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Brochure 2009

Harlech Foodservice Welcome to our 2009 deserts brochure. This is just a selection from our frozen desserts range. We also stock a wide range of frozen coffee shop desserts including cakes from the Handmade Cake Company, cookies, muffins, flapjacks, scones and individual wrapped cake slices etc.

So if you can’t find what you are looking for in this brochure, please ask Telesales or your Harlech Representative for details

We can also offer you ambient traycakes and muffins, plus biscuits, confectionary, custard, fresh cream, ice cream & fruit coulis.


Harlech Foodservice Sweets & Gateaux Sweet Flans & Pies Individual Desserts Cheesecakes Hot Puddings Freezer to Table

1-5 6-7 8-9 10 11-12 13

For Coffee Shop see Frozen Brochure


Sweets & Gateaux


6093 Harmony Chocolate Charlotte

Delicious treats for all


Fine decor sponge roulade with a rich combination of white & dark chocolate truffles, vanilla fudge abstactly decorated & glazed. 1 x 14ptn


£17.50 5339 Chocolate & Amaretto Trifle

Layers of chocolate sponge soaked in amaretto liquor, heaped with blackcherries, with lashings of dark chocolate flavour mousse and topped with fresh whipped creamsprinkled with amaretti crumb. 1x10ptn


£13.98 8248 Dark & Deadly Chocolate Gateau

A deadly combination of dark chocolate fudge sandwiched between layers of moist chocolate sponge, topped with chocolate flavour mousse, then smothered with chocolate ganache and covered top and sides with a sprinkling of dark chocolate pieces. 16/18ptn


£15.98 8537 Raspberry & Sherry Trifle

Layers of vanilla sponge soaked in sherry and topped with raspberry jelly with whole raspberries. Layered with fresh whipped cream and sprinkled with amaretti crumb. 1x10ptn



9210 Lemon Meringue Pie Traditional tangy lemon centre in a pastry case smothered in light white meringue, gently browned for a crispy finish. 1x12ptn


£12.60 1340 Chocolate Fudge Cake - Improved

A rich,moist sponge smothered in delicious chocolate fudge icing. Uncut. 1 x 16ptn



9801 Profiteroles Fromark Choux pastry profiteroles filled with fresh

cream, plus 2 bottles of luxurious dark continental chocolate sauce. Approx 133 buns per case. 2Kg



Sweets & Gateaux

Uncut Cont

7645 Peach & Devon Clotted Cream Gateau Fine sugared decor sponge with white chocolate truffle, Devon clotted cream and sweet peaches, finished with white chocolate shavings. 1 x 14ptn


£17.50 4415 Raspberry Pavlova

Crisp,white meringue with a fruity cream filling, covered in raspberries and decorated with meringue petals. 1 x 14ptn


£17.50 6644 Strawberry & Devon Clotted Cream Gateau

Delicious treats for all

occasions 8487 Profiteroles - Jumbo

Hand finished cream filled jumbo profiteroles. 1 x 24


£27.75 8808 Italian Tiramisu

Authentic tiramisu made with fresh cream and zabaglione on a base of sponge cake steeped with marsala and coffee,and covered in cocoa powder. Oblong plastic dish. 1 x 12ptn



Fine decor sponge with white chocolate truffle and devon clotted cream, strawberry mousse, strawberry compote and glazed. 1 x 14ptn


£17.50 7334 Summer Fruits Gateau

A large summer gateau with fresh cream and vanilla sponge, finished with with a melody of fruits and spray glaze. 1 x 14ptn




9458 White Chocolate & Raspberry Truffle


White chocolate mousse sandwiched with vanilla satin sponge, studded with raspberries, decorated and glazed. 1 x 14ptn


Sweets & Gateaux

Uncut Cont

1507 Sticky Toffee Meringue

Special Food

for every


Alveston 1x12ptn


1461 Blackforest Gateau Ministry of Cake 1x14ptn


6995 Chocolate fudge Gateau Ministry of Cake 1x14ptn


3452 Coffee Mandarin Gateau Ministry of Cake 1x14ptn


6007 Strawberry Gateau Ministry of Cake 1x14ptn


1530 Chocolate Fudge Cake Alabama Alverston 1x16ptn


4713 Lemon Roulade Alveston 2x10ptn

Soft chewy meringue filled with tangy lemon mousse and lemonsauce. decorated with nibbed nuts

£21.95 5264 Raspberry & Hazelnut Roulade Alveston Sharp,tangy raspberry sauce and hazelnut cream rolled together in our famous light chewy white meringue,with hazelnuts and sugar snow. 2x10ptn


8509 Strawberry & Clotted Cream Torte Vittles

Large sweet pastry case filled with a fresh cream strawberry mousse, decorated with strawberry halves with a border of piped clotted cream, decorated with chocolate run outs.Whole. 1x16ptn


8650 Banoffee Pie 1x14pp

£14.15 A pastry base with a rich toffee filling with real whole banana inclusion, topped with fresh cream.

