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CoNtriBUtiNG Writers

Sara Dale

Stacey Harrell

Kathleen Lucente

Michelle Washington

Michele Fannin

| Jose Luis Salon Skin Care Therapist and Makeup Artist | Austin, Texas

Photographer and Journalist | Austin, Texas

President and Founder of Red Fan Communications | Austin, Texas

| Fashion Stylist | Austin, Texas

Owner, Modish | Austin, Texa

“The” fashion stylist with distinct skills and knowledge, Michelle caters to fashion industry and media clients needing an amazing vision and a unique look. With more than six years of styling experience, including television and film celebrities, she is a creative fashion force who has fun styling in-studio and on location while doing serious work. Clever, resourceful, and creative while seeking the hottest styles, her work has been published internationally.

MODISH is a boutique event planning company specializing in corporate, social and wedding planning. From the most intimate gathering to the most lavish production, providing a unique guest experience is their forte. With years of experience in the event planning industry, Michele has developed a reputation for producing flawless events in a city that has seen it all. Known for her fresh and innovative approach to event planning and her priceless relationships in the industry, Michele delivers out of the ordinary results and takes your event to the next level.

Sara Dale is a Skin Care Therapist and Makeup Artist for Jose Luis Salon, the premier hair and beauty salon in Austin that provides quality hair, skin care, and makeup services and products. Dale graduated with honors from the flagship Aveda Institute in Minneapolis in 1999 and has since amassed more than a dozen skin care certifications. In 2001, Dale attended MAC Pro classes for Artistry and Media Certification in Los Angeles and in 2004 she became a certified Lavish Lashes Extensionist. Sara has worked with a wide variety of clients, including celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Kendra Scott. She provides makeup education for Jose Luis Salon and has led the team on several shows, including the Formula One Full Tilt Fashion Show. Sara has worked closely with Jose Luis Salon owners Jose Buitron and Bill Pitts to make the salon one of the best hair and skin care salons in the nation. As the society columnist and photographer for West Austin News, Stacey attends the events that appeal to Austin’s most affluent and philanthropic. Since joining West Austin News in 2011, Stacey has covered over 500 events benefitting hundreds of local nonprofits. Stacey brings some of her personal favorites to InFluential Magazine. Stacey’s own photography clients include the St. David’s Foundation, bestselling author Sharon Schwitzer and a number of small businesses.

Kathleen is a proven public relations executive with over 24 years of experience in customizing results-driven integrated marketing and public relations campaigns. She started her career as a hightech journalist, where she garnered a knack for working closely and personally with the press -a skill she has continued to use in future roles to ensure valuable editorial coverage and partnerships for her clients. Now, Kathleen brings her journalistic knowledge and prowess to the table as the president and founder of Red Fan Communications, a full-service public relations firm helping early stage and established businesses build and sustain their brand visibility and reputation. When she’s not working, Kathleen is off exploring Austin and the Hill Country with her husband and two children. A cultural aficionado, Kathleen enjoys wine tastings, culinary events and live music.


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ats aren’t the essential article of clothing they once were but are still worn by both sexes for fashion and for function. Knowing when to remove a hat is as important as wearing the right hat for the occasion. If you were a medieval knight who failed to remove his helmet or lift his visor and identify himself the consequences could be fatal. Throughout history hats identified social standing and removing a hat was a gesture of respect. In the “old days,” men took off their hats in Christian churches, when they entered someone’s home,


when greeting a boss, and always in the presence of a lady. Ladies were entirely exempt from “hat rules,” wearing them whenever and where ever they wished. While some of these customs are now historical footnotes, even in today’s casual culture men and women still remove their hats as a sign of respect. Here’s when it’s fine to wear your hat and when it’s not: Men – Hats can be left on… • Outdoors • At athletic events (indoors or out) • On public transportation

• In public buildings such as post offices, airports, and hotel or office lobbies • On elevators Men – Take hats off, including baseball caps … • In someone’s home • At mealtimes, at the table • While being introduced, indoors or out (unless it’s frigid!) • In a house of worship, unless a hat or head covering is required • Indoors at work, especially in an office (unless required for the job) • In public buildings such as a school, library, courthouse, or town hall • In restaurants and coffee shops • At a movie or any indoor performance • When the national anthem is played • When the flag of the United States passes by, as in a parade Women – Fashion hats (not baseballstyle caps) can be left on… • In someone’s home • At luncheons, weddings, garden parties • At religious services • At a movie or any indoor performance • When the national anthem is played

• When the flag of the United States passes by, as in a parade Women – Take your fashion hat off… • Anytime it blocks someone’s view, such as at a wedding or in a theater • Indoors at work Women – Remove baseball-style (unisex) caps… • In someone’s home • At mealtimes, at the table • While being introduced • In a house of worship, unless a hat or head covering is required • Indoors at work, unless required for the job • In public buildings such as a school, library, courthouse, or town hall • In restaurants and coffee shops • At a movie or any indoor performance • When the national anthem is played • When the flag of the United States passes by, as in a parade

(Cancer patients are exempt from hat rules. They may keep their hats or caps on at all times if they wish.) ●




Types of People

You Should Have in Your Personal Network


he old adage, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” isn’t as harsh as it sounds. Underscore it with the phrase “quality over quantity,” and you’re ready to zoom in on the best network for your personal growth. “Networking, building relationships, growing your circle…” – these are the buzzwords and phrases we hear all the time. Today, with the abundance of online networking tools, there’s an added expectation to build your virtual reach with people you’ve potentially never seen or even talked to before. However, there is incredible value in building strong relationships that have an impact, whether they are bringing joy to your personal life or guidance into your professional life. The key is to make strategic decisions in regards to timing and value about the ecosystem of connections in your business, community and industry. Your core group of connections should add value to your professional or personal life by playing one or more of the following roles:


kWRITTEN BY Kathleen Lucente


You can call upon this individual because they always have knowledge that you don’t, and they often feel the same way about you!


Influencer: A higher-ranked networker than you with significant clout who can, at any given event, add value to your relationship by expanding your network through introductions beyond your existing connections.


Everyone needs a fan club; this individual is a fantastic friend or colleague that energizes you and fuels your creative thinking.


Mentor: As someone more senior than you, they have years of experience under their belt that you can learn from. You have been wise to maintain a great relationship with them because they provide you with the invaluable advice of someone who has “been there and done that” before.


Mitigator: The person who keeps you centered by helping you find the balance between work life and personal time.

Think about your personal goals and the existing relationships you’ve established in your network, and then ask yourself questions. Is your network too insular? Have you asked your current connections to help your network grow? What kind of result would you like to see from your network? What role do you play as someone else’s’ connection? How can you develop that role further?

The key is to understand your network and how you fit within it. Leverage your connections wisely and broaden as needed, but never underestimate the value of your relationships and the importance of protecting and nurturing them. You should continue to add value to your connections and do so naturally. Always remember that in your networking, the best people give more than they take. l



People you should know

aaron G. POWELL, Jr.

