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INFINITY /// \\\ SUP 2017

SHAPING THE FUTURE OF SUP Dana Point is widely considered the SUP capital of the world and Infinity has been lucky enough to be in the mix since the beginning. Steve Boehne, founder of Infinity Surfboards was one of the very first shapers to offer SUP boards to the public in 2004. Infinity specializes in high end - high performance SUP designs for both Surf and Race. We do not make boards for fishing or boards for Yoga. That’s not what we do. We are here to make the most progressive and fastest boards on the water. Our passion lies in the process of making riders get better and reach their potential and find that podium all while having the most fun.

Every board is designed in California by Steve and Dave Boehne true craftsmen and board building experience since 1960. We love what we do and it shows through our product and friends.




Infinity is known for our custom performance designs. We are proud to offer some of our most versatile and popular shapes in top of the line Carbon SUPspensionTech construction. Extremely durable, light, and still has that custom flex in the ride. These look and feel like our custom shapes.

B-LINE This is the Giorgio Gomez signature design. Giorgio and Dave Boehne worked together on this design throughout the 2015 / 2016 competition season. The BLine takes the razor sharp shredding from the Blurr and borrows stability characteristics from the RNB to make up a fast, explosive, tour level ride. The nose is slightly wider than the Blurr and still comes to a point. The outline keeps linear for added stability and we break that at the fins with a wing for great pivot off the bottom. The BLine has a slightly more relaxed rocker in the front end making it very fast and added flip in the tail rocker for release when you want it.

78.8L B-LINE

Dave Boehne

7’7” x 26”

Team Elite™Tech Carbon

Giorgio surfs fast, explosive, and tact sharp. The BLine gets him there.





RNB The Round Nose Blurr is one of our most popular performance surf designs of all time. Perfect blend of performance vs stability and a noticeably FAST board. This design bridges the gap between a traditional “shortboard” style outline and the “tomo” inspired parallel rail boards. This board allows riders to ride a shorter and narrower board while maintaining similar stability of a board 1-2” wider.

7’7” x 27”


7’11” x 28”


8’2” x 30”


8’5” x 31”


8’8” x 32”




7’1” x 24”

7’4” x 25”

Dave Boehne



7’1” x 24”

RNB (Round Nose Blurr)

Features a slight single concave and a deeper double between the fins. Very versatile in the small stuff and can mix it up in some juice as well with the 5 fin option.





NEW DEAL For us, SUP all began with these longboard performance surf designs. We like to mix it up off the tail and get traditional off the nose. The New Deal is a performance longboard shape with a thin rail and concave like a shortboard underneath. Make no mistake these board are not cruiser boards they are performance tuned shred machines. Fast and responsive off the tail and locked in nose rides on the front. Multiple widths to accomodate surfers of all sizes. The SUP longboard revolution is coming!

9’ x 26”


9’ x 28”


9’6” x 31”


10’ x 27”


10’ x 29”








Our race boards are designed by Dave Boehne and tested by some of the worlds best. We are dedicated to progressing race design and helping riders reach their potential. With that mission in mind, we work year round on race boards before we are ready to deem them production worthy. Our Carbon “skin� construction is top notch and we take the extra effort with the details in designing the traction, handles, and finish. We are the only board brand to offer twin fin option in production. These boards are meant to look and ride like our custom shapes.

WHIPLASH We design our race boards with “all around” performance in mind. With that said, The Whiplash has been a staple in our line and continues to get better and better. With the new 2017 Whiplash we’ve kept the same fast rocker but gave a big update to the volume distribution and bottom contour. The new Whiplash is more stable than ever before and is our all-around work horse. The outline has a linear mid section adding stability and the nose has been designed with even more volume to combat chop, wind, and wash better than ever.


Dave Boehne

12’6” x 26”

Team Elite™Tech Carbon

Candice Appleby rode the Whiplash to victory at the 2015 Pacific Paddle Games as well as the US Open of SUP not to mention she is the 2015 World Champion. Choose this board if you paddle mostly flat water with a mix of ocean or choppy conditions, if you like more of a traditional displacement shape and glide, and want to find the podium.





BLACKFISH The 2017 Blackfish is Dave Boehne’s latest Bob Simmons inspired planing hull design that is taking the race world by storm. World Champion Candice Appleby, Slater Trout and Aussie stud Toby Cracknell all race this board in all conditions. Originally intended as an ocean racer because of it’s superior stability at narrow widths, it has proven to hang in the flat water stuff as well. 2017 received a rounder sweet spot adding flat water glide while maintaining the badass Blackfish DNA. Even more volume added in the nose as well the channel in the bottom became more significant specifically directing water out the back release. The planning hull rides on top of the water rather than parting it away like a displacement hull. This makes for very fast get up and go and higher max sprint speeds. “Like skipping a stone”. The linear outline gives it a stability advantage and the rolled nose entry make it very forgiving and versatile in a number of conditions: through surf, up and down wind, chop, etc. Choose this board if you want to get max stability, sprint faster than ever before, and Paddle Like a Freak when the elements are ugly.

