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Innovative Materials is an interactive, digital magazine about new and/or innovative applied materials in civil engineering sector, construction, architecture and design.
2 2024

ReMatBuilt: How residual materials become high-performance construction products

In the ReMatBuilt research project, Fraunhofer WKI works together with partners from industry and science on sustainable concrete building materials and high-quality building elements based on construction and demolition waste and vegetable production residues.

Electricity from a cup of (hot) coffee

Thermoelectric materials convert ambient heat into electricity. But to put these applications into practice, these generators must also be flexible and available in different forms. Moreover, they should be relatively easy to make. Materials researchers at KU Leuven have developed an innovative production process that can meet all these requirements.

A hybrid glass membrane that sifts CO2

Separating carbon dioxide molecules from gas mixtures requires materials with extremely fine pores. Researchers from Friedrich Schiller University Jena, in cooperation with the University of Leipzig and the University of Vienna, have now found a novel way to do this: they transformed crystalline metal-organic framework compounds into a hybrid glass material.

3D printed titanium structure shows ‘supernatural’ strength

Researchers of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) created a new, extremely strong metamaterial (artificial material with unique properties that do not occur in nature) from common titanium alloy. The trick lies in the material’s unique lattice structure design.

The rapid production of isocyanate-free, biobased polyurethane foams at ambient temperature

Researchers from CERM (Centre for Education and Research on Macromolecules) at the University of Liège have just developed an innovative process for producing isocyanate-free, recyclable and biobased polyurethane (PU).

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Styrofoam from cardboard waste

Researchers are interested in processing waste paper into high-quality products. But converting paper waste into a sustainable foam material, for example, is chemically complicated. A research team from China’s Beijing Key Laboratory of Wood Science and Engineering, Beijing Forestry University has now developed a simpler method.

JEC Innovation Award 2024

Every year, JEC Group rewards groundbreaking, creative projects that demonstrate the possibilities of composite materials through the JEC Composites Innovation Awards. The innovation prize aims to stimulate innovations in composite materials and to bring the industry’s progress to the attention of the public. The winners of this year’s Innovation Award were announced prior to the JEC World (5 - 6 March in Paris).

JEC Innovation Award 2024

CFRP Lattice Satellite Central Tube

ATG Europe has developed a one-shot manufacturing process for uninterrupted prepreg fibre-placed lattice structures that aim to replace current satellite central tube designs. The project was winner in the category Aerospace parts.

JEC Innovation Award 2024

EmpowerAX - Additive Functionalisation

The EmpowerAX Demo Part is a multi-curved thermoset shell additively functionalised with short and continuous fibre- reinforced elements realised by German Aerospace Center (DLR) and twelve EmpowerAX members.

The project was winner in the category Aerospace process.

JEC Innovation Award 2024


CFRP-Aluminum Monocoque: A Novel Approach for Carbon Neutrality

Toyota Central R&D (Japan) developed and realized a fullscale CFRP-aluminum monocoque. It showed a fifteen percent weight reduction with minimal fiber waste and assembly cost.

The project was winner in the category Automotive & road transportation parts.

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JEC Innovation Award 2024

Reactive PA6 Pultrusion: Boost for TP Composites

Reactive thermoplastic pultrusion, developed by German Röchling Automotive SE, enables the production of cost-effective and highly resilient automotive components.

The project was winner in the category Automotive & road transportation process.

JEC Innovation Award 2024

RENCO Mineral Composite Fiber Reinforced

RENCO MCFR is an advanced structural building system consisting of interlocking composite building elements in various shapes and sizes (blocks, columns, beams, girders, headers, decking boards, connectors, etc.). The MCFR developed by RENCO consists of recycled glass fibers, recycled plastic , resin and stone. The project was winner in the category Building & Civil engineering.

JEC Innovation Award 2024

High-yield reclamation of clean, reusable fibres

UK-based B&M Longworth and its partners have developed ‘glassene’, an advanced new material with price-point close to glass and performance to rival some carbon fibre, and with an intresting low LCA.

The project was winner in the category Circularity & recycling.

