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Independent News | December 8, 2011 | Volume 12 | Number 47 |


publisher & editor Rick Outzen production manager Joani Delezen art director Samantha Crooke administration/ staff writer Jennie McKeon


contributing writers Bradley “B.J.” Davis, Jr., Joani Delezen, Hana Frenette, Ashley Hardaway, Rob “Bubbs” Harris, Brett Hutchins, Chelsa Jillard, Sarah McCartan, Jeremy Morrison, Kate Peterson, Scott Satterwhite, Chuck Shepherd sales JoAnn Vanfleteren



winners & losers Bob Cole

Malcolm Thomas



MALCOLM THOMAS The Escambia County Superintendent of Schools has apparently seen the light and is sounding like he may take Lincoln Park Elementary off death row and not close the school that serves primarily African-American families. The school district has had its student population continually shrink over the past decade. It has been easier to close schools like Lincoln Park than for the administration to improve them. Thomas will announce his final decision on the school soon.

BOB COLE It’s never good when the FBI


cilperson and chair of the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency had to sit through two hours of her peers questioning her actions in regard to her hiring of outside counsel without their approval and the drafting of an alternative interlocal agreement with Mayor Ashton Hayward without any board votes on what should be included in the draft. In the end, the board absolved her “sins,” but it fired the attorney and rejected even discussing the draft.

and IRS come knocking on the doors of your home and business. The Santa Rosa County Commissioner appears to be caught up in a federal grand jury investigation of the privately-run Blackwater state prison and other county land deals. Sources are saying that the raid on his home and business are just the beginning of what could be more raids and arrests that could include current and former county commissioners.

MEGAN PRATT The Pensacola city coun-

Pensacola psychologist, author, speaker and recording artist has received his third and fourth Grammy nominations. His third album, “Gaia,” was DeMaria’s third album to top the New Age Chart. It then went on to be nominated for four Zone Music Awards in February 2011 and then went on to win Best World Music Album of 2010 and garnered the top honor of Album of the Year across all categories. DeMaria composed the music for “Gaia” during the Gulf Oil Spill and a portion of proceeds go to support wildlife recovery.

HERMAN CAIN The Republican presidential hopeful suspended his campaign on Saturday, Dec. 3. Cain, who appeared to be the favorite of Florida Republicans, spent much of November defending himself against sexual harassment claims. His businessman’s approach to issues and lack of elective experience appealed to voters weary of career politicians, and he wasn’t Mormon, which appears to be the chief complaint against front-runner Mitt Romney.

PENSACOLA SPORTS The University of

West Florida and the Pensacola Sports Association hosted the 2011 NCAA Division II Soccer Championships this past week. Our area was mentioned in sports sections around the nation. While in Pensacola for the NCAA Championships, the student-athletes volunteered their time at the Manna Food Bank.

Have You Been



We’ve got something for both!

Shop for the Benefit of the Community and the Planet

• Natural, clean beauty products • Made in the USA house wares • Local farmers’ produce baskets • Organic whole foods

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Ever’man Natural Foods Co-op

315 West Garden Street • Downtown Pensacola 850-438-0402 • December 8, 2011

Voted Best Place To Buy An Engagement Ring 3



by Rick Outzen


Downtown Pensacola with onsite parking approx 9 spaces -North Hill just North of Cervantes and Palafox - Corner location has approx. 3000 sqft w/7 private offices, kitchen, work area, break room and 3 baths. Full service lease includes water, electric, sewer, gas, janitorial including lawn service.Parking included. Completely renovated in 2008 to include paverstone parking. Beautiful hardwood floors, high ceilings, park view. Nice floor plan with lots of original woodwork and fireplaces. Historical features have been preserved. MLS#: 411739 • Rate: $625,000

Cheryl Young Cell (850) 712-4742

Licensed in Florida & Alabama








Watching a Pensacola City Council meeting is a painful experience. We’re told that democracy can be messy, but the city fathers and mothers have taken messy to a new level. The most recent demonstration of how out of whack the group can get is the botched handling of the interlocal agreement by the Community Redevelopment Agency. An outside attorney was hired, expenses incurred and an alternative agreement drafted with no votes by the board. It wasn’t until this paper began making public record requests were the oversights discovered. The CRA took two hours to figure out how to rectify the situation and keep the CRA chairperson from losing her council seat. Although several council members have served multiple terms, it appears none of them understand how to serve on the Council or the basics of Robert’s Rules of Order. Few motions are made. Too much is done by general consensus. Maybe the Council became too dependent on the city staff under the old form of government. When Ashton Hayward got elected in 2010 and began making changes, the Council lost its bearings. And who did the council members turn to help them find their way? The very staff that Hayward ran against and

had opposed the new city charter two years earlier. Instead of working with the Mayor’s office, the old staff helped foster conflict and poorly advised the Council. When the City Council president asked for help on how to do the Council agenda, former City Manager Al Coby advised her. Conflict arose when the President created a process that had her approving Mayor Hayward’s agenda items before they were placed before Council. It wasn’t until July or August before that was resolved. When the City Council began its illfated attempt to hire its own executive, who guided them through that process? Former HR Director Mary Ann Stalcup. And who was the city staff person that directed the CRA chairperson to execute a contract with outside counsel without board approval? Former CRA Administrator Becky Bray. Now it’s difficult to tell if these former city employees deliberately sabotaged the Council or they were just telling the members what they thought they wanted to hear. However, the end result has been the Council has lost the public’s confidence. Fortunately, a new year is on the horizon. Most of the “old guard” at city hall has left, but the question remains—will the Council learn from its mistakes? {in}

The question remains—will the Council learn from its mistakes?

Thank you for voting us as the “Best Place to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth” Also chosen as runner-up in the following categories: Best Bakery, Best Cake Shop, Best Desserts and Best Vegetarian/ Vegan Cuisine (Vegan Cupcakes) Also located in Cordova Mall for the Holiday Season 707-A E. Cervantes Street, Pensacola, FL 32501 • (850) 466-3363 Find us on Facebook / Oh-Snap-Cupcakes

Photography by Michelle Doering

New Year’s Eve downtown at Jackson’s R E S E R V E Y O U R TA B L E TO D AY !

There will be two seatings in the President’s Room, 7 and 9 p.m., featuring a fixed-price, three-course menu, with bottomless champagne. Favors and complimentary valet services are included in each of the seatings at $125 per person. We will also be offering dinner reservations in the Governor’s Room with full service from our new fall/winter menu beginning at 5 p.m.

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N Yr’s e 4-  !


SEAFOOD | STEAKS | COCKTAILS | SUSHI | EVENTS | HAPPY HOUR | SUNDAY SUPPER | BRUNCH | WINE | WATERFRONT DINING Chef-selected 4-course menu with wine pairings. Two seatings: 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. $100 per person. Free parking. Call Melissa or Bianca at 850.433.9450 for reservations. (Price does not include tax or gratuity.) FISH HOUS E: (850) 470-0003, O PE N DA ILY AT 11 A.M. ¡ ATLA S OY S TE R H O U S E: (850) 437-1961, O P E N M O N.– S AT. 5 P.M., S U N. 11 A.M. ¡ 600 S. BARRAC K S S T. ¡ C REDIT CARDS OK

December 8, 2011


Searching for Closure


Raymond Reese clears the shroud of brush from a headstone at Magnolia Cemetery in Pensacola. / photo by Jeremy Morrison

The Tangled Life of Magnolia Cemetery By Jeremy Morrison The life of a cemetery isn’t always as sure as the souls who lay their bodies down in its ground. “ Walk right there,” Raymond Reese said, pointing out a soft spot in the earth. “That’s a grave. There’s graves all over here like this.”

Taking wide, deliberate steps, Reese waded through brush and briars. Resting in a tangle of growth, the cemetery is receding into nature and time. Kneeling down to clear the brush, Reese revealed near-hundred-year-old headstones. He pointed out unmarked plots of the poor and a small circular clearing he recently thinned for a visitor. “She was crying, she said ‘I’m trying to go back there and clean my mama’s grave, but I’m scared of snakes,” Reese explained. “People just don’t give a damn about the dead.” Continuing across the cemetery, the ground suddenly untangles. The grass is trim and thorns no longer threaten the

path. This is the portion that borders Reese’s backyard. “It takes me 30 minutes to clean,” he said. “I’ve been cutting behind that wall for twenty-something damn years.” When Reese moved into this Pensacola neighborhood in the mid-1970s, Magnolia Cemetery was still open. It closed shortly thereafter when the it ran out of available space. Located on the corner of Brainard and A streets, the cemetery holds a special place within Pensacola’s African American community. From the late 1800s until well into last century, Magnolia was the only place in the city where black people could be buried.

