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15 years of age, time of changes, time to grow up. Our precious student magazine turns 15 with the release of this issue. 15 is a time in life where you are already able to reflect your past and the time where you start thinking about what will happen in the future.We decided that it is just the right time for the Insider magazine to take all the good things from the past and go on with a new look in the future. This new look needs some time. Time to rethink, time to reorganize and time to develop a look that is just right for our magazine. This work is still in process, but we are looking forward to complete it in the next few weeks. Until then, our magazine offers interesting articles as usual, in this issue for example a portrait of Olympic participant and well known biathlon sportsman from Finland Ahti Toivanen; an exclusive insight in Vietnamese culture and the ritual of celebrating new year and a great and easy to make recipe for salmon. Have fun with this issue,




? 23.1. - 21.2. Design students’ exhibition Monday - Tuesday 8:00 - 19:00 & Friday 8.00 - 16.00 in Paja Gallery / part of the Wood Academy - project

12.2. Lecture: “Russian rock – entertainment or source of influence“ from 14:00 - 16:00 Lecturer: Tomi Huttunen, Professor of Russian literature from the University of Helsinki Kotka, Metsola campus, auditorium A1004 Free entrance, registration:

8.2. Haloo Helsinki concert in Kuusankoski House / Ticket: 25 € 9.2. Show of comedian Ulla Tapaninen from 17.00 – 19.00 Kouvola, Kuusankoski House, concert hall Voikkaasali

13.2. Monthly market in Kouvola from 7:00 - 15:00 Kouvola, Market square

12.2. Meeting of Russian language club from 18:00 - 20:00 Learning and speaking Russian Kouvola, Lehtotupa, Utunmäentie 1C 47 Free entrance

13.2. Movie: Before Midnight, 2013 from 19:00 - 21:00 Kouvola, Myllykoski colleage, Paperitehtaantie 3 Entrance with a club card

12.2. Ice hockey: KooKoo – JYP-Aketemia from 18:30 - 20:30 Kouvola, Ice Hall, Topinkuja 1

13.2. Concert of Kymi Sinfonietta from 19:00 – 21:00 J.S. Bach (Orchestral suites no. 4), Erkki-Sven Tüür (Prophecy for accordion and orchestra), L. Beethoven (Symphony no. 1). Kouvola, City Hall, Toprikatu 10.

12.2. HEIMO is sharing LOVE 10:00 - 14:00 / and just maybe there won’t be This event anticipates Saint Valentine’s Day which will be on Friday the 14th. There will be roses, hugs, chocolate, romantic dates and many more. Kouvola, the main hall of Kasarminmäki campus 2 € with a student card, 3 € without a student card

14.2. Ice hockey: KooKoo – Leki from 18:30 – 20:30 Kouvola, Ice Hall, Topinkuja 1

! 4


Today, 7th of February, XXII Winter Olympic Winter Games start in Russian city called Sochi . Almost 2500 sportsmen from 88 countries are going to take a part in this happening. 98 events in 15 winter sport desciplines will be held.

You are going to take a part in Olympic Games this year. Did you have a recruitment process? Of course. Finnish Olympic Committee put a criteria that a sportsman has to be at least once in top20 in individual races or in top10 in relays. Unfortunately, I had a bad start of the season because of health problems. Nevertheless, I have been selected for good results in mixed relay. In our team there are Kaisa Mäkäräinen, Mari Laukkanen, Jarkko Kaupinen and me.

A Finnish biathlete, Ahti Toivanen, who presents Finland in these games, told us about the preparation, recruitment process and his future plans.

Do you have any goals for the Olympic Games? Any plans for the future? Of course, the main goal is to make as good of a performance as possible. We have great chances for good results in mixed relay and my dream is to win an Olympic medal in individual races. The short term goals, well, in 2015 the World Championship will be held in Kontiolahti, it is going to be a memorable event for me and I hope to win medals at home stadium in front of my family and friends. About long term goals, I will still work few years in army, want to travel a lot and try different things. And, no doubt, finally meet a nice girl and start a family.

I’ve been skiing since I remember myself, My sister and brother started doing biathlon and of course I wanted to try it also. When Anatoly Khovantsev became a main coach in Kontiolahti club, my professional career started. Please describe the usual day of the biathlete. Well, actually nothing special: wake up and go for the morning training. Then we usually have a breakfast, little chill and again training. Next is shower and lunch, afterwards a day nap about 1h. We wake up with help of coffee and it is time for another training. In the evening, after dinner, it’s time for friends, internet or movie and in sport camp we can have a massage.

