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Tynesidefoodservice Font for ‘Tyneside’ is Swiss 721BT Font for ‘foodservice’ is Swiss 721 TH BT Colour References are Pantone 281 and Pantone 307


8190 Brussels Pate

5453 Pumkin & Parsnip Soup

7610 Skewered King Prawns

5971 Royal Thai Dimsum

6136 Crispy Coated Camembert

9620 Cranberry & Brie Wontons

8190 Brussels Pate

A smooth pigs liver pate delicately seasoned, with red wine, garlic and herbs

6455 Ardennes Pate

A medium coarse pigs liver pate, delicately seasoned with garlic, herbs and red wine.

9940 Farmhouse Pate

A medium coarse chicken liver pate, flavoured with cider, red wine, garlic and herbs.

8368 Healthy Vegetable Soup

Fresh wholesome tasting soup full of seasonal vegetables that gets any meal off to a warming start.

5453 Pumkin & Parsnip Soup

3599 Cheve Goats Log

A pure goats cheese in log or roll shape,natural white outer surface, which ripens as it ages. A pronounced flavour ideal as a table cheese or can be used in cooking.

7907 Crispy Coated Brie Wedges

Wedges of Brie matured to full flavour, lightly seasoned and coated in crispy bread crumbs.

6136 Crispy Coated Camembert

A whole baby Camembert cheese, matured to perfection and coated in crispy toasted bread crumbs.

7909 Crispy Coated Garlic Mushrooms

Button mushrooms, graded then coated with potato flakes & breadcrumbs, seasoned with a touch of garlic & butter flavour.

The sweetness of these two vegetables combine to make an full flavoured experience that coats the tastebuds with pleasure. This is only one of a full range of Knorr 100% soups.

7050 Smoked Salmon Slice

8766 Highland Vegetable Soup

5154 Melon Balls

A wholesome, rustic soup that is full of flavour and will start off any meals with a warming glow. This is only one of a full range of Knorr 100% soups.


A 227g slice of smoked salmon which is sliced in to 7-8 slices. Serve with French toast as a simple but classic starter.

A refreshing light mix of sweet melon balls that lifts the pallet ready for the main meal.

5971 Easy Tiger Royal Thai Dimum 7610 Skewered King Prawns

Sea caught raw plain tail on king prawns ready placed on wooden skewers. This gives a versatile starter which can be cooked and served plain or coated to you’re taste and cooked to make sweet or hot and spicy.

A Luxurious collection of authentic Dimsum which includes seafood money bags with edible pandan leaves, breaded fish balls, fresh sweetcorn fritters in a light breadcrumb & Thai seafood springrolls.for the main meal.

1966 Bistro Duck A L’Orange

Citrus orange and fresh herbs in a delicious duck parfait finished with a fine orange glaze. |3

8459 Fairway Icelandic Prawns

6982 Mussels in a Half Shell

1639 Crab Cakes

8814 Wings / Ribs Combo

2510 Salmon Goujons with Lime/Coriander

1326 Breaded Cheese Jalapeno Peppers

8459 Fairway Icelandic Prawns

1238 Breaded Goats Cheese/Rosemary & Thyme

Premium Icelandic prawns succulent, pink and full of the flavour ideal as a starter. approximate count 150/250.

Individual roll of mature goats cheese coated in a light crumb flavoured with Rosemary & Thyme.

4230 Pate De Champagne

6982 Mussels in a Half Shell

A meduim coarse chicken liver pate, flavoured with brandy, red wine, garlic and herbs.

New Zealand half shell, green lip mussels. A versatile starter for any menu.

7808 Breaded Torpedo Prawns

2625 Red Chilli & Ginger Chicken Goujons

A peeled tail on king prawn coated in a light Japanese style breadcrumb.

Natural chicken breast fillet goujons with red chilli & ginger in a light crispy coating.

1948 Lyons Luxury Seafood Cocktail

2510 Salmon Goujons with Lime/Coriander

An attractive mix of luxury cooked peeled tiger prawns, cooked squid rings and green lip mussels. A seafood lovers dreams come true.

A goujon strip of prime salmon fillet coated in a delicate lime & coriander dusting that give mouth watering flavour.

1639 Crab Cakes

7475 Filo Wrapped Prawns

A quality crab and chilli cake with 80% fish content that has been coated in a crispy coriander flavoured crumb for extra taste.

