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Issue # 123 Mar/Apr 2014 Autumn Edition

Le Beau Day Spa Skin And Body Management

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The winner of January & February’s “Mystery Word” competition was Kiran D’Adamo Congratulations Kiran.

B.B.Cream (Blemish Balm Cream )

New To Perth - Semi Permanent Mascara Yoga “The perfect autumn activity”

Yoga “The perfect autumn activity” 10 Autumn Activities for Family Fun Health Watch

Are Parabens a problem?

Treatment Focus

What is an anti-aging facial.

Product Focus

Thalgo Brightening Radiance Mask

Healthy Easter Recipes: Cooking for kids Guest Feedback


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For the month of march and April- have any Anti ageing facial mentioned in our product focus feature article and go into the draw. You can enter as many times as you like. Includes the purchase of vouchers for these treatments.

Karen’s Letter As the days turn colder and the nights draw in earlier, autumn signals a change of clothing, a change of pace and a change in our skin. Those long, warm summer days might start to become a distant memory but autumn can be a fantastic time for creating wonderful memories for the whole family. This month we are focusing on all things autumn. Starting with the perfect indoor escape to keep your body fit and healthy and your mind calm and at peace, to great, life changing books to read on those quiet afternoons. Plus we have 10 great autumn activities for creating great family fun memories. With autumn also comes Easter. To help celebrate we have found some great, healthy recipes – yes you read right – healthy Easter recipes! Plus we have put together a new great Easter gift voucher menu for those who don’t want chocolate this Easter. There is even something for the smaller ladies in the family and priced well under $100. This April we are launching a first for Perth and we will be joining the few salons around Australia offering Skye Skin Consultations. We are so excited as we will now be able to offer our service and expertise beyond the spa. This service will be perfect for people who are home bound, are taking care of small children, live in remote areas, men who wish to be discreet and most fit in this category, time poor.

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With ever changing weather conditions comes changes in our skins. This mag looks at treatments and products to repair our skin from sun damages caused in the summer. I encourage you to grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy this special autumn magazine. Happy spring and happy Karen Skewes

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Shopping Spree Voucher For the month of march and April, have any Anti ageing facial mentioned in our product focus feature article and go into the draw. You can enter as many times as you like. Includes the purchase of vouchers for these treatments. *Conditions Apply

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15% off Thalgo Whitening and Brightening Range.

20% off IPL Pigmentation / sun spot treatments

Massage – free infra red detox box treatment with every massage, valued at $35 for free.

4 x skin firming cellulite accent treatment for only $1400.


Shopping Spree Voucher For the month of march and April, have any

Anti a ageing facialWitchery mentioned in our vouchproduct Win $500 focus feature article and go into the draw. You as many timesdraw as you like.every Includes er. can Goenterinto the the purchase of vouchers for these treatments. time you have an anti-aging facial. Drawn on the 30th April, the winner will be personally called and announced on Facebook and in our next magazine.

10% off all Aspect Products

*Conditions Apply

Infra red sauna x 6 only $150.

Save 10% on any nail service.

Winner of our Valentine’s Day Couples Romanic escape package face book promotion. Congratulations Megan Stone

Pregnancy Massage Specialists

Have yo

Call us t out on y year

ou told us your birthday ?”

today so you don’t miss your Birthday gift this

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MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

20% off IPL Pigmentation / sun spot treatments

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10 Autumn Activities Autumn does not mean that the fun has to stop just because the warm weather is leaving us. Here are some ideas to help you create some great and wonderful family memories. Here are 10 fabulous ideas for autumn activities for fun family time that won’t break the bank. Get crafty: With Easter round the corner this is the perfect time to make the most of rainy days with plenty of craft activities. Sit down to make some of your own autumn decorations and Easter decorations for around your home to celebrate this beautiful time of year. Take and autumn walk: Wrap up warmly, pull on some boots and get out and about in that fresh air. Watch the seasons change as you walk through the park, noticing the leaves changing colour before they fall. Collect leaves for craft activities and find fallen pine cones to create autumn features for home. Get cooking : The change in weather calls for warm, hearty comfort food. Stews and casseroles are quick, cheap and easy to throw together and don’t forget those delicious autumn puddings – hot apple pie with custard is a must have! Get away from it all: Holidays aren’t just for summer fun. Going down south for the weekend is amazing in the cooler weather and it’s good for the whole family, you will all come back refreshed and raring to take on winter with full force. Make a birdfeeder: (Kids will love this one!) Give the birds a helping hand and it is also a great attraction for the kids. Make some birdfeeders to hang in your garden. Coating a pine cone with peanut butter and hanging it from a tree or post will attract all kinds of birds to your garden. The kids could keep a log and see how many different species they spot. MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

for Family Fun Turn your living room into a cinema: Family movie nights are always a great way to spend a cold, rainy night. Make some tickets, whip up some popcorn and serve them in paper cones, draw the curtains, grab a blanket and put on a film – perfect! This is a man’s idea of a perfect night! Learn to knit: Teach the children how to knit or if you don’t know then learn together. There are some great step-by-step tutorials all over the internet. You don’t need to make anything elaborate, a simple scarf is a great starting point. Plus the kids will take great pride in wearing something they have made themselves, even if it does have the odd, dropped stitch. Read together: Encourage a love of reading in your children by making it a regular family time. Gather everyone up together, before bedtime is perfect as it calms everyone down, and snuggle in the blankets with lamplight and a classic. Take turns to read a few pages each out load and savour these precious moments together. Don’t forget to make up voices to really bring the characters to life. Board games: Make drinks, nibbles and then let the games begin! This is always a great night in and weather you play monopoly or twister this is sure to make for a fun night. Kids restaurant: Help the kids prepare a meal, create the menu, set the table and invite the grandparents over for a special evening served by the children. Lots of laughter and great childhood memories ensured here! What are your favourite autumn activities to do as a family? Go to our Facebook page - Le Beau “Your results are our passion” and share them with us.

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What’s New - Semi P Semi-Permanent Mascara is the latest in salononly professionally applied mascara lasting up to 4 weeks! This is a revolutionary professional treatment that curls the natural lashes, followed with an application of a specialised lash coating. The lash coating is custom mixed to suit your requirements Once mixed accordingly, the coating is applied to natural lashes, creating volume, length and curl. The effect is just like wearing mascara, but lasts up to 4 weeks The application takes 30mins and you are on your way. You will wake up every morning looking fantastic. • No more mascara running. • No more smudging • No more removing mascara at night What are the benefits of semi permanent Mascara. • Curls Lashes • Thickens, lengthens and darkens the appearance of natural Lashes • Lasts up to 4 weeks • Takes 30 mins for a trained specialist to apply

MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

Permanent Mascara • Can be applied to both upper and lower lashes • Custom mixed blend of coating to create a thinner natural look OR a thicker glamour appearance according to your desired look • Can be applied to lower lashes to compliment lash extensions • Glitter and special effects available • Flexible and soft to touch • 100% water proof • Smudge Proof • Non Clumping • Ideal for special occasions & Holidays • Swim, Shower & exercise no worries • Affordable • Looks and feels natural Le Beau spa introducing Semi Permanent Mascara is a safe and eye-friendly lash coating. It has a similar effect to traditional mascara yet it will last weeks.

