2022 Dance Directory, June Issue 5

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DANCE DIRECTORY june 2022, issue 5

Makalya Skuse

2018 DanceAus Connect Ambassador


03 2022 Winter Workshops

Catch Up 2018 Ambassador Makayla Skuse

Zoe Ehlers 2022 Ambassador

08 Dance Directory

12 2022 SA Classical & Contemporary Scholarship Awards

14 Lilliana Dunn 2022 Ambassador

22 Dance For Sick Kids

40 Dancepreneur Market

23 Hollie McGeachy 2022 Face of DanceAus Connect






19 Jun Dance Prescription 1 Jul Spectrum Dance Industry Workshop 7 Jul Claudia Dean World 8 July Classical Coaching with Claire Campbell-Mahon 24 Jul AICD Victorian Ballet Awards 7 Aug Grampians Regions Masterclass

26 Jun Prima Youth Classical Academy 27 Jun Claudia Dean World 28 Jun Dynamite Studios 3 Jul Prima Youth Classical Academy 9 Jul Brisbane Dance Festival 10 Jul Australian Ballet School 18 Jul Australian Dance Collective



11 Jun SA Dance Festival 3 Jul Dance Prescription 17 Jul Australian Ballet School

17 Jun Light the Way Dance Collective 17 Jun The Dream Experience 25 Jun Ballet Workshops Australia 4 Jul PBT FIT Dance Evolution 5 Jul Shire Dance Workshops 5 Jul Dance Dynamics 8 Jul Elite Performance Studio 9 Jul Tanya Pearson Academy 15 Jul Elite Performance Studio 24 Jul Connect Boys Dance

WA 26 Jun Comdance Major Ballet 19 Jul Australian Ballet School 24 Jul Australian Tap Dance Festival



At the start of 2022 I had such an exciting trip to Adelaide for the Follow Your Dreams Nationals Competition. It was a risky decision to go, considering at the time the WA borders were closed and if my Mum and I left the state, we couldn’t get back in. I remember the last moments before getting on the plane we almost cancelled, feeling very scared about how long it would be until I could return home. Something inside of me just kept saying, I had to go, and everything would work out. Everything did work out and we managed to also have a great trip to Darwin while waiting to be allowed back in, which was about 3 weeks later. At Nationals I was fortunate enough to win Runner Up Champion Dancer plus the highest scoring soloist in my age group. The risk was definitely worth it! I love the experience of Nationals as it’s so inspiring seeing and meeting dancers from around Australia. I hope to attend the Nationals in 2023, it’s going to be so competitive as I have now moved up an age group, however I can’t wait to see all the talent.

It is so wonderful seeing all the states getting back into their dancing this year, we are all learning to just live with covid and move on. I have enjoyed doing a few local comps already this year, such as Get the Beat, Evolution, Follow Your Dreams, Starlight Festival of Dance, West Coast Dance Festival and Dance life Unite. I am currently working hard towards the biggest theatrical competition in Perth called Dance Quest. I will also be performing in 5 troupes with my dance school Icon Dance Studio. After this its back to the studio to prepare for my RAD Intermediate foundation ballet exam. I won’t be competing much in the second half of the year as I will be rehearsing for my school musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” where I am playing the part of Veruca Salt. I’m so excited for this! I was so honoured to be chosen as an Ambassador for DanceAus Connect 2022.


14 - 17 July


Hi I’m Makayla! I was one of the first ambassadors for DanceAus Connect in 2018. I have been dancing at Matthew Cram Dance Academy since the end of 2018 and have loved every second of it. While being at Matthew Cram Dance Academy I have competed at 3 different national competitions, FYD Melbourne, FYD Adelaide and Evolution Gold Coast. I have also completed my Certificate 2 in dance and am in the middle of completing my Certificate 3 through Empowerdance. I am now in year 10 and am starting to think about my future. I would love to study full time dance interstate after I finish year 12 but I’m not quite sure where. Once I have finished the course my goal is to get a contract on an International Cruise Ship, Disneyland or Universal Studios, which would give me an amazing opportunity to travel around the world..

My biggest dream would be to perform in the Moulin Rouge. Once I have finished fulfilling my dreams I would love to come back to Australia and study to become an Occupational Therapist whilst also focusing on teaching dance. Whether that is owning my own dance studio or working for someone. I absolutely love dance as it is such an amazing way for me to show my emotion through choreography. Finally, I want to say a big thank you to DanceAus Connect, for selecting me to be an Ambassador all those years ago. It has helped me meet new people and gain more confidence. PHOTO SUPPLIED

2022 Directory National Australian Dance Crew Champs

Believe Dance Competition

DanceLife Unite

dancecrewchampionships.com.au facebook @Australiandancecrewchampionships insta @ausdancecrewchampionships

info@gtbdance.com gtbdance.com/believe insta @/believenovicedancecompetition

info@dancelifeunite.com.au dancelifeunite.com.au facebook @DancelifeUnite insta @dancelifeunite

