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Welcome... Dear Reader, Welcome to the very first issue of “Inside Skegness Magazine”. I am Sarah, the Editor, and I will guide you through our new publication. Our issues will contain useful tips on gardening, home improvements, recipes, local information and much, much more. This is a free magazine delivered to the homes and businesses of Skegness and the surrounding areas. We aim to serve the community, both public and trade, by providing something for everyone, in one concise magazine. Why is it free? Because local trade will be keen to present their products and services to you, this will cover our costs and enable us to bring you more. So, should you decide to respond to any of our varied advertisers in the magazine, please tell them that you saw them in “Inside Skegness Magazine”. We welcome feedback of all kinds and encourage interaction with our readers. If you would like to contact us with any ideas or suggestions, or comment on any of our features, please do so at: insideskegness@ Trade advertising, here is your opportunity to reach our dedicated readers.

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Contents September 8 Picture Puzzler

30 Internet Manners

10-11 Pets Corner: Cats

32 House to Home

12 Crafts

34 Man Cave Ideas

14-15 Holiday Review

36 Gardening Tips

16-17 Pets Corner: Puppies

39-43 Motoring Review

18 Film Reviews

46 Recycling

19 Top Ten Computing Tips

47 Spend Now, Save Later

20-21 Recipes

48-49 Horoscopes

28-29 Brain Teasers

50 Useful Numbers

18 12 39-40


32 20 6

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September 2017

Edition 01

Delivered free to 7,000 homes MONTHLY

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September Brain teaser

Picture puzzler



Face o

Can you identify these four contemporary ďŹ lm actors (two female, two male) whose faces have been mixed up?









Tracking back 8

Can you identify these ten well-known album covers (from the last six decades) from the small details shown above?

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Answers on page 31

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including sliding door wardrobes and home studies. Whisby Road, Lincoln, LN6 3QT Whisby Road, Lincoln, LN6 3QT To advertise text ADVERT to: 07868 433 225


Pets corner

Are you ready for a cat? reconsider. You will be the primary care-giver for any pet, no matter how many promises your six-year old makes. If you don’t want to be responsible for an animal yourself, don’t get a cat. “Easier than a Dog” – Cat care is less work than dog care, overall, it’s true. However, cats need more attention and work than most people realise. The truth may seem obvious to you, but some people think that cats don’t need to be fed regularly because they are mousers (farm mousers and ship’s cats are more effective in their duties if they are well fed), that veterinary check-ups are unnecessary (“wellness checks” should be scheduled every six months), and that a cat will be fine on its own for a few days if the owner goes away (in most cases, the animal will panic). If you’re thinking of a cat just because cat care is easy, please, please, please buy a plush toy at the toystore instead.

Keeping a cat

Keeping a cat (or two) is a wonderfully rewarding experience. However, to be fair to the cat and to yourself, it’s important to make sure a cat is right for you and your household. Cats are wonderful companions. Although many cats are less emotionally dependent than dogs are, they still require your attention, time, money, and life-long commitment. Are you ready to bring a cat into your family for the long haul? With proper care, that kitten you’re considering can live to be old enough to vote. It is a serious, long-term decision.

Why Do You Want a Cat?

People bring cats into their lives for many reasons: some good, and some bad. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

The Good

Companionship – Cats aren’t the pack animals that dogs are, but they are still very social creatures. Cats bring a lot of love into a home, and there are few joys that rival reading a good book while a cat sleeps on your lap. Health – Living with a pet is good for you. It lowers blood pressure, encourages activity, and gives you a reason to get up in the morning. If this is your only reason for adopting a pet, however, consider starting a dog-walking business instead. It will be better for everyone involved.

The Bad

Impulse – Sometimes a stray decides to move in, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you are able to take the animal in at the time. Otherwise, avoid adopting any animal on the spur of the moment. Too often, those cute faces at the pet store end up abandoned as soon as the kitty enters adolescence. Children – If your reason for getting a cat is either the pleading of one or more of your children, or to teach your children to take care of something, please hold off and


Are You Ready to Live With a Cat?

You will be taking on a number of commitments if you bring a cat into your home. Money – A good rule of thumb when thinking of adding any pet to the household is: If you need to think about how much the animal costs, you can’t afford to take care of it. Cats need regular veterinary care on top of the kittenhood deworming, de-sexing, and vaccinations. The costs of catfood, toys, litter, cleaning products, scratching posts, pet carrier, bedding, and parasite control will add up quickly.

Time and attention – The idea that cats are solitary is a myth. Pet cats need your attention and playtime. Unlike many animals, cats can adjust their schedules day or night to fit yours, which makes it easier to give them attention even if you have a busy workday. Can you devote an hour a day to playing and cuddling? Yes? You’re good to go. Space – A pet cat doesn’t need much room to be healthy, it’s true. Cat-trees extend the territory upward, allowing an active indoors-only cat to exercise and play in the smallest loft apartments and recreational vehicles. You will need to figure out how to fit the cat-trees and litter pan in your house, but it can be done.

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Cats living with dogs

Care: There are many pet cats who never visit the vet and who are left to their own devices when their owners are away for the weekends. And they suffer for it. These cats tend to die young, often of simple dehydration on a hot weekend or of diseases that are easy to prevent or treat. Be prepared to make arrangements for your pet’s care and health.

The majority of cats can happily coexist with a dog if they are given time to comfortably get to know each other. If a puppy and kitten are raised together, they generally will learn right away to tolerate each other, and some cats and dogs grow to be real friends, even playing and napping together. However, if a dog is already an established member of the household and a new cat or kitten is going to join the family, certain precautions need to be taken. When you first introduce a cat and dog, make sure the cat is at the dog’s eye level. You should also keep a firm grip on both animals, which will make them feel more comfortable and provide them with a sense of security. If one of the animals seems either aggressive or frightened, immediately remove the cat and try again at a later time. You don’t want to force the situation by pushing them before they’re ready, as this will only make matters worse. If you take a few minutes several times a day to give the cat and dog this carefully supervised time together, you should soon see them feeling more relaxed around each other.

Future plans: Any plans for moving, changing jobs and so on must take kitty into account. Incidentally, you might have read some scary things about Toxoplasmosis and pregnancy. You’re far more likely to catch it from undercooked meat than from your cat, in any case. But if you’re pregnant and your cat is your only housemate, don’t panic. Simply wear rubber gloves when you change the litter box and be sure to change or sift the litter at least once a day (twice is better), and you’ll be fine. The kitty droppings need to be sitting around for a day before you can reasonably catch Toxoplasmosis from them. (You wouldn’t leave the kitty poo lying around after sifting it, right?) Are you really ready? There is a lot to think about before getting a cat to share your life and home with and it’s important you take the time to carefully consider whether a cat is right for you. Too many cats end up at shelters each year because people weren’t really ready to have a cat in their lives. Think about how your life will change once you get a cat and try to be realistic about your expectations. If you decide that you are truly ready then consider adopting a cat or kitten from the local shelter. Not only will you benefit from lower adoption fees for a healthy, micro-chipped cat; you will also be saving a life.



How to make a kissing ball

Kissing balls are a beautiful alternative to fresh flowers on your wedding day. Foam flowers are much cheaper and just as pretty, and you can create a stunning floral arrangement in no time at all - give it a go!

How to make 1. To start, cut your wired roses leaving about 1cm of wire from the head, as this will help place the roses into the polystyrene ball more securely.

Top tip! ...Most polystyrene balls have a join around the middle of the ball. This is great to use as a start guide when gluing your flowers. 2. All the way around the middle of your ball, place your

flowers into the polystyrene. Once happy with the spacing of the flowers, use your glue gun to glue in place.

3. Repeat step 2, placing more flowers above and below the first line of flowers securing with a glue gun. Fill the ball until you are left with a small space at the top. 4. To hang the kissing ball take a piece of ribbon and fold it in half, using a pin to collect the two ends of the ribbon and place into the top of the polystyrene ball. Glue to secure. 5. Once your ribbon is secure, place your last flower next to the ribbon to hide the join.

6. To add detail to your kissing ball, use wired crystals

You will need

yrene ball 10cm polyst wired of n io ct Sele se foam ro s ls Wired crysta of ribbon Small length


g pin Dressmakin nal) io pt (o Beads

s Craft essential gun ue Cool melt gl Wire cutters

randomly placed in between the flowers. Use the wire they’re on to place into the polystyrene ball and glue into place. For optional detail, you can place beads into the centre of some of your roses. Pearls and crystal beads look great for this, and you can glue them in place with your glue gun. They also look great as Christmas decorations using your evergreen branches, cones, berries and a bit of gold spray, just hang your gorgeous globe outside to spruce up a porch, patio, decking area.

Happy crafting!