Perfect for Brides, Holidays or just because you can…

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Membership Club - Save 10 to 25% on all skin care and treatments for a whole year. Le Beau acknowledges how important you, our guests are and without you we would not be here today after 16 years. We have put together an amazing privilege membership club to say thank-you and to welcome new and regular guests to our spa. We hope you see the great value in these packages and let us take care of your beauty and wellbeing. • Platinum- Receive $2,000 worth of services and pay only $1,500. That is $500 worth of free services-giving you 25% off services. • Gold- Receive $1000 worth of services and only pay $750. That is $250 worth of free services-giving you 25% off services • Silver- Pay $199 and receive 10% off all your services for 12 months

Plus all these packages entitle you to…. -10 free passes to use either the alfresco spa or infra red sauna valued at $400 -10% off any vouchers purchased. -10% off any product purchases. -And $ is transferable.

What an amazing gift- (All memberships have a 12 month validation)

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What’s New - B.B.Cream (Blemish Balm Cream ) This product combines makeup that offers coverage PLUS skin care benefits : hydration; sun protection and anti – blemish. It improves the skins activity, improvement in skin texture. There are 3 shades to choose from – you are going to love this cream!

$45.00 – Perfect for the Weekend?!

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"The New M Thalgo BB Cre Call to order to Free de

The 1st Perfect Breathes new radi and corrects the complexio

MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

Must Have" eam only $45 oday 9331 1122 elivery!

Glow BB Cream iance into the skin ion through coloured light

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What’s New - Thalgo Slimming Range This is very exciting, the new range includes creams and supplements for boosted results. A 14 day treatment is available using the drink, refine or the Slim LC Weith Loss 30 day Treatment.

The new creams are: • Lighten Up – for lighter legs. Perfect for those suffering from heavy legs. • Firm Up – a spray, very easy to use to help with firming. LC 24 Tone Up – Thalgo’s LC24 cream to tone up. • Shape Up – with the Slim and Sculpt, includes one for the legs and arms and one for the stomach. These are in our Spa now – be sure to ask for them the next time you are in.

Enter the world of Marine Health… The Thalgo range of Food Supplements can meet the objectives of each and every woman, for reliable, lasting beauty and for a preserved natural balance. As each body has its own nutritional needs and physiology, the THALGO Laboratory offers you a complete range of food supplements focussing on well-being, beauty and slimming, ideal for MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies personalised programmes.

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Treatment Focus: What An anti-aging facial will have all the steps of a basic facial but with ingredients and a facial massage that are specifically targeted at aging or mature skin, which is usually age 40 and up. But you can have anti-aging facials in your 30’s because the skin is already showing signs of maturity. Thalgo skin care have designed a range for anti-aging for your 20’s and 30’s and 40’s – all targeting the individual requirements in these stages of our lives. But why do we need an anti-aging facial? As we age our skins gets thinner and dryer. It loses collagen which gives it a thicker, plump appearance, and elastin which makes it snap back quickly. The time it takes for healthy young cells to migrate to the top most layer slow down, which makes skin duller looking. This dullness is also caused by repeated exposure to the elements and we get creases and lines from all the facial expressions we make. An anti-aging facial might include a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, ionisation treatment, advanced masks and serums. Lactic acid peels and microdermabrasion + LED attract water to our cells, exfoliates and nourishes the skin to promote clear, well hydrated skin. The basic steps to an anti aging facial. Our anti-aging facial begins with a foot soak to relax you. At this time the aesthetician will ask you questions to help her find out what is important to you and what areas you would like to focus on. She will find out what your expectations are and together would decide what the best facial would be for you and your needs.

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t is an anti-aging facial. All facials begin with a cleansing process to clean away makeup and daily dirt from the skin. Depending on the treatment chosen, the procedure of the facial will vary. Let’s take a look now at some of those treatments. No one has time for something that does not show tangible, instant results. Thalgo’s medi grade professional anti-aging treatments resulting from advanced research are guaranteed to impress you. Your therapist will help you decide which of these are the best for your priorities. Thalgo anti-aging facials: 25+ years – collagen treatment. This is perfect for the woman who wants to smooth out fine lines and expression lines. This facial intensely hydrates your skin. The skin will appear lighter, plumper and smoother. 35+ years – marine hyaluronic filler treatment. This is for the lady who wants to fill her deepest wrinkles and stimulate the skins youthfulness. The face is smoother and plumper and wrinkles less pronounced. 40+ years – marine silicium super lift treatment. If you want to fill your deepest wrinkles and lift the facial contours and neck, this facial is the one for you. The whole face feels smoother and less wrinkled on frown lines and eyes. Facial contours and the neck are lifted. Thalgo Exception ultimate time solution facial. Thalgo introduced this treatment late last year. It is full of the latest research. It will be un-

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Treatment Focus: What like any facial you have ever tried before. Scientists have discovered something call fibroblasts, which (in laymans terms) is responsible for keeping our skin smooth and resilient versus saggy and wrinkled. Based on this discovery French beauty brand Thalgo has created the Exceptional Ultime line that boosts fibroplasts in the skin with natural algae hormones and Egyptian fig tree extracts. At Le Beau Day Spa we deliver this 5 step treatment leaving you looking younger without you having to lift a finger. The facial begins with makeup removal to prepare the skin for the Thalgo Exclusive Energy Lift Ultime Massage (aka a manual facelift) done solely by hand and focused on the muscles of the face, neck and décolleté. This is no fluffy massage – this is a bout results! It may possibly be one of the roughest facial massages you would have ever experienced, with a bit of pinching, deep tissue massage and strong pulling sensations from the centre of your face upwards and outwards. But remember that we want results. After the intense ‘face fitness’ session your therapist will perform a relaxing massage on the neck and décolleté and arms before applying the Ultimate Time Solution mask which will put you to sleep as the hyaluronic acid and age reverse complex penetrates deep into the skin. During this time the therapist will massage hands, feet and head – pure heaven! Finally the therapist will apply the Thalgo Ultimate Time Solution cream, eyes and lip cream to the treatment. Then you may relax in the relaxation area and soak up the experience with your choice from our menu. Bliss!