Grand Reserve Cigar & Smoke Shop Holiday Gift Ideas: Premium Cigars Accessories Largest Humidor Best Selection In Pensacola

210 S. Palafox Place (850) 429-0078 66

Chicken Fingerz, Wings, Zalads® and more. K i d s N i g h t Tu e s d a y s a n d T h u r s d a y s Catering Available

1451 Tiger Park Lane • Gulf Breeze 850.932.7289 2640 Creighton Rd. • Pensacola 850.477.0025 © 2008 Zaxby’s Franchising, Inc. “Zaxby’s” and “Zalads” are registered trademarks of Zaxby’s Franchising, Inc.

“There’s not a black in Pensacola— originally from Pensacola—who doesn’t have a family member here,” Reese said. Aside from small sections that abut the properties of helpful homeowners, the cemetery has in recent years been left to the mercies of the land. Now, cracked and cavedin tombs lie lonely in a forgotten jungle. “It’s a mess, I tell you, man,” Reese said. Next to the cemetery, in Reese’s backyard, is a small pink garden shed. Some old Ashton Hayward-for-mayor signs lie inside. Reese is active in local politics—“Ashton wouldn’t never got in there if it wasn’t for my black ass”—and has been trying to get the city to take a role in cleaning up the cemetery. The Mayor hears from him regularly. “I shouldn’t have to be doing this,” Reese said, motioning toward his cleared patch of cemetery. “I told Ashton Monday, it’s a damn shame I have to be doing this. You know Ashton ain’t gonna say too damn much—‘I’m working on it,’ or some s— like that.” Reese’s mission for a clean cemetery is stronger than any political tie. Former city councilwoman Jewell Canada Wynn found that out when she came looking for his support during her re-election campaign. “She comes knocking on my door. I said, ‘What you coming up here for?’” Reese recalled, explaining how he feels the councilwoman’s opponent, Brian Spencer, has also failed to deal with the issue of the cemetery since winning a City Council seat. “He squawked one damn time and I ain’t heard nothing since.” Spencer, whose district the cemetery lies in, is aware of the problem. He just doesn’t have a quick solution. Traditionally, the city cites overgrown properties with code-enforcement notices. But there are currently no notices filed against the cemetery. “Cemeteries are different situations,” said Steve Wineki, with the city’s code enforcement department. “You know, who owns the cemeteries themselves?” That is the haunting question with Magnolia. Who owns it? “In this case, the property owners of record are Talbot Chapel AME Church and the A.M.E. Zion Burial Association, and they are responsible for the upkeep of these parcels,” said Travis Peterson, the Mayor’s spokesman. But, if it were that simple, the city would probably have a stack of notices filed against the property owners. And it doesn’t. “I think that some title searches need to be done to clearly define the ownership of these properties,” Spencer said. Escambia County lists the cemetery— a long rectangular lot—as two separate parcels. The northern parcel is listed as belonging to A.M.E. Zion Burial Association,

from the blog December 8, 2011

and the southern parcel is listed as belonging to Cemetery Talbert Chapel. There is no additional sales data on either parcel. “We don’t have any information on there because it’s so old,” said Vanessa Whitman, down at the Escambia County Property Appraiser’s office. She suggested a trip to the county records department might be in order. “I’ve been down there a couple of times,” Whitman said. “It really is cool— goes all the way back to the 1800s.”

“People just don’t give a damn about the dead.” Raymond Reese Diving deeper than recent history requires venturing into the records department’s mountain of microfiche and miles of bound volumes. Everything is yellow with age and smells like a library. The county records department is a floor-to-ceiling maze of information. But that maze didn’t reveal many answers about the cemetery. The only mention of Magnolia during recent past was when the city passed an ordinance in February 1990 to abandon a portion of road that cuts through the middle of the cemetery. Other than that, the only reference is in a thick binder listing land transactions from the late 1800s. Written in ornate script in a beautiful old hardback on huge parchment-esque pages are the details of the cemetery’s birth. On Oct. 22, 1897, Margaret E. King deeded the property to the A.M.E. Zion B. Assn. She had apparently done this originally in 1896, but that deed had been lost and needed replacing. A.M.E. Zion—African Methodist Episcopal—is a national organization. Locally, a collective of 11 churches belong to the Florida branch, with that collective also part of a regional Alabama-Florida group. Rev. James French heads the Florida collective and also is pastor at the local Houser Memorial Church. As far as he’s concerned, the churches do not own Magnolia Cemetery. “That’s a question up for discussion now,” French said. “The members of my conference have indicated to me that they don’t think we own it.” The conference has coordinated cleanups in recent years, but those efforts were apparently charitable and not performed out of legal obligation. They have now stepped away from the property until the matter is settled.

“I’ll be president before this clown!”—John Peacock

“We are in the process of securing a title lawyer,” French said. There is still an A.M.E. Zion Burial Association. French heads its board. But the minister argues that the current body is completely different than the A.M.E. Burial Association of years past, specifically the one listed as owner of the cemetery. “As far as we can see it, it’s just been abandoned property,” French said. Although the cemetery is divided into two parcels, with two separate owners listed, both owners list the same Cantonment address. The house at that address is listed as belonging to Houser Memorial. According to Nathan Bass, chairman of Talbot Chapel’s board of trustees, the Florida conference of A.M.E. Zion took over caring for the entire cemetery a few years back. It was apparently a decision handed down from higher up in the organization. Bass sits on the burial association and said the group was currently in the process of untangling ownership issues. “That’s what Frenchy’s suppose to be getting straight,” Bass said. “They’ve been saying this here—it’s been going on about two years—they’ve been researching it to see who actually owns the cemetery.” The Talbot chairman was under the impression that A.M.E. Zion would be caring for the cemetery until ownership was resolved. “They’re supposed to be maintaining it until they figure out who it belongs to,” Bass said. “It looks pretty rough to me.” Reese has given up on church officials. He’s hoping the city will step in. And while nature continues to reclaim the cemetery and A.M.E. Zion attempts to untangle the grounds’ roots, local officials point to contested ownership records and wait out the mystery. “You know, thank God for Raymond Reese,” said Lumon May, who is running for the District 3 seat on the Escambia County Commission. May recently stopped by Magnolia Cemetery to speak with Reese about the land. If elected, this issue—nestled in a District 3 neighborhood—would fall into May’s lap. “I think it’ll be cleaned up before I’m ever elected,” the young hopeful said, surveying the dense cemetery. “I hope so.” If not, he’ll probably be hearing from Reese. “He ain’t gonna pull no hanky-panky,” Reese said. “Lumon’s gonna do right cause I’m gonna be on top of his butt.” For now, Reese will continue pressing his case with the current bench of officials. He’s already planning another visit to the Mayor’s office. “I hope I don’t have no damn heart attack,” Reese said, “but I’m gonna wear their ass out.” {in}

“What do you say when you rob a bank in Pensacola? ‘I’m going to Sam’s Fun City, in a cab!’”—Betty McAlpin


6pm - ‘til Jazz & Margaritas by the Carafe with the Erma Granat Trio


Cheese with that Wine? complimentary cheese & $3 wine Music @ 5 by Hog Van Dog

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Fridays: Vocalist Michelle West Saturdays: Al Martin with Kathy Lyon/ Holly Shelton

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10:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. Open Seven Days A Week

Pet Friendly Patio

201 South Jefferson St. Downtown Pensacola 429-9655

“Pensacola: A little town by the sea with a big discrimination problem.”—Shirley Pfister

Rick’s Blog has been quoted in the New York Times, Newsweek and on dozens of websites, including The Daily Beast. Read it to find out the real story behind the news. Visit 7




all the political news and gossip fit to print

COLE CIRCUS Why are the feds inves-

tigating Santa Rosa County Commissioner Bob Cole? Shady land transactions? Lifeguard Ambulance’s contract? Maybe something to do with the Blackwater prison in Milton? Or maybe it’s the shenanigans at Bob Cole’s Import Automotive Professionals. According to law enforcement reports obtained by the IN, there’s been trouble down at the Pensacola shop. In May 2009, Cole reported a possible fraud involving General Manager Christy Matula. He told sheriff investigators in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties that Matula, and her husband David, had made unauthorized charges on the company credit card, and may have stolen money and vehicles.


