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Fashion & Style BELIENI


elieni is a United States based brand with shoes hand made in Italy. Designer Belieni sought out to shake up the luxury shoe world. Realizing the lack of variety, subtle styling and sizing of highend shoes for men with a larger step. He crafted his first entry, the CalibreV1. Belieni believes his designs will break the mold of what we know of luxury sneakers today. He hopes to inspire and



capture your attention with his subtle design styling. The Calibre is only the first entry into the luxury shoe arena. With its unmatched style, they stand apart from traditional hi-tops, they are designed to be timeless and versatile. Belieni’s designs will energize you while setting you apart. Dressed up or down, your expression of sophisticated cool will be all your own. You will notice subtle cues from luxury timepieces. Every shoe is hand drawn and

designed by Belieni then meticulously assembled by Italian Artisans. Seeking to bridge the gap between luxury and fashion, the sophisticated and stylish Belieni brand raises the standard for sneakers by constructing a shoe with subtle and exquisite styling fit for individuals who yearn for upscale footwear without sacrificing classic design.

May / June 2018 InFluential Magazine, Spanish InFluential, and Teen InFluential