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OSLO, NORWAY, 9. – 12. APRIL 2020


Vi jobber for at dere kan bli morgendagens headlinere!




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INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL Oslo, Norway April 9. – 12. April, 2020 Rockefeller / John Dee / Kniven TICKETS: 4-day festival pass NOK 2500 (including ticket fee). One day tickets NOK 800 (including ticket fee). Inferno Music Conference NOK 666 (including ticket fee). Vreid gig at Nobel Peace Center NOK 150 (including ticket fee). Age limit: 18 years. Bring your ID to avoid disappointment. Tickets at Phone: +47 81 53 31 33


INFERNO MAGAZINE 2020 Editor: Runar Pettersen Writers: Roy Kristensen, Gunnar Sauermann and Runar Pettersen Photos: Arash Taheri, Runar Pettersen, Geert Braekers, Ester Segarra, Bjørn Tore Moen, Daniel Walmsley, Eric Robertson, Naya Buch, Jonas Ingstad, Silje Brekke, Nina Red, Diana Blajan, Håkon Hoseth, Christian Misje, Håkon Grav, Jan Dahle, Eric Robertson and Mikio Ariga. Proofreading: Jan-Martin Jensen, Runar Pettersen, Lars Frode Hansen, Diana Blajan and Asgeir Mickelson. Design and layout: MultiMono, Advertising, distribution and publishing: Inferno Metal Festival

ow time flies when you're having fun. That's how it feels when we now can celebrate twenty years of Inferno Metal Festival. But there is no reason to rest on the laurels. As usual we start working on the next edition even before the last one is finished. No rest for the wicked. A lot has changed since Inferno held its first edition in 2001, and the music business is very different from back then. Keeping up with what is happening is in some way challenging. At least if you are not open for changes. On metal festivals there are mostly the old bands that make the headliners. That goes for Inferno as well. Twenty years ago – when Inferno started – the headliners were not very old. At least not the Norwegian headliners we had back then on the first edition of the festival. Enslaved had only existed ten years, and Borknagar only six. It seems impossible now to have a band that was formed only six years ago to headline Inferno in 2020. For this year’s edition we have been digging back to the early 80s, to the originator of black metal, with legendary Venom and Tom G. Warrior's Triumph of Death that will perform classic Hellhammer songs – the so called first wave of black metal. Inferno is best known for the second wave of black metal, like Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Marduk and so on. People just love old school metal. But we are also all about discovering new artists and to give them a well-deserved spot at Inferno. Some of the newer bands we are bringing to the big stage is Uada that started only five years ago. The most important thing is to give our audience a solid, varied and unique program. But it doesn't really feel like a festival if there is not much more to a festival than only bands playing. So as usual, much more will be happening during Inferno 2020. And not to forget about all of you – our amazing audience that makes this so fun to organize. We promise you a lot of fun and an amazing time! Welcome to Inferno Metal Festival 2020!

Cheers, Runar Pettersen





DJERV (NO) 16.30 Djerv was formed in 2010 with members from such bands as Animal Alpha, Stonegard and Trelldom. In 2011 they released their self titled debut album to critical acclaim. Their fresh mixture of catchy hard rock and more aggressive metal hit a nerve with their listeners. After some years with heavy touring the band went into hibernation. Now they are back – stronger than ever! Djerv has returned and will unleash their madness at Inferno Metal Festival 2020!

metal genre. Amorphis' music has turned more melodic over the years – spanning over a wide set of genres – including doom death, progressive metal, folk metal and power metal. The band has many classics under the belt, like “Black Winter Day”, “My Kantele”, “Silver Bride”, “Death of a King” and their biggest hit “House of Sleep”. Their latest album “Queen of Time” is pure ear candy and includes their latest hit “The Bee”. The line-up today includes all original members from 1990.



SOLBRUD (DK) 17.15 UADA (US) 18.00 Uada is returning from their superb appearance on our smaller stage, John Dee, in 2018 and will take on the main stage in 2020. Since 2014, this Portland, Oregon four-piece, has used a unique approach to combine raw black metal and spectral melodies. In 2016, their debut album “Devoid of Light” was released via Eisenwald, self-recorded by the band and then mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust). On their sophomore full-length, “Cult of a Dying Sun” released in 2018, Uada expanded their scope and range of hypnotic craft. Balancing sharp riffs with spectral melodies in a manifold of haunting yet distinctive black metal dirges. A sharp spear in the heart of the brightest star. Epic, atmospheric, deadly.

KAMPFAR (NO) 19.30 Kampfar needs no introductions for fans of Norwegian black metal. The band was formed in 1994 and has since then released eight full-length albums and several EPs and singles. In 2015 Kampfar won an award at Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy) for their album “Profan”. Their latest release, “Ofidians manifest”, has received great reviews and are among the best albums of 2019.

IHSAHN (NO) 21.15 Ihsahn comes from Notodden, Norway, where he at the age of thirteen started playing in what developed into one of the world’s most influential black metal bands, Emperor. At only seventeen he recorded and performed “In the Nightside Eclipse”, which has many times been voted as one of the top metal albums of all time. After Emperor released their last album, “Prometheus – The Discipline of Fire & Demise” in 2001, Ihsahn has focused on his solo work and has by now released seven albums under the name Ihsahn. Ihsahn has a brand new album in the making to be released via Candlelight Records. Now Ihsahn will return to Inferno Metal Festival for a special premiere of his new show, premiering a specialized set rooted in the blackest corners of his musical palette.

AMORPHIS (FI) 23.30 Amorphis started all the way back in 1990 – making them one of the pioneers within the Finnish death



From the birth of Solbrud in 2009, the aim has been to forge melodic and evocative compositions in a raw, storm-like expression; a sound generally achieved by coupling unrelenting drumming with chord and harmony based guitar riffs through an array of effects, creating an intense and atmospheric sound scape – or in fewer words: Black metal. The debut “Solbrud” was released in 2012, and in 2014 “Jærtegn” followed. Both albums and the quartet’s emotional and intense live performances have since then consolidated Solbrud as a band with a special, artistic vision unfolding in noncompromising and boundary pushing black metal.


1914 (UA) 18.45 Ukrainian blackened death doom metal band 1914 took the metal community by storm when they released “The Blind Leading the Blind”. The album was epic and hit many a best of-list in 2018. As their name suggest, 1914, is exclusively themed around World War I. 1914 has never played before in any of the Nordic countries and we are excited to bring the band to Norway for the very first time!


SYLVAINE (NO) 20.30 Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Sylvaine has released two albums on Season of Mist; “Wistful” from 2016 and “Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone” from 2018. The Latter was nominated in the metal category at Spellemannsprisen (The Norwegian Grammy). The project serves as an emotional catharsis for the artist, revealing the eternal longing for something more residing within its melodies, capturing the feeling of being trapped and restraint by the human form.

BÖLZER (CH) 22.30 Attention came quickly to Switzerland's Bölzer after their 2012 demo “Roman Acupuncture” and subsequent EP “Aura” in 2013 due to their ability to create fascinating black metal melodies and dissonant structures with only two members in the band. Their debut album “Hero” was released in 2016 and was incredibly well received and as such the duo have been invited to play all over the world. Now it is time to finally play at Inferno Metal Festival!

Sylvaine Ihsahn


HAMFERÐ (FO) 16.30 Hamferð is a Faroese term for the living images of sailors appearing before their loved ones. Written recordings of these apparitions are a recurrence within the toilsome and sorrowful depths of Faroese history, and this is where Hamferð, the band, draws its inspiration. Echoing through crawling, thunderous marches of blight and wails of melancholic isolation are the greatly unexplored darker recesses within the soul of the island people. Love, loss and solitude compose the core of the band’s poetic lyricism, and all is presented through funereal figures, taking the stage with mournful silence.

CADAVER (NO) 18.00 Cadaver was one of the first Norwegian death metal bands. After several demo tapes between 1988 and 1990, the band released their debut album “Hallucinating Anxiety” in 1990. Two years later they followed up with “ Pains” before the split-up in 1993. In 1999 founding member Anders Odden (Order, ex-Celtic Frost, Satyricon) brought the band back to life under the name Cadaver Inc. After a few years the band changed their name back to Cadaver before they disbanded again. Cadaver is now back and a new album will be released. Anders Odden has recruited Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren and they are ready to unleashed more Norwegian death metal upon the world.

VED BUENS ENDE (NO) 19.30 Back in 1995 something completely different was released and it came from the Norwegian underground black metal scene. This unique masterpiece was called “Written in Waters”. It was no ordinary black metal album – far from it – it was music that no one had heard before. Some people would even argue if it was black metal at all – and some would just call it avantgarde black metal. It does not matter what you call it, it was something vast and distinctive that still feels unique even 25 years later. Ved Buens Ende was laid to rest soon after and the band has not released anything after “Written in Waters”. Finally the band are back and will play live at Inferno Metal Festival, with members and ex-members from such bands as Aura Noir, Cadaver, Dødheimsgard, Satyricon, Arcturus, Ulver and Virus.

GORGOROTH (NO) 21.15 Gorgoroth is one of the most notorious bands from Norway still working in the true spirit of Norwegian black metal. The band was formed by the only remaining original member Infernus in 1992 and is one of the early Norwegian black metal bands. Gorgoroth has released albums on labels such as

Nuclear Blast, Century Media, Season of Mist, Malicious Records, Regain Records and Soulseller Records. Classics albums like “Pentagram”, “Antichrist” and “Under the Sign of Hell” are regarded as milestones and the band has sparked a lot of controversy over the years with extravagant live shows. Gorgoroth had a special blasphemous show at Inferno Metal Festival 2017 when they celebrated their 25 years anniversary. The band has not performed live in Norway since then and we are proud to have them return to Oslo at Inferno Metal Festival 2020!


Ved Buens Ende

VENOM (UK) 23.30 Venom's history goes as far back as to 1978 when the band was formed under the moniker Dwarfstar in Newcastle. The band is considered a major influence on thrash metal and extreme metal in general. In 1982 they released their eponymous album “Black Metal” and at the same time laid the seeds for a new genre that would become big, especially in Norway. You most likely wouldn't have bands like Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth either, if it was not for the groundbreaking music made by Venom in the early 80s. Venom is still going strong and we can't wait to have them with us at Inferno Metal Festival 2020! Lay down your souls to the gods rock 'n roll – black metal!



GOLDEN CORE (NO) 17.15 Golden Core is a Norwegian stoner doom metal duo. The band was formed in 2014 when the members was only nine and eleven years old. Their debut album, “Norwegian Stoner Machine”, saw the light of day in 2016. Golden Core has played many gigs since then and are a favorite for fans of stoner and doom metal as one of the most promising young bands in recent times. This will be Golden Core first gig at Inferno Metal Festival.

ASAGRAUM (NL) 18.45 Asagraum was founded in 2015 by vocalist/guitarist Obscura to create pure Satanic black metal with the old-school feeling of the eternal 90's greats and with dark psychedelic influences. A threetrack promo recording was released in early 2017, laying bare Asagraum's aims and sound. Wasting no time, debut album “Potestas Magicum Diaboli” was recorded and mixed at the Swedish Necromorbus Studio and released by KVLT records in September 2017. Asagraum released a new album September 13th 2019 called “Dawn of Infinite Fire”. This will be their first appearance at Inferno Metal Festival.