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Holiday review

September We embarked from Manhattan Cruise Terminal on the Hudson River. I took a table at the Aquavit Terrace by the stern (adjacent to a glassencased infinity swimming pool), a front-on view of Midtown’s skyscrapers glittering to light as dusk fell. Two hours later we sailed out, passing within 200 yards of the Statue of Liberty. An elderly Jewish couple from Los Angeles gazed at Ellis Island lit up in the bay. “My grandfather arrived there 70 years ago,” said the man, misty-eyed. We drank to that.

On board Viking Star, the luxury ship that will change your mind about cruising “Being in a ship is being in a jail – with the chance of being drowned,” wrote Samuel Johnson. The good doctor doth protest too much, I mused over a martini in the soaring atrium of a ship cruising south through the midAtlantic. In front of me a trio of classical musicians performed Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. Soon I would head to an Italian restaurant Manfredi’s for truffled risotto and a marinated rib eye. Any drowning would have been done in the restaurant’s epic wine list. It was the second evening of a four-night cruise from New York City to San Juan, Puerto Rico. My only other voyage was a decade ago, from New York to the Bahamas on a 3,000-passenger vessel the size of an aircraft carrier. Viking Star was instantly different. In 2015 Viking began operating ocean cruises in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Baltic, unveiling Star as the first in what will be a five-ship ocean fleet.

A mid-sized ship, Star has the sleek pointed bow of a yacht, wooden decks and a 360-degree second-deck “promenade” with a full-loop jogging track. Interiors channel Viking’s Nordic roots. On board are several hundred works of art – paintings, photographs, sculptures – numbered as in a gallery. You can download a Viking Art Guide app for a narrated tour. The second day the sea was choppy and I spent most of it in the Explorer’s Lounge, a two-storey area at the bow with floor-to-ceiling windows. Its upper floor is an immaculately curated museum and library full of ancient artefacts (Viking axes and arrowheads), old seafarers’ maps and telescopes. Hundreds of hardcover books by and about great explorers (Cook, Amundsen, Heyerdahl) line the shelves. It felt like a private collection: when I opened a copy of Wilfred Thesiger’s Arabian Sands (1959), a yellowing copy of an old newspaper review fell out.

The third, Sky, will be christened under the Midnight Sun in Tromsø, Norway, in July. The cruise I was on heralded the next step in Viking’s ocean expansion: Star will spend European winters island-hopping the Caribbean, with other sailings to Belize, Brazil and the Amazon. The NYC-San Juan leg formed part of a “repositioning” to the Caribbean, which meant I was one of 650 guests in a ship that can take 930. Still, it had all the trappings of an official voyage, including star chefs, guest lecturers and Swedish masseuses. And Viking’s founder and chairman, Norwegian Torstein Hagen, came along for the ride.


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the lobby of a Vegas hotel. But these are quibbles. Besides, the spectacular spa more than made up for deciencies elsewhere. I had already spent time there, alternating, Nordic-style, between its sweltering sauna and icy “snow grotto” (real snow), but on the recommendation of Karen Schragle, owner of Boston’s Wayland Travel, who I’d met earlier at Mamsen’s, I booked a 90-minute “cupping massage” on my final evening. The treatment uses plastic suction cups to suck toxins out of the skin (all that wine and rich food had to go) and it was extraordinary. When it was over I felt I was floating on air. Between reading and looking through the lounge Kornat telescopes, I popped downstairs for snacks at Mamsen’s, a traditional Norwegian café serving small-plate delicacies: steak tartare, a succulent gravlax sandwich, skakke (shcakes) on rye bread, and glorious sponge cake. There are 15 places to eat and drink on board, and while Memsen’s and Manfredi’s were my favourites, the chowder

All 465 of the ship’s rooms have private balconies and I stepped onto mine and stood in the fresh sea air. Puerto Rico was getting close, we’d be there by dawn. I went inside, left the door open, and turned on the flatscreen TV. Our Man in Havana starring Alec Guinness was on. Why not? In the darkness beyond my window was the coast of Cuba. I lay in bed, the sound of the ocean churning against the ship’s sides, and fell asleep to a classic.

and whole lobster in the main restaurant gave them a run for their money. By day three the weather had cleared. I ate a juicy hamburger beside a pool mercifully void of screaming children (Viking has an adults-only policy), and by 3pm settled in the Wintergarden, a glorious tea room with retractable roof and a ceiling of wood carved in the shape of Norwegian trees. And what tea! Waiters ferried multi-layered towers of scones, meringues and cucumber sandwiches, as well as steaming pots of coffee, all to the accompaniment of a jazz quartet.

So what were the downsides? If anything I would say the entertainment. On this cruise there were no land excursions, so I attended two Caribbean-themed lectures in the main theatre but found them underwhelming. The Abba showcase in the same venue one evening was more suited to To advertise text ADVERT to: 07868 433 225


Pets corner


Having a new puppy in the house is generally predicted to be a happy time; full of endless fun, games, and cuddles — and for many this is true. However, there can be a darker side to the arrival of a new puppy in your home, which not everyone is prepared for. As a result the owner may feel exhausted, panicky, resentful, or just completely overwhelmed by the responsibility of a new puppy. Feeling resentful of a new puppy is more common than you think.

out between them in the end). ● Your new puppy is a particularly house challenging breed or breed combination. ● Be aware that how manic, energetic, challenging, destructive, bitey, or chewy, a puppy is can all be down to genetic factors. ● So do your research on breeds well before you get your new puppy. If you are particularly house proud, you may be frustrated by the mess that the new puppy is making of your house or garden.

Why you might be stressed by your new puppy

● You have never owned a puppy before. Either you have never owned a dog before getting your new puppy or have only had older dogs before getting your new puppy. ● You are grieving the loss of an old dog and you think that the new puppy will never by like your old dog. ● You feel that your new puppy is not living up to all the behavioural expectations that you had when you brought him home. ● You have read too many books or manuals on raising perfect puppies (relax — these don’t exist!). ● You feel your puppy is harassing or upsetting other dogs you may have (relax again — it nearly always works


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How you can cope with your new puppy Don’t have really high expectations of your new puppy. Understand that a young puppy has only just left its mother and what they need most is warmth, comfort, security, and a calm atmosphere — not an owner who is always stressed and pulling their hair out each time the puppy wees on the floor or when the puppy chews the carpet. Set daily activity and rest time routines for puppies from day one, which they soon get.

Worming & Flea Control

It would be impossible to isolate your puppy from the risk of getting fleas. If you wait until you see the fleas it is likely that your puppy (and your house) has lots of them. There are spot ons and tablets that prevent and kill fleas - just make sure you pick one that’s suitable for your puppy’s age. Treat your house at the same time and your

home and your puppy will be flea free.

Playtime & Toys

These should be used for entertainment and rewards.

A puppy will respond well to you if you have its favourite toy in your hand. Playtime is an ideal opportunity to teach your puppy the basic commands you wish to use – but always make it short and enjoyable or your puppy will lose interest very quickly. Make sure you buy toys that are suitable for your puppy’s age and chewing power, some toys are also not suitable for your puppy to use when unattended.

Why not send us a picture of your puppy to appear in Inside Skegness magazine?


Film review

September Detroit The 1967 ‘Detroit’ riot was one of the largest citizen uprisings in United States history. Protesters, police and the National Guard clashed on the streets in the horrific, deadly conflict. When a shot is heard at the Algiers Motel, armed police converge on the area and begin a standoff with those inside. Everyone just wants to survive the night, but as tensions escalate between police and civilians, not everyone’s getting out alive. Academy Award-winning director Kathryn Bigelow takes on one of the most terrifying events in US history, with a stellar cast including John Boyega, Anthony Mackie and Will Poulter. Released on 25/08/17 | Genre: Drama Cast members: Anthony Mackie, John Boyega, Will Poulte | Running time: 143 minutes | Directed by Kathryn Bigelow


Derry isn’t like other towns. There’s a 7pm curfew, and people die or disappear six times more often than average. Everything’s connected by the sewers, and that’s where ‘It’ lives. When children start disappearing, a group of young kids are forced to face their worst fears as they confront the culprit: a monstrous clown called Pennywise, whose legacy of murder and violence stretches back for centuries. You’ll float too if you meet ‘It’, a terrifying horror based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel, which will teach a whole new generation to be afraid of clowns. Released on 08/09/17 | Genre: Horror | Cast members: Bill Skarsgård, Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis Running time: 135 minutes | Directed by André Muschietti

Rough Night Jess is in Miami for her bachelorette party, but what should be the best weekend of her life becomes a ‘Rough Night’ when her friends accidentally kill a stripper. They don’t get to see each other often, so they’re determined to make up for it with a weekend of drinking, dancing and debauchery. Unfortunately, what should have been the capstone on an amazing night turns into a disaster as they frantically try to figure out what to do with the body. Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon and Zoe Kravitz are in for a ‘Rough Night’ in this hilarious comedy from director Lucia Aniello. Released on 25/08/17 | Genre - Comedy | Cast members: Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Zoe Kravitz | Running time: 101 minutes | Directed by Lucia Aniello


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Top 10 keyboard shortcuts everybody should know Using keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity, reduce repetitive strain and help keep you focused.

