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AISER® Implant System is not designed to compromise • Mechanical reliability of Top Class Titanium Astonishing bioactivity performance of AISER® Biosyn-D surface • Reliability and Innovation, to provide professionals simply the best AISER® Implant System is designed to provide reliable implants to address all clinical needs • AISER® Implant System consists of three implant lines: AISER® Tytan, AISER® Themys, AISER® Ceos.

Tytan implant line is designed to treat D1, D2 mandibular bone tissue.

The dual-coil design allow high grade overall stability containing the attrition on the ridge.

Themys implant line is designed to treat D2, D3, D4 maxillary bone tissue.

The single-coil, wide pitch, wide thread design allow a neat cutting performance, avoiding tissue compression.

Ceos implant line is designed for the extrasinus zygomatic surgery.

Implant apex is treated with AISER® Biosyn-D technology to allow a reliable osseointegration. The tip of the implant is hollowed, as for all AISER implants, to allow a safe insertion.


[1]: D’Ercole, S.; Mangano, C.; Cellini, L.; Di Lodovico, S.; Atalayin Ozkaya, C.; Iezzi, G.; Piattelli, A.; Petrini, M. A Novel 3D Titanium Surface Produced by Selective Laser Sintering to Counteract Streptococcus oralis Biofilm Formation. Appl. Sci. 2021, 11, 11915.

[2]: Gallorini, M.; Zara, S.; Ricci, A.; Mangano, F.G.; Cataldi, A.; Mangano, C. The Open Cell Form of 3D-Printed Titanium Improves Osteconductive Properties and Adhesion Behavior of Dental Pulp Stem Cells. Materials 2021, 14, 5308.




BIONIKA Medline Ltd. was founded in 1989. The owners of the company are Hungarian and Swedish. We have 35 years of experience in the development, production and trade of medical instruments and implants in dentistry, oral surgery, traumatology, orthopedics and rehabilitation. ln accordance with our goals and approach, we attach great importance to the word „BIONIKA” (Bionics in English), which marks a form of scientific thinking at the boundaries of biology, technology and electronics, which combines these three areas in our research and development activities.

Our company strives to raise wide awareness in Hungary not only about its own products, but also of the state-ofthe-art products of our innovative foreign partners. After the insertion of the implant, BIONIKA assumes the risk of the ossification process, regardless of the cause-andeffect relationship, and provides an exchange guarantee within one year of purchase. ln addition, we provide a long-term, 10-year guarantee for our products.



Clinical and technological experiences: We continuously process, integrate and exploit accumulated clinical and technological experience in our development activities.

Quality: BIONIKA Medline Ltd. operates according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 1348S quality management systems. Our products have CE marking.

Development: Our products are developed in collaboration with doctors and engineers. We manufacture custom-made components based on provided samples.

Guarantee: Otherwise, we provide a longterm, 10-year guarantee for our products.

DENTAL IMPLANTS ABUTMENTS SURGICAL KITS 06/70-362-9235 Scandrea normal contour Scandrea increased contour + Scandrea increased contour ++ BIONIKA Implantology Locking screw
titanium membrane Implant Bone Graft With Immediate Implant Placement
3D Builder
3D Builder


Our time, your smile!

One of the first implantology brands in Italy, with more than 30 years of experience in the field, Bone System is a long-established brand, recently acquired by the Target Orthodontics Group, becoming its de facto implantology division, specializing in the design, production and distribution of dental implants of its own brands. Meeting any clinical need, the available line of implants is very broad and includes from 2P (cylindrical), RF (conical) implants with the possibility of bone level or tissue level insertion through the use of the iconic transmucosal collar; SH (short) implants; X-SPACE implants (post-extraction) and QM monophasic implants.

The range of Bone System devices has recently expanded with the PARADIGMA implant.

Design features:

Flat apex.

Reverse tapering.


Microgrooves in the coronal part.

Decreasing height spires in the corono-apical direction to further improve primary stability.

Clinical advantages:

SAP surface, with the lowest risk of developing peri-implantitis. Prevents injury to noble anatomical structures and optimizes the distribution of masticatory stresses and loads.

Greater amount of bone at the crestal level and more support for soft tissue.

Microgrooves reduce the magnitude of mechanical stresses at the bone-implant interface and promote bone neoformation.

High primary stability.

Distributes occlusal stress.

