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PART 3 of an exclusive 3 part series

Wrapping Up the Conversation and Seeing Them Again PART 3

of a 3 Part Series

In Part 1, we broke the ice with an interesting person. In Part 2, we kept the conversation flowing freely while earning nods and smiles of agreement. Here are the seven scenarios: The Big Fish – You’ve got one chance to connect. The Stunner – They’re beautiful and you’re single. The Casualty – You have a job. This friend doesn’t. The College Roommate – You  were friends. Now they’ve made it big. The Service Provider – They cut your hair or mow your lawn. The Sideline Parent – Their face is familiar, the focus is on the children. The Extremist – You are separated by strong political or social opinions. 52

Now, it’s time to wrap up the conversation. By Bryce Sanders


t’s easy to overstay your welcome. P.T. Barnum is credited with saying: “Always leave them wanting more.” You want to leave the person with a positive impression and you want him to look forward to seeing you again. What next?

Exiting In A Hurry

The person is famous. Others are lining up to talk. Your time is up. Or the person isn’t famous but something else – such as your train just arriving at the station – requires attention. Recap Common Interests – Name a few. It shows you were listening, a desirable trait. Lay the groundwork for why he wants to get to know you better; Close the Deal – After establishing

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your common interests, exchange contact information. Put the ball in his court. “I would like to stay in touch. How do I do that?” If he offers a card, hand over yours in return. I like to write “Bryce and Jane” with our home phone number on the back of my card and offer the card with the handwritten side face up. Assumptive Close – The event is at the Chamber of Commerce or the club. Everyone has the membership directory. You don’t need to request contact information. Saying “I may be giving you a call” sets the stage.

Wrapping Up Conversations

The conversation has gone well. You would like to see the person again. It’s a relaxed environment. You already have laid the groundwork by listing the interests you share in common. Here are 10 ways to finish the conversation:

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