12’6” x 27”


14’ x 23”


14’ x 25”


14’ x 27”





12’6” x 25”

Dave Boehne


12’6” x 25”

12’6” x 23”

Team Elite™Tech Carbon

New for 2017 we are happy to introduce ProBox twin fin set up and front Ventral box standard. An Infinity original design by Larry Allison and Dave Boehne.





“It started from our twin fin Phoenix surf SUP’s we make and my love of twin fins. We were blown away by the speed created on these boards. Why not twin fins on raceboards? Stoked to work with Larry and super excited to be the first brand to offer this set up full on in production. If you don’t see these fins popping up on other brands soon I will be very surprised. You have to try it for yourself.” – Dave Boehne


TWIN2WIN Dave Boehne has been working tirelessly with Larry Allison on this concept and are proud to offer Allison twin fin option and ProBox fins systems on all Infinity race boards. Adding the probox twins and front ventral option gives your Infinity unmatched customization and limitless versatility. You can ride your board as a traditional single fin, twin, or thruster all with or without a front ventral fin. And when the boxes are not in use we have custom “floater” plugs that sit in the box for no drag. The concept is simple. Shallower fins for quicker release and responsive “get up and go” feel per stroke. You can add the front ventral for incredible tracking and added projection. The third fin thruster option adds extra shallow area for added traction. Sprint faster, glide longer, with less effort. Simply put it’s the most simplest way to add Horse Power, tracking, and stability to your board. Everyone can benefit from this concept from Elite racers looking for custom ride advantages in different conditions to everyday paddlers looking for ultimate versatility. Why limit your board to a single option? Feel the difference. Key advantages: • • • • • •

Shallower fins means less drag and quicker get up and go. Smaller Multi fins adds same surface area as 1 traditional single fin but with less drag. Twins force water to the center of the board adding lift and enhancing forward tracking. Twins projecting from the rail adds stability from side to side. Front ventral adds unbelievable tracking and stability in side chop, swell, and cross wind.


UTILITY The Wide Aquatic “Utility� line is a segment for everyone. These boards perform with the race and surf design DNA as our performance models but with a stable for all width range. Everyone needs one of these boards in the garage.

WIDE AQUATIC The Wide Aquatic is max volume engineered with max performance for the larger surfer or beginner/intermediate that wants an easy ride. Shaping Hall of Fame Inductee Steve Boehne excels in designing performance boards for the larger 220+ surfer. Timeless design theory and characteristics come together in one board for the “big dogs�. Catch waves with ease, turn on a dime and enjoy the life aquatic! The big size also doubles as a fun cruiser board for the family on flat water.




WIDE AQUATIC TOUR For 2017 we’ve added to the Wide Aquatic series, a max volume performance Touring board. These boards share the same race (TOUR) design pedigree as our 14ft X 30in x world 318L renown race boards but are engineered with more stability, volume, and comfort in mind. Max volume, Max speed, fun and still fast.

(TOUR) 12ft 6in X 30in x 297L (TOUR) 14ft X 30in x 318L






Every Infinity Surf and Race SUP is built with performance in mind first. Blending strength to weight construction with world class design. Infinity has been making surfboards since 1970 and SUP designs since 2004. Our goal is to bring our custom board performance and offer the same custom ride in production to friends around the globe.

Multy Layer Fiberglass Wrapping Military grade Plain-Weave Carbon Wrapping

Standing area Fiberglass reinforcement

Ultra Light CNC EPS foam

SpeedFreakâ„¢ racing grip handle with PVC reinforcement

Epoxy Sanding Finish

Stan Military grade BIAX Carbon Fiber Ultra High Density PVC foam Multy Layer Fiberglass Wrapping Ultra High Density PVC foam Ultra Light CNC EPS foam Military grade BIAX Carbon Fiber

nding area Fiberglass reinforcement

Carbon Fiber grip handle

Unidirectional Carbon Fiber stringer enhanced

Color Tint Epoxy Finish


bOARDS Infinity is the best SUP custom brand in America. The level of custom innovation and quality is unmatched and is Infinity’s DNA. All infinity paddle boards are shaped and designed but Steve and Dave Boehne using the finest materials available in the USA. Custom boards are professionally designed on premiere CAD software to ensure the greatest consistency, then meticulously finished to the highest standards by hand under one roof start to finish right here in Dana Point, CA. If you are ready for a custom made board specifically designed for you, please visit our website infinity-sup.com to see our full range of designs.



Our proprietary construction developed by the Infinity

This would be considered our

R&D team. Using exclusive state of the art materials to

but it’s so much more. Our “en

achieve the best weight vs strength in the industry. We

companies “premium” constru

manipulate the flex of the board by strategically placing glass and carbon fiber to create loading and unloading of

1Lb. Premium eps

energy for unmatched performance. TWIST-COIL-SPRING

6Oz “s” rated fiberglass ba

Feel the difference.