THE GREAT OLD ONES (FR) 20.30 The Great Old Ones are a French post-black metal band that was formed in 2009. The Great Old Ones

Gorgoroth is deities in the H. P. Lovecraft fantasy universe. The band has by now released four albums. Their new record is called “Cosmicism” and was released in 2019 to great acclaim. This will be The Great Old Ones’ first gig on Norwegian soil.

BENIGHTED (FR) 22.30 Benighted were spawned by members from French Death and Black metal bands Dishumanized, Darkness Fire and Osgiliath, who joined forces in 1998 for a more brutal, heavy and modern expression. When their first self-produced and self-titled full-length hit the streets in 2000, it immediately had a strong impact. This turned a side-project into a main act. A fast-growing fan base was built by a string of acclaimed albums. On the live front, Benighted quickly started to capture audiences with sweat driven performances that bulldozes any resistance mercilessly aside. This allowed the French to climb up the ladder fast and soon came invitations to all major European festivals including Neurotic Death Fest, Hellfest, Wacken, Brutal Assault, Summer Breeze, and Inferno Festival among many more. It's been more than 10 years since the band performed at Inferno by now – so we welcome them back at Inferno 2020! WWW.INFERNOFESTIVAL.NET


Dark Fortress Xenoblight



DARK FORTRESS (DE) 16.30 German black metal outfit Dark Fortress was formed in 1994 and has since then established themselves in the top ranks of the genre with intense live shows and many critically acclaimed albums. Dark Fortress has never taken the challenge of making a new album lightly, and their releases are always high in quality, relevance and authenticity. Expect epic song structures, mighty sonic cathedrals, virulent and sinister magic and lots of unexpected twists and turns as the bands drags you screaming and headbanging through the abysmal roller coaster of their universe. This will be Dark Fortress' first time in Norway.

ASPHYX (NL) 18.00 Asphyx is a Dutch death metal band that was formed in 1987. Their classic style of death doom metal is very dark, obscure, morbid and brutal. The band released some legendary albums in the early 90s, like “The Rack” in 1991, “Last One on Earth” in 1992 and “Asphyx” in 1994. The band split up in 1996, but the members continued as Soulburn. After several years the band was back together and have by now recorded nine studio albums. The last one is “Incoming Death” from 2016 and it shows a band that still know how to make music brutal with no compromises.


crosses their path. The band has a huge back catalog consisting of great albums, and they are continuing to release some of the most brutal and heretic black metal albums there is today. Marduk released their latest album “Viktoria” last year to great acclaim. Their gig at Inferno Metal Festival 2016 was a blast and we are happy to have the band back again!

TRIUMPH OF DEATH (CH) 23.30 Tom G. Warrior from Celtic Frost and Triptykon started back in 1982 a band called Hellhammer. The band existed for a mere two years, from May 1982 to May 1984. During this time, the band released three demos, one 12-inch EP, and two songs on the legendary "Death Metal" compilation album. The band disbanded when the members Tom Gabriel Warrior and Martin Eric Ain went on to form Celtic Frost. Warrior has made it clear; Hellhammer will never return and will never be reformed. Still the music exists, and it is an extremely important part of Tom Warrior's life and in extreme metal in general – widely credited as pioneers of extreme metal. Even that Hellhammer is a band of the past, Warrior had an urge to perform the classics on stage. This is when Triumph of Death became an reality. Triumph for Death is a band solely dedicated to perform the legendary music from Hellhammer. JOHN DEE

VREID (NO) 19.30


The Norwegian metal brigade rose from the ashes of Windir with the declared mission of exploring new musical paths. The band has now released eight great albums and is known for their amazing live shows. Vreid's newest masterpiece is “Lifehunger” which was released in 2018. The album proved that the band is still hungry and better then ever. It has been ten years since Vreid performed at Inferno Metal Festival – so we are happy to have Vreid back at Inferno Metal Festival in 2020! They promise us a massive show – so don't miss out when Vreid return to Inferno!

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MARDUK (SE) 21.15 Marduk has been known as the most blasphemous band in the world! The band has lived up to their reputation and still today they sounds like a war machine crushing every religious figure that



XENOBLIGHT (DK) 18.45 Xenoblight is a Danish extreme metal band from Silkeborg that was formed in 2017. Their debut album "Procreation" was released February 8th, 2018. Both their album and live shows has received great feedback from both press and fans. The band did an amazing gig at Southern Discomfort Festival 2019 and now it is time to destroy at Inferno Metal Festival!

VALKYRJA (SE) 20.30 Swedish black metal band Valkyrja was formed in 2004. Valkyrja quickly gained their reputation as a

ferocious live act; a display of carnal lust leaving each stage with the foul scent of death. Since then the band has released four albums of furious black metal violence. Their latest album, “Throne Ablaze”, was released in 2018 to great acclaim.

TULUS (NO) 22.30 Tulus is a Norwegian black metal band that was formed in 1991. The band released three classic albums before they disbanded in 2000 and members of Tulus later went on to form the band Khold. In 2006 Tulus returned and the following year they released “Biography Obscene”. This lead to an exclusive gig at Inferno in 2008, performing for the second time in the bands history (Their first gig was at Mars in 1999). In 2012 the band released “Olm og bitter” and in 2014 the band offered another exclusive gig at Inferno Festival. Tulus is now working on new songs and the new album will be out in March/April 2020 on Soulseller Records. It is about time for yet another of them very rare Tulus gigs at Inferno Metal Festival! KNIVEN

KOSMOS BRENNER (NO) 14.30 Kosmos Brenner is a trio from Oslo that started in 2011. The band has taken it upon themselves to dive further into the inner workings of massive riffs and dark noisy psychedelia. With the debut EP, “Cosmic Pyre”, their aim was to take the listener on a journey through the existential and all encompassing dread and despair which is the universe. During the past years Kosmos Brenner has been a fire in the Oslo underground, supporting acts like Acid King, Okkultokrati and Saturnalia Temple.

OKKULTOKRATI (NO) 15.30 The Oslo band Okkultokrati thrust the heretic rock and roll that they have cultivated since their 2008 inception into more extraordinary situations. Classic 70s riffing, snotty punk, and brash old school metal are inventively mixed with pulses and spikes of dark wave and ice cold, psychedelic repetition. The band won the award for “best metal album” in 2016 at the “Norwegian Grammy” called Spellemannsprisen. Now they are ready to destroy at the early hours at Kniven Stage!


WHOREDOM RIFE (NO) 16.30 Whoredom Rife was forged in silence during 2013 and 2014 in the outskirts of Nidaros, Norway. The band was founded by V. Einride and K.R in 2014, based on new ideas and ideas dating back as far as the early nineties. The concept behind the band is to breathe new life into the art form and lifestyle that we know as True Norwegian Black Metal. Since 2017 the band has released the critically acclaimed “Nid – Hymner av hat” and will now tour together with Behemoth. Whoredom Rife performed at our club night at Inferno Metal Festival in 2017 and the demand for a return to the festival has been high!

ORANSSI PAZUZU (FI) 18.00 Oranssi Pazuzu was formed in Finland in 2007. Two years later their debut album «Muukalainen Puhuu» was released to great acclaim. By now the band has released four studio albums and one live album. The live album, “Live at Roadburn 2017” was released October 2019 and shows a band with a lot of diversity and strength. The band played at Inferno Metal Festival 2014 and we are happy to have them back in 2020.

MYRKSKOG (NO) 19.30 Norwegian death metal band Myrkskog was formed in 1993. The band released a couple of demo tapes during the 90s. In 2000 their debut album “Deathmachine” was released – a brutal album that felt like being hit in the face with a shovel. Two years later the follow-up called “Superior Massacre” was released. Now Myrkskog is back and ready to release their fury upon Inferno Metal Festival! Since it will be 20 years ago that “Deathmachine” was released the band will perform the album in its entirety. The band consists of members and ex-members from bands like Morbid Angel, Emperor, Odium, Nordjevel and Zyklon.

1982 when the band was called Tormentor. This early stage laid the foundation for an exceptional career that would see Kreator rise to become part of what’s to be considered the German equivalent of the Big Four (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth) of American thrash metal – the Big Three of German thrash, alongside Sodom and Destruction. Though rooted in thrash metal, Kreator has never been afraid to push the genre's boundaries both musically and lyrically. This vitality has made Kreator one of the best thrash metal bands over several decades. From legendary classics like “Endless Pain” and “Pleasure to Kill” to newer albums like “Phantom Antichrist” and “Gods of Violence” – Kreator will sure as hell tear down the roof at Rockefeller when they come to Inferno Metal Festival for the first time.

MAYHEM (NO) 00.15 The godfathers of Norwegian black metal, The True Mayhem, will return to Inferno Metal Festival at our 20 years edition of the festival. The band has made a huge impact on Norwegian music and stands out as one of the most important black metal bands ever. They started in 1984 and released their legendary "Deathcrush" EP in 1987. In 1994 their hugely influential masterpiece “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” saw the light of day. The band has continued to release albums and tour ever since, spreading Norwegian black metal to every corner of the world. No other band is more fitting to celebrate Inferno's 20 years anniversary than Mayhem! JOHN DEE

from Miami, Florida. The band categorizes their music as "thunder pop". Torche was formed in 2004 and has released five full-length studio albums. Their highly anticipated new album, “Admission”, was released 2019. A solid piece of work with plenty of surprises. This will be the first time Torche performs at Inferno Metal Festival!

DYSCARNATE (UK) 20.30 Dyscarnate is a three piece death metal band from the UK that started in 2003 under the name Incarnate. After the stellar release of their latest album, "With All Their Might" in 2017, the band has toured across Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Israel, Russia and more. This will be Dyscarnate first performance at Inferno Metal Festival. Expect strength. Expect violence. Expect Dyscarnate!

RUSSIAN CIRCLES (US) 23.00 The American instrumental band Russian Circles was formed in late 2004 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The band has gained widespread recognition based on a series of critically acclaimed albums and extensive international touring. Russian Circles released their seventh studio album, “Blood Year”, in 2019. The album was recorded at GodCity Studio in Salem and Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago and produced by Kurt Ballou. This will be their first time at Inferno Metal Festival. KNIVEN

SOVEREIGN (NO) 14.30 The Oslo death thrash outfit Sovereign is a pretty new band that started in 2018 and has only released two demo tapes so far. The band is inspired by late 80s and early 90s death and thrash metal. Check them out. This is a newcomer that are hungry and ready to conquer the world!


NACHASH (NO) 15.30

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Oslo band Nachash was formed in 2011 and brings their deathly black metal darkness to the stage at Kniven – inspired by Master's Hammer, old Samael, Bathory and old Rotting Christ. Debut album "Phantasmal Triunity" was released by US-label Shadow Kingdom Records in 2018 and the band is currently working on album number two.