Editor-in-Chief | InFluential Magazine | Columbus, Ohio Who He Is: aaron has so many notable qualities with honesty and commitment being two that stand out. he leads by example when it comes to commitment and is in the trenches with everyone else getting the job done. his energy inspires others to want to do better. aaron holds himself to a higher standard than most. “I believe your work is a reflection of yourself. as a writer, honesty and ethical behavior must be a part of every story I write.” Most Thrilling Aspect of Journalism: “There’s something to be said for getting the story no one else has, a story that helps bring a new perspective on a topics of interest to the community.” aaron began as a public affairs reporter, and found it amazing how little people knew of what was going on with the decision makers who impact their everyday lives. I knew I found my calling when chasing a story would give me goose bumps. It’s when that little piece of information turns into the biggest story and changes a life. Who He Would Like to Interview: aaron’s interests range from family members to former u.S. presidents; there are so many for different reasons. But right now, his interests blend his love for pop culture and politics. “I would really like to interview the pR people for Donald Trump. I want to know how much work it is to make someone with a really strong personality who most people either love or hate seem likeable to everyone.” How He Inspires Others:“I think a strong work ethic, thinking critically and possessing an insatiable desire to learn are qualities I try to exhibit and hope others see as being desirable. for my family, I try my best to live and work the way I would be proud to see my daughter grow up to be. I don’t always live up to expectations, and that’s ok, but I’m disappointed when I miss the mark and I try my best to be humble when I’ve achieved something great.” aaron is a big history buff and tries to learn the valuable lesson taught throughout history. “I love historical documentaries and reading about interesting people throughout history, mostly american. No one person is my greatest inspiration, I take bits and pieces of the times people have reacted to the world around them throughout history to achieve something of note.” 15

in flUEncE

Fashion & Style


e Luca Sartoria was born near Naples in 1923 when Giuseppe De Luca began to sew his first suits. In the 60’s the company moved to northern Italy, to Verona, Veneto. Today, at the helm of the company is Luca, grandson of Giuseppe, who for almost twenty years has made the impeccable cut and finest fabrics, known to the most important businessmen, politicians, and entertainers, as well as to everyone else who loves beautiful things. Everyday Luca and his team of Style Consultants present the sartorial collection and models of Sartoria De Luca in the main cities of Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, England, the Baltic States, Croatia, Serbia, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, and Azerbaijan.

FeaturinG de luCa Sartoria


in iTAly

Luca Girimondo


De Luca clients can choose between the finest fabrics from the wool mills of Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro piana, Cerruti, Piacenza, Dormeuil, Scabal, and Holland & Sherry, and within a few weeks receive at home or at their office their tailored suit made by hand in Italy. De Luca Sartoria has been organized so as to reach clients from all over the world, so that they too can bring home the TRUE MADE IN ITALY made by hand, as well as the imagination and craftsmanship typical of Italy. l

in fluence


Fashion & Style



Contact Information for De Luca Sartoria is as follows: Head office and production: Via Cesare Battisti 765, Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona). Showroom: piazzetta Pescheria Vecchia 10, Verona. Phone: +39 045 6703326 Official Website: E-mail: Facebook: Instagram:


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Fashion & Style

4 Fall Closet Tips to Upgrade Your

kWritten By Laurel Kinney, Personal Stylist

With the change in season, you’re probably most excited about all the cozy layers and non-sandals you’re going to debut. But there’s nothing more frustrating than spending all morning in search of those boots you want to wear but can’t find because your closet is a tangle of tired sundresses and ill-fitting pants from last season.



all is the perfect time to reorganize, restock, and truly upgrade the way you use your closet. Here are a few easy steps you can take towards taming your coolweather wardrobe this autumn:

a 1 Do seasonal sort When providing personal styling services to a new client, I always recommend separating a closet according to the season. Taking out the clothes you know you’ll only wear in the summer (linen suiting, embroidered peasant tops, strappy sundresses) will help clear the way for your fall closet. If you’re short on space, simply shift your cold weather clothing to a more accessible position in the closet and place the summer garb in the back. This is also a great time to donate the summer clothes that are either too worn or too trendy to wear another season. When your winter clothes are more visible, do another quick sort to filter out the items that no longer fit, are motheaten or stained, or have lots of pilling (those stubborn little balls that collect on your knit fabrics).


in fluence

Fashion & Style

Store 2 wisely

3 Shoe Solutions

4 Accessorize your Closet

This goes for both your ‘til-next-season summer items and your can’t-waitto-wear winter items. Professional organizer Jessie Tilton of The Fix recommends storing summer items away in a clearly labeled “airtight, dark colored container to protect them against any moisture or fading.”

Jessie suggests storing boots in a place other than your closet, like near an entryway or mudroom. As for maintaining boots through the season, she says, “consider having your boots waterproofed and then getting a boot clip to help them stay upright and keep their shape. Boots shapers are another option, but have a tendency to make the boots unsteady and fall.

Since you’re already in there, why not upgrade your closet accessories for the new season? Trade in your bulky, slippery plastic hangers and your messy-looking wire hangers for slim velvet-coated hangers. These will save 25 percent of your closet space plus keep your clothing in place without creating those annoying shoulderwrinkles. For your heavier items, use sturdier wooden hangers.

Once you’ve freed up some vital closet space, you can concentrate on making your fall closet more efficient by changing the way you store your attire. Jessie suggests that sweaters be folded instead of hung. “Try the vertical method of folding [in a drawer] instead of stacking. This way you can see what you have... like a filing system for your clothes,” she says.

Keep the boots you wear most often upside down, on a boot stand. You might also invest in some super-useful clear shoeboxes. You can slide your summer shoes to the upper reaches of the closet while keeping them dustfree and still visible.

Following these tips should help on your way to an easily navigated closet. This fresh outlook on what you own, and where the gaps in your wardrobe might be, could lead to some fun fall shopping! l


in fluence


maKeup tips for the

Fall tRaVeleR kWritten By sara DaLe, sKin tHeraPist anD MaKeuP artist For Jose Luis saLon

1 The summer heat can last until early fall, depending on where you travel. My first tip would be to pick an appropriate primer to help your makeup last longer. I love using Kevyn Aucoin’s The Primed Skin Developer in the normal to oily formula because it fights humidity.


Get your skin glowing this autumn season with a multi-function bronzer. Kevyn Aucoin’s The Celestial Bronzing Veil in Tropical Nights Cool Breeze looks gorgeous on all skin tones. The top of the compact includes a lighter shade that you can use as a highlighter, the middle as a transition eye shadow and the bottom shade as your all over bronzer.


For long-lasting lashes, I recommend lash extensions. They last up to three weeks and are perfect for travelers that will be gone for a long period and don’t have time to constantly re-apply makeup. I personally use Lavish Lashes, in my opinion they are the gold standard.

4 My favorite facial cleanser is very unique. YON-KA’s Eau Micellaire cleanses, tones and lightly hydrates your face, eyes and lips with sea lavender. Talk about having it all in one! Apply this waterbased cleanser to a cotton pad and wipe the day away. Plus, it’s perfect to apply on a plane ride to refresh and soothe your skin. A fall travel must! l


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Fashion & Style

Fire 26


reeLayne combines leather and luxury recycled fabrics with an exacting focus on detail in its debut collection of limited-edition pieces. Designer and actress BreeLayne, founder of BreeLayne, takes her creative inspiration from a variety of platforms: vintage, travel, and nature. Through her artistic eye, BreeLayne sought to create a visionary brand that reflects her own spirituality and love of the environment. Her creations embody undeniable charisma, wisdom and inner confidence reflected through bold yet pliable fabrics to flatter every body type. After studying at some of the world’s top fashion and art schools, as well as working at some of the most popular fashion houses, BreeLayne knew she wanted to develop a brand that would shift the industry into a new light, offering a conscientious element to luxury fashion by environmentally responsible practices. Her vision prizes quality above quantity and a level of thoughtfulness as every item purchased will, in turn, have a tree planted. BreeLayne is based in Los Angeles, where the designer grew up and offers a unique, one-of-a-kind perspective through the use of her own spirituality and integration of sustainable luxury. Visit BreeLayne at l



Fa Coection 2015

Dragon 27

in fluence

Fashion & Style

Zoey & Midnight


Harper & Wynona

Genevieve & Caroline

Dixie, Thunder & Maybelle


in fluence

Fashion & Style



SPenceR deVine

pencer Devine was launched in 2012 under the simple philosophy that intuitive design should be the right combination of high function and style. Their bags are designed to adjust and give wearers more freedom to travel the way they want. Built with quality leather and hardware, each element is an expression of their ethos to live simply while paying attention to details - which means bags that wear as great as they look. Founder Kristine Gottilla has been designing structured, smart leather accessories since she entered the handbag market in 2008. She has fostered creative


relationships with her customers by collaborating on custom orders and fair-trade livelihood initiatives both domestically and abroad, all of which inform Spencer Devine’s aesthetic and commitment to social responsibility. Born out of a passion for design and creating things that people truly love to wear, the brand emerged when Kristine realized that there was a need in the market for something more functional and stylish - a versatile staple bag that would meet the needs of the way wearers truly live in day-to-day life. Each bag is hand-constructed in the Brooklyn studio of Spencer Devine. Visit at l


in fluence

{ 32

Fashion & Style

Built with quality leather and hardware, each element is an expression of their ethos to live simply while paying attention to details - which means bags that wear as great as they look.