Vector net kevlar top, bott 3/4” cockpit back reinforce

1 Lb. premium eps

“S” rated fiberglass base

Industrial strength carbon stringers top and bottom

Infinity exclusive - industrial strength vector carbon square weave rail perimeter inlay

12’6” Approx 23 lbs**

14’ Approx 25 lbs**

Industrial strength unidirectional carbon fiber stringer top, bottom and spring loading fin inlay **weight subject to change dependin

TOR “entry” level construction

TEAM CARBON ELITE Premium Elite level construction. The lightest, stiffest,

ntry” construction is most

strength to weight ration available today. Used for Elite level

uction offering.

racing. Riders wanting the lightest possible construction like the Pro’s.

ase layer

1lb. Premium EPS

tom, rails additional ed deck

Industrial strength carbon fiber top and bottom

Additional “s” rated fiberglass 3/4 cockpit back reinforcement deck

“Speed melt” white hot coat and racing stripes

12’6” approx 18 lbs

14’ approx 20 lbs

fiber uni-directional

g on volume of board

**weight subject to change depending on volume of board


/// CANDICE APPLEBY We like to call Candice Appleby the G.O.A.T. She’s a living legend in the sport of SUP and arguably the Greatest Of All Time. One of the most decorated paddlers male or female Candice added to her illustrious career by having a monster 2015. Candice won the ISA World Title and helped bring home gold for team USA. Then she went undefeated in the SUWT season to seal the 2015 World Race Title before the year was over. She started 2016 off with a bang taking 2nd at Carolina Cup and finishing the year with the overall title and Champion of the Pacific Paddle Games in a legendary final. At 30 years old Candice shows no signs of slowing down, still in her prime Candice sets the standard for women in the sport of SUP. Insider Info Home: San Clemente, CA Surf Spot: San Onofre, Makaha Food: Organic Other Interests: Longboarding, Shortboarding, Prone Paddling, Fitness, Bikini Design



/// SLATER TROUT Slater has been on of the most recognizable faces in the world of SUP since he burst on to the scene when he was 14 years old. Now one of the worlds top racers on the planet, Slater is a perennial top 10 finisher year after year at the Battle of the Paddle and this year took 5th at the Pacific Paddle Games. Slater is the Team Captain for Team USA representing his country in the ISA World Paddle Games. Slater known for his sprinting has the ability to beat anybody in the world on any given day. Insider Info Home: Los Angeles, CA Surf Spot: Steamer Lane Food: Avocado, Ice Cream Other Interests: Photography, Travel, Explore



/// GIORGIO GOMEZ Giorgio is a multi talented FREAK and that’s how we like it. One of the most stylish SUP surfers out there and quickly becoming one of the fastest on a race board too. Giorgio can mix it up on a shortboard on the WQS pro circuit as well. Giorgio took first place at the Santa Cruz Paddlesurf event this year and was selected to represent Team USA at the ISA Paddle Games in Fiji. Don’t forget to look for Gio in this years performance SUP film “Progression Project”. Insider Info Home: Anna Maria Island, FL / San Clemente, CA Surf Spot: Cloud Break / Salina Cruz Food: Steak , Full Rack Other Interests: photography, film, acting, tennis, soccer, farming hair, getting squirrelly



/// TOBY CRACKNELL This Aussie is the first international addition to the SPEEDFREAKS. Toby is a laid back bloke on land but is deadly in all types of racing. Toby specializes in surf race format where he has been selected to represent his country on Team Australia at the ISA Paddle Games in Fiji. He also took 2nd at this years Jamie Mitchel race against one of the most stacked fields all year in Huntington Beach. Toby also opened up some eyes taking 5th Place at the M2O World Championships. A lifeguard at home, Toby shreds on the SUP surfboard and is always good for a nice run. When you see a mullet and Teva sandles headed your way, you can bet it’s the Cracker. Insider Info Home: Avoca Beach, NSW Australia Surf Spot: Avoca Beach Food: Chocolate milkshakes, pancakes, chicken quesadillas Other Interests: trail running, wearing tevas with socks, rocking mullets



/// DAVE BOEHNE One of the best SUP surfers on the planet and the modern day waterman, Dave is known for his unique style in and out of the water and is one of the “characters� of the industry. Dave and his Dad Steve together make up one of the leading SUP design teams of our time. Dave has been a huge influence on the sport of SUP from design, progression, and attitude.. Insider Info Home: Dana Point, CA Surf Spot: Salt Creek, San-O Food: Donuts Other Interests: Bigfoot Research, Design, Furniture



/// ANTHONY VELA Anthony is one of the most talented waterman to step on an SUP of all time. One of the great faces of the sport, everyone loves AV. Anthony is etched in history with his performances in “Surf Race� race formats and is an equally impressive prone paddler, surfer, and coach. Insider Info Home: San Clemente, CA Surf Spot: San Onofre Food: Carne Asada, Garden Veggies Other Interests: Anything in the water, Gardening, GoPro, Tide pools





infinty-sup.com Infinity Showroom 24382 Del Prado Dana Point, CA 92629 P: 949.661.6699 F: 949.661.6409 Sales Manager Justin Van Dyck justin@infinitysurf.com 949.661.0578 VP Marketing, Design Dave Boehne dave@infinitysurf.com

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