KREATOR (DE) 21.30

TORCHE (US) 18.45

Kreator has a story that go all the way back to

Torche is an American stoner sludge rock band



Russian Cirles



Vi er mange som lever for musikken – noen skal også leve av den Creo arbeider for at dere som lever av musikken skal sikres gode lønns- og arbeidsvilkår. Som medlem i Creo har du alltid tilgang til veiledning og bistand i arbeidsforholdet ditt. Som Creo-medlem får du tilgang til • Gratis juridisk rådgivning

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Og mye, mye mer …

Bli medlem på

By: Runar Pettersen

20 YEARS OF INFERNO HOW TIMES FLIES BY. INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL CAN NOW CELEBRATE TWENTY YEARS OF HELLRAISING IN OSLO, NORWAY. IT HAS BEEN A HELL OF A RIDE – AND THERE IS ENOUGH MATERIAL TO FILL A BOOK – BUT LET'S KEEP IT SHORT. LET'S TAKE A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE. remember it very well back in 2000 when it was announced that there would be a new metal festival in Norway – and it was going to be in my own hometown Oslo. Such a great idea! This was long before I started working for the festival. Back in 2001 metal festivals were not that common like it is today. Most festivals back than were mainstream and included all kinds of genres, like Roskilde Festival, Hultsfred Festival and Reading Festival. In Norway we had the Quart Festival and Kalvøya Festival. Both are long gone. There were some metal festivals around – like Wacken Open Air in Germany and Sweden Rock Festival in Sweden. Those were very popular also for Norwegians. In Norway we only had some very small metal festivals back then. One of them was Hole in the Sky in Bergen that started in 2000 in a very small venue called Garage and the four-day festival called Black Metal Nights at Lusa Lotte Pub, all the way back in 1994. The last one had the capacity of hundred people or so. Having a metal festival like Inferno was therefore a much needed event in Norway. Inferno Metal Festival 2001 had only Norwegian bands and one Swedish band on the bill and it was only two days. The complete line-up was announced Thursday the 25th of January at a Kick Off Party at John Dee. Cato Bekkevold, soon then to be in Enslaved, and Fenriz from Darkthrone, announced all the artists for the festival. while Crest of Darkness and Audiopain entertained us with their music. The headliners in 2001 were Enslaved and Borknagar … while Pain was the only Swedish band. Sweden's Hypocrisy was one of the first bands to be announced – but they canceled. Also from Sweden,




Witchery, was on the bill, but canceled on short notice. Khold did their first gig at the festival, before even their debut album, “Masterpiss of Pain”, was released. Some of the other bands who played that year were Zyklon, Gehenna, Susperia, Hades Almighty, Cadaver Inc. and Peccatum. It all started when Jens F. Ryland heard the idea that his Borknagar band mate, Asgeir Mickelson, had been dwelling on for some years. The original idea was to have a Scream Magazine festival during the Easter, but Asgeir realised he would never actually bring this idea to life so he rebranded the festival as Inferno, gave the idea to Jens and joined in as the permanent designer. Incidentally, around the same time Jan-Martin Jensen, Radar Booking, asked Jens about setting up a one day festival with Borknagar, but ended up joining the team setting up a two day festival instead. From there on the snow ball started to roll. Back then, the famous Norwegian cartoon character Nemi was the mascot for Inferno, and was on posters, shirts, magazine and much more. Nemi was used as mascot the first two years. When the first year was over, and Jan-Martin and Jens were locking the door at Rockefeller, six o'clock on Sunday morning, together with Fredrik from Rockefeller. After he had put the keys away he turned around and asked “So, should we book Rockefeller for the Easter also next year?”. Without hesitation they both responded “yes”. Inferno Metal Festival 2002 had Dimmu Borgir and Witchery as headliners. Lower on the bill were Behemoth, Carpathian Forest, Nocturnal Breed, Vintersorg, Blood Red Throne and Source of Tide. Also worth mention is that 1349 and Windir performed at the

Jens F. Ryland, Borknagar

smaller stage at John Dee. The festival underestimated the popularity of 1349 and the line to go down the stairs to John Dee was huge. This was the moment when the Inferno audience learned to be early for the gigs at John Dee to not miss out anything. The line-up was presented at the Kick Off Party on 18th of January at John Dee where Pain and Windir performed live. On the negative side; both Aura Noir and Theory in Practice canceled their gigs. Six bands came from outside of Norway that year. Friday was completely sold out, while Saturday had a few hundred tickets left. Not that strange that Friday sold out with both Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth performing that day. Inferno 2002 also had something called the Inferno Award, that was held for the first and last time, and was in honor of someone who did extraordinary work for metal in Norway. The nominees were Fenriz from Darkthrone, Metalion from Slayer Magazine, Rune Hammer from Sound of Noise and Bjørn Nørsterud from Scream Magazine. The award went to Fenriz.

Abbath, Immortal, 2003

or Inferno Metal Festival 2003 the festival expanded from two to three days. Headliners that year were The Kovenant, Immortal and Necrophagia. Also on the bill we had Opeth, Vader, Entombed, 1349 and Children of Bodom while Taake was on the small stage at John Dee. During the Cadaver gig the fire alarm went off. Luckily it was a false alarm, so the audience could go back inside, and Cadaver could finish their show. This was not to be taken lightly at the time as there had been a big fire at a Great White concert – where one hundred people died – just two months earlier.


eadliners at the Inferno Metal Festival 2004 was My Dying Bride, Sadus and Mayhem. Also on the bill were Gorgoroth, Enslaved, Konkhra. Khold, Zyklon, Susperia and Holy Moses. While Helheim, Myrkskog and Urgehal performed at John Dee. Inferno had three cancellations that year; Testament had to be in the studio to record, Grimfist's drummer Horgh had became a member of Hypocrisy and the drummer from Sabbat broke his arm. Sabbat had to cancel, but vocalist Martin Walkyier still came to the festival and he sung a few Sabbat songs with Nocturnal Breed at Rock In the day before the festival. By 2004 there had started to be a lot of gigs the day before the festival. Not only was Nocturnal Breed and Audiopain at Rock In, but also Cadaver and Sarcoma Inc played at Garage (yes, there was also a Garage in Oslo, not only in Bergen). One of the highlights for Inferno 2004 was Mayhem. This was still back when Maniac was the vocalist. But Attila Csihar came on stage to sing “Pagan Fears”. He was at the festival to sing with Aborym.


n 2005 the festival had a showcase in London with Red Harvest, Madder Mortem, Grimfist, Enslaved and Arcturus. This mini festival was totally sold-out and the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company NRK made a report from


the seance. Many people he headliners for Inferno Metal Festival 2007 were were in dismay over this as Suffocation, Immortal and Sodom. Also on the bill they thought Inferno was were Moonspell, Tiamat, Zyklon, Dødheimsgard, Sigh, moving away from Norway Dark Funeral and Primordial. Down at John Dee we and Rockefeller. That was not had Watain, Koldbrann, Anaal Nathrakh and Blood the case at all. Headliners at Tsunami. At the Kick Off Party, held on the 3rd of February Inferno Metal Festival 2005 at John Dee, the Swedish vikings in Amon Amarth were Morbid Angel, Candlemass warmed up the audience. It was the first gig Sigh played and Dissection. Some of the in Norway – in fact one of the few gigs they had done at all other bands on the bill were up to that point. The same went for Anaal Nathrakh Amon Amarth, Arcturus, Aura whom had not played outside of England at that time. Noir, Vreid, Grave and Tsjuder. In 2007 we saw another expansion of the festival and Inferno 2005 has one of my that was Inferno Metal Expo. The expo took place at personal highlights as Attila Sentrum Scene – not far from Rockefeller. You could Csihar from Mayhem and attend cinema, look at exhibitions, stands, instrument Tormentor had a guest appearance with Dissection clinics, signing sessions and much more. Inferno Music performing the classic Tormentor song “Elisabeth Conference had speed meetings, keynotes and panels. Bathory”. Since this was way over time and the sound The highlight of the conference was a keynote interview curfew had forced the sound technicians to turn off the with Dan Lilker from bands like Anthrax, Nuclear Assault sound in the PA, the band had to play the song with only and S.O.D. Today the expo is pretty much included the sound on stage. While Attila Csihar had to sing the either with the conference or at the festival at Rockefeller. song without a microphone and only with the power of Dan Lilker, who was a longtime fan of Norwegian black his natural voice. That metal, did his first concert in Norway. Red Harvest, Inferno London 2005 was something you don't So when he first was at Inferno, not see every day. As there only did he perform with his band were many more people Brutal Truth and did an interview at traveling to Inferno from IMC, he also did guest appearance other countries, the with Norwegian All Stars and magazine was for the first Sodom. Also Abbath from Immortal time in English. Also one did a guest appearance with of the saddest moments Sodom. Inferno 2007 was sold of Inferno took place during out way ahead of the festival. 2005 when Aggressor from Aura Noir fell four floors from a balcony at a nachspiel and was hospitalized nferno Metal Festival 2008 had Satyricon, Gorgoroth for several months and losing the use of his legs. and Destruction as headliners. Satyricon was the last of the big Norwegian black metal band to perform at the festival. Except from Darkthrone, of course – who he sold-out edition of Inferno Metal Festival 2006 doesn't play live. Also on the festival were Overkill, had Usurper, Emperor and Cathedral as headliners. Gorefest, Behemoth, Tristiania, 1349, Tulus, Krux and Also on the bill were Carpathian Forest, Khold, Borknagar, Onslaught. One of the highlights was when Tom G. Susperia, Marduk and Bolt Thrower. Witchcraft was Warrior from Celtic Frost joined 1349 on stage to still not as well-known at the time. Their debut album perform the Celtic Frost classic “The Usurper”. The big was released only two years before the festival, so they news that year was that a fourth day was added with a played at John Dee. Khold had their last gig for several club night. The club night had 15 concerts around many years at the festival – as they returned to carry on with clubs in Oslo. Garage, John Dee, Club Maiden, Blå, Tulus. The return of Emperor, after they disbanded in Rock In and Sub Scene was used. The last one was for 1999, was the big ticket seller. More than 30 percent those under 18 years old. Some of the bands you could of the tickets went to other countries than Norway. see at the club night were Gallhammer, Sahg, Vreid, So we could see that the festival was getting even Negură Bunget, Urgehal and Cor Scorpii. So there was bigger outside of Norway. This was also the year when a lot of running around in Oslo the first day of Inferno Inferno Music Conference saw the light of day. The from that year on. Also on the club night was Karaoke idea was to bring the international music business from Hell – a karaoke project featuring a live band. together and speed meeting was one of the popular One problem at the first club night was that it was too posts on the program.






and music business attendees could stay under the same roof. Headliners for 2010 were Marduk, Mayhem and Death Angel. While one of the exclusive gigs that year was The Kovenant performing the entire “Nexus Polaris” album with almost the same line-up as on the album. Only Astennu from Australia was missing. Some other bands playing that year were Taake, Deströyer 666, Benediction, Finntroll, Mistur and Belphegor. The club night also had some cool bands like Kvelertak, Shining (NO), Mongo Ninja, Tribulation, Vomitory and Faustcoven. Benediction did their first gig on Norwegian soil despite being active since 1989.