Bella Belle Shoes

Romantic Wedding Shoes, Crafted for Beauty Seekers


en years after they first met, best friends Erina Ardianto and Veronyca Kwan embarked on an exciting chapter of their lives by establishing Bella Belle, an independent bridal shoe label that offers a boutique approach with emphasis on customer experience and fresh interpretation of bridal shoes for all personalities. Dawn Blue


in fluence

Fashion & Style


Dawn Blue



Bella Belle prides themselves on producing small-scale, high-quality shoes while maintaining an attainable price point. As founders, Erina and Veronyca oversee all phases of each shoe creation from the design process to the implementation, to adding little finishing touches, through to customer satisfaction. Drawing on Erina’s formal training in architecture, Bella Belle shoes are inspired by form and proportion, handcrafted with attention to details, aesthetics, and comfort. Building upon that foundation, look for intricate handmade


embellishments and adornments that add to Bella Belle’s romantic and feminine aesthetics. As lovers of magical moments and believers that small details matter, Bella Belle is constantly inspired by beauty in all shapes, textures, and materials. Bella Belle shoes have been featured in national and international publications and blogs, and identified as a one-of-a-kind label in the bridal shoe industry. Visit Bella Belle at l

PhotograPhy creditS PhotograPher: WhiTe lofT STuDio FloralS: foreT DeSign STuDio Make uP: kelly o’keefe of TryST STuDio hair: Jen TaWa location: The crane eSTaTe Model: Shannon clark of click moDel the bella belle ShoeS: annaliSe



WHY Hire a Wedding PLanneR?


ell, I hate to break it to you, can’t do it all yourself. Not the way professional wedding planners can. An experienced planner knows the industry backwards and forwards, and has spent years perfecting their trade and building invaluable vendor relationships. While I could write a book about the ins and outs of wedding planning, I’ve broken down to the TOP 5 Reasons Why You Should SAY YES to a Wedding Planner:

kWriTTen By Michele Fannin, ModiSh

event Planning owner & luXury event SPecialiSt

Budgeting Expertise The budget determines everything: the guest list, vendor selection, wedding date, venue, event design and the full guest experience. Our job is to educate clients on vendor pricing and select options that best fit their unique style and budget. Having an experienced professional help determine a balanced budget customized to fit your top priorities is a must!

Save Time & Money We guide our clients in the areas where cutting costs is appropriate, saving them from unnecessary expenses and making costly mistakes. An hour of overtime with a venue or photographer can add up, which is why wedding planners spend hours on a budget and timeline for the wedding and keep it in check. The average wedding takes 200+ hours to plan and most couples have full-time jobs, so taking on a “second job” is not ideal. The last thing I want clients to do is spend their entire engagement planning their wedding! We break the to-do list into manageable increments, making the process less stressful and allowing time for much needed breaks. Vision & Theme You may have a Pinterest board full of ideas or you’ve dreamt of your wedding your whole life. That’s great, but these are only ideas and they require execution. A wedding


planner can look at your ideas and see the big picture. We help interpret your style and create a theme. Event design should flow harmoniously, and there are many small details that make a huge difference in the overall guest experience. Dream Team Wedding planners will guide you to the “best” vendors for your personal style and budget. We know who is professional, reliable and trusted within the industry, and have firsthand experience so you don’t have to waste your time sifting through reviews. It can be overwhelming for couples to discern which vendors to choose and it can be worth its weight in gold to involve a wedding planner from the start. Stress Relief When it comes to your wedding day, you should be able to relax, sip champagne, and savor the moment with the love of your life, friends and family. Your wedding planner, not you, is to be the go-to person for day-of issues and questions that inevitably come up. Issues may arise, but we will make sure you never have to deal with or see them.

WhY hIRe a WeDDING PlaNNeR WheN YoU CaN Do IT YoURSelF? ThaT’S The QUeSTIoN MaNY CoUPleS aSK TheMSelVeS BeFoRe CoMING To Me, holDING oN To The laST BITS oF TheIR SaNITY.

Your wedding planner is your wedding mentor, budget advisor, problem-solver, mediator, visionary, creative director, project manager, vendor qualifier, confidant, fairy godmother, timeline maker…the list goes on! Hiring an experienced planner allows you to be fully present on your wedding day, as they work behind the scenes to produce the show…so smile, because you’re the star! l


in fluence


Fashion & Style


Joe SimPSon P

hotographer Joe Simpson, well-known for his success as manager of his famous daughters Jessica and Ashlee, and producer of several television shows, has always had a passion for photography. Joe got his first camera at the age of 14. Years later, when his daughters came along, he would take the opportunity to shoot them every chance he got. Later in life as Joe managed and developed the careers of the talented artists he represented, he saw every famous cover story and photo shoot he produced with them as an opportunity to learn more about photography from working with great photographers.


in fluence


Fashion & Style

Photographer: Joe Simpson Model: Naomi Neeson @D’ModaTalentManagement Makeup: Aaron Paul @exclusiveartists Hair: Patrick Chai @exclusiveartists Red one piece from American Apparel Top Image on black ball Silver Hoddie By Jeremy Laing

For the past two years, Joe has had the pleasure of photographing some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. “There is beauty and innocence in everyone and while selling a brand or product is the objective of most shoots, I also try to capture beauty and innocence in my work no matter what the subject matter”. When asked what his goal is for the future with his photography, Joe answers “Nothing would please me more than for Jessica and Ashlee to request me to shoot when approached by magazines for cover spreads and to be respected for my photography just like I am worldwide for my management skills.” l


in fluence

Fashion & Style

Silver Jacket by John Varvatos


Photographer: Joe Simpson Model: Tatyana Asla @LaModels Stylist: Ashley Sean Thomas

Makeup: Naima Jamal Hair: Cherity Simpson Stacked Bracelets: Alexis Bittar Pants: LA Maison De Fashion


Visit Joe Simpson Photography at

] 43

in fluence


Fashion & Style

Nuances of


Arrival I

kWritten By Michelle Washington, Fashion Stylist

t may be 95 degrees and humid, but there are garments we can work with from season to season. So while right now you may be enjoying the last of summertime - gelato, lazy beach days, outdoor movies, and rooftop barbecues - it’s not too soon to catch a glimpse of bespoke suiting looks to incorporate into your upcoming fall wardrobe. What is bespoke? Well, imagine masculine elegance, time-honored tradition and discreet luxury of superfine suiting cloth, transformed over time to fit precisely. In this men’s fashion editorial, M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury ( displays suiting images with fabrics sourced from the very best mills with reputations that are centuries old; cloths ranging from superfine Merino wool and blends of wool/cashmere/and silk to the very best pure Alashan cashmere and English worsted wool in deliciously toasty shades of brown and gray with well-defined accent colors of eggshell and slate blue to put you in the mood for fall. l


in fluence


Fashion & Style


in fluence

Fashion & Style

Photographer: Cody Kinsfather ( Stylist: Michelle Washington ( Suiting & Accessories: M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection ( Model: Mitchell Maggard (The Campbell Agency) Grooming & Location: The Boardroom Salon for Men (


in Network

People you should know

Christopher L. Sanders, AIA

Founder & Principle | Sanders Architecture | Austin, Texas Who He Is: A native Texan, Chris grew up in East Texas and lived abroad and on the East Coast before landing in Austin in 2000. As a child, Chris gained an appreciation for the natural environment from camping, canoeing, hunting and fishing in the Piney Woods. Work in Boston, Germany and Croatia, coupled with extensive travels throughout Central and Southeast Asia, broadened his exposure to the diversity of the world. Chris’ architectural designs are influenced by the rich experiences he has had in the great outdoors and around the world. Why Client Collaboration is Important: Chris is a strong believer that consistent client engagement in a project leads to a better relationship and end result during the oftenlengthy process of design and construction. Advocating on behalf of his clients and maintaining communication with the builder and craftsmen on the project are fundamental to the way Chris works. When challenging situations arise, Chris and his team at Sanders Architecture are able to tap into the knowledge and resources within the firm as well as the broader project team to find a solution. How He Remains Inspired: Youthful creativity and fascination are inspirational to Chris when designing both commercial and residential properties. As a father with young children, the joys of young impressions and discovery have come into focus for Chris. So much of the richness in life – and design – is lost in the details of modern adult life. Experience has taught Chris that if you aren’t having fun at design, then you simply aren’t doing great work. His Greatest Triumph to Date: The biggest accomplishment for Chris has been stepping out on his own to start his architecture firm while raising two young children with his wife, Hannah. After five years of being in business, he is reminded daily that taking a methodical approach to the design process pays off in the quality of his projects and the long-standing business relationships he makes along the way.


