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THE INSIDE OUT W R I T T E N B Y D r. C o l b y E v a n s , M D


t is said that the eyes are the window to the

important step. Sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours

soul. In that spirit, your skin can be a window

or immediately after swimming and other water activities.

to overall health and fitness. Because skin is on

Remember, the UVA rays that contribute to photoaging

display for the world every day, it is important

penetrate most car windows. So, even if you don’t spend a lot

not only to keep your skin healthy but to

of time outdoors, your daily exposure can really add up when

watch for changes in your skin, hair, or nails which might aid in

you factor in your drive time. Those tanning rays damage the

the early detection of underlying health problems.

DNA of each skin cell which over time will destroy that cell’s

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have an ever expanding toolkit

ability to grow and repair itself, leading to wrinkles, sun spots,

to help aging skin from injectable fillers to laser treatments. It is

and even skin cancer. As with most cancers, prevention is the

exciting that these treatments offer more ways than ever to restore a

best bet since treating skin cancers often involves surgery.

youthful look. But even state-of-the-art treatments administered by

If you find you can go a whole summer without running out

the top doctors do not match the positive healthy glow that comes

of sunscreen, it is probably a sign you’re not using enough

from good overall health and a protective daily skin care routine.

(a shot glass sized quantity is recommended to cover visible

Protecting your skin from the damage of ultraviolet rays from the


skin) or you are not using it as frequently as you think you are.

sun is the most important step you can take every day to prevent

Treat your skin gently - handle it like a fine fabric. Pushing, pulling,

skin cancer, prevent the signs of aging, and maintain healthy skin

scrubbing, and popping are tempting, but they take a noticeable toll.

for the long-term. Recent research has debunked the conventional

Those small stresses on the skin weaken the network of collagen

wisdom that we get most of our sun damage before the age of 18,

fibers that keep your skin looking plump and youthful. And the micro-

so it is never too late to begin a new and healthy regimen.

damage done by rough scrubbing can result in hyperpigmentation,

Getting into the daily habit of wearing a sunscreen with a SPF

broken blood vessels, and under-eye circles. A mild and fragrance-

rating of 30 or higher and a brimmed hat is the first and most

free cleanser should be used once or twice daily to remove dirt, oil, and


March / April 2014 InFluential Magazine  

March / April 2014 InFluential Magazine