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Etiquette is about making the choice to treat everyone with whom we come in contact - be it a child or business professional - with a level of kindness and consideration through how we speak, act and dress.

I am excited to share thoughts about image, wardrobing and life coaching situations. I invite you to contact me at ASKPRESLEY@INFLUENTIAL-

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Those wishing to curb swearing visit

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www.cusscontrol.com for useful tips.

to note in modern society the use of technology communication (Facebook, texting, Youtube) creates an extended image of us and its misuse can impact a person’s life far into the future. One of the biggest changes in our social manners has been the use of profanity. Modern Manners Guy says, “Using profanity no matter what is said or where it is used is decidedly not mannerly.” (www.manners.quickanddirtytips.com) Profanity can and does offend others. Some US courts have ruled swearing “creates a hostile environment and constitutes harassment,” and profanity is unprotected speech for those who think they can invoke the 1st Amendment. The art of living well starts within oneself. It is an achievable state of being. It is a choice. Coco Chanel says, “Elegance is not the prerogative of those that have escaped from adolescence but those who have already taken possession of their future.” We all have the option to achieve excellence within our own self and project that sense of self-realization by how we present ourselves in our day-to-day lives. IN FLUENTIAL 23

September / October 2011 InFluential Magazine  

The Art of Living Well

September / October 2011 InFluential Magazine  

The Art of Living Well