Pre portioned

Sweets & Gateaux

7979, Black Forest Gateau Sidoli



2687, Chocolate & Mint Contrast - Indulgence

Layers of chocolate sponge topped with dark and white chocolate with mint ganache,decorated with contrasting marbled chocolate glaze.


£14.98 7459, Caramel Apple Pie Fairway

Rich pastry case filled with Granny Smith’s apples,smooth custard,crumble and finished with a layer of Caramel.

5432, Chocolate Fudge Cake Fairway


A rich,moist sponge smothered in delicious chocolate fudge icing.Pre portioned into 16.



£11.50 6740, Blackberry & Blackcurrant Frangipan Chantilly

Fruity blackberries and pungent blackcurrants in an oven baked frangipan tart. 1x14pp



6176, Chocolate Lumpy Bumpy -- Sidoli

A layer of light Chocolate Fudge Cake topped with a richChocolate Mousse and creamy Cheesecake mousse,all enrobed in Dark Chocolate Ganache sprinkled with Pecan nuts and chunks of Chocolate. 1x12pp


Pre portioned Sweets

& Gateaux Cont

5711 Lemon Blossom Miroir Sidoli

A light refreshing combination of lemon mousses rippled together on a crunchy biscuit base. topped with lemon miroir. 1x12pp

£13.65 9795 Lemon Meringue Pie Sidoli

Traditional tangy lemon centre in a pastry case smothered in light white meringue, gently browned for a crispy finish. 1x12pp

3304 Raspberry & Rhubarb Frangipan Chantilly

Pastry case, with rhubarb and raspberries, topped with a moist almond flavoured sponge, baked and apricot baked. 1x14pp

£16.50 5228 Fudgery Do Da Sidoli

Three generous slices of chocolate sponge soaked with a rich chocolate syrup,layered and coated top and sides with a rich chocolate fudge. 1x12pp


£11.65 3107 Dark & Deadly Choc Gateau Sidoli

Two chocolate sponge layers filled with a layer of chocolate fudge and topped with chocolate flavour mousse.Top and sides are coated with chocolate coating and plain chocolate pieces.PRE-PTN 1x16pp

£16.15 6584 Toffee lumpy bumpy Sidoli

8672 White Chocolate Tiramisu Indulgence

Three layers of rippled sponge soaked in a coffee syrup,filled with white chocolate,marsala and mascarpone cream and decorated with a dusting of chocolate powder. 1x12pp


Layers of moist toffee sponge,rich toffee flavour mousse and lumpy bumpy cheesecake enrobed with caramel choc ganache,topped w/ choc chunks,caramel pieces & feathered with choc fudge. 1x12pp

£16.98 4437 Toffee Crunch Pie Sidoli

Fluted chocolate cookie base filled with layers of toffee,chocolate ganache and a creamy white chocolate mousse containing chocolate curls. Decorated with crushed dime bars and mini dime bar 1x14pp

£16.80 9615 Triple Chocolate Riot Sidoli

A chocolate biscuit base coated with chocolate fudge topped with alternate layers of 3 choc sponge and two chocolate flavoured mousse layers. 1x14pp



9744 Big Bramley Apple pie Sidoli

Homemade-style apple pie made with bramley apples. preportioned. 1x14pp


6424 Apple & Blackberry Pie Deep Dish Peakhouse 1x10in


Sweet Flans & Pies

9901 French Style Apple Tart Coppenwrath 1x14ptn

£6.45 9902 Lattice Apple Pie Coppenwrath 1x14ptn

£7.35 6539 Old English Apple Pie Sidoli 2x8pp

£11.30 5105 Apple & Treacle Tart - pre-ptn Sidoli Chunky bramley apple filling with a treacle topping. Preportioned. 1x12pp



4815 Tart au Citron Decadine

Classic dessert.Sweet shortcrust pastry made using a traditional French recipe,filled with a tangy lemon egg custard and dusted with icing sugar. 1x14pp


Sweet Flans

Special Food


& Pies Continued

7740 Bakewell Tart pre-ptn Decadine

9863 Austrian Almond gateau Maitre Paul

Made from a light, sweetened yeast dough and smothered in flaked almond and sugar glaze, and filled with with a layer of creme patisserie. Pre portioned in 10.Called Biennestick in Europe 1x10pp



£8.95 6672 Treacle tart Sidoli

A traditional short crust pastry case filled with golden treacle, mixed with cake crumb, latticed and baked until golden brown.


