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Mountain Biking Single Track Women Riders Wanted

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Summer 2017

Simple Summer Side Salads in Magazine


IF YOU’RE UNDER THE WEATHER, DON’T WAIT IT OUT. WALK IN. Sanford Bemidji Walk-in Clinic and 1611 Anne St. Pharmacy now offer expanded hours for walk-in care. Come see us for everything from coughs, strains and minor injuries to rashes and earaches. Expanded Weekend Hours Walk-in Clinic: Every day from 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. 1611 Anne St. Pharmacy: Monday- Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday – Sunday from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. 040001-00106 2/17


Summer 2017


Summer 2017



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ON THE COVER Bemidji Area | Life | Family

Mountain Biking Single Track Women Riders Wanted

Kangoo Craze!


Boat Safety Tips

Paul & Babe’s Biggest Fan

Summer 2017

Simple Summer Side Salads in Magazine

Claire Baumgartner rides at Movil Maze during a Tuesday Group Ride session put on by Bemidji Area Mountain Bikers. Photo by John Andringa

inMagazine’s mission is to be Bemidji’s and the surrounding area’s local lifestyle magazine. We strive to enhance the quality of life for the people of the Bemidji area by informing them about all of the amazing people who live in our community. Our concentration is on everything local: fashion, food, health, and most importantly, unique individuals and stories. We strive to maintain a high level of integrity as an inspiring, local media presence for our readers and provide advertisers with a high-quality, effective marketing medium.

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Summer 2017

online! near the bottom of the page.

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inside Summer 2017

Features 12 Kangoo craze

20 27 34

Discover Kangoo Jumps, a new method for working out with local instructor Leah Hendricks.

Quite the collection

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox collector Julia Dancker shares her favorite items with us.

Summer side salads

Learn how to make these quick and easy summer salads with our very own Larisa Cooks.

Mountain biking

Local mountain biker, Kristi Sorgenfrei, advocates for women riders in the Bemidji area.


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DIY: Coasters Add Color with Hair Affair #Bemidji on Instagram Summer festivals Tutto Bene’s Margarita Organic Lawn Care Boat Safety What is it?


27 Summer 2017


diy: coasters by Jillian

Gandsey & Danielle Carty photos by Jillian Gandsey


Tile coasters

... 6|

Summer 2017

Clothes pin coasters


Painted cork board coasters

Creating your own coasters to match your patio furniture or to go with the bright summer theme in your living room is really pretty simple. The DIY route to coasters is easy and means you can customize your set to look exactly how you’d prefer. We’ll show you how to make three different styles: One for larger containers or tea kettles, one out of white tiles and another from cork board.

“ Summer 2017


Clothes pin coaster What you need: Clothes pins (About 30, but depends on size) Hot glue gun Directions:

1 Take apart the clothes pins. 2 Lay them out and determine how many you’ll need. They’ll be glued together with their flattest edges touching.

3 Use a hot glue gun to stick together the clothes pins in sets of

two. Next glue the sets together by the thin portion of each set until you have full circle.

4 You’ll have a large coaster that is big enough for a regular-size tea kettle to fit on or a jug of lemonade for those hot summer days.

Tile coasters What you need: Plain, white bathroom tiles Scrapbook paper Mod podge Clear acrylic gloss spray Paint sponge Directions:

1 2 3 4

Cut a square out of the scrapbook paper that will fit on the tile. Cut a little bit smaller than the tile so white would show on the edges. We recommend using the tile to trace out a square. Cover the tile with Mod Podge before laying down the square scrapbook paper and be sure not to leave any bubbles between the paper and the tile. Put another layer of Mod Podge over the top. Let sit for about 15-20 minutes. Spray the clear acrylic gloss spray over the top.

Optional: Put felt on the bottom of the coaster, in triangles in the four corners.

Painted cork board coasters What you need: Plain cork board coasters Acrylic paint Paint brush or sponge Painting tape Directions:

1 2 3 8|

Tape off any section of the coaster that you’ll want to see the cork board after you paint, leaving no air bubbles. Use the different colors to paint the sections. We went with two pastel colors and a shiny gold color. Let dry for about a half hour. Carefully remove the tape.

Summer 2017

Summer 2017



How to get and keep the

Color Advice from three Bemidji hair stylists

Three hair stylists have shared with inMagazine what you should know when you’re considering diving into a dramatic hair color. Spoiler alert: It’s not as simple as you’d think. It can take more than one appointment and requires a lot more after care if you want the color to last. Calyn Lalone, Rachel Goodwin and Emma Nelson all work at the Hair Affair in Bemidji and have an active Facebook page where they post all of their latest styles, colors and more. They’ve shared some of their favorite before and after shots with us and also answered the questions they think we should know before committing to a dramatic hair color change.

10 |

Summer 2017

Style by



Calyn Lalone decided to do hair at age 25 and has enjoyed it ever since. She attended the Professional Salon Academy in Bemidji and is the owner of Hair Affair. “Over the past seven years, I have strived to learn new techniques and try all sorts of different products to find what works best for myself and the clients in my chair,” she said. “It’s always been about passion and to strive to perfect.”

