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November Artist Spotlight

EXCLUSIVE IndiePulse Interview: “Texas Blues Guitarslinger”

Shawn Pittman

We discuss his thoughts on the pandemic, how it has affected the National Music scene, his Music and his Tour .


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Issue 05 : Vol 01 : November 021

Contents: FEATURES & STORIES : ARTISTS IN THE NEWS: Ride The Waves with Jay Elle -Page 4

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Artist Spotlight: Valerie Pascale -Page 5

Texas Blues Guitarslinger Shawn Pittman In Concert. -Page 8

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The Late Robby Steinhardt’s Solo Album ‘Not in Kansas Anymore ‘ is an Epic Legacy in Sound -Page 22

Tech News and More New Gear & Tech -Page 24


Artist In The News Singer , Songwriter & Guitarist Jay Elle

heavy metal to classical music, and he takes a bit from every piece he listens to. It gives him a unique perspective and greater understanding of what makes every genre work, a great skill for a musician. Jay Elle says “I listen to everything that comes my way. I wish I could write preludes like Chopin and songs like The Beatles or Diane Warren. There are so many talented folks to learn from. Take rap and hip hop. Some lyrics are just amazing. Whether it’s Jay-Z or Eminem, or so many others, they write great lyrics. Very different backgrounds and styles. But they all end up creating songs where everything works great.” This open-minded approach to appreciating music and how it’s made is reflected in the artist’s own work. Nowhere is this more apparent than his new album, “Ride The Wave,” blending different genres and styles seamlessly to create fresh new melodies with every song. It crafts a special niche for Jay Elle, one that’s distinctly his and helps him stand out from the pack.

Jay Elle is no stranger to the music industry. Be it writing, performing or the business end of it all, Jay Elle has seen a bit of everything. From the moment he enrolled in the Geneva Conservatory of Music, to his current position as a singer and songwriter, the artist has seen and been through a lot. Jay Elle’s story began as a young 16 year old boy in Switzerland, learning guitar and slowly developing an appreciation for the arts. After enrolling in the Geneva Conservatory of Music, he began to explore his way through the music world, joining champagne bands and even starting his own rock band with his friend and fellow musician, Alex Diambrini. As he discovered his passion for genres like blues, rock, jazz and pop, Jay decided shift his life into making music for good. To achieve this, he relocated to the hotbed for musical talent, the United States of America. From there, Jay has worked his way up the rungs, joining bands and making connections all throughout the music industry to make it to where he is now.

When it comes to music, Jay is an open minded person. He likes to listen to a bit of everything from

The music world has also taken notice of the artist’s unique take on music, as he’s been getting rave reviews all around. His first single, “Miss Mess”, was warmly received by casual listeners and music critics alike, while his second single “Tequila Kiss” was the second most added song on two charts on its release. On top of that, his album “Ride The Wave” has even received a nomination for album of the year. Despite his success and recognition, Jay Elle remains a humble and simple person. Outside of 4 music, he enjoys watching murder mysteries,

doing crossword puzzles and also dabbles in a bit of cooking every now and then. Even the inspiration for his music comes from taking a deeper look into common, everyday things like social media or the on-going pandemic. When it comes to the future, it’s clear Jay Elle has more to offer the music world, but for now he’s comfortable simply riding the wave of life and learning what he can. An artist’s journey is never truly over, and we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us as he hones his craft and continues growing. Jay Says “You get to meet so many interesting and talented people. You get to listen and watch great performers and learn from them. You are constantly learning. And of course, there are great teachers available. You get inspired at every turn.” Visit His Website Photograph Credits: VIVIENNE V.

Artist Spotlight: Valerie Pascale Valerie Pascale, hailing from Thetford Mines, Canada has a family history of music and the arts flowing through her body and soul. Having a grandfather with an accomplished career in opera and a grandmother known in arts circles, it is no wonder she has a future so bright. After moving to Montreal for her studies, she excelled in her craft and now possesses a sound level of music professionalism, making radio ready hits time after time with her distinct voice and sound. Her debut project was entitled “Can You Feel It” and speaks on being love struck in a crowd full of people. Valerie creates music of various genres including rock, country, trap, Latin, etc. This is an impressive variety from the artist who continues to amaze with every release. She is working on an EP with more pop songs that will hopefully be appreciated by her current audience and more.

a dark fantasy, possibly showing that demons of the soul may not be evil in nature, but created by what comes in life. In her video for “Addicted” she sports a different look, and her sound is a little more pop, but her signature energy and passion is obvious, and she hits the target spot on, every time she looks into the camera, it's like she is looking directly at you, capturing and hypnotizing you on mark.