Preserves crestal bone.

BRD drills, for recovery of autologous bone.

For information:

Visit us at: Expodental Meeting Rimini 2024.

10 ImplantBook 2024 • Global guide for dealers and dentists
A Target Ortodonzia Company
A Target Ortodonzia Company VIA RAFFAELE RUBATTINO 94/A, 20134 MILANO - ITALY TargeT ortodonzia 35 th anniversary s.r.l. GROUP +39 02 2154165 - The serenity of your work depends on the quality of our products. Our Time, your Smile!
Iuxta-3D, for ten years the original iuxta-osseous implant, naturally from Btk

In the ever-evolving landscape of surgical innovation, the company Btk stands out as a pioneer with its groundbreaking Iuxta 3D device. With over a decade of unparalleled expertise, Btk has continuously redefined surgical precision, setting new standards in the field. What sets the Iuxta-3D apart from its competitors is not merely its advanced technology, but the meticulously designed patented features tailored to enhance surgical procedures.

At the core of Btk's innovation lies a commitment to simplifying surgical intricacies. The Iuxta-3D boasts a range of patented products aimed at streamlining surgical processes. Among these are positioning guides meticulously engineered to ensure the precise placement of osteosynthesis screws. This innovative approach not only expedites procedures but also minimizes the margin of error, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes. Furthermore, Btk's dedication to excellence is evident in the development of osteotomy guides tailored for accurate bone cuts. These precision instruments empower surgeons to execu-

te osteotomies with unparalleled accuracy, enabling long-term functionality of the Iuxta-3D.

One of the crowning achievements of the Iuxta-3D device is the integration of a positioning bar designed for the precise alignment of prosthetics. This revolutionary feature revolutionizes the implantation process, ensuring optimal prosthetic positioning and stability, thereby maximizing patient comfort and longevity.

What truly sets Btk apart is not just the innovative features of the Iuxta 3D, but its longstanding presence as a leader in the industry. With over a decade of proven success, Btk has established itself as a trusted partner for surgeons worldwide, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine surgical excellence.

In conclusion, Btk's Iuxta-3D device represents a paradigm shift in surgical precision. With patented features designed to streamline procedures and enhance patient outcomes, Btk continues to lead the way in revolutionizing surgical innovation. As technology advances and boundaries are pushed, Btk remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering surgeons and improving patient care.

For information:

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Dental Tech

A colorful future

We have never hidden it... we are not currently leaders in the sector. This doesn't stop us from thinking big and setting important goals. With over 45 years of experience in dental implantology area, we are an established and constantly growing company in Italy and abroad and specializes in the design, production and distribution of dental implants.

We like to find and form partnerships with companies or people who share our same values, favoring Quality over Quantity.

This is what we have done in recent years:

• we have increased our dealers abroad and our sales network in Italy.

• we have introduced new implant lines to offer our professionals an increasingly complete range of products: Universal Internal Connection, Conical Connection, Slim Implant, Tissue Level Implant, Short Implant and One-Piece Implant (Bendable or Mini).

• we have started an expansion of our production structure, which will be ready in the coming months.

• we have introduced, alongside our implant lines, a line of natural bone substitutes of equine origin, totally biocompatible and capable of preserving the fundamental biological characteristics for the regeneration process.

...and we certainly don't want to stop now!

Do you want to get to know us better?

Contact us as soon as possible.

For more info:

Facebook: /DentalTechSrl

Linkedin: /dental-tech-s.r.l. /dental-tech-worldwide/

DENTAL IMPLANTS - DENTAL TECH Do you work in IMPLANTOLOGY? Discover the latest industry news on ImplantBook 2024!


Swiss quality for complete solutions

iRES is a dynamic and flexible Swiss based company, which offers a complete range of products for oral surgery: implant systems, guided surgery, regenerative materials, custom prosthesis, and high-level scientific courses.

VOLUTION is the modern and universal implant developed by iRES, characterized by an ogival body design for a better insertion and higher primary stability.

Pronounced spires with cutting profile provide selftapping properties, for higher stability in soft bone and less compression in hard bone.

Primary stability is ensured also by two apical cuts at 45° for a better bone condensation.

The connection is internal hexagon with platform switching, in order to obtain the perfect seal for soft tissues.