Apeeled tail on king prawn wrapped in spring roll pastry, serve with oriental dipping sauce for a athentic flavour.

8178 Melba Toast

1326 Breaded Cheese Jalapeno Peppers

Small ready sliced crispy toast slices serve with pates and other starters.

Halves of jalapeno peppers filled with cream cheese, then coated in a light batter & crispy crumb.

8814 Wings / Ribs Combo

9620 Cranberry & Brie Wontons

Six cooked single joint chicken wings and six perfectly cooked pork ribs in authentic smokey BBQ sauce.


A light and delicious pastry parcel filled with a blend of cranberries and Brie cheese.


1660 Scottish Salmon Fillet

9230 Pork in Magners Cider

6745 Roast Chicken Crown

7176 Vegetable Nut Roast with Apricot & Goats Cheese

8183 Pesto Chicken

1029 Brie & Broccoli Pithivier

1660 Scottish Salmon Fillet

Fresh fillet of skinless Scottish salmon, caught and frozen to lock in the flavour.

1184 Roast Chicken Fillet

A natural skin on Succulent chicken fillet

1393 Wild Mushroom & Brandy Sauce Strudle

A delicate blend of wild & fresh mushrooms, brown rice and courgettes, topped with a creamy brandy sauce encased in a filo pastry parcel.

1030 Mediterranean Wellington

A selection of seasonal vegetables marinated in olive oil and garlic, roasted and mixed with rich mediterranean tomato sauce, bound with mozzarella & encased in puff pastry.


8183 Pesto Chicken

Breast of chicken filled with red pesto, spinach, basil, chevril & cheese stuffing wrapped in serreno ham, served in a mediterranean sauce of red & yellow peppers, roast onions & garlic.

1776 Cooked Turkey Crown

A succulent cooked 100% turkey breast crown. Two breasts of turkey lifted off the bone and wrapped in its natural skin & vacuum packed in its own juices.

5489 Luxury Fish Pie

Salmon chunks, smoked haddock, prawns and Alasken pollock, in a creamy leek sauce. Topped with real mashed potato and sprinkled with toasted breadcrumbs.

5213 Tomato, Mozzarella & Olive Grill

A mediterranean style grill with sundrenched tomato, mozzarella and black olives.

6745 Roast Chicken Crown

Ready cooked boneless chicken breast crown that is packed full of flavour.

6259 Full Rack BBQ Pork Ribs

A tender full rack of baby back loin ribs, which have been smothered in BBQ sauce.


9230 Pork in Magners Cider

Slow cooked Pork pieces in Magners Cider with bramley apples together with a hint of mustard and finished with Irish Cream

1029 Brie & Broccoli Pithivier

Round fluted puff pastry parcel filled with a rich creamed brie, broccoli and onion sauce, topped in an egg glaze with oregano and cheese.

8183 Rainbow Trout

Whole rainbow trout, cleaned , gutted and ready for you to cook.

7176 Vegetable Nut Roast with Apricot & Goats Cheese Pan fried vegetables with apricots, peanuts, almonds & walnuts topped with creamy goats cheese.


7047 Large Honey Roast Duck

1759 Easy Roast Turkey Breast

2117 Wild Rice, Spinach & Honey Roast

5531 Pork Loin Roast

5222 Lamb Loins

5643 Mushroom, Cranberry & Brie Wellington

7047 Large Honey Roast Duck

Half a succulent honey glazed roast duck full of flavour.

1960 Plaice with Prawns & Mushrooms

Whole boned plaice fillet with prawns and mushrooms in a white wine sauce.

6007 Roast Chicken Halves

Tender and succulent naturaly roasted chicken halves

1759 Easy Roast Turkey Breast

5222 Lamb Loins

A premium quality natural product, the eye of the loin. Trimmed to a high specification silver skin and fat removed.

Boneless turkey breast with natural skin ready to roast in it’s own roasting bag.

5366 Mackerel Smoked & Peppered 1795 Kiln Smoked Hampshire Trout

Smoked mackerel fillets peppered with whole black peppercorns to create that hot smokey flavour.

Kiln smoked trout fillets.

5643 Mushroom, Cranberry & Brie Wellington 2117 Wild Rice, Spinach & Honey Roast

A blend of wild & brown rice baked with spinach, mixed nuts, mature cheddar & creme fraiche. Topped with selected honey roast vegetables enhanced with rich ruby port.