1 Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert and Ctrl + X Both Ctrl + C and Ctrl + Insert will copy the highlighted text or selected item. If you want to cut instead of copy press Ctrl + X. Apple computer users can substitute the Ctrl key for the command (cmd) key on their computers.

2 Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert Both the Ctrl + V and Shift + Insert will paste the text or object that’s in the clipboard. For Apple computer users use Cmd + V.

3 Ctrl + P Open a print preview of the current page or document being viewed. On Apple computers use Cmd + P to open the print preview.

4 Ctrl + Back space & Ctrl + Left/Right arrow Pressing Ctrl + Backspace will delete a full word at a time instead of a single character. Holding down the Ctrl key while pressing the left or right arrow will move the cursor one word at a time instead of one character at a time. If you want to highlight one word at a time, hold down Ctrl + Shift and then press the left or right arrow key to move one word at a time in that direction while highlighting eachword. PC only!

5 Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y Pressing Ctrl + Z will Undo any change. This shortcut can also be pressed multiple times to undo or redo multiple changes. Pressing Ctrl + Y would redo the undo. For Apple computers use Cmd + Z and Cmd + Y to undo and redo.

6 Alt + Tab or Ctrl + Tab Pressing Alt + Tab switches between open programmes moving forward. On Apple computers instead of using the Alt key use the Command (Cmd) key. For Example, Cmd + Tab to switch between open programmes.

7 Ctrl + Home or Ctrl + End Ctrl + Home will move the cursor to the beginning of the document and Ctrl + End will move the cursor to the end of a document. These shortcuts work with most documents, as well as web pages. On Apple computers use Command and the Cmd and the up arrow to get to the beginning of a document or text or Cmd and the down arrow to get to the end.

8 Ctrl + F Pressing Ctrl + F opens the Find in any programme. Ctrl + F includes your Internet browser to find text on the current page. For Apple computer use Cmd + F to find.

9 Ctrl + S While working on a document or other file in almost every programme, pressing Ctrl + S saves that file. Use this shortcut key frequently if you’re working on anything important in case an error happens. Apple computers use Cmd + S.

10 Page Up, Spacebar and Page Down Pressing either the page up or page down key will move that page one page at a time in that direction. When browsing the Internet, pressing the spacebar also moves the page down one page at a time. Information taken from

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Recipe of of thethemonth Recipe month JANUARY September

Recipe of the month JANUARY

B� f & B�r Pie ........................................ ....................................... B�f & B�r Pie

is aa comforting comforting A steak and ale pie is ........................................ has suet suet pastry pastry classic. This version has pie is a comforting andAasteak dark and rich ale gravy classic. This version has suet pastry and a dark rich gravy

Method ......................... ........................

Method .........................

Ingredients Ingredients ......................... ......................... Ingredients .........................

1. onionchopped chopped 1. 11onion Heat oven oven to to 160C/140C 160C/140C fan/gas fan/gas 3. 3. Using Using 1. Heat 2. 1 small celery stickchopped chopped 2.1. 11small celery stick ameproof casserole casserole dish with with aa lid, lid, soften soften a fl1. ameproof onion chopped Heat oven todish 160C/140C fan/gas 3. Using 3. 2 tbspbutter butter 3. celerycasserole in the the butter. butter. Stir in thesoften our onion celery in the flflour 2. 21tbsp small celery stick chopped a fland ameproof dish Stir within a lid, 4. 2 tbsp our untilonion it hasand disappeared, then stir in the beef and 4. 2 tbsp plain flflour disappeared, then stir Stir in the beef and 3. 2 tbsp plain butter celery in the butter. in the flour 5. 700g beef shin, featherbladeor or Worcestershire sauce. Crumble in stock cubes and 5.4. 700g beef shin, featherblade Worcestershire sauce. Crumble and 2 tbsp plain flour until it has disappeared, then in stirstock in thecubes beef and thyme. Pour Pour over over ale,Crumble bring to to in simmer, then 6.5. stewing stewing steak, cut intolarge largechunks chunks add Worcestershire thyme. ale, bring aa simmer, then 6. steak, into 700g beef shin,cut featherblade or sauce. stock cubes and cookPour in the the oven for 2½ to hrs. Removethen lid 7.6. 11stewing tbspWorcestershire Worcestershire sauce cover and cook in oven 2½ hrs. Remove lid 7. tbsp sauce add thyme. over ale,for bring a simmer, steak, cut into large chunks for another another 30 mins mins for this should thicken and cook in the oven 2½should hrs. Remove lid and cover cook for 30 –– this thicken 8.7. 221beef beef stock cube tbspstock Worcestershire sauce 8. cube cook for another – this should thickenThis9. nicely. the sauce nicely. Aand steak and ale pie30 is amins comforting classic. version has suet pastry and a dark, rich gravy 8. 2 beef stock cube 9. sprigsthyme thyme 22sprigs

Beef & beer pie

the sauce nicely. Increase oven to to 200C/180C 200C/180C fan/gas fan/gas 6. 6. 2. Increase oven Method Increase oven 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Heat oven to 160C/140C fan/gas 3. Using a salt pastry, whizz the flflto our, suet and and tsp salt For2.1. the pastry, whizz the our, suet 11 tsp flameproof casserole dish with asuet lid, soften onion the pastry, whizz the fl our, and 1 tsp salt in a For food processor until there are no suet lumps. processor until there are no suet lumps. and celery in the butter. Stir in the flour until it has in a food processor until there arein the motor motor running, dribble inno tbsplumps. water Keeping the 11 suet tbsp water disappeared, thenrunning, stir in thedribble beef and Worcestershire Keeping the motor running, dribble in 1 tbsp water sauce. Crumble in stock cubes and add thyme. Pour until the the pastry pastry starts starts to to come come together, together, at a time until over ale, bring a pastry simmer,starts then cover andtogether, cook in the at a time until to the to come onto lightly oured surface and bring 30 thenoven tip onto aa hrs. lightly flfloured for 2½ Remove lid surface and cookand for bring another then tip onto a lightly floured surface and bring mins –with this your should thicken the sauce nicely. with your hands. hands. together together with your hands. 2. Increase oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6.

9. 540ml 2 sprigs thyme 10. 540ml can darkale aleor orbeer beer 10. can dark 10.seal. 540ml cana dark aleheart or beer to Make small from cuttings. Brush top of the pie and heart with beaten egg, then dip heart into poppy seeds and stick to top. Bake for 30-40 mins until golden brown and crisp. Reheat sauce and serve with the pie along with some mash and greens. 1. 500gplain plainflflour, our,plus plusaalittle littleextra extra 1. 500g

For the the Pastry Pastry For For the Pastry ......................... ......................... ......................... 1.

500g plain flour, plus a little extra

2. 2.

250gvegetarian vegetariansuet suet 250g

3. 3.

egg,beaten beaten 11egg,


250g vegetarian suet

3. 1 egg, beaten Roll out out half half the pastry pastrysuet andand use1to to line line 203. Roll the and use aa in 20whizz salt a 4. fewpinches pinchespoppy poppyseeds seeds 4. aafew 3.For the pastry, Roll out halfthe theflour, pastry and usetsp to line a 204. a few pinches poppy seeds food untilaathere are spoon, no suet spoon lumps. in dish. Using Using slotted spoon, spoon in all all 22cm pieprocessor dish. slotted 22cm piethe dish. Using a slotted spoon, spoon in allat Keeping motor running, dribble 1 tbsp water of the meat, then then pour over some some ofinthe the sauce until meat, pour over of sauce until the until meat, then pour overtosome the sauce until aoftime the pastry starts comeoftogether, then tip is just coated. PutPut the rest ofof the sauce the onto meat just coated. Put the rest of the sauce ais lightly floured surface and bring together with the meat is just coated. the rest the sauce hands. Roll saucepan. RollRoll outout thethe remaining pastry toto intoyour a saucepan. out the remaining pastry to into a saucepan. remaining pastry 3. Roll out half thethe pastry and useaato line asharp 20- 22cm pie pie. Trim the edge with small, sharp cover the pie. Trim edge with small, coverUsing the pie. Trim the edgespoon with ainsmall, sharp dish. a slotted spoon, all of the meat, knife, then crimp or fork edges to seal. Make crimp or fork the edges toto seal. Make knife, then crimp or fork edges seal. Make a then pour over some ofthe thethe sauce until the meat isaajust coated. Put the rest of the sauce into a saucepan. Roll small heart from cuttings. Brush top of the pie and heart from cuttings. Brush top of the pie and small heart from cuttings. Brush top of the pie and out the remaining pastry to cover the pie. Trim the edge heart with beaten egg, then dip heart into poppy beaten egg, then dipcrimp heart into poppy heart egg, then heart into poppy with a with small,beaten sharp knife, thendip or fork the edges seeds to top. Bake 30-40 mins until seeds andand stick to Bake for 30-40 mins until stickstick to top. top. Bake forfor 30-40 mins until Cook Cook Cook PrepTime Time Prep Time golden brown and crisp. Reheat sauce and serve Please mention Inside Skegness Magazine when responding to Prep advertisements golden brown and crisp. Reheat sauce and serve brown and crisp. Reheat sauce and serve 60 mins 60 mins 60 mins Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours the pie along with some mash and greens. withwith the pie with some mash and greens. pie along along with some mash and greens.


