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Show-Me State Games Volunteer Banquet Every fall at the Volunteer Appreciation Event, the Show-Me State Games gives awards to several outstanding volunteers and businesses/ groups. Two businesses won the 2014 Volunteers traveling trophies. Largest percentage of employees/members who volunteer: Clark’s Gym. Most volunteer hours worked by business/group: IBM. This is the third consecutive year IBM has won, so they will keep the trophy this year! Congrats and a huge thank-you. 2014 Show-Me State Games Volunteers of the Year include Male Volunteer of the Year: Christian Cepel; Female Volunteer of the Year: Stacy Furkin. 2014 Missouri State Senior Games Volunteers of the Year included Female Volunteer of the Year: Annette Rogers. 2014 Narcy Trass Volunteer Hall of Honor Inductee: Chad Bass.

Caye and Jerry Dubes

Jennifer Shear and Chad Bass

Standing from left to right is Andrew Brandt, Kim Jackson, William Sparkes, Cindy McGee, Steve Bohn, and sitting is Jody Goetz and Darrel Goetz

Tom and Andrea Allen



Mary Ann Wilson, Braedon, Stephanie and Ashton Hunt

Steve Bohn, Stacy Furkin, Chad Bass, Cindy Garcia, Christian Cepel, Bill Clark, Annette Rogers

Gary Fox, Marlowe Schlege, Pat Fox, Mary Dewey, Ann Braistad

Ruth, Lary and Galen Wittenberger PHOTOS BY EMILY LORENZ

Inside Columbia Magazine November Issue  
Inside Columbia Magazine November Issue