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Student Magazine of Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences | 25.04.2014 | Volume 16

Sport & Health


It’s Summer Time

MĂśkki, Vappu and the joys of Finnish Summer Sport

Kouvot vs. Korikobrat
















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Entrance Exams are upon us...

Of course this was just the beginning. The entrance exams for those not inclined to study in an international course will start soon as well: the first practical test for the new tutors. But careful: don’t get too attached - you can’t keep all of them.

...or at least for those of us who had a late change of heart and of course all those potential new students taking their entrance exams in the following weeks. The first ones were the Game Design students on Tuesday.

Something else that is coming up soon: Summer. The temperatures have been ridiculously high these past few days and if that turns out to be a trend, summer will annoy us earlier than ever. Now, isn’t that all wonderful and great? To get into shape for the warm season we have an article in this weeks issue about FunFit. Perhaps go ahead and start sweating prematurely so it won’t be as bad once you don’t actually have a choice anymore?

Over 140 applicants were registered to take the entrance exam here at Kyamk alone and several others around the world at partner universities. Four rooms were easily filled with applicants and for 6 hours they were trying their utmost to impress with their ideas for the tasks at hand. The day after another group of international applicants came around for the entrance exams in International Business. They were more or less well prepared after thoroughly reading about the Itella Group.

Enjoy the spring while it lasts and have a fantastic week!




? Sunday, 10:00 – 17:00 KOUVOLA, Ice Hall, Topinkuja 1 Tickets: 10 euro

14. – 27.04. HEIMO’s Egg Hunt There are some eggs hidden in Kasarminmäki campus. Find them and redeem for the prize at Student’s Headquarters from 14.4. to 1.5. Heimo gives clues in their Facebook page. Go and like Heimo’s Facebook page and stay tuned! https://fi-fi.

27.04. Art and Crafts in Museum Quarter KOUVOLA,Varuskuntakatu 7. From 11:00 to 16:00

25.04. Fashion Night 18:00, KOUVOLA, Kauppalankatu

30.04. Capping of Unto Student organization Klaani will be capping the statue of Unto Seppänen in front of the Kouvola Theatre. Moreover, some music, few speeches, traditional vappudrink Sima and some snacks. KOUVOLA, Salpausselänkatu 38. Starting at 17:30.

25 April Friday Night Party 19:00 – 23:00, KOUVOLA Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Hovioikeudenkatu 2 Different artists on stage 25.04.Holvi Bar&Café Live music 22:00, KOUVOLA, Kauppalankatu 9

01.05.Vappu concerty by Kymi Sinfonietta KOUVOLA, House of Kouvola, Torikatu 10 Tickets: 19/14/8 euro

26.04.Floorball Sudet – PeKa 15:00, KOUVOLA, Sarkola field, Tervalepäntie 1

02.05.Party Fever Night KOUVOLA, Live Club Brankkari, Hallituskatu 11. From 19:00 to 23:00 Tickets: 2 euro

25. – 28.04.RAK Exhibition ”Construction and Design 2014” Friday, 11:00 – 18:00 Saturday, 10:00 – 17:00

02.05. Verla Mill Museum is now open. KOUVOLA,Verlantie 295. Tuesday – Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00

Start-up NOW! Start-up summer camp is a 10 week start-up development program. Taking place from June to August and is 15 credits! Contains field trips, intensive boot camps, team work activities, etc. in Kouvola, Kotka and beyond. Apply here: http://patterinetwork.

! 4



Text & Photos: Reetta Somppi Need to excercise? Looking for a nice gym to go to? Look no further, because Funfit may be the answer for you! Gym center Funfit is located in the center of Kouvola, inside shopping centre Valtari. It offers you a well equipped, spaceous and bright gym, which is for both men and women, filled with effecient and easy to use equipment and a variety of weights.You can ask help to get you started and have your own, personal training program, adjusted to your needs.

classes, from yoga to bodypump and dance. The owner, Nina Nahkuri says that she started Funfit 11 years ago with just fitness classes, after being a freenlance fitness and dance teacher in business for years. Since then the enterprise has been improved and extended.You can find most of the well known classes, like spinning, pilates and zumba, and also explore some new ones, TRX-workout, piloxing and dance fusion. The trainers will help you to push your limits and keep you motivated. Funfit offers also solarium, personal trainer, infrared sauna and massage services.You can pay one visit at the time, to the gym or the fitness classes, but the best way to stay motivated is to buy a 10-time or monthly permit. New VIP key gives you access to the gym 24 hours a day, so you can go work out whenever it suits you! Don’t forget to show you student card to get discount.