Anders Odden, IMC Black Metal Bus Sightseeing, 2008

popular, so most of the clubs were packed at full capacity. The highlight at Inferno Music Conference was the famous black metal bus sightseeing held by Anders Odden from Cadaver, Satyricon and Celtic Frost. The sightseeing was held for some years, but we still get questions regularly from both press and other people that believe it’s still ging on. estilence, Paradise Lost and Carpathian Forest were the headliners for Inferno Metal Festival 2009. Pestilence did their first gig after their reunion since the band broke up in 1994. Meshuggah was announced as headliner but canceled their gig before the festival. Also performing in 2009 were Samael, The Batallion, Keep of Kalessin, Septic Flesh, Swallow the Sun, Kampfar and Vreid. Both Troll and Sarke did their first gig ever at the festival. The club night had a lot of action going on, with bands like Blood Red Throne, Sahg, Deathhammer, Vulture Industries and Sarke. There was also a special gig with Wardruna at the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy. This was Wardruna's first gig ever. They repeated the gig also at Inferno 2010. 2009 saw an expansion with cinema screenings at Cinemateket. Inferno Film screened “Lake of the Dead”, “Dead Snow”, “Season of the Witch”, “Lady Frankenstein”, “The Monk”, “Blood on Satan's Claw”, “Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills” and a concert video with an early gig by Darkthrone from Bootleg TV in 1990. Before the screening of the Darkthrone gig Metal Hammer's Jonathan Selzer did an interview with Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto. Also in 2009 was the first year that you could get a tattoo at Inferno.


nferno Metal Festival 2010 was the ten years anniversary of the festival. The festival was still growing, so the festival moved to a bigger hotel – Royal Christiania Hotel – located downtown in Oslo. At the previous years the festival had to use several hotels, by moving into a bigger hotel so audience, artists, media




orbidden, Immortal and Meshuggah were the headliners at Inferno Metal Festival 2011. Also performing were Aura Noir, Gothminister, DHG, Akercocke, Atheist, Djerv, Soilent Green, Pentagram and Napalm Death among many others. The club night could tempt with Alcest, Rikest Crust, Einherjer, Haust and Rotten Sound. Slavia did their last gig at Inferno as front man Jonas died of cancer later that year. Also Urgehal did one of their last gigs at Inferno as Trondr Nefas died in 2002. Rest in Peace. Immortal had the gig that everyone was talking about at Inferno Metal Festival 2011. The band had an extra long set that year, and while the rest of the days had Inferno's usual five bands each night at Rockefeller, Friday only had four bands because of Immortal's long set. Inferno Switzerland was held for the first time in 2011. The Swiss edition of the festival lasted four years.


nferno Metal Festival 2012 had Borknagar, Autopsy and Arcturus as headliners. Some of the other bands playing that year were Trollfest, Triptykon, Absu, Tsjuder, Einherjer and Witchery. Sólstafir was still a small band back then and performed at John Dee. Some of the bands at the club night were Solstorm, Execration, Gate to Khaos, Earth, Chton, Kirkebrann and Nekromantheon. Aborted had to cancel that year while Anaal Nathrakh had to play without Mick Kenney as he was stuck at the border control in the US. Triptykon did their first, and so far only, gig in Oslo and had Ravn from 1349 as a guest vocal on the Celctic Frost classic “The Usurper”. Borknagar did a special set with both ICS Vortex and Vintersorg on vocals and former vocalist Garm as a guest vocalist at the end. Personally, I remember very well the crazy gig from Absu, with their madman of a drummer and vocalist screaming just as much between the songs as during


the songs. Inferno 2012 was the last year the Black Metal Bus Sightseeing tour was held. nferno Metal Festival 2013 was my first year as press manager. During the previous years I had reviewed the festival as a journalist for Scream Magazine. This time I got to experience the festival from the inside, so I remember that year very good. The headliners for 2013 were Deicide, Suffocation and Satyricon. Moonspell was kind of a co-headliner with Suffocation on Friday and did one of the coolest gigs that year performing only songs from the two first albums “Wofheart” and “Irreligious”. Also on the bill that year were Aeturnus, Behexen, Solefald, Hades Almighty, Dark Funeral, Taake, Hate and Iskald. Solefald had with them on stage an artist that painted a picture during their gig. Only four bands performed on Saturday on the Rockefeller as Satyricon did a long set. Ghost was booked but decided to cancel their show – so Witchcraft took their spot. Also, the club night had a lot to offer: Blood Tsunami, Altaar, Saturnus, Cor Scorpii, Krakow, Vulture Industries, Helheim, Exeloume and Imbalance. We even had stand-up comedian Jason Rouse on the line-up. Jernverket was our new official radio show and kept the listeners up to date on what was going on all time on Radio Rox.


he big happening at Inferno Metal Festival 2014 was the return of Dimmu Borgir as it had been two years since the band last did a live show. The special concert was in two parts. The first part Dimmu Borgir performed the entire “Death Cult Armageddon” album. The second part was a best-of. Also headlining in 2014 were Blasphemy and Watain. It is funny to think that Watain played at John Dee only seven years before. Also performing that year were Rotting Christ, Hatebreed, Tristiania, Obliteration, Tulus, Gehenna, Sigh, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Impiety. You could also attend a cruise in the Oslo fjord with the doom metal band Church of Misery from Japan. We also did a special acoustic gig with the band Vemod at the Emanuel Vigeland Museum. If I remember correctly we could only invite 30 people to the gig. 2014 was the year we had the record for most concerts at the festival with 55 gigs. I had the idea to have a YouTube crew for that year's Inferno, but it did not go as smooth as I hoped for. But over the years our YouTube channel has become pretty good. Inferno Metal Festival was also held in India in 2014. On the bill were Obliteration and Nekromantheon from Norway, and Undying Inc., Devoid, Inner Sanctum and Theorized from India. The Indian version of the festival was held both in New Delhi and Bangalore, while the Inferno Switzerland was held for the last time.


t Inferno Metal Festival 2015 Behemoth, Enslaved and Bloodbath headlined. Also performing were My Dying Bride, 1349, Dødheimsgard, Kampfar, Septicflesh, Skeletonwitch, Execration and Secrets of the Moon. 2015 is the year I consider as the first step in what is the today's format of Inferno with complete four days at Rockefeller. We cut down on club scenes at the club night to only four clubs and we had a big stage at Vulkan Arena. Several bigger bands were playing at the club night, like Arcturus, Taake and Naglfar. The idea was to have the stages closer to each other. The club night sold out in advance. One of the highlights at the festival, besides the concerts, was the live interview Gunnar Sauermann did with Nergal from Behemoth at the stage at the hotel. We also did a live stream on the internet done by a company that was called iFeat with several of the gigs which were held on the Rockefeller stage.


he headliners at Inferno Metal Festival 2016 were Mysticum, Nile and Mayhem. Also performing was Marduk, Suffocation, Vader, Sodom, Blood Red Throne, Moonsorrow, Nifelheim, Order and ICS Vortex. While the club night had thrash legends Exodus as headliner. The most talked about gig that year was without a doubt the gig from Mysticum. They did a few gigs way back in 1996, and one in Finland in 2015, so Inferno was their big return to the stage in Norway. The band wanted to do big things on the stage and we supported them. They built the stage up with three columns where each of the three members was standing on. With screens on every column and in the back – the light show was spectacular and unique. Also Mayhem did a very special set that included several former members of the band. Most welcoming was Maniac who did a hell of a job on stage. Also Eirik “Messiah” Norheim and Kjetil “Manheim” Haraldsson did guest performances. 2016 was the first year we had the Inferno Metal Auction – which has become a tradition every year since then. The first year, it was held by Stian Fossum from the band Devil, but Tore Bratseth from Bömbers has held the auction since then.


he headliners at Inferno Metal Festival 2017 were Carcass, Gorgoroth and Abbath. I guess most people have the Abbath gig still strong in mind as Abbath himself left in anger after only four songs. I remember it very well as the newspapers were calling me very early the next day to find out what happened. Since this basically had nothing to do with Inferno it was not easy to answer. Other bands performing that year were Samael, Destruction, Venom Inc, Belphegor, Primordial and Helheim. The gig every one was talking about was


Slagmaur. The band had hired a stunt team. This included a show where two people was hanged and the great finale was a “witch” that was hanged on an up-sidedown cross and was put on fire. Most people were very impressed by the show – but there were also some who thought is was a bit to much, just as Slagmaur hoped for. The club night had bands like Borknagar, Red Harvest, Vesen, Befoulded, Slegest and Whoredom Rife. This was the last club night for Inferno. It was the first year we had Tor Baklund as curator for the art exhibitions. So we had famous cover art artists Necrolord and Dan Seagrave with their own art exhibitions at the festival that year.

Hilde Hammer nferno Metal Festival 2018 was the first year we went all in and had the festival for four full days at Rockefeller and John Dee. This was without a doubt a success and we sold out all four days. We also arranged the time schedule a bit different and had the first band playing the big stage at Rockefeller in contrast to earlier years that used to start at John Dee. We could now have five bands at the main stage and the last band playing longer than before. The headliners were Obituary, Emperor, Satyricon and Carpathian Forest. Emperor was the big happening that everyone was talking about. They played the entire “Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk” album. Actually, Satyricon insisted on playing earlier on their night since they didn't want to perform as the last band on the “graveyard shift” – as they called it. We could not chance the band line-up, so to make everyone happy we moved the time schedule with an hour. It actually worked out fine as the audience still came to see Nordjevel performing their very early shift. So we have kept that time schedule, starting one hour earlier since then. Some of the other bands that year were Dark Funeral, Shining, Naglfar, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Napalm Death, Electric Wizard, Tsjuder, Memoriam and Ihsahn. Tsjuder did a very cool gig that year with original Bathory bassist Frederick Melander covering three Bathory songs. At the top roof bar I had the idea to have two DJs every night consisting of musicians from the Norwegian metal scene. Not professional DJs, but the idea was that it will be fun to have members from Dimmu Borgir, Borknagar, Satyricon, Execration, Ulver and so on serving the music at the bar. We also brewed our own beer that year together with Aass Brewery.

The beer was well received so we have kept on bringing Inferno Beer to the festival. On the very sad side this was the last Inferno for our dear friend and the organizer of Inferno Music Conference; Hilde Hammer. She lost the battle against cancer later in 2018. Since she was sick during the festival she teached Kristoffer Neegaard to take over the duties at the festival. He is now in charge of the conference. Also worth mention is that Torje Norén worked at Inferno for the last time to do other duties. It was very strange to not have Torje around since he had been working with Inferno from the very beginning in 2001. 2018 had the highest ticket sale outside of Norway with 62 percent. Not bad at all.


aking Inferno Metal Festival 2019 was in many ways harder than usual for me personally. Simply because two of the key organizers of the festival that I worked close with were now gone. I still think it turned up pretty well at the end, so all the hard work paid off. The headliners were Dimmu Borgir, Bloodbath, Opeth and Hypocrisy. Some of the other bands who played were Taake, Witchcraft, Aura Noir, 1349, Carach Angren, Svarttjern, Ragnarok and Tribulation. Two of the highlights from Inferno Music Conference was the drum clinic from Dirk Verbeuren from Megadeth and the guitar clinic from Fredrik Åkesson from Opeth. The ticket sale was very good this year as well and it sold out. We had people from 55 countries visiting us.


e are now happy to be able to celebrate Inferno Metal Festival 2020 with all our followers over the years and also with all the ones that have never been to Inferno before. We are for sure going to write some more history. We still have a lot to do and ideas to realise. Hope you had fun looking into the story of this festival and you are welcome to join our celebration at Inferno Metal Festival 2020!