Servings Servings Servings 444servings servings servings

Recipe of the month



........................................ ........................................ ........................................ Use Usepear pearinstead insteadof applein Use pear instead ofofapple apple inin these theseindividual individualversions versions these individual versions of theclassic classicpud pudwith withaaa ofofthe the classic pud with crunchy crunchypistachio pistachiotopping topping crunchy pistachio topping

1. Heatoven ovento 190C/fan170C/gas 170C/gas5. . Heat Heat oven toto190C/fan 190C/fan 170C/gas 5.5. Place ace the thepears pearsin medium-sizepan, pan,add add lace the pears ininaaamedium-size medium-size pan, add he thegranulated granulatedsugar sugarand andcook cookon onaaamedium medium he granulated sugar and cook on medium eat heat untilthe thefruit fruitstarts startsto softenand and eat until until the fruit starts totosoften soften and eleases releasesits itsjuices, juices,about about10 10mins. mins.Add Addthe the eleases its juices, about 10 mins. Add the blackberries ackberries and andbring bringback backto theboil, boil,then then lackberries and bring back totothe the boil, then emove removefrom fromthe theheat. heat.Spoon Spoonthe thefruity fruity emove from the heat. Spoon the fruity mixture ixture into into444individual individualovenproof ovenproof mixture into individual ovenproof ramekins, mekins, or largebaking bakingdish. dish. amekins, oror111large large baking dish.

For ForThe TheFilling Filling For The Filling 700g 700g(or (or444large) large)ripe ripeEnglish Englishpear pear,, , 700g (or large) ripe English pear peeled peeledand andcubed cubed peeled and cubed 100g 100ggolden goldengranulated granulatedsugar sugar 100g golden granulated sugar 250g 250gblackberry blackberry 250g blackberry Ice Icecream, cream,to serve(optional) (optional) Ice cream, totoserve serve (optional)

For ForThe TheCrumble Crumble For The Crumble

200g 200gplain plainflour flour 200g plain flour 100g 100gdemerara demerarasugar sugar 100g demerara sugar 2. Placethe theflour, flour,butter butterand andaaapinch pinchof salt . Place Place the flour, butter and pinch ofofsalt salt 100g 100gunsalted unsaltedbutter, butter,cold, cold,cut cutinto into 100g unsalted butter, cold, cut into large bowl bowl and andrub together together with with your yourversions of nnaaalarge large bowl and rub together with your small small pieces pieces small pieces Use pear instead ofrub apple in these individual the classic pud with a crunchy pistachio topping ngers fingersuntil untilthe themixture mixtureresembles resemblescoarse coarse ngers until the mixture resembles coarse 85g 85gshelled shelledpistachio, pistachio,roughly roughlychopped chopped 85g shelled pistachio, roughly chopped Method Add readcrumbs. breadcrumbs. Add the the pistachios pistachios and and readcrumbs. Add the pistachios and 1. Heat oven to 190C/fan 170C/gas 5. Place the pears in Pinch Pinchof salt Pinch ofofsalt salt emerara demerara sugar, sugar,then then stir stir to tocombine. combine. emerara sugar, then stir togranulated combine. a medium-size pan, add the sugar and cook

Pear & blackberry crumbles

on a medium heat until the fruit starts to soften and releases its juices, about 10 mins. Add the blackberries 3. Sprinkle crumble crumbleevenly evenlyover overthe thecooked cooked . Sprinkle Sprinkle crumble evenly over the cooked and bring back to the boil, then remove from the heat. uit. fruit. Thiscan canbe bedone doneup up to 1day dayahead, ahead, uit. This This can be done up toto 1 day ahead, Spoon the fruity mixture into 41 individual ovenproof ramekins, orup 1to large baking dish. ror frozen for forup to111month. month. Bake Bakefor for20-25 20-25 r frozen frozen for up to month. Bake for 20-25

Place the flour, butter and a pinch ofgolden. salt in a large mins ins ifif2.ifsmall, small, 40 40mins mins ifififlarge, large, until until golden. mins small, 40 mins large, until golden. bowl and rub together with your fingers until the mixture Ifbaking baking from from frozen, frozen, add add15 15mins mins cooking cooking baking from frozen, add 15 mins cooking resembles coarse breadcrumbs. Add the pistachios and demerara sugar, then stir to combine. me. time. Remove from from the the oven, oven, cool coolslightly, slightly, me. Remove Remove from the oven, cool slightly, 3.serve Sprinkle crumble evenly over the cooked fruit. This hen thenserve with with ice icecream. cream. hen serve with ice cream.

pre-cook pre-cookthe thecrumble crumbletopping toppingto pre-cook the crumble topping toto avoid avoidgluey, gluey,uncooked uncookedcrumble crumbleand and avoid gluey, uncooked crumble and retain retainthe thetexture textureof thefruit fruit retain the texture ofofthe the fruit

can be done up to 1 day ahead, or frozen for up to 1 month. Bake for 20-25 mins if small, 40 mins if large, until golden. If baking from frozen, add 15 mins cooking time. Remove from the oven, cool slightly, then serve with ice cream.

Cook Cook Servings Servings Cook Servings Prep Prep Time Prep Time ToTime advertise text ADVERT to: 07868 433 225 10 mins mins 1010 mins 35 mins mins 44 4 servings servings 3535 mins servings



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SKEGMINIFEST minis and music 2017 on the east coast nother fantastic year for Skegminifest. We are pleased to announce that we have presented a cheque for £4,035.96 to Margaret Spence, representing our charity, Macmillan Cancer Support. We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s Minifest.

involved in the form of sponsorship, and if we’ve missed anyone, we are truly sorry, but collectively, we all pull together and make these events totally memorable weekends!

Let’s hope we can smash this years figure next year. Skegminifest 2018 will be held on 13th, 14th and 15th July 2018 ...see you there!!

A big thank you to Clare and Fydos at The Welcome Inn, Burgh Road, Skegness for a great venue, and arranging the trailer for the stage. These events are totally voluntary and everyone involved gives their time completely free of charge. Everyone from clubs up and down the country, traders and businesses who donate raffle and tombola prizes etc. All staff members who give up their time before, during and after the event, without their help, we couldn’t do what we do. Also security staff and Chris our sound engineer, who survives on coffee and adrenaline for the whole event.


So, once again, thank you to everyone involved, including those

Margaret Spence, representing Macmillan Cancer Support, is presented with a cheque for £4,035.96


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People First Mobility Wins Awards People First Mobility, based in Skegness on Lumley Square near the train station, offer sales of Mobility Equipment, including mobility scooters, wheelchairs and walkers, plus lots of different items to help you stay more independent in your own home, and to help make your life easier including items to help in the kitchen, bathroom aids and incontinence products. There’s a device available for the majority of everyday chores and tasks. You can also hire mobility scooters, wheelchairs or walkers while you are on holiday in Skegness. They have a workshop where many repairs can be undertaken on most mobility scooters, and as well as daily living aids they can supply batteries, tyres and many spare parts for scooters and wheelchairs. People First Mobility have won several awards and owner Karen, who is Business Person of the Year in the Skegness Partnership awards 2016, told us why these awards are so important to her business: “The awards we win show that we have been independently valued by an unbiased expert. They give both me and my team a great feeling of pride and satisfaction, motivating us all to carry on giving excellent customer service and putting our customers first. The awards test us on all aspects of the business and customer care and as we get nominated and are successful it proves our dedication to getting things right for the customer”. Most recently they were a finalist for independent retailer of the year in the East Lindsey Business Awards 2017, also being a finalist in the Skegness Business Awards for Retailer of the Year two years running, and finalist for Customer Care Award in 2015. Further to these they have also recently won the Community Lincs Age Friendly Award. This Award recognised the Skegness based retailer’s agefriendly customer service, as well as consumer comfort, clear marketing & communications and accessibility.