Everybody Sing & Dance Now

Evolution Dance Competition

Fierce Talent

admin@ebsdn.com ebsdn.com facebook @ebsdn2 insta @everybody_sing__and_dance_now

contact@evolutiondancecomp.com evolutiondancecomp.com facebook @evolutiondancecomp insta @evolutiondancecomp

admin@fiercetalent.com.au fiercetalent.com.au facebook @FierceTalentCompetition insta @fiercetalentcompetition

Follow Your Dreams

Future Stars Dance Comp

Get The Beat

support@fydentry.com fydcomp.com facebook @Follow-Your-DreamsCompetitions-140817469337260 insta @fydcomps

admin@futurestarsdancecomp.com.au futurestarsdancecomp.com.au facebook @futurestarsdancecomp insta @futurestarsdancecomp

accounts@getthebeat.com.au gtbdance.com facebook @gtbdance insta @get_the_beat

Hollywood Bound

Jump Dance Challenge

Ooh la la Dance Extravaganza

support@hollywoodbound.com.au hollywoodbound.com.au facebook @hollywoodbounddance insta @hollywoodbound_dance

jumpdancechallenge@gmail.com facebook @jumpdancechallenge insta @jumpdancechallenge

oohlaladanceextravaganza@yahoo.com oohlaladanceextravanganza.com facebook @Ooh.La.La.Dance.Extravaganza insta @ooh_la_la_dance_extravaganza

Showcase Dance Championships

Supreme Dance Experience

SURGE Dance Comp

support@showcasedance.com showcasedance.com facebook @showcasedance insta @showcasedance

accounts@getthebeat.com.au gtbdance.com/supreme insta @supremedanceexperience

surge@missionentertainmentco.com facebook @surge.dance.comp insta @surge.dance.comp

2022 Directory National Talent Tribe

Time to Shine Dance Comp

VIEW Dance Challenge

info@talenttribe.com.au talenttribe.com.au facebook @Talent-Tribe1906632979655914 iinsta @talenttribe_dancefestival

surge@missionentertainmentco.com facebook @surge.dance.comp insta @surge.dance.comp

info@viewdancechallenge.com.au viewdancechallenge.com.au facebook @VIEWDanceChallengeAU insta @viewdancechallengeau

2022 Directory

Australian Capital Territory ACE Dance Events

Brindabella Dance Festival

Canberra Dance Festival

natalie@acedanceevents.com.au facebook @ACEdanceevents

brindabelladf@yahoo.com.au brindabelladancefestival.com.au facebook @Brindabella-Dance-FestivalCanberra-163180050733877/

canberradancefestival@gmail.com canberradancefestival.com facebook @Canberra-Dance-Festival306182316104280 insta @cdf.dance

Riverside Dance Festival riversidedancefestival.com facebook @RDF2016 insta @riverside.dance.festival

New South Wales Abermain Eisteddfod

Adrenaline Dance Competition

Albury Wodonga Eisteddfod

abermaineisteddfod@gmail.com abermaineisteddfod.org.au

adrenalinedance2020@gmail.com facebook @adrenalinedancecomp insta @adrenaline_dance_comp

admin@alburywodongaeisteddfod.com.au aweisteddfod.com.au

Applause Dance Challenge

Attitude Dance Eisteddfod

Australian Classical Challenge

applausedancechallenge@gmail.com applausedancechallenge.com facebook @Applause-Dance-Challenge387510158570205

attitudedanceeisteddfods@outlook.com attitudedanceeisteddfods.com facebook @Attitude-Dance-Eisteddfods105740305474193

australianclassicalchallenge@gmail.com facebook @Australian-ClassicalChallenge-102210897821715

Australian Dance Challenge ben@australiandancechallenge.com kickeisteddfod.com facebook @AustralianDanceChallenge

2022 Directory New South Wales Bathurst Eisteddfod

Bluescope WIN Wollongong Eisteddfod

British Dancing Society

BxDance@hotmail.com.au bathursteisteddfod.org/dance

wgongeisteddfod@bigpond.com wollongongeisteddfod.com.au facebook @wgongeisteddfod

info@bdadance.com.au bdadance.com.au/b.d.a_eisteddfod.html facebook @BDAStageBranch

Burn It Up Dance Challenge

Campbelltown Spring Song & Dance Festival

Central Coast Eisteddfod

ilovedancing_321@hotmail.com facebook @BURNitUPDanceChallenge insta @burnitup_official

springsonganddance@gmail.com facebook @campbelltownspringsonganddancefestival

central.coast.eisteddfod@gmail.com centralcoasteisteddfod.com.au facebook @CentralCoastEisteddfod