Funfit also has a variety of different fitness For the new customers Nina Nahkuri gives an advice: be brave and come try! Funfit’s staff has good language skills and they make personal training programs also in english. They will walk you through all the equipments and tell you more about the classes. Gym is also a great place to get to know local people and working out gives you energy to tackle the school stress. To learn more, see, visit them at Kovolankatu 15 or contact via e-mail What to take with: 1. Water bottle 2. Indoor shoes 3. Stretchy and comfortable pants and shirt 4. Can-do attitude




Text: Mattea Näveri Photos & The Cover Photo: Ian Nguyen Suddenly, the summer is upon us! And many of us are very thankful. Out with the gray and cold, in with the sunny and warm. Though Finland is famous for its winter and snow, Finnish summers are truly beautiful. Oh- so very shortbut beautiful. Because they are so short they are immensely appreciated. The moment the sun comes out you can see the Finns walk around in shorts and T-shirts, sitting outside in cafes, while the foreigners are still in jackets and staying inside. Not a single moment of sun is wasted in the Finnish culture.

have electricity. But most commonly those are not possible if you are in the middle of the forest. It is truly enjoyable to go somewhere and disconnect from the world. No internet, no TV; only you and the peace. For anyone that hasn’t had this experience so far, I truly recommend it.You haven’ t truly experienced the Finnish culture if you haven’ t experienced a mökki. It’ s summer, it is mökki season! Next week we have a free day…Why you ask? Because it’s Vappu! Vappu comes from Walpurgis Day or May Day. It is an ancient Nordic spring festival and a public holiday. It also falls on the International Worker’s day. It is one of the four biggest holidays in Finland. The celebration normally starts in the evening of the last day of April and continues to May 1st. Traditionally people go outside, have picnics, ware their graduation caps and drink Sima.(to find out more about Sima, read our next week’s recipe where Reetta Somppi will teach you how to make your own!) Younger people often organize a “capping” of some statue...Meaning that they organize a big get together where students put the graduation cap on a chosen statue, usually one of some famous man of the city in which this is happening. Last year in Kouvola, it was the statue next to the theater, I am pretty sure something will be organized this year as well. Some people even decorate themselves in lavish costumes, wigs, glitter and all kinds of party outfits. This is highly encouraged from you! Go out, have a picnic, and enjoy the wonderful Finnish Walpurgis Day!

During this small holiday brake we had for the Easter, we had some incredible weather. A few of my friends and I went to visit a mökki for a few days. So, what is a mökki? Specific to the Finnish area mökki’ s are small cottages, vacation homes. In Finland, they are most commonly next to the lake, although not always, but preferably. Some are in the middle of the forest next to a lake, where there is not a soul around, some even on an island in the middle of a giant lake, and some in overcrowded lakes stacked with cottage upon cottage upon cottage. The idea of a mökki is to get relief from everyday life.You go into the quiet of nature, grill outside, catch some sun, have a lot of sauna( wooden sauna) and swim a bit. This happens even in the winter. Well, perhaps not the outside grilling, but sauna and swimming, very much so. These summer homes, in their traditional manner, have outside toilets, no running water and fireplaces for heating. Of course, not everyone is like that. Some have their own source of water, even sometimes inside toilets! And some

Only a few weeks after Vappu the school year will be over. The freshmen stay for about another month, while the rest of us are off to holidays. Stay happy and energized for these last few stress filled weeks, think of mökki’ s, have an amazing Walpurgis Day and I hope you have an extraordinary summer!






Text & Photos: Bac Le Here we go again, Kouvot basketball team was playing the final match of the season before the playoffs. The team had been qualified already after the victory against Lahti two weeks ago, but still the match was so vibrant for both the players and the fans. The opponent this time was Korikobrat from Lapua - Western Finland. The match started first with the honor of the Boys A (17-19 years) when they had won the Finals for Finnish Championship against Kaarinan Ura from Westerns Finland on the Saturday before. Even though it was only a day before the Easter holiday, the stadium was filled up with almost a thousand fans coming to see the game. Back to the main match, the guest team took the lead after only five-minute-playing (10-11). However, this was the only time they could enjoy leading when Kouvot came back again and dominated the evening for the rest of the game. The first quarter ended with nine points different (29-22) and

everything seemed to be decided in the second one (30-17). It was definitely a good day for all the players from Kouvola-based team when the whole crew did score and even more, some of the players had reached the double digits throughout the match. Matt Gibson, whom we had interview before and his team mates had an amazing performance, but the best man of the night award went to Thomas Hirvonen (17/5) and also Alexander Madsen (17/5) who is the team forward. For the next playoff quarterfinal, Kouvot will face Nilan Bisons which is the current champion for the last two seasons, and obviously playing against them will not be easy. Of course, beating Bisons will get Kouvot closer to the champion title by the end of the season. We all hope that everyone is with the team on their journey to victory!



SABINE SUORSA Project assistant@Patteri Text & Photo: Polina Racheeva Again, Sabine Suorsa is on Insider pages. While being a student she works for Patteri Network and she has experience in working for other inspiring projects.

Do you think that taking part in a project can be comparable to working experience? I totally agree with this statement. My experiences with Kymi Design as well as with Wood Academy are really working experience. For instance, my experience while organizing a fair attendance for Wood Academy (Köln-Germany) was a real work, because i was involved in management system and in management activities.