A blend of woodland mushrooms, cranberries, spinach & sauteed onions, enhanced with the rich full flavour of fresh Brie cheese encased in a delicate golden puff pastry.

1534 Woodland Chicken 9208 Salmon Steaks

Succulent salmon fillet quick frozen to lock in the flavour.

5531 Pork Loin Roast

Whole rind on pork loin ready to roast, this joint is tender & full of flavour.

Succulent breast of chicken, hand filled with baco pate, wrapped in serrano ham & cooked in a sauce of woodland mushrooms, red wine & brandy.


2202 Salmon & Dill Gourmet Fish cakes

Large oval shaped gourmet fish cakes made using chunks of salmon & smoked salmon folded into a creamy dill sauce and lightly dusted in a seasoned coating.

2116 Individual Nut Roast Slice

An exotic blend of hazelnuts with brown rice & herbs shaped into an individual slice.


3125 Chocolate Eclaire Cake

1674 Raspberry & Apple Chiffonard

3161 Rum & Black Cherry Roulade

3261 Decadine Strawberry & Champagne Trifle

7773 Christmas Pudding Bar

6862 Strawberry & Queen Clotted Cream Cheesecake

3125 Chocolate Eclaire Cake

Arich brownie base topped with rich Belgian chocolate mousse, topped with mini eclaires that have been dipped into chocolate sauce. Drizzed with caramel sauceand to finish the side have been rolled on chopped nuts.

1674 Raspberry & Apple Chiffonard

Sweet shortcrust pastry case filled with layers of raspberry & apple fruit filling, topped with a layer of cream and scattered with raspberries meringue, brandy snap pieces and a sweet dusting to finish.

8164 Orange & Whiskey Roulade

Chocolate sponge soaked with whiskey syrup, rolled with orange mousse and manadrin oranges. Decorated with a cream ripple, manadrin oranges and the outer side coated with Belgian chocolate shavings.

3261 Decadine Strawberry & Champagne Trifle

Sliced strawberry, strawberry puree and champagne topped with vanilla custard and cream.

3161 Rum & Black Cherry Roulade

Chocolate rum sponge,layered with raspberry jam, cream and marbled with black cherries. Coated with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with white chocolate shavings.

6405 Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce

A light choux pastry sphere filled with cream, 4 bottles of rich chocolate sauce in every case.

7431 Stacciatella Kirsch Torte

Layers of chocolate sponge with vanilla flavoured cream infused with chocolate chips sitting on a shortcrust pastry base. Decorated with a rich cherry mousse, and hand finished with chocolate sprinkles.

1293 Chocolate & Crushed Raspberry Clotted Cream Pudding


Double chocolate sponge blended with clotted cream, topped with crushed raspberries and Belgian chocolate truffle sauce.

7285 Ginger Pugging with Stem Ginger Sauce 7773 Christmas Pudding Bar

A square cut ginger pudding with a stem ginger sauce.

Traditional moist Christmas pudding packed with fruit and full of flavour.

9986 Individual Strawberry Cheesecake 6862 Strawberry & Queen Clotted Cream Cheesecake A lightcrunchie base topped with a Cornish clotted cream cheesecake batter, topped with large glazed half strawberries.

Individual biscuit base with a layer of cheese cake batter, topped with fresh strawberries.

2425 Lemon Brulee

A terracotta dish filled with layers of lemon sorbet and syllabub and topped with granulated brown sugar.

6340 Chocolate Mint Contrast

Layers of chocolate sponge topped with dark, white and mint chocolate ganache. Finished with a contrasting marbled chocolate glaze.

| 11

7788 Individual Christmas Pudding

1863 Decadine Chocolate & Blackforest

4906 Sherry Trifle

1808 Mixed Berries Pavlova

2030 Lemon Chiffon

5946 Raspberry & Hazelnut Roulade

7788 Individual Christmas Pudding

Traditional moist Christmas pudding, packed full of fruit and full of flavour.

4719 Raspberry Pavlova also 1808 new Mixed Berries Pavlova

A unique presentation of fine Scottish raspberries and cream on a meringue base, decorated with ten meringue shells for ease of portioning.

1863 Decadine Chocolate & Blackforest

Rich chocolate sponge, black cherry compote, chocolate mousse and fresh cream with a hint of kirsch.