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t is an anti-aging facial. This treatment has been created for a woman 45 and up. The Thalgo Exception Facial is intense with uplifting massage techniques which are highly effective at plumping up the skin to make the skin firmer and more elastic. This is the perfect facial for people with concerns over wrinkles, crows feet and / or double chins. It is a 90 minute treatment. Thalgo Eye Bar treatment If your eyes are your priority then this is for you. “Eyes are the keys to the soul� This treatment will amaze you, there is no treatment like it . If bags under your eyes have been the bane of your existence then this is the answer. The Thalgo eye mask de-puffs and rejuvenates your eye contour area while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles after just one treatment. Thalgo microdermabrasion and LED treatment. Thalgo microdermabrasion skin expert treatment is a procedure that boarders between medical and spa treatments. If you wish to revitalise, firm and tighten your facial skin tone the Thalgo Skin Expert Microdermabrasion is the answer. This is a double procedure, your skin is thoroughly polished by corundum crystals to remove the top layer of skin and dead cells promoting the regeneration of new cells in the deeper layers of your skin. It is a unique way to resurface, retexture and renew your complexion. So safe and gentle.

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Treatment Focus: What This treatment is perfect for fine lines and wrinkles, sun and age spots, acne and congested skin, hydrating skin, scarring, beauty boost and rejuvenating the skin. The Thalgo Micro Skin Expert has four modes: 1. Microdermabrasion mode – smooths wrinkles, brightens skin tone, fades blemishes and promotes cell renewal. 2. The skin light mode – lightening, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Excellent for oily skin. 3. In Meso Lift Mode – stimulating via micro currents for firming and reshaping facial contours, neck and décolleté. 4. Meso Cosmetic mode – Infusion of active ingredients via a new generation of mirco currents to increase the effects of Thalgo anti-aging skin care ten fold. Guinot’s Hydradermie Double Ionisation treatment (vegan product range) Guinot has lengthened its latest treatment – the hydradermie double ionisation treatment. This treatment uses positive and negative ions penetrated into the skin. The end result you can immediately see is smooth features and radiant skin that will make you glow from within. This facial is loved and is a favourite among many of our clients for its results. GUINOT…Pharmaceutical - one of the first High quality products and treatments that are result driven; Guinot regularly updates its treatment techniques and products to make them even more effective and enjoyable with visible results and after more than 30 years of professional skincare experience in MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

t is an anti-aging facial. beauty clinics, salons and spas, Guinot treatment methods and formulas are at the leading edge. Using advanced technology behind every one of the Guinot treatments available, clients worldwide are seeing the effects of more beautiful, radiant younger looking skin. Guinot is one of the first cosmetics groups in the world to be ISO 22716 certified and it allows us to offer the highest guarantee of quality, standards, traceability, purity and regularity. To comply with these standards we have strict regulations in storage and hygiene and have invested more than 20 million euros in upgrades to our clean fabrication rooms. Hydradermie and Hydralift treatments - The hydra lift machine uses galvanic treatment to provide the deepest cleansing facial and immediate visible results. The treatments are designed to address specific skin types and concerns by working in synergy to each other and to the treatments. Pelactiv Peel Treatments Using lactic acid Pelactiv peels will smooth, hydrate and promote healthy looking skin. We often add this treatment to our other facial treatments to get optimal results.

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Treatment Focus: What Do I Need Home Care? We definitely recommend home care to continue and maintain the in salon treatment results. The consistent daily care of your skin is highly important to maintaining and advancing your results. I liken this to feeding yourself once a week and then not feeding yourself all week. You can’t expect your body to work well just as you can’t expect to feed your skin once and maintain the results or even improve them. How much does an anti-aging treatment cost? An anti-aging facial is more expensive then a regular facial because the ingredients are more expensive. Prices vary from between each treatments. How often should I get an anti-aging facial? For optimal results with an anti-aging facial a course if always recommended, usually from 4-6 depending on your needs. 1 treatment would usually be performed once a week. Ask your therapist or spa co-ordinator for spa promotions and packages. If you are now feeling a little spoilt for choice and still don’t know which treatment is for you, don’t distress, we are here to help you get the best results and we will help put together the best home care and salon program for you. We offer free consultations so please don’t hesitate to come in and speak with one of our very well trained aestheticians.

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t is an anti-aging facial.


Shopping Spree Voucher For the month of march and April, have any Anti ageing facial mentioned in our product focus feature article and go into the draw. You can enter as many times as you like. Includes MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies the purchase of vouchers for these treatments. *Conditions Apply


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“This is the only way to experience a body treatment.” All our body treatments include • • • • • • •

Steam light therapy vichy shower head massage body exfoliation body mask Add on options Shirodhara treatment or Indian head massage.

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Teen Spa Party Want the ultimate in girly party for your teens birthday this year

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Cosmetic fillers and enhancers by Dr Judy Craig. Dr Judy will be available on the following dates ‌ Thursday 6th March 10am - 8 pm Thursday 3rd April 10 am - 8 pm

* Free consultations available. Bookings essential. MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

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Product Focus: Thalgo Bri The Thalgo Brightening Radiance Mask is the most perfect product to use in the autumn. We always encourage our clients to change their creams every 2 creams and this is the perfect range to rest or to change to at this time of the year. Summer dries out and dulls the skin due to so much sun exposure not to mention the pigmentation and sun spot damage. This range will brighten the complexion. It is perfect for people who have and would like to treat visible pigmentation. This range is made up of 5 products, all working in conjunction to brighten and lighten the skin. The 5 products are: 1. Exfoliating lotion $43 2. Unizones Clearing Corrector $83 3. Brightening Regulating Essence $109 4. Smoothing Brightening Fluid $107 5. Melt In Smoothing Brightening Cream $111 1.

Exfoliating lotion

Formulated with the clear expert complex and a high content of exfoliating salicylic acid. This lotion is the first step in our brightening rejuvenating program. Your complexion recovers its radiance and your skin is ready to receive the skin care products. 2.

Unizones Clearing Corrector

This product is perfect for this with sun damage (pigmentation) and want to reduce their visibility and size. This ultra concentrated brightening corrector targets individual pigmentation marks, helping reduce the size and the intensity of each MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

ightening Radiance Mask mark by slowing down the production and migration of melanin. 3.

Brightening Regulating Essence

A real skin perfecting asset, this brightening essence oges to work on melanogensis and cell renewal. Pigmentation flaws fade away. The complexion looks brighter and more even and the skin looks visibly younger. 4.

Smoothing Brightening Fluid

This light weight brightening fluid helps your skin regulate melangensis and boosts the production of youth proteins. Your complexion looks more luminous with an impeccable matte finish. Your skin is more supple, plumped up and visibly looks younger. 5.

Melt in Smoothing Brightening Cream

The brightening cream helps prevent the appearance of pigmentation marks and stimulates the production of youth proteins. Its texture is ideal for use in the evening or during cold spells. Your face recovers its full luminosity and youthful appearance. The range is becoming ever increasingly popular due to the conditions we experience in Australia during summer. Many of the girls are using it and have been pleasantly surprised at the change in their skin – so much so that clients have been commenting on their skin!