on the payroll, although they didn’t really work “They threw so much out there, I The four-month investigation ended didn’t know what they were focused on,” with no charges filed after Escambia Coun- there. Why is Bob Cole being investigated by the Cole recently told the Northwest Florida ty Sheriff’s Office determined the dispute FBI and the IRS? Apparently, not even Bob Daily News. {in} was more civil than criminal. However, the Cole knows. did, reveal some questionable business practices on Cole’s part. The ECSO report suggests that Cole may have pocketed cash without reporting it as income, repaired vehicles with used parts while claiming they were new to the client and insurance companies, used business funds for personal expenses and made false claims to FEMA regarding hurricane damage. Through a series of interviews with employees at the auto repair business, investigators paint a portrait of a fast-and-loose, underthe-table operation run by an ego-maniac. “Since he became county commissioner, he started changing and it was a beautiful place to work before then,” former mechanic Gilmore Hargrave told investigators. “Everything started to go to his head.” The report states that the business was in poor financial shape photo by Jeremy Morrison to the point that employees had to hold their payroll checks and the ▲WAITING FOR THE BUS Area transit workers will make yet another trip to the Escambia garage was cut off by local auto County Commission chambers Thursday, Dec. 8 as their workplace drama rolls on. Workers parts’ vendors due to outstandpreviously requested that the county send Veolia Transportation packing and take over maning balances. Employees also told agement of the local transit system. visit for full story investigators that Cole’s family was

And let us guess—you haven’t even started your shopping yet, have you? Fear not, shopping procrastinators. The IN’s elves (and by elves we mean our Publisher Rick, Production Manager Joani, Art Director Samantha and Staff Writer/Office Manager Jennie) have December 8, 2011

decided to help you out. We made our list (and yes, some of us really did check it twice) and set out on a shopping mission: to find the coolest, most unique, thoughtful and creative Christmas gifts available at local retailers. We tried to think outside the box for those hard to shop for people, so don’t be

surprised when you see a lot of non-traditional ideas ahead. Socks and fruitcakes didn’t make the cut—sorry. Think more like concert tickets, t-shirts from your favorite bars and art classes. From the sports fan, to the girly girl, to the HGTV addict, we covered every giftgiving base we could think of. And we did

it all locally. You see, at the IN, we think supporting small businesses is one the best ways to get into the holiday spirit. So read up, get some ideas and get ready to tackle your own Christmas list—P’cola style of course.

Happy shopping! 9

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1. Le Creuset Cookware, Distinctive Kitchens; 2. BabyLegs leg warmers and tutu, Ty and KC; 3. Areaware dog pillow, Urban Objects; 4. “A Very She & Him Christmas,” Revolver Records; 5. The Elf on the Shelf, Sugarbabies

For the foodie

Distinctive Kitchens could satisfy any foodie’s wish list. For people who actually enjoy cooking, a DK gift certificate for kitchen gadgets and accessories would go a long way. Or if you have an aspiring foodie on your list, maybe try signing them up for one of their hands on cooking classes. Just make sure you include a new rule in the card—when they learn a fancy new dish, they must cook it for you. Distinctive Kitchens, 29 & 30 S. Palafox, (JM)

For your little princess

Objects for this person—trust us. This small shop on 9th Ave. is jam packed with big style. They’ve got modern, creatively designed lightning, furniture and more quirky accessories and gift items than you’ll find anywhere else in town. They’ve got something no matter what your price range—from larger ticket times like Blu Dot furniture, to ridiculously cool pillows and figurines from Areaware and imm Living and even some fun Fred Flare stocking stuffers under $10. Urban Objects, 500 N. 9th Ave., (JD)

Spark her already overactive imagination, and bring out her inner princess/ballerina/fairy by picking up a one of a kind tutu from Ty and KC. You can be sure to find her favorite color from their extensive collection, and bonus - they also double as some inspiration for you photo-happy moms out there. Add a custom hair bow for extra cuteness. Their red and white striped BabyLegs leg warmers make the perfect Christmasy unisex baby gift. After the holidays, they also pay some great visual homage to the cute red and white striped outfitted baby in the 80s movie classic, “Labyrinth.” Ty & KC, 823 E. Gadsden St. (SC)

For the old school music lover

For your uber cool friend who has everything

For the creative couple

Everybody has at least one of these people on their lists, right? And they’re always hard to shop for. This year make your life easier and just go to Urban 010 1

If you’ve got a vinyl collector to shop for, Revolver Records will make crossing them off your list easy. This downtown shop gets regular shipments of new vinyl, so the selection is always fresh and changing. For the holidays, maybe you could try something like “A Very She & Him Christmas” from Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward—it’s festive and fun and actually a good record, especially by normal Christmas music standards. Revolver also has t-shirts, records players and new and used CDs, VHS and DVDs you can pick from. Revolver Records, 9 E. Gregory St. (JD)

Give the gift of an art date at It Takes Two Pottery Workshop at Belmont Arts & Cultural Center. It’s the perfect date night for the artistic lovebirds on your list, or family night for any artsy family that wants to learn

a new skill, get their hands dirty, and make some pottery. Wheel throwing not their thing? Try Dolce Vita where they can paint some pre-made pottery pieces, or check out Belmont’s other workshops like glass blowing, ceramic sculpture, and glass bead making. Belmont Arts & Cultural Center, 401 N. Reus St.,; Dolce Vita, 309 S. Reus St. (SC)

For your little elf

Start a holiday tradition for your little one by getting them their own personal Elf on the Shelf. Every night, each elf reports to Santa whether or not the child they are assigned to has been naughty or nice. The mischievous elf also likes to play hide and seek upon his return each morning. Because Santa only has a limited number of elf scouts to send out, you’d better hurry and get yours from Sugarbabies soon before they are gone. Sugarbabies, 848 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. (SC)

For the health nut

Give the health nut on your list a membership to the largest natural food store between New Orleans and Tallahassee. Each membership includes discounts on Ever’man’s cooking classes and educational seminars. Organic Wine Tasting anyone? Ever’man’s Natural Foods, 315 W. Garden St., (SC)

For the troops supporter

From Soldier to Soldier is based on the sales of a designer version of the survival brace-

lets worn by our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Susan Campbell Jewelry donates $25 from each sale to the non-profit Homes For Our Troops. Susan Campbell Jewelry, 32 S. Palafox, (RO)

For the cycling enthusiast

The bike gurus at Truly Spokin’ will help you find the perfect bike. Unlike most chain stores, they have test models you can try out. You can even test their mountain bikes off-road, to ensure you get a perfect cycle. Their CO2 tire inflation kit & rescue tool make for great stocking stuffers for diehard cyclists. They also have Peapod bike trailers and children’s bikes for the tiny tots on your list. Truly Spokin’, 6103 Tippin Ave., (SC)

For the local bar lover

Forget cheesy Pensacola memorabilia. Give something for people who actually live and party in this great city. We recommend t-shirts from one (or a few) of Pensacola’s idiosyncratic taverns, such as The Elbow Room, New York Nick’s, Hopjacks Pizza Kitchen & Taproom, Paddy O’Leary’s or Peg Leg Pete’s. (RO)

For any girl (or guy)

Yana Apothicaire has unique stationary, hand-made scarves and deliciously scented soaps. They also have surprising items such as Izola shower curtains and bathroom accessories, which are stylish and fun and extremely boy friendly. Yana Apothicaire, 518 N. 9th Ave. (JM)

9 7

     


6. imm Living Gnome juicer, Urban Objects; 7. From Soldier to Soldier bracelet, Susan Campbell Jewelry; 8. Bicycle, Truly Spokin’; 9. Izola shower curtain, Yana Apothicaire

For the girly girl

The only thing better than getting a manicure is getting a manicure that lasts for forever (and by forever, we mean up to two weeks without any chipping). Liz Thomas at Skin is the queen of gel manicures around town (and trust us, we’ve done our research on this topic). So if you’re even thinking about giving someone a gift certificate for a manicure, you should get it from her. Skin also has everything else the girly girl on your list could dream of—make up, spa services like facials and even clothes. Skin, 5043 Bayou Blvd., (JD)