NORDJEVEL ALFAHANNE WOLCENSMEN April 8th at YOUNGS Doors: 20.00 ID: 18 Tickets: 260,100 holders of 4-day passes for the festival can access this for free. Queue up - first come first serve.

David Thiérrée


He will once again attend Inferno. Many will by now, know his works in the metalscene. This time, the artist will show his work, that he have done in collaboration with Ishahn for the new record. This is his own words about the project: "Last year I was asked to work on IHSAHN's new release, a record inspired by Telemark. I suggested that we could go further, and create more pieces based upon this fantastic area, in the same spirit of the covers I made for the release, to express how much I loved these dramatic sceneries and magical nature in a wider scale. I hope you'll like the works I'll show for the first time at Inferno Festival, and that you'll want to visit the magical wilds of Telemark."

the art field, somewhere. I try to focus on the Grey. The good in evil. The evil in the good. Anatomy and face structure studies are a habitual interest. Being a fan of the darker side, the backstories of villainous characters and Heavy metal. All that is a perfect marriage of subject and matter for me."

Peter Rees Fuil Arsa Art (Fuil Arsa means Ancient Blood in old Irish language). Peter Rees is a Dublin based Artist,although he's a native of Wicklow. And he is completely self taught and have been painting for as long as he can remember. Here in his own words: "My paintings are an offering. A tribute to the natural world,and the inspiration our ancestors received from their surrounds in ancient times."

Vincent Fouquet

Christian Voss

An Art Director and Illustrator from Britain (Bretagne), France. Working as well in Chinese ink drawing, photography and photomanipulation, Vincent Fouquet acquired his skills as a self-educated and finds his inspiration in Giger, Dali, Doré, Rembrandt or more recent designers as Ledroit and Druillet. This one will serve the audience with some absolutely fantastic art.

Christian Voss is a 34 year old Norwegian artist, resident of Bærum near Oslo. He mostly works with charcoal and white pencil on canvas. His work draws inspiration from nature and old norse heritage. Reminiscent of some of the work Kittelsen did, he will be a welcoming act at Inferno. Christian's work will be exhibited at the top floor at the Rockefeller venue. Be sure to check out this talented guy at the festival.

Zein Z

Stefan Raduta

This next artist we will let the introduction come from herself. "I was always expected to end up in

Stefan Raduta is a Romanian-born freelance journalist, photographer and music promoter living in New York

City. Stefan’s approach to dark music photography is very in-depth and artistic, focusing on capturing the intensity of the Moment. Since 2010 when he attended his first edition of Inferno Metal Fest, he’s been actively documenting the live Norwegian metal festival scene. He’s written and photographed in detail numerous editions of Inferno Festival, Beyond The Gates, Midgardsblot and the no longer active Blastfest. Inferno Festival 2020 will mark ten years since Stefan attended his first Inferno Festival. It was love at first sight, and after that one could say he developed a rabid obsession with Norway, sometimes crossing the Atlantic three times a year to spend time with his friends in Oslo, Bergen and Borre. To celebrate this very special occasion, Stefan will present a unique photographic exhibition at Inferno Festival 2020, one that will mainly focus on the Norwegian Black Metal scene, who’s live essence and energy he’s been capturing for the last ten years.

Costin Chioreanu / Adrian Tabacaru "Afterlife Romance" takes the whole story of the album of Costin Chioreanu and Sofia Sarri and released under the same name by Dark Essence Records, to the maximum level of insanity. As a worldwide premiere, you will be able to enter literally in the visual world of Costin Chioreanu through virtual reality, thanks to the alien codeskilled Adrian Tabacaru. Try to visit their stand before your first beer, otherwise you will might remain stuck in the afterlife … forever. WWW.INFERNOFESTIVAL.NET




STEEP JAGGED CLIFFS SEEM TO RISE OUT OF THE CHURNING GREY OF THE NORTHERN ATLANTIC AS IF SOME GIANT CROSSING THE OCEAN FROM EUROPE TO AMERICA HAD ACCIDENTALLY SOME ROCKS INTO THESE ICY WATERS. THIS IS THE HOME OF HAMFERÐ WHO HAVE PUT THE FAEROE ISLES ONTO THE MAP FOR FANS OF DOOM METAL WITH THEIR UNIQUE AND EXQUISITE SOUND. By: Gunnar Sauermann It was great to see that our also spoke to many ocated roughly at the same distance from us to have a new song by next Easter", Theo listeners with a different background from abroad." Norway, Scotland and Iceland much of the confirms the suspicion. "In fact, we are still in thin layer of green that covers the forbidding the process of deciding what to do as we want to mass of rock that makes the Faeroe Isles seems he recognition and devotion that quickly demark the occasion with a special performance." occupied by sheep that gave the place its name veloped between of metal fans from around Hamferð always strife to make any concert a "Sheep Isles". Winters here are long, harsh, and the globe and a small band from the Faeroe Isles memorable event, but they are particularly excited dark – and as stereotypical as this notion might is not particularly surprising. On the contrary, the to return to Inferno as their first (and so far only) appear to be, such conditions effect the artists intense brooding atmosphere and painful melantime at this festival was on the now abandoned living there and that of course includes musicians. choly of Hamferð are musical traits that friends of club night and their second appearance will "The cycle of seasons happen on a regular stage. is felt very strongly here", "Norway has always been good to us agrees guitarist and producer and the last time we have been to Oslo “IN FACT, WE ARE STILL IN THE PROCESS OF DECIDING WHAT TO DO AS Theodor "Theo" Kapnas. the venue was about sold out", adds WE WANT TO MARK THE OCCASION WITH A SPECIAL PERFORMANCE.” "Depression is a real issue the musician. "There is a strong shared on the Faeroe Isles, but it history between the Faeroe Islands and - THEO affects people in individual Norway and there are still close cultural ways. I personally like similarities especially to the West and wintertime and my dog drags me out in any kind the dark side of hard sounds are looking for. The its culture based on fishing and the sea. There is of weather anyway." Then again, there are far sweet bitterness of the story about a dangerous this tongue in cheek image here that Norwegians more ingredients to the music of Hamferð than creature that the band has woven from local are rich from oil money and they are very sporty just some general reflection on the climate. and run around mountains all the time, but that is legend on their latest album "Támsins likam" According to Theodor, the band takes influences to be taken with a large pinch of salt. In truth, our therefore has universal appeal. "With this record from across Faeroese culture. Already their first we have released the final chapter of our intended cultural ties reach far deeper." EP "Vilst er síðsta fet" was strongly inspired by trilogy", tells the guitarist. "Now we need to figure traditional gospels sung in churches around the he official dress code of Hamferð demands out where we are heading next as we don’t like island, which the band congenially combined with funeral suits but that is only expected of the to repeat ourselves." their slow brand of doom metal. "Although this is band and viewers are very welcome to show up not reflected in the band, our society in general in black t-shirts and jeans. amferð are not just musically not the fasted is very religious", explains Theo. "We made it band on this planet, which means that there possible for people that are not into metal to refer Hamferð performs at Rockefeller stage Friday probably won't be new material to be premiered to our music as it was connected to their roots. 10. April 16.30. at the Inferno Metal Festival. "Well, I don't expect










By: Gunnar Sauermann

THE ARTIST VEGARD SVERRE TVEITAN, BETTER KNOWN UNDER HIS NOM DE GUERRE, IHSAHN, HAS A LONG CONNECTION TO THE INFERNO FESTIVAL, WHICH REACHES BACK TO THE VERY FIRST EDITION OF THE EVENT IN THE YEAR 2001. IT IS THEREFORE NO ACCIDENT THAT THE MUSICAL MASTERMIND BEHIND EMPEROR (WITH SAMOTH), PECCATUM, HARDINGROCK, AND OTHER PROJECTS IS ANNOUNCING A VERY SPECIAL PREMIERE FOR THE UPCOMING INFERNO. he first appearance of the musical entity called Ihsahn at the Inferno Festival in 2001 was one of the rare occasions where the band Peccatum that he shared with his wife Heidi "Ihriel" Solberg Tveitan performed live. Other most memorable appearances of the iconic guitarist and singer included the two outstanding concerts of black metal titans Emperor as well as his own eponymous band. Right now, the Norwegian has a spectacular plan for some kind of "homecoming" at the next edition of the Inferno Metal Festival in 2020. "I will release an EP leading up to the Inferno Festival, where I will premiere the live extension of the new material", declares Ihsahn and sets the bar of excitement even higher with his additional revelation: “The EP will be centred deep in the black metal side of my work and relate back to my musical roots.” This announcement is bound to create high expectations within and beyond the extreme metal scene. Although Ihsahn never completely abandoned the signature elements of black metal that he was part of creating in the first place, his own band embarked on a far more progressive journey with Emperor’s "Prometheus – The Discipline of Fire & Demise" as a starting point.


et anybody having followed the musical development of Ihsahn from the band's debut album "The Adversary" (2006) will hardly be expecting the Norwegian to suddenly indulge

Y 20


in a mindless bout of old school nostalgia. This suspicion is quickly confirmed: "I have written the album with a traditional black metal setup in mind", relates the composer and adds with audible. "That means two guitars, bass, drums, extreme vocals only – and a horn section." A horn section? A classic element for sure, but quite possibly not in black metal. hile we just have to wait until the Inferno Festival to be able to listen to what is promising to be another masterpiece, Ihsahn gives away one more detail in advance: "All the lyrics are written in a Norwegian dialect, which is a first for me outside the Hardingrock project", Ihsahn drip-feeds another teaser. "The content of the EP revolves around the province, spirit and landscapes of Telemark, which brings me lyrically back to home and the core-essence of what I do." Ihsahn has travelled the world at first and these days again with Emperor and later with his own band as well, but his physical and seemingly also his spiritual centre has always been his hometown Notodden in Norway's Telemark district.


hile Norwegian black metal has had two main centres of gravity at the beginning with one scene around Oslo, which were represented by bands such as Mayhem and Darkthrone and the Inferno Metal Festival and another scene around the city of Bergen – where Enslaved, Immortal, and Taake as well as the Hole in the


Sky and later Beyond the Gates Festival have their base. Notodden lies roughly in the middle between those two poles and according to Ihsahn has never had a local scene. "In Telemark there was Tomas", Vegard names his old friend and Emperor collaborator Samoth, "and there was me, but no scene to speak off." Being from Telemark means something for Ihsahn that is best defined by the artist himself: "I have long reflected on the spirit of the people here", explains the musician. "My notion is that people here are polite, but at the same time very self-contained and independent. People used to live quite far from each other, which has breed scepticism towards outsiders – basically, many people from Telemark have taken the general Norwegian frame of mind to an extreme. In centuries past it used to be dangerous here for people from outside the province." Yet, Ihsahn's upcoming project is obviously not supposed to be some kind of small-minded glorification of regionalism. The artwork for example has been designed by French artist David Thiérrée based on Telemark pictures taken by Heidi Solberg Tveitan around Notodden. Much of this will be revealed at the Inferno Show. "Our live-set at Inferno will be based on the aesthetics of the EP", tells the frontman. "My approach to this project is even more conceptual than what I have done in the past in order to create a stronger artistic expression. The recording, music, video, live performance, artwork, and all aspects of will be drawn together." f these revelations about Ihsahn going to "speak" his musical mother tongue at the Inferno Metal Festival are not making the wait until next Easter much harder, you are probably not into black metal.