£17.25 1332, Vienna Apple Lattice pie pre-ptn Alveston

Real chunks of apple with cinnamon, encased in pastry with a lattice top. 1x12pp


4038 Bakewell Tart Maynards

A golden pastry case filled with raspberry jam and almond filling, topped with icing and chocolate sauce. 1x12pp

£14.50 8079, Mincemeat & Apple lattice Sidoli 2x10pp


7883, Belgian Chocolate Tart pre-ptn Decadine . 1x14pp

£16.50 4366, Lemon Panacotta Tart pre-ptn Alveston 1x12pp


7431, Pear & Almond Tart pre-ptn Chantilly A crisp pastry case with dark Belgian chocolate and sweet pears, topped with a moist almond sponge glazed and dusted. 1x14pp



2936 Chocolate Junkyard Vittles Rich Belgian chocolate mousse set on a chocolate sponge base decorated with chocolate shavings. 1x12




5838, Fruits of Forest Cheesecake Vittles

Fresh cream cold set cheesecake made from rich cream cheese set on a biscuit base and decorated with selected fruit. 1x12

3151, Trio of Chocolate Vittles

Three layers of fresh cream chocolate mousse,all made with Belgian chocolate. Defrost for 2 hours. 1x12


£12.95* 4404, Passion & Orange Teardrop Vittles

Freash cream passion fruit mousse set in a decorative sponge topped with mandarin and oranges then glazed. Defrost for 2 hours. 1x12

8032, Lemon Brulee Sidoli

Three layers of fresh cream chocolate mousse,all made with Belgian chocolate. Defrost for 2 hours. 1x12



8030 Tira Mi Su Brulee 7911, Summer Pudding Langtons





Chocolate sponge soaked in coffee and brandy topped with zabaglione mousse, dusted with brown sugar, just toast and serve. 1x12


Individual Continued


8666 Chocolate Trufito Sub Zero

Dairy Chocolate ice cream bombe containing chocolate sauce and enrobed in chocolate with almond pieces. 1x12

7525 Vanilla & Honey in Ceramic Pot Sidoli

A base of honeycomb & milk chocolate honeycomb pieces topped with luxury ice cream, a layer of honey miroir, more luxury vanilla ice cream, a layer of toffee sauce topped with honeycomb pieces 1x12


£11.50 6715 Coconut Trufito Sub Zero

Dairy coconut ice cream with a dark chocolate sauce enrobed in white chocolate with sweet dessicated coconut 1x12

£11.50 1503 Toffee Trufito Sub Zero

Dairy toffee ice cream bombe containing toffee sauce and enrobed in chocolate with toffee pieces. 1x12

Ice Cream Sundaes Sidoli 5183 Chocolate 5185 Strawberry 5186 Toffee 1x12


£11.50 6798 Tarta Fantastica Sub Zero

Chocolate, toffee & vanilla ice cream on a chocolate base decorated with crisp chocolate, mixed nuts & biscuit pieces. 1x6



7527 Big Baked Cheesecake Sidoli

A plain biscuit base topped with baked traditional cheesecake. 1x14pp

£17.60 3801 Blackcurrant & Creme Fraiche Cheesecake Sidoli

A baked cheesecake with white chocolate pieces, rippled with juicy blackcurrant pieces and topped with ribbonette of blackcurrant glaze. 1x14pp

Cheesecakes 9614 Raspberry Ripple Cheesecake Sidoli

A round digestive biscuit base topped with creamy cheesecake rippled with juicy raspberry pieces. 1x14ptn


£14.50 4944 Eaton Mess Cheesecake Sidoli

Cruchy oat biscuit base,topped with a creamy coldset cheesecake rippled with a ludicrous amount of strawberries, finished off with strawberry sauce and crumble meringue. 1x14pp

£14.50 9510 Chocolate & Amaretto Cheesecake Indulgence

Layers of chocolate sponge surrounded by a flaked chocolate joconde,filled with a white choc & ameretto ganache,topped with white chocolate & milk chocolate flakes & almonds. Dusted with choc. 1x12pp

£14.65 7036 Irish Cream Liquer Cheesecake Alveston

Bourbon biscuit base with cold set “Baileys” cheesecake batter, topped with a “Baileys” sauce swirl. 1x14pp

1678 Mascarpone & Lemon Cheesecake Indulgence

Ideal for portion control; filling, very tasty and looks fantastic. Cooked.1x12pp