in fluence


Fashion & Style

Featuring SUAVS Shoes

aised by a family of entrepreneurs, Monxi Garza learned many of the skills required to run a successful business after years spent helping her mother at her sourcing company, restaurants and boutique hotel. Her studies began in Monterrey, Mexico, where she attended CEDIM before moving to Spain to study fashion at Mod’Art. Garza gained international experience in retail commerce, including quality control, inventory and sales, and product shipping. Her resume includes apprenticeships at Sally Spicer, LOEWE, and Bimba & Lola, where she was hired to work with the shoe design team. In 2015, Garza founded SUAVS, which is currently based in Austin, Texas. Garza’s aesthetic could best be described as relaxed, simple and modern. When it comes to clothing or footwear, comfort is the most important aspect. This is reflected in SUAVS soft fabrics, flexible soles and cool leather detailing. The folks at SUAVS are philanthropic and are partnering with Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness month this year. For every pair of white shoes purchased in October, SUAVS will donate $5 to the nonprofit.

Monxi Garza

Visit SUAVS Shoes at l


SUAVS is a casual footwear brand designing, operating and shipping out of Austin, Texas


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Tapatio Springs Redefines Itself Unveils Pure-Texas, Family-Friendly Experience



ur new pool and bar area is the perfect place to relax and unwind,” said Director of Sales and Marketing Greg Haugland. “Whether they’re staying for a week or a night, we’re going to make every guest feel welcome, comfortable and content. From “dive-in” movies to fire pits, there is something for everyone.” The $1 million upgrade is the ideal setting for fun and relaxation from sun-up until sundown. The large, heated swimming pool measures more than 3,400 square feet and is accented with native flagstone coping. The pool area features an expanded pool deck, hot tub, curved-tube water slide, fire pits, shuffleboard courts, an outdoor bar with flat-screen televisions, and live music seasonally. The adults-only pool has a natural stone water feature, hot tub and poolside cocktails. Casual, Southwest-inspired foods are served at the bar and around the pool, with offerings such as handmade guacamole, kid-friendly finger foods and fresh fruit margaritas for adults.

Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort & Spa has plans to redefine itself during 2015, starting with the unveiling of its new resort pool and bar, a key amenity in the revered San Antonio resort’s ongoing transformation.


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Tapatio Springs will host a year-round schedule of events around the new pool. In addition to being an ideal setting for family leisure, this flexible outdoor space is the perfect venue for a variety of business and social events, from corporate team-building exercises and competitions, to evening wedding receptions under the Hill Country’s star-studded skies. The owners of Tapatio Springs, including country music legend George Strait, are reinventing the iconic resort to be a family-friendly, affordable destination that delivers experiences well beyond expectations. This summer also marked the unveiling of the renovated Tapatio Springs Hill Country Golf Course, designed by world-renowned golf course architect Tripp Davis and Associates, who reimagined the original course set in the rolling Texas hillside. The course will receive $1.5 million in restorations envisioned by TDA, which is known across the country for its unique, hands-on approach in creating one original course design at a time.

A new “pure-Texas fare” dining concept is also in the works, where the former LaCascada and TaPatio restaurants will be combined and reopen as the La Cascada Table & Bar. Executive Chef Michael Collins’ menus will be approachable both in offerings and price, featuring regional Texas cuisine, casual steakhouse favorites, and country-rustic sides, as well as refreshed cocktail menus focused on fresh-fruit margaritas and signature cocktails. The atmosphere of the full-service restaurant will be casual and fun, with flexible seating, so guests can dine indoors or out. A short 35-minute drive from San Antonio, Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort & Spa offers guests close proximity to a variety of nearby adventures in addition to its own exceptional amenities. Nearby Boerne, the “Key to the Hill Country,” is rich with Texas charm, mom-andpop shops and nearly 150 historic buildings. Kayaking, horseback-riding and hiking at nearby state parks are among the dozens of nearby recreational opportunities. “We are excited about all these additions to the Tapatio Springs experience,” said Haugland. “We offer our guests a well-earned respite, delicious food and big-hearted hospitality—because we know the value of escaping the ordinary for a while.” For more information, call (855) 421-0211 or visit l



Executive Chef

Michael Cerrie

is at the Head of the Table at

Stella San Jac


tella San Jac, an Austin-American inspired restaurant located on the corner of San Jacinto Boulevard and Fifth Street, recently officially announced Chef Michael Cerrie as the restaurant’s executive chef. Originally from Erie, Cerrie moved to Austin in 2014 to serve as the executive chef of Stella San Jac, where he serves an eclectic Southern menu that embodies the music, flavors and culture that define Austin. Inspired by his great grandmother, “Nonni,” and memories of family fish fries, Cerrie attributes his cooking style to an inherited appreciation for great food served simply.


Cerrie’s Austin-inspired menu HONORS the local culture, farms and music of the city.

The Stella Burger with White Cheddar, White BBQ, Crispy Onions, French Fries



“Nonni was born in Sicily and came from a large family,” said Cerrie. “We would grow every vegetable you could in Pennsylvania. Whether it was an animal or a plant, Nonni taught us to respect the food we ate, as well as the time and effort we spent growing it. I will never forget the lessons I learned from her as a child.” Cerrie has been in the kitchen for more than 25 years and has prepared

food for celebrities, movie stars and dignitaries, including a live segment on Good Morning America alongside celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse. In 2013, Cerrie was inducted as Chef Rôtisseur into the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, the world’s oldest international gastronomic society that celebrates the practice of choosing, cooking and eating fine cuisine and wine.

Executive Chef Michael Cerrie


Cerrie rigorously worked with a tasting panel to perfect the menu for Stella San Jac and has created a menu sure to appeal to the discriminating palates of just about anyone. “Every week we were honest with ourselves in that the food had to be approachable and delicious. The key phrase that still sticks in my head is ‘simple is hard,’” said Cerrie. “When there are literally only threeto-four ingredients on a plate, there

is nothing to hide behind. A cook has to nail the execution of everything and source his ingredients from the best local farms. We have food that is simply prepared, approachable, tasty, a lot of fun, and easy on the eyes.” Stella San Jac’s produce is sourced from several of Austin’s favorite local farms including Oak Hill Farms, Cooper Farms and Labranza Farms to ensure the freshest ingredients are used.

Some of Cerrie’s favorite menu items include Beet Chips, Blueberry Sweet Bread French Toast, Gulf Shrimp and Lump Crab Roll, Pearl Cous Cous and Oil Cured Tomato as well as classics with a twist like Braised Short Ribs with Sweet Potato Mash and Green Apple Slaw. Of particular pride is the #16 Biscuits, named after the number of batches Cerrie tested to perfect its recipe.

are all part of something that will definitely grow to be bigger than it is today.”

“We are so proud to have Chef Cerrie at the head of our table,” said David Dickinson, general manager of Stella San Jac. “He’s found a way to really capture the spirit of Austin through flavor, texture and presentation. We can’t wait to welcome in travelers and locals alike for an exceptional and unique dining experience.”