Style by



Rachel Goodwin attended the Professional Salon Academy right after high school and graduated in 2013. “I knew from a young age that I always wanted to be a hair stylist,” she said. “I have always enjoyed making people feel better about themselves.” Rachel knew that’s what she wanted to do since she was little and joined the ladies at the Hair Affair in December after Calyn bought the salon.

What should I know about coloring my hair a fashion color?

What should you expect if you want a very light blonde ombre?

The first thing you need to know before jumping into a color like this is that it is a big commitment and it takes a lot of work and time. Your entire head of hair will need to be pre-lightened and sometimes it will need to be done more than once. You should always use a professional color-care shampoo and conditioner after your hair is dyed; they are a insurance policy for longevity of the color! Try to only wash your hair a couple times per week and in cool water to be keep the bright color from fading.

This client wanted an ombre in hopes of gradually lightening her hair color. We chatted about what she could expect and how light we could get her hair and also how subtle or dramatic we wanted the color to be. The process can be a little time consuming, so anyone looking for this type of color should be prepared to sit for awhile. Since this client wanted her hair to be lighter she would end up visiting several times to get to her ideal blonde ombre.

Style by



Cosmetology was was something that Emma Nelson knew she could depend on, but developed a passion for it while going through school. “The thrill of having my clients ask for something different is a rush for me,” Emma said. “The level of creativity I get to use daily is indescribable. At the end of the service the look of love, confidence and excitement in their eyes makes every sacrifice worth it.” Emma has been working with hair for 12 years and said she still loves pushing the limits and searching for new techniques to master.

What do I need to do to achieve the icy blonde hair? To achieve the icy blonde, a client should be prepared to come in more than once. These processes insure that the integrity of your hair is OK. I like to do at least two processes of lighten to achieve a nice light blonde and then I tone to help remove any yellow undertones left in the hair. The third time you come in we can choose that silver/violet color you want and finish the process! Summer 2017

| 11


race Pastoor ,p

ho to

yJ sb


G by ry

ill i a n Gandsey

12 |

Summer 2017

Bemidji woman teaches Kangoo classes regularly


very Saturday at 8 a.m., a small group of women — and the occasional man — gather at Calvary Lutheran Church and strap themselves into footwear that looks like a cross between moon shoes and roller blades.

Summer 2017

| 13

Once everyone’s boots — known as Kangoo Jumps — are securely fastened, fitness instructor Leah Hendricks leads the class of about a dozen through an hour of different moves that incorporate jogging, weights and various jumps. “It’s just a euphoric feeling that you get, just like when you were a kid bouncing on a trampoline,” Hendricks said of the Jumps. “It’s almost kind of relaxing, it’s just a fun thing to do.” But Hendricks’ classes aren’t just for fun. She’s been teaching group fitness since 1998, and says the Kangoo Jumps provide health benefits along with a good time. Her website claims that the Jumps protect users’ joints and reduce impact by 80 percent. They also increase strength and endurance, improve posture and accelerate weight loss, the site says. “My mother and my aunt both have their own pair of boots that they actually use, and they’re in their 70s,” Hendricks said. “There’s no excuses why you couldn’t.” Kangoo Jumps were introduced in Switzerland in the 1990s and quickly became popular there, according to Hendricks. She said the boots were slower to catch on in the United States because athletes were afraid of looking silly. Hendricks learned about the boots almost three years ago from a fitness instructor in California. She said the Jumps immediately appealed to her and she quickly found a Minnesota woman who sold them. Six months later, Hendricks began teaching the classes. And while she also has a full-time job and teaches other fitness groups, she knows she’ll stick with it. “It’s just a passion of mine, I just love it,” Hendricks said. “I knew it would be something that the community really needed and would love to have.” Lynn Boyer, Hendricks’ cousin, has attended a handful of Kangoo classes and said they have helped her add a cardio component into her workout routine despite having back pain. “I used to be a runner and I have a bad back, so my chiropractor recommended that I just do something with less impact,” Boyer said. “This is kind of a perfect fit because of the bounce. It doesn’t jar my back at all so I don’t ever get my nerve pain when I’m doing this workout. Hendricks hopes more people like Boyer join the Kangoo classes. She is one of three instructors in the state and said her mission is to raise awareness of the boots and their benefits. “My goal is to find people and start them on something,” Hendricks said. “It’s just so rewarding when somebody comes up and says ‘Oh my gosh, thank you so much for turning me onto this, because I absolutely love this.’...They’re just getting healthier because of it, so it’s just so rewarding.”


“It’s just a euphoric feeling that you get, just like when you were a kid bouncing on a trampoline” -Leah Hendricks

1060 Paul Bunyan Dr. NW Bemidji



“Hometown Friendly Service”

Personal • Business 14 |

Summer 2017

Birch Bark Items



sponsored by

Additional support provided by

Beads and Beading Sup


Unique Jewelry


130 Minnesota Ave SW, Bemidji (218) 444-3376 • Open Wed-Sat 12-4pm

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1-877-685-9370 | Summer 2017

| 15

#Bemidji Bemidji is mentioned on Instagram quite often. Here are a few of our favorite photos found from the area.

16 |












Summer 2017






Acute/Chronic Back • Neck or Knee Pain • Headaches Herniated Lumbar Disc/Sciatica Pain Whiplash Injuries • Shingles Pain and many other Painful Conditions

Patients can be referred by their doctor, and we strive to see them within 1-2 weeks.