Ihsahn performs at Rockefeller stage Thursday 9. April 21.15.


ndie Recordings will in good tradition get the party started with their own label night. This year the happening will take place at Youngs. Bands that will perform are Wolcensmen, Alfahanne and Nordjevel. In keep with tradition we are proud to show you some of the new talent we are so lucky to represent here at Indie Recordings. This year we give you an extremely varied evening with some of the absolutely best music we have released on the label these last years. These three artists all represent the very finest of their own sub-genre, so we look forward to an evening filled with memorable shows. We're also thrilled to be hosting the event at Youngs for the first time, a new great 480-cap venue that we know will be a perfect arena for a huge party! Free entrace with a four-day pass. 260,- NOK without four-day pass.




Nordjevel In record-time Nordjevel has risen to become one of the most respected black metal bands in Norway. With their amazing live-shows and crushing albums it seems like there is no stopping for this band. We look forward to a killer performance when Nordjevel will close the Indie Recordings label-night at Inferno 2020.

Alfahanne With their latest offering, Atomvinter, Alfahanne is rightfully claiming their place amongst the best black 'n' roll-bands out there. With their trademark sound they come off as a 100% genuine and unique band that also delivers amazing live shows. After a sell-out tour back home in Sweden we are happy to welcome them as they set course for Oslo, and the Indie Recordings label night.

Wolcensmen Wolcensmen travel in the atmospheric and epical landscapes of dark folk music. Their music consists of classical guitar, cello, voice, synth, piano and percussion to build memorable songs filled with tension, drama and emotion. Fans of Wardruna, Ulver and Dead Can Dance, might find their new favourite this evening as Wolcensmen play their first ever show in Norway.


Orm The Danish black metal ensemble Orm was formed in 2015 and in 2017 the band released its first and eponymous album through Indisciplinarian. Orm arose with its mythical tales of man and nature accompanied by a grandiose, melodic yet raw and direct black metal which in an idiosyncratic manner unites music and narrative into an embodied and present whole.


ou will also get a 10 percent discount on all pizzas at Vaterland when showing your Inferno wristband.





Aye Aye Club

rock&roll bbq bar

inferno food discount

& dj's every night





OPEN EVERY DAY, 4 PM TO 3 AM 20 YEARS AGE LIMIT Classification: Open



"HEY, AMORPHIS ARE NOT A BLACK METAL BAND!", EXCLAIMS CAPTAIN OBVIOUS AND FALLS INTO A RANT ABOUT HOW THE OLD DAYS WERE SO MUCH BETTER – WHEN THE INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL WAS ALL ABOUT THE UNDERGROUND AND BEING TRVE AND KVLT. WELL, THERE IS NOT MUCH THAT FITS INTO A SMALL MIND AND OSLO'S ANNUAL METAL GATHERING AT EASTER HAS ALWAYS HAD MUCH MORE TO OFFER FROM DAY 1: "IT'S ALL ABOUT ARTISTIC INTEGRITY, SHERLOCK!" By: Gunnar Sauermann he times when bands like Cradle of Filth or Moonspell received death threats for "not being true enough" in the eyes of some juvenile fanatics are thankfully long gone. And although black metal has always been the inspiration, motivation, and the very reason for the existence of the Inferno Metal Festival, even the first edition in 2001 featured bands like avant-gardists Peccatum, Stavanger's goth metal offspring Trail of Tears, and the electro-headbangers Pain from Sweden on its billing. Of course, those with a clue can easily see the connections that link such seemingly outlying acts to the dark core, but there will always be some that religiously demand an imagined purity.


morphis fit the description of being "untrue" perfectly. With a musical background of Finnish melodic death metal, a scene the Helsinki based band very much instigated together with their northern counterparts Sentenced from Oulu,


they evolved into their own and even more melodic style of dark metal. This is exactly why the Finns are occupying a headliner slot – they are unique and appeal to followers of many branches of the metal family.

No Power Metal, Please! "Our music has always been inspired by many different influences", explains guitarist Esa Holopainen. "Obviously death metal has always been important to us – especially at the beginning. Doom and even a bit of black metal have also left their traces in our style. Later we have added folk elements and there are obviously references to progressive and classical heavy metal. There is just one thing that we don't want to be a part of and that should never be confused with us, please: power metal!" Happy tunes and operatic drama are not for Amorphis according to the band's mastermind, who points out that a dark undertone and a penchant for melancholy have

always played a strong role in their musical expression regardless of stylistic shifts. "Our lyrical themes demand a different musical approach than what power metal has to offer", adds Esa. "Our story-telling simply asks for darker elements." Since their inception, Amorphis have based their lyrics on the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala. This collection of orally transmitted traditions from their country's past was gathered and re-invented by the physician and philologist Elias Lönnrot (1802-1884). The Kalevala has had a similar defining cultural impact in the founding of the national state of Finland as the "re-discovery" of the Eddas and Sagas have had for the formation of the Nordic countries with Germanic roots. While Christianity arrived comparatively late to the Scandinavian peninsula during the so-called Viking age, it came even later to the Finns. It is telling that the Old Norse word "Finnr" had two meanings in the times of the Northern raiders: The term could simply denote a "Finn”, but it was WWW.INFERNOFESTIVAL.NET


record. Suddenly only few people turned up at our also used to mean "sorcerer". In this context a many old school tracks to our current set-list, tours and to make matters worse, we had to part scene of ritual magic in the Icelandic Saga of which should please the Inferno crowd." Norway ways with our singer." What Amorphis experienced Erik the Red may well have been modelled on a has not been an easy country for Amorphis to is something that even today's giants like Iron Finnish shamanic séance rather than describing conquer, according to the Finn. "It seems that Maiden and Judas Priest went through: a sudden original Germanic religious practice. Much of the only Sweden was harder to convince for us", drop of popularity. The crash of the Finns was latter had largely become forgotten under severe the guitarist muses. "We managed to fill the probably a result of many small decisions. On Christian pressure about a century later. Today, Rockefeller at our last time in Oslo, which is also "Am Universum" (2001) the band tried to experiment it seems to have fallen to metal bands to remind the Inferno venue. Looks like we are finally getting and singer Pasi Koskinen went into an ever more people of their pagan past. "It is easy to see a somewhere in Scandinavia, but Norway is also a connection between how we are using the Kalevala rocking direction by completely losing the band's more metal country than Sweden." To survive 30 and what particularly Norwegian bands like trademark growls. The following "Far from the years as a band is no small endeavour – and the Enslaved are doing with Eddic materials", adds Sun" (2003) was hardly noticed on release. "We guitarist admits that it feels a little strange: "When Esa. "We are not just quoting ancient texts, but we had changed to a major label and it turned out we were young and before we started Amorphis, aim to put them in a contemporary that they did not know that to do with a metal band like us", claims Esa. "They context." In translating the old “WITH THE AUDIENCE IN OSLO IN MIND, WE WILL ALREADY labelled us 'gothic folk' – what the hell literature into the universal was this even supposed to be?" For Amorphis, language of heavy metal, ADD MANY OLD SCHOOL TRACKS TO OUR CURRENT SET-LIST, this rapid decline threatened to kill the bands like Amorphis, Enslaved band as the financial repercussions started or Wardruna are also helping to WHICH SHOULD PLEASE THE INFERNO CROWD.” to hurt as much as being unemployed. free the historic material from Then by a stroke of luck the Finns found the abuse it has received from - ESA HOLOPAINEN Tomi Joutsen. The growls were back, the nationalistic or even racist approfun was back, the creativity was back – and the priation without losing the national cultural context. It demonstrates their dedication to the power of fans came back too. "We were really lucky to get we went to see Iron Maiden", recalls Esa. words that the Finns have continuously worked this second chance", agrees the guitarist. "Tomi "Already back then, they seemed to be old guys with the poet Pekka Kainulainen ever since their was a bit shy and had to be pushed by a friend for us and now we are probably older than they 8th album "Silent Waters" was released in 2007. to apply singing for us. He finally came to a were at the time. This is a bit strange, but metal rehearsal and the rest is history." Although Amorphis feels different today than in the 80's and it has Golden Queen could happily live without those dark days, the grown older." Time seems to fly in the metal scene Among the "sins" weighing against Amorphis in band learned valuable lessons. "It is a privilege to and vocalist Tomi Joutsen, who already came to the "book of underground zealots", their continued have people listening to your music and to come the band in 2004 is still regarded as the "new success is probably one of the worst transgressions. to your shows", emphasises Esa. "We have learned singer" by many – a fate that he shares with other Their latest album, "Queen of Time" just scored the hard way not to take anything for granted and frontmen and most famously with AC/DC's Brian gold at home again, their tours are filling the to always give our best. We very much appreciate Johnson, who joined the Australians in 1980 and bigger venues, and next year, the Finns will be being invited to Inferno. At first, we thought that it will probably never shake that tag. When Tomi able to celebrate 30 years of existence on the might be strange to headline an event that is so arrived, he helped to pull Amorphis out of their road. "Our show at the Inferno Metal Festival is connected and important to black metal, but then worst depression as a band. "The years between going to be a bit different than everywhere else, we realised that we should fit right in as our 2000 and 2004 were a brutal lesson on how quick and how hard a band can fall down", sighs the because it happens between our co-headlining music has meaning and comes from the heart." Finn. "Even in hindsight it is not easy to understand European tour with Dimmu Borgir and our 30th how things escalated so badly. We made one Amorphis performs at Rockefeller stage Thursday anniversary shows", reveals Esa. "With the lame album and followed up with a super lame 9. April 23.30. audience in Oslo in mind, we will already add