For the adventurer

You can’t just give a boring old book or DVD to the adventurer on your list and hope they’ll be happy. So why not encourage


December 8, 2011

them to “tri” sailing? Captain Kirk at Condor Sailing offers daily tours and customized cruises on his amazing futuristic Condor 40 sailboat. We’re sure your adventurer will be more than happy to set sail and you’ll score points for thinking outside the box. (JD)

WUWF Public Media Presents

The Capitol Steps in Concert Saturday, Jan. 28, 7:30pm

Pensacola Saenger Theatre

For the friend in need of a new ‘do’ Treat your friend to a fabulous haircut at London W1. Don’t stop there—add a manicure and facial to the mix. The downtown salon also has Aveda products, which make great gifts as well. London W1, 120 S. Palafox (JM)

For the fitness nut

Does the fitness fan on your list need freeing from the gym? Break them out of the norm and give them and outdoor fitness experience. Fitness Onboard offers classes that combine stand up paddleboarding with boot camp, pilates and yoga. Another option is boot camp from Fixed on Fitness. They really pioneered the outdoor boot camp-style training in Pensacola. First boot camp of the new year starts Jan. 2. (RO)

Tickets on sale now! $40 (plus service charge); Call 800.745.3000 Anyone requiring special accommodation

More information at





14 15 13

10. Artwork, Painting With A Twist; 11. Bust vases, Dee McDavid Interiors; 12. West Paw sweaters, The Spotted Dog; 13. Intelligentsia coffee, The Leisure Club; 14. Hangout Music Fest tickets; 15. Vibram 5 Fingers, Intracoastal Outfitters

For the art lover

Since they already have an extensive collection of artwork by others, give them the gift of a painting class at Painting With A Twist so they can create their own masterpiece to deck their walls. To be extra nice, provide the twist by pairing this gift with a bottle of wine from Aragon Wine Market. Painting With A Twist, 4771 Bayou Blvd.,; Aragon Wine Market, 27 S. Ninth Ave., (SC)

For the HGTV addict

If you’ve got a home decor fan on your list, you should check out Dee McDavid Interiors in East Hill. They’ve got an amazing selection of furniture—including pieces from the Gus Modern line, which you won’t find anywhere else locally. They’ve also got plenty of decorative accessories and gift items like coffee table books, wall art, trays, candles and even these crazy cool bust vases we spotted on an episode of “Secrets from a Stylist” on HGTV months ago. 3000 N. 12th Ave., (JD)

For the coffee lover

The Leisure Club has you covered if you want to give the gift of good coffee this Christmas. They offer gift cards in any denomination you want, coffee by the pound, signature TLC mugs and they’ll even make you a custom gift basket if you shop early and ask nicely enough. The Leisure Club, 126 S. Palafox, (JD) 212 1

For the live music junkie

It really doesn’t get much better than giving the gift of live music. Unless of course you give the gift of A LOT of live music, which is exactly what you’d be doing if you bought the concert junkie on your list a ticket to this May’s Hangout Fest. Early bird ticket sales are still going on, so you’ll also save some cash if you shop early. (JD) Another option: Vinyl Music Hall also has gift certificates now available through the Vinyl Box Office or The 5 1/2 Bar. They come in $10 increments and are good towards any event ticket purchase. Why not give a gift that literally rocks? Vinyl Music Hall, 2 S. Palafox, (JD)

For the exotic foodie

Give the gift of learning to cook like a pro, Thai-style. Jasmine Fusion’s cooking classes will not only give your favorite foodie a cooking demonstration of a class menu of their choosing taught by owner & chef Pri Chan, but they will also leave with a take home meal of their own preparation. Afterwards, ensure that this is a gift that keeps on giving by asking them to demonstrate their new skills by cooking you some Thai yumminess. Jasmine Fusion, 119 E. Nine Mile Rd., (SC)

For the “player”

Need a creative gift for a fun loving friend who likes things like skee ball, booze and popcorn? Try this: get a roll

of quarters and make a coupon good for one night of playing at Play—Pensacola’s first “barcade.” Bonus points if you let the giftee win a game or two. Play, 16 S. Palafox, (JD)

For your pup

Treat your dog to organic treats from the Spotted Dog. They also carry reclaimed cotton sweaters from West Paw, so your pooch can be both cozy and stylish. If you really want to go all out, register for Painting With A Twist’s “Paint Your Pet” session on December 15th. Who says portrait paintings are just for presidents & royalty? The Spotted Dog Boutique and Bakery, 194 N. Palafox,; Painting With A Twist, 4771 Bayou Blvd. Suite C-11, paintingwithatwist. com/pensacola (SC)

For the fitness fanatic

Encourage your fast friends with a comfy pair of running shoes. Running Wild covers all things running—from apparel, to fitting shoes properly and even individual and group training like their popular My First 5K Class. Running Wild, 3012 Cervantes St., (JM)

For the cultured kids

For any art-lovers out there a Pensacola Museum of Art membership would be greatly appreciated all year long. Not only will you be doing good by supporting the arts, but your friends will reap benefits such as discounts on classes and free

admission. There’s a variety of membership levels to suit any budget. Pensacola Museum of Art, 407 S. Jefferson St., (JM)

For the funny guy or gal

Tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Saenger Theatre are at the top of many Christmas lists. Hearing the comedian live is a way better gift than “Seinfeld” DVDs. Tickets go on sale Friday, Dec. 9 at 10 a.m. Saenger Theatre, 118 S. Palafox, (JM)

For the outside lover

Since the days of beach weather are behind us, give the gift of warmth. Intracoastal Outfitters carries North Face and Patagonia jackets that are functional and fashionable. There’s also backpacks, sunglasses and Vibram 5 Fingers, yes the “toe shoes.” Is your outdoors lover a do-gooder? Opt for a pair of TOMS shoes, with every pair purchased the company sends a pair to a child without shoes. Intracoastal Outfitters, 701 E. Gregory St., (JM)

For the lotion hoarder

For anyone that’s tired of picking up the same Cucumber Melon gift set, check out Belle Ame for great-smelling goodies. There are plenty of holiday-themed items such as Vanilla Noel Mousse Sugar Scrub, Santa’s Cookies scented lotion, or the Snowball Bath Fizz. Belle Ame is a great place to find a gift for under $20. Belle Ame, 112 S. Palafox (JM)




18 16. Santa’s Cookies scented lotion, Belle Ame; 17. Ballet Pensacola season tickets; 18. Cupcake, Oh Snap; 19. The Art of Shaving Starter Kit, Don Alan’s; 20. Wine of the Month membership, Aragon Wine Market

For the dance fan

Give the gift of a year of ballet performances by buying season tickets to Ballet Pensacola. Refreshingly unconventional (seriously, did you see this year’s Dracula performance?), this is not your mama’s ballet, but your mama might love some tickets. Ballet Pensacola, 400 S. Jefferson St., (SC)

For the baby face

Don Alan’s has the Art of Shaving Starter Kit that has all the items to protect a baby face: pre-shave oil, shaving cream, shaving brush and after-shave balm. Get rid of the stubble and guarantee optimal shaving results. Don Alan’s, 401 S. Palafox, donalans. com (RO)

you’ll score bonus points for that too we’re sure. We’re fans of the “Hot Mama” which is a spicy chocolately treat, but for the holidays you can’t go wrong with classic red velvet or one of their signature holiday flavors like egg nog. 707-A E. Cervantes St., ohsnapcupcakes. com (JD) Nuts Over Toffee is another cool local option you have for satisfying the sweet tooth’s on your list. Gift boxes of their handmade delicious, buttery toffee come in quarter and half-pound sizes. Order online at (RO)


For the wine enthusiast

Can’t decide which wine to choose? Leave it to the experts. Treat your favorite wine enthusiast to a wine of the month membership from Aragon Wine Market. Each month, the pros at AWM will deliver a custom wine selection that is specifically geared towards the recipient’s flavor palette. Aragon Wine Market, 27 S. Ninth Ave., (SC)

For the “sweetie”

We know that giving sweet treats for Christmas isn’t really a new or fresh idea, but if you get creative with it, it could be. Instead of boxed chocolates or fruitcake, try cupcakes from Oh Snap. They’ve got a lot of unique flavors you can pick from and they look way cuter than your average cupcake, so December 8, 2011







