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Situation Analysis

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The Big Idea Located in ABC in Male' Maldives, XYZ restaurant and Spa is a top class spot for Indian tourists who want a serene experience of Indian food in the island nation. It has got exceptional taste with incredible varieties of Indian cuisines. This is lip smacking when served with exotic hookah.

Mission & Vision Vision


We endeavour to become highly praised, trusted & recommended authentic Indian restaurant in whole Maldives, by delivering exceptionally premium quality food & services, we aspire to establish a loyal customer base. We strive to attain accomplish growth by becoming number one choice of our prospective Indian customers as well as diasporas in Maldives. We will realize this by providing an unparalleled customer experience thus justifying the value of money for our services.


Situation Analysis

Most of the Indian tourists visiting a foreign country have a tendency of looking out for Indian restaurants. Indians who are vegetarian face a major issue as the food option in Maldives is limited to salad for them. Even if someone is non vegetarian in India, he or she may not like seafood or mutton or any non vegetarian stuff other than chicken. Therefore restaurant specializing in Indian taste is rare and Indian tourists face a major difficulty to find food which can live up to their expectations.

Solution As an Indian cuisine based restaurant, we can utilize this opportunity by providing quality food catering to the need of Indian tourists. As in the tourism industry review of visitors are the major factor in building a reputation of a restaurant as people prefer to visit the place which serves quality and authentic food has a vast impact on restaurant’s business.

Product And Service Overview We have well trained and groomed staff. We will be the only restaurant with best iconic Indian food in the capital. We will provide both veg and non veg foods. The menu, decorum and style of the restaurant would be inspired with rich Indian culture. We will also provide Hookah. We will also do home delivery, corporate delivery of food along with walkins.

Operational Plan Operations will start as planned from the march of 2018-19. After start, operations will happen all 7 days a week.

We will customize our working timings and patterns according to our customers. As, this is important in becoming a valuable brand in the eyes of customer. After bringing success in Male’, we will do more market penetration by moving our restaurant branches to other nearby islands like hulhumale.

Business Model

Our Team


Mrs. XYZ


Mrs. XYZ

Market Players

Marketing Strategy Above The Line TV Advertisements Billboards Print Media Flyers

Digital Marketing Social Media Search Engine Optimization

Below The Line Trip Advisor

Swot Analysis Customized Superior quality Mealfood Servings Customized Prime location Meal in Capital ServingsMale' Prime location Investor being vendor in Capital of Male' furniture will make asset procurement easier Investor being Superior qualityvendor food of furniture will make asset procurement easier

Key Financials Particulars

Total Revenue

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

$1,087,051 $1,128,924 $1,415,825 $1,732,024 $2,039,611

Total Direct Costs




Gross Profit



$864,293 $1,125,477 $1,396,915















5th year Projection

The Ask Total Investment

USD 300,00 0


Key Revenue Streams

Loan By SBI USD 240,000


The fund utilization will be done for the following expenses: Fixed Asset Acquisition Marketing Cost Administrative Cost Working Capital Requirements

Invested By Owner USD 60,000

Walk ins Home Delivery Corporate Delivery Open Another Branch

Exit Strategy MERGER & ACQUISITION If nothing goes as planned, we will be either merging with a company of somewhat similar structure of business where profits are good or we can get acquired by a larger company which is better in performance or by an ambitious individual or can sell the whole company

LIQUIDATION We can also liquidate all the occupied assets at a reasonable rate and convert all assets into cash. Remove the liabilities with that cash and divide the remaining among all the investors in their partnership ratio.

Thank You

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