Thank you very much for the interview. Our students and me wish you good luck in competitions, we will support you and hope for the best. Thank you for good words!

“I will try to make the best perfomance of the season“ Ahti Toivanen


Text:Victoria Zhorina / Photos: Markus Suontakanen

What are your plans for the last couple of weeks of training? Now we are in the training camp in Ridnau, Italy. Then on the 3rd of February we will go to Sochi. There we will train hard and try to get good mood, shape and confidence.

Hello Ahti. Thank you that you’ve found time for the interview. First of all, could you tell a little bit about your background. Hello, thank you as well. I was born in Polvijärvi, small town near Joensuu, spent my childhood there and finished high school there as well. Afterwards, I moved to Joensuu, studied physics in the university and nowadays I work in military as sport educator.

Chief from among the editorial staff, but I took over the responsibility again a few years ago. Mainly my task is to oversee the publication of Insider each week, coordinate activities, approve new members, give credits for the work, and basically take responsibility for the magazine and what is published.” When he left, there have been students that were on the editorial staff as Editors in chief. Nowadays, we do not have these kinds of roles and only the layout team is consistent. Everyone writes and participates almost equally.­

Happy Birthday Insider

More recent, we have decided to start some changes within the Insider. It has had its look for a few years now and it is time to do an overhaul. While thinking about the changes, we have to consult with our editor, and who better than the person that has seen it growth for 15 years. ”The magazine has improved vastly since its first inception.We have gone from a basic black and white, mainly text layout to a full colour, image rich publication.The website came approximately one year after the print publication and that has undergone some radical transformations as well. Each year as new staff join the editorial team they bring with them new skills and new ideas, this is one of the driving forces of improvements to the magazine.With changes in technology, I can foresee Insider having a larger electronic presence, via different formats. I would like to see more of our readers taking an interest in what they would like to see in Insider.” says Hugh.

15 years ago, February 9th, 1999, the first issue of Insider was published.Now, volume 16 is currently in the making and many more to come. So, how did Insider start in the first place you might wonder...

Being on the Insider team is a very challenging thing. It takes time and patience, but it gives satisfaction, having someone see the end result and get some information that they might not otherwise get. It is an important part of our school and will forever be a piece of our memories of this place. ”In my opinion Insider is very important to our university and students. At present it is still the only weekly magazine in English of its kind in Finland, produced by students for students. It has been one of the success stories of our university and is still going strong. It is used as marketing, is available globally, and students can use it as a channel to tell their stories or present their work. It is also very useful for our international partners and student exchange. I feel very passionate about Insider and my responsibility. I can’t see me giving that up in the near future. Although if I do decide to let someone from the editorial team take over, you will be the first to know. “, adds Hugh.

It all started with an idea from a student who wanted to get some information in English as well. The student was none other than our editor in chief, Hugh Clack. “When I was a student here in 1998, there was a weekly A4 info sheet for students from the student office.The info was in Finnish. I contacted the then Head of the Business Dept., Mr Markku Puustelli, about creating some kind of newsletter in English. Markku approved the idea and put me in touch with the Head of IB Programme, Ms Ulla Puustelli who became our coordinator. Both Markku and Ulla have been strong supporters of Insider over the years. After outlining the idea we managed to get a group of like-minded students together, I was elected Editor in Chief, and in February 1999 Insider was born, although the very first issue was called Business Department New.”, says Hugh.

15 volumes behind us, 16th in the making, Insider is changing and growing. With years come changes, to our school as well as our magazine. Soon, our University of Applied Sciences we will be merging with Mikkeli University of Applied Science and we will be XAMK together.You have already seen our new school logo and it will still have some small changes when we merge. As the school grows Insider grows with it. Keep an eye out for the changes, and please, do give us your input. Tell us what you think, what you would like to see, read about, or participate in.