Taking Care Of Patients In Pain Is All We Do!

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Hours of Deliciousness: MON-SAT: 11 AM - 7 PM • SUN: 12 PM - 5 PM

Common Pain Areas We Treat:


201 Beltrami Ave, Bemidji, MN Downtown Bemidji •(218) 444-0288

Interventional Treatment for Acute, Chronic & Cancer Pain


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| 17

S um mer Fes t i va ls


Bemidji Area • Park Rapids Area • Walker Area



WAA WIYE GAA MAAG (ROUND LAKE) 14TH TRADITIONAL POW WOW \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Squaw Lake







GRANDMA’S ATTIC VINTAGE FLEA MARKET \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Bemidji



7-9 DEER RIVER WILD RICE FESTIVAL \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Deer River 18 |

Summer 2017

7-12 SWEETHEART DAYS \\\\\\\\\\\Hackensack

8 RELAY FOR LIFE OF BELTRAMI COUNTY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Bemidji

9 9TH ANNUAL PIG RACES \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Nevis ART IN THE PARK \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Bagley


FOURTH OF JULY EVENTS - Bemidji - Debs - Hackensack - Park Rapids - Walker -Laporte

PAUL BUNYAN DAYS \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Akeley

BEMIDJI JAYCEES WATER CARNIVAL \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Bemidji




29-July 4


FOURTH OF JULY TRADITIONAL POW WOW \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Cass Lake





HUBBARD COUNTY FAIR \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Park Rapids










CASS LAKE RIB FEST \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Cass Lake

34TH ANNUAL CAR SHOW \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Bemidji


MOONDANCE JAM \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Walker


CLEARWATER COUNTY FAIR \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Bagley



WALKER BAY DAYS \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Walker


25TH ANNUAL FIELD DAYS \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Park Rapids


TASTE OF DORSET \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Dorset BELTRAMI COUNTY FAIR \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Bemidji


BLACKDUCK WOODCARVERS FESTIVAL \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Blackduck

31-Aug 5



LEGENDS AND LOGGING DAYS \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Park Rapids


LAPORTE DAYS \\\\\\\\\\\Laporte






CHA CHA BAH NING 35TH ANNUAL TRADITIONAL POW WOW \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Inger





Summer 2017

| 19

Quite the

Collection Julia Dancker shares a selection of her Paul and Babe keepsakes with inMagazine

story by Joe

Bowen photos by Jillian Gandsey

Julia Dancker sold her souvenir store several years ago, but kept an extensive — and expanding — collection and has turned into a guru of sorts for one of Bemidji’s most recognizable duos. Throughout her house and sometimes stuffed into the back seat of her car are figurines, posters, books and other antique accoutrements depicting Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, the mythical pair that have come to symbolize the Bemidji area and could be one of its most successful marketing campaigns. 20 |

Summer 2017

Paul and Babe are the second-most photographed statues in the United States ― just behind Mount Rushmore.

A Paul Bunyan jack-in-the-box! Dancker’s collection includes original Red River Lumber Co. posters depicting the lumberjack and ox, and a piece of Paul’s original cement mustache, which looks vaguely like a calcified tree limb. She said Paul and Babe are the second-most photographed statues in the United States — behind Mount Rushmore. “It took five presidents to surpass Paul Bunyan,” Dancker said wryly. She’s also published a storybook of her own: “Paul Bunyan and Babe in Minnesota.” Dancker was surprised at the lack of literature about Paul and Babe after her son asked a simple question: “Why is he there?” A trip to the library then didn’t yield much, so they ordered a booklet and Dancker’s collection began. The Red River Lumber Co. used Paul and Babe’s images in an early 1900s advertising campaign and the Bemidji’s Junior Chamber

of Commerce asked to use their likeness after the company moved west to California. Minnesota — particularly northern Minnesota — hoped to lure tourists who might have otherwise thought the region was uninhabitable during the winter, and thus hosted St. Paul’s now-longstanding winter carnival and a similarly styled event in Bemidji in January 1937 with the now-iconic statues at the center. But Brainerd, Dancker said, was originally going to have the statues. “They hired somebody to build the statue, had fundraisers — he took off with the money. No statue,” Dancker said. “So that’s why Bemidji was like, ‘hey we’re even further north, we’ll build it.’” Dancker used to own The Lumberjack Shack, a souvenir store that sits across the street from the longstanding statues. She said some customers, drawn home during Bemidji High School’s all-school reunion in the early 2000s, would swap tall-seeming tales of their own. “All these people were coming in and they were saying, ‘oh! My dad or my uncle or my grandpa, somebody helped build the statues’ and I was like, it can’t be that everybody did,” Dancker said with a chuckle. “So I thought well it’d be kinda interesting to know who built them because they thought it was going to be for a four day winter ice carnival, not that they would become these icons.” Most of the legends were passed around by word of mouth, embellished as necessary by long-ago lumberjacks, or written in early 1900s booklets. Bunyon’s mythos can be traced back to Quebecois lumberjacks, one of whom might have been referred to as “Good John,” which looks similar to “Bunyon” in French. “So many people come and...they know to stop and take their picture with Paul Bunyan,” Dancker said. “That’s their thing about Bemidji. And not even that this is their destination.” But Dancker wrinkled her nose, however, at the notion she’s an historian. “Collector,” she said matter-of-factly.

