food as well, especially French cheese. Of course, the event was so fast and rushing, making it absolutely impossible to meet every culture closer.Therefore, Insider introduces you to small insights on how the countries and other nationalities see themselves.

CZECH REPUBLIC Interesting fact about Czech Republic:We are the best in ice-hockey, but Russia, Sweden and especially Finland still don’t get it. The best place to visit if you are in Czech Republic for the first time:Prague, the capital city, which is very beautiful and after sightseeing tour, you should visit some small local pubs and find new friends there. One word expressing Czech Republic the best:We have a sentence without vowels “Škrt plch z mlh Brd pln skvrn z mrv prv hrd scvrnkl z brzd skrz trs chrp v krs vrb mls mrch srn chtvrthrst zrn”. GERMANY Interesting fact about Germany:Not everybody in Germany is wearing Lederhosen or Dirndl and eating sausages and drinking beer every day. The best place to visit if you are in Germany for the first time:For tourists Munich and the Alps are probably the most famous things to see in Germany, especially when the Oktoberfest is taking place in the Wiesn at the moment. Northern Germany is definitely worth seeing. Hamburg for example is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, but also the region called Ostfriesland at the North Sea coast, which is really beautiful.

BANGLADESH Interesting fact about Bangladesh:Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus won a Nobel Prize in 2006. It was granted for him and Grameen Bank “for their efforts to create economic and social development from below”.

ITALY Interesting fact about Italy:Italy is the country of love. The best place to visit if you are in Italy for the first time:Venice, the only one in the World!

One word expressing Italy the best:Food. HUNGARY Interesting fact about Hungary:The famous logic-toy was invented by a Hungarian Erno Rubik, who originally One word expressing Bangladesh the named it as Magic Cube. Also Hungary best:Hospitality. has a lot of thermal water places. And of course the most important thing is that you can easily find an open shop in the PORTUGAL middle of the night to buy alcohol withInteresting fact about Portugal:Fado – is a out ID. unique Latin music genre that originates in Portugal. CHINA Interesting fact about China:Our impetuThe best place to visit if you are in Por- ous economic growth and delicious food. tugal for the first time:Local people say that you should go to Lisbon, first of all, The best place to visit if you are in China because it is the capital of Portugal and for the first time:Chongqing, a major city secondly because this city lies along the in Southwest China. Atlantic Ocean and the River Tagus. One word expressing China the One word expressing Portugal the best:- best:Charming. Ocean The best place to visit if you are in Bangladesh for the first time:St. Martin’s Island or Cox’s Bazar, the longest beach in the World.


One word expressing Germany the best:Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz (it is an actual word, which is the law for the control of task management for the labeling of beef). CROATIA Interesting fact about Croatia:Have you heard the story of Kroatoan? First settlers in America that mysteriously died and vanished and the only word left was “kroatoan” engraved into something. Well, it is believed that these were Croatian people. The best place to visit if you are in Croatia for the first time:Depends on what you want to see. The greatest thing about Croatia is that it is brilliantly beautiful.You can see the sea, national parks, swamps, mountains, valleys, hills and forests. It is recommended to take a swim in our tremendously clean sea. If you do not like to swim so much, visit our capital, Zagreb. It is not only old and historically beautiful, but also has interesting stories behind it. One word expressing Croatia the best:Confuzzled. It´s a word between confused and puzzled. Though beautiful, its political and social structure is not perfect.

THE NETHERLANDS Interesting fact about the Netherlands:Average height of residents of the Netherlands is 184cm men, women - 170cm, thus they are the tallest people in the world. Secondly, there are a lot of tulips and windmills throughout Netherlands territory. And, finally, every one heard this famous expression “red-light district” – its roots belong to Amsterdam. The best place to visit if you are in the Netherlands for the first time:If you would have a chance to visit this country – then native residents suggest Amsterdam. The city is located at the mouth of the river Amstel and IJ. Amsterdam is connected to the North Sea Canal thus there are various canal tours which are possible to try out during the journey. One word expressing the Netherlands the best:One word that describes country: FLAT (because of the surface of the landscape).