In a recent interview, Valerie said what originally influenced her life’s path was “I’ve had a craving to entertain people since a very young age. I’ve been expressing my artistic persona since the age of six, through figure-skating, singing and acting.” “Like everyone, I’ve had my obstacles. The one I feel ready to share with you is the most recent one. Two years ago, I was stuck in a very violent relationship, both emotional and physical, which put my music career on hold.”

For Valerie, music is more than just a hobby. It is a way of life. In her official video for her song “Legends Never Die,” now on “I'm influenced by so many different artists such YouTube, Valerie Bourque shows all her skills in as; Elton John, Queen, The Beatles, Michael Music, Dancing and acting, an incredible video of 5 Jackson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion.

Some inspired me with their writing, others with their sound, voices, personalities, charisma, confidence.” On a special note, Valerie said one of her talents include being able to sing like Alvin and the Chipmunks, which shows her ability to truly enjoy living in the joy of the moment. Valerie Pascale is a spirit that flows through the air like the silky and seductive sound of her voice. It captures you in the moment and you can't help but sway to the beat of her heart.

Valerie can be found online: Instagram at: @iam.valeriepascale Facebook at: Valerie Pascale Youtube Channel: Valerie Pascale And on Spotify /iTunes /-Apple Music and Amazon Music


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On The Scene Texas Blues Guitarslinger Shawn Pittman In Concert and On Tour

Texas Blues Guitarslinger Shawn Pittman is in concert at Katie's Bar, 315 Grand Ave., Bacliff, TX, Thursday, November 4th. Showtime: 9:00 pm. This free concert performance is sure to please and excite all that attend. Information available by phone (281) 559-3773 or visiting his website Pittman is continuing the legacy of the Texas Guitar sound as exemplified in Shawn's recent sold-out show at The Kessler Theater in Dallas with Anson Funderburgh and Mike Morgan. Recording-wise, Pittman followed up his acclaimed 2020 album "Make It Right" (CRS) with 2021's acoustic effort, "Stompin' Solo" (Must Have Music). Recently based in Tulsa, in 2021 Pittman relocated to Oak Cliff, in Dallas, where the Vaughan Brothers grew up. "Dallas is considered home for me. I live here in (1992-99)," recalls Pittman. "I released my first two albums in Dallas: "Burnin Up" (1998) and "Something's Gotta Give," both on the Cannonball Records label." Pittman has assembled a new trio and has recently been gigging in the Dallas/Fort Worth/ Houston/San Antonio areas. He plans to record a new album with this same trio in 2022. Although he’s often closely associated with the Lone Star State since originally taking up residence in Dallas in the early ‘90s, vocalist/ guitarist Shawn Pittman is actually an Oklahoma native. Pittman was born in the small town of Talihina and raised in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. At age eight he began taking piano lessons under the encouragement of his mother, but later began sneaking into his older brother’s room to play his drum kit. By age fourteen he had switched to guitar and was soon introduced to the mysterious sounds of Lightnin’ Hopkins and Muddy Waters by Bracken Hale, a good friend and member of his middle school football team.

Their friendship would prove significant as Hale would later collaborate with Pittman on writing material for several of his albums. A friend he met while playing basketball at the local ‘Y,’ Ben Bigby, introduced teenage Pittman to his father Bernard in Little Axe, Oklahoma. Pittman recalls: “Bernard showed me Jimmy Reed, Elmore James, and Albert King. He also told me I need to learn to sing. I took his advice.” After seven years in Dallas (1993-1999) and fourteen years in Austin (2000-2013), Pittman moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where he now resides closer to family. He also took time off to earn a degree in Information Technology. Pittman released his 11th album “Backslidin’ Again” in 2015. In January, 2018 Shawn recorded his 12th album “Everybody Wants to Know” with longtime friend and drummer Jay Moeller. The album was released on the European label CrossCut Records in the fall of 2018. Fast-forward two years to Spring 2020: Pittman returns with Make It Right, in partnership with Netherlands-based Continental Record Services 8

