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St. Patr ick’s Day at Old Tom’s

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Future studies 101 & the future of the EU















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Spring time is the season of new beginnings. Like the nature grows itself back from underneath the snow cover we can try new things and say yes to the ones we said no before. Taking new courses or learning a new inspiring recipe will do the trick as well. New experiences can be found even from the nearby forest: birds are singing and the air is fresh. So get up and go outside

for a hike, it will energize your mind and body for new challenges! In this issue Insider treats you with a party update from St.Patrick’s Day and a delicious yet easy recipe to make a Spanish omelette! We also tell who is Antti Halonen and share his wise words on going forward with our lives. This Monday there was an interesting lecture of Future Studies 101 where Heikki Patomäki shared his views of futurology and the Future of European Union. Have you already thought about what to do this summer? If you are an exchange student I bet you will visit your home country or travel around Europe. There are plenty of places to see in Finland too so look for national parks like the nearby Repovesi, and

museums like Kiasma in Helsinki. You might even find a secret café from a foreign city where you can meet loads of new people! Also those who are interested in having a summer job you should apply right away! We can never know what the future holds for us but we can try to affect it with our choices today. Good luck and have a refreshing weekend!





3.4. Kymi Sinfonietta concert from 19:00 – 21:00 Kouvola City Hall Tickets: 8 – 19 euro

28.3. Live Club Friday Night from 18:00 till 22:00 Live Club Brankkarri, Hallituskatu 11 Tickets: 2 euro

3.4. – 4.4. Proto Kick off in KyUAS 48h challenge workshop starts at 13:30 Looking for a challenge? And you want to test yourself how creative and innovative you are? You are motivated and ready to face it? NOW you have the chance to test and show your talent.

28.3. Folk music concert from 18:00 - 19:30 Kuusankoskitalo Tickets: 8 – 15 euro 29.3. Earth Hour 2014 from 20:30 – 21:00 Lights-off event 29.3. Vinyl love in Loma Café Bar from 22:00 – 2:00

KOTKA 2.4. Broomball after party for students from 22:00 – 4:00 Bar Soolo, Kirkkokatu 8

30.3. Folk music and dance from 16:00 – 18:00 Kuusankoskitalo Free entrance


2.4. Basketball: Kouvot - Bisons from 18:30 – 21:00 Sports Hall Mansikka-Aho Tickets: 8 – 15 euro

et and eat” lumni me :00 A ss e n si u “B ril at 18 on 11th Ap gs”, Kouvola. in W e Place: “Thre ation: More inform ook.com/ w.faceb https://ww 326293232/ 18 8 1 7 3 events/

! 4



Text & Photos:Tom Fekkes

minds behind it. In total, over twenty people work on MeduusaTV, about half work on content and the other half works in the studio.

MeduusaTV is a student-run TV channel which you can watch online. Second and third year students from the media academy at Kyamk run this channel. They come up with what to shoot and produce it all in less than two weeks. Every other Thursday at 14:00 the half an hour broadcast presents short films, documentaries, animations and interviews on the latest topics.

Being a media student myself I am really impressed by the fact that these people manage to create a thirty-minute broadcast in less than two weeks. It takes a huge amount of work and dedication to produce such a long show. And that week after week! Chapeau!

The projects are recorded locally and in the Meduusa studio, which provides equipment such as camera’s, an enormous green screen and much more. Everything you need to make a broadcast except for the creative

You can watch several broadcasts on their website meduusa.net (also from previous years!). The content is in Finnish, so for all you non-Finnish speakers: it’s a great thing to do on your tandem meeting.




History of the celebration Who actually was this Saint Patrick who we celebrate so lively every year? Now most that is known of this guy comes from a declaration, which supposedly was written by himself. But let’s not rain on his parade. According to the declaration he was kidnapped when he was only sixteen years old. He was taken as a slave to Gaelic Ireland where he was a shepherd for six years; during that time he found God, who told him to flee to the coast where a boat would be waiting for him. Once he returned home he became a priest and converted thousands.

Now many people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and even the International Space Station participated. In 2011 IrishAmerican ‘Cady’ Coleman brought a hundred year old flute and a tin flute with her on her six month journey and posted a video of her playing both instruments. In 2013 Chris Hadfield posted a video of him singing ‘Danny Boy’ and also posted some pictures of Ireland from space.