VIETNAM Interesting fact about Vietnam :You can find B52 American Bomber Wrecks in Vietnam’s West Lake. The best place to visit if you are in Vietnam for the first time:There are many places worth visiting in Vietnam from which you can learn a lot of Vietnamese cultures. The suggestions are Halong Bay, Hue Royal Palace and Hoi An ancient town – the birth place of many intangible heritages of humanity, Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park, Central Highland, Phu Quoc Island and so on.You can never get bored in Vietnam. One word expressing Vietnam the best:There is a saying that speaks out our true value of the nation and Vietnamese dignities the best: ‘Viet Nam, dat nuoc, con nguoi ’ (Vietnam, the nation, and the people). We believe that the true value of a human comes from the inner beauty, not the things we can see with our eyes, but hear with our heart.

FINLAND Interesting fact about Finland:The fact that Finnish people avoid sitting next to someone in a bus is interesting but it is hardly a fact. Finlandia-hymn is interesting, because almost everyone thinks it is way more beautiful than our national anthem and I think it’s almost impossible to find a Finn who doesn’t get emotional when listening to Finlandia. The words are just so touching. The best place to visit if you are in Finland for the first time:Old castles in Finland are a great option for a cultural visit and they are a great opportunity to gain some historical information about Finland. One word expressing Finland the best:Versatile because there are lots of different options to do stuff.

The best place to visit if you are in Austria for the first time:Zell am See (town).

The best place to visit if you are in Spain for the first time:There are lots of great places to visit but the best of all is definitely Barcelona!

FRANCE Interesting fact about France:No one could guess, that if you ask a Frenchman what is the typical feature of their nation – the answer would be “complaint”. That means that there always will be something wrong with the weather, with the coffee or any other little things. Appearance is really important for French society as it turned out. And remember that the famous statement that all French people eat frogs – is false! That has already become an old tale.

One word expressing Austria the best:Awesome!

One word expressing Spain the best:Gastronomy.

One word expressing France the best: Gastronomy

AUSTRIA Interesting fact about Austria:Our country looks like a guitar played by Jimi Hendrix. Why? He was left handed or google it.

SPAIN Interesting fact about Spain:The different cultures of the provinces inside Spain are very interesting.


SAMI PEOPLE Interesting fact:Sami people are living in four countries, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia (the Kola Peninsula). The best place to visit in Lapland:Rovaniemi is one of the most popular places in Lapland, however you want to meet the genuine culture, it is better to visit smaller towns. One word expressing Sami people the best:Independence, as it is what Sami people want.

Text and photos:Elena Prokofyeva,Iiulia Safonova& Pham Ngoc

RUSSIA AUSTRALIA Interesting fact about Australia:Its beaches. Interesting fact about Russia:Russia is considered a European country, but the The best place to visit if you are in Ausbigger part of it is in Asia. And we have 10 tralia for the first time:Byron bay (in New time zones! South Wales). A headland near the town, Cape Byron, was named by Captain James The best place to visit if you are in Russia for the first time:Red Square in Moscow. Cook after John Byron, circumnavigator and grandfather of the famous poet (ediOne word expressing Russia the tor’s note). best:Boundless. One word expressing Australia the best: freedom.


Text and photos:Sarah Rosenthal,GenderBender badge designed by Suvi Määttänen

“Hello Beautiful, I don’t want to complain, but this is the men’s toilette.” Dramatic turn and flip of hair and a response in a voice at least one octave too deep for girl: “Dude, I know.” Getting confused for a girl or guy, when you are actually not was indeed the point of the whole GenderBender Party on Wednesday the 25th of September.

The 2nd Kupla-organised party of the year was held under the roof of the House of Rock. The party started slowly but steadily at 21h and reached its first high point at 23h with a dancing competition. Several couples competed against each other on the dance floor with the four best of them getting another turn to proof their skills. It was a well-deserved win for couple number four. Next up was a costume competition. Two groups of three girls dressed as boys and three boys dressed as girls competing against each other. It was genuinely frightening and admirable at the same time to see the contestants up on stage and realizing, that under normal circumstances many people would not have realized that they were in fact wearing ‘just’ costumes. Girls wearing bald heads and beards, bowties and baggy pants and on the other hand guys wearing colourful wigs and lipstick, skirts and some of them even high heels. Is it needless to say that the “boys” won this round? Well, it certainly was a close call, the decision made by a cheering and jubilating crowd.