21. Wheat necklace, Keep Away From Cats; 22. Initial necklace, Kim Jennings; 23. Joe’s Jeans, Indigeaux; 24. Lowepro Passport Sling, Pensacola Photo Supply; 25. Blue Wahoos cap and Ice Flyers mini player hockey stick; 26. Cosmos hair clip, Ribbons and Records at Indigeaux

For the collector

Giving an antique to your favorite collector can be a challenge, but the gift will remind the receiver of you throughout the year. The best spots to treasure hunt for unique antiques are two west Pensacola spots: Blue Moon Antique Mall and Garth’s Auction Gallery. Garth’s has an auction set for Dec. 9 that includes a New York Yankees jersey signed by Joe Dimaggio. Blue Moon Antique Mall, 3721 W. Navy Blvd.; Garth’s Auction Gallery, 3930 W. Navy Blvd. (RO)

For the shutterbug

Pensacola Photo Supply has the photographer on your list covered. Not only do they offer basic photography classes for the budding photographer, but they have a wide selection of lenses and camera bodies for the seasoned pro. No matter what level of photographer, you can’t go wrong with gifting them with an uber functional on-the-go camera bag, like the Lowepro Passport Sling. Pensacola Photo Supply, 410 E. Wright St., (SC)

For the sports fan

The Maritime Park will open April 5, but Pensacola’s Double A baseball team the Blue Wahoos already have swag on sale. Buy a cap online and show your team spirit early. And if you’re looking to really spoil somebody on your list, season tickets are also an option. (RO) Don’t forget about Pensacola’s hockey team. The Ice Flyers season is underway but you can still buy single game tickets and 7 game

414 1

flex packages. They’ve also got plenty jersey’s, t-shirts and collectibles for the hockey lover on your list. (JD)

For the sea lover

Jewelers Trade Shop has the Conch Pearls Collection, unique handcrafted jewelry that will light up her face when she opens your gift. These pearls are very rare, only one conch in 10,000 produces one. Jewelers Trade Shop, 26 S. Palafox, (RO)

For the stressed out friend

For that person in your life who deserves some pampering look no further than Still Waters Day & Medical Spa. If their extensive spa menu intimidates you, go for the gift card. Still Waters Day & Medical Spa, 20 N. Tarragona St., (JM)

tures a lot of glass beads and rosary style chains. Our personal favorite is the custom initial necklace with features a hand stamped charm and sparrow for added flair. (JD)

For the bestie

You cannot go wrong at Indigeaux. The Ribbons and Records accessories designed by local crafter/jewelry maker Lacey Berry are perfect for any vintage lover, especially the cloth placemat turned clutch. You can also pick up a unique dress for very fashionable friends or a comfy pair of Joe’s Jeans. Anything B.B. Dakota will keep you on the nice list all year long. Indigeaux Denim Bar & Boutique 122 S. Palafox, (JM)


For your jewelry loving friend

Shop locally and online? Yes, it ’s possible thanks to sites like Etsy. One of our favorite P ’Cola based Etsy sellers is Keep Away From Cats. This shop has some seriously cool jewelr y—a lot of which uses gorgeous flowing feathers and claws. The prices are reasonable, too—ranging from around $15-$30. We’re also fans of Kim Jennings shop on Etsy. Her vintage inspired jewelry


December 1, 2011






Kenneth Feinberg is not doing his job Now we have all learned,

and our local businesses are not getting adequate compensation. If your business lost money from the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it is time to get legal representation to fight for your rights.



Crawl December 23rd • Downtown • Pensacola, Florida

STARTs AT 6pm AT Seville

Call (850) 435-7116 or toll free 1-888-435-7001

w w w.l evin l aw. c o m






Find us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter @Pcolapubcrawl

Purchase Tickets at these locations

616 1

Tis the

Tues - Thurs - 5pm thru 9pm • Fri & Sat - 5pm thru 10pm

27 South Palafox Place • 850.469.9966


December 8, 2011

arts + entertainment a r t , f i l m , m u s i c , s ta g e , b o o k s a n d o t h e r s i g n s o f c i v i l i z a t i o n . . .

December Ain't No Joke

Jerry Seinfeld really is coming to Saenger in February. Tickets for the sure to sell out event go on sale this Friday (Dec. 9) at 10 a.m.

Who needs Christmas...

When you've got New Year’s Eve at the movie theaters? The star studded rom-com about everyone's favorite champagne soaked, partyhat wearing, holiday opens Friday (Dec. 9).

Ho Ho Hockey!

Nothing says "holidays" like watching guys on skates push a puck (and each other) around, right? The Ice Flyers are at home in the Hangar Friday night. Turn to page 21 for more.

Get Jaded

Jade of Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros is going to be at Vinyl Music Hall on Sunday (Dec. 11)

Throw Me Something Mister…

Clause! Don’t forget about the Downtown Christmas Parade—Saturday, Dec. 10 at 5:15 p.m.





850-346-7865 EAST HILL

unique & affordable Join us for Wine Tastings Every Thursday 5-7 p.m.

27 S. 9th Ave.

433-WINE or 433-9463

Barrancas Massage and Wellness Center Therapeutic Massage: Swedish • Deep Tissue Pre-Natal • Hot Stone Reflexology • Thai Yoga Lymphatic Balancing Medical Massage and much more

Gift Certificates Available 3460 Barrancas Avenue

(850) 912-6665

MM 27852






818 1


by Kate Peterson

Music, Motion and the Great Migration

Nearly a decade after the disbandment of his band Twothirtyeight, guitarist, singer and songwriter Chris Staples has packed up his belongings and is headed out on the road again doing what he loves, making music. The art of constantly creating is something that is so familiar to Staples it has become almost as effortless as breathing. As someone who has been songwriting since grade school, the ebb and flow of Staples’ artistry is both motivating and fascinating. During the time since his move from the Panhandle to the northwest several years back, Staples formed the band Discover America, has played and toured with the band Telekinesis and has managed to release two full-length solo albums. He has now decided there is no time like the present for a third., a virtual funding platform for artists, has been his method of choice for getting this upcoming album off

the ground, providing him with a unique way to connect with people and start a buzz. As he was packing up his apartment and his bags in time to hit the road, the IN was able to catch up with Staples on life, his album in progress and the journey that is his musical migration. This leg of the journey is in the form of a two-week migration tour, alongside another northwesterly solo act Gardening, Not Architecture. Although the migration tour is taking him throughout the country, this tour is one that will ultimately land him right here back at home. IN: How has living in a place like the northwest enhanced your creative process? CS: I think the biggest thing has been the Seattle library card I got when I first moved here. They have this huge library downtown with a whole music floor. Their limit of what you can check out is literally 100 things

Sometimes I write and record at the same at a time. I got really into early 1930s and time and that will be it. Not sure if that’s 1940s swing. I think having access to all of normal at all or not. I have never written on this music was pretty eye opening for me. It the road but this time I am going to try and expanded what I was listening to a lot. I don’t write everyday somehow. Basically my plan know if it’s expanded my writing, but I love is to get to Florida, unwind and spend all my listening to music as much as I do writing, time working on finishing this album. playing or performing it.   IN: And no label this time? IN: What have you found inspiring as of late? CS: No label at this time. I feel like labels are CS: I’ve been watching a lot of documentaimportant and can do a lot for you, but there ries. Wait, that sounds pretentious. Don’t put are so many resources available to indepenthat in there. I do enjoy a lot of jazz. I like the dent artists currently. It’s a good time to be spontaneity of it. I would never have thought doing it alone. I would be this in to it though. Also there is   this guy Cornelius who makes music for video Once Staples lands in Florida for the games who is also a producer. His stuff is really closing leg of his tour he will be playing a amazing and kinda spastic. He even records house show alongside additional local music water drops and pitches them into melodies. It acts. The show is to be reminiscent of a is novelty-awkward-funny music. so-called songwriter’s circle that happened   in Pace the last time Staples was here two IN: Are you still enjoying doing the solo Decembers ago. Staples will be here to stay thing musically right now? well into the first of the new year, finishing CS: Playing with a group is not a reality right writing and recording his new album, then now, but I really do love the collaborative hopefully setting back out on another tour. aspect of making music with people and From there, we will have to wait and see what you can do with three or four instruwhere the migration takes him. {in} ments. There was this time in Twothirtyeight when we were writing for our album “You Should Be Living” and practicing four to five days a week. Everything we were doing sounded like we were at a concert. I felt like it wasn’t even something I was doing. It went WHAT: Chris Staples and Gardening, Not over the edge into something else. Architecture, with Gio Lugo (Paloma), Heath I don’t get that feeling from playing Underwood (El Cantador) and more TBA music by myself. I would definitely WHEN: 8p.m., Saturday Dec.10 love to get to that point with other WHERE: 9 E. Strong St. musicians again. COST: $5   DETAILS: or IN: What point are you at with this new album as far as writing goes? CS: I have four songs finished.