Prosthetic components are characterized by a Friction Fit attachment, featuring a 1-degree taper on the hexagonal walls of the abutment. This connection ensures a “cold welding” between the implant and abutment thus eliminating micromovements and significantly reducing bacterial infiltrations between implant and abutment.

In order to ensure the best osseointegration, Volution implants present SLA type surface treatment, the most tested and well-known: sand blasted and double acid etching surface with plasma decontamination.

Volution is available in three different versions:

- Traditional, with 0,5 mm neck machined, to be positioned at 0,5 mm below crestal bone;

- Perio, with 3 mm neck machined, for bone level positioning;

- Aesthetic, characterized by a full surface treatment, to be positioned at 1 mm below crestal bone.

Volution line covers all the options of implant treatment, thanks to a wide range of diameters (3.3 -3.7 – 4.1 – 4.7 – 5.2 mm) and lenghts (6.5 - 8 - 10 - 11,5 - 13 – 16 mm); zygomatic and pterygoid versions are also available.

The choice of implant is only the first step for a long-term successful rehabilitation; for this reason, iRES offers other tools to implement prevention and ensure the best conditions for maintaining a successful implant treatment. iRES TOTAL IMPLANT CARE approach includes also:

- SILVERPLUG: certified medical device specifically intended to seal the access tunnel to the fixing screw and to protect

the implant from bacterial proliferation inside the abutment, thanks to its special components.

- HOBAGEL: gel adjuvant in the processes of re-epithelialization and repair of oral mucosa; it creates a protective, antiseptic and regenerating film on the soft tissues, thus reducing inflammatory state and preventing biological complications.

iRES does not only provide high-quality products, but also high-level courses and programs related to scientific aspects of dentistry. iRES organizes and coordinates a wide range of SCIENTIFIC AND EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES and in-depth studies, involving all roles within the dental field, from just graduated to academic Professor. University Masters, basic and advanced oral surgery courses at our visiting centers, cultural evenings and multi-centric scientific studies are just a few examples of our intensive continuing education program.

Contact iRES to know more on how high quality meets advanced technology and is able to provide an innovative product concept and economically sustainable solutions.

DENTAL IMPLANTS - iRES 18 ImplantBook 2024 • Global guide for dealers and dentists

swiss implant quality

MaCo Dental Care The Shortest Implant in The World: The IM Macon Revolution

In the dynamic landscape of dental care, MaCo Dental Care stands at the forefront of innovation, ushering in a new era with its flagship product, the IM Macon implant system. Designed for the modern practitioner, IM Macon embodies our commitment to advancing minimally invasive procedures in dental implantology. This editorial explores the unique features of IM Macon and its transformative impact on both practitioners and patients.

Innovative Design for Minimized Biological Trauma

The IM Macon implant leverages state-of-the-art design to minimize biological trauma, an achievement made possible through meticulous research and development. By optimizing the oral tissues' natural potential and eliminating the need for invasive procedures, IM Macon sets a new standard in patient care. Its short design, combined with a Morse taper connection, offers an unparalleled bacterial seal, significantly reducing the risk of peri-implantitis - a testament to its bio-inspired engineering.

Features Engineered for Excellence

The IM Macon implant boasts several key features that differentiate it from conventional implants:

1. Superior Anti-Rotational Notches: Enhance the implant's stability and ensure precise alignment.

2. Increased Load Distribution: A design that optimizes load distribution along the implant axis.

3. Trapezoidal or Truncated Conic Upper Section: Adapts seamlessly to various bone conformations.

4. Inclined Plateaus: Facilitate optimal osseointegration.

Minimal Invasiveness, Maximal Impact

The minimal invasiveness of the IM Macon system signifies less stress on oral tissues, effectively minimizing the risk of peri-implantitis and ensuring a smoother recovery for patients. Its versatility across different bone types and the elimination of the need for a tightening screw further attest to its innovative approach to implantology.

Proudly Made in Italy

MaCo Dental Care, with over 30 years of expertise in the dental industry, continues to lead through innovation, dedicated to providing reliable and advanced solutions for dental professionals. Our comprehensive support system, including training, consultancy, and technical assistance, ensures that every implantation of IM Macon is as seamless as it is successful. Our commitment to excellence extends to the manufacturing process, with all our products proudly made in Italy. As we look to the future, MaCo Dental Care remains committed to redefining dental implantology through products like IM Macon, offering practitioners and patients alike safer, more reliable, and less invasive dental care solutions. The IM Macon implant is not just a product but a symbol of our dedication to improving clinical practice and patient care quality worldwide.