Summer 2017

| 21

A few of Julia’s

favorite Paul & Babe items The Paul Bunyan Sp orting Goods Spec included Paul Bunyan Baits that sold fishingialists, which lure in 1938 and was ba sed out of Minneap s, started olis.

: From a Route 56 collection ns. nio O th wi r rge Paul Bunyan’s Bu

rding to Julia, this is no A Paul Bunyan train! Accoby Bachmann Trains. longer manufactured

A Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox stein, which feature the mighty Mississippi Headwaters on the reverse side.

Our DESIGN experts and installation professionals are skilled to design and CREATE the perfect space for you, from floor to ceiling!

22 |

Summer 2017


A selec postcards tion of Paul and Ba the years that Julia has foun be ― d with a pho the earliest is from over to from Lif 1 e Magazin937 e.

Julia’s collection ofhes. tc Paul and Babe pa

38 m Bemidji’s 19 an o fr t le h p m a p The ― The Paul Buny winter carnival r Carnival. Winte

the Paul Bunyan and Babe ional ot Blue Ox used for prom s. purposes over the year

A Paul Bunyan balance board ― so you can practice your log rolling!

nly not And last, but certai and least, Paul Bunyan mps! sta Babe the Blue Ox

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OFFER FOR NEW STUDENT OR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT ATTENDED SINCE AUGUST 1, 2016 Experienced instructors available in piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion.

| 23

’s e n e B o r tt e b Tu m u c u C se u a o t i H r a g r a M

ene tto B u T ith o up w r drink t rite d e e m a vo m ine te resh sum s. Our fa d its z a g a inM eaders a f mer day has share sum with ant ve r to gi on humid d restaur ta recipe g e in ri enjoy -influenc r Marga iot show e e n g er Italia Cucumb n Ian H ove-avera a e b s Hou il craftsm te a far a s a a t e cr h thi t i y cock e w h ul , wt playf quila fan e us ho rita. b o te an a st marg advises u u’re not a ou’re not e or a Ian nk! If yo ka. If y lemonad sts vod dri ith gge tast y ng gin or it a go w e also su e si or H tr y u l fan, giv g water. l, melon i o n s alcoh d spark li mint, ba he most. t re flavo ting with ou fancy c y o conc ver flavor e what

24 |

Summer 2017

s: t n e i ed r g n I

: recipe p u r sy mple ***Si

r wate ar par t ane sug 1 t l a r c S e an t r b a m ed. I r 1p Cu c u issolv ney wate d s r l i e t t o a e t n i h r u m B o i g r r L e si n es f mbe Simm sts that u lso mak Cu c u e d i c e a e s of h ila* s u g g v e ne c t a r Crus 2 ounce ed tequ a g a s r o . t u o 1½ r-inf e touch b e c i m c r n u e u c ) s so e* cu le f trip recip t and (see ounce o of swee ade 1 s ¾ to 2 ounce r homem heir w ith o fo t glass to sa lt e es t ½ p e s i 1 h u c t e e f o er en ip in e rim ce and d ce w ith ber) (* *Se . Tut to B h t m t u i e c n li of ju W & cu b er s optio mix .) tom l i me lime e resh e a cucum n the bot s e f r u o o h dl si la ish (m Mud of bit ter Garn tequi h d s a e s d a fu e) ass ber-in ered ic he g l e t m u r c e r u s h c u c u mb c b c i e m s d *Cu u f u d c o f o A u s t o c e l nc e u nc ona eled tequila (opti ½ to 2 o ¾ to 1 ou ces of e, pe r . 1 e , t a u s d l 1 larg t of silve d ta ui 2o n r ja r to days A f used teq d 1 ½ to s s 1 qua a l w n g e in sec a maf e in a nf us where fro e sure to triple and sour i / p e t Ste any ks and b . s wee e n sit oy ! It ca uple wee dr y plac d enj n a , o l c h o is to a t in a co u i la Ga r n i a te q g e s t s t o k eep n e ug you’r Ia n s a l so a l : I f r v o d k a ! e ja r c a n n o i t h O p se g in o sion. s to t u citr u the inf u g fa n , n i r fo a dd that ice touch n a be

ss: Proce

our and s t e e e **Sw e juic

h lim on juice t fres 1 par fresh lem t 1 par water *** t yrup r 1 pa simple s t 1 par

Summer 2017

| 25

With help from our friends at these area businesses: Stop in and check out our selection of Tequila! Cheers to...