100% METAL SINCE 1990



VREID By: Jorge Patacas

f philosophy to identify and stick with one over the world. Also, Rockefeller is one of my our latest album "Lifehunger" came out in philosopher. favourite stages to play. Such a great place. 2018, what's the story or the concept behind How would you describe your hometown You're not only playing at Inferno but also doing the title? Sogndal to people who don't know anything something special at the Nobel Peace Center - The primal fire of never giving up. Always chasing about it and how much does it have an influence as part of the "Songs That Changed the World" and always fighting for what you want to do. As I get on your songwriting? program. What can you tell us about this special older, this gets more and more important. - It’s a small place with a fantastic nature. It's event? What can you tell us about the album cover? very beautiful, and the contrasts of the seasons - Inferno asked us if we wanted to do this, so What does it represent and who created it? is very visual in such nature. I get inspired by why not. We love to play at new places, and - The cover was done by Remi at Deformat. surroundings when working He is such a talented artist and on music and lyrics, and I get this works for many bands (not typical metal), and I have got to know him “IT HAS BECOME AN INSTITUTION, AND CERTAINLY HAS A UNIQUE FEELING inspiration from all over the world when I travel. But I do feel fortunate through the work he does for Tons that I have grown up in such a of Rock. I had some pretty clear WITH SO MANY VISITORS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. ALSO, ROCKEFELLER dramatic and inspiring scenery ideas of what I wanted, but we IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE STAGES TO PLAY. SUCH A GREAT PLACE.” as the nature of Sogn. ended up on a completely different You've played in many places place than we started. That’s the - JARLE "HVÁLL" KVÅLE with Windir in the past and with whole point of what we are doing Vreid the last fifteen years, but is be it music, lyrics or artwork. Let there any particular place you haven't played yet, especially at places that we would not else play. the journey that some unexpected curves and but you would like to? Why? The concept is cool, and we look forward to see where it goes. To me it sums up the lyrics - We have played in lots of spectacular places, interpreting a song that has been important to us. and atmosphere of the album, but what others but I hope we will be able to go to many other You write songs in both Norwegian and English, see, I don't know. places as well. We have not played Australia yet, do you usually decide what language you're going Nine years ago you released a DVD called and I would really love to go down there and see to use for each song once the music is written or "Vreid Goddamnit" with live recordings filmed at how Alf Stewart and Matron Sloan are doing. how's the process? Rockefeller as part of Inferno Festival 2009. What memories do you have from that show in particular? Are you looking forward to see any other bands - It all depends, and I always start with a bit playing at Inferno 2020? of both as I always keep on writing on ideas. But - It was a really good show. Good atmosphere - No … Haha. Of course, there are always I prefer sticking to one language for the whole and audience, and we did a rather big production. many great bands to see at Inferno. Kreator, album now. The "Milorg" album received a massive reception, Marduk and Cadaver will be great for sure. You've always been into philosophy and that's and it was at a time were Vreid were growing a lot. reflected on your lyrics. If you had to choose, You're going to play at the festival again in which philosopher do you identify with the most? 2020! What would you say it's the best part of Vreid performs at Rockefeller stage Saturday - No one, I don’t identify with any in particular, playing at Inferno? 11. April 19:30 and they are also doing a unique and I think this changes through the year. I enjoy - It has become an institution, and certainly concert at the Nobel Peace Center on Tuesday philosophy, but I think it goes against the nature o has a unique feeling with so many visitors from all 7. April 18:00.




SONGS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD VREID WILL DO A SPECIAL GIG AT THE NOBEL PEACE CENTER ON TUESDAY 7. APRIL. TICKETS FOR SALE AT TICKETMASTER. NOK 150 INCLUDING TICKET FEE usic can change the world! Some songs have done more than just entertain – they have changed the world. Together with Nobel Peace Center we invite you to their ongoing series about songs that have changed the world. So far artists like Bendik, Myra, Amanda Delara and Honningbarna have contributed with their interpretation of important songs that has changed the world. Now the Nobel Peace Center goes metal when Vreid will find a song and do their interpretation of it, as well as playing their own songs. Asbjørn Slettemark, famous Norwegian music journalist and TV personal, will moderate the following debate about the chosen song.


Asbjørn Slettemark: All the way since the very beginning of “Songs That Changed the World”, the project has offered surprises, fun, new knowledge and some amazing, strong and catchy cover songs. To do this together with Inferno Metal Festival, a festival I have been thrilled about for many years, feels just right. That it will also include Vreid, a band I have been following as a fan and a journalist through the last 15 years, makes it especially fun and interesting. I am very excited for the song they will choose, perform and talk about.

Jarle Hváll Kvåle from Vreid: Toril Rokseth from Nobel Peace Center: Nobel Peace Center wants to contribute to visitors of Oslo that attends cultural events also can experience some of the other things that the city has to offer. Through the cooperation with Inferno Metal Festival we offer a new arena for this kind of music – and at the same time we express that music can be more than just entertainment – music can change the world.

In Vreid we have always been up for new challenges. It was therefor with huge excitement we took on this task when Inferno Metal Festival and Nobel Peace Center challenges us to do our interpretation of a song that changed the world. Freedom of speech has been relevant since the very beginning of rock, and is just as relevant and important today. A lot has changed since rock 'n' roll was new and rebellious in the 60s, but still today the

Vreid freedom of speech are controversial and debated. So maybe the world has been in a standstill the last 60 years. We thank for the engagement. Vreid looks forward to digging deep into the rock history for many fantastic songs, and will be ready to perform our song at the Nobel Peace Center in April.


AS PREVIOUS YEARS, INFERNO EXHIBITION WELCOMES ALL TATTOO FANS AND ART LOVERS TO OUR ANNUAL TATTOO FAIR! he tattoo show has been a part of Inferno Metal Festival for years, and we are happy to announce that our 20th anniversary won’t be an exception. The famous “dozen of chosen” artists will be taking a stand on the left wing of our main venue, Rockefeller Music Hall. This year’s line up won’t disappoint: the strong group of international award-winning artists will be happy to visualize your creative ideas in a form of safe, beautiful, custom-made tattoos.


This year he following tattoo artists will join the Inferno Metal Festival: 1) Barbora Sharuzen Gazurova – Sharuzen Tattoo Atelier Bad Bergzabern 2) Benjamin Moss – Apocalypse Tattoo 3) Sara Iuso – Apocalypse Tattoo 4) Claudio de Rosa – Clod the Ripper Tattoo 5) Dustin Burt – Atudio Arcanum 6) Jorge Dangl – Midnight Tattoo 7) Micky Benavides – Tattooer 8) Carlos Aguilar – Black Shadows Tattoo 9) Mark Weatherhead – One for Sorrow Tattoo




By: Gunnar Sauermann

A MUSICAL STORM IS BREWING ON THE HORIZON AND IT MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA TO RUN FOR COVER TO THE FRONT OF THE STAGE. AFTER TWO PERFORMANCES AT THE INFERNO FESTIVAL IN THE YEARS 2004 AND 2006, MYRKSKOG HAVE FINALLY AGREED TO RETURN TO OSLO TO UNLEASH DEADLY RIFFING, A STORM OF HEAVY BLAST BEATS AND FURIOUS VOCALS ONTO THE BLACK GATHERING. n the first decade of the new century, the extreme musical scene Norway seemed on the brink of possibly turning into a more deadly direction. Nordic Black Metal appeared (on the surface) to have exhausted its initial force and creative impact. Emperor released their final album "Prometheus" in 2001, which could be summed up in a brutally simplified view as Ihsahn's first step into progressive spheres. Darkthrone started to move into a more classical heavy direction and Mayhem embarked on a quite experimental phase.


comments the musical mastermind, who also promises: "The riffing of our new material will be closer to 'Deathmachine', but as we have grown as musicians over the years, our coming tracks will be even more extreme, harder, and faster than before." His statement leads to the obvious question, if their future audience in Oslo will get to hear the latest development of Myrkskog? "Well, it would be great, if we manage to put at least one new song on stage", admits Thor. "We will try to make this happen, but unfortunately, I am not able to promise this right now. Then again, I can already let you know that we will perform WILL PERFORM 'DEATHMACHINE' 'Deathmachine' in its entirety and add some more – OLD OR MAYBE NEW.” songs – old or maybe new."

Black metal remained the supreme force in the Norwegian scene and the deadly challengers seemed gone for good. Yet there always remained a faint whisper of something still stirring deep in the "Darkwood" – as the name Myrkskog translates. There were even rare sightings for example at Drammen's Massive Destruction Festival in 2016, but only now with the announcement of Myrkskog performing at the Inferno Metal Festival 2020 it has become apparent: Norwegian blackened death is back! "We are writing new material for Myrkskog",

nto this perceived (though not real) void “THEN AGAIN, I CAN ALREADY LET YOU KNOW THAT WE pushed a crushing monster of an album IN ITS ENTIRETY AND ADD SOME MORE SONGS when Myrkskog released - DESTRUCTHOR "Deathmachine" in the year 2000. Combining elements of black, industrial, and foremost death metal, confirms Destructhor. "There is no deadline and this record left a strong impact. In 2001, Zyklon we are not in a rush, but we hope to record our detonated onto the scene with "World ov Worms" next album in 2020." Thor explains that the band and stormed into a similar direction. Masterminded was never completely gone. He was just too busy by Zamoth aka Tomas "Samoth" Haugen of Emperor, with Morbid Angel and Tony had been recruited to this band also featured the two main members perform live with Emperor on top of other activities from Myrkskog – guitarists Thor "Destructhor" and jobs for both musicians. Due to this situation, Myhre and Tony "Secthdamon" Ingebrigtsen. their own project never went beyond the occasional Yet as quickly as it came, the Nordic "blackened trip to the rehearsal room and the odd show in the meantime. Now everybody in Myrkskog feels that death" style was soon discontinued by its foremost the time has come to get back to business and protagonists. Myrkskog released their last album their serious intention is strongly underlined by "Superior Massacre" already in 2002 and Zyklon taking Swedish "drum-machine" Nils "Dominator" officially disbanded four years after their third Fjellström on board. "Nils fits our style perfectly", full-length "Disintegrate" came out in 2006.




egarding their upcoming show, Thor does not want to reveal more, but he gives another excellent reason to attend the event in Oslo: "The Inferno Metal Festival is the one place where you can still meet people from the early scene", the guitarist enthuses. "In our hometown Drammen, the metal and rock places that we used to go to have long closed. This makes the Inferno Metal Festival stand out as it offers a unique chance for the extreme metal scene to meet up and see old friends."


Myrkskog performs at Rockefeller stage Sunday 12. April 19.30.







Passion and Burnout: Hilde Spille // Paperclip Agency Many people working in the music industry know, that feeling burned out is quite common. But we do not talk about it. Usually when being tired for a very long time, you are advised to bring more passion into your work. Guess what, that's what people in the music business do all the time. This presentation by Hilde Spille will show you how your passion can contribute to a burn-out and how you can deal with it without losing your passion. In 1994 Hilde Spille got her MA in cultural psychology. She works as an international booking agent at Paperclip Agency booking European, Dutch shows and tours for artists from all over the world. In 2012 Hilde started to combine her knowledge of psychology with her experience with the international live music business, by starting her blog Compass for Creatives. On her blog she writes about mental challenges for musicians. Next to her blog, she also gives guest lectures and personal mental coaching to musicians.