Prepare for the revolutionary 3mm-length IM Macon implant, arriving soon to redefine dental excellence and patient satisfaction.

DENTAL IMPLANTS - MACO DENTAL CARE 22 ImplantBook 2024 • Global guide for dealers and dentists




For over 45 years, Mesa Italia has been a leading manufacturer of dental alloys in Italy Founded on a family tradition of excellence, Mesa Italia prioritizes quality, patient well-being, and ongoing research and development. This unwavering commitment has fueled its expansion into the implantology field, introducing the Igea Implant System.


Mesa Italia understands the critical role of precision and material science in dental implants. The company meticulously source the finest raw materials maintaining the highest quality standards in its products, employ state-of-the-art technology including advanced sliding headstock machines for superior production and conduct rigorous quality control throughout every stage of the manufacturing process, which takes place exclusively in Italy.of quality, safety and reliability.


Igea Implant System is the culmination of Mesa Italia’s extensive experience and collaboration with dentists. The research and development team, leveraging the latest advancements streamlined and user-friendly experience for both dentists and patients, and functional, delivering innovative solutions that meet the practical needs of dental professionals. Contact us today to learn more about the Igea Implant System and elevate your practice!

R Via dell’Artigianato, 37 - 25039 Travagliato (BS) - Italy tel. +39 030 6863251 -


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3DIEMME RealGUIDE™ Software Suite with integrated AI tools

The world’s first open system integrating 3D imaging, implants planning and prosthesis modelling applications on mobile devices and cloud environment. With the new integrated AI tools, RealGUIDE learns and grows with you, case after case, assisting you in the most critical steps!

Virtual data processing is time consuming and requires computer skills to be effective. There is less and less time to work on data processing (virtual patient setup operations,…) and clinicians should concentrate mostly on the treatment options provided by the processed data.

Artificial Intelligence tools would automate the data processing and provide the doctor with a virtual patient model in a few clicks.

3 hours of HUMAN LABOUR vs 15 minutes of COMPUTER PROCESSING

Automatic panoramic curve tracking | Assisted mandibular nerve recognition | Assisted DICOM/STL and STL/STL matching | Automatic Bone and single teeth segmentation | Automatic crown extraction from 3D files.

These are all the different opportunities integrated inside the software. No need to upload files or wait for external processing somewhere. Everything is integrated and happens locally within the software thanks to the powerful embedded algorithms.

DOWNLOAD NOW RealGUIDE on PC, MAC and, above all, on mobile devices running iOS.

The software suite, strong of 18 years of experience in digital dentistry, includes the following modules:

- START Free application to collect all the Patient’s data (DICOM images, STL files from intra-oral scanners or laboratory models acquisitions, pictures and documents), visualize them and manage the data upload to the cloud server and mobile applications.

- APP Easily view, plan, share and manage the digital treatment with the tip of your fingers, thanks to the beautiful and simple APP design.

- PRO Advanced 3D diagnosis, automatic virtual teeth extraction with AI bone segmentation tools and implants planning from

a full library including prosthetic components. With the new Teeth Setup workflow you can also design your wax-up, mockup from the teeth library in relation to the antagonist arch with a few clicks. Import your patient’s photo for an aesthetic and functional design!

- DESIGN STL/PLY/OBJ files processing, Surgical guides modelling and models with implant analogues holes creation. On top of that it includes also the new SandBoxTM module, a powerful modelling platform to unleash your creativity and model any type of device for your implant-prosthetic rehabilitation, including stackable guides, grids and bone grafts.

- CAD This new integrated module, also available as a standalone product, includes all the functions related to prosthetic planning, allowing the user to take advantage of innovative tools and the most modern digital processes for the design and construction of customized prosthetic solutions such as crowns, bridges and bars, both for cemented and screwretained prostheses. Thanks to the libraries of the prosthetic components of all the major implant companies and to a simple and intuitive workflow, it is possible to design in a few steps, both permanent restorations and temporary prostheses for immediate loading and export the files in STL format, including all the information for the direct management in CAM programs and the manufacturing of customized prostheses.

No more file exchanges between different software packages, but everything into a unique seamless open environment!