To learn more information about Stella San Jac visit l

“Austin is a young, vibrant and eclectic city - much like my cooking style. It’s exciting to be here,” said Cerrie. “It feels like we

Stella San Jac is open Sunday through Saturday 6:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. The restaurant serves guests daily in its unique lounge space between the hours of 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. The restaurant is taking reservations via OpenTable and by phone at (512) 792-5648.

Grilled Prawns with Pearl Cous Cous, Zucchini, Lemon Vinaigrette Deviled Eggs with Andouille Sausage Blueberry Sweet Bread French Toast with Creme Anglaise and Blueberry Compote Cocktail Porthole Infuser Cocktail Rosy Bacardi, Lemon, Basil, Black Peppercorn


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Food & Beverage

A Classic


Frozen Treat by GoodPop Popsicle Brand Takes All Natural Frozen Desserts to a New Level.

GoodPop - Smores



oodPop® All-Natural Frozen Pops, an innovative Austinbased popsicle company, has reinvented the classic frozen treat using only organic, non-GMO, fair trade and locally-sourced ingredients to provide a refreshing, delicious, and wholesome frozen treat. GoodPop® provides these mouthwatering delights in unique flavor combinations like Hibiscus Mint, Coldbrew Coffee and Watermelon Agave. In 2009, University of Texas at Austin student Daniel Goetz desired a better-for-you delicious treat to cool off with on hot summer days. Daniel found that almost all of the popsicles he went to purchase included artificial flavoring, coloring and ingredients that most people have never even heard of. Inspired by the fresh fruit ice pops called paletas and Aguas Frescas containing fresh, locally grown fruit he had grown to love while traveling in Mexico, Goetz set out to develop a high quality, all-natural dessert that he and his friends could enjoy. Two months later, GoodPop® hit four Austin-based farmers markets to much success. “My desire for a refreshing and healthy treat quickly became a passion for providing consumers with a delicious yet better-for-you dessert option,” said Daniel, founder of GoodPop®. “We feel extremely fortunate that the popularity of our

popsicles has taken off and we look forward to introducing them to people who value that same healthy lifestyle that we do.” Made in small batches with the freshest ingredients, GoodPop® All-Natural Frozen Pops contain no artificial flavoring and only use a small amount of organic cane sugar. All GoodPop® flavors are gluten free, low calorie, and select flavors are non-GMO and vegan.

GoodPop® All-Natural Frozen Pops are can be found in natural and specialty retailers in 25+ states across the Southwest, West Coast, Pacific Northwest, Midwest, Florida, New England and Rocky Mountain regions. l

GoodPop - Watermelon Agave Coffee Factory GoodPop - Hibiscus Mint


in flUEncE

Food & Beverage

sWay iNtrODUCes


way recently added two new light drinking vinegars and a refreshing house-made soda to their menu. Popular in Southeast Asia, these drinking vinegars pair the tartness of vinegar with sweet fruit & vegetable flavors like fresh strawberry and beet. New flavors include fresh strawberry with basil, beet with a lemon twist, and a Thai coconut soda with coconut milk and nutmeg (dairy-free). Next time you dine at Sway, enjoy any combination of these tasty new beverages. To make Vinegars at home, the folks at Sway share the recipe for the Beet and Strawberry Vinegars.

Enjoy! Beet Vinegar 500 grams beets (peeled and cubed) 600 grams, or 1 pint rich palm sugar syrup (recipe below) 320 grams, or 1 ½ cups apple cider vinegar 1. Combine ingredients in Vitamix and work in batches of beets. 2. Start on a low variable speed and slowly bring the speed up to 10. Blend until ingredients are combined and juice is extracted (about 20-30 seconds). 3. Strain contents through a fine mesh sieve.


TASTY NEW DRINK OPTIONS kPHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF ALICE FOX 4. Use a small ladle to push down on mixture to extract flavor. This will take several minutes. 5. Allow mixture to sit and separate, then skim off foam. 6.Pour 2 ounces of mixture over a glass half filled with soda water and crushed ice. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Strawberry Vinegar 454 grams (16 oz) of strawberries, top core removed and halved 600 grams, or 1 pint palm sugar syrup (recipe below) 320 grams, or 1 ½ cups apple cider vinegar 1. Combine ingredients in Vitamix and work in batches of strawberries. 2. Start on a low variable speed and slowly bring the speed up to 10. Blend until ingredients are combined and juice is extracted (about 15-20 seconds). 3. Strain contents through a fine mesh sieve. 4. Use a small ladle to push down on mixture to extract flavor. 5. Allow mixture to separate, and skim off foam. 6. Pour 2 ounces of mixture over a glass half filled with soda water and crushed ice. Garnish with Thai basil.

Rich Palm Sugar Syrup (yields approx. 4 quarts) 8 lbs palm sugar 1270 grams of hot water Combine ingredients in cambro. Put kitchen gloves on and massage with hands to dissolve. â—?


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Fall Hair Trends

for Men kFrom Jose Luis Salon



n awesome haircut can turn a completely basic gentleman into a stylish gentleman. The right haircut IS actually the perfect accessory to any attire, whether it is a patterned suit or a pair of jeans and T-shirt. 2015 is an exciting year for men’s hairstyle trends and there are several stylish cuts to choose from. Want a stylish hairstyle? Wondering which style is right for you? Jose Luis Salon has you covered.

Hairstyle: Disheveled Disconnection Stylist: Beau Clements

Hairstyle: Tousled Texture Stylist: Mandy Denson

Hairstyle: Modern Mid-Length Stylist: Mandy Denson

1. For a sleek look, you can prep towel-dried hair with V76 by Vaughn Ultralight Grooming Spray. 2. Apply a quarter-sized amount of V76 by Vaughn Well Groomed Ultralight Cream onto hair with fingers while blow-drying. 3. Finish with V76 by Vaughn Molding Paste to polish off the look and hold it into place.

1. First, gently towel dry hair until damp. 2. Prep hair with V76 by Vaughn Ultralight Grooming Spray. 3. Apply a nickel-sized amount of V76 by Vaughn Styling Cream evenly onto hair, then scrunch the ends to enhance texture. 4. Air dry or diffuse hair on a medium heat setting. 5. Finish the look with V76 Molding Paste by emulsifying a dime to nickel-sized amount (depending on density) onto your hands before applying to the ends to enhance the texture and add hold.

1. Gently towel dry hair until slightly damp. 2. Prep hair with V76 Ultralight Grooming Spray. 3. Apply a dime to nickelsized amount (depending on density) of V76 by Vaughn Well Groomed Ultralight Cream evenly on your hands and work it through the hair, avoiding your roots. 4. Lastly, air dry or diffuse hair on a medium heat setting away from the face to finish off the look. l

If you’d like to switch from the sleek look to wavy locks, follow these guidelines: 1. Mist your hair with V76 Ultralight Grooming Spray to reactivate the previous products. 2. Add a touch more of V76 by Vaughn Well Groomed Ultralight Cream and scrunch it into hair. 3. Let hair air dry and you’ll achieve a natural, wavy look.


Spanish Torta de


Decorar con





La Riviera





Maya 72



a Riviera Maya es una zona turística de México situada a lo largo del Mar Caribe en el Estado de Quintana Roo. La principal puerta de acceso a Riviera Maya es el aeropuerto internacional de Cancún, a dos horas de vuelo desde la Ciudad de México y con múltiples conexiones a diversas ciudades de Estados Unidos, Canadá, Sudamérica y Europa.

La Riviera Maya ofrece arenas blancas, aguas turquesa, sitios arqueológicos, pintorescos pueblos, centros recreativos, lagunas de agua dulce, cavernas subterráneas, cenotes, opciones de hoteles que van desde rústicas cabañas hasta lujosos hoteles gran turismo. La variedad y riqueza de los sabores que presenta la rica gastronomía de la Riviera Maya te puede seducir, comenzando con la cocina regional heredada de los mayas.


