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PRACTICAL PROJECTS™ Do more with less and understand the fundamentals of project management. Practical Projects™ helps you to understand the fundamentals of project management and gain a practical, widely applicable framework. In easy common-sense steps, it:  Introduces project management, cutting through the terminology.  Provides a taster of techniques to take away and use immediately.  Examines how managing yourself (time management) is the foundation of managing others (stakeholder management).

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? The workshop ensures you get projects off the ground, in the right way, by focusing on processes/tools that can add value immediately.



To reduce confusion by cutting through terminology.  By supporting you towards managing everyday projects confidently.


It also examines how managing yourself is the foundation to managing others, and how this can still be achieved when the ‘others’ are senior to you or your peers.

With practical and useable tools and techniques to use back at work.



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Save time and increase your productivity, by mastering the basics. Supports you towards managing everyday projects more effectively. Reduces confusion by cutting through the jargon. Ensures you can add value with a range of practical tips and tools. Helps you manage your time effectively. Introduces you to stakeholder management and how to get the most from your stakeholders.

The workshop is delivered by qualified, experienced Project Managers. All our consultants have many years’ experience both as trainers and facilitators AND as project practitioners. You'll gain an overview of the whole project process and learn some of the most useful and userfriendly project management techniques available.

By doing more, with less, straight away.  By understanding the fundamentals of time and stakeholder management.

WHO IS IT FOR? Not just Projects Managers, anyone who manages projects as well as their day job:  


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Skills gaps in a team – by ensuring basic knowledge and the ability to understand the jargon, it creates a level playing field, of skills, languages and tools. Slow project progress – by providing tools and techniques to increase the productivity of you and your team. Lack of communication (inter team, with the business and stakeholders) – by ensuring team members are confident and able to ask the right questions.

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New and junior team members – bringing them up-to-speed. Existing colleagues – - Standardising skills and knowledge. - Improving processes. - As a refresher, no matter what level. Managers who want to ensure their team has a common language and approach. Senior Managers/project initiators – bringing them up-to-speed.

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Do more with less and understand the fundamentals of project management. TRAINING OPTIONS Train you Public workshops are the best method for training individuals and small groups. Delivered across the UK, they provide a great opportunity for different companies and individuals to come together and learn the tools.

Up to £495+VAT per delegate multiple booking discounts available per 1 day workshop

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Train your team In-house workshops are the ideal opportunity to train teams and whole departments within your organisation. Providing clarity of training focus and excellent team building opportunities, it reduces delegate travel, workshop cost and environmental impact as we train at your choice of location, in the UK or internationally.

£230+VAT per delegate based on 15 delegates per 1 day workshop

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+44 (0)20 7924 8760

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Practical projects is a one day workshop from Indigo Training that will ensure you get things done when you are time poor and resource lean?...