After two more competitions – best pick-up line and craziest dance moves – we went back to our refreshments and dancing to songs like YMCA and Cotton Eye Joe. The music choices may have been weird, but fitted this particular event marvelously as everyone was high spirited and enjoying the strangeness and charm of the evening’s entertainment well until 3am. It was truly refreshing for all us to get out of our everyday gender-roles and get in touch with our fe-/male side. I think it is fair to say that we are all curious what Kupla has in stock for us for the next party…



JATTA VIROLAINEN, one of the International week organizers

First, can you say something about yourself? What and where are you studying?

I’m a little bit over 20 years old, from Lahti. I come from there everyday by train. As a JA student (Multilingual Management Assistant), I started my studies in January 2012. After half a year I went to work for two semesters and now I’m back in Kouvola.

How was it like to organize the International Week?

Organizing the International Week was first hard, since I just got back to school and was trying to get used to it. But when the wheels started rolling and I found the right people to help me, it started to work. Difficulties were finding the people because I’m not from Kouvola and don’t know many people from here. Thanks to this week I know more! I think it went very well and I had a great time organizing it!

What are other activities/ hobbies you participate in?

I’ve been dancing almost my whole life, mostly show and street dance. The dancing directs me to the circus school, where I studied one year to become a circus artist. That was an amazing year but it didn’t feel like my future occupation. After that I came here.

How do you feel about the Potluck tasting day? Which foods and stands are your favorites?

This year was my first time in Potluck and I had no idea how huge it was! It was awesome! My absolute favorite was Vietnamese stand. They did a big job, made every effort with food and wore their national costumes. I wish we here in Finland would have as beautiful costumes and lovely culture as they have in Vietnam.

You made the International Week!


Text and photos:Hoang Anh Nguyen

I want to thank all who helped with this week!

INTERNATIONAL MUSIC PERFORMANCE As a part of the International Week, three international students had organised themselves and had performed as an international band. Fresh international business graduate Ariful Islam from Bangladesh on the microphone, third year business student Irina Makeeva from Russia on the keyboards and a first year student Hoang Minh Trang (artist name Chang) from Vietnam on the guitar. On Tuesday, just before the international food tasting, they had a set of about 30 minutes. They chose songs in Finnish, English, Russian, Hindi, Bangla and Vietnamese. In the small breaks between songs Ariful told small jokes and stories to entertain the audience. All three of them sang. Ariful started with a Finnish song and after him sang Irina in Russian. Once Irina finished Chang took over with a Vietnamese song and her guitar. They kept changing between songs and cultures making it a truly international performance. Coincidentally, one of the performers, Trang, is also a member of the Insider staff and you get the rare opportunity to read about her experience and performance first hand.

Hoang Minh Trang

Text:Hoang Minh Trang&Mattea Näveri,Photos:Mattea Näveri

Personally, I think our preparation for the music performance was quite tough. First, we had to decide on songs and it had to be at least five since the music performance lasted for half an hour. Several suggestions were given. Though they were lovely songs, we could not manage to play them all. After hours of thinking, we made up our mind. We are here in Finland so there would definitely be a Finnish song. Each of us agreed to perform songs in our mother tongue which was Bangla, Hindi, Russian and Vietnamese. The last song we chose was an English one - our common language – so that everybody can enjoy music and lyrics at the same time. Despite our tight schedule, we managed to arrange our time, as there were only three days left to “the-big-day”. During the short-timed rehearsal, we all got tired because of singing and playing over and over again. My fingers were swollen from pressing the chords on the acoustic guitar. Outside it kept raining all day. But above it all, we had fun sharing the same music interests and also got to know each other more. As soon as the performance started, my nervousness was blown away. The sound of guitar, piano and voices mingled in such a cosy atmosphere of the International evening. Each song told us a story about love, life and our home country. Music is universal. We come from different parts of the world but share the same language: music. Even though we did not understand the meaning of every single word in the songs, we could still feel what they were all about. There is nothing that can compare to the pleasant feeling of people, when they start nodding to the beat and singing along with your music. That moment I realised where I belong and felt thankful for being a part of this big Kyamk family. The three of us had a heck of a time at the music performance and undoubtedly so did the audience. Time flies when you are having fun. It felt like we still have more to give but the time was up. So save it for the next event and I hope we will be seeing you again real soon! 10