Karen commented: “To win the age-friendly award has shown that we are committed to customer service and always looking at ways in which we can improve.” People First Mobility also won the #WOW Award , founded by Jacqueline Gold. We asked Karen what this win meant, “Winning the #WOW Award on twitter is a real buzz and to be recognised as a female entrepreneur and being part of that network is amazing. It encourages me to carry on and achieve even greater things.” The company is no stranger to awards, having also won Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday competition in 2013. “We are always giving better than our best and the awards show this to our customers” Karen explained. “It shows we care and I think customers take note of this. It gives people confidence to buy from us and confidence that we are fully committed to offering the best products and customer experience..” Other awards won include the #smartsocial award on Twitter which was won this year adding to previous twitter awards of #queenof, #twittersisters and #purplebiz. There is more news of winning another national business competition for their commitment to customer service and going above and beyond, caring about the customers experience and offering the best products with advice to help customers find the right product for them, this will be announced shortly so remember to follow them on social media to be the first to know. For further information People First Mobility can be found on facebook and also on twitter @pfmobility, their website is www. They can be contacted on 01754 898883 or via email at:

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The awards we win show that we have been independently valued by an unbiased expert. They give both me and my team a great feeling of pride and satisfaction


MOBILITY SCOOTERS & WHEELCHAIRS Mobility scooters Wheelchairs Giving Commodes people freedom Kitchen aids and an Walkers easier way Cushions of life Daily living aids Walking sticks Bathing products Riser recliners Tyres & tubes Batteries



01754 898883

Unit 1 Lumley Square, Skegness, Lincs PE25 3QL

Multiple award-winning company



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Cross Figure #1

September Brain teaser

Y. Dvir

Cross ďŹ gure 1










15 15

19 2419 19








16 11 11

12 12

13 13

31 31 31


28 28


17 17

21 25


24 24

25 25

26 21 21 26 2629



22 22 27 23 23 27 3027

29 29

30 32 30

32 32


1. ACROSS Consecutive 2. A third of 28 across ACROSS digits in order DOWN DOWN 4. 1. 21.Consecutive down squared 3. Seeofof628 down Consecutive digits digitsininorder order 2. 2.A Athird third 28 across across 7. 4. 27 minus one 4. 23 down 4.22across down downsquared squared 3. 3.See See 66down down plus 28 down 7.27 27across across minus minusone one 4. down 4.23 23Four downplus plus28 287down down 8. 7. See 30 down 5. times across See See 30 30down down 5. 5.Four Four times77plus across across 10.8.8.Its digits total 7 across 6. 3 times down 8 across 10. Its Itsdigits digits total total 77across across 6. plus across 6.39. 3down down plus88minus across24 across 12.10. Three times 28 across 17 down 12.Three Threetimes times28 28across across 9. 9.17 17down downminus minus24 24across across 14.12. Its digits total five 11. Twice 27 across 14. 14.Its Itsdigits digitstotal totalfive five 11. 11.Twice Twice27 27across across 15.15. Consecutive digits in 13. 32 across times 12 across 15.Consecutive Consecutivedigits digitsinin 13. 13.32 32across acrosstimes times12 12across across reverse order 14. First digits reverse reverse order order 14. First two digits of 14. First twotwo digits of17 17of 17 17. See See 31 31across across across across across 17.17. See 31 across 18. 1across acrosssquared squared squared 16. 16. Consecutive Consecutive digits digitsdigits 18.18. 1 1across 16. Consecutive 19. Three Threetimes times times888across across unordered unordered 19.19. Three across unordered 21. 31 across acrossminus minus minus29 29 17. 17. 14 14across across squared squared 21.21. 3131 across 29 17. 14 across squared across across 19. 19.21 21across acrossminus minus44across across across 19. 21 across 4 across 24. 24.Five Fivetimes times14 14down down 20. 14 20.28 28down downminus minusminus 14across across 24.25. Five timesreversed 14 down 20. 28 down minus 14 across 25. 44across across reversed 22. Its total 22. Itsdigits digits total14 14down down 25.27. 4 Square across reversed 22. Itstimes digits 27. Squareroot root of of25 25across across 23. Five 30 down 23. Five times 30total down14 down 28. One Onedigit digit isistwice twice the 25 minus 27 25. 25across across minus 27down 27.28. Square root of 25the across 25. 23. Five times 30 other across across 28.other One digit is twice the 25. 25 across minus 27 29. 29.Four Fourtimes times27 27across across 26. Three 26. Threeidentical identicaldigits digits other across 31. 31.Seven Seventimes times17 17across across 28. 28.AAsquare square 29.32. Four times 27 across 26. Three identical 32.Consecutive Consecutivedigits digitsinin 30. 30.88across acrossplus plusone one digits 31.order Seven times 17 across 28. A square order 32. Consecutive digits in 30. 8 across plus one order



14 14

18 18

20 20


Sudoku Puzzle

14 17

16 16


Y. Y.Dvir Dvir




10 10



Cross CrossFigure Figure#1 #1

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Sudoku Puzzle


Sc S

Sudoku 8 1 6 4 3 5

7 9 3

9 8 5 7 1 7 2 3 6 8 1 7 7 3 1 8 1 4 6 7 8 9 5 9 3 2 7 5 6 3 1

Scratch area

Quick quiz 1. What is 20% of 40? 2. Where did Moses receive the 10 commandments? 3. What is the national flower of Austria? 4. What does an “H” in a circle represent on an Ordnance Survey map? 5. What was the first name of the American aviation pioneer, brother of Orville Wright, who died in 1912? 6. Which word can precede all of the following: ...less, ...power, ...storm, ...wave and ...wash? 7. What is Andy Capp’s wife called? 8. By what name is solid carbon dioxide known? 9. Who wrote the novel Ivanhoe? 10. In the phonetic alphabet, which Canadian city represents the letter Q?

6 7 2

Scratch cratch Area Area

11. Which singer played the scarecrow in The Wiz (1978) film?

5 7 12.2Which 3childhood disease is also known as rubella? 13. In rhyming slang what is meant by dickory 1 2 6 9 dock? 14. How is Priscilla White better known? 15. Which David presented ‘Juke Box Jury’? 5 4 3 6 16. Which comedy series featured the Boswell family? 6 1 2 4 7How5many sides has an isosceles 17. triangle? 2 7 3 18. 9What4does a Geiger counter detect? 19. Whose catchphrase was, ‘Shut that 8 7 2 20. door!’? What can be a sleep or how fabric lies? 7 6

Scratch Area Answers on page 31

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Print. From branding to brochures, from logo design to large format ... ... everything you need to make your business stand out from the crowd.


07553 933353 / 01670 512702

September Brain teaser


Face off

(from page 8) 1 Benedict Cumberbatch and Scarlett Johansson 2 Dame Helen Mirren and Will Ferrell

Tracking back (from page 8)

1 Prince: Purple Rain 2 Paolo Nutini: Sunny Side Up 3 Abba: Greatest Hits 4 Paul Young: No Parlez

Cross figure (from page 28)

Sudoku (from page 29) 5 Adele: 25 6 The Beatles: Revolver 7 Blur: Parklife 8 David Bowie: Heroes

Quick quiz (from page 29)

1 Eight 2 Mount Sinai 3 Edelweiss 4 A Hospital 5 Wilbur 6 Brain 7 Flo 8 Dry Ice 9 Sir Walter Scott 10 Quebec 11 Michael Jackson 12 Measles 13 Clock 14 Cilla Black 15 Jacobs 16 Bread 17 Three 18 Radioactivity 19 Larry Grayson 20 Nap To advertise text ADVERT to: 07868 433 225


House to home

September to a strict budget, as you can take an affordable plain tile and turn it into something altogether more dramatic. You could even re-grout an existing wall with darker grout to overhaul the look of your kitchen or bathroom. There are lots of ways to decorate around this look. You could really go for it and embrace monochrome full-on, with white kitchen units and black appliances, or a clean white bathroom suite with matching black and white floor. If that look is too stark for your tastes, there are plenty of ways to warm things up. You could team your tiles with pale wood furniture, plants, metallics or a combination of all three. We love the way the tiles and grout here are offset by soft sage units and copper fixings…

Tile grouting ideas

Grout has changed! Once a boring basic, it’s now a great way to make a statement in a kitchen or bathroom. Grout. It’s not exactly the most exciting word, is it? Perhaps that’s why, when it comes to making decorating decisions, choosing grout is usually bottom of the list. Which is a shame, because, as you’ll see from our tile grouting ideas, this stuff can be – whisper it – rather sexy. Grout choices have moved way beyond white versus off-white. There’s a whole rainbow of colours to choose from, and even sparkly options. What’s more, the shade you choose can dramatically change the look of your tiles, and transform the plainest ceramic into something glamorous or dramatic. Grout can play a crucial role in the overall finish of a room, which is why homeowners should take their time when considering which grout they want to use. It also has a significant effect on the look and feel of the tiles used in a project, and is instrumental in either creating a seamless finish through a co-ordinating shade, or adding structure and definition through a contrasting tone. Add instant wow-factor to your kitchen with this simplest of ideas. Just team a white tile with a dark grout and, boom, your room just got a whole lot cooler. We’re finding that a dark grey grout is particularly popular with a classic white tile. This shade not only disguises marks, but gives a defined edge to the tile, creating a bold, geometric look that highlights its shape.’