City Lights Dance Festival

City of Dubbo Eisteddfod

City of Grafton Eisteddfod

citylightsdancefestival@hotmail.com facebook @cityofdancefestival

contact@dubboeisteddfod.org.au dubboeisteddfod.org.au facebook @dubbo.eisteddfod insta @dubboeisteddfod

graftoneisteddfod@gmail.com graftoneisteddfod.org.au facebook @Grafton-Eisteddfod109199346153749





Elodie Lamont (Rebekah Davey Academy)

$100 CASH

Kara O'Malley (Norwood Ballet Centre)

$100 CASH

Alannah Hefford (Turning Point Dance)


Leila Morales (GWB Studios)


Yanina Klimenchuk (LJR Dance Academy)


Amelia Wirtz (Barbara Jayne Dance Centre)





Mietta Brookman (GWB Studios)

$100 CASH

Alyssa Millard (GWB Studios)

$100 CASH

Chloe Hurn (Terry Simpson Studios)


Lila Cox (Terry Simpson Studios)


I’m Lilliana and I am 13 years old. I first started dancing when I was in kindergarten but really loved dance from the moment I was born. My mum has lots of funny videos of me dancing around the house, trying to copy the dancers choreography on the TV that I’m sure one day, she will use at my 21st. I started dance at a local studio, TSD and moved to Brent Street a few years ago. I’ve always loved performing on stage, so Solos and Troupes was a natural progression for me. My favourite genres have always been Lyrical and Contemporary. I had never really tried Hip Hop until I started at Brent Street and right now It’s probably now my favourite! Unfortunately like many other dancers I do have an injury; I have synovitis in my right ankle which I have had for a few years. We have been treating this on and off with physio and most recently a cortisone which didn’t have a positive effect.

I have just found out this week that I need to take an extended break of approximately 3 months off dance completely and will also start PRP treatment. As you can imagine, this has been a super tough week, Dance is me, dance is who I am and to be honest I’m not sure what to do without it. I will have a strict rehab, and strength schedule over the coming months to try and get my ankle back in shape. My goal is to get back to Brent Street and performing as soon as I can. In the meantime, I will focus on my other passion, Modelling. I have been doing this for around 4 years alongside dance and love how confident it makes me feel. Sometimes we must push through our insecurities to get the best from ourselves. My all-time favourite quote is “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible”. We can do anything we push ourselves to do! I hope to be back on that stage soon!


2022 Directory New South Wales City of Orange Eisteddfod

City of Penrith Eisteddfod

City of Ryde Eisteddfod

oge_eisteddfod@msn.com orangeisteddfod.com facebook @City-of-Orange-Eiste ddfod-615940408572474

dance@penritheisteddfod.com.au penritheisteddfod.com.au facebook @penrithdanceeisteddfod

onlineadmin@rydeeisteddfod.org rydeeisteddfod.org/EISTEDDFOD/i ndex.php facebook @rydeeisteddfod

Coffs Harbour & District Eisteddfod Society

Cowra Eisteddfod

Curtain Call Song & Dance Festival

dance@coffseisteddfod.org.au coffseisteddfod.org.au/dance facebook @CoffsHarbourDistrict DanceEisteddfod insta @coffsharbourdanceeisteddfod

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Dance & Dazzle

Dance Blitz

Dance Classique

danceanddazzlefestival@gmail.com facebook @danceclassiqueeisteddfod/? rf=316159338468426

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Dance Defi

Dance Escape

Dance Explosion Wollongong Eisteddfod

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Dance From Your Heart

Dance Universe Competition

Diversity Performing Arts Challenge

dancefromtheheartcomp@gmail.com theballetshoppe.com.au/pages/dance -from-your-heart facebook @dancefromyourheartcomp insta @dancefromyourheartcomp

danceuniversecompetition@gmail.com facebook @danceuniversecompetition insta @danceuniversecompetition

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2022 Directory New South Wales Dynamic Song & Dance Festival

East Coast Dance Championships

Eclipse Dance Challenge

dynamicsadf@bigpond.com carolmurrayproductions.com/dynamicsong--dance-festival facebook @carolmurrayschoolofdance

eastcoastdancechampionships@gmail.com eastcoastdance.com.au facebook @eastcoastdancechampionships insta @eastcoast_dance

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Empower Dance & Vocal Eisteddfod

Encore Annual Dance Challenge

Energy Express Eisteddfod

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encoreadc@hotmail.com facebook @EncoreADC

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Evoke Dance Eisteddfod

Dance & Dazzle

Expression Dance Eisteddfod

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Extreme Dance Competition

Flawless Dance Eisteddfod

Forbes Eisteddfod

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Get Up N Dance

Gunnedah Eisteddfod

Gulgong Prince of Wales Eisteddfod

getupndance16@gmail.com facebook @Get-Up-N-Dance-Eisteddfod1106441856102447/

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2022 Directory New South Wales Hawkesbury City Eisteddfod