Social Media Marketing: The new music industry from a band`s perspective Yadia Nova – Official press for Resurrection Fest, journalist for Metal Hammer Spain and The Metal

Circus. After working in the industry for many years Yadia has witnessed first-hand the gap between top bands or artists and independent ones and how difficult is to break into the scene. Unfortunately, there is no academic education on how this industry works and what needs to be done to become a top band or artist. As today records don’t represent the main income for a band. It’s imperative to enforce ticket and merchandise sales. But in a globalised world it’s extremely difficult to earn visibility and popularity using social media and platforms without a strong strategy behind to build a fan base. It’s not about just playing shows, it’s about giving and experience to the audience that will create that differentiating factor from the rest of the bands. Yadia will explain a strategy step by step, a strategy that has given results and only a few artists are implementing.

Bandcamp: Andy Osborn // Label Support Lead Bandcamp has become one of the most important platforms for metal; it acts as everything from a download hub and merch store to a promotional tool and music discovery service for unsigned artists and independent labels alike. Andy will look at some of the data surrounding metal bands and labels on Bandcamp along with success stories, fun facts, and how to best use the site as a metalhead.

Extreme Metal Drum and Bass Workshop: Darius Darray" Brzozowksi and Victor Brandt // Dimmu Borgir Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski is one of the most

recognized drummers within the metal scene. Well known for his extreme drumming, blast beats, precision and supersonic speeds. Extensively touring the world with his bands. He played over 1000 shows. Born in 1980, he got his first kit at the age of 14. Today, drumming for Dimmu Borgir, Dante, Hunter, Black River and being an active clinician and educator, he remains in the lead of the world’s uncompromising drummers. Victor Brandt, born 1983 in Sweden, is the bassist for the Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir. Victor built his reputation as a 'solid-asa-rock' bass player from being in bands like Satyricon, Entombed and Entombed A.D., Totalt Jävla Mörker and now Dimmu Borgir and Firespawn. Also, live session work with bands like Six Feet Under, Witchery, The Haunted, At The Gates etc. Like Daray, Victor have also played over 1000 shows across the world, recorded several albums and they continue to write, record, and perform as powerfully as ever.

Inferno Metal Auction: Tore Bratseth // Bömbers Tore Bratseth is once again ready to present legendary items from the glory days of extreme metal. The Inferno Metal Auction has a long tradition and has auctioned away many items that has brought tears to the eyes of the collectors. Mentionable items during the years includes First Edition of the Burzum – Burzum album on vinyl, Burnable stave church candle of the Fantoft Stave church, Abbath’s signed leather boot from the Fuck Christ tour of 1993, Old Funeral’s fully signed original "Abduction Of Limbs" demo, cymbal used on "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" and Fenriz’ acoustic guitar.

Read the whole program and buy delegate passes at:




C E N T R A L LY L O C AT E D I N O S L O . 10 M I N U T T W A L K F R O M Y O U R H OT E L W W W. T H E V I K I N G P L A N E T. C O M



By: Roy Kristensen

OBSCURA AND I HAVE A SIT-DOWN IN BERGEN. BEYOND THE GATES ARE STILL RUNNING AND WE MANAGE TO FIND A FEW MINUTES TO CHAT ABOUT THE BAND’S DEVELOPMENT AND THEIR NEW ALBUM THAT HAS BEEN RELEASED AUTUMN 2019. THE BAND FROM THE NETHERLANDS WILL PERFORM AT INFERNO FESTIVAL 2020, AND WE DO OF COURSE LOOK FORWARD TO THEIR TAKE ON BLACK METAL. AND THEIR TAKE BEGAN WITH 2017’S “PETESTAS MAGICUM DIABOLI”. same music and we share our thoughts on debut. And there are some tracks that are more ow did Asagraum’s debut do, now looking in Satanism, occultism and philosophy. And it does inspired by depressive black metal. “Guihairetrospect? help that we have the same sense of humour. I do - Very well, thank you. I have made music in hoque” is an example of the latter as the music really like to perform on stage, and I look upon other bands previously, but we never got any is dark and sad. You have tracks that are more that as one of the important elements of playing in attention. I’ve read several great reviews and I psychedelic. We have a new drummer who can a band. I wanted that Asagraum should play live must admit that I was surprised because I only play faster. It’s not that it’s a new band or anything, when I began the band, and I also have playing write music that I would like to listen to myself. I but there’s a certain development, yet still I think live in mind when I write the music. wrote and recorded everything but drums myself. our identity remain intact. So, why the need to write black metal? When the album was released it almost felt like Obscura says that the identity remains intact. - There is definitely a lot of me in the music. a hype. We did a few shows and I think we got I wonder, do others influence the music directly I feel that I have to make black metal. If I don’t surprisingly good response. during the process? I mean, Tore Stjerna at write, I begin to feel weird in my head, so you Obscura says she was surprised, which surprises Necromorbus has been working with black metal could say it’s something that is made out of me. I mean, a musician makes music he or she bands since before the dawn of a new age, so to necessity. If I have a period where I don’t write likes. At least that’s what I believe, so isn’t it a bit speak … much, I begin to dream riffs that I must explore. strange to be surprised that others like it as well? - I did dictate more or less everything when we - I think that I wanted to be more serious did “Potestas …”, but on the new album he with the music than many others in those came up with ideas that I liked and that makes “I THINK THAT WE DO HAVE OUR OWN IDENTITY AND a difference. I am quite ego, by all means, but I bands I have played with. It was more about drugs and alcohol, and that’s was not my main THAT WE HAVE A DIFFERENT APPROACH THAN MANY do listen to people’s opinion when we’re talking aim with the music, to put it like that. about people I respect. However, I don’t OTHER BLACK METAL BANDS.” Asagraum is a very serious band! I think that change much based on other opinions. I will we do have our own identity and that we have not change anything in my music to sell more. - OBSCURA a different approach than many other black Asagraum’s music is holy to me and it is very metal bands. personal. Other aspects with the band, such as I hear riffs in my head that eventually turns into Yes, I wouldn’t call Asagraum original, but there cover, promotion and things other do better than songs. My subconsciousness work with the music is enough identity to make a difference. me, I can leave to others as long as it doesn’t all the time, so it won’t be wrong to say that - That’s not something I focus on. I just want reduce the artistic expression. there’s a lot of me in Asagraum’s music. The music to play what I feel, and I want to make great black In the title track there are a couple of lines, is a way to communicate with the Universe and metal. I listen to a lot of old black metal from “I am the essence of infinite power A child of universal powers that I prefer to name Satan. the 90s, and I also like psychedelic bands like the Devil!”. What makes you sing that you’re Svartidauði, Deathspell Omega and others. I despite and even hate that which is said to be “A daughter of Lucifer!”? I guess my style is a mix of my influences, someGod. To be one average Joe, to be one that just - This deals with the powers of the Universe. thing that should be pretty obvious. The important follows a book … I create my own reality; my own I prefer to name these as Satan and/or Lucifer. aspect is that the tracks have something in them power and I do follow my own values. Therein lies As I told you before, I can create my own reality that catches the listener’s attention, something Satan, which is my connection with the Universe, and I use these powers in my own way. In contraatmospheric and majestic. with the source and this is something that I diction to those of God, Satanism deals with the Obscura said that she writes all the music and express by my music. power within yourself and that you can be what record most of it herself. How is it to play live and you want to be. I don’t know if I live more than once, to have others what kind of interpret Asagraum’s e need to talk about “Dawn Of The Infinite therefore I think about doing most of the life I live. music on stage? And to me it feels right to talk the left-hand path. Fire”, an album that is more diverse than - It feels very good. They play in a way that I the debut. approve. We are good friends and we are having Asagraum performs at John Dee stage Friday - At the same time there are tracks that are a great time when we do concerts. We like the 10. April 18.55. more aggressive and brutal compared to the







THE INFERNO FAMILY; ARTISTS AND FANS, MEDIA AND MUSIC INDUSTRY WILL GATHER AT THE OFFICIAL FESTIVAL HOTEL CLARION HOTEL THE HUB FOR FOUR DAYS OF HAPPENINGS, PARTYING AND A GOOD NIGHT OF SLEEP. DURING THE INFERNO WEEK THERE WILL BE INFERNO PRE- AND AFTER-PARTIES IN THE BAR, BLACK METAL-BREAKFASTS, INFERNO EXHIBITIONS AND A HELL OF A LOT OF SPECIAL TREATS FOR OUR GUESTS. larion Hotel The Hub is a renovated, expanded, renamed and a new edition of our old official festival hotel Royal Christiania from a few years ago. The hotel opened in March 2019. The rebuilt hotel has a much stronger focus on events and conferences compared to earlier. The Hub boasts Oslo's best location, right next to Oslo Central Station. The hotel has 810 modern hotel rooms, 24 meeting rooms and 2 unique bars and restaurants.


During the festival period the hotel offers rooms at the rates listed along with the room types below:

Room Types: Standard Double Room Our standard double rooms (19-22 sqm) have everything you might need during your stay and more! The rooms either have a queen size double bed (160cm) or two single beds (105cm), as well as carefully chosen, modern décor. Enjoy high-tech equipment and smart solutions in your room and all throughout the hotel! Some of the rooms have a desk. The hotel is ideally situated in the centre of Oslo, and some of the rooms also offer great views of the city! All the rooms have a modern and spacious bathroom with a hairdryer, and a shower or bathtub. Please note that it is not possible to request extra beds in these rooms.

Prices: 1 person: 805,00 NOK 2 people: 1020,00 NOK / 510,00 NOK a person Superior Double Room Our superior double rooms (24-29 sqm) are nice and spacious with lots of smart solutions! The fabulous interior design provides a wonderfully cosy atmosphere in these rooms. The rooms either have a queen size double bed (160cm) or two single beds (105cm), as well as carefully chosen, modern décor. Some of the rooms have a desk and chair, while others have a



comfortable armchair. All the rooms have a bright and spacious bathroom with either a bath or shower, and a hairdryer.

Prices: 1 person: 1045,00 NOK 2 people: 1235,00 NOK / 615,50 NOK a person 3 people: 1485,00 NOK / 495,00 NOK a person Deluxe Double Room Our wonderfully spacious deluxe double rooms (30-40 sqm) have everything you might need and more! All the rooms feature a queen size double bed (160cm) with large pillows for added comfort and we can provide an extra bed if required. Our deluxe double rooms feature high-tech equipment including smart TVs with a streaming function and a convenient workspace with desk or a lounge area. All the rooms have bathroom with a hairdryer, bathrobes, slippers, and shower or bathtub. Some of the rooms have a balcony or terrace. How do you like the sound of a freshly brewed cup of coffee as you gaze out across the Oslo skyline?

Prices: 1 person: 1445,00 NOK 2 people: 1635,00 NOK / 817,50 NOK a person Facilities on all rooms: Free full breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Mini bar

Order Details: These rates are available until March 1st, 2020. After this date the prices will go up. Money to save for all early birds! Go to to order and make sure the discount/booking code INFERNO is enabled to get the correct festival prices.

Clarion Hotel The Hub, Biskop Gunnerus gate 3, N-0106 Oslo, Norway



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