6590 Orchard Pudding

Sweet pastry with a compot of fruit, apple, blackberries, Rhubarb and blackcurrants finished with frangipan and baked.

4906 Sherry Trifle

Sponge soaked in the finest Spanish sherry, thick creamy custard filling & an attractive whipped cream topping.

1634 Irish cream Liquer Cheesecake

A borbon biscuit base with a cold set Irish liquer cheese cake batter and topped with an Irish cream Liquer sauce.

1912 Black Forest Gateau with Kirsch

A biscuit base surporting three layers of sponge and layers of fresh cream, with kirsch cherries. Coated with fresh cream and decorated with cream bulbs, cherries and chocolate shavings.

2030 Lemon Chiffon

9317 Blackberry & Apple Crumble

Delicious blackberries & apples topped with a light crunchy sweet crumble.

A layer of shortbread supports layers of lemon icing, lemon sponge and mousse. Topped with lashings of fresh cream and lemon drizzle, the sides are coated with real white chocolate flakes.

6857 Parfait Caramel

5946 Raspberry & Hazelnut Roulade also 1566 New Toffee & Hazelnut Roulade

8296 Sticky Figgy Pudding Square with Butterscotch Sauce

Sharp tangy raspberry sauce & hazelnut cream, rolled in a sweet light crisp meringue & decorated with crushed hazelnuts & sugar snow.

6028 Fruit Cocktail Torte

An any season indulgence or summer fruit treat. A crumbly biscuit base supporting layers of soft sponge and vanilla cream custard. Finished with a generous topping of fruit and cream rosettes.


A caramel sauce surrounded by a caramel ice cream with caramel pieces and covered in chocolate.

A square cut sticky figgy pudding with a rich butter scotch sauce

8187 Passion & Orange Teardrops

Fresh cream passion fruit mousse set in a decorated sponge. Decorated with glazed manadrin oranges.

| 13

5503 Apple Pie

3056 Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce

2066 Tumbleberry Pie

6653 Trio of Chocolate

1912 Black Forest with Kirsch

9036 Sweet Mince Pies

5503 Apple Pie

9631 Blackcurrant & Creme Fraiche Cheesecake

3056 Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce

9881 White & Dark Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake

Sweet shotcrust pastry encases fresh juice apple filiing with a dusting of sugar.

A toffee muffin pudding packed with chopped dates and sultarnas, laced with black treacle & covered with smooth butterscotch sauce.

8878 Fruit Festival

A plain biscuit base topped with a baked creme fraiche cheesecake rippled with juicey blackcurrant pieses and finished with a ribbonette blackcurrant glaze.

A biscuit base topped with rich contrasting baked white & dark chocolate cheesecake batter, finished with a marbled white & dark chocolate glaze.

Shortbread biscuit base topped with a layer of sponge and creme patisserie, finished with a layer of selected fruit, dusted with icing sugar and sides coated with roasted almond flakes.

2353 Decadine Lemon Syllabub Souffle

6653 Trio of Chocolate

1555 Decadine Passion Fruit of Forest

Three layers of fresh cream Belgian chocolate mousse, first layer is of dark chocolate set on rum soaked sponge, secons layer white chocolate & lastly a layer of milk chocolate and dusted with chocolate powder.

A fine combination of fresh cream, lemon juice and zest with Italian meringue and lemoncello centre.


Blackcurrants, redcurrants and strawberries in a delicious fruit puree. Topped with a passion fruit bavarois.

1022 Dutch Apple Lattice 1069 Chocolate Fudge Cake

A double layer of rich chocolate cake filled & coated with generous helpings of chocolate fudge.

A glorious combination of fresh juicey apples and sultanas which are delicately flavoured with cinnamom and sugar and decorated with lattice top of fine short crust pastry.

9036 Sweet Mince Pies

1230 Lemon Meringue

Sweet shotcrust pastry filled with luxury sweet mince topped with a sugar dusting.

A shortcrust pastry case filled with a layer of rich lemon filling & topped with meringue.

2066 Tumbleberry Pie

8576 Banoffi Meringue Roulade

A sweet shortcrust pastry case filled with layers of apple & reaspberry fruit filling. Topped with a layer berry mix & glaze & finished with a sprinkling of sweet dusting.