Hills Dance Eisteddfod

I'd Rather Be Dancing

hawkesburyeisteddfod@gmail.com hawkesburyeisteddfod.com.au


idratherbedancing@live.com idratherbedancing.wixsite.com/irbd insta @irbd_the_dance_challenge

Illawarra Region Eisteddfod

In the Spotlight Dance Challenge

In-Sight Dance Events

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Inspire Arts Challenge

Inverell Eisteddfod Society

Just Dance Extravaganza

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Kempsey Eisteddfod Society

Kick Eisteddfod

Lakeside Dance Challenge

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Leeton Eisteddfod


Live to Dance Ultimate Challenge

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2022 Directory New South Wales Lower Clarence Dance Eisteddfod


Murwillumbah Festival of Performing Arts

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Musswellbrook & Upper Hunter Eisteddfod

New England Dance Eisteddfod

Newcastle Dance Awards

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Northern Beaches Eisteddfod

Planet Talent

Port Macquarie Eisteddfod

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Phoenix by ADF

Redlands Eisteddfod

Rising Stars

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Ritz & Glitz

Royale Performing Arts Challenge

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2022 Directory New South Wales Shine on Stage

Shine Bright Dance Challenge

South Gippsland Dance Eisteddfod

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SPACE Sydney Performing Arts Exp

Spirit Dance Competition

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Step Up to the Beat Dance Eisteddfod

Sydney Eisteddfod

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Tenterfield Eisteddfod

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The Menai Eisteddfod

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The Ultimate Crown Showdown

Theatre Arts Title

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Theatre Arts Title

Tutus & Tap Shoes Eisteddfod

Twinkle Toes Dance Challenge

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Vibe Dance Compettiion

Wagga Wagga Eisteddfod Society

Wellington Eisteddfod Society

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Ultimate Dance Spectacular

Winter Dance Festival

Your Next Step Dance Challenge

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Dance Matters Podcast is a dancing podcast connecting the dance community in hope of inspiring, motivating & educating. Running for 2 seasons they have interviewed some amazing Australian talent. Head to dancematterspodcast.wixsite.com/dance to listen to both seasons.

CONGRATULATIONS to all our Ambassadors who recently participated in Dance for Sick Kids!


Wow what an amazing year it has been so far! So happy that we can get back to the studio full time, get back on stage and travel! 2022 started out with me travelling to Sydney to take part in Dream Creative! I had a busy week taking classes with so many amazing choreographers and I loved getting back on stage to perform with everyone in the show at the end of the week! I then travelled to Adelaide to compete at Follow Your Dreams Nationals where I was so excited to take out Title Winner – National Champion Dancer 11/U. I had an amazing week in Adelaide, it was so lovely catching up with dance friends from all over Australia! Later in January I took part in the RISE program which I absolutely loved! Every day began with mindset coaching followed by workshops with amazing choreographers and mentors.All of this led up to a full stage performance which I loved so much!


Hollie McGeachy February it was back to the Studio. I was so excited to get back to my studio The Dance Company, see all my dance friends and teachers and start getting ready for the year ahead! I am so grateful to be the Junior Scholarship recipient this year and I can’t wait to continue to work hard with all my teachers and my solo development coach Lisa Hammer. It has been 2 years since I’ve been on the competition stage with my team performing our troupes and I can’t wait! In March I was extremely honoured to be chosen to tour with Rebecca Davies assisting her Radar Technique workshops in Spain, France, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland! I travelled with Miss Rebecca, my Mum and the amazing Lilah Gow and her Mum.

Even though the tour was very busy we still had time to explore the places we visited and learn about their history. We even got to stay in a Castle! I loved exploring Paris and Miss Rebecca arranged for us to have a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower, visit the Louvre and even a day in Disneyland Paris! In London we visited Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Bridge, and the Tower of London, so many amazing memories!I feel extremely blessed, grateful and very lucky! I can’t wait for what’s to come for the remainder of this year! I got my first pair of pointe shoes, and I am very excited to start learning pointe work. I have my fingers and toes crossed that at TDC we will finally get to have our 10 Year anniversary show, 2 years late because of COVID. I’ve started working on some new solos for the competition season and I can’t wait to perform them, hopefully I will get to catch up with some of you throughout the year! Keep smiling, stay safe and keep dancing, With love Hollie x

The tour was just over 5 weeks, and I had the most amazing, unforgettable time! We did workshops in so many wonderful Studios and every one of them was so welcoming and nice. There were so many highlights from the trip but spending the day with Abby Lee Miller and getting to take classes with Dane Bates were certainly a couple that stand out!