Give the gift of fitness! Get a head start on ‘12 Join Now and Receive 3 Personal Training Sessions

100 S Alcaniz St. • 850.469.1144 email

444-4444 PENSACOLA KE0195 IN 1/8 horiz.indd 1

INJURY ATTORNEYS 12/3/09 3:13:45 PM


December 8, 2011



Livesic! Mu

Lowest Room Rates on the island! 1/2 price for locals on sunday


Coming Dec. 20th WATER MELON SLIM!


PENSACOLA STATE COLLEGE ART FACULTY EXHIBITION 8 a.m. through Dec 14. Anna Lamar Switzer Center for Visual Arts, Pensacola State College, 1000 College Blvd. Bldg. 15. 4842550 or A ROADTRIP THROUGH FLORIDA ARCHAEOLOGY 10 a.m. DARC, 207 E. Main St. 595-0050, ext. 107 or WOVEN & WRAPPED: KIMONOS, CLOTHING AND CULTURE OF EARLY 20TH CENTURY JAPAN 10 a.m. through Feb 12. Pensacola Museum of Art, 407 S. Jefferson St. 432-6247 or ‘IT’S 5 O’ CLOCK SOMEWHERE’ MARGARITA TASTING 2 p.m. Margaritaville Beach Hotel, 165 Fort Pickens Rd. Pensacola Beach, 916-9755 or WINE TASTING AT AWM 5 p.m. Aragon Wine Market, 27 S. 9th Ave. 433-9463 or

PMA LECTURE SERIES: WOMEN &WAR 6 p.m. Free. Pensacola Museum of Art, 407 S. Jefferson St. RSVP is requested 432-6247. HEAL THYSELF WITH NIELAH 6:30 p.m. $10 per session $35 a month. Gathering Awareness and Books Center 2737 N E. St. 366-2567or T-SHIRT NIGHT 7 p.m. Half-price drinks when you wear your Sandshaker t-shirt, Sandshaker Lougne, 731 Pensacola Beach, Blvd. Pensacola Beach, 932-2211 or COLLEGE DANCE NIGHT 9 p.m. Phineas Phogg’s at Seville Quarter, 130 E. Government St. 434-6211 or PHINEAS PHOGGETTES 10 p.m. Phineas Phogg’s at Seville Quarter, 130 E. Government St. 434-6211 or

visit for more events

21 Via De Luna | 850-932-2319 |

Are you expecting Uncle Fred, Aunt Paula and their 10 children for the holidays and have no where to put them? Reserve a house, town home or condominium on Pensacola Beach and while they are enjoying the beautiful sunsets in their private property, you can enjoy your peace of mind. Call Paradise Beach Homes today! (888) 860-0067 or visit our website

live music

SOUND MINDS AND AL MARTIN 5 p.m. Gregory Street Assembly Hall, 501 E. Gregory St. 607-8633 or

FREE TABLE TENNIS 6 p.m. Fricker Community Center, 901 N. E St. 791-3979 or

TARA LEIGH AND SOUND MINDS 7 p.m. Five Sisters Blues Café, 421 W. Belmont St. 912-4856 or

BOOK SIGNING WITH JOHN WEISMAN 6 p.m. Fish House 600 S. Barracks St. 470-0003 or

TIM SPENCER 8 p.m. Sandshaker Lounge, 731 Pensacola Beach Blvd. Pensacola Beach, 932-2211 or DJ MR LAO 8 p.m. Phineas Phogg’s at Seville Quarter, 130 E. Government St. 434-6211 or DUELING PIANOS 8 p.m. Rosie O’Grady’s at Seville Quarter, 130 E. Government St. 434-6211 or


PENSACOLA STATE COLLEGE ART FACULTY EXHIBITION 8 a.m. through Dec 14. Anna Lamar Switzer Center for Visual Arts, Pensacola State College, 1000 College Blvd., Bldg. 15. 4842550 or A ROADTRIP THROUGH FLORIDA ARCHAEOLOGY 10 a.m. DARC, 207 E. Main St. 595-0050, ext. 107 or WOVEN & WRAPPED: KIMONOS, CLOTHING AND CULTURE OF EARLY 20TH CENTURY JAPAN 10 a.m. through Feb 12. Pensacola Museum of Art. 407 S. Jefferson St. 432-6247 or

Real Estate Sales and Leasing Exceeding Client’s Expectations In this market, opportunities abound... let one of our experienced sales associates help find YOUR opportunity. 29 Via De Luna | 850-932-0067

020 2

happenings WINE TASTING AT EAST HILL MARKET 5:30 p.m. East Hill Market, 1216 N. Ninth Ave. 1940S RADIO HOUR 7:30 p.m. $24-$30 Pensacola Little Theatre, 400 S. Jefferson St. To purchase tickets visit or call 432-2042. PENSACOLA SWING DANCE 8:30 p.m. $5 American Legion, 1401 W. Intendencia St.4375465 or VISIT VIXEN FULL MOON PARTY 9 p.m. Sandshaker Lounge, 731 Pensacola Beach Blvd. Pensacola Beach, 932-2211 or

THE BIG MIX 4 p.m. Atlas and Fish House. Buy one drink and get another free. 600 S. Barracks St.

ZOO LIGHTS 5 p.m. $3-$8. Gulf Breeze Zoo, 5701 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Gulf Breeze. 932-2229 or

FREE WINE TASTING AT DK 4:30 p.m. Distinctive Kitchens, 29 & 30 South Palafox Pl. 438-4688 or

FREE WINE TASTING AT WINE WORLD 5 p.m. Wine World 5010 Bayou Blvd. Ste. 103 476-3890 or

WINE TASTING AT SEVILLE QUARTER 5 p.m. Palace Café at Seville Quarter, 130 E. Government St. 434-6211 or

WINE TASTING AT CITY GROCERY 5:15 p.m. City Grocery, 2050 N. 12th Ave. 469-8100.

KARAOKE WITH MARK 9 p.m. Hub Stacey’s at the Point, 5851 Galvez Rd. 497-0072 or KRADDY W/ HIGH TOP KICKS 9 p.m. Vinyl Music Hall, 2. S. Palafox Pl.


PALAFOX MARKET 8 a.m. Through Dec. 17. Martin Luther King Plaza on N. Palafox St.

PHINEAS PHOGGETTES 10 p.m. Phineas Phogg’s at Seville Quarter, 130 E. Government St. 434-6211 or

A ROADTRIP THROUGH FLORIDA ARCHAEOLOGY 10 a.m. DARC, 207 E. Main St. 595-0050, ext. 107 or

live music

BREAKFAST AT EOTL 10 a.m. End of the Line Café, 610 Wright St. 429-0336 or

AMERICAN TRAMP 7 p.m. Hub Stacey’s at the Point, 5851 Galvez Rd. 497-0072 or Kraddy

KARAOKE AT THE GUTTER LOUNGE 9 p.m. Gutter Lounge in Liberty Lanes, 3200 N. Palafox St.