Be practical with dark grout on the floor

Grout can be the stuff of nightmares – particularly on a tiled floor, where dirt builds up quickly. It’s therefore worth considering a darker grout that will mask any grime. Just promise you won’t use it as a reason not to clean your floors regularly! When you have a patterned floor, try to match your grout to one of the tones in the tile for a cohesive look. Who knew that the process of choosing this most practical of finishing touches could be so creative?

Combining white tiles and dark grout is not only an easy trick to pull off, it’s also one to remember if you’re working


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a truly fascinating place to visit, an experience not to be missed

Entry b Dona y tion


Skegness back in time This is a family friendly museum with many things to do & see


opening h

to 31st October 10am - 4pm 1st March to 1st March ber em Nov 1st 3pm 10am VISIT

The H : aven Te a Roo


for fre sh source locally d ligh t bites

To L

urs tR oa d

inc oln



Ro a





Roa d

Rom an B

Queens Road



The Sea


urc So h Ro uth ad


To Boston


01754 766658

The Village, Church Road South, Skegness PE25 2HF

F 0Teap orOCofFfee 5 Any

in The Haven Tea Room with this voucher

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House to home

Man cave ideas Some of the best mancave design ideas are centered around a sporting theme. Whether it be football, cricket or rugby, creating a room that incorporates a man’s favourite team is the perfect way to make him feel at ease. If the room is small and you only want a few decorations, consider using neutral paint colours on walls such as creams, whites, or greys and adorn them with cheap mancave signs such as posters of your favourite athletes or memorable moments fron your team’s history. For those who want more elaborate decorations, consider mounting signed memorabilia such as jerseys, balls, or other equipment onto the walls. Sports themes are also great ways to decorate a teenage boy’s bedroom, using your son’s favourite team or displaying memorabilia, trophies and awards from his own athletic career. With a larger room, great man cave design ideas for a basement or garage include a home theatre or sports bar theme. Home theatres are best built in larger areas because they require more space or seating. The most important components of a home theatre is the television and sound system. While a larger TV is preferable, you do not need a floor to ceiling-sized projector screen to create your own movie theatre. A large flat screen TV combined with a good surround sound system will create the perfect home theatre. Interior decorating with man cave design ideas are popular this year with fathers of multiple children, newlywed husbands or guys just moving in with their girlfriends. Having a space in your home to call your own is a necessity. A man cave is a room devoted to men. It is their private sanctuary where they can drink a few beers with the guys, watch sport, play pool or just get away from the stresses of everyday life. It is an area where they can spend time by themselves, separate from the women of their lives where they can just enjoy being a man. You do not need a large area to create the perfect man cave; all you need is a small room separated from the rest of the house to call your own. Great ideas for places to build your man cave include a spare bedroom, office, den, basement or garage. If you are using larger rooms of the house such as the basement or garage, consider sectioning off areas in these spaces for your man cave so you have complete privacy and still allow them to serve their original functions. After choosing the right room in the house for your man cave it is time to pick a theme and design plan for the area. Decorating a man cave in the right way is important to the overall look of the room and will set the mood and create the perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy. The best way to find inspiration for your sanctuary is to look at pictures of man cave designs online. Make sure to pick a room design, styles and themes that make you feel at home in them.


For seating, consider using comfortable couches that blend with the rest of the décor. Modern design colours are ideal for this type of room as they will provide a nice contrast to the bright television screen and enhance your viewing. With small room designs, bright lights are not necessary. Wall sconces are a great addition in providing dim lighting for the room. Some of the coolest man caves seen online feature rooms resembling cabins that use wood furniture, leather couches, and display fishing or hunting equipment on the walls alongside deer heads or fish mounted on the walls. Other awesome man cave online room designs include hunting themes, home theatres, and sports bars. You can find a variety of inexpensive man cave décor ideas by taking a trip to your local second-hand shop. Here you can find old tables or pieces of furniture that can act as a bar, card table or other various features of your man cave.

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Specialists in fibreglass flat roofing - quality work assured Fascia, soffit & guttering supplied & fitted

... After!!

All work guaranteed for 25 years - insurance backed guarantees available Specialists in Fibre Glass Flat Roofing - Quality Work Assured All Work Guaranteed For 25 Years Insurance Backed Guarantees Available Facia, Soffit & Guttering Supplied & Fitted

“A first class service” “A 1st Class Service” CUSTOMER IN LINCOLN ...Customer in Lincoln “Excellent in every respect. Definitely recommended” “Excellent in every respect. CUSTOMER IN Definitely recommended”...Customer in Skegness SKEGNESS

01522 246563

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Gardening tips for


weather, and also keep it resistant to treading as the wet weather arrives. You can harden your lawn up for winter by applying an autumn lawn feed, which is high in potassium. Do this after scarifying and aerating but before applying a top dressing. Do not give summer feeds that are high in nitrogen as this will only result in weak, soft growth, which will be prone to disease in the autumn weather.


Late summer progresses into autumn

September is generally a cooler, gustier month than August and the days are noticeably shorter. While there’s not as much to do in the ornamental garden at this time of the year, if you have a fruit or vegetable patch, you’ll be busy reaping the rewards of harvest. It’s also time to get out and start planting spring flowering bulbs for next year and you can collect seeds for next summer’s colour too. Make the most of the remaining warmth while you can!

Cover the surface of ponds with netting to stop fallen leaves from entering. Accumulated debris in the pond can encourage growth of algae and weeds, which will eventually harm the fish by reducing available oxygen levels.Top up water levels when necessary, particularly during warmer weather, and continue to remove blanket and duckweed. Remove dead leaves from waterlilies as the foliage dies back. Now is also a good time to divide waterlilies and other pond plants to increase stocks or control over vigorous growth. Overgrown marginal plants can just be cut back, if further stocks are not required. A maximum of 50 percent of the water’s surface should be taken up with planting. Waterlilies can be prone to fungal problems such as crown rot and leaf spot, so nip any problems in the bud by dealing with them promptly. Remove affected leaves.

Pest and disease watch

Inspect chrysanthemums for signs of white rust. Distortion on Phlox could indicate the presence of phlox eelworm. Discoloured leaves on herbaceous plants, such as Chrysanthemum, Anemone and Penstemon could be leaf and bud eelworm. Powdery mildew can still be a problem in a dry and warm September.


Sow sweet peas in a cold frame or the greenhouse for early summer blooms next year. If you sowed any spring-flowering biennials such as Viola, Digitalis (foxglove) or Erysimum (wallflowers) earlier in the summer, they will now need planting out. This is a good time of year to plant new perennials, especially towards the end of September, as the soil is still warm, but moisture levels are increasing.

Cutting back, pruning and dividing

Don’t neglect hanging basket maintenance - a little deadheading, watering and feeding can keep them going until mid-autumn. Once they are past their best, re-plant as winter/spring hanging baskets with spring-flowering bulbs, winter heathers, trailing ivies and spring-flowering plants as above. Continue to deadhead plants such as dahlias, delphiniums, roses and penstemons to prolong the display and give colour well into the month.


Mow less frequently during autumn, and raise the height of cut as the growth rate of the grass slows down. This will help the lawn to withstand the last of the warm, dry


General maintenance

Bring inside any tender perennials, such as fuchsias, gazanias, lantanas and abutilons, before frosts cause damage. Some tall late-flowering perennials, such as asters, may still need staking to stop them being blown over in the wind. Most perennial weeds are vulnerable to weedkiller in early autumn. Applying a product containing glyphosate will ensure that the roots, as well as the top growth, are killed. Treasured plants must be protected with plastic sheeting. If the weather is already autumnal, you can now plant and move shrubs and trees without having to worry excessively about their survival and establishment. Shrubs planted now will get off to a flying start next spring, as they will have had all winter to settle in.

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End of Season Mower Sale Take advantage of great deals before prices alter for next season As we near the end of the grass cutting season, we are selling off stock to make way for next seasonʼs stock in our warehouse. Prices have already started to alter for next season so take advantage of some great deals now.