Happily Ever After

Beer • Wine • Liquor • Ice



Bemidji’s Best Liquor Store

3324 Bemidji Ave. N.



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Bemidji Discount Liquors

504 Paul Bunyan Dr. NW Bemidji • 751-8868

Lakeview Liquors

510 Paul Bunyan Dr SW Bemidji • 751-3911

Minnesota’s Municipal Beverage Association making a difference in the cities we serve. We encourage the proper use of alcoholic beverages Hours: Monday-Saturday We encourage the proper use of• Store alcoholic beverages.10-10

Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association...making a difference in the cities we serve. Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 9-10

26 |

Summer 2017

the gs on Tastin ursday h third T month ry e v of e -7pm from 4

Our Everyday Low Prices Would Be Specials At Most Other Places

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SPIRITS •Brandy • Vodka • Whiskey ON SPECIAL WINES Sauza Tequila A complete selection of the finest for domestic & imported wines for all occasions. DOMESTIC & IMPORTED BEER • Pabst • Miller • Budweiser • Coors • Heineken SPECIAL • St. Pauli Girl • LaBatts • Miller Lite • OldON Milwaukee Camarena Tequila • Lowenbrau • Pabst Light • Coors Light

Pasta! Simple Summer Side Salads by Larisa

Severson inMagazine photography by Jillian Gandsey

in Magazine

Summer 2017

| 27

These easy summer pasta salads are perfect for a potluck and would go perfect with your favorite recipes from the grill.

Pea, Ham & Cheese Pasta Salad Ingredients:

1 pound box small shell pasta 1 pound shredded sharp cheddar cheese 1 pound cubed ham 1 pound frozen tiny peas, defrosted ½ cup mayonnaise with ½ cup salad dressing (recommend Miracle Whip) 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon black pepper ½ teaspoon garlic salt (optional)

Cooking Instructions:

Cook Pasta according to box instructions. In a large bowl add pasta, ham, cheese, peas and mix well. Add mayonnaise, Miracle Whip, salt, pepper, garlic salt and mix until everything is well coated and evenly distributed. Chill well before serving.

Italian Pasta Salad

Ingredients: 1 1 1 1

pound box Radiatore pasta small package cherry tomatoes package salad pepperoni each: red, yellow & orange pepper ½ cup sliced black olives (optional) 2 cups shredded parmesan cheese 1 large bottle Italian salad dressing

Contact us today for a more successful tomorrow!

28 |

Summer 2017




Home - Farm

2820 Beltrami Ave NW | P.O. Box 903 | Bemidji, MN 56619

Cook pasta according to package instructions. Slice cherry tomatoes in half and dice peppers. In a large bowl add pasta, cherry tomatoes, pepperoni, peppers, cheese, olives and the entire bottle of Italian Dressing and mix well. Chill until ready to serve.

Your partner for Temporary | Temp-To-Hire | Direct Hire | Professional Placements

We Serve Policy Holders, Not Share Holders.


Cooking Instructions:


Each take a minimal amount of time to whip up so you won’t be stuck inside putting together a pasta salad. Enjoy!

Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad Ingredients:

1 pound box small elbow noodles 1 package hidden valley ranch dip seasoning mix 16 ounce container sour cream ⅓ cup mayo 16 ounce block cheddar cheese, sharp or mild, cubed 10 ounce bag frozen peas, thawed 8 strips bacon, cooked and crumbled

Cooking Instructions:

Boil the noodles according to package directions. Drain and rinse with cold water, stir so they don’t stick. Let cool while you prep the rest. In a large bowl mix the ranch seasoning, sour cream and mayo together. Add noodles and mix together with ranch mixture completely coating the noodles. Add cheese, peas and bacon. If you prefer a creamier pasta salad add a few squirts of ranch dressing or a little more mayo and sour cream. Chill well before serving.

Taco Pasta Salad 1 1 1 1 3 2

pound ground beef pound box Rotini Pasta package taco seasoning pint grape tomatoes cups shredded iceberg lettuce cups shredded cheddar jack cheese 16 ounce bottle Catalina salad dressing 1 bag Nacho Cheese Doritos

Cooking Instructions:

Brown and drain the ground beef. Add the package of taco seasoning with ¼ cup water and mix well. Cook pasta to package instructions. Slice tomatoes in half. In a large bowl add seasoned ground beef, pasta, grape tomatoes, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, Catalina dressing and entire bag of crushed Doritos and mix well.

BELTRAMI COUNTY VETERANS SERVICE OFFICE Your First Stop for Any Veteran Related Issue, Question or Concern.

Scotty Allison,


616 America Ave. NW Suite 140 Bemidji, MN

If you are looking for additional information, please call 1-888- LINKVET


Veterans Service Officer

Gift Cards available online and at the box office $5 ay sd Tue ovies All M Day All Bemidji Theater HWY 2. West of Bemidji

444-MOVI (6684) Summer 2017



| 29

Easy Eco-friendly lawn care Homeowners know that a healthy lawn can add considerable curb appeal to a property while giving residents of the home a place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. But few might know that a healthy lawn can also benefit the environment, especially when homeowners take a proactive approach to lawn care that emphasizes eco-friendly techniques. A proactive approach to lawn care can prevent certain problems, including disease, insect infestation and weed growth. When such problems arise, many homeowners opt to combat them with pesticides, which can harm the environment. But a proactive approach to lawn care can reduce the likelihood of developing such problems and protect the planet at the same time.

We offer a wide variety of services to fit your needs any time of year. Weekly Lawn Maintenance

• Spring/Fall Cleanup • Mowing, Blowing and Trimming • Commercial/Residential


• Installation • Maintenance & Winterization • All Makes and Models

Hydro Seeding/Lawn Establishment • Black Dirt Delivery/Spreading • Sod installation


• Mulch, Plant & Tree Installation • Mulch Installation • Boulder Steps • Patios • Retaining Walls • Firepits & More!