Spanish La vida nocturna en la Riviera Maya es excitante y cosmopolita con bares y discotecas a la orilla de la playa. Es un escenario ideal para el romance, lo que lo convierte en el favorito de los que desean una boda en la playa o de los desean tener su luna de miel. Durante


todo el año se llevan a cabo diversos eventos y festivales en el destino, sin embargo se destaca el Festival de Jazz que se lleva a cabo a fines de noviembre. El clima es tropical con 250 días de sol al año y una temperatura promedio de 24º-25ºC. l



MAR de Rosas kPor Leonardo D’Amalgro


l objetivo de esta marca internacional de trajes de baños es que te sientas única. Es una marca creada y desarrollada en Colombia. Carolina Ramírez Directora Comercial de esta empresa nos informa que Mar De Rosas crea cada año colecciones cada cual más excepcional y deja marca con su estilo sensacional de colores tornasolados y estampados atrevidos. Además, se le añade un trabajo artesanal de texturas y adornos exuberantes alrededor de complicados bordados para obtener un resultado espectacular. Los cortes asimétricos e inéditos son de gran importancia en este proceso creativo y diseño innovador al servicio de la belleza femenina. Cada pieza es más que un simple traje de baño, es un verdadero conjunto que realzará los encantos y revelará la feminidad de cada una para que luzcas absolutamente divina. Mar De Rosas está dedicada a la creación y comercialización de vestidos de baño y accesorios para tomar el sol. Es el mejor ejemplo de empresas que formaron parte del Proyecto Épica de Inexmoda y la Alcaldía de Medellín, definitivamente esta es una de las mejores representaciones de calidad y creatividad de la Moda Colombiana para el mundo. Gracias a ello su internacionalización cada día está creciendo más y más. l



FOTOGRAFO: Esteban Escobar n MODELO: Anna Herrin n MARCA: Mar de Rosas Swimwear

n n

MAQUILLADOR: Duvan Foronda n PRODUCCION: Juliana Uribe Pagina Web:







Spanish Un elemento que has de tener al momento de



kpor Y. Sanz



i hay algo que no puede faltar en la decoración de la casa son los cojines, estos se convierten en una parte esencial de nuestro hogar. Aparte de ser un accesorio decorativo, suelen brindarnos comodidad y son prácticos. Con los cojines es posible crear diferentes combinaciones que se adapten a diversos estilos decorativos. Podemos colocar los cojines en diferentes espacios del hogar, en la sala, en los dormitorios, en

las estancias e incluso quedan bien en la terraza de la casa. Solo debes tener en cuenta la decoración general del lugar donde decidas colocarlos. Cambiar la decoración del hogar es una forma de salir de la rutina, de ver cosas diferentes cada cierto tiempo, no tendrás que hacer grandes cambios ni utilizar un gran presupuesto, trata de utilizar tu creatividad e imaginación para renovar tus espacios. ●




Estos complementos son imprescindibles en la decoraci贸n, con ellos se consigue comodidad a la vez que aportan a nuestro hogar belleza y estilo



Un deleite al paladar k POR DANIELA CATARI Ingredientes (para 8 personas) Pan sobrante, equivalente a 3 canillas de pan, partido en trozos 2 tazas de leche (aproximadamente) 4 huevos 1 lata de leche condensada 3 cucharadas de queso blanco rallado 1/2 taza de unvas pasas 1/2 cucharadita de canela en polvo 1/2 cucharadita de nuez moscada en polvo


Paso a paso Se introduce el pan en en un recipiente con la leche y se deja reposar por unos 15 minutos para que el pan se humedezca; la idea es que el pan se ablande y no que quede líquido, así que la cantidad de leche es aproximada. Aparte se baten los huevos, la leche condensada, el queso rallado, la canela y la nuez moscada, y se agregan a la mezcla de pan y leche. Se revuelve todo con una cuchara de madera. Por último se añaden las pasas y se mezcla bien. Se hornea en un molde enmantequillado y enharinado a 180°, por 45 minutos aproximadamente, o hasta que al introducir un palillo, éste salga seco. Te invitamos a preparar esta exquisita torta de pan. La torta de pan puede servirse tibia o fría. ●

Torta de Pan


Teen DIY HAIR Dorm


Days First of




Back to

school in


Teen Back to school in


Autumn is fast approaching, which means

we’re ushering in back-to-school style. And whether you’re back to the books or not, wearing

inspired this time

anything schoolgirl

of the year is majorly on trend.








Have an inspiration. Grab some magazines, watch TV, browse the internet, etc. Find clothing styles you like, haircuts you like, music you like, lifestyles you like, whatever. Make a collage, a list, or a checklist of what you need. If you don’t want to choose an inspiration, then you can skip this step and choose a totally different style. Get your hair done how you want. Bring in a totally cute haircut from a magazine or online or do it how you want it done at home(just don’t cut your hair by yourself. Feel free to really change your look, or only go for a small change. You don’t have to dye your hair or get it all chopped off to have a new look. Simply parting it a different way or getting fringes or side bangs can actually be very effective. Don’t be afraid to try new things! If you wear glasses or contacts, update your look. Go from glasses to contacts or contacts to glasses. If you decide to wear contacts, try getting one that changes the color of your eyes if you want to. If you wear glasses, get a new frame for your glasses if you can afford it. If you wear plastic glasses, get metal glasses! If you wear metal glasses, change them to plastic glasses! Enjoy your school new year and celebrate your unique style! ●









enjoy style


sch music

look celebration















The heat of summer is slipping away, creating anticipation for the crisp months of autumn. For many, the first of fall means heading to a new semester at college. For you who are anxiously awaiting a new life away from home, or even for those of you who have semesters under your belt, we’re introducing you to some tips that will help you survive the new semester. With the new season and new school year, check out the hottest trends to rock in this fall. New classy, striking styles for both girls and guys are being brought to the table as the weather turns cooler. Long sleeved denim shirts and plaid button-ups are perfect for versatile outfits. They can be worn as a shirt, jacket, or tied around the waist, depending on the temperature. Darker floral patterns are perfect for the transition into autumn, especially when worn with a pair of maroon or military green jeans. Of course, combat boots, are a staple this season, with the simple design bringing an ability to boldly complement any outfit. Additionally, nail polish has made its way into the “must haves” of accessories. Sophisticated shades combined with gleaming decals make a stunning display of art on your nails. The cool and classy styles and colors of this autumn will leave you feeling refreshed and chic.



Guys Match a three-quarter sleeve shirt with a cuffed pant for a stylish, but relaxed look.



Fall FOR

Discover this fall’s latest trend for walking the school hallways. There is a trend for everyone; which one is yours? PHOTOGRAPHER: INFINITE-ANGLES MODELS: NICK STARICH & NICOLE GLENN

Gals Match a plaid top and black skater skirt for a comfortable and cute look. Match with a pair of combat boots to complete the look.




Gals You can never go wrong with simple graphic tee matched with a denim pant. This is a style for anyone, simply find the shirt that suits you. An acid wash, denim jacket tied around your waist always gives a touch of fun.

Guys Same for you, everyone can rock denim, just match it with your favorite T and an open button down. Don’t be afraid to accesories with a necklace or a chain for the finishing touch.



Gals A loose floral jumper over a simple shirt is all you need to make a statement. Military Green is in.

Guys A military button down with a pair of aviators and a pendant is sure to make you look fly. Again, a denim or black pant is a perfect match.




Teen Spotlight JON ViKTOR CORPUZ


IN: What would you consider to be the most important thing to keep in mind when doing something difficult or trying something new? JON: Go in with an open mind and at full force and never stop until you succeed.

orking in the grandest theater in the US, 18 year old Jon Viktor Corpuz plays the role of Prince Chulalongkorn, the heir apparent to the throne in the 2015 Broadway revival of The King and I. He shares his fun facts, opinions, and goals to us in this Teen Spotlight interview.

IN: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? JON: Write and star in my own musical alá Lin Manuel-Miranda.