John Deere

X105 42”/107cm Side discharge

RRP £2460

Price Now £1969

Honda Izy

John Deere

X125 42”/107cm Side discharge

RRP £2854

Price Now £2299

Honda Izy

HRG416PK 16”/41cm 4-wheel push

HRG416SK 16”/41cm 4-wheel self propelled

RRP £364

RRP £469

Price Now £259

John Deere

R43RS 17”/43cm Rear roller self propelled

RRP £885

Price Now £679

Price Now £339


Rotak 36R 14”/37cm 1350 watts

RRP £145

Price Now £99

John Deere

X135R 36”/92cm Direct collect V-Twin

RRP £3429

Price Now £2750


LC140S 16”/40cm 4-wheel self propelled

RRP £275

Price Now £229


Rotak 37 Ergoflex 14”/37cm 1400 watts

RRP £170

Price Now £119

John Deere

X155R 42”/107cm Direct collect V-Twin

RRP £4100

Price Now £3299

John Deere

Run 41SD 16”/41cm 4-wheel self propelled

RRP £444

Price Now £349


Rotak 37Li Ergoflex 14”/37cm 4Ah battery

RRP £430

Price Now £329


MR4082 31”/80cm Collector

RRP £2755

Price Now £2199

John Deere

Run 46SD 18”/46cm 4-wheel self propelled

RRP £535

Price Now £409


Rotak 43Li Ergoflex 17”/43cm 4Ah battery

RRP £480

Price Now £379


MT4097SX 37”/95cm Side discharge

RRP £2290

Price Now £1899

John Deere

Run 51SD 20”/51cm 4-wheel self propelled

RRP £685

Price Now £469


Rotak 43Li-2 Ergoflex 17”/43cm 2 x 4Ah batteries

RRP £560

Price Now £449

Can’t see what you are looking for? Let us know – we have plenty more stock we’d like to clear. Hurry though - offer prices only apply while stocks last. Offer prices apply in-store only and will not be shown on our web site.

01522 596960 sales-lincs

Station Road, Langworth, LN3 5BB


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Motoring review


Ford Mondeo Titanium 2.0 TiVCT Hybrid (2017) It’s such a part of the furniture that the Ford Mondeo feels like it’s been around forever, but this is a slightly different take on the standard car. This is Ford’s first hybrid to reach Europe, and although in the US they take a large share of the market it’s a tougher sell in diesel-friendly Euro states - hence the Mondeo Hybrid is only available in saloon guise. The Hybrid’s battery pack is actually assembled in Ford’s Rawsonville plant in Michigan.

So will I be able to spot that this Ford Mondeo is a hybrid then? Unlikely. The Mondeo’s shape was already familiar by the time it arrived in the UK and the differences between it and the standard car are limited to some suitably eco badges – in other words leafy – and skinny wheels as standard, although you can of course bump these up via the options list.

What’s the set-up of the hybrid system?

You get an Atkinson-cycle 2.0-litre petrol unit paired to a 1.4kW battery pack mounted in the boot, feeding one

electric motor to deliver drive to the front wheels while a second motor operates in regeneration mode to send energy back into the cells. In total there’s 184bhp when both motors combine, but there’s a worryingly scant 128lb ft of torque to go with it. As is typical of the breed, the Mondeo Hybrid uses a CVT transmission to send that power to the front wheels.

Ah. So can I expect lots of noise and not much go then? I’m afraid so. In a steady-state cruise, which is commonplace in the US of course, the Mondeo Hybrid settles down and gets on with getting along. But on a typical UK journey which can take in a broad mix of roads and speeds it feels out of its depth. All too frequently you end up squeezing the accelerator virtually to the floor in order to get sufficient acceleration,which negates any attempt at saving fuel. Then there’s the unseemly cacophony that goes with it; at a cruise the Mondeo is sufficiently refined, but the groaning in between is a soul-draining experience. It’s not a great deal better when you try to stop either.


Motoring review

September The brakes are irritatingly hard to modulate as the system switches between pure regenerative braking and the discs doing their bit, leaving you jerking to a halt or dancing on the pedal in order to smooth out your stops.

Are there any good Mondeo bits left?

The chassis hasn’t been spoiled by the weight increase and retains the strong mix of a composed ride and assured handling that mark out all Mondeos, even if the steering feels a little odd - thanks to a self-centring action bordering on the political. If you can ignore the powertrain’s resolutely fuel-saving approach there’s a little fun to be had on a B-road, just don’t expect to make up any time...

What about inside the Ford Mondeo Hybrid’s cabin? It’s perfectly acceptable in here but likely to cause the occasional grumble rather than peace and tranquillity. The space on offer is good front and rear – only boot space is reduced with the addition of a sizeable battery pack – and like most Fords finding a good driving position should be possible for everyone. Less impressive are some of the fixtures and fittings which feel a little behind the times, although Titanium spec means a stack of kit.


The Ford Mondeo Hybrid is an interesting prospect on paper, but it sadly has too many shortcomings in Europe to let us recommend it. The Hybrid gets its own ‘Smartgauge’ interface to help you drive better and improve your economy, but the best way to do that would be to buy the Ford Mondeo 1.5 TDCi for five grand less.

Price when new: £27,545 On sale in the UK: Now Engine: 1999cc 4cyl petrol plus single electric motor, 184bhp @ 6000rpm, 128lb ft@4000rpm Transmission: CVT, front-wheel drive Performance: 0-62mph 9.2sec, 116mph,67.3mpg, 99g/km CO2 Weight / material: 1579kg/steel Dimensions (length/width/height in mm): 4871/1852/1482mm


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Taylors Ford

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SKEGNESS Taylors Ford Skegness Skegness. PE25 3QS

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Motoring review

September reassurance this technology brings will be welcomed by many. We’re also pleased to see that this family ’van doesn’t just sleep four people, it has four travel seats, too. Lift the two parallel settees in the front lounge and you will find two Aguti travel seats. They can be lifted up once you have folded the settee frame away against the wall.


The kitchen itself has an adequate workspace, thanks to the inclusion of an extension flap at the end by the rear lounge. And this whole worktop is impressively lit with two LED lights.

Relax in twin-lounge luxury in the Elddis Autoquest 195, a family-focused four-berth with four travel seats. Is it the great-value proposition it appears?

Overview It is no surprise that Elddis has been angling its Autoquest range more and more at families, as, with prices starting only just north of £35,000, that is still the kind of price that young families can afford. For 2017, the big news for families was the launch of the Autoquest 196, a six-berth with the County Durham manufacturer’s first ever dropdown bed.

Kit-wise, you get a threeburner gas hob including a rapid burner, a rectangular sink and two mains sockets, with just enough space for a kettle. Underneath is a stack of four drawers between the 85-litre Dometic three-way fridge, with a removable freezer, and the oven and grill. There’s a small locker at the bottom of the stack and a pan locker under the oven. You also get a pair of overhead lockers containing a mug and crockery rack, plus a Daewoo microwave. But if you’re using the microwave you might find space a bit of a squeeze – the aisle is not the widest we have seen and the washroom door opens outwards.

The range as a whole has been made more comfortable and easier to drive with the introduction of a low-line Peugeot Boxer chassis, bringing the Autoquest into line with the other two ranges of Elddis motorhomes. But if you don’t feel your family needs six berths, how about the 195? It has everything the 196 has, minus the dropdown bed. Which means more headroom in the lounge. On the outside, Elddis has sought to alleviate the idea that this vehicle is just a large white box by including relatively discreet decals that are in line with the sleek flow of the Peugeot cab. Under the bonnet, there’s a 2.0-litre, 130bhp, Euro 6-compliant turbodiesel engine. In addition, our test ’van was fitted with a rear-view camera (a £320 option) – the 195 does have a window on its back panel, but the


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Lounging & dining

One of the things that makes the Elddis Autoquest 195 a great family motorhome is that it has two lounges, one at the front and one at the rear. Let’s start with the former. The absence of a dropdown bed makes the front lounge area feel more spacious. But although there is a rooflight, there is no sunroof over the cab – it’s not even an optional extra. This means that the lounge isn’t quite as bright as it could be. However, a generous four spotlights and ambient lighting help to keep things bright in the evening. Another grumble is that the nearest blown air heating vent faces straight out the door from the washroom wall. Moving back, beyond the central kitchen and the washroom, you’ll find the rear lounge. It is usefully served by three large windows that let the light flood in. Our test ’van has parallel settees and a central chest back here, but for £210 you can have a rear U-shaped lounge, which some buyers might like to consider. With corner cushions, four spotlights and ambient lighting, this should be a perfect adult refuge. Especially as there is a second TV bracket here (in addition to the one in the front lounge) that folds away into a space by the overhead locker. It’s just a shame the absence of a partition here means you might have to engage in a volume battle with the kids. However, unlike the front lounge, the rear area has a well-positioned heating vent, so should be a very comfy place to spend time. Both lounges in this Elddis motorhome feel warm thanks to the honey tone of the woodwork and the soft grey furnishings. And, while it is stored in the wardrobe at the rear, the lightweight table fits well in either lounge. But as there is a step up to the front lounge from the kitchen, you might be more inclined to keep the table at the rear, so that the cook isn’t required to remember that fact every time they serve dinner.


There are two double beds in the Elddis Autoquest 195. Either use the two pull-out slatted platforms to make a double at the front, or roll out the slats down the centre of the rear lounge to make up the double there. In both cases, the Ozio mattresses are comfortable enough to disguise what can be considerable differences in the

levels of support offered by the two make-up systems. Only the rear lounge settees are long enough to be made up into single beds, and even then they are only six-foot long. One other point to note is that even with the front double bed made up, there is still just enough space left on the offside settee to make a perching point if someone wants to make an early morning cuppa.


