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So first of all hei everybody, I’m one of the new staff members of Insider as well and I’m the one who did the new layout. So if theres anything you don‘t like about about the new layout, write it on a piece of paper and throw it in the next bin. No, ok I’m kidding. Just send us an email and I’ll see what I can do with you suggestions. But now about me, in contrast to everybody else I’m not a regular student in Kyamk, I’m an exchange student from Hannover,

Germany who will hopefully stays untill March. What else may I tell you? I’m studying advertising and branding design while working as a freelance photographer. I’ve been here for nearly a month now and so far I really enjoy my stay. So thank you to everybody who made me feel like that till now! I hope I‘ll meet a hell of a lot of you guys out there at the parties and stuff, so don‘t be shy, just walk over and say hi to me.

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He’s half Finnish, half Canadian, lived most of his life in north America, between Canada and the States, moved to Finland because he’s half Finnish and wanted to see the country. Why Game-Design?

What about board games?

Because he designed board games for his younger brothers ever since he was 13 years old and always had an interest in arts. He also was homeschooled and needed something to keep his afternoons busy.

The board games he would like to play: 1. Twilight imperium 2. Game of thrones 3. Cosmic encounter

Favorite Software?

Favorite Finnish food?

Adobe Flash, because he learned how to use it at an early age, in recent month he has started using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator more. He likes using Adobe Photoshop for editing images, but likes using Adobe Illustrator for creating graphics.

Everything that has berries in it, but most favorite is blueberry cheesecake (nom, nom, nom)

Favorite electronic games? His favorite electronic games are:

Favorite music?

Do you prefer teamwork or solo work?

He likes teamwork, because he likes to boss people around, but for sure only if they don’t mind.

He loves classic music and everything else that has nobody who’s singing in it.

1. The original Starcraft 2. Skyrim 3. Portal 2

Text: Sarah, Alex, Richard | Photo: Sarah Rosenthal –4–


Anil decided to study abroad last year. He chosen Finland to go. Anil’s mother, who wanted him to become a prosperous man, inspired him. Since Anil has come to Finland, he is missing his family a lot. Let’s see, how he comments Why did you select Finland? There is one of the best education system in the world. Education is free. In addition, there is an international environment.

Tell something about your country. Every story has two sides. Pakistan was ranked as one of the most dangerous countries to visit several years ago. Now the country has changed. It has a fast-growing economy. Our food, clothes, art are very popular in many European countries. Pakistan is a Muslim country. I must say that Pakistani men are the 3rd ones in rating of sex appealing.

Do you miss something from your country? Yeah, my family. Which three words come to your mind, when you think about Pakistan? I love Pakistan. Instead of having so many issues for our community I still love it. You will find lot of positive things about this country.

Which of your national dishes should be included in School cafeteria menu? Biryani (Biryani is a one-dish rice-based meal that consists of layering cooked rice and meat in a casserole, before baking it in the oven). This is one of the most delicious. I cooked biryani few days ago. Every good thing takes time and it’s worth it.

Is education in Finland different from education in Pakistan? Very much. In my country teachers are concerned about money. However, the system is changing now. The current generation is very talented. The youngest girl certified Microsoft was from Pakistan.

Thank you very much, Anil. Text: Ekaterina Volkova | Photo: Ekaterina Volkova -5-

ACT FOR CHANGE It is not a secret nowadays that there is a serious situation about refugees from Syria. The problem can truly be considered as a global issue, because it touched an enormous number of countries and it is clear that it will lead to serious consequences. According to the latest statistics, there are about 20 million refugees in the world who are in need of a safe place. A considerable number, isn’t it? Some of these people will soon be placed across Europe, including Finland as well, which was the cause of big debate: whether or not it is necessary to help the refugees and take them in “our own” country? Of course, no one calls for a particular point of view, but at this point and at this time the fact is that Finland will take a lot of people in the near future.

who are against taking refugees and those who really want to help. There are a lot of topics that can be discussed. One side says that we firstly need to help “our people” since in Finland; the unemployment rate is very high now. „We do not have resources to help others.“ But remaining part of people goes for humanity and compassion. For this favor our Red Cross exists as well. We help those who need help, this thing goes first. Who is this man, which nationality, sex, age, etc., we do not care. By the way, if the first group expresses its negative attitude in the social net, the second act: in the last two weeks, for example, thousands of people have announced their willingness to help refugees as volunteers of the Red Cross!

I think that many of us find ourselves in situations where help was needed. The same situation is happening to the refugees as well. Europe is on the level of development at which it is possible to solve this problem with an appropriate approach. The Insider team did not stay aside and contacted the Red Cross organization for further information about the problem itself as well as the need for help from the organization.

How many people are expected in Finland? Now you can hear different information: from 15 to 30 thousands. Red Cross has no official information. Probably no one will tell you the exact figure.

Here are some of the questions that had been given out to Anna Buzaeva, one of representatives of Red Cross in Kouvola, to clarify the situation.