Traditions and superstitions The first thing associated with the celebration is the green color as a sign of commitment to Ireland. Actually, the celebration had gained its volume with the help of Irish Americans. The traditional dish for the celebration is corned beef with cabbage. According to the information on USA Today (Lee, J, 2014), corned beef and cabbage were the most affordable products for Irish Americans in the 19th century. Another tradition of dying river green started in Chicago in 1962. Even though the environmental impact of the dye had been minor in

comparison to sewage plant, there had been some protests. The first celebration of the day was held in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Charleston, S.C., and Savannah with banquets in elite clubs. People wore shamrocks and in the end of the day placed it in a glass of whiskey before drinking (Lee, J, 2014). A pint of Guinness beer became common only 40 years ago. In fact, between 1903 and 1970 the holiday was religious and all bars were closed. Though in 1970s the law was overturned (Ross, P, 2014).



The actual party The party at Old Tom’s started at six but we got there around eight. It was already quite packed but we managed to find the bar and ordered drinks. Of course, it is St.Patrick day, and who didn’t want a glass of Guiness beer on this day? Even though it was the “special beer” and some of us were in Irish mood, the Guinness still tasted horrible. I guess it’s one of those hate it or love it kind of products… Anyway, the bar was decorated with an Irish band, Irish cookies and four leaved shamrocks for good luck. They also gave out these high hats to make everybody look like a true Irishman. I even saw one person in a kilt though I’m pretty sure that is Scottish, but hey who cares. The bar also organized a quiz about St. Patrick’s Day but obviously it was in Finnish. When a question was translated to me and it turned out to be: ‘’When did the potato come to Ireland?’’ I was pretty sure I was not going to know any of the answers anyway. For us, the funniest part was that people took out the inhaling helium balloons which were everywhere in the bar and did breathe in. Soon enough, the whole place was full of voices of leprechauns (in case you don’t know, it is a type of fairy in Irish folk, in a form of a little man in green coat). And of course, every party is full of music and the St.Patrick party was not an exception. There was a small band with accordions and violins playing traditional Irish songs and everyone seemed to enjoy it even though no one dared to come and dance. For us, this was the first time celebrating an Irish holiday in Finland and it was amazing to see how Finnish people did during this special day, even though St.Patrick day was not common here.

Text: Tom Fekkes, Polina Racheeva, Bac Le Photos: Ashley Wilmot References Lee, J, 2014, “St. Patrick’s Day traditions explained”, USA Today, published 17 March 2014, viewed 23 March 2014, http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nationnow/2014/03/14/saint-patricks-day-traditions/6297821/ Ross, P, 2014, “St. Patrick’s Day History And Traditions: 9 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About St. Patrick And The Irish Holiday”, International Business Times, published 16 March 2014, viewed 23 March 2014, http://www.ibtimes.com/st-patricks-day-historytraditions-9-surprising-facts-you-may-not-know-about-st-patrick-irish



Future Studies 101 & The Future of the European Union by Heikki Patomäki from the Department of Political and Economic Studies at the University of Helsinki

Text & Photo: Sarah Rosenthal On Monday afternoon interested students had the opportunity to listen to a uniquely fascinating lecture on the topic of Future Studies aka Futurology by Heikki Patomäki on the 3rd floor of Kyamk’s main building. But what does the term “Future Studies” mean? It is the idea of studying the future also known as Futurology. Some may think now that this is the field of Divination and crystal ball gazing - these people would be wrong. It is the study of using mathematical formula to postulate possible, probable and/or preferable futures and finding patterns in past and present

actions that will be used as indicators for future trends. In this context it seeks to find plausible outcomes of events or changes in progressive actions that are taking place now and will continue to do so. It is part of the social sciences and to be precise belongs in the field of history. It is already quite popular in North America where in the 1970s the first graduate program was founded. In Europe this topic only starts to gain followers and more and more support: may that yet be another trend to be observed?

After the main part of the presentation followed an inspired discussion. I believe that this lecture was not only a great success in bringing a new element of economic thinking to the students but also opened up new ideas for this years business/design-collaboration course “From Ideas to Innovations”. A sincere Thanks to the lecturer for coming to Kouvola with this exciting topic! If you enjoyed the lecture or would like to know more about the works of Heikki Patomäki, you can find his books available in online stores in both Finnish and English.

“The future of humankind is a no less suitable subject for inquiry than the past and the present” - H.G.Wells, 1902



Antti Halonen

Text & Photo:Tom Fekkes Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m a graphic designer, but my first passion is fine art. Unfortunately there is not a lot of time left besides teaching. I studied in Italy as a fine arts student, I was fascinated by Italian culture. Of course living the student life was more important than actually doing something. Besides fine arts I also studied traditional graphic like etching. After my studies I found work as an illustrator for a newspaper, I did drawings and cartoons. During this work I learned I could earn my money as a graphic designer. I needed some more education so I started to study graphic design.