2022 Directory Northern Territory Centralian Eisteddfod

Dirty Feet Outback Dance Festival

Northern Australia Dance Festival

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ATOD International Dance Awards

Australian Pinnacle Dance Challenge

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Biloela Dance Festival

Biloela Eisteddfod

Border District Eisteddfod

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Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge

Bundaberg Festival of Dance

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Burdekin Junior Eisteddfod

Cairns & District Junior Eisteddfod

Charters Towers Eisteddfod

volunteers@burdekineisteddfod.org.au burdekinjunioreisteddfod.com.au facebook @burdekinJuniorEisteddfod

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City of Toowoomba Eisteddfod

CoastQuest Championships

Comdance - Born to Perform QLD Festival

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2022 Directory Queensland Dancers Connect

Darling Downs Eisteddfod

Emerald Eisteddfod

dancersconnect20@gmail.com facebook @Dancers-Connect-10602345782867

ddeisteddfod@gmail.com facebook @Darling-Downs-Eisteddfod-11 3356373552454 insta @darling_downs_eisteddfod

dancing@eaod.com.au facebook @emerald.eisteddfod

En Pointe Dance Competition

FNQ Tropical Dance Festival

Gladstone Eisteddfod

enpointedancecompetition@gmail.com enpointedancecomp.com.au facebook @enpointedancecomp

fnqtdf@hotmail.com fnqtropicaldancefestival.com

gladstoneeisteddfod@bigpond.com gladstoneeisteddfod.org facebook. @GLADeisteddfod insta @gladstone_eisteddfod_

Gold Coast Eisteddfod

Goondiwindi Apex Eisteddfod

Innisfail & District Ballet & Dance Society

mail@goldcoasteisteddfod.com.au goldcoasteisteddfod.com.au facebook @goldcoasteisteddfod insta @goldcoasteisteddfod

gae.org.au facebook @GoondiwindiApexeisteddfod

secretary@idbds.com.au idbds.com.au/index.html

Ipswich Combines Teachers Dance Festival

Ipswich Junior Eisteddfod

Kingaroy Eisteddfod

ipswichcombinedteachers@gmail.com facebook @ICTDF

danceeisteddfodipswich@gmail.com ipswichjunioreisteddfod.com facebook @ijesi.dance insta @pswichjunioreisteddfod

eisteddfod.kingaroy@gmail.com facebook @KingaroyEisteddfod

Lockyer District Dancing Fesitval

Luminous Dance Competition

Mackay Dance Festival

lddfconvenor@gmail.com facebook. @Lockyer-District-DancingFestival-322979526481

facebook @Luminous-DanceCompetition-101821152496580 insta @luminousdancecompetition

facebook @mackaydancefestival

2022 Directory Queensland Mackay Eisteddfod Association

Maryborough Dance Eisteddfod

Mount Isa Irish Club Eisteddfod

eisteddfod.mackay@bigpond.com mackayeisteddfod.com.au facebook @Mackay-EisteddfodAssociation-Inc-240883406028851

president@maryborougheisteddfod.com maryborougheisteddfod.com facebook @MaryboroughEisteddfod

miecommittee2019@gmail.com facebook @MountIsaEisteddfod

Noosa Spring Dance Festival

Quota Beenleigh

Reach Dance Competition

dance@noosadanceeisteddfod.com.au noosadanceeisteddfod.com.au facebook @noosaspringdancefestival

info@quotabeenleigh.org.au quotabeenleigheisteddfod.org

reachdancecompetitions@gmail.com reachdancecompetition.com facebook @Reachdancecompetition insta @reachdancecompetition

Rockhampton Dance Festival


Sunshine Coast Eisteddfod Inc

rockhamptondancefestival@hotmail.com rockhamptondancefestival.org.au facebook @rtondancefestival

info@starboundentertainers.com.au starboundentertainers.com.au facebook @starbound.entertainers insta @starbound_entertainers

info@scde.com.au dancesunshinecoast.com.au facebook @SunshineCoastDanceEisteddfo

The Dance Revolution Competition

Townsville Dance Competition

Townsville Eisteddfod

tdrcofficial@outlook.com tdrcofficial.com facebook @shaynesamoley insta @thedancerevolutioncompetition

insta @tsv_dance_comp

secretary@townsvilleeisteddfod.org.au townsvilleeisteddfod.org facebook @townsvilleeisteddfod

Verve Dance Festival

Wynnum Manly Eisteddfod

Xpress Dance Competition

vervedancefestival@bigpond.com stageappeal.com.au/verve-dance-festival facebook @vervedancefest insta @vervedancefest

wynnummanlyeist@gmail.com wmeisteddfod.com.au facebook @wynnummanlyeisteddfod

xpressdance@outlook.com xpressdancecompetition.com facebook @xpresdance

2022 Directory South Australia CanDance Australia

Count Me In Dance Competition

candanceaustralia@me.com candanceaustralia.com.au insta @candance_australia

cmi.dancecompetition@gmail.com cmidc.com.au facebook @Countmeindancecompetition insta @cmidc