Give the range a go for yourself. Take 15% off the RRP for the months of March and April. MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

Health Watch: Yoga “The With yoga centres popping up all around us it is obvious the demand for this kind of exercise is ever increasing. Why? Well let’s just take a look at the benefits: • • • • •

Mental and emotional Spiritual Fitness Flexibility Good Health

But! How do you know which is right for you? In this article we are going to look at the benefit of one – to – one yoga. We will be looking at the benefits of: • • • • •

Learning yoga in a one-to-one environment How a private yoga teacher can help your physical transformation How a yoga teacher can help you grow mentally and emotionally How a private yoga teacher can help your spiritual transformation And we will discuss how to go about finding a private yoga instructor.

Mental and Emotional The physical changes through yoga are a smooth transition. Yoga breaks through old habits and it gets our bodies to do what they have never done before by releasing tightness in the body. It will unblock old emotions and suppressed memories to find ourselves welcoming the world with bigger hearts and less baggage. The changes, such as these, to our mental and emotional states are harder to come by in larger groups. A private practise in a comfortable setting with a knowledgeable and trustworthy teacher can make way for a deeper, more personal experience in yoga. With the knowledge that the quality of our breathing affects our state of mind and vice-versa, a teacher can pay close attention to a student’s breathing patterns in a one-to-one setting to gain an understandMediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

perfect autumn activity� ing of his or her mental state in asana. If, for example, a student’s breathing pattern is fast and rapid, it may indicate feelings of anxiousness and stress. By detecting this, the teacher may suggest modifications, pranayama or meditation to create a slower and deeper breath, an indication of a more balanced emotional state. Once on the path of consistency and habit your teacher can avoid rigidity and make way for personal growth by recognising the impact our physical state and emotions have on our wellbeing.

Spiritual While yoga can help to transform our spiritual approach to life, it does not mean that one must become a devout Hindu, Buddhist or vegetarian! However the wrong yoga class may communicate the opposite and leave you feeling pressured or confused. It is important for a yoga practise to be as spiritual as you wish. By working one-to-one and you may feel more comfortable to explore your feelings. With the right teacher you should feel comfortable with your beliefs and also feel safe should you wish to delve into a new form of spirituality.

MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

Health Watch: Yoga “The A guide on how to find the right teacher. Research carefully to find the right yoga teacher. It is very important that you feel comfortable enough to work closely with them and be open with them. In the book “Yoga as Medicine.” By Timothy McCall MD, he lists 6 things to look for a in a yoga teacher and cautions against relying on teachers to diagnose problems – please leave that to the health experts. McCall recommends looking at: Training : Enquire where the teacher was trained and for how long. The minimum should be 200 hours of training and in addition they should have taken part in ongoing studies. The teacher should have a good understanding of anatomy and physiology and be familiar with contraindications. Experience : How many years experience have they had? Flexibility of approach: McCall says “A good teacher looks at what you’re doing and teach from what they see, not just from what they know. Look for a teacher who observes and asks about your needs, experience and circumstances and who teaches according to these needs as opposed to a standardised approach.” They practise what they preach: Only a truly dedicated teacher can be the catalyst for transformation in a student. Find out the consistency and nature of her practise and ask if they practise asana, pranayama and meditation. McCall says the best teachers are also lifelong students and take part in ongoing study such as anatomy workshops, reading and working with more senior teachers. They motivate you to practise: find a teacher who can motivate you to keep a steady practise and one who makes you feel listened to and respected. The student / teacher relationship is critical, especially in a one-to-one setting, to provide a safe setting for transformations of every kind to take place. If this sounds like something that you wish to pursue I wish you every luck and success and hope this article has been of some benefit. MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

perfect autumn activity”


en’s Spa Treatments

Men’s Spa treatments are one of the fastest growing services at Day Spa’s. Le Beau recognises both Men’s need for Spa services as well as many men’s hesitations to walk into a salon full of women. For this reason Le Beau decor as well as packages have been designed with men in mind. Le Beau helps men take care of themselves with Thalgo Men. Better care means less in-grown hairs, black heads, blemishes, irritations and razor rash.

The Right Foot – did you know you take about 18000 steps a day? Our foot treatments will ensure that when you leave, you put the right foot forward!

You Need A Massage. How many times do you have to tell yourself you need a massage before you take your own advice? Volumes have been written extolling the virtues and therapeutic benefits of massage. You know all this – so just make a booking! We’ll take care of you now . . . you can thank us later. Swedish Massage 50 min - $100 Swedish Massage 80 min - $135

meeting face to face tells you more about a person than any amount of other communication. This is why we take care of your face like no one else can. We use the highest quality French products available (Thalgo) producing immediate results that leave your face looking clean and bright and your complexion even and toned. Treatments include skin care analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage and a mask to feed your skin. Facial 50 min - $115 Facial 80 min - $165

Handshakes – you can tell a lot about someone from their handshake. Hair Removal Your hands are very clear expressions You don’t really want a girl to lie of your personal habits and attention to you, do you? Wax on = hair off. Face Time to detail – it is very important in . . Our highly skilled therapists will Why is face time the most important business to give off the right| messages. get rid of all the wrong hair in MediSpa Beauty Essentials Spa | Facial & Body gently Therapies element| in anyPackages personal or We can ensure that we will give you the wrong places. professional relationship? Because the tools to feel confidant.

Massage Massage therapy and why it should be a part of everyone’s life, whether you are male, female, baby, child or adolescent. But why is massage good for you? Massage is a wonderful antidote to stress and a powerful way to relax. It allows you to switch off that nagging voice inside your head, to unwind from work and all your worries. It encourages you to breathe deeply and slowly and eases at the tension found in tight muscles. Through the act of relaxation we stimulate the part of the brain (the parasympathetic nervous system) that slows down the heart rate, the rate of breathing, lowers blood pressure and stimulates digestion and immunity. Massage can literally soothe our nerves and produces a feeling of well being. The action of rubbing the skin creates changes in the body and the hormone endorphin is also released. This is the body’s natural pain killer which also creates a sense of well being. It improves circulation by assisting the flow of blood from the limbs back to the heart and increases the flow of fresh blood, which carries nutrients and oxygen to organs and muscles. The first action of massage on muscles is to encourage them to relax and lengthen, relieving tightness, tension and toxins.

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Therapy The second action is to encourage fresh blood into the congested area, bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to the fatigued muscles and assisting with the removals of toxic waste product produced by muscle action called lactic acid. Massage will assist with blood flow of the straw coloured fluid that circulates through the body known as a lymph. The lymphatic system is instrumental in fighting infection and developing immunity. Often after a number of massages people find that they are more aware of their bodies and in turn more able to relax. When up to 80% of visits to GP’s are stress related, massage has an important role to play in the nation’s health. We recommend 4 massages in 4 weeks, then 1 massage a month for maintenance.