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(218) 751-5296 or 888-652-LAWN Or visit us online for more information 30 |

Summer 2017

Fertilizing/Weed Control

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Emphasize healthy soil Choose a grass that can thrive in your climate

Healthy soil promotes strong roots, which leads to a more robust, lush and aesthetically appealing lawn. While a lawn needs to be fertilized in the spring and at various points throughout the summer, it’s important that homeowners avoid overfertilization, which can create thatch that, when allowed to thicken, will prevent nutrients from penetrating the soil. Lawns need more nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium than soil can typically provide, so fertilizing throughout the warm weather seasons and into early fall can promote a healthy lawn. But choose a slow-release fertilizer so it gradually feeds the lawn. Compost and grass clippings can also be spread around the lawn to promote healthy soil. The pH level of the soil should also be checked to ensure the lawn can fully absorb nutrients. Speak with a local lawn care professional to determine what a healthy pH level is for soil in your area.

Cover low-growing weeds like clover or crabgrass with newspapers and eventually the lack of sunlight will exterminate them. Though you might prefer the look of a certain grass, choosing a grass based entirely on appearance is a mistake that could cost you money and prove harmful to the environment. When installing a new lawn, opt for one that’s suitable to the local climate. Installing a lawn that needs substantial amounts of water in a region known for drought can rob the lawn of its aesthetic appeal and will cost homeowners a substantial amount of money to maintain. If an existing lawn struggles to stay green regardless of your best efforts, then consider replacing it with a new type of grass that might be more suited to the local climate.

Pull weeds out beneath the soil, which works best after a good rain. Insert a knife or screwdriver in the soil to loosen stubborn weeds.

Don’t cut too low when mowing

Homeowners who don’t enjoy mowing their lawn might be tempted to simply cut grass as low as possible to extend the intervals between cuts. But the United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends that grass never be cut more than one-third of the height of the grass blades. Longer grass can take in more sunlight, allowing it to grow in thicker and develop a deeper root system. That deep root system can help a lawn survive drought and prevent disease, two potentially costly problems that often force homeowners to embrace solutions that are not eco-friendly. Ideal lawn height depends on the type of grass, so consult a lawn care professional to ensure you are cutting your grass to a healthy length.

Many weeds are native plants and are intended to thrive, that’s why they are so hard to kill. Excessive watering not only wastes water, which is not very eco-friendly, but also hurts the lawn when dry periods inevitably arrive. That’s because shallow and frequent watering encourages roots to stay near the surface, so when dry periods arrive, the roots struggle to find water. The EPA notes that an established lawn should not need daily watering. Instead, watering responsibly when the lawn needs water and when evaporation can be kept to a minimum, can strengthen a lawn and do so in an eco-friendly way.

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Avoid overwatering

Saturday 8:30 - 3 Sunday 11 - 4 Tuesday 12 - 5 Thurs 12 - 6 (Downtown) Thursday 2 - 5:30 At Sanford Clinic/Hospital Area EBT & WIC/FVV Vouchers Welcome Summer 2017

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Boat Safety story by Grace


As northern Minnesota weather reaches a (mostly) warm and sunny equilibrium, more and more boaters are taking to area lakes.

As they travel out onto the water, boaters should be mindful of three main safety concerns:


32 |

Summer 2017

Lisa Dugan, the boat and water safety outreach coordinator with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources encourages everyone to: wear their lifejackets, designate a sober captain, and be aware of the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning. Dugan said at least 10 Minnesota lives could be saved per year if boaters wore life jackets at all times. State law only requires the jackets to be easily accessible, she said, and passengers have a raft of excuses to avoid wearing the flotation devices. The excuses don’t hold water, though, according to Dugan, especially with newer life jacket technology readily available. “We hear that they’re too bulky, in the summertime

they can be too hot to wear. Those larger foam-filled vests, if people are working on their suntan, then they can get in the way,” Dugan said. “The excuses don’t measure up to the dangers of not having a life jacket.” Slimmer, lighter jackets can be purchased at most sporting goods stores or marinas. Dugan also hopes boaters will begin designating a sober captain to drive the boat during outings. Unlike rules banning open alcohol containers in cars, there are no laws against boat passengers consuming alcohol. The boat driver is also allowed to consume alcohol as long as they remain under the legal limit, though Dugan encourages the designated driver to remain completely sober for the duration of the boat trip.

bring a cooler out on the boat and enjoy beverages, designate somebody that will be able to get you around the lake safely and get you home safely after you’ve finished your day out on the water,” Dugan said. Lastly, Dugan wants boaters to comply with a new law requiring carbon monoxide detectors and warning stickers on certain watercraft. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can be similar to intoxication or seasickness, causing them to be ignored. “It’s the dizziness, stomach pains, headaches,” Dugan said. “They’re easily dismissed on a boat, but for people to recognize hey, this might be something else that we should look into and get to a safe spot.”

“The excuses don’t measure up to the dangers of not having a life jacket.”