A crisp brown sugar meringue filled with banana puree on a bed of stiky toffee sauce and heaps of fresh toffee cream. sprinkled with pecan nuts and dusted with sugar snow. | 15

6936 Mini Yorkshire Puddings with Turkey & Cranberry

9726 Mini Christmas Puddings

8211 Easy Tiger Thai Seafood Dimsum

4696 Mini Cheesecake Selection

6398 Mini Black Forest

5653 Mini Summer Fruit Pancakes

6936 Mini Yorkshire Puddings with Turkey & Cranberry Light mini Yorkshire pudding with tender turkey in a creamy bread sauce and topped with cranberrt coulis. Also 8443 Mini Yorkshire Pudding with Beef & Horseradish & 8051 Mini Yorkshire Pudding with Lamb & Mint.

8578 Ginger & Lemongrass Chicken Sticklers

Succulent inner chicken fillet in a ginger & lemongrass marinade & presented on a bamboo paddle.

4995 Broccoli & Brie Filo Puffs 1925 Vol Au Vent King Size

A delicate & tasty pastry case crammed with brie & broccoli florets in a smooth cream cheese sauce.

Extra large ready to bake bouchee, ideal for buffets and parties. Also 1923 Cocktail Vol Au Vents & 1924 Medium Vol Au Vents

6051 Breaded Butterfly Prawns 8211 Easy Tiger Thai Seafood Dimsum

A peeled tail on prawn which is butterfly cut & coated in a light crunchy crumb.

An assortment of seafood dimsum. Consisting of green samosa, seafood spring rolls and shrimp paste on sugar cane.


9564 Mini Peking Duck Rolls 4696 Mini Cheesecake Selection

A delicious combination of tender duck, vegetables & hoisin sauce, wrapped in a light & crispy filo pastry roll.

An all butter shortbread base topped with vanilla-cream-cheese and loaded with three fruity fillings, lemon. sour chrry and strawberry.

1629 Oriental Gourmet Selection 6398 Mini Black Forest

Moist, rich mini chocolate cakes filled with sweetened sour black cherries and plenty of whipped double cream.

5653 Mini Summer Fruit Pancakes

Mini sweet pancakes, filled with a delicious fruit of the forest mix and a rosette of whipped double cream.

An exciting selection of delicious oriental mini snacks. Made up of spicy & sour vegetable chicken parcels, Peking duck spring rolls, Thai fishcakes & vegetable chicken half moon parcels with blackbean sauce.

6319 Cheese & Spring Onion Lattice Fingers

Cheddar cheese, onion in a cheese sauce on a puff pastry base with a puff lattice top.

9726 Mini Christmas Puddings 6213 Mixed Cocktail Chicken Satay

99% chicken marinated in authentic herbs and spices formed in traditional satayshaped on mini skewers.

Rum soaked fruit, brandy & sweet spices that develop a distinctive riches aroma. Each pudding is dressed with a rosette of Brandy cream & a small sprig of sugar holly.

| 17

9840 Quiche Lorraine

1792 Mini Jacket Potato Selection

2542 Mini Beef Wellingtons

4997 Mango & Brie Parcels

1434 Traditional Sweet Petit Fours

5425 Duo Canapes & Mini Blinis

9840 Quiche Lorraine

9220 Mignordise Gourmande

This is a an all time classic quiche and rightly so. Specially selected smoked Suffolk bacon, tangy tasting Cheddar cheese & sweet fresh onions flavoured with Dijon mustard.

A selection of gourmet patisseries consisting of 7 chocolate squares,6 lemon tartlets,4 chocolate eclaires, 3 pishachio eclaires, 6 apricot tartlets, 7 strawberry cakes & 6 vanilla puffs.

1792 Mini Jacket Potato Selection

9362 Tomato & Chilli Chicken Sticklers

Halved baby new potatoes, baked in olive oil, rosemary and black pepper. Topped with three classic fillings: tuna & sweetcorn, chilli beef and chicken tikka.

2542 Mini Beef Wellingtons

Mini puff pastry crowns filled with finely chopped mushroom pate duxelles and a medallion of British beef.

Succulent inner chicken fillet in a tomato & chilli marinade and presented on a bamboo paddle.

7475 Easy Tiger Filo Wrapped Prawns A peeled tail on prawn wrapped in spring roll pastry.


8877 Traditional Sweet Petit Fours 4997 Mango & Brie Parcels

A tempting new experience, these apperising pastry parcels are packed with the exotic taste of mango subtly blended with Brie cheese.