From the outside, the Autoquest 195’s washroom looks long enough to include a separate shower cubicle, particularly as there is space enough to include a large mirror left of the door– a welcome and thoughtful inclusion. However, it’s the circular loo that rests at the far end as you enter, with the shower tray left to take up space in the washroom proper. It is encumbered by a wheelarch, and has only one drain hole. But at least you get a separate tap for the shower, as well as a rack for bottles of shower gel and shampoo. You also get a fashionable salad bowl basin with a wellproportioned mirror above it, and a wooden locker above the loo. Little, good-to-see extras inside this washroom include a towel rail and a toilet roll holder, while the room is well lit with a screened rooflight.

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Top tips

Better recycling over all the clean materials and potentially ruining the whole load. In both cases, useful recycling material has been contaminated, wasting both your time and valuable resources.

How you can help:

Please throw all food waste, including food-related paper or cardboard items, in the rubbish bin – not the recycling. Rinse recyclable items such as milk containers, tin cans and plastic trays to get rid of any leftover food.

Plastic bags

Sometimes residents put their recycling in plastic bags before dropping it in the recycling bin. Unfortunately, the bags then have to be removed by hand, adding to the cost for taxpayers.

How you can help: Lincolnshire residents make a big effort to recycle but sometimes put the wrong things in by mistake. Thousands of tonnes of recycling in Lincolnshire have to be thrown away every year. The problem is the contamination of recycling by non-recyclable waste – and food and plastic bags are the main culprits. Just one dirty pizza box or unemptied milk carton in the recycling can ruin an entire lorryload of otherwise perfectly good items. Plastic bags can also cause problems and add to the overall cost of the process. Thankfully, there are a few simple tips that could save all that recycling from being wasted – as well as a lot of taxpayers’ money!

Your food waste

Perhaps you’ve had a party and want to recycle food-related items like used paper plates, napkins and towels. Or maybe you’re wondering what to do with an empty pizza box that has a bit of food left on the bottom. Those things can’t do any harm, can they? Yes! The grease from the food could ruin a whole batch of paper and cardboard as it’s being recycled. Another common problem is people putting unemptied milk containers – whether paper cartons or plastic bottles in their recycling. When it reaches a bin lorry, the container will be crushed and then burst open, sending spoilt milk


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Please put your loose recycling straight in the recycling bin. The


Spend now, save later cause a 12% loss in heating efficiency. Shower heads, toilets, taps, pipes, radiators, boilers, kettles, dishwashers and washing machines will all need more frequent repair and replacement, not to mention the cost of lime scale removers for appliances, sinks and toilets, and the greater quantities of detergent, shampoo, shower gel, washing up liquid and toilet cleaner required. Economy: British water estimates that a water softener could save the average 4 person household around £200 a year. Ecology: Softened water can remove existing scale deposits over time in heating systems. Fewer chemicals and less energy are used, and appliances will need less frequent repair or replacement.

Solar Panels

These days, we’re all being urged to return to ‘make do and mend’ to reduce, reuse and recycle because it’s economical and ‘green’. But sometimes this can be a false economy - and false ecology, too. Some things may be worth replacing or investing in.


Ever hung on too long to a car that eventually cost more in total repairs than it did to buy? Buying a new (or even relatively new!) car is expensive, but in the long run it may save you money - depending on what car you buy.

Economy: A new car should be more fuel efficient, saving you money on petrol or diesel costs. Treat it well and it shouldn’t need major maintenance for years, plus a brand new car won’t need an MOT until it’s three years old.

Ecology: Greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions mean newer cars tend to be greener.


Once again we can hang onto boilers for too long and they can be expensive to repair, particularly if you need to call someone out overnight or during a holiday. Maintenance contracts aren’t always cheap either.

The government’s FIT (feed-in tariff) scheme offers 20 years of guaranteed, tax-free, index-linked payments to households that produce their own electricity from renewable technologies. To make the biggest saving, use as many appliances as possible in the daytime when generating your own power.

Economy: You’re paid for every kilowatt of energy you create, and every kilowatt you don’t use, which feeds back into the National Grid; and of course the bills from the supplier will drop dramatically too (solar panels create about two thirds of the energy necessary for a family of four). On average, installation costs around £7000 and you may need to replace the inverter, which links the panels to your domestic supply, once every 20 years. It takes around 10-12 years to get back the cost of the installation. Bear in mind that the FIT has dropped dramatically over the past few years, but then installation costs are dropping too. Ecology: Your household will be producing renewable energy and none will be wasted, as it’s fed back into the Grid when unused. Always research any major purchase to ensure you get the best deal. By Alison Runham

Economy: Boilers account for around 55% of your energy costs; replacing your old one with an A-rated condensing boiler and modern heating controls will ensure your home and water are warm when needed but aren’t wasting energy when not, and could save you up to £305 a year on energy bills. Ecology: A new boiler will reduce your energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.

Water Softeners

About 60% of UK households have hard water that candamage and lessen the efficiency of appliances and heating systems; just 1.6mm of scale build-up can To advertise text ADVERT to: 07868 433 225


Your Horoscopes

September ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

There could be a few niggles ahead as you try to keep a healthy work/life balance. You risk struggling to keep yourself from flying off the handle with work colleagues who lack your conviction. In your frustration, you may be inclined to snap at those closest to you. This horoscope month could prove physically, mentally and psychologically draining, so try to keep a clear and cool head. Avoid heated and impulsive emotional reactions to events beyond your control.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

You will feel more like yourself this month because your stress levels will have reduced. You could be inclined to embark on a strict diet where you are promised results very quickly. Don’t be too easily fooled. With a sensible regime and regular exercise, you can easily achieve your desired results. Your family and friends may come to you for advice. Be prepared to offer them your wisdom and life experience, but don’t be surprised if they do not follow your way of thinking completely.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

You will seem more energetic this month and ready to explore new horizons. Travel is forecast, on both the work front as well as the home front. You might become interested in a job relocation opportunity which suddenly arises. It is an excellent month to look at your diet and cut down on the junk food and fizzy drinks. Keep a close eye on your sugar levels and do your best to ensure that they remain at a reasonable level.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

This is another very positive month for the crab star sign and you will find encouragement all around. People will want you to start a new business to show off your expertise. There will be many persuasive people who feel they can gain from following your lead. You have built quite a reputation around you and others will seek you out for advice. There could be news of a pregnancy in your family circle and you may even fall pregnant yourself if female, or father a child if you are male.

LEO (July 23- August 22)

Wow! What a lucky 30-day period for Leo! Now is the time to preen yourself and take centre stage. Get your hair done, buy yourself some new clothes and dedicate this month to making yourself look fabulous. Time will fly by like a whirlwind and you may feel that you don’t quite know what’s hit you. It’s a time for success and positive outcomes. Don’t be afraid to splash out... you can easily afford it. Enjoy!

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

You will be celebrating your finances, since all your investments are doing well and you have nothing to worry about. Your monetary income remains steady and predictable and you will be able to see how your past financial planning has paid dividends. You may feel an increase in your psychic awareness and innate psychic abilities. Don’t be afraid to tap into your sense of knowingness.


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Find out what’s in the stars for you this month

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

An analysis of your monthly indicators for September reveal that you will be mentally alert and switched on to life in general over this period. You will find life invigorating and challenges in work will excite you and make you want to stand out from the crowd. Your voice will be heard by senior people and your talents and creativity will be noted. Be prepared for the reactions of some of those around you - some may exhibit signs of jealousy.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

There could be a serious flirtation going on at work this month. Certainly, your heart will be fluttering and there will be butterflies in your stomach. You may toy with the idea of starting an affair. The magnetism of one person will be very strong and equally hard to resist. Passions will run high and you will feel on top of the world. Nevertheless, it would be strongly advisable to exercise caution. Fools rush in, and heading down this route could have serious long-term repercussions.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

This is a month for relaxing and taking life easy. If you haven’t thought of a holiday, a last-minute getaway would do you the world of good. You may suddenly feel tired or on the point of exhaustion, so there has never been a better time to take time out. The money will flow easily this month and you will have plenty to spend on the things you enjoy. Don’t hold back - there’s really no need.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

This is a good time to take stock of your finances. You may have overspent in the last couple of weeks, which means you have little rainy day money. If you take the time to plan your spending more carefully, you could be surprised by how much you can save by simply sticking to a plan. Never go shopping without a list and always stick to it. Exercising a little caution now could prevent a lot of trouble later in the year.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

You will be very busy with stuff, sorting through your own things as well as those of other people, during this calendar month. You might have dealings with certain humanitarian causes where your past efforts will be recognised and rewarded. You could also be offered a leadership role, an award, a promotion or a raise. In any event, you will certainly gain public recognition for past achievements.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

You could encounter some rather unexpected changes to your career path. Out of the blue you might be offered a new position. It will not be one you have applied for so it might come as a bit of a shock. The money is good - so go for it! If your love-life has been lacking lustre then this is the month when there will be fireworks again and you will feel great.

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