Mount Gambier Eisteddfod

NOW Talent

leeannwhitehead@hotmail.com backstageinc.org.au facebook @groups/315277428508434/about

info@NowProductionsSA.com.au nowproductionssa.weebly.com/nowtalent.html

SA Stage Stage Dancing Society

Schools Challenge

secretary@saeisteddfod.com.au saeisteddfod.com.au facebook @SA-Stage-Dancing-Society311877222295004 insta @sa_stage

info@schoolschallenge.com.au schoolschallenge.com.au facebook @schoolschallengeaus

Dance Competitions SA laurie_dancecomp@internode.on.net dancecompetitionssa.com.au

Pendulum Dance Competitions info@pendulumdancecomps.com.au pendulumdancecomps.com.au facebook @Pendulum-Dance-Competitions370550609947745 insta @pendulumdancecomps

Take the Stage takethestagecomp@gmail.com takethestagecomp.com facebook @TaketheStageComp insta @takethestage_dancecomp

2022 Directory Tasmania

Burnie City Eisteddfod

City of Davenport Eisteddfod

Launceston Competition Association

beistedd@gmail.com burnieeisteddfod.com.au facebook @burnie.eisteddfod

devonporteisteddfod@yahoo.com.au devonporteisteddfod.org.au

beandme@bigpond.com launcestoncompetitions.org/index.html facebook @launcestoncompetitions

Launceston Festival of Dance

Southern Tasmanian Dancing Eisteddfod

Goondiwindi Apex Eisteddfod

launcestonfestivalofdance@gmail.com launcestonfestivalofdance.com.au facebook @LauncestonFestivalOfDance

stdecommittee@hotmail.com stde.org.au facebook @groups/742009795812342

gae.org.au facebook @GoondiwindiApexeisteddfod

Innisfail & District Ballet & Dance Society

Ipswich Combines Teachers Dance Festival

secretary@idbds.com.au idbds.com.au/index.html

ipswichcombinedteachers@gmail.com facebook @ICTDF

Victoria A Chance to Dance

Ararat Eisteddfod

Asian Pacific Ballet Forum

chancetodancecomp@outlook.com facebook @chancetodancecomp

facebook @AraratEisteddfod

ballet@nationaltheatre.org.au nationaltheatreballetschool.org.au facebook @nationaltheatreballetschool

September 9-11, 2022 laurie_dancecomp@internode.on.net

9-12 June, 2022 Entries open 21 January, 2022

2022 Directory Victoria

ATOD Australasian Energetiks Scholarship

Australasian Ballet Challenge

Ballarat Dance Awards

atodiawards@gmail.com atod.net.au facebook @atodofficial

projectiondance@icloud.com projectiondance.com facebook. @austballetchallenge

ballaratdanceawards@gmail.com facebook @ballaratdanceawards

Bendigo Competitions Society

Beyond Dance

Capital Dance Challenge

bgocomps@bigpond.net.au bendigocomps.org.au facebook @bendigocomps

beyonddance@optusnet.com.au beyonddance2018.wixsite.com/beyondda nce2018 facebook @Beyond-Dance-Proudlysupporting-Beyond-Blue1257406214304259

capitaldancechallenge@gmail.com facebook @capitaldancechallenge insta @capital_dance_challenge

Cecchetti - Young Dancers Award

City of Warnambool Eisteddfod

Comdance - Born to Perform VIC

cecchettivic@gmail.com facebook. @CecchettiBalletVictoria insta @cecchettiballetvic

secretarywarneisted@gmail.com warrnambooleisteddfod.org.au facebook @Warrnyeisteddfod2018

albacks@optusnet.com.au comdance.org/events

Crown Dance Events

Dance Off Challenge

DanceFest Performing Arts Competition

crowndanceevents@live.com.au crowndanceevents.com.au facebook @crowndanceevents insta @crowndanceevents

info@danceoffchallenge.com.au danceoffchallenge.com.au facebook @Dance-Off-Challenge142529405865341 insta @danceoff_challenge

dancefestcomp@gmail.com facebook. @melbcomp insta @dancefestcompetition

Dandenong Eisteddfod (Casey Comps)

Diamond Dance Challenge

East Gippsland Performing Arts Eisteddfod

dandenongeisteddfod@gmail.com caseycomps.com.au

info@diamonddancechallenge.com.au diamonddancechallenge.com.au facebook @diamonddancechallenge insta @diamonddancechallenge

eg.eisteddfodinc@outlook.com egeisteddfod.com facebook @egeisteddfod

2022 Directory Victoria

Eastern Choreographic Competition

Energy Dance Competitions (EDC)