JEC Innovation Award 2024 Wind Turbine Blade Executable Digital Twin

The Wind Turbine Blade Executable Digital Twin by the Danish/ German Reliablade combines a model with live sensor signal to assess structural performance in real-time.

ReliaBlade develops and demonstrates techniques to create Digital Twins for wind turbine blades with their unique defects and imperfections.

The project was winner in the category High-yield reclamation of clean, reusable fibres Digital, AI & Data.

JEC Innovation Award 2024

Maximum Mass Reduction of Cutting Tools

The Deutsche Institute für Textil und Faserforschung Denkendorf (DIFT, Germany) developed a new modular cutting tool for woodworking machines, using carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs) instead of aluminum, according to a completely new modular construction principle.

The project was winner in the category Equipment machinery & heavy industries.

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JEC Innovation Award 2024 OceanWings

Paris based AYRO developed OceanWings, OceanWings, a patented, automated, self-raising and lowering vertical wingsail system that enables newbuild or existing ships to reduce their fuel consumption and resulting carbon footprint by up to 50%.

The project was winner in the category Maritime transportation & shipbuilding.

JEC Innovation Award 2024 Blade Circularity Solution

CETEC’s Blade Circularity Solution project makes epoxy-based turbine blades circular without changing the design or composition of the material. It uses a chemical process that breaks down epoxy resin and precisely separates glass and carbon fibres, core material, metal components and resin.

The project was winner in the category Renewable energies.

JEC Innovation Award 2024 Green Snowboard with ALD techology

Silbaerg developed an green snowboard made with the patented (ALD-technology) from hemp and recycled carbon fibers with a bio-based epoxy resin.

The project was winner in the category Sports, leisure & recreation.

3D images reveal link between crack complexity and material toughness

By capturing a rare glimpse into three-dimensional crack formation in brittle solids, EPFL researchers have found that complex cracks require more energy to advance than simple ones; a discovery that could improve materials testing and development.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

From March 6 to 8, MaterialDistrict Utrecht took place in the Werkspoorkathedraal in the same city. This year’s event placed additional emphasis on bio-based, circular and regenerative materials, and their importance in combating climate change and addressing looming resource shortages. This year’s event attracted 5651 visitors; 28 percent more than in 2023

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MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

Aectual Wrap panel

Aectual Wrap panel is a flexible system from Aectual (Amsterdam) for covering walls, furniture, planters, etc. indoors.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

Algal Tiles

Algal Tiles are ecological and luxurious tiles for interior design, made from carefully selected kelp algae from the Pacific Ocean. Algal Tiles were developed by Ecolurian, a Dutch agency that claims to design using the purest ecological materials and the ‘magic of natural design’.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

Red mud

Red Mud - bauxite residue - is a waste product of the alumina industry. For every aluminum part made, two and a half times as much red mud is also produced. Studio ThusThat designs and makes products with unusual materials. ThusThat is currently investigating industrial waste from mining and metallurgy, such as red mud.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

Buildmatterial 0.8

Omlab has recently developed Buildmatterial 0.8, a super-circular cement-free building material from (e.g. sewage) waste. With Buildmatterial, the studio 3D printed examples of emission-free construction product. Omlab combines the waste-based mixture of poor raw materials with a high-quality technology, 3D paste printing.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024


Corcrete is based on the combination of two contrasting materials: concrete and cork. The material is reminiscent of terrazzo, but has a natural, light appearance.

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MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

Egg bioplastic

In the project ‘How do you like your eggs’ the content becomes container, an egg cup is produced from discarded eggs. It explores the extraordinary materiality of an ordinary item of consumption. In the project, shells and expired egg whites are thermoformed without additives into bioplastic egg cups.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

Glass foam

Glass foam by designer Steven Akoun is a versatile material made entirely from industrial waste glass and a natural recycled foaming agent. It creates a raw and mineral aesthetic to interior spaces.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

Eggshell ceramics

The Mexican design studio MANUFACTURA developed a new type of bioceramics made from eggshells. The material is produced by mixing waste eggshells with sustainable aggregates such as xanatana gum and water, resulting in a new material.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024


COMPODEEN WFC is a weather-resistant biobased composite, developed by the Dutch company Innodeen. The main component consists of wood fibre, supplemented with polypropylene, a plastic-type that is easily recyclable.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024


‘GreenMatter’ materials are recycled materials (not production waste) made from worn artificial grass pitches.