As he looks past and forward, he shares, “I have had many obstacles on my road just like anybody that has embarked on this lifestyle, some selfinflicted, but through my failures I have learned invaluable lessons about life and people, and my strengths as well as my weaknesses.” “As an artist I feel like I am just beginning. The one constant I have had is the desire to be great at what I do. The late Clifford Antone told me “It’s all about making friends.” I combine that piece of advice with something B.B. King told me when I asked him his secret for longevity: “Treat people how you want to be treated, and remember everybody has a Boss.” Indie Pulse Music Magazine caught up with Pittman recently, doing a "5 Quick Questions" interview with the now-Dallas-based musician:

The Shawn Pittman Interview Pittman moved back to Dallas in 2021, and as an adaptation to the pandemic, has expanded his repertoire to include acoustic/solo music. Shawn has a batch of upcoming gigs with his new trio next month, too: November 4 at Katie’s Bar in Baycliff, TX; November 5 at The Big Easy in Houston; November 6 at Green Oaks Tavern in Humble, TX; November 9 at Antones in Austin, TX; and November 12 at Poor David’s Pub in Dallas, TX. His latest release 'Stompin' Solo' is his first all-acoustic album on the CRS subsidiary Must Have Music.

I will be building off of my last record ‘Make it Right!’ which was recorded in Denmark in 2019 and had a live sound to it with minimal overdubs and live performances built around a trio format. What will make this newest record more unique is that now that I reside in Dallas again, it has enabled me to put a band together with Jason Crisp (Omar and the Howlers, Paul Oscher, Moeller Bros) on bass and guitar. I have been playing on and off with Jason for over twenty years. Jason also plays guitar which gives us the ability to play music from our heroes like Hound Dog Taylor, JB Hutto, Junior Kimbrough and RL Burnside. It’s a great mix of sounds. We can do the traditional Texas style as well as Chicago and Mississippi styles. Our drummer Mike King is well-versed at the Earl Palmer, Fred Belo and Ted Harvey-type of playing that fits well with our repertoire. It will be a raw and live feel to the record and we are excited about it. IPM: Covid, at least for now, is in retreat, venues all across the US are reopening, and it appears you have some upcoming shows. Care to discuss this and your thinking behind gigging now, etc.?

IPM: What's the very latest on Shawn Pittman, recording-wise? SP: I am set to go into the studio this November in Austin, TX with owner and founder of Wire Recording, Stuart Sullivan. I have done several records with Stuart and he always gets the sound I want. Stuart has an incredible resume that spans all genres and has recorded and worked with the likes of Nick Lowe and producer Colin Fairly, who ran Power Plant Studios and Mason Rughe Studios in England. He also worked at Willie Nelson’s Perdenales Studio before the Perdanales was shut down, Shortly after that, Sullivan did a brief stint in London working at Air Studios in Oxford Circus as well as at MasterRock. He also helped Clifford Antone establish Antone’s Records and has recorded acts from Jimmy Vaughan to Sublime.

SP: It’s very touch and go. When the news cycle goes bad in terms of more cases, some venues are quick to close down and it makes it difficult for me to plan very far ahead. It depends on the city and state as well. Texas is a good place to be because you can play in DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth), Houston, Austin and San Antonio, and stay quite busy. I would like to start touring nationwide again. I had taken time off and in some ways I am re-introducing myself to those that have never heard of me and feel like I have a lot to prove in terms of staying consistently 9

playing. Covid has made that just a little bit harder for me to establish that so far. I do know that I have learned from my time off and all of my starts and stops, and feel like I have a good outlook and attitude towards the future and a lot of work ahead of me.

SP: I think it will get back to normal at some point because people aren’t meant to be couped up in their house all the time. Musicians will continue to play live and record just like they always have. I think that “eradicating” the virus is unrealistic. The goal is too lofty to have zero cases. It will be here just like Chickenpox and the Measles. It can be deadly and it is serious, but I have had it twice, fourteen months apart. I just got my second shot of the vaccination, so I am a little sick as I write this. Just like anything else, I think it will run it’s course.