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Japanese Face M This is a wonderfully relaxing treatment you can do for yourself at home. It will help you wind down from the day and make you feel great on the inside and look fantastic on the outside. Face massage can be particularly beneficial to people with busy and stressful lifestyles. You will feel and improvement in skin tone and general facial appearance, as fine lines are smoothed and wrinkles softened. It will also make you feel more alert, calm, serene and relaxed afterwards. What is Japanese face massage? It incorporates the principles of Japanese acupressure, combing specific facial pressure points. How does it work? The face is a complex network of muscles which are used constantly. Smiling, chewing, laughing, speaking, sneezing and yawning all cause facial muscles to contract. As a result the facial muscles are in almost constant use and begin to collect tension. Eventually this causes constriction of muscle tissue and decreased circulation of the surface areas, so blood is unable to circulate properly through these tissues. The facial tissue near the surface begins to die and begins to lose its natural elasticity causing lines, wrinkles and puffiness. By increasing blood flow and energy flow to the face with this simple technique, you can create a radiance and zest to the complexion. By rejuvenating facial tissue in this way it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and give a noticeable lift and tone to the facial muscles. This creates a smoother, more youthful appearance. Japanese Facial Massage can improve •

Relaxing of facial muscles

• Tightens and tones skin

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Massage Therapy •

Improves lymphatic circulation

Reduces puffiness

Lightening dark shadows under the eyes

Improves the appearance of blemishes

Gives a lift effect

Stimulates facial nerves

Relaxes the mind

Feels amazing!

Technique Whilst using your night cream. • Take a large, cherry sized amount and place appropriate amounts on the 5 points of the face (avoid eyebrows, eyes and mouth), then spread over the entire face. • Draw a circle around the chin then upwards towards the mouth and lift the corners of the mouth. Then go around the wings of the nose both ways. Finally go over the bridge of the nose and sides. • Use middle fingers on both sides of the nose and apply pressure while breathing out from the nose for 5 seconds and then let go. This helps the blood circulate better. • Cup your cheeks, breath out and apply pressure on to the cheeks for 5 seconds. Let go and then wash off. This is an easy and quick treatment you can do daily – enjoy! This is a quick and easy way for you to get the most out of your skin care daily. Plus a great way to wind down after

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LOOK OF THE MONTH FACE To begin this look apply Mineral Primer to the face to set the base. With the Liquid Foundation Brush apply your Liquid Mineral Foundation to the face making sure to blend evenly. Set the foundation with an application of Loose Mineral Rice Setting Powder over the entire face for a smooth finish CHEEKS With the Contour Blush Brush apply Mineral Radiance Sunshine sweeping over the apples of the cheeks, blending out EYES Using the Eyeshadow Brush apply Individual Pressed Eyeshadow Bordeaux all over the upper lid and under the rim of the lower lid. Apply Individual Pressed Eyeshadow Pink Diamond on the upper lid up to the brow Contour the eyes by sweeping Eye-Mazing Liquid Liner Pen Black along the upper lash line and under the rim of the lower lash line. Finish off the eyes by coating the top and bottom lashes with Mineral Lengthening Mascara Blackout LIPS Define the lips with Pout Lip Pencil then apply the Bared Lip Gel To finish off this look give the face a spritz with Minerals in the Mist Refresh

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Introducing Radio Frequency Ever wished for a more youthful appearance without diet or exercise or surgery? Now you can have your dream. A unique multi- application, Radio Frequency based platform for non invasive treatment of wrinkles, cellulite and skin tightening. Please go to our in salon treatments and home care products and articles for the answers to your dry skin

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- The results will Astound You!

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Frequently asked questions about Radio Frequency and Ultra Sound. Ever wished for a more youthful appearence withiut diet exercise or surgery? Now you can have your dream. A unique multi-application, Radio Frequency nbased platform for non-invasive reatment of wrinkles cellulite and skin tightening...

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How the AccentXL works

Treats all ages and skin types

The AccentXL works by gradually heating the dermal and subdermal tissue to tighten and re-contour both superficially and volumetrically.

AccentXL works on all parts of the body, regardless of a patient’s age or skin type. And unlike other RF systems, the AccentXL provides effective treatment for wrinkles and rhytids with significantly less discomfort, a minimal risk of side effects and no downtime or expensive disposables. Plus, the technology is always upgradeable when new research innovations emerge.


Collagen fibers contract and multiply, which firms and improves laxity.


Connective tissue contracts to improve the skin’s contour, texture and architecture.


Circulation improves and retained fluids drain from subcutaneous adipose tissue to reduce edema, erythema and overall volume.

A closer look: collagen reorganization Before


Photos courtesy: Yaron Assaf, MD

Need Before Ultrasound Image

Pre-Treatment: Ultrasound image of patient’s abdomen prior to treatment with AccentXL. Notice that the connective tissue is sparse, spread apart and not well organized.



Photos courtesy: Ilan Karavani, MD

Post-Treatment: 15 days post

Need After Ultrasound Image

treatment (5 weeks, 2x/wk). The thickness of the patient’s superficial fat has decreased 33 percent and there is a clear demarcation from the deep fat. Connective tissue has become uniform, linear and horizontally oriented, with an increase in collagen fibers.



Photos courtesy: Ramon Rosado, MD MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & H. Body Therapies

The Accent XL procedure The Accent XL procedure is a technique which rejuvenates aging skin in a non-invasive, radiofrequency based procedure by treating two separate layers of skin in a single treatment. The technique is called “dual-layer thermotherapy,” and is effective in treating loose, sagging skin, and uneven skin texture and tone. Accent XL is also a very effective technique for the treatment of cellulite. The treatment encourages the skin’s natural development of collagen, which gives skin its firm, elastic tone. The technique requires no downtime and is non-invasive, making it a popular alternative for both men and women who do not want to commit to more complicated and extensive surgical procedures. 

 Who is a candidate for Accent XL? 

The Accent XL procedure is an excellent option for men and women interested in firming up sagging, loose skin or reducing all degrees of cellulite buildup through a non-invasive procedure. 

 Which area of the body is Accent XL useful for? 

Accent XL’s unique dual-layer technique is suitable for use anywhere on the body where there is loose, wrinkled, and sagging skin or cellulite. The procedure is especially popular with individuals seeking to tighten up the crepe-like skin that can occur on the underside of arms and under the neck as a result of aging or significant weight loss, and is also a popular treatment for individuals following pregnancy and weight loss surgeries, to tone and tighten stretched, loose skin. 

 Who is not a candidate for Accent XL? 

In general, men and women who are diabetic, taking photosensitizing drugs, or who have pacemakers are not good candidates for Accent XL procedures. In addition, women who are pregnant or nursing should not undergo Accent XL. 

 Is the cellulite reduction from Accent XL treatments permanent? 

Accent XL offers individuals long-term and often permanent results, and the cellulite which is removed by Accent XL is gone for good. This does not mean that new cellulite cannot form in time, however. 

 How is Accent XL performed? 