Do you have some sort of plan for placing people in the future?

How many refugees are already in Finland/Kouvola now? In Kouvola, refugees have not arrived yet. But Kouvola takes some refugees every year 25 to 30 people. Other information, concerning the whole of Finland can be found on our website.

Facilities at the center of the Refugee Reception Red Cross takes leased from municipalities or private individuals. What do you think, how is it possible for refugees to integrate in Finland? Probably there will be some programs directed to this?

What is opinion of Finns about current situation? As far as we know, in some small areas, refugees are fac the problem of racism! Residents of Finland are divided into two camps in their opinion: those

Integration of foreigners - this is the main task after the people will be safe and will live in normal conditions, without fear for their lives, their family -6-

and loved ones. Integration is a two-side process, which would be impossible without the indigenous population, obviously, without Finns. Therefore, our task now is to „organize a meeting of Finns and foreigners“ or to create the conditions for such meetings. We attract Finns, for example, to organize groups for teamwork (cooking, sports, etc.), also to become a volunteer for social support. Main thing is to do something together, Finns and immigrants, to learn the culture of each other, know each other better and to understand. In our district, we will organize training courses for volunteers. We usually do, but this time it is special situation for arriving to Kouvola in October. Volunteer social support courses will begin in September. After all, people need help in an unfamiliar country: how to travel on public transport, how to book time in laundry, how to book an appointment with doctor and so on and so forth. I hope that by the time the first group arrives, our volunteers will be ready! There will be always work for you, the students. For instance, you can arrange some clubs, trips and excursions. It all depends on your desire and creativity! Thus Insider decided to organize a small campaign, which will take place from now til 17 October 2015. We collect hygiene packages for people who will arrive to Kouvola and area nearby. WHAT IS IN NEED: Basic hygiene things such as toothbrushes, toothpastes, soap, shampoo, etc. You can give any of these things to any member of the Insider! Do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook and email. We are looking forward to your help with this campaign as well as help spreading the information in order to help us make the world a little bit better! The sooner we act, the sooner we can move to the next stage and significantly reduce the negative consequences in the future. Thank you and have a nice day!

Text: Alexandra Ivchenkova | Photo: Khue Do -7-

Confess #InsiderConfessions


INTERNATIONAL WEEK 21. – 25.9.2015



Country exhibition in Paja aula opens


9.30 - 11.00 Cornelia Polivka-Lang: Intercultural training and recruiting (141) 8.15 - 11.00 Katalin Kollath: Intercultural management: Insight into Hungarian business culture and society (337C)

12.00 - 13.30 Katalin K Kollath: Intercultural management: Insight into Hungarian business culture and society (357) 13.30 - 16.00 University presentations of international guests and exchange students (Paja) 16.00 - 16.30 Performances of international students (Paja) 16.30 - 17.00 Bollywood dance session (Paja)

17.00 - 19.00 Food tasting (Paja)


8.15 - 11.00 Tomislav Galovic: Basic principles of the international negotiations as a factor of success on foreign markets (357)


18.15 - 11.00 Tomislav Galovic: Non-Verbal communication in business negotiations (140)


10.30 - 12.45 Cornelia Polivka-Lang: Intercultural training and recruiting (357) -8-

MUSIC REVIEW Iron Maiden: The Book of Souls Producer: Kevin Shirley

Genre: Heavy Metal Released: September 4, 2015

Becoming middle-aged is one of the biggest pitfalls that a musical artist meets during their career; doubly so when it’s not the members, but the band itself that starts pushing forty. For a while it has seemed that even the British metal behemoth Iron Maiden is not safe from such hazards. The gaps between album releases have grown with each new record, and sometimes it has not been worth the wait: despite some high points, the previous album The Final Frontier felt rather uninspired and sounded like it had been recorded in a cardboard box and mixed using a potato. So now, after five years of waiting the band has released their alleged postmillennial magnum opus, an hour and a half long double album The Book of Souls. It is clear that the band wanted the album to be a special landmark in their career: in addition to the massive length the album features a lot of additional strings and keyboards to elevate the record above the standard Maiden fare. The lyrical themes circle around mortality and the soul, giving the album a sense of finality and gravitas.

more compact (‘short’ would be insulting to the concept of brevity) and straightforward songs like the lead single “Speed of Light” are all perfectly serviceable despite getting slightly overshadowed by the longer, more ambitious tracks: The ten-minute title track paints images of the Maya civilization; even though “Shadows of the Valley” initially seems to borrow from about half a dozen other Maiden songs through their career, it slowly builds into grand finish that completely justifies its existence. The absolute crown jewel is the album closer, the 18-minute long “Empire of the Clouds”, a piano-driven epic about the R101 airship disaster of 1930. The song takes its time to beautifully paint the soundscape and tell a story utilizing its span to its full potential.