IPM: You've stated that you're someone that is "continuing the legacy of the Texas Guitar sound." Please elaborate. SP: There is a certain sound that Texas is known for. Guys like the Vaughan Brothers, Anson Funderburgh, Freddie King, Lightnin’ Hopkins and T-Bone Walker created a sound that I try to continue on when I play. Dallas/Fort Worth in particular has spawned the likes of Doyle Bramhall, Delbert McClinton, Derek O’Brien, and scores of others including The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Mike Morgan and The Crawl, Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat, Tutu Jones, and Holland K. Smith.

Shawn Pittman Tour Dates Nov. 4 (Thur.)


Baycliff TX

Nov. 5 (Fri.)


Houston TX

Nov. 6 (Sat.)


Humble TX

Nov. 9 (Tues.)


Austin TX

Nov. 12 (Fri.)


Dallas TX

Nov. 20 (Sat.)


Yantis TX

There is a certain groove that is unique to Texas and I consider myself a carrier of that torch. There is really only one place they refer to ‘Guitar Slingers’ and that is Texas.

* opening for Marcia Ball ** opening for Ana Popovic

IPM: Moving as you recently did from Oklahoma to Texas, just how different is the live music scene and gig opportunities in each state?

Shawn Pittman/Socials:

More on His Website and Social media-

SP: Its night and day. I never really had any musical ties to Oklahoma aside from my early teacher Bernard Bigby from Tulsa. It might be because I left at a young age as soon as I fell in love with the Texas Sound. The economy is so much bigger in Texas and people are more familiar with the type of blues that I play in Texas. When I moved from Austin to Tulsa in 2014 it was really just to take a break from the music industry, although I ended up recording an acoustic record there, largely because I couldn’t find anybody that played the Texas style. They just don’t get into it there, (in Oklahoma), and there were not many opportunities for me. IPM: What do you personally see for the future of both the recording industry and the live gig industry going forward, as we live in the age of Covid, and until (if) it is completely eradicated? 10


The Hot Half Dozen - Music Reviews with Patrick O’Heffernan, Ph.D. Patrick O’Heffernan, PhD., is a music journalist and radio broadcaster based in Mexico, with a global following. He focuses on music in English and Spanish that combines rock and rap, blues and jazz and pop with music from Latin America, especially Mexico like cumbia, banda, son jarocho, and mariachi. He is a cyclist, dancing fiend and also likes to watch his friend drag race. He has relaunched his LA-based radio show Music Friday Live as Music Sin Fronteras- Music Without Borders - from Mexico - tune in every Friday at 1 pm Central

D/zazter Trio, album by D/zazter Trio.

La Tierra, single by Flor de la Toloache. No one does it like FDLT- the Latin Grammy-winning Alt. mariachi, pop, rock, group – you name it and this song has it.

Experimental jazz that ranges from a runaway subway train ride to soft and soothing.

You will never want to These people are stop listening. Available on all major platforms. brilliant. Even if you have not yet discovered experimental jazz, give it a listen. Available on Bandcamp

Every Migrant Is My Fellow ,

Una Rosa, álbum by Xenia Rubinos. Fourteen songs that range from soft and seductive to aggressive rap and pop, Xenia has produced a bilingual album on the heels of her popular Black Terry Cat, she both embodies and transcends her jazz background. Wow!. Streaming on all major platforms.

Album by Noctambule. Another melodic guitar, mandolin and vocal adventure by the unique duo of Bruce Victor and Marla Fibush. Eleven songs with an Irish flair, calm, soothing, hypnotic. Stream on Spotify. Buy at

Orofonía del Sentimiento EP by Wohl.

How Are You EP by Jessica. Six songs that each stand alone and together keep you moving and thinking with hard core pop, soft pop, highly produced story- telling and just plain fun. Available on all major platforms.