The Accent XL dual-layer technique uses a special hand piece to deliver radiofrequency energy to both the surface and deeper layers of the skin. Both treatments affect the production of collagen, effectively encouraging the skin to produce new collagen, which helps the skin regain some of the elasticity lost through the normal aging process. This dual-layer technique is specially designed to treat both the fine, delicate skin of the face and neck, as well as deeper, thicker skin layers. This deep treatment also aids in re-contouring the underlying structures of the skin. Most procedures require about 30 to 60 minutes to perform, depending upon the size of the

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area being treated, and are often likened to a hot stone massage. 

 What is recovery from the Accent XL procedure like? 

With Accent XL, recovery time is minimal. Most patients say the Accent XL treatment feels like a warm stone massage, and there may be some slight redness and warmth in the area following treatment. However, patients are able to return to their regular routines immediately following treatment, which is one of the reasons the Accent XL procedure is so popular. 

 When will I begin to see the results from Accent XL treatments? 

You should see the results of the Accent XL treatment immediately following your treatment, when the skin shows the initial evidence of tightening. Your results will continue to improve over time as your body develops new collagen, causing the skin to improve in tone and texture. 

 How many Accent XL sessions are needed? 

The number of Accent XL sessions that are required varies based on the individual patient’s condition and the results each individual hopes to achieve through the dual-layer technique. Most patients see visible results after 1 or 2 treatments, but optimal results may require 6 to 12 treatments with the Accent XL technique. Most specialists recommend patients undergo a series of “maintenance” treatments to prolong the beneficial effects of the initial Accent XL treatment. 

 When can one return to work after Accent XL treatment? 

Individuals can expect to return to their normal routines, including work, immediately following the Accent XL procedure. 

 What are advantages of Accent XL over other procedures? 

There is no invasive surgery involved in the Accent XL procedure, which is relatively quick and pain-free and requires no downtime. The Accent XL also requires fewer treatments than many laser treatments. 

 Is Accent XL approved for use in Australia

Yes, Accent XL is approved for use in the Australia by the TGA. 

 Is Accent XL covered by insurance companies? 

Because the Accent Xl procedure is considered a cosmetic procedure, not a medical procedure, it is covered by our medi spa insurance. 

 What is the cost of Accent XL? 

Depending upon the area being treated, the cost of Accent XL treatment usually ranges from $280 to $600 per treatment.

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Healthy Easter Recipe These Easter recipes can be a delicious activity to keep the kids busy while on holidays but remember to supervise them at all times. They also have under 110 calories! Hot Cross Bun Pudding This Easter recipe serves 8- 10 people and take 15 minutes to prepare. Cooking time is 1 hour. The cooking for kids in this recipe is a little more tricky. Ingredients: 6 hot cross buns 1 ½ cups of milk 1 ½ cups of thin cream 6 eggs ½ cup sugar 1 tsp vailla extract ¼ cup dark choc bits 2 TB silvered almonds Directions: • Grease a 22cm cake tin and line the base with baking-paper. • Cut each hot cross bun into 4 slices and line the base of the tine with half of the slices. Fit them in snugly and sprinkle them with the white choc bits. • Whisk the milk, cream, eggs, sugar and vanilla together in a large jug, pour half of the mixture over the buns. • Top with remaining slices and pour over the rest of the mixture • Let the mixture stand for 30 minutes to soak up all the liquid. Meanwhile, pre-heat the over to 160 degrees Celsius. • Top mixture with dark chocolate bits and almonds • Stand cake tin in a baking dish and pour in water to come half way up the side. Bake for 1 hour until set and browned. (it will rise when cooked

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es: Cooking for kids but sink on cooling.) • Remove the tin from the dish and cool completely. Run a knife around the edge of the pudding, turn onto a plate, remove the baking paper and invert pudding onto a serving plate. • Cut into wedges and serve. Easter Lamingtons This Easter recipe makes 18 lamingtons and takes 30 minutes to prepare, no cooking is necessary. Ingredients: 2 cups of desiccated coconut Red and blue food dye 400g unfilled sponge (can buy pre-made from supermarkets) 3 cups of icing sugar ½ cup hot water Directions • Divide coconut between two plastic bags. Add a few drops of the food colouring to each bag (blue in one and red in the other). Twist the top of the bag and hold firmly then rub the outside of the bag to mix the colour through the coconut. Transfer the coloured coconut to plates. • Use an oval cutter to cut shapes out of the cake. • Sift the icing sugar into a large bowl and add the hot water. Stir icing until smooth. It should be quite thin. • Use 2 forks and dip each piece of cake into the icing. Let the excess drip off and then place into the coconut and roll to coat evenly. • Place each lamington onto a wire rack to dry.

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Healthy Easter Recipes: Cooking for kids Easy Easter Truffles This recipe makes about 35 truffles and takes 20 minutes to prepare. No cooking is necessary.

Ingredients: 250g packets of plain biscuits (eg milk arrowroots) 1/3 cup cocoa ½ cup chopped walnuts 1 cup of desiccated coconut. 395g can condensed milk Directions: • Put the biscuits into a plastic bag and hit with a rolling pin until crushed into smaller pieces. The boys in particular love this job! Transfer them into a bowl. • Add cocoa powder, walnuts and ¼ coconut. • Make a well in the centre and add the condensed milk. Mix together with a wooden spoon until evenly moistened. • Chill for 30 minutes. • Spread remaining coconut onto a plate. • Spoon out balls of chilled mixture and roll in the coconut. Then make them slightly egg shaped. • Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

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Shopping Spree Voucher For the month of march and April, have any Anti ageing facial mentioned in our product focus feature article and go into the draw. You can enter as many times as you like. Includes MediSpa | Beauty | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies the purchase ofEssentials vouchers for these treatments.

*Conditions Apply

Health Watch - Are

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Parabens a problem? If you keep a close eye on beauty product packaging you may have noticed the phrase ‘paraben free’. Most people are aware that they are better off using a product that is free from parabens but they don’t actually know what they are and why we should choose to avoid them. Parabens are a group of chemicals that are used as preservatives in cosmetics products to prevent microbial growth. This as two actions. The first being that is prolongs the shelf life of products and ensure the viability of the product. There are many different types of parabens in products, with the most common being methylbuty or prophyl parabens. Since 2004 studies have shown that parabens showed up in brest tumours. However this study did not prove or suggest that the parabens caused the tumours and what the paraben levels where in normal tissues. After further extensive research since this study, the consensus was that the parabens are used in such low levels that it is implausible that is would cause a tumour. The other problem is that parabens have some oestrogen like activity and could therefore stimulate and oestrogen driven tumour. The oestrogen activity of parabens is at least 10 000 times less than the naturally occurring oestrogen in the body, so again is very unlikely to be causative. However, parabens can cause irritation and sensitivity when used topically, though this is not common because of the low concentrations used. But if you believe you are better off safe than sorry there is an ever increasing number of companies who are removing these parabens in response to consumer concern and the desire for a more natural based beauty routine. Thalgo have redesigned their entire range of home care products and MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

Health Watch - Are salon products to be free of such chemicals. They have gone one step further for those who like certified organic products, as they have introduced a range that is free of all chemicals and is made up of 99% organic products, from the seed through to the packaging. Guinot Skin Care is a vegan range and has also removed all parabens from their skin care and in salon treatments. Amazingly enough, when I started doing this article I started looking at the products I had at home, especially the ones used by my children and was amazed to find that the QV wash I use as a daily wash for my kids still has parabens. I found this strange as so many physicians recommend this product, especially for people who suffer allergies, however parabens have been linked to causing allergies! I was puzzled as I had always been lead to believe that is was a relatively ‘natural’ product free from ‘nasties’. So whether you are avoiding parabens or okay with them it is still important to stay up to date on the latest scientific findings and make the best choices for you and your families health

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Parabens a problem?