Since 1999 Insider has been growing and adding more information and staff members. The first volume had a horoscope, cafeteria food info, registration information and all kind of other student information that is nowadays mostly found online. Now we get most of this kind of information in the weekly emails we got from the school itself and Insider has become more of an event magazine. One thing that has stayed consistent and essential throughout the years is this aspect of information. In every issue we have an “Inside info” section reserved for events and happenings in and out of school. Since our current editor in chief has been an editor in chief since day one, I asked him, what the responcibilities of the editor in chief are: “I was Editor in Chief up to the time of my graduation, when I passed the reins to one of the continuing editorial team members. Since that time Insider has had several Editors in

Give us feedback so we can be better, for you! Find us on Facebook , on our website, on or simply email us to





Text:Mattea N채veri, Photos:Insider and Mattea N채veri



Vietnamese New Year or Tet holiday is the festival which best epitomizes Vietnamese culture identity. The Lunar New Year is observed throughout East Asia, where Lunar Calendar is used. However, each country celebrates the Lunar New Year in its own way reflecting its own national psyche and cultural conditions. Like Western Saint Sylvester, New Year’s Day, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving to Western people, Tet holiday is very meaningful to Vietnamese. It’s the time of renewal and purity. Homes are cleaned and decorated with festive items. For all children, the most exciting part is when their parents buy new clothes and new shoes for them to wear during Tet holiday. As a custom, seven days prior to Tet, all family offer farewell ceremony for the Kitchen Gods (Ong Tao) to go to the Heaven.

Eve (Giao Thua). The decoration was featured the symbol of this year – the Year of the Horse: yellow apricot flowers, pink peach blossoms, parallel incense, the plate of five symbolic fruits, whose names echo words signifying prayers for wealth… Delicious Vietnamese foods were offered by Vietnamese girls. One of the most traditional special foods offered for the party was Chung cake, which is made of sticky rice, pork meat and green bean, wrapped inside a special Dong leaf. In addition, Vietnamese spring rolls, beef dishes, sticky bean rice dishes, bamboo soups and salads were served together. Such a cozy dinner! After that, some Vietnamese singing performances added up to the Tet atmosphere. The creative games did burn up the night with lots of fun and passion…Everyone was so happy that almost no one remembers about the time. The party ended with the must-have custom of Tet holiday – giving Lucky money. All red envelopes were hung around on the wall for everyone to catch. Each person received at least one Lucky money envelope (Li Xi), honoring another year to one’s life!

This year – the year of the Horse,Vietnam celebrated Tet on the 31st of January as the first day of the Lunar New Year. For Vietnamese students, it was one of the most memorable times of the year. However busy with study affairs, all Vietnamese students had been preparing for the New Year celebration well in advance. Last Thursday was very cold and snowy outside, but very hot inside the student apartment at Kuusihankatu 6. Because it was the time we celebrated the aura of the Earth

Living thousands miles away from home is not that easy and happy, especially on such a special occasion of the year. But thanks to wonderful friends, we’ve got our second home right here in Kouvola.


Text and photo: Hoang Anh Nguyen

Vietnamese New Year - Tet Holiday


competences, things, spheres of business, and French language. Brussels, where the EU headquarters are located, is a jungle where you will never survive without French. So, you speak French fluently? I used to, as I was attending Commission courses. My working language was English. I should have studied French while I was in Finland, but instead I studied German. So, you speak French, English, Finnish and German? In addition, I speak Swedish. How did you end up in Kyamk? I chose Finland as a place for maternity leave, which is eleven months here and longer than in the rest of Europe. Me and my husband moved to Kouvola and we happened to live next to Kyamk. I have always liked young people so I just visited the school with a request for any vacancy. How was the trip to Brussels you organized last year? What were the objectives of the trip? The trip is organized every year. I organized it together with Jaakko Janhunen. Unfortunately, it was organized only in Finnish.The objective was to get to know the Brussels, EU institutions and their working environment.You would better ask students how it was. I know you took part in Wicked World seminar in autumn 2013. What was your role? I was a member of the project team and a supporting member on the seminar.The project “Wicked World Problems” is the project of Kyamk lasting for one and half year now.We are trying to find the best practices for multidisciplinary teaching, especially in Masters. Moreover, we are working on the methods how to solve the “Wicked Problems”, such as ecological production in business. During the project we visited Karlshochschule (in Germany), NHTV University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) and Manchester University (UK).

PIA KAARI Could you tell a few words about yourself? I was born in Kotka, into a family of entrepreneurs in clothes business. My father expected me to be a successor of the business. Thus, I started studying Business Administration in Jyväskylä University. After graduation I wanted to try other fields, so I applied for different jobs and worked in a paper mill. We know you have been working as a civil servant for EU. How did you end up there? When I worked in a paper mill, my husband saw an advertisement in Helsingin Sanomat and advised me to apply there.