IN: What is your go-to clothing item? JON: Beanie. My hair is always a mess because of my wig. IN: If your life was a song, what song would it be? JON: Vienna by Billy Joel, or BO$$ by Fifth Harmony. IN: What do you think people should do more often? JON: Compliment each other. And tell their loved ones they love them more frequently. (This includes me). IN: What’s the last thing you’ve done that you’re proud of? JON: Officially decide to start at NYU this fall and not defer a year. I’ll be doing 8 shows a week and doing a full college curriculum at the same time! I’m a psychopath!


Photo by Jeffrey Moiser (Head Shot)

IN: What barriers have you had to face as a teen in the industry, and how have you gotten past those barriers? JON: I think just trying to prove myself as an artist to fellow adults. And to be treated as such. People look at teens as young and unprofessional and inexperienced and naïve, which some are, but there’s way more to us than that and it’s an overgeneralization. It’s been a little difficult to get past that, it’s something I’m still tackling, it gets a *tad* tiring to always hear about how young I am. I want to be good, period. Not just good for my age, you know? IN: If you had the chance to rewind to one day in your life to do something differently, which day would that be and how would you change it? JON: There are so many things that have been

embarrassing or that I’ve regretted in the past! But I think it’s important to remember that everything happens for a reason. And as long as you have tried your utmost best, as says the King’s letter in the show, and as long as you’ve learned from your mistake(s), let the past be in the paaaaaaaast and LET IT GO! Learn from it, improve yourself, move on. IN: You have portrayed a variety of characters within your career. How does playing different characters affect your sense of self? JON: You discover more about yourself, especially when you step out of your comfort zone. When I played Angel in RENT and the Emcee in Cabaret in high school I discovered SO much about myself in so many ways. There’s also the aspect of art mirroring life and vice versa. I find a lot of similarities between myself and Chula. We’re both entering adulthood and both discovering a lot about the world and carving out our places in this vast life. Granted, I’m not about to lead a country by any means, but at times the gravity of things can certainly feel that way. There’s something emotional when a character is so close to yourself. It hits home. IN: What stereotype do you hope to break? JON: That Asian American actors can only tell very specific stories: Miss Saigon, King and I, or be very specific characters: Chinese restaurant owners, doctors, nurses, or scientists. There hasn’t been a MAJOR Asian American pop star in... ever! We have so many more stories to tell and so much to share with the world. While it is definitely getting better, and while we are all SO fortunate for any opportunity to express ourselves PERIOD, we should expect more from our industry and want more. The diversity seen in the world should be reflected in the media, and right now the industry is quite frankly whitewashed. I just think there should be more of a balance. I don’t think audiences care about diversity as much as casting and production anticipates they would. It’s 2015. Let’s get to it! Change is happening but ever so slowly. And hopefully in my lifetime I can be a part of that change in some way, shape, or form.

Photo by Annie Leibovitz (Action Shot)

IN: Many people start their careers while they are still very young. What benefits does this have, and would you say that it is crucial to start early? JON: Everyone has their own path. I think as long as you’ve got great guidance and a good head on your shoulders, you’re able to separate who you are from your “professional persona”. These two things should really be one and the same as we should all be our authentic selves 100% of the time, but I think where people go wrong in this business at a young age is when they don’t have proper guidance, whether that be from friends, family, mentors, etc. and are surrounded by “yes”-people all the time. It’s very easy to buy into the hype of the quote-unquote “celebrity” aspect of this business. The truth is, we’re all just people going through life and doing our own things. We’re all pursuing selffulfillment, whatever that may be. There aren’t any godly aspects of any celebrity, they just happened to have received success on their path and were at the right place at the right time. (Remember we all have to poop and pee! We’re all human!) The danger is when people start to believe they are anything BUT human and start buying into their own hype. It’s good to start early as you have a leg up in terms of establishing yourself, but I say go when you’re ready. I don’t think it’s at all crucial to start early. It’s easy in this business for people to form opinions about you, so go when you’re absolutely ready for that to start happening. ●



Nails Fall’s Finer Colors

Nail polish has long reinforced its reputation as being an accessory that speaks volumes before a formal introduction is even made. There is a color for every mood, personality type, and sense of style. This autumn, new shades of nail polish are bolder and more sophisticated than ever. A coat of deep wine red is both daring and ornate. It is vibrant enough to spark attention, but subtle enough to complement an outfit. The deep, shimmering Aruba blue is the perfect state of the art finish to a modern style. And, for a more subdued hue, the unique forest-like Racing Green provides an innovative, earthy vibe. Of course, a base coat does not have to be a dauntless statement. An eye-catching stripe of gold or silver will bring a classy finish to any shade of polish. White tips or red splatters are only the beginning of the vast array of designs that will make your nails truly shine. So grab a bottle of nail polish and get ready to let your nails make a statement. Go ahead... you’ve got style right at your fingertips!


DIY hair

Dorm Room Days Tips on how to survive your first semester in college It’s your first semester in college, and everything is off to a running start. Here are some tips and tricks from current college students to help you get off on

Getting Along with Your New Roomie

Communicate! Understand the expectations you have for each other, for the room, and discuss how y’all want to tackle the chores that involve all of you. Things to discuss before living together: -Who is going to take out the trash and when? -What temperature will you keep the room? - Ask before you use each other’s things. -Coordinate themes if you are sharing any rooms. -Don’t leave your mess for your roommate to clean up. -Respect each other and their belongings. -Do not eat their food without asking. This can ruin a friendship between roomies. “Don’t say you don’t care. Trust me, you do care.” - Julia Gessner

the right foot with your new roommate, pass those classes, and make your new college dorm your “home away from home.”

Making Your Dorm Room Your New Home

Making the Most of Your College Career

Your room is your personal oasis. Make it a place you can relax and feel happy. Objects to bring: Photos, posters, frames, paintings: hanging pieces of art will make your room feel more personalized. Desk light: Working in good lighting is extremely important and will help maximize your study time. Bookshelf/organizer: You don’t want tons of stuff flooding your room; a clean, organized room will help relieve stress. Pillows or stuffed animals from home: “It’s really comforting to be able to physically hold a stuffed animal you’ve had forever when everything else around you is foreign and new.” - Ahnaliese Bell Comfortable desk chair: “I cannot stress how important a comfortable desk chair is. You will live in this thing 50% of the week!” - Melanie Schroers

Stay on top of your studies - you are there to learn, not to party. - Read the syllabus: You won’t believe how many students fail to read this. Read it and your teachers will love you! -Try a study group: They can keep you focused. However, if the group thing is not for you, try finding a quiet place where you can focus by yourself - like the library or nice bench outside. - Get a planner and organize your materials, one way is to color coordinate by classes or topics. - Flash cards are super helpful for reviewing for tests.

However, it is important to have personal relationships and be involved. This helps to relieve stress and helps you enjoy your time! Besides these are supposed to be the best years of your life! So go get involved! - Intramurals - Student government - Student organizations and clubs - Find a support group

Strive for a balance between fun and studies.









12:30 – 4:30 PM Walsh Landing 1600 Scenic Drive Austin, Texas






The Art of the Gala

Young Leaders Society Campaign Kickoff

3x3: Three Women. Three Visions

Tuesday Night Summer Drink 6 – 9 PM The Hightower 1209 East 7th Street

8 AM – 1 PM Four Seasons Hotel Austin 98 San Jacinto Blvd. Austin, TX 78701


9 Fashion Show Featuring Derek Lam

6 – 8 PM Icenhauer’s 83 Rainey Street Austin, TX 78701



CASA Superhero Run

Domain Central Park

Amy’s Ice Creams


12 Hotel Ella Tailgate Series



7 – 10 PM Women & Their Work 1710 Lavaca St. Austin, TX 78701


17 Whiskies of the World




BarkHappy Charity Doggy Social

Food for Thought Signature Tasting Event Presented by Silicon Labs

“Is Austin the Next Hot Bed for Food Startups?”