A colourful sweet assorted tray presenting some of the tried & tested patisserie products, having a variety of fruity & chocolate flavours.

5307 Easy Tiger Mixed Vegetable Dimsum 1434 Traditional Savoury Canapes

This assortment of colourful canapes displays a variety of recipes combing special breads & delicate flavours.

An assortment of vegetarian dimsum. Consisting of curry vegetable samosa, chilli vegetable spring rolls and sweet & sour moon puffs.

3921 BBQ Chicken Wings 5425 Duo Canapes & Mini Blinis

A variety of 20 canapes & 15 blinis. Cheese & smoked trout, red pepper hazelnut pate, continental sausage. Blinis- prawn & cheese, goat cheese, salmon.

Delicious mid & prime cuts of chicken wings marinated in BBQ sauce.

8713 Mini Milk Chocolate Eclaires

Mini choux pastry fingers filled with cream and topped with milk chocolate.

9620 Cranberry & Brie Wontons also 5218 Mango & Tomato Salsa Wonton

A light delicious pastry parcel with a blend of cranberries & brie cheese. | 19

8469 Mini Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels

1630 Indian Snack Selection

2351 Proscuitto Mini Pizza

6846 Mini Smoked Salmon Terrines

1839 Sesame Prawn Toast

6274 Vegetable Salsa Devil Bites

8469 Mini Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels

Delicious mini bagels generously filled with cream cheese and a slice of smoked salmon.

1630 Indian Snack Selection

7140 Stilton & Broccoli Pickups

Blue stilton & Cheddar cheese are cooked with tender young broccoli florets, sweet green onions & a dash of port. All nestled in a fully cooked pastry case.

An ideal combo of onion bhajis. vegetable & spinach pakora & vegetable samosa with spicy pakora sauce.

8490 Roast Chicken Drum Sticks

2351 Proscuitto Mini Pizza

6377 Mini Shepherds Pie

A bite size, thin & crispy stone oven baked base which is topped with a tasty cheese, cooked smoked ham & juicy chopped tomatoes.

A crisp handmade filo pastry case filled with lean minced beefin a rich gravy & topped with a parmesan cheese & chive potato mash.

6846 Mini Smoked Salmon Terrines

9388 Chicago Canapes

A creamy lemon & dill bavarois on a rustic rye bread base finished with smoked salmon & cracked black pepper.

1839 Sesame Prawn Toast

Authentic prawn toast neat triangles of toast flavoured with prawns & coated in sesame seeds.

6274 Vegetable Salsa Devil Bites

Crispy pastry sticks with a Mexican style tomato & vegetable salsa filling. Also 3239 Chilli Devil Bites

2164 Buffet Pork Pies

Bite size traditional pork pie mix in hot water pastry.

Ready roasted chicken drum sticks.


6 of each: tomato & artichoke, foie gras & apple, prawn & basil, puree vegetables, duck fillet& prune butter, smoked salmon brioche, smoked trout & ham butter figs.

6339 Mini Dessert Assortment

43 mini desserts: contains 9 custard filled eclaires, 10 strawberry cream puffs, 16 mini vanilla slices & 8 mini black forest rolls.

6234 Easy Tiger Mini Vegetable Samosa

Authentic Chinses style vegetables wrapped in a crispy filo pastry.

9912 Hot n Spicy Chicken Wings

A delicious mid & prime cuts of chicken wings marinated in a hot n spicy sauce.

| 21

5067 Pigs in Blankets

5079 Stuffing Balls

7248 Traditional Roast Potatoes

5108 Button Sprouts

5106 Baby Carrots

8401 3� Yorkshire Puddings

5067 Pigs in Blankets

5107 Cauliflower Florets

Ready cooked cocktail pork sausages wrapped in smoked bacon.

White fresh cauliflower florets

5079 Stuffing Balls

5463 Mam’s Mash

Cooked sage & onion stuffing balls

Perfect mash potatoe every time just add milk & butter to taste.

7248 Traditional Roast Potatoes

5611 Honey Glazed Parsnips

Quarter cut tradional roast potatoes.

Ready roasted and glazed with honey.

5108 Button Sprouts

8807 Duchess Potatoes

Small tender and full of taste.

Creamed potato piped into swirls & fully cooked.

5106 Baby Carrots

8703 Very Fine Whole Green Beans

Small sweet & tasty baby carrots.

Fine whole green beans quick frozen for fuller flavour.