£14.65 3338 Blackcurrant Cheesecake Alveston 1x16ptn

£9.25 3215 Forest Fruit Cheesecake Alveston 1x16ptn

£9.25 1435 Mandarin Cheesecake Alveston 1x16ptn



5212 Luxury Deep Plain Cheesecake Sidoli

2219 Strawberry

Stunning luxury plain cheesecake for you to top to your own taste. 1x12pp


Cheesecake Alveston 1x16ptn


Hot & Traditional


1190 Bread & Butter Pudding Belfield Farm

A traditional style, pre-portioned pudding made with cream and topped with raisins and nutmeg. 1x15ptn

£17.29 5716 Blackberry & Apple Crumble Sidoli 18x120g

£17.25 5717 Rhubarb & Apple Crumble Sidoli

A delicious combination of Rhubarb and Bramley Apple toppedwith a traditional golden crunchy crumble. Microwave from frozen for 75 secs @ 950 watt microwave 18x120g

£17.25 6828 Luxury Sticky Toffee Pudding (Square) Sidoli

A luxury toffee and date sponge pudding with toffee sauce on top. Heat in microwave to melt the sauce over the sponge. 1x15pp

£16.98 7520 Chocolate Sponge Pudding Sidoli

Special Food

for all


7045 Spotted Dick Pudding Sidoli

Traditional spotted dick pudding. Just add warm custard. . 1x12

£13.95 5995 Sticky Toffee Pudding Sidoli

Steamed sponge pudding with a rich toffee sauce topping.. 1x12

£13.95 2167 Syrup Sponge Pudding Sidoli

Steamed sponge pudding with a Golden Syrup sauce topping.


5246 Jam Sponge Pudding Sidoli

Steamed sponge pudding with a strawberry jam sauce topping. 1x12


Steamed chocolate sponge pudding with a rich chocolate sauce. 1x12



7171 Bread & Butter Pudding Vittles

Hand made from a bloomer loaf with fresh milk, eggs, sugar & vanilla. Defrost 6-8 hours in a fridge or Microwave on defrost for approx 5 mins.Then heat for 30 secs on high power (800w). 1x14pp


8007 Orchard pudding Chantilly

Sweet pastry with a compote of fruits apple blackberries rhubarb and blackcurrants. Finished with frangipan and baked. 1x12



Rich chocolate pudding using the finest ingredients with slices of pear and a soft Beligan chocolate centre. 1x12

£14.50* 4427 Stuffed Baked Apple pudding Chantilly Sweet apple stuffed with sultanas currants and sweet mincemeat slow baked with satin vanilla sponge 1x12


Double chocolate sponge blended with clotted cream topped with crushed raspberries and Beligian chocolate truffle sauce. 1x12



£17.99 9497 Lemon Long Pudding Berwyn

£17.49 7892 Spotted Dick Berwyn 4x14ptn

£17.69 7085 Treacle Long Pudding Berwyn 4x14ptn

5342 Chocolate & Crushed Raspberry pudding Chantilly

7937 Jam Roly Poly Berwyn



8938 Chocolate Long Pudding Berwyn 4x14ptn

4676 Sticky Chocolate & Pear pudding Chantilly

Multi-Portion Puddings


Freezer to


9356 Chockarocka Cream Pie Sidoli

Special Food

for all


Lashings of white and dark chocolate flavour mousse on a chocolate flavour biscuit base, topped with chocolate glaze and sprinkled with white and milk choc blossoms and surrounded with sponge. 1x14pp

£16.25 5498 Goldrush Cream Pie Sidoli

A rich toffee flavoured mousse on a crunchy base, topped with caramel fudge, chipped & roasted nuts. 1x14pp

£15.35 6177 Lightly Lem-m-ony Sidoli

A luxury Lemon sherbet freezecake on a crunchy biscuit base, topped with cheesecake mousse rippled with old fashioned Lemon Curd. Rosetted with vanilla mousse, crunchy crumble and lemon curd. 1x14pp

£15.60 8736 Mad about passion Sidoli

7519 Simply Strawberry Fairway

A delicious buttery shortbread base topped with a soft creamy strawberry cheesecake mix finished with a simple sugar trellis. Freezer to table. 1x14pp


An oat biscuit base with mango dairy ice cream with a layer of kiwi sauce, topped with clotted cream flavoured ice cream,finished with a layer of passion fruit glaze. Freezer to table. 1x14pp

£16.15 4777 Chocolate Orange Liqueur Gateau - pre-ptn Sidoli

Dark moist sponge base with two layers of chocolate and orange liqueur mousse, sandwiched between chocolate orange fudge, finished with chocolate orange fudge and patterened orange icing. 1x14pp




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Harlech Foodservice Dessert Brochure 2009  

Harlech Foodservice Dessert Brochure 2009

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