22 ImplantBook 2024 • Global guide for dealers and dentists AROUND IMPLANTOLOGY - 3DIEMME

Guided surgery for predictable prosthetic results

exoplan's tools help you pre-plan implants, engage with patients along the treatment journey, improve collaboration with your lab, and achieve predictable results. Imagine the CADabilities!


Go digital with New Life Radiology:

New Life Radiology, the Italian Leading Manufacturer of Intraoral and Extraoral imaging devices, with more than 30 years experience in this field, is able to to provide its Customers THE BEST DIGITAL EXPERIENCE.

• The smallest focal spot for a periapical x-ray: BEST-X-DC with palmtop TIM-X, a high frequency intraoral x-ray with 0.3mm focal spot, for more detailed images: controlled by a completely touch palmtop (radio-frequency), is also equipped with dosimeter on board.

• High quality CEPH images in only 0.2s exposure time!

OPERA 3D CEPH MULTIFOV (9x9, 11x11, 6x11, 5x5) with SINGLE SHOT DR (Digital Radiology), equipped with double CMOS sensors (one dedicated only to Cephalometry) with the unique SINGLE SHOT DR Technology.

• The fastest 3D intraoral scanner in the world in model scanning*

DIGISMILE, 3D intraoral scanner: software free, no subscriptions required, completely Open System “STL FREE” (scanner file output STL/OBJ/PLY), Exocad compatible, accessoried with the exclusive 3D Glasses for DIGISMILE (wireless): Doctors don’t need to watch to the monitor while scanning anymore, for a more digital and accurate workflow.

(*Digital Dentistry University of Budapest test report) //

25 ImplantBook 2024 • Global guide for dealers and dentists AROUND IMPLANTOLOGY - NEW LIFE RADIOLOGY
what else?

XIMPLANT Currents decontaminator in the treatment of infected peri-implant and periodontal sites

* Freelance in Florence

** Dentist, freelance, founder of IRIS Dentistry Company

This article presents a new decontaminating method through the application of currents for the decontamination of infected peri-implant and periodontal sites. The method is called the XIMPLANT system. The current treatment technique provides precise protocols, in terms of timing and intensity of automated currents, for each type of application, such as to carry out a non-invasive and non-traumatic treatment for healthy tissues. The concept of the treatment is based on the physical action of destruction of the bacterial biofilm. The “electrode” effect of the system is exploited, thus developing a current around its surface which decontaminates it. These treatments are performed “closed” without local anesthesia.

The XIMPLANT system involves contact with the active electrode on the implant, which is “crossed” by a high frequency electromagnetic wave that breaks the biofilm acting on the entire surface of the implant. In fact, it should be remembered that titanium has an ionic conductivity subjected to a potential difference of 3%, sufficient to induce the ionic movement on its surface, such as to induce the destruction of the bacterial biofilm.Peri-implantitis represents a pathology that poses serious survival problems for a high percentage of prosthetic rehabilitations on implants. The bacterial flora forms a biofilm that undermines osseointegration by inducing a resorption of the peri-implant bone which, in the long run, leads to the loss of implant anchorage, as in periodontitis occurs for a natural element. The bacterial flora in question is the same responsible for periodontal problems.

The formation of the biofilm begins with the adhesion of microorganisms to a surface. When a certain amount of bacteria accumulates on a surface and reaches a certain cell density, it begins to secrete a substance which is basically a polymer made up of polysaccharides, proteins and DNA. This substance mixes with the water present in the environment

and gives rise to a matrix where bacterial cells are strongly rooted in the form of biofilms. Peri-implant mucositis occurs in about 80% of subjects and in 50% of implants. Peri-implantitis occurs in 28% and in a percentage greater than or equal to 56% of the subjects (Zitzmann, Berglund T. - J Clin Periodontol 2008 Sep, 35 (8 Suppl) 286-91). Currently, the therapeutic treatments of peri-implantitis involve mechanical maneuvers associated or not with topical and / or general pharmacological treatments, such as antibiotic therapy.