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Health Watch - Common Questions Why should I use anti ageing Products?? Anti-Ageing products The anti-ageing category covers a broad range of conditions such as pigmentation, lines, loss of firmness and dull skin so it is most important to find out what you have noticed about your skin and what are your expectations from their treatment products. Once the priorities have been established your therapist can tailor the most appropriate solution with consideration to the age and skin type of the client. A quote from a Lisa our spa manager on why “AA products are useful to use even for younger age groups (eg 25 years +) Collagen is the most abundant component of the human body. It is naturally present in the connective tissue and makes the dermis resistant, supple and elastic. Its impairment is one of the factors responsible for skin ageing. From the age of 25 reduction in collagen synthesis occurs at the rate of about 1% per year. Eg Useful to start using AA products when you notice the first signs of ageing (eg fine lines). AA products can also be used across different age groups”

What is Hypo-Alergenic A quote from a Jo one of our spa therapist and co-odinator on What is the difference between hypo-alergenic and sensitive?. What does it mean, and what products are available in Thalgo?. “I know Thalgo have their sensitive range AA sensitive skin care Sensitive skin is not a skin type, it is an occasional or permanent condition characterised by visible and often intense reactions such as

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ask by our clients: inflammation. The causes, state and degree of sensitivity vary according to each individual. Any skin type may be sensitive and each shows its sensitivity in a different way. Even though advanced research is being carried out on sensitive skin, the causes of sensitivity remain many and varied. Nowadays, allergic reactions are increasing and we can see an increase in intolerance to cosmetic and daily hygiene products. It appears that these reactions are a result of over exposure to numerous harmful elements. Pollution, sun, UV rays, wind, cold, strong or unsuitable products are also capable of weakening even the most resistant skins. The more sensitive the skin is, the lower its tolerance threshold and allergic reactions may occur to even the slightest harmful element. Hypoallergenic and sensitive skin products such as Thalgo’s Bio Sensitive line are formulated to decrease the tendency to provoke an allergic reaction and to increase the skins tolerance.�

Latest skin health Trends (Collagen Booster Vial) as this is a such a new trend Incorporating a drinkable collagen shot with an anti-ageing treatment a trend emerging from Asia into Europe and Australia.

How can Le Beau help Me and My skin? Le Beau using Thalgo provide assistance to the client in helping to create

any signature treatments or re-invent their menu

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Health Watch - Common Questions How can you help me with my Acne and problem skin?? Le Beau Day Spa team leader Stef said with acne it was important to establish why it was occurring. “Different types of acne needed to be treated in different ways,” she said. She said peel treatments were a fantastic treatment for cystic acne and microdermabrasion great for congestion and the all new guinot hydra clean Ms Skewes said Le Beau stocked a range called Aspect which produced a serum called Exfol L 15, which used alpha hydroxy acids to accelerating the skins natural cell renewal cycle. “This is for superior skin resurfacing without the trauma,” she said. “We would recommend anyone with acne to use this product for two weeks before beginning any in-salon treatments to improve results and reduce the number of in-salon treatments required.”

What can I do about my DARK CIRCLES? Louise one of Le Beau’s Head therapist had this to say.” With a new baby this is something I know all to well . Most people think Getting plenty of sleep, but then still cannot get rid of those dark circles? Acupuncture is thousands of years old but still fits perfectly into modern lifestyles. West people commonly associate dark circles with tiredness, while in Chinese medicine dark circles are usually seen as a result of poor circulation in the area and usually an imbalance in the Qi, or energy, of the kidneys. “When we treat dark circles the aim is to promote blood circulation and drainage to the area while strengthening the kidney yin energy and clearing out blood stagnation through the use of body points. Lyphatic drainage and a good detox is what is in order With the aid of the infra red detox box(

MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

ask by our clients: infra red sauna) this is not like your traditional sauna it is a dry heat that works internally not just external as does the traditional sauna. In salon we also sell , from the New thalgo nutritional range supplements to help with detoxing and drainage.”

I hate my CELLULITE!!! Nerea said Le Beau used one of the latest pieces of equipment in the treatment of cellulite, skin firming and toning the Accent radio frequency. The results are amazing to see if this treatment is for you call up and organise your free consultation. A cheaper alternative although good but slower in results is the Guinot techni spa This combines a vacuum and compression treatment whereby the skin is gently pulled and pushed,” she said. “As a result of this manipulation the tissue forces toxins out. This improves the texture of the skin and benefits elasticity. At the same time the blood circulation is stimulated which promotes the transport of fatty acids from low blood pressure regions.” Nerea also recommended body wraps from Thalgo to target cellulite, with the latest being the Chrono Draining Marine treatment. “This treatment is performed in the award-winning, state-of-the-art Hydrotone Steam Capsule. Thalgo uses algae, which is universally used for detoxifying. What sets them apart is the latest algae they have discovered.” FINE LINES & WRINKLES According to Donna, many of today’s treatments for prematurely ageing skin incorporated professional-strength skin exfoliation, using ingredients such

MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

Health Watch - Common Questions as hydroxy acids, Vitamin A or retinol and peptides and had great hydrating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and brightening properties. “Many treatments focused on premature ageing use electrical machinery such as ultra sound, micro current, galvanic and IPL/light therapy,” she said. “The therapist will explain to you which piece they have chosen for you and why. The

majority work on the principle of stimulating collagen, improving the muscle base of the skin and improving the texture.” Donna said skin therapists also now had an array of facial massage techniques at their disposal, incorporating movements to help energise the skin, stimulate blood circulation and improve the facial muscles. “They can work on relieving the fine lines often brought on by our stressful lives,” she said.

How can I stop feel so blotted? BLOATING Feeling a little Buddha-like in the belly department after a winter of a little too much comfort food? Slim biotic by thalgo may help. Farnoosh one of Le Beaus long term and head therapists said bloating was usually caused by gas trapped in the colon caused by a lack of enzymes, incorrect food choices and incomplete digestion, and said we need to helped to flush out the waste matter to reduce bloating. “You will feel refreshed and energised after as the toxic gases and old faecal matter have been flushed out and the

MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

ask by our clients: body hydrated with the introduction of water into the colon,” she said. The Slim biotic helps you feel lighter all day long thanks to the combination of two active probiotic bacterial strains, prebiotic fibres and Lithothamne seaweed. They act in synergy, maintaining intestinal flora balance and contributing to digestive comfort and the flat stomach effect.