Paramount Blade Relighting + Patty Griffin Concert Paramount Theatre

6 – 9 PM Long Center for the Performing Arts City Terrace

6 – 8:30 PM McCombs School of Business 2110 Speedway, Austin, TX 78705





Party for the Parks

11 AM – 2 PM Fair Market 1100 East 5th Street Austin, TX 78702

27 TRA Sunday Supper Johnson’s Backyard Garden

Upbring Austin Golf 7 AM – 3 PM Falconhead Golf Course 15201 Falcon Head Blvd. Austin TX 78738

7 PM Preacher Gallery 119 West 8th Street Austin, Texas 78701

Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery

About Music, Sublimation, and the Body

Dream in Color, Dress in White




Hotel Ella

7:15 – 9:15 PM Blackerby Violin Shop 1111 W. Anderson Lane 78757


Four Seasons Austin

6:30 – 9:30 PM Shoal Crossing Event Center 8611 N. Mopac Expressway Austin, TX 78759

Freeze Out Cancer for Kids


Red Dot Art Spree

1:00-3:00 PM Athleta 11601 Century Oaks Terrace Austin, Texas



Eat East:

Starlight Symphony Orchestra’s Patrons Dinner at Trattoria Lisina

Cowabunga Cruise


JW Marriott Austin

Ballet Austin Presents Fête 2015 JW Marriott Austin



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A Night in Old Hollywood

March of Dimes Signature Chefs Gala JW Marriott

7 – 11 PM The Belmont 305 W 6th Street Austin, TX 78701

Austin Opera’s Season Opening Gala Concert The Long Center

5:30 – 8:30 PM Brazos Hall

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F 2


S 3


Immersed: Artist + Curator Discussion

7 PM Brazos Hall

SPACE: Linda Pace Foundation Gallery

Austin City Limits Music Festival Weekend One Zilker Park








Building Bridges Art Celebration & Auction


Austin City Limits Music Festival Weekend Two

Hotel San Jose Fall Jazz Brunch

Hyatt Regency Austin





1:30 PM Hyatt Regency Austin 208 Barton Springs Rd Austin, Texas 78704



16 Four Seasons Hotel Austin

7:30 AM – 5 PM Austin Convention Center

Austin Heart Walk The Long Center




ZACH Unplugged

Spirit of India

5:30 – 11 PM ZACH’s Topfer Theatre and Bobbi Pavilion 1510 Toomey Rd. Austin, TX 78704

7:30 – 9:30 PM The Long Center 701 W. Riverside Drive Austin, TX 78704

Skyline - Martinis & Monte Carlo Presented by AT&T

Formula 1™ US Grand Prix



Tricks and Treats Gala 6 – 10 PM Hyatt Regency Austin





13th Annual Film & Food Fundraising Party 7 – 10 PM Driskill Hotel 604 Brazos Austin, Texas

29th Annual AIA Austin Homes Tour Selected homes throughout Austin



Girlstart Spooky Extravaganza

Spooky Skedaddle Halloween Festival and Heal Yeah 5K!

5 – 8 PM The Bullock Museum 1800 Congress Ave Austin, TX, 78701


Circuit of the Americas

6 – 9 PM The Long Center 701 W. Riverside Drive Austin, TX 78704

The Long Center



First Edition Literary Gala

Frank Erwin Center


Hotel San Jose

Zilker Park 2100 Barton Springs Road Austin, TX 78704

8 AM – 3 PM Texas School for the Deaf Campus 1102 South Congress Ave Austin 78704

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O 4

n a recent Saturday evening in the Grand Ballroom of the Four Seasons Hotel Austin, the Bachelors of Austin hosted a cocktail party and dinner for Club Members and formally introduced the 2016 Debutantes. These twelve distinguished and poised young ladies will be formally presented at the Bachelors Ball on January 9, 2016 at the downtown Omni Hotel. This year the Bachelors of Austin celebrate their 83rd anniversary. The Club was founded in 1933 during the Great Depression by a group of gentlemen who wanted to bring some fun and good times back to town. Saturday’s announcement continues the tradition began when the first Bachelors Club Debutantes were presented in 1955. ● 1) Emily Frances Gerhart, David Lake, Lucinda Lake Gerhart 2) Hannah Charlotte Dale with her Parents Mr. and Mrs. James Craig Dale 3) Board & Wives: Barry and Dinah Barksdale, Mark and Leslie Winter, Jake Pohl, Kent and Reenie Collins, David and Paula Duke 4) Fish Family: William, Elizabeth, Kathleen, Kathryn, Andrew 5) Whitney Elizabeth Hewlett with her Parents Mr. and Mrs. David Richard Hewlett 6) Dr. and Mrs. Richard Schram with Their Daughter Catherine Dorothy Schram





This year’s 2016 Debutantes are: ● Hannah Charlotte Dale Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Craig Dale ● Elizabeth Long Fish Daughter of Mr. Andrew Kaapke Fish and Mrs. Kathleen Powell Fish ● Mabry Elizabeth Franklin Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kevin Franklin ● Emily Frances Gerhart Daughter of Ms. Lucinda Lake Gerhart and Mr. Greg Gerhart ● Mary Christine Hanna Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Abner Hanna ● Whitney Elizabeth Hewlett Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Richard Hewlett ● Britton Mitchell Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Toler Mitchell ● Byrn Anne Rathgeber Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Martin Rathgeber ● Catherine Dorothy Schram Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Schram ● Margot Frances Warren Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Patrick Warren ● Bailey Brown Watson Daughter of Mr. Steven Edward Watson






iCE BaLL 2015

RaisEs $600,000 FOR BiG BROTHERs BiG sisTERs



ig Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas (BBBS) held its largest annual fundraiser, the Ice Ball, on Saturday, August 22 at the Hyatt Regency Austin and raised $600,000 to support its mentoring programs for local youth. A capacity crowd of almost 750 guests attended the sold-out event and one hundred percent of funds raised will be used locally to create and nurture life-changing friendships between at-risk youth and caring adult mentors.

past 19 years. This family connection is a perfect illustration of the work BBBS has achieved for over 44 years; that of creating lasting relationships that make a difference.

“It was the biggest, boldest, brightest Ice Ball event yet,” said Connie Nelson, Ice Ball Event Chair. “And what excites me most is that more children will now be helped as a result of this event.” There are over 600 children on the BBBS waiting list.

Each year, unique experiences and luxurious items are auctioned at the Ice Ball. This year’s auction included custom packages and trips to exciting destinations such as Paris, Costa Rica, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. New this year was the “Ultimate Bobby Bones Package”, an opportunity to sit in on Bobby Bones’ top-rated morning show in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as a trip to see the Washington Redskins play

A highlight of this year’s event was recognition of the Walton-Allen family whose five children have participated in BBBS’ mentoring programs over the

“When you invest in Ice Ball, you’re investing in a child’s life,” said Brent Fields, CEO of BBBS. “We use all of our resources to help children succeed and discover their talents so they can achieve their dreams and make a difference in the world.”

the Dallas Cowboys offered by Colt and Rachel McCoy. “The gala is a significant event for BBBS,” said Fields. “After growing this event 300% over the last 3 years, I’m proud to say that Ice Ball 2015 experienced 20% growth yet again. “We dream of a day when we have no waiting list and when we can meet the needs of all of the children and families seeking our services,” Fields continued. “With the help of our generous donors and sponsors, we continue to get closer to this goal.” A special thank you is given to the generous sponsors of the Ice Ball, and these include: BB&T, The Burt Group, Bury, Deep Eddy Vodka, Honest Dollar, Maxwell, Locke & Ritter, Connie and Bill Nelson, Nichols Engineering, Padgett Stratemann & Co., Pape-Dawson, Proper Wealth Management, US Microproducts, Wells Fargo, WSGR, XYZ co. ●

1) Ice Ball 2015 2) Connie and Bill Nelson, Ice Ball 2015 Host Committee Chairs 3) Amanda and Craig Moore 4) Elizabeth and Nad Elias 5) Michael Forte, Toni Schach, Hector and Kate Perez


September / October 2015 InFluential Magazine  
September / October 2015 InFluential Magazine