How do you spend your free time? I spend my free time with my daughter, go to gym, read and socialize a lot. I also travel a bit. Where do you travel? I usually travel to Brussels, but I like visiting France as well.

How was it like working in EU? I worked in in the Directorate General of Economic and Financial Affairs in the Commission. It was extremely interesting to work there. At the same time, the work was very demanding: it involved dealing with different nationalities, learning many new

Is there any other place you would like to visit this year? I am going to Vietnam this autumn.


Text and photo: Polina Racheeva

Two years ago you were lecturing on Baltic Breeze. Are you going to lecture there again? I am not going to give any lectures there, but I am going to participate and listen to others.


SALMON SATURDAY! This is a very easy, yet delicious dish to be eaten on Saturday, because you will have the alliteration in the name, which will help getting more likes when you post the picture on Facebook.

The amounts vary per person, but this should cut it for four people. (Although we cook this amount for two) This dish is good with any green vegetables and some potatoes.

TOOLS: aluminium foil, knife, oven

INGREDIENTS Nice chomp of salmon 800gr Brie 100gr Dried/fresh dill Salt & Pepper Whiskey

1. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees

4. Add dill, salt & pepper according to taste

2. If there is skin on the salmon, use a (sharp) knife to take it off. Try not to ruin the texture of the salmon.

5. Slice up the brie in slices of about half a centimeter

3. Make a bowl out of the aluminum foil and put the salmon in there. Now add a considerable amount of whiskey. (You can use any whiskey, we used Highland Queen, which is about â‚Ź20 per bottle.)

6. Cover the salmon in brie 7. Now close the aluminum bowl, but not too tight! Use another piece of aluminum foil if necessary. 8. Put in the oven for about 30 minutes, check after 20 minutes so see how far it is done.

Text:Tom Fekkes / Photo: Christian Stange



07.02.2014.-13.02.2014. .............................................................................. KINO KOUVO

Keskikatu12 05 375 4255

ONNELI JA ANNELI|8€ Sat, Sun 15:45|1h30min DALLAS BUYERS CLUB|10€ Fri-Sun 17:30, Mon-Thu 18:30|1h57min JACK RYAN SHADOW RECRUIT(K12)|10€ Sat,Sun 19:45|1h45min ...................................................... KUVA PORTTI Kouvolankatu10



DALLAS BUYERS CLUB Rating: 3/5 Genre: Biography, Drama, History Director: Jean-Marc Vallée Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto

Fri,Mon-Thu 17:30,Sat,Sun 16:45,15:00|1h20min PHILOMENA|(K7)|10€ Fri,Mon-Thu 19:00, Sat,Sun 18:30|1h35min MATINEA-NÄYTÖS VIIMEINEN RAKKAUSA|(K12)|7€ Thu,14:00|1h56min ..............................................................................

After Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) discovers he has the deadly HIV virus, he must face the persecution and uncooperativeness of a segregated Texas community and corrupted national health care. Adding yet another film to this years competition for multiple prestigious awards, this golden globe winning film also deals with the subject of discrimination and social injustice. This time from the perspective of a straight man, we learn about the initial 1985 epidemic of the AIDS virus that took the world by storm. Dallas Buyers Club explores the topic of life, death and money forcing viewers to understand their roles in a nation run by the elite few that does not always have their greatest interest at heart. The issues risen by this film can be viewed as taking a stand to today’s health care issues by retrospection of past events. Along with a strong message this films strongest points are its excellent acting performances from both Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, of which the latter has so far won many awards for his role as the feisty transsexual Rayon. Having taken a five year hiatus from acting before reprising the big screen, both Leto and McConaughey look to have put serious effort into their interpretations of the biographic characters with both having lost a lot of weight for their roles as well as submersing themselves into the dark and intensive pasts of truly misunderstood people. This educating film will keep you captivated with its screen presence and acting talent. If you too are anticipating the results of the upcoming academy awards, take a look at Dallas Buyers Club, It has definitely earned its spot in the nominations.

Laila Lehtinen 11

STUDIO 123 Kymenlaaksonkatu 1 45700 Kuusankoski 05 3792082

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Artwork by Saara Ik채l채inen

Student Magazine of Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences

Vol 16, Issue 16  
Vol 16, Issue 16  

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