Prevention actions are essentially based on home and professional hygienic maneuvers, in order to prevent irritative spines from which bacterial colonization can start, first of the gingival sulcus, creating a mucositis, then of the periimplantation creating frank peri-implantitis. In the initial stage of mucositis, bone resorption is usually of little entity, but the bacterial biofilm already extends to affect the deep implant surface, that is, a contaminated area that is not evident in this phase with instrumental examinations. It is precisely at this stage that it is interesting to have a device available that allows the “breaking” of the bacterial biolfilm along the entire surface of the implant, even the one where bacterial colonization has not yet caused pathology (not visible.) In fact, even managing to remove the biofilm in the exposed parts of the implant, one does not act on those bacteria that colonize the perimplant in the areas where it is still anchored to the bone, but since the surface of the implant is an easily etched surface, it allows maturation and bacterial aggregation. Also, even in the face of “frank” peri-implantitis with bone resorption and suppurative state, an instrument that allows the deep decontamination of the implant and of the deep periimplant areas would be particularly effective from the point of view of survival of the implants themselves. Until now, this profound preventive-therapeutic action was not feasible.

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Once the infection and the stage of mucositis and / or frank peri-implantitis (probing depth, plaque index, bleeding index) have been diagnosed, professional hygienic treatment is carried out. At the end of the peri-implant toilet, the active electrode is applied to the implant collar. The ground electrode is held in the patient’s hand. The XIMPLANT decontaminator is set on the peri-implantitis program and the currents are applied, according to pre-set times and methods.

The treatment is painless. The patient is then invited to adopt an adequate home hygiene attitude. The bactericidal action of the current is reported by numerous studies in the literature. Particularly significant are the works of Del PozoJ, L, M.S. Rouse, (1) where there is an effective action of the electric current against the biofilm in culture, consisting of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis. Sy et all. Other particularly significant works are those of Dreesa (2) on electrochemical inhibition of 2003, and of LEE, Sy et all (3) of 2012. A recent work, currently being published, by Prof. Giammarco Raponi and Dr. Lisa Valentini, of the Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases of the Sapienza University, highlighted the effectiveness of the XIMPLANT system: “In the experimental procedures, a strong bacterial biofilm produced by Enterococcus faecalis from ATCC collection has been layered on the implants that were successively treated in a treatment chamber by electric current produced by the X-IMPLANT machine. Evidences are provided that the electric treatment granted by the X-IMPLANT system completely removed the bacterial biofilm“. Particularly interesting in this method is the prevention of peri-implant

infections. The “prevention” protocol provides at the end of a normal scaling session the preventive application on the implant collar in the subgingival prosthesis-implant passage area of the active electrode.

For “Toronto” rehabilitations, the application takes place directly through contact with the passing structure.


· David Freebairn, David Linton, Eileen Harkin-Jones, David S Jones, Brendan F Gilmore and Sean P Gorman: “Electrical methods of controlling bacterial adhesion and biofilm on device surfaces”. Expert Rev. Med. Devices 10(1), 00–00 (2013)

· Mah TF, O’Toole GA. Mechanisms of biofilm resistance to antimicrobial agents. Trends Microbiol. 9(1), 34–39 (2001).

· Del Pozo JL, Rouse MS, Patel R. Bioelectric effect and bacterial biofilms. A systematic review. Int. J. Artif. Organs 31(1), 786–795 (2008).

•• Excellent, comprehensive review of bioelectric effect-related literature.

· Archibald LK, Gaynes RP. Hospital_acquired infections in the United States. The importance of interhospital compari_sons. Infect. Dis. Clin. North Am. 11(2), 245–255 (1997).

· Nicolle LE. Uncomplicated urinary tract infection in adults including uncompli_cated pyelonephritis. Urol. Clin. North Am. 35(1), 1–12 (2008).

· Nielsen PH. Biofilm dynamics and kinetics during high-rate sulfate reduction under anaerobic conditions. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 53(1), 27–32 (1987).

· Hall-Stoodley L, Costerton JW, Stoodley P. Bacterial biofilms: from the natural environment to infectious diseases. Nat. Rev. Microbiol. 2(2), 95–108 (2004).

· Costerton JW. Overview of microbial biofilms. J. Ind. Microbiol. 15(3), 137–140 (1995).

· Douglas LJ. Medical importance of biofilms in Candida infections. Rev. Iberoam. Micol. 19(3), 139–143 (2002). //

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IMPLANTBOOK - REPORT 35 ImplantBook 2024 • Global guide for dealers and dentists

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IMPLANTBOOK - REPORT 36 ImplantBook 2024 • Global guide for dealers and dentists
IMPLANTBOOK - REPORT 37 ImplantBook 2024 • Global guide for dealers and dentists
189 countries
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