8401 3” Yorkshire Puddings

5120 Asparagus Spears

Light fluffy ready cooked Yorkshire puddings. Also in 2”, 4”, 5” & 7”

Whole asparagus spears.

5111 Broccoli Florets

5134 Battered Onion Rings

Quick frozen to lock in all the flavour.

Light & crispy batter coating on sweet onion slices.


| 23

4004 Lakeland Butter Portions

1330 Gratin Dauphinois

Kitchen King Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix

4879 Cranberry Sauce

6551 Turkey Gravy Granules

3610 Cheese Board

4004 Lakeland Butter Portions

4864 Apple Sauce

A pure rich Irish butter product from free range cows.

Made with fresh orchard apples a ready to use sauce.

1330 Gratin Dauphinois

4889 Horseradish Sauce

Thinly sliced tender potatoes layered with creamy bechamel sauce & Emmental cheese a very versatile product with constent quality also 3795 Gratini Daup Cheese with Emmental,Parmesan,Mozzarella & Gorgonzola also 8626 Grantini Spinach with Emmental & Spinach

Kitchen King Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix

The perfect acompanyment to roast beef. Made from extracts of the horseradish.

4655 English Mustard

A mixture of dried sage, onions & bread crumbs.

Lions English Mustard, add a touch of spice to you’re menu with a traditional English mustard.

4879 Cranberry Sauce

4903 Prawn Cocktail Sauce

Made from fresh cranberries a ready to use sauce

A traditioanal old time favourite for seafood.

6551 Turkey Gravy Granules

4408 Mayonnaise

A tastey gravy granules that thicks and gives that unmistakable Bisto flavour. Also 4193 Chicken Granules, 3367 Onion Granules, 5927 Low Salt Granules, Original Granules & Vegetarian Granules.

A rich creamy sauce that can be used as a dip or added to dishes.

2868 Brandy Sauce 3610 Cheese Board

Mature white Cheddar 200gm, Cornish Goats Log 70g, Blue Stilton Wedge 150gm, Chatel Luxury Brie 200gm & Cheshire Mini Truckle (round) 200gm.

Ideal to use with Christmas pudding, or sweet mince pies can add a touch of a glow to any pudding.

3840 Aerosol of Dairy Cream

A quick and easy way to finish off any desserts.


5103 Petit Pois

Succulent, small & sweet peas.

| 25

Christmas Crackers Assorted

3254 After Dinner Cream Mints

4070 Biscuits for Cheese

2474 Custard

5642 Assorted Napkins

9558 Fan Wafers

3600 Babybel & Cheese Portions

Babybel portions tinny cheese packed full of flavour. Also 7776 Cheddar Cheese Portions

3254 After Dinner Cream Mints

Dark chocolate after dinner mint creams. Also 3253 Dark Chocolate Mint Crisps

7243 Whipping Cream Fresh dairy whipping cream.

2899 Single Cream Single pouring cream

5325 Custard Powder 4070 Biscuits for Cheese

Assorted savoury biscuits for cheese in a resealable plastic tub.

2474 Custard

A rich dairy custard ready for pouring can be use hot or cold.

5642 assorted Napkins Available

Red star & swirl napkins. Also 5791 Green Star & Swirl Napkins. 5817 White Star & Swirl Napkins.

Traditional Birds custard powder just add water for that hot, sweet, thick & creamy sauce perfect every time.

6478 Sour Cherry Coulis

9124 Raspberry Coulis. 5808 Mango Coulis

9558 Fan Wafers

A sweet crisp wafer in a traditional fan shape.

9559 Cigar Wafers 1161 Assorted Banqueting Rolls Available

A sweet crisp wafer rolled into a cigar shape.

2169 Green banqueting roll. 3876 White banqueting roll

Christmas Crackers 4112 Silverskined Cocktail Pickled Onions Small, white & sweet pickled onions.

Assorted Christmas crackers will make you’re Christmas meal go off with a bang!!!!


| 27

Tynesidefoodservice Font for ‘Tyneside’ is Swiss 721BT

Font for ‘foodservice’ is Swiss 721 TH BT Tyneside Foodservice, Patterson Street, Blaydon Haughs Industrial Estate, Blaydon, Tyne & Wear NE21 5SD Colour References are Pantone 281 and Pantone 307 Tel : 0191 414 6000

Tyneside Christmas 2010  

Tyneside Christmas 2010

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