Front & Centre

info@eccomp.com.au facebook @Eastern-ChoreographicCompetition-1879766192324810 insta @easternchoreographiccomp

energydancecompetitions@gmail.com energydancecompetitions.com.au/home. html facebook @energydancecompetitions insta @energydancecompetitions

frontandcentre@yahoo.com facebook @groups/306329709876065

Geelong Eisteddfod

Goodwill Dance Competition

Hamilton Eisteddfod

geelongeisteddfod@hotmail.com facebook @GeelongEisteddfod

goodwillcomps@gmail.com goodwillcomps.com facebook @goodwilldancefestival

enquiries@hamiltoneisteddfod.org.au hamiltoneisteddfod.org.au/index.html facebook @Hamilton-Eisteddfod1185673158123174

Ignite Dance Challenge

In Motion Performing Arts Challenge

Latrobe Valley Eisteddfod

admin@ignitedancechallenge.com.au ignitedancechallenge.com.au insta @ignitedancechallenge

inmotionpac@hotmail.com inmotionpac.com facebook @inmotionpac insta @mpac_melbourne

eist@lve.org.au lve.org.au facebook @latrobevalleyeisteddfod

Masters of Choreography

Melbourne Performing Arts Challenge

Metropolitan Festival of Dance

milo@mastersofchoreography.com mastersofchoreography.com/mastersdance-awards facebook @mastersofchoreography insta @mastersofchoreography

mpachallenge@gmail.com mpacdance.com.au facebook @MpacMelbournePerformingArtsChallenge insta @mpac_melbourne

metropolitanfd@gmail.com metropolitanfd.com.au facebook @Metrocomps insta @metro_fd

Mildura Eisteddfod

Moe Dance Eisteddfod

Morwell Fesitval Of Dance

milduraeisteddfod.com.au facebook @mildura.eisteddfodtimeline

moedance@outlook.com moedanceeisteddfod.org.au facebook @MoeDanceEisteddfod insta @moedance

morwelldance@gmail.com facebook @MorwellFestivalofDanceInc

2022 Directory Victoria Next Star Competition

Northern Performance Challenge

Phoenix Festival of Dance

hello@nextstarcomp.com nextstarcomp.com facebook @nextstarcompetition insta @nextstarcompetition

northernperformancechallenge@gmail.com facebook @NorthernPerformanceChallenge

gisrob@bigpond.com phoenixfestival.org.au/index.php facebook @Phoenix-Festival-of-Dance217824101568307 insta @phoenixfestivalofdance2018

Prestige Dance Awards

Prodigy Dance Competition

Royal South Street

prestigedanceinfo@gmail.com facebook @prestigedanceawardss insta @prestige_danceawards

admin@prodigydancecompetition.com prodigydancecompetition.com facebook @ProdigyDanceCompetition insta @prodigydancecompetition

info@royalsouthstreet.com.au royalsouthstreet.com.au facebook @RoyalSouthStreetSociety insta @royalsouthstreet

Southern Dance Festival

Southern Federation of Dance

Spotlight Dance Competitions

mail@southerndancefestival.org.au southerndancefestival.org.au facebook @Southern-Dance-Festival1575872692655776

info@dancesfd.asn.au dancesfd.asn.au facebook @Southern-Federation-ofDance-773960946007594 insta @southern_federation_dance

spotlightdancecomps@hotmail.com spotlightdancecomps.net facebook @spotlightdancecomps insta @spotlightdancecomps

Stage Attack

The Melton Bacchus Marsh Dance Festival

United Dance Organisation (UDO)

facebook @groups/199763846706706

mbmdf@hotmail.com facebook @mbmdancefestival

info@udoaustralia.com.au udoaustralia.com.au facebook @udoaustralia

Victorian Performing Arts Challenge

Wangaratta Festival of Dance

West Gippsland Dance Festival

vicperformingartschallenge@gmail.com vicperformingartschallenge.com facebook @vicperformingartschallenge insta @vicperformingartschallenge

tdillow.1@bigpond.com wfodance.com facebook @groups/WFODance/about

info@wgdf.com.au westgippslanddancefestival.org.au facebook @westgippslanddance

2022 Directory Western Australia Australian Dance Extravaganza

Comdance - Born to Perform WA

Country Dance Challenge

australiandanceextravaganza@gmail.com facebook @AustralianDanceExtravaganza insta @australiandanceextravaganza

albacks@optusnet.com.au comdance.org/events

countrydancechallenge@bigpond.com facebook @countrydancechallenge

Dance Quest WA

Elite Esiteddfod

Elevate Dance Esiteddfod

dancequestwa@gmail.com dancequestwa.com.au facebook @dancequestwa insta @dancequestwa

eliteeisteddfod@outlook.com eliteeisteddfod.com.au facebook @eliteeisteddfod

info@elevatedanceeisteddfod.com elevatedanceeisteddfod.com facebook @ElevateDanceEisteddfod insta @elevate_dancecomp

