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The lights provided by electricity are simply not this beautiful. However, the goal at Carroll Electric is to be a reliable resource for our members. There is a lot in that word reliable to live up to. As the sun rises each day, the Cooperative has more than 250 professionals committed to delivering the best service possible. Visit to see all we are doing to enhance reliability.

re∙li∙able (adjective) : able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed : able to be  relied on : able to be believed : likely to be true or correct

“Typical Day”

Reliability is something we

Statistical Median

measure every day. Like life, some days are harder than others. Storms come. Storms go.

Best Days During 2013 there were 7 days where none of the Cooperative’s 90,000+ member accounts experienced an outage.

Worst Day

Harsh weather such as ice, wind, snow, and lightning can damage the Cooperative’s equipment and facilities. During 2013, three days accounted for over half of the outage hours.

High Winds

Because weather can vary greatly from year to year, the best way to measure the Cooperative’s long-term success is by looking at a “Typical

Day’s” reliability.

re∙li∙able (adjective) : able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed : able to be  relied on : able to be believed : likely to be true or correct

The pursuit of one hundred percent… “Typical Day”

It is hard to appreciate from looking at this curve, but

outages have

been reduced 55%. While the Cooperative is proud of past improvements, we are also excited about

reliability in the future. re∙li∙able (adjective) : able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed : able to be  relied on : able to be believed : likely to be true or correct

com·mit·ment (noun) : a promise to do or give something : a promise to be loyal to someone or something

Vegetation Management: The Cooperative has 16 certified arborists committed to maintaining the Right of Way…the Right Way. To celebrate Arbor Day, Carroll Electric provides thousands of trees to area fourth grade students, along with safe planting instructions. System improvements: Over the past 10 years the Cooperative has invested over $240 million into utility plant assets. These investments will benefit Cooperative members for decades to come. Best Practices: The Cooperative has a number of other efforts aimed a elevating reliability to the next level. We know advancing reliability will take innovation, hard work, and passion.

re∙li∙able (adjective) : able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed : able to be  relied on : able to be believed : likely to be true or correct

2013 Carroll Electric Reliability Performance