What stands out, especially when comparing to their last album, is the absolutely pristine production. Every instrument stands out clearly without sounding too clinical and overproduced. The drums pack a serious punch, and every tiny cymbal hit is clearly audible; the driving bass lines are easily distinguishable from the mix. Even the three guitars do not drown each other out. The improved mix is welcome, as the instrumentation is inspired and inventive. Every member of the band is bringing their A-game, and even vocalist Bruce Dickinson, whose instrument is most susceptible to the damages of age, sounds great.

Some things just get better with age. While Iron Maiden definitely is not one of those things, it’s good to see that even after forty years in business they can bring something fresh on the table. While not the instant classic the band painted it to be, The Book of Souls is one of the best Maiden records of the new millennium and one of the better metal albums this year.

The instrumentation is further exalted by the tight songwriting, which seems an ironic choice of words as the average track length exceeds eight and half minutes. However, despite the drawn out duration of the album only few minutes seem superfluous. Only “The Red and the Black” could have used some condensing. All the

Text: Roope Sorvo

Deezer -9-



MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION Kymenlaaksonkatu 1 45700 Kuusankoski 05 3792082 OPERA AUSTRALIA AIDA|S|23€ Sat, 19.09., 12:00 |2h30min KAUKANA MAAILMAN MENOSTA|7|10€ Sat-Sun 15:00|1h59min

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Writer: Christopher McQuarrie

Director: Christopher McQuarrie Starring: Tom Cruise, Lt. Scott, Hawkeye, replaceable black guy/female character/villain and Alec Baldwin

KÄTILÖ|16|10€ every evening, 17:15|1h59min SICARIO|16|10€ every evening, 19:30|2h01min SUURI PÄHKINÄRYÖSTÖ|7|9€ Sat, Sun 15:15|1h25min


Ethan Hunt and his ever changing team of replaceable characters face their most impossible of all impossible missions yet. They are set on a mission to eradicate the Syndicate, an international criminal consortium trying to go big business on dealing chemical weapons (at least it’s not arms this time, although both can surely be used to kill lots and lots of people). The difficulty this time is not only apprehending the bad guy, who is a real pro when it come to playing hide and seek, but also the fact, that the CIA doesn’t believe the Syndicate even exists and tries to get rid of the IMF. I was actually going to give this movie one out of five stars because it was kinda boring and I almost fell asleep, but then I watched the other movies again - or at least parts of them and realised Rogue Nation is actually quite refreshing. It is also still unrealistic as heck but so are Marvel movies… Via vague plot device secret super-agent hero Tom Cruise gets an assignment delivered in the most ridiculous of ways and ends up on the run from his own government. Well, to be fair, it was his choice to accept the job. This also one of the things I never understood about the other movies: What happens if they don’t want to do the job? We’re all just gonna go die? Is there like a B-list of agents that will take over when Tom Cruise wants to spend a weekend in some Scientology retreat? Anyhow, just like in the previous movies Tom Cruise will do a lot of running, hanging from things, more running and this time even some diving and synchronised swimming and gets to attend a fancy ball - if you‘re a fan of this until able franchise there is nothing more you could ask for, no? Text: Sarah Rosenthal - 10 -

INSIDE OUT –MIELEN SOPUKOISSA|7|9€ 2D, finnish, every evening, 17:00 2D, english, Sun – Thu, 19:40(s3)|1h41min HÄIRIÖTEKIJÄ)|12|10€ Fri, Sat, Tue–Thu 19:00|1h25min MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE -ROGUE NATION|12|10€ Sun – Mon 19:00|2h11min MIEKKAILIJA |7|10€ Sat, Sun15:30|1h39min KULTAINEN NAINEN|12|10€ Tue–Sat, Wed, Thu 17:30|1h49min INGRID BERGMAN –OMIN SANOIN|S|10€ Sun–Tue 17:30|1h54min LABYRINTTI -AAVIKKOKOKEET|12|10€ Fri, Sat, Wed, Thu 19:40|2h13min

INSIDE INFO KOUVOLA SPORTS 16. - 22.9 Swimming Ticket: 1€ with student card Haanojan Halli / Myllypuronkatu 3 and Urheilupuiston uimahalli / Palomäenkatu 44 18.9 Ice Hockey: KooKoo-Ässät Starting: 18:30 Kouvolan jäähalli / Topinkuja 1 24.9 Ice Hockey: KooKoo-Tappara Starting: 18:30 Kouvolan jäähalli / Topinkuja 1 24.9 Horse Race Starting: 17:30 Race track / Hevosmiehentie 1

CULTURE 19.9 Music: Klamydia Starting: 23:00 House of Rock / Kouvolankatu 28 Tickets: 22€ (19€) 18.9 Music: Dave Lindholm Starting: 23:00 House of Rock / Kouvolankatu 28 Tickets: 12€ (10€)

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HELSINKI 18.-20.09 Art Fair Suomi Kaapelitehdas/Cable factory 19.-20.9 Helsinki Handcraft Fair Wanha Satama/Old Harbour 17.-30.9 Irish Festival in Finland Helsinki 17.-27.9 Love & Anarchy Film Festival Helsinki

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