“If a group does decide to

For more information on MN boating laws & rules visit www.dnr.state. Big Green Egg Dealer Stihl Dealer Yeti Dealer Weber Grills Louisiana Pellet Grills

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Mountain biking:

Single Track Women Riders Wanted story by Danielle


An ambassador for mountain biking in the Bemidji area, Kristi Sorgenfrei can tell you what you need to know about getting started in this adrenaline-filled hobby. Invited to ride It was a nice summer day around five years ago and Kristi was hanging out with some friends, they were going mountain biking on trails at Movil Maze. They invited her to come along and Kristi, as the adventurous go-getter she is, agreed. She had never been mountain biking before but thought it sounded like a great activity. She rode and realized this was a progressive sport and she wanted to put the time into learning the skills and knowledge of this fast-growing activity. Kristi started going on biking trips including Copper Harbor, Mich., and Sedona, Ariz., and riding around the area. She was hooked. There was a woman’s weekend workshop she attended, and it was a pivotal trip that really enflamed her passion for women’s inclusion in the sport. “There were all women there who wanted to learn different skills and become better riders.” They were working on the fundamental skills and spent two days in the field, “and that’s when I realized this kind of thing would be great in Bemidji for women who want to start mountain biking.” A year later, she started working at the bike shop to learn more about bikes and maintenance. Last August Kristi went to Waterloo, Wis., on a Trek Certified Service Scholarship, it was the first group of women ever to be offered these scholarships. Kristi said Trek “had the same ambition to get more women not only on bikes, but have more confidence and knowledge to work in the shop because it is such a male dominated industry and women spend just as much money in bike shops. So it makes sense that they want women working at Trek and bike maintenance.” Learning these skills, Kristi said, helped not only to expand her knowledge working at the bike shop, but helped “in the field.” Every bike trip should have at least one person knowledgeable on bike maintenance in case of flat

34 |

Summer 2017

tires, bent rims, loose handlebars, etc. To make the trip more enjoyable is to ride the most you can on all the trails that you can and not have a worry about having to get to a bike shop however far that may be. Pushing the pedals Kristi saw there weren’t as many women involved with biking and she was usually the only female going to group rides, “and a lot of my friends who were women were intimidated to ride with a group of mostly boys.” Kristi dreamt up the idea and decided to start women’s rides every week to try to make it a more inviting way to get into mountain biking. The idea is that each ride, depending on which people would show up, would be different and they would work on specific skills catered to the people who attended. “The skills that I like to work on with people depend on their strengths and weaknesses; we usually have a smaller group, so as we start riding I like to see where they are at and make different suggestions that will hopefully make riding more fun for them.” The fundamental things she likes to tell riders is how to position their body on the bike, especially while on the trail, braking, shifting and how to handle corners. Essential items you would need to come to women’s ride would be, of course, a bike, which you can rent from the Outdoor Program Center at Diamond Point Park. Also make sure the bike is in good condition because you don’t want to have issues with your brakes or anything else while riding if you don’t have a mechanic with. You definitely need a helmet since the single track has many obstacles such as trees and rocks and you need to practice safety. Definitely bring water because you want to stay hydrated on the track. You need a pair of sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots. But, really, don’t need a lot of other stuff to get out there and try it out. Kristi suggests to sign up for women’s training clinics or a women’s weekend workshops since they are specifically set up

“It is a fun way to get outside and get in shape and spend time with friends.”

for beginner riders. “Lindsey Richter led my workshop when I first started and just recently she went out to Nepal and taught a bunch of girls who have never rode a bike before to ride mountain bikes and learned those skills.” Like most things, the more you want to learn about it, the more you get out and actually ride, the better you will get. The difference between road biking and mountain biking is that it is a lot more technical, “what I like is that you have to stay focused on what is going on around you and have focus on the trail and what is coming up.” You can focus on many different skills. If you want to work on jumps, or getting over rocks, or become a faster rider, there are many different skillsets to develop with the sport. As far as the mountain biking season goes in Bemidji, you can go in the spring as soon as the trails are dry. “Riding on the trails when it is wet ruins the single track that was built. Then volunteers have to fix them, so as soon as the trails are dry which is usually around May, you can ride until the snow flies and then there is more opportunity to ride fat bikes.” Movil Maze is where she likes to ride mostly because it is the closest and most local track since it is right here in Bemidji. “I also like to ride in Duluth on Spirit Mountain on their lift access trails and just their other single tracks there.” Kristi recently went to Moab, Utah, this past spring on a weeklong trip, and their trails are some of the best in the country along with Copper Harbor in Michigan. “I try to get up to Copper Harbor at least a couple times throughout the summer.” Copper Harbor is Kristi’s favorite place to ride, “because the town is really small and cool. The trails are super fun because you can either ride cross country all day and have a really long epic ride or you can ride shuttles all day and ride some of their harder trails.” You can notice your skills progress with the large variety of single track offered. “You also get to meet people on the trails each day and learn more about them and mountain biking.”