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MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

Copper slag peopolymers

Design agency ThusThat (Amsterdam) is looking into the use of copper slag as a geopolymer, which results in a material with a CO2 footprint that is up to 80 percent lower than cement.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024


Inspired by knitting techniques, design studio The New Raw (Rotterdam) developed ‘Knotty’: a 3D printed material made with recycled plastic waste.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024


Lisocore owes its properties to its structure. It consists of at least two thin surface layers connected by a three-dimensional core. Selective milling of the surface layers creates indentations in which the core structure is made dimensionally stable. A positive material connection is guaranteed by means of strong bonding.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024


During the MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024, Orac presented its latest collection of 3D wall panels, including the 100 percent biocircular Duropolymer wall panels. Bio-based raw materials (with ISCC certification) are combined with recycled elements from post-consumer and post-industrial waste.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024


HempWood is a hemp-based material and, according to the manufacturer with the same name, the best possible alternative to wood. It resembles wood, is produced in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way, and can also be treated and processed in the same way as wood. In addition, it does not warp and is twenty percent stronger than oak. Hemp also grows very quickly and absorbs the most CO2 of all crops in the world.

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MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024 Seawood


SeaWood Materials is a range of 100 percent natural, recyclable and chemical-free panel materials made from seaweed and waste cellulose. The material was developed by the Rotterdam company Blue Blocks.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

Bio-SIP Qube Buildings

Qube Buildings’ Bio-SIP (Structural Insulated Panel System) is a sustainable modular building system. This innovative building system is made from recycled plastic and natural materials. Qube Buildings’ Bio-SIP system uses rapidly renewable natural fibers such as hemp or flax, which are able to store a relatively large amount of CO2

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024


Woodio material is a 100 % waterproof wood composite that offers a more ecological alternative to ceramic and stone. The biomaterial is made from wood chips and resin-based adhesive. No water is used in the making, and the manufacturing process also consumes much less energy than the making of traditional ceramic products for bathrooms.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

The teak collection: Current

Current is a spectacular, traditionally designed panel, developed by the Canadian-Dutch Wonderwall studios. Wonderwall obtains the reclaimed teak wood from Indonesia, where it is found in the construction of abandoned houses and on plantations.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

Spot on, sustaign

Sustaign introduced Spot on: an aesthetically striking sheet material made from 100 percent recycled polypropylene. Sustaign is a Dutch company specialized in sustainable design.

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MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

PSF, Plastic Soup Floors/Future

PSF (The Netherlands) produces sustainable products from collected waste plastic that is sorted, cleaned and ground. This plastic is pressed into sheet material, which is used to make tables and tile floors. The crushed plastic can also be used in cast floors via a special process. PSF shows that every type of plastic can be used sustainably.

MaterialDistrictUtrecht 2024

CRIATERRA wall tiles

Industrial design agency CRIATERRA Earth Technologies (Israel) developed a ‘zero-cement bio-geostone’ as an alternative to prefabricated building products. The material is made without cement and is not sintered. CRIATERRA’s process produces low-carbon masonry blocks, cladding and tiles.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024


Polygood from The Good Plastic Company is a 100 percent recycled plastic surface material. Typical of the material are consistently reproducible patterns with an aesthetic, visual appearance.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024


Scalite is a sheet material made entirely from fish scales, a byproduct of the fishing industry. Scalite is produced by the French company Scale.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024


After intensive research, the German company Smarter Habitat developed a ‘green’ lightweight panel, ECOHab, made from plant material and agricultural waste. The sandwich panels consist of two basic components: natural fibre laminates as a top layer and a core material of popped corn kernels.