Enter the Stage Performing Arts Challenge

Express Dance Challenge

Mandurah Festival Of Dance

admin@enterthestage.com.au enterthestage.com.au facebook @enterthestagechallenge insta @enterthestage_

facebook @Express-Dance-Challenge290849075009287

dianne4dance@hotmail.com mandurahfestivalofdance.com.au facebook @Mandurah-Festival-OfDance-199059030141105

On Stage Performing Arts Competition

On Pointe Dance Eisteddfod

Perth Dance Challenge

info@onstagepac.com.au onstagepac.com.au facebook @onstagecomps insta @onstagepac

onpointedance@yahoo.com facebook @OnPointeDanceEisteddfod

info@perthdc.com perthdc.com facebook @perthdancechallenge insta @perthdancechallenge

Rise Up & Shine Festival of Dance

Starlight Festival of Dance

Star Struck Dance Challenge

riseupandshinefestivalofdance@gmail.com facebook @riseupandshinefestivalofdance insta @rise.upandshinefestivalofdance

starlightfestivalofdance@gmail.com starlightfestivalofdance.performregistr ation.com.au facebook @starlightFoDance

starstruckdancechallenge@gmail.com starstruckdc.square.site facebook @StarstruckDC insta @starstruckdancechallenge

2022 Directory Western Australia The West Dance Awards

Vibe International Ballet Experience

WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod

champions@thewestdanceawards.com thewestdanceawards.com facebook @thewestdanceawards insta @thewestdanceawards

beth.james@vibe.international vibe.international/australia facebook @vibe.international insta @vibe.international

wapa.eisteddfod@gmail.com eisteddfodwa.org.au facebook @wapa.eisteddfod insta @wapa_eisteddfod

West Coast Dance Festival smashdancecompany@gmail.com facebook @WCDFinc insta @w.c.d.f



Please support these fabulous young dancers. Head to their insta profiles, follow them and buy their products!

Ballet Beatz @BALLET.BEATZ.THE.BRAND Audrey & Leah are 9 and 11 year old girls creating their own dance inspired label! Audrey is a passionate aspiring ballerina and is the 'BALLET' behind their brand and her older sister, Leah is the 'BEATZ'. Ballet Beatz combines Audrey's love for ballet & Leah's love for hip fashion. They have recently launched their very own gender neutral label, merging their unique differences into one.

They have 3 collectionsURBAN (Street wear & accessories) STUDIO (Studio wear & accessories) IGNITE (A fun vibe inspired by Audrey's personal Instagram tag @audrey_ignite)

The MW Girls Collective @THE_MW_GIRLS_COLLECTIVE My name is Imogen and I am 14 years old and I run The MW Girls Collective. I wanted to learn to sew and by practicing straight lines I figured a scrunchies were an easy 1st thing. My friends loved them and started ordering and word spread and I now have my own page and website. I make scrunchies, hair ties, headbands, shoe bags, accessory bags, drawstring bags, heat packs, bookmarks, Dolly and Me Sets and other personalised goodies. To order head to themwgirlscollective.com or if you have seen something on my Insta or need a custom order just DM me on @the_mw_girls_collective.

Fabric Couch $ 124.99

SariArt @SARI_ART_CREATE My name is Sarita Res and I am an 11 year old dancer @bomfunkdancestudio Last year during Lockdown and Remote Learning, I decided to start a little handmade business making Resin jewellery and homewares. I love to match earrings to outfits, especially leotards for dancers! My mum helps me manage the sales and insta but I design and make everything.

My passions are dance and craft so to combine both is just perfect 🩰💜. You can find my Resin jewellery on @sari_art_create and @saribellaballet

The Maddie Shop @THE.MADDIE.SHOP My name is Maddie I’m 12, I’ve been dancing for 3 and a half years I live in Adelaide I just started this business making bracelets a week ago and I love it! I can make all kinds of styles and colours. Prices start at $4 so they’re not too expensive Hand Crafted Jewellery Made With Love 💕

Fabric Couch $ 124.99

Yarn Weaver @YARN.WEAVER Hi my name is Chloe Cooke. Yarn Weaver is my new journey to learn about business. What started out as a Covid hobby to fill in new found free time slowly developed into a great and example to learn about small business. Mum has always looked for different opportunities in life to allow me to experience to world so with her guidance my covid hobby has now become a reality. Im so excited to share with you all my handcrafted Beanies.

Handmade Beanies Bespoke handcrafted warm hugs to put on your head. Postage available worldwide. Made in South Australia

Dance Matters Podcast @DANCEMATTERSPODCOAST Charlie- @charlie_jwda_dancer A dancing podcast connecting the dance community in hope of inspiring, motivating & educating.

Dance Matters Podcast is a dancing podcast connecting the dance community in hope of inspiring, motivating & educating. Running for 2 seasons they have interviewed some $ amazing Australian talent. Head to dancematterspodcast.wixsite.com/dance to listen to both seasons.

www.danceausconnect.com.au info@danceausconnect.com.au socials @danceausconnect