Why women should ride Women’s riding has definitely became more of a focus in the industry as it has gained in popularity the past couple years. “When I went to the ladies weekend in Copper Harbor I was on a wait list to get in, and at that time there were about 80 participants.” This last year’s ladies weekend, the list filled up in about five minutes. “I have seen a lot more women’s skills weekends pop up more throughout the country.” She says more women are riding, and more scholarships and workshops are being offered specifically for women getting into the sport and into the industry. Why mountain biking? “I like mountain biking because it forces me to be in the moment and let go of everything else. You can always find successes in your riding” for example if you were able to ride in an event, or you were able to ride over an obstacle you haven’t before, or you were able to get a little bit more air. “There is always something exciting happening when you bike. It is a fun way to get outside and get in shape and spend time with friends.” The people you meet riding and the friends you make is a main reason why Kristi recommends people to start, and also all the places you can go and explore and take trips. Another aspect that is cool about mountain biking is that you can volunteer and help maintain the trails and connect with the mountain biking community. There are specific nights that you can go out and either help build or repair parts of the single track at Movil Maze. “It is really rewarding to be able to ride and then maintain what you have rode on, it gives you more gratification.” Everyone really helps each other out in the sport. “You can go at your own pace and everyone is really willing to help you because it is a community activity, you can ride on your own or you can ride with a group. It is a great sport and I encourage women to come join us!”

Summer 2017

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Summer 2017

What is your favorite aspect about mountain biking? One of my favorite things about riding is all of the great friends I have made because of it. I also enjoy being challenged. Mountain biking allows me to challenge myself every time I ride my bike. What is your favorite biking memory? My first time biking in Copper Harbor, Mich. at Trails Fest last fall. Where is your favorite place to ride? My favorite place to ride is Moab Utah. There is an abundance of amazing and challenging trails out there. What is your favorite song or artist to listen to before or while biking? I enjoy listening to some good classic 80’s rock before I go on a bike ride. What is your favorite after riding beverage? A good cold beer. What is your favorite riding snack food? Cheese.

Sara Borchardt

Lexie Hendricks

Kelli Boushee What is your favorite aspect about Mountain Biking? All the places it can take you. I probably never would have gone to Copper Harbor, Mich. if it wasn't for mountain biking and I would have missed out on all the beautiful overlooks of Lake Superior. Biking is also something that my husband and I both enjoy so it’s fun to go explore new places on our bikes. What is your favorite biking moment? One of my favorite moments was last fall when my brother-in-law won the downhill race in Copper Harbor. That weekend is always so fun to watch all the riders race down the mountain. It's a great time cheering everyone on and watching the race along side all of the people I have met through mountain biking. Where is your favorite place to ride? You guessed it, Copper Harbor, Mich.! What is your favorite song or artist to list to before or while biking? I actually don't listen to music when I ride. I really enjoy just being out on the trail and listening to the sounds of the woods. Its relaxing for me. What is your favorite after riding beverage? When my husband and I spend our day out on the trails, we always try to find a local brewery to try out afterwards! What is your favorite riding snack food? I love all kinds of snacks! Lately I have been eating a lot of almonds because they have a decent amount of protein and biking is a lot of work! 36 |

claire Baumgartner

Rider Profiles:

What is your favorite aspect about mountain biking? I think what I like most about mountain biking is that i get to spend time outdoors, which is my favorite place to be. I also get to spend time with the mountain biking community, who are some really awesome people. Lastly lets lets not forget the adrenaline rush, cause I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie. What is your favorite biking memory? My favorite memory biking is probably hitting the crazy rock gardens on Porcupine Rim. Where is your favorite place to ride? My favorite place to ride is Spirit Mountain in Duluth, but my favorite trail is Porcupine Rim in Moab, Utah. What is your favorite song or artist to listen to before or while biking? Lately, Gorillaz have really been putting me in the mood for biking. What is your favorite after riding beverage? A delicious, Bemidji Brewing IPA. What is your favorite riding snack food? Granola and beef jerky.

What is your favorite aspect about mountain biking? Being outside in the woods, taking in fresh air, riding with friends, and getting a cardio workout are my favorite aspects of biking. What is your favorite biking memory? I was mountain biking near Mesa, Ariz., I tipped toward the wrong side of a mountain, dislocated my pinky finger, and my boyfriend had to pop it back into place. We wrapped my pinky and ring finger together with a lanyard to keep it straight while I walked myself and the bike down the mountain. That isn't my favorite memory, but definitely a memorable one. Where is your favorite place to ride? Copper Harbor, Mich., has the best flowy mountain bike trials in the Midwest! There is a trail for everyone in Copper Harbor. What is your favorite song or artist to listen to before or while biking? Tarzan Boy by Baltimora is always a good song to listen to, no matter what the occasion. What is your favorite after riding beverage? Drinking many liters of water before, during, and after biking is a necessity. Beer... the answer is beer. What is your favorite riding snack food? It's a tossup between a banana and Nature Valley crunchy granola bars.

Check out Bemidji Area Mountain Bikers facebook page to stay notified on women’s ride, group rides, trips, volunteer days, and trail conditions.

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Daughter, Diane (Dale) Halverson, moved DIANE’S DANCE STUDIO to the third floor. Lois began selling art supplies and consignment gifts in the other rooms. The building has been repaired and maintained by the FAMILY! {Herb (now deceased), Lois, Diane and Terry Halverson, their twin daughters, Katie (Halverson) Meulebroeck and husband Eric, and Amy (Halverson) Edwards and husband Pete} We are dedicated to helping the community and promoting the ARTS!

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Bemidji Area, Life, Family Bemidji's Premier Magazine | Summer issue 2017

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Bemidji Area, Life, Family Bemidji's Premier Magazine | Summer issue 2017