We all have a fairly good idea of how to live a healthy life. But every now and then the strongest will stray from the good-health path. So instead of feeling guilty use the following latest ebook to help yourself recover from an unhealthy habit or slip-up. This Ebook called “Detox Vs Cleanse and How It Affects Your Body” will introduce you to the differences between a Detox and Cleanse, plus show you how you can take advantage of each's benefits. DOWNLOAD EBOOK HERE When you download this Ebook, you will get • Easy ways to get your body cleansed • Suggested detox diets to help you detoxify your body • How regular exercise helps the body get cleansed naturally We know you will want to get back on the healthy path, grab your copy here now.

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Products • Formulas • Pricing Packaging • Teen Acne Positioning

clear skin starts now

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Ultimate in Relaxation the urious Polynesian Massage

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Slimbiotic Tea Have you ever suffered from a bloated stomach? If the answer is yes, then Slimbiotic is the product for you. This new installation to our growing Thalgo Nutrition range in Australia is designed to provide comfort to the stomach, preventing abdominal bloating by balancing internal flora. Now if you thought flora was something you’d find in your garden bed, think again. Our body is home to 100,000 billion bacteria (sounds gross doesn’t it)otherwise known as internal flora. This bacterial ecosystem is needed to help us digest food into micro-nutrients used to fuel the body, produce vital vitamins we need for good health and plays a super important role in immunity. The good news is that we have good bacteria inside our bodies but we also have bad bacteria in there, just hanging out for the right conditions to throw a party! When the balance between the good guys and the bad guys gets a little out of whack (think one too many reds with dinner; a packet of Tim-Tams in one sitting, KFC and cold pizza for breakfast or even a course of antibiotics from your doctor) the WHOLE body is affected. Slimbiotic is a bad bacteria kickin’ super hero packed with 5 BILLION probiotics that helps bring the balance back by decreasing the badies and increasing the goodies. PLUS it contains prebiotics to selectively increase the bacteria we want hanging out in our large intestine. AND we wouldn’t be Thalgo if we didn’t we didn’t add a little Algae to the cocktail. The algae chosen acts as an Antacid that helps fight pesky reflux issues. All in all Slimbiotic is one of those cult like products Thalgo devotees will love, afterall who doesn’t want a flatter stomach?



What’s New - Guinot Hydraclean

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A Lash Revolution...

Instant eye lash extensions without harming your natural lashes! • Instantly thickens and lengthens your lashes by 150%

• Buildable – The more you apply, the more dramatic the result!

• Produced using Natural Ingredients such as natural green tea

and Candelilla Wax

• Water Resistant – Durable, long lasting and will only remove when warm water, facial cleanser or make up remover is used

• Can be used whilst wearing contact lenses


Introductory Offer


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MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

Remedial massage and Post Liposculpture Maintenance Massage Therapy To ensure the best possible results and recovery from your surgery, Le Beau Medi – Dy Spa has fully qualified massage therapists with provider numbers, enabling you to receive rembursement from your health fund. Remedial massage will be carried out as instructed by your surgeon Subject to your surgeons requests; The Post Liposculpture prodram is as follows:

• Massage will commence at 2 weeks post surgey and then at 8 weekly cycles • Once a week for 8 weeks (Gentle Deep Tissue/Lymphatic Drainage) • Once a fortnight for the next 8 weeks (Deep TIssue/Lymphatic Drainage) • Once a month for the next 8 weeks (Remedial)

To book your appointments please call Le Beau Day Spa direct on 9331 1122

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- Age defying beauty drink……… • • • • • • • • •

Stimulates collagen & hylauronic reactivates the youthfulness of the skin in the deepest layers of the dermis. 3 Actions – Nourish, Stimulate, Protect Smoothes fine lines & wrinkles ; regenerates Plumps the skin from within Restores engery Restores protein after exercise Boost the effectiveness of Thalgo facial treatment This complex acts in synergy with all Thalgo creams Enhances any injectables

Use: Drink 1 per day for 10 days.

- Provides you with 10 times more collagen than your cream in 30 days - 2 to 4 Courses per year or all year round depending on your skin condition Concentrated Ingredients: - Marine Collagen - Hylauronic acid Actives the proliferation of the fibroblasts & the synthesis of collagen & hylauronic acid deep within the skin Anti oxidants (Vit C, E, B8 & Selenium) to protect the skin, preserving its tone, clarity & glow

Box of 10 phials $59

Delicious Fruit Flavour NO aspartame or added sugar NO artificial colourings Not to be taken during pregnancy or seafood allergies

Macintosh HD:Users:jmakras:Documents:Clients:Le Beau Day Spa:2013:eMagazine MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies Aug 2013:Collagen Booster - Overview 2011.doc

Released 21st November 2011

The age-defying beauty drink

Only $59.00

Improve the Hydration and density of your skin thisW/S Winter‌ Reference Description RRP Be wowed, Real results in just 10 days! Inc. Gst Delivery available 34.70 59.00 1100 Collagen Booster (Box of 10 x 10ml vials) - 08 9331 1122 GT1100 LT1103

Collagen Booster (Professional 12 x 10ml Vials) Collagen Booster Counter Display (Holds 6 retail boxes)

MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

25.20 28.59


Guest Feedback - Thank you for your kind words! “I always feel welcome and I know I’ll get value and top care for my money.” Leonie “Excellent service, recommend to everyone. Coming back for sure. Thank you!” Natasha “Once again I cannot fault the quality of the service. Thank you so much for the service, advice, courtesy and atmosphere. ” Rachel “It was overall an amazing experience, great staff. Awesome treatment and fabulous massage.” Teresa and Jasmine. “Nere was very friendly and very helpful. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She did an amazing job. I will be coming back to try some more treatments with her.” Tammy

MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies


MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies


MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies

Let us help you make your wedding day perfect

Le Beau Day Spa 9331 1122

To get you organised…

� Trial make-up � Trial hairdressing � Consultation with skin expert to ensure your skin is the best (plan for skin treatments 3 months before) � Spray tans for bridal party and guests � Manicures and pedicures for bridal party

We can arrange the fun services…

� In Salon Hens Party � Mother/Daughter Retreat � Bride and Groom relaxation package for the day before

� Make-up for bridal party and guests � Hair for bridal party and guests MediSpa | Beauty Essentials | Spa Packages | Facial & Body Therapies � Napoleon pertis make up � National spa of the year 2011

The Big Day…

2098331 - 100411SR

Cnr South St & Gilbertson Rd, Kardinya.

Le Beau eMagazine March April 2014  

Le Beau eMagazine March April 2014

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