MOVIE OF THE WEEK MUD (2012) Genre: Drama (130min) Director/Writer: Jeff Nichols Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan, Jacob Lo-

fland, Reese Witherspoon

The 14-year-old Ellis (Ty Sheridan) lives on a houseboat on the river banks of Arkansas with his parents. With his best friend Neckbone (Jacob Lofland), who lives with his uncle, he sets out one morning to a deserted island on the Mississippi River, where Neckbone found a boat suspended high up in the trees. Investing the boat it soon becomes clear that they are not the only ones who have discovered the boat. On their way back they meet a mysterious man. His name is Mud. The raggedy looking Mud, chipped tooth, dirty clothes and a thick Southern accent, asks them for help and with that the adventure starts. While Neckbone has reservations about the grim looking stranger, Ellis develops a friendship with Mud, brings him food and eventually becomes obsessed with the idea of reuniting him with his girlfriend Juniper (Reese Witherspoon) for whom he killed a man in Texas. It is a believable coming of age story even more so for Ellis as he is the one who has developed his first crush. His ideas of love and romance get challenged throughout the movie as the relationships around him seem to fall apart. Mud is a reminder to Hollywood that you do not need the most expensive special effects to bring about a captivating story. The actors bring to life an authentic Southern feel with simple yet mesmerizing dialogue and just about enough wit. Matthew McConaughey’s strong performance is only overshadowed by the newcomer Tye Sheridan who creates a likeable and relatable character and surly has a great Hollywood career ahead. For Jeff Nichols it was the 3rd time in the directing chair and he delivers a great movie that convinces the audience not just story and casting, but also through the vision of the director himself.

Sarah Rosenthal


.10 0 1 . 0 1 . 4 0 RTTI KUVA PO katu10 Kouvolan

|K12|10€ 2GUNS 0:15, 64 Fri-Sun 2 0537136 2 1 tu a ik k et Kes |1h 50min aportti.n 255 www.kuv PÄÄLLÄ 05 375 4 7|10€ |K U U VEDEN K UMMAN ÖN ELO T T E ap L uv 0 IE .k :0 w M 8 ww € n-Thu 1 |K12|10 )|8 € 6:00, Mo AT 2D (S Fri-Sun 1 h 47min |1 0 in LENTSIK :0 in m 4 |1h 43m 0 |1h 32 Sat,Sun 1 :3 7 1 u h ri-T 7|10 € dubbed|F 0€ AKIN |K NE |(S)|1 0 OLLI AIK SELLÄN -Thu 20:0 50min :00, Mon h 8 1 |1 n 5 u :1 -S 9 Fri Fri-Thu 1 |2h 03min UVO KINO KO


STUDIO 123 Kymenlaakson katu 1 45700 Kuusanko ski 05 3792082 www.studio123




8/10€ ing 17:00, 3D Sa t,Sun 15:00,Wed,Thu 17:15| 1h 32m in SMURFFIT 2 2D (dubbed) (7)|8 /10 € 2D Sat, Sun 15 :15 |1h 44min RUNNER RUN NER | (12) |10 € Fri,Sat,Wed,Thu 19:00 |1h 31m in SELÄNNE | (1 2)|10 € Sun-Tue 19:00 |1h 50min TUMMAN VED EN PÄÄLLÄ (1 2)|10 € Fri,Sat,Wed,Thu 17.30, Sun-Tue 19:30 | 1h 48min MIELETÖN EL OKUU |7|10 € Fri,Sat,Wed,Thu 17:30, Sun-Tue 19:30 |1h 43min OPPIPOIKA|12 |10 € Sat,Sun 15:30|1h 33min OLI AIKAKIN|7 |10€ Fri-Tue 17:15|2h 3min THE GRANDM ASTER|12|10 € every evening 19:40 |2h 3min 2D every even

Artwork by Nad the Brat

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