These guys combine post rock, shoegaze, math rock and classical music. Into an instrumental passage of sensations that nvites you to explore the within. I have seen them live and love them. The new album captures what I think is the bleeding edge of new rock. Stream on 12

HeIsTheArtist Tops iTunes Electronic Songs Chart New York City’s HeIsTheArtist hits #1 on the iTunes Electronic Songs chart in South Africa with “Sumthin’ Sumthin’,” released on October 15th. This release is meant to get people dancing during this harsh pandemic.”—

GRW Explores New Sounds with "Tennessee is Cold" Dropping steel-guitar swagger and rip-roaring energy ingrained in traditional bluster, GRW delivers a certified swing dance smash with his latest, "Tennessee Is Cold." Offering all the twang of a classic 90's country song, GRW finds new ways to grind his influences into uncharted territory as he further explores his musical roots. "I've always let the music take me where it wants to," GRW explained, "I've never felt confined to the constraints of a certain genre. I don't think music or art should live by a set of rules, so I don't either." Giving himself room to develop his sound, GRW doesn't stick to the conventional concept of being confined to any specific genre. He would rather expand his already impressive catalog with a steel guitar-infused melody, filtering hints of bluegrass elements within that's sure to find a place in today's country music scene. GRW continues to change his style, weaving personal stories and encounters into the very fabric of his lyrics. He's discovered what works for him, and there's no stopping him from further developing his sound into his own magic.

HeIsTheArtist. With more than 11,000 monthly listeners and almost 300K streams on Spotify, HeIsTheArtist is making his presence known as one of the most eclectic and experimental artists of 2021. His songs have topped iTunes sales charts around the globe, in no less than 4 genres: Christian, Dance, Jazz, and R&B. With his latest single, a cover of Maxwell’s neo-soul classic, “Sumthin’ Sumthin’,” HITA has reached the top again, this time, in a 5th genre: Electronic. His October 15th release reached #1 on the Electronic Songs chart in South Africa.

"Tennessee Is Cold" is available on all platforms NOW! Follow GRW's journey at and connect with him on Instagram @grw_music.

It is not the first cover song by HITA to top the South African charts. His Britney Spears/Snoh Aalegra mash-up, “Sometimes/I Want You

Listen to "Tennessee Is Cold" on YouTube now: 13

“Sumthin’ Sumthin’’ is my 2 track cover single of the classic by Neo-Soul legend Maxwell,” says HeIsTheArtist. “The cover mixes old school neo-soul and smooth jazz with contemporary electronic Instrumentation, while the Disco Funk Version adds a fun disco/funk flavor. This release is meant to get people dancing during this harsh pandemic. “

ABOUT HEISTHEARTIST: Hailing from Central Islip, NY and formerly signed under his birth name, LeeMann Bassey recorded and released secular r&b and dance music for Bentley Records. Inspired to release Christian music after hearing a sermon by Bishop TD Jakes, HeIsTheArtist cites influences including Prince, Chaka Khan, Sade, Maxwell, and D’Angelo. Instagram- SignedLoveTheArtist Twitter –



vocalist, Corday; eclectic blues-rock trio, The Disciplez; She Wears Black featuring Long Beach's very own blues diva, Shy But Flyy; tasty Tex-Mex Blues from Redd House; Musician/ Surfboard Shaper/SoCal Surf Legend, Dano Forte; and blues harp player known as the "OneMan Band," originally from the UK, TJ Norton. This year's Master of Ceremonies: Southern California blues deejay legend, Ann The Raven, formerly of KPCC-FM in Pasadena who can now heard Sunday nights as "Ann The Raven's Blues" from 7pm-9pm on KCSN 88.5/Cal State Northridge.

New Blues Festival VIII at Shoreline Aquatic Park Announcing "New Blues Festival VIII," the only year-ending Blues Festival in Southern California, taking place at Shoreline Aquatic Park, 200 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA Saturday, November 13. Gates open and Music Starts at 9:00am. Tickets: $50. (General Admission to the Festival); $100. (Gold; includes Assigned Stage Front Seating; Waitress Service; Access to Exclusive Bottle Service; Preferred Parking; Merchandise Discounts from the New Blues Festival Merch Booth; Access to Food Vendors; Merch Vendors Bar, and Beer Trailer); and $150. (VIP; includes Special Access to Backstage Area; Artist Meet-N-Greets; Stage Front Viewing Area; Catered Food; Non-Alcoholic Beverages Provided; Exclusive VIP Lounge with VIP Happy Hour; Preferred Parking; Discounts on all Merchandise from the New Blues Festival Merch Booth; Access to Food Vendors; Merch Vendors Bar, and Beer Trailer). Tickets/Info: (707) 57-Blues or visit New Blues Festival is presented in conjunction with the Long Beach Blues Society "Preserve the Past, Promote the Future." New Blues Festival VIII's strong lineup features recently-Signed Gulf Coast Records Recording Artist and R&B Legend, Tito Jackson; Blues Vocalist Extraordinaire and Multi-Blues music Award winner, Sugar Ray Rayford; Los Angeles longtime Blues Guitar Great, Laurie Morvan; Newly-Formed Bill Grisolia & the New Blues Festival All-Stars; New Orleans transplant and longtime blues guitarist, Lester Lands; SoCalbased award-winning multi-genre guitarist-