Who is your favorite designer? Not one in particular but my favorite style and time is renaissance. Cats or dogs? I don’t have any, but I have a wife and daughter. What is your favorite thing about Finland? For quietness and me the emptiness. … When I found it, but I live in the country side in the middle of the forest which is one reason why I don’t have a cat or dog. We have many wolves and foxes here so it is not safe for pets.

What did you want to become as a kid? To be a truck driver for Shell. With the nice yellow colours and the logo. I wanted to be a truck driver at Shell, because they had the nice big yellow trucks. I also really liked nature and traveling, and was quite interested in sea anthropology.

Which country would you really like to visit? Of course The Netherlands! ;) Because my Dutch brother lives there.

What do you like about teaching? I have taught for almost twenty years now, not all in Kyamk, that was only the last five years. Before I was a freelance designer with some possibilities to teach in several places. And of course some nice words: working with young talented people is always inspiring.

What is the best advice for students that you can give? Ooh, now I have to be smart... Don’t forget who you are, your personal point of view is more important and it’s good for a designer to be interested in everything and have an open mind.

What is your favorite course to teach? Ooh, I don’t know. To be honest we have too many courses, but fine arts like drawing and painting, I don’t teach that here but I would like to. I also really enjoy illustration.

Fun fact! During my student time I was a model for Armardi Rum, which was quite a lot of fun. Did people recognize you? Yep, sometimes.



Tortilla (Spanish omlette) TOOLS: knife, bowl, 2 pans, stirring staff INGREDIENTS 6 eggs 5 potatoes 1 small onion pepper salt

1. Wash and cut the potatoes into small pieces. Peel and chop the onion into 1/4” pieces. Put potatoes and onions into a bowl and mix them together. You can season them if you want (we only used salt and pepper). Fry for about 25-30 minutes. 2. While the potatoes are fried, crack the eggs into a large bowl and whisk them. It’s time to do exercise!

that add the eggs. 4. When the mixture (eggs and potatoes) has browned on the bottom, turn it over to cook the other side. We used the larger dinner plate and simply placed it upside down over the frying pan and quickly turned the pan over. The tortilla will be on the plate. Cook the other side for 3-4 minutes. 5. Cut into 6 or 8 pieces

3. Use another non-stick frying pan and heat on medium heat. Make sure that you do not get the pan too hot! Stir the potatoe “mixture” one more time and “pour” into the pan. After

6. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the dish as we did on the picture! Using ketchup is optional. Text & Photos: Bac Le


28.03.2014.-03.04.2014. ..............................................................................

KUVA PORTTI Kouvolankatu10

053713664 www.kuvaportti.net

PHILOMENA|K7|10€ Sat,Sun 14:15|1h33min CAPTAIN AMERICA 2D|K16|10€ Fri-Mon,Wed,Thu 19:45,Tue 19:30 |2h10min NÄIN UNTA ELÄMÄSTÄ|K7|7€ Sat,Sun 16:00 Tue 18:00|1h17min THE RAILWAY MAN|K12|10€ Fri-Mon,Wed,Thu 17:30|1h56min

ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE Rating: 3/5 Genre: romance, drama Director: Jim Jarmusch Starring: Tom Hiddleston,Tilda Swinton, John Hurt



Only Lovers Left Alive follows the re-encounter of lovers Adam and Eve, two vampires, who's lives are interrupted with the arrival of Eve's younger sister Ava. As we follow the short segment of a love story expanding over centuries, Adam and Eve try to adapt to the changing world and the increasing difficulty of keeping their secret safe. This two hour film covers a fairly simple plot line centered around a wish to provoke senses of deep understanding and feeling towards the timelessness of the universe and the power of human connection. Consisting of some amazing cinematography and effortlessly beautiful performances from both Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton, in addition to the great audio experience of some of Jarmuschs own hazy guitar riffs; this film offers an all round exciting experience that stands out from the monotony of modern vampire films. Only Lover Left Alive gives nods to the golden age of vampirism sharing themes similar to that of Tony Scott's The Hunger all the whilst keeping a cool atmosphere reminiscent of a horror approach on Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive. Like its mysterious cinematic role models however, if you are looking for a detailed look into this story you will be dissapointed, a few plotholes and lack of lore explanations may keep you scratching the back of your head for a while. This film is all about the artsy and philosophical stuff, if thats not for you, this isn't the twilight film you were looking for.

Laila Lehtinen


STUDIO 123 Kymenlaaksonkatu 1 45700 Kuusankoski 05 3792082 www.studio123.fi



UUDET SYYT SORMILIITOKSIA IDEAPAJASTA Pro Puu -galleria Satamakatu 2 A, 15140 Lahti 5.–29.4.2014 Open: Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-14 Closed: Sunday’s and Easter 18.-21.4.2014

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