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MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

Mogu acoustic

Mogu is a design company, specialized in sustainable and innovative products with aesthetic value and advanced features. Starting point is residual material and by-products from industrial processes, such as cotton and hemp fibres that cannot find any other valuable application, for instance in textile production processes.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024

HuisVeendam biolaminate

HuisVeendam - founded by Erik Slor, Tjeerd Veenhoven and Koos Slor - is an innovative company that develops products based on natural local fibers & starch. The company aims to show that local starch resources can once more drive industry, create local wealth and inspire designers.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2024 Queenels

biobased buildingsystem

Queenels biobased buildingsystem is based on biobased SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). The Queenels biobased building system consists of biobased insulation material and an inner and outer shell of OSB/3.

Airy cellulose from a 3D printer

Ultra-light, thermally insulating and biodegradable: cellulose-based aerogels are versatile. Empa researchers have succeeded in 3D printing the natural material into complex shapes that could one day serve as precision insulation in microelectronics or as personalized medical implants.

Using 3D printing to mimic the mechanical properties and design freedom of biological matter

Scientist Caroline Houriet from TU Delft has found an approach to replicate the complex microstructures found in nature using 3D printing techniques. This opens up new possibilities for designing and fabricating lightweight parts with high mechanical performance while also being recyclable.

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Goldilocks: a lignine based alternative to crude oil

In recent years, Vertoro developed an oily product based on lignocellulosic biomass - Goldilocks - that is used for various applications: for making materials, various chemicals and fuels (additives). Vertoro is a spin off company from a public-private partnership between Brightlands Chemelot Campus, DSM, Chemelot InSciTe, University of Maastricht (UM) and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

Bridging industries for Zero Waste - Transforming steelmaking slags into Building Materials

The research project ‘Bridging industries for Zero WasteTransforming steelmaking slags into Building Materials’ aimed at unlocking the potential of converter slag and to tackle the sustainability issue of cement.

Innovative coating prevents limescale formation

Limescale deposits are a problem in, for example, hot water tanks, washing machines, kettles and industrial heat exchangers. Researchers at ETH Zurich now say they have found an answer. They develop a hydrogel-based coating that effectively prevents the adhesion of limescale.

MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2025

The 17th edition of MaterialDistrict Utrecht will take place from 12 to 14 March 2025 in Werkspoorkathedraal, Utrecht. As every year, the materials event for (interior) architects and R&D professionals is completely devoted to material innovations for the spatial domain: Architecture, Interior, Garden & Landscape Architecture, Leisure , Exhibition & Decor Construction and Furniture & Interior Construction.

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Technieken voor o.a.:

- Ontstoffing van productieruimtes (MAC)

- Reduceren van geuremissies (NER)

- Reduceren van stofemissies (NER)

Componenten die wij o.a. kunnen leveren:

- Natfilters & Droogfilters

- Cyclonen - Gaswassers

- Topsteen- / Frogreinigers - Naverbranders

Projecten kunnen turn-key worden uitgevoerd

Wij garanderen de emissie & grenswaarden

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Natfilter met slibtransporteur Frogreiniger
The international exhibition of technologies and supplies for surfaces

Rimini Expo Centre Italy 24 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2024

The Number One Meeting Point for Global Leaders in Industry, Academia, Policy and Investors

Meet the brightest stars of Renewable Materials at the world’s largest conference on chemicals and materials based on biomass, CO2 or chemical recycling. 500–600 participants expected.

First Day

• Future of Chemical & Plastic Industry

• Circular Economy & Renewable Carbon

• Bio-based Economy in China

• Fine Chemicals & Functional Applications

• Adhesives & Coating

Second Day

• Building Blocks & Polymers

• Mechanical, Physical & Chemical Recycling

• Innovation Award

Third Day

• Consumer Perspective & Certification

• Policy Perspective

• Biodegradation

• Recyclability of Biopolymers, Focus: PHA

• Sustainability & Life Cycle Assessment

Platin Sponsor Award Sponsor Gold Sponsors Organiser 1 RENEWABLE MATERIAL OF THE YEAR 2024 INNOVATION AWARD ORGANISED BY NOVA-INSTITUTE SPONSORED BY COVESTRO Vote for the “Renewable Material of the Year 2024” at the Conference

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