How many projects did do during your study time and in how many you are involved now? Now I just have Patteri, but before I had something like 4-5 projects. I was involved in organizing this year design fair in Cologne for Wood Academy and I also worked for Kymi Design and Business- on a project for a company which aimed to get their product to German market

How did you get to know about those projects? I was going around and asking. Of course, I have friends here to advice me, but I was taking all the initiative in my hands.

Are you still working with Kymi Design? No, not anymore.

Can you call yourself an interdisciplinary person? How to become interdisciplinary? Yes, I am interdisciplinary; I like both business and design. I think you should be very open to become interdisciplinary.

There is the Cambridge Venture Camp upcoming, as well as the Startup Summer Camp. Can you say that those could be comparable with some intensive entrepreneurship courses? They cannot replace them, for sure. Instead, startups are teaching in a more interactive and interesting way.You are able to use your achieved knowledge in a more “learning by doing” way.You network with different people and get into a “knowledge bubble” If you have an ideas and if you are motivated to bring it further, you are more as welcome to join. We are happy when new students from different fields join us. We can learn from each other and support each other.

Do you have your own startup? No, I do not. I have a lot of ideas, and for sure once I will bring them further, but at the moment I have a huge lack of time. What advice could you give to current students, from freshmen to graduates? JOIN PATTERI !!!!! and be part of a positive environment. But most important, be open, be motivated, try out your ideas and participate in Startup workshops. We are always excited and highly motivated when new people are joining us.



Overnight oatmeal TOOLS: cup,spoon,fridge

INGREDIENTS 1 cup sour milk 1 cup patmeal a pinch of salt a pinch of cinnamon dried fruit (abotu a fist full)

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, right? But to be honest: Who wants to get up an extra 10 min earlier to actually have breakfast when classes start at 8h and lunchtime starts at 10:30h? Well, here is the solution: Overnight Oatmeal!

The oatmeal absorbs the milk/yogurt. No cooking necessary. 2. Oatmeal has a high amount of protein, calcium and fibre and is low in fat and sugar. It keeps your blood sugar steady and boosts your immune system. Stay healthy, folks!

1. Put everything in a bowl or a glass and leave in the refrigerator overnight.

Text & Photos: Sarah Rosenthal




KUVA PORTTI Kouvolankatu10





STUDIO 123 Kymenlaaksonkatu 1

Director: Hayao Miyazaki Starring: Hideaki Anno, Miori Takimoto, Hidetoshi Nishijima Genre: Animation, Biography Starring: 4/5

45700 Kuusankoski 05 3792082

The Royal Ballet:WINTER’S TALE|(S)|18€ Live Mon 21:15,Encore Sat 12:00|3h15min

Set in WW2 Japan, Jiro Horikoshi is a young and talented airplane designer, dedicated to his job. Soon Jiro finds himself in a conflicted position, as he realizes that his beautiful designs are deadly weapons of destruction, and struggles to understand the world around him.

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL|(12)|10€ every evening 17:00|1h40min THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN|(12)|10/12€ 3D Fri-Sun,Tue-Thu 19:00 2D Sat,Sun 14:30|2h15min

This yet another fantastic piece from the master of anime, has been worth the long wait. Supposedly concluding Miyazaki’s carrier of full-length animation films, this fictional biography ties in with the thematics familiarized in other Studio Ghibli films such as “The Grave of the Fireflies” and “Porco Rosso”, showing off the directors fascination of flying objects and using real life people as sources of inspiration. These films differentiate themselves from their more mythical and lighthearted siblings of the likes of “Ponyo on the Cliff ”, taking on a more mature audience without forgetting younger enthusiasts. The Wind Rises reflects on issues of balance and brings about a beautiful storyline that is surreally encaptivating and interesting to the point that it is often forgotten that this war-time drama is in fact an anime. If this film indeed remains Miyazaki’s last installation, to which I dearly hope not, look to the recurring quote “I simply wanted to create something beautiful”, and that he did.

RIO 2|(7)|8/10€ 2D dubbed Sat,Sun 15:00 3D dubbed every evening 17:30|1h41min SETOINEN NAINEN|(7)|10€ Fri,Mon,Tue 19:30 Sat,Sun 15:15|1h50min NOAH|12|10€ Fri,Sat,Wed,Thu 19:15|2h14min DIVERGENT|12|10€ Sun-Tue 19:15|2h19min CAPTAIN AMERICA:THE RETURN OF THE FIRST AVENGER 3D|12|12€ Sun,Sun,Wed,Thu19:30|2h16min FADING GIGOLO|(12)|10€

This should be on the watch list of all Ghibli enthusiasts as well as to viewers newer to the world of Japanese full-length animated films. Don’t be afraid of stereotypes that should limit animated films to children; the japanese make it a surprisingly easy world to get lost in.


Laila Lehtin 11

every evening 17:15|1h27min

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