Copywriting Tips for Social Media

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Easy Copywriting Tips for Social Media

Copywriting for social media can be a challenge. With everchanging algorithms and trends, it can be difficult for social media marketers to keep up. Nonetheless, social media marketing is a crucial part of today’s digital media environment. Take these actionable copywriting tips for social media to apply to your own brand’s marketing strategy.

Pay Attention to Trending Content

One of the number one rules of social media marketing is to pay attention to trends. That’s what social media is all about–– trending content. So when you’re copywriting for social media, it’s important to keep an eye on what’s hot right now. This can be for both positive and negative trends, to avoid any potentially controversial copy.

Tell A Story

When you’re copywriting for social media, try to tell a story. Whether it’s one line that makes scrollers stop and smile or an entire paragraph, it’s important to write conscious copy. You want people to connect with your brand, and captions are a perfect way to do so. Your visual stops their scroll–– let your caption keep them there.

Don’t Overshare

Tell a story… but not a life story. Keep the sharing simple and on-brand. Copywriting for social media can get tricky when you want to share with your audience, but don’t want it to be too much. If you’re an individual brand, try and make it personal without making it too personal. If you’re a larger brand, keep it professional (but have a little fun).

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Be Playful with Emojis

Emojis are perfect little visuals to break up text. When readers are scrolling through their social feeds, they don’t always want to take the time to read a wall of text. Emojis can help break up copy so your viewers don’t get bored.

#Don’t #Hashtag #Everything

Hashtags are valuable but don’t hashtag everything. Keep your hashtags to a minimum–– it looks better and will perform better. Recent studies have shown that about 5 hashtags is the optimal number. You’re allowed to have up to 30, but more and more research shows that it’s better to keep it under 10 tags.

Be True to Your Brand

Don’t sacrifice your brand’s values when copywriting for social media just to keep up with a trend. Be true to your brand and stick to what your audience knows and likes best.

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