OPEN MIC AT EOTL 7 p.m. End of The Line Café, 610 Wright St. 429-0336 or LEKTRIC MULLET 8 p.m. Hub Stacey’s, 312 E. Government St. 469-1001 or DUELING PIANOS 8 p.m. Rosie O’Grady’s at Seville Quarter, 130 E. Government St. 434-6211 or DJ MR LAO 8 p.m. Phineas Phogg’s at Seville Quarter, 130 E. Government St.434-6211 or

WOVEN & WRAPPED: KIMONOS, CLOTHING AND CULTURE OF EARLY 20TH CENTURY JAPAN 12 p.m. through Feb 12. Pensacola Museum of Art. 407 S. Jefferson St. 432-6247 or ZOO LIGHTS 5 p.m. $3-$8. Gulf Breeze Zoo, 5701 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Gulf Breeze. 932-2229 or

for more listings visit


December 8, 2011


by Jeremy Morrison

Hockey at the Beach, It Just Makes Sense It doesn’t appear to make a lot of sense at first. But if mulled over for a moment, the notion of stepping out onto a frozen Canadian tundra in a pair of swim trunks starts to sound absolutely thrilling. It’s the same with hockey at the beach. The concept is beautiful in its absurdity, like getting a cookie for breaking the rules. The Pensacola Ice Flyers have been having fun breaking the rules for a couple of seasons now as they bring the sport of hockey to Northwest Florida. The team is currently kneedeep in its third season. “The guys love it,” said Flyers minority partner Greg Harris. “Most of the guys are Canadian.” Hockey has traditionally been a northern-oriented sport. It’s a quasireligion in places where you can see photo courtesy of your own breath, like Buffalo, Toronto and Philadelphia. It seems very natural ers for three years, but he’s no stranger to in winter’s wonderlands, much like skisouthern play. ing or the Iditarod. “I’ve been with a few teams in this But these days we have ski slopes in league,” Buccella said, listing off stints with shopping malls and hockey in Florida. And the Huntsville Havoc, Louisiana IceGators people seem to like it that way. and Fayetteville FireAntz. “We’re averaging anywhere from 3,000 The south has been warming up to the to 3,500 a night,” said Harris. “It’s not really sport of hockey for a while now. Pensacola a tough sell.” has enjoyed its own team for more than a The team’s players seem to be enjoying decade. hockey in the Sunshine State just as much Before the Ice Flyers, there was the Ice as their fans. Pilots. Current owner Tim Kerr navigated “It’s different, a lot different,” said Dan the organization through the transition, Buccella, who plays center on the team. “The after the Pilots dissolved in 2008. location makes it a lot nicer, obviously.” When the Pilots ended their run, there Buccella spent some time playing was some sentiment that hockey couldn’t in Chicago before heading down to the thrive in Pensacola. Kerr—who spent Southern Professional Hockey League. The 13 years playing in the National Hockey Ontario native has been with the Ice Fly-

11 East Romana Street w w w. a t t o r n e y g e n e m i t c h e l l . c o m

League, the bulk of that time with the Philadelphia Flyers—is looking to dispel such a pessimistic idea. But the Pensacola team owner isn’t pulling the notion of success out of the sweet, thick Florida air. Kerr led the Ice Pilots to winning seasons between 2003 and 2005. Buccella said that the local hockey subculture has become evident through the support of local fans. They show up rink side at the Pensacola Civic Center. “The fans here are great,” he said. “They’re a very lively crowd.” Tyler Soehner, a defender who also hails from Ontario, agreed. “Hopefully we just continue to see that,” Soehner said.

This year, the Ice Flyers have won three out of eight games so far. But the season is just getting under way. “We’ve got a lot of games coming up after Christmas and after the New Year,” Buccella said. “That first part of the year is just a get-to-find-yourteam. The second part of the season is when it gets exciting.” Harris said he views the Ice Flyers as a great form of affordable family entertainment. The organization makes an effort to keep prices—on everything from tickets to t-shirts—at realistic levels. “We want to keep being affordable so we can keep being viable,” Harris said. Currently, a ticket for an Ice Flyers’ game at the civic center runs between $10 and $25, depending on the seats. There are also various package plans. Come April, the Ice Flyers will be joined on the local professionalsports scene by Pensacola’s new Double AA baseball team, the Blue Wahoos. Harris sees the baseball addition as a welcome player that can only boost hometown morale. “For people to get to go to a hockey game in winter and baseball games in summer, I think they’ll like that,” he said. “We can kind of feed off each other.” And while players going through the Wahoos’ ranks may be headed to the majors, the Ice Flyers do not feed into a professional team in the NHL. But that doesn’t mean the SPHL’s players aren’t dreaming about the Stanley Cup. “There’s always the possibility for an individual to move up,” Buccella said. “It’s up to them to see how far they can take it.” {in}

222 2

Eat Healthy & Fresh!

Chicken • Steak • Filet Mignon • Seafood

Excellent Hibachi

Sauce: No MSG • Vegetable Oil • USDA Choice Fresh Vegetables: A great source of Vitamins A & C Rich in fiber & minerals Ocean Greens Seaweed Superfood: *Increasingly valued for it’s medicinal properties *New evidence suggests it’s good for your heart *Can help prevent cancer & may even aid weight loss

Salmon • Maguro (tuna) Escolar (white tuna) • Yellowtail

No Frozen • Fresh! Holiday Gift Cards Available

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Happy Hour: 3-6 Daily • Appetizers, Sushi & House Wine

4795 N. 9th Avenue 494-9999 •


December 8, 2011

the local

by James Hagan

Confessions of a Mall-A-Holic money they have left I have a confession is going to a charity for to make: I’m James the homeless or some Hagan and I’m a mallother worthy cause. I a-holic. This should can also understand be a shameful thing why people balk at for any non-teen to paying $8 for a burrito, make, but I can’t help or a “sandwich” as it. There’s something some call it. People about Cordova Mall need that money to during the Christmas buy their daughter season that just makes those “Twilight” tit irresistible to spend shirts from Hot Topic. time in. I’m actually How else will she make one of the lucky ones friends in high school? because not only do I Sure, sometimes people seem tired and have a chance to hang out in the mall, but I can be rude, but I just know that they’re also get to work in a restaurant at Cordova just disappointed because their five-yearMall. Every day I get to encounter the old daughter really needed that sold-out smiling faces of the cheerful mall shopBlu-Ray player from Best Buy. How else pers. I have certainly learned a lot. will Brittany Kaitlyn be able to watch her From watching the news you might favorite cartoons on her new flat-screen think that the economy is in terrible shape. TV? The media tells us that Americans are People claim that we have all forgotangry and broke, and that people have ten the true meaning of Christmas, that taken to the streets to “occupy.” From my instead on focusing on our family or loved research at Cordova Mall, however, I think ones, and telling them how much they mean the economy is in great shape. Every day to us, or helping the less fortunate, we’re the place is packed with young women all concerned with getting the best deals holding three or four bags of clothes from and buying the coolest stuff. They say that Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe happily chatinstead of it being the happiest time of the ting on their smart phones while pushing year, it is instead the most stressful, causing a baby-stroller. Men of all ages are lining people to take on second-jobs, max out up for hours to buy the new “Call of Duty” their credit cards and go into debt while video game, while stylish couples stroll by sinking into depression. I’m not sure though. hand-in-hand holding boxes of the finest What would make you happier? Standing in footwear from Coach and sucking down $5 line Christmas Eve trying to get one last gift drinks from Starbucks. From the shopping or being home drinking hot chocolate and habits of mall shoppers it seems like the watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with Pensacola economy is at an all-time high. the one you love best? I know which one I When January comes around I don’t want prefer. Merry Christmas, ya’ll. to hear from the media that people are having trouble paying their bills because Christmas shoppers have taught me otherwise. Actually, the only way Cordova Mall seems to resemble an Occupy rally is that About "The Local": James Hagan is not a fan of there are a lot of younger people the holidays and hates the song “Jingle Bell Rock.” hanging out all day who don’t His favorite Christmas memory was sitting alone seem to have a job to go to. and watching Akira Kurosawa’s three-hour adapThe holidays do bring out tation of “The Idiot.” He’s getting a graduate degree the best in mall customers in English Literature from the University of West as well. When I’m ringing up Florida, and works as a Cordova Mall restaurant a customer’s $20-something elf. He can be found most nights at a local downlunch, I never expect them to town bar. tip me. After all, with all the shopping they’ve done at the mall that day, I’m sure whatever

Are you a local with a story to tell? If so, email your story to & she might be in contact (if it's good enough to get her attention).

424 2

news of the weird


Oyster Bar & Seafood

Best of the Coast - Margarita

by Chuck Shepherd

CHINESE EDUCATION VALUES: To get to their school, 80 children (aged 6 to 17) in the mountaintop village of Pili, China, near the borders with Tajikistan and Afghanistan, make a 120-mile journey that includes 50 miles on foot or by camel. The most dangerous parts of the route are an incheswide path cut into a cliff (over a 1,000-foot drop), a 600-foot-long zip-line drop and crossings of four freezing rivers (easier in winter when they are frozen solid). The kids must make the chaperoned treks four times a year—coming and going for each of two long sessions. According to one teacher, Ms. Su, the kids generally enjoy the adventure. The government is building a road to the village, but it will not be finished until 2013.

which God is petitioned to help some cause or place. Bickle claims that there are “thousands” of 24/7 prayer groups in the world. • Israelis lately experience attacks not just from the outside but from its own ultra-Orthodox communities (about 10 percent of the country, and growing), whose activists have jeered and stoned “immodestly” dressed women and girls (as young as 6) on the street, defaced women’s images on billboards, forced illegal gender segregation in public facilities (including buses and sidewalks), and vandalized businesses that treat women as equals (such as one ice cream shop—since female customers lick the cones in public). An especially violent minority, the Sikrikim, employ some tactics reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan in America.

LATEST RELIGIOUS MESSAGES Factory worker Billy Hyatt, who was fired in 2009 by north Georgia plastics company Pliant Corp., filed a lawsuit in August alleging illegal religious discrimination. Pliant (now called Berry Plastics) required its employees to wear stickers indicating the number of consecutive accident-free days, and March 12, 2009, was the 666th day. When Hyatt refused to wear “the mark of the beast” (embracing that number, he thought, would condemn him to hell), he was suspended and then fired. • The International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Mo., recently celebrated 12 consecutive years of around-the-clock musical praying, which Pastor Mike Bickle and his evangelical congregation believe is necessary to fight the devil’s continuous infiltration of the realms of power in society (business, media, government, etc.). “To keep the music going,” according to an October Los Angeles Times dispatch, “the church has 25 bands playing throughout the week in two-hour sets,” divided between “devotional” music and “intercessions,” in

QUESTIONABLE JUDGMENTS Each August in Urakawa, Japan, a “hallucination and delusion competition” takes place among visiting alcoholics and sufferers of mental disorders, who in principle are helped by bonding with fellow patients and revealing their failures and successes. The Bethel Festival, named for its sponsor, brings about 600 people together for onstage presentations (sometimes in the form of song or dance) and awards a grand prize to a standout visitor (one year, to a woman who lived for four days in a public restroom after a voice in her head told her to, and in another year, to a man who had overcome a 35-year stretch of never straying more than two yards from his mother). (Some mental-disorder professionals believe the festival is too-easily mockable by insensitive outsiders.)

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December 8, 2011

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within their field of study while also earning college credit hours and, in many cases, a modest salary. In addition, IP interns are asked to engage in several PYP-led social and networking events designed to show them that Pensacola is an excellent place to live, work, and play after college graduation. It is PYP’s hope that summer internships, coupled with positive exposure to our community’s arts and culture, will convince local (and even some non-local) students that Pensacola is indeed a viable and vibrant place to both work and play. In addition to the rich occupational experience gained from working at some of Pensacola’s best companies, IP interns also benefit from the program’s professional development seminars. These once-weekly seminars, led by the Pensacola Professional Development Institute (PPDI) and the University of West Florida (UWF), are designed to supplement the internship experience and prepare students for the 21st-century workplace. Topics addressed in these seminars includes resume building, interviewing techniques, networking, public speaking, working in a multigenerational workforce, goal setting, and ethics. The seminars are led by UWF faculty with assistance from PYP members, and feature many excellent guest speakers. Some of the great local companies that have partnered with IP during its history include Avalex Technologies, Gulf Power, McGraw Insurance Services, O’Sullivan Creel, Overgroup Consulting, Studer Group, and Woodlands Medical Specialists. PYP would love to partner with your local business for our Summer 2012 session of Internship Pensacola! If you are interested in offering an internship through IP, or would simply like more information, please e-mail administration or visit our website at internshippensacola. com. Please note that the application deadline for submitting internship positions is early February 2012.

WHAT YOUR DONATION WILL DO Earlier this year, Pensacola Young Professionals, in a partnership with Better Pensacola Forum, conducted the 2011 Escambia County Quality of Life voter survey. It was an exciting and worthwhile project for PYP! Primary concerns focus on the Economy and Jobs, Education, and Crime/Drugs. Also, while Escambia County’s population grew 1.1% from 2000-2010, the City of Pensacola’s population has steadily shrunk. On the whole, our county is losing young people. The number one concern for young people is poor job and business opportunities. This is a key challenge that PYP is geared to address! Of households with 18 -25 year olds: How likely do you think it is that they will be moving from the area in the next five years?

It is essential for the future of our community that young people are excited to move here and stay here. Pensacola Young Professionals is all about making a difference now and creating a better future for us all. You can be a part of this by sponsoring PYP. A donation your company from will help PYP train more leaders, sustain the programs that retain young talent, and allow for young professionals to come together to volunteer and make a difference. Help PYP build a better future for us all. For more information of 2012 PYP sponsorships contact Rachael Gillette on (850) 332-7820. Remember, investing in PYP is investing in a dynamic group, dedicated to developing leaders driven to make Pensacola a better place to live, work and play.

Likely : 63% Not sure: 4%


Not Likely: 33%

Reasons for Likelihood of Moving Poor business/job opportunities 91% Poor economic conditions in area 80% Does Escambia County offer the advantages and opportunities to attract and keep young and talented people to the area?


No: 79%


Yes: 20% Not Sure: 1%

Among all county voters 79% say that Escambia “does not offer the kind of advantages and opportunities to attract and keep young people and talented people to the area.”

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Margaritas with Tequilas Served On The Rocks, WIth Or Without Salt

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my pensacola


Stefany Townsend


Kowabunga Breakfast 8am with Surfing Santa • Surf Burger Santa Claus Look Alike Contest 8pm Bamboo Willie’s Visit Vixen Full Moon Party Sandshaker

Good Eats: My favorite local restaurant

Retail Therapy: Earlier this year, my room-

mate and I discovered Indigeaux Denim Bar & Boutique on Palafox and fell in love with it! They have gorgeous clothes for affordable prices and because it’s a boutique, you won’t have to worry about everybody in town having the same shirt as you.

Watering Holes: Nothing brings people

together quite like a good drink special and Seville’s Wednesday Night Nickel Beer is a hard one to beat! It only costs a nickel a beer from 8 p.m. -8:30 p.m. and a quarter a beer from 8:30p.m.-10pm, all while enjoying Rosie O’Gradys Dueling Piano Show!

Nightlife: Intermissions is a place I always

stop at when I’m out downtown. It’s a great place to hang-out with friends and listen to music, and the owner Mike, is one of the nicest bartenders in town and makes a killer drink!

Outdoors: Although I love the beach, I often prefer relaxing in a tube and floating down


Zip lining at Adventures Unlimited the river at Adventures Unlimited. If it isn’t relaxation you’re looking for, you can take a trip down to their zip lining course instead. A series of fourteen zip lines lead you through the forest canopy in a 900 ft. thrilling flight over Coldwater Creek.

Arts & Culture: Gallery Night is a free-

of-charge art and music event that is held several times a year on several closed-off streets in Downtown Pensacola. I love being able to just stroll along and enjoy an eclectic showcase of local artists, take in the sounds of local musicians playing on balconies, and grab a slice of Helen Back pizza right there from the road.

Never Miss Events/Festivals: My

choice would definitely be DeLuna Fest, a three-day music festival held on Pensacola’s Casino Beach every October. Any music festival is always a good time, but rarely do they have a beautiful beach backdrop and require only a fifteen minute drive!

Do you want to tell us how you see our city? Email Joani at for all of the details.


has to be Hub Stacey’s. They have the most amazing sandwiches and they are all named after streets in downtown Pensacola. Ladies also drink half- off every day, which is a nice touch! Another favorite, although it’s a little more expensive, would have to be The Global Grill, a tapas bar and restaurant on Palafox. Not only is the food interesting and delicious (like their signature Lamb Lollipops), but the décor is beautiful and I love all of the artwork displayed throughout the restaurant.

9-11 2011

Lighted Boat Parade Sabine Marina to Boardwalk


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December 8, 2011

1 -4pm Ornament Making

Island Style

2pm Beach Parade

Surfing Santa Beach Parade • Via de Luna 3pm Gingerbread House Make & Take Gulfside Pavilion


NEW YEARS FIREWORKS New Years Eve • Gulf Pier


New Years Day • Paradise Bar & Grill DEC.2011


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Fitness and Rehabilitation Pilates Classes & Private Sessions tailored to individual needs GYROKINESIS® Classes & Private Sessions on the GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Massage Therapy including the John F. Barnes Technique of Myofascial Release Cranial Sacral Therapy (#MM27450) Cycle From Your Core Classes Yoga We use Young Living Essential Oils

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