New Blues Festival VIII & Shoreline Aquatic Park: Some History "This is the eighth New Blues Festival, the sixth in Long Beach, and the first time the New Blues Festival will be held in the prime Entertainment Destination of Shoreline Aquatic Park, which is a 16

Peninsula of Land surrounded on three sides by water," says Festival Promoter and Curator, Bill Grisolia.

with a Host Hotel," adds Grisolia, who besides fronting the New Blues Festivals All-Stars, is also the longtime vocalist-pianist and front-person for well-known Long Beach mainstay, New Blues Revolution.

One side of the Peninsula is located in the Pacific Channel, which leads to the Los Angeles River tributary. The other side Is Rainbow Harbor, which includes both working Fishing and Charter Boats as well as all types of pleasure crafts. Across from the tip of the Peninsula is the tip of Shoreline Village, with it’s iconic Lighthouse Restaurant.

Shops and restaurants highlight the Shoreline Village experience including the original Yard House Restaurant. Next to the park is the Aquarium of the Pacific, with its recent $53 million Pacific Visions addition. The Aquarium is known throughout Southern California for its Rescue and Rehabilitation efforts and it to work with school children from across the Los Angeles and Orange

Headliner Tito Jackson

"The Festival will seek to add a kick-off event on Friday, November 12 to be arranged to perhaps

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coolly retro modern day British Invasion vibe of his band David Brookings and the Average Lookings One of two infectious preview tracks being released in advance of the LP “Mania At The Talent Show” drops November 12. The dreamy, atmospheric mid-tempo tune “Hard Times” may have been the last one written for the project, but it perfectly captures the zeitgeist of 2021 and the latest stage of the pandemic era – where we’re moving about freely but cautiously, waiting to emerge fully from the anxieties, fears and challenges of the past year and a half. Brookings sets the personal, yet universal tone and the clever rhyme scheme of the tune in the first verse: “How much more can I take? I’ve been trying not to break in the hard times/Feel the wind through the trees/Heaven help you if you sneeze in the hard times.”

DAVID BROOKINGS EXAMINES THE “HARD TIMES,” WITH TRACKS FROM UPCOMING ALBUM ‘MANIA AT THE TALENT SHOW’ The latest music from David Brookings is a magnificent collection of introspective, and often thorough inspiring musings of the “New Normal” in which we are living. The songs revolve around his masterful creativity and composition, showing that his talent is undeniable. His music has transformed over time, like a living being. It has now come into its own and is not only well received by his fans, but harkens to what is the next wave of music,. If I could create a genre for this new music, I would call it “Electric Folk.” With inspiring lyrics and experimental textures based on classic styling, this album looks to pave the way for a new type of artist, and a voice for the new generation. Mind you, I don’t hear fear or complaining in his work, but a mind trying to rationalize what is going on, trying to make sense of it all and making a safe passage in the journey for all who come into contact with his music. Long before David Brookings launched his recording career in 2000, he tracked three albums at the legendary Sun Studio and regaled fans for years in the Bay Area with the

Between the main verses, he inserts bridges that address the fraught reality but ultimately offer encouragement: “These are strange days / There’s an outrage / Everything’s fine – it’s just hard times.” Similar tracks on the album that carry this 60’s pop theme are “Keep It Real, “ “Driving to Ojai” and “One of Us is Crazy (The Other One is Me).”

Inspired by his musical heroes and the music of the prior generations, David Brookings weaves a tapestry of verse that stays in the mind, and imprints itself, like memories, to be resident in your head and heart forever. The music takes a variant departure with a very grooving track on the forthcoming album titles “The Words Come Back To Haunt You”, where it is said “words can be left like burses on the body. “ 19

The other preview tune, the spirited and jangling, 60’s-early 70’s influenced “Get Off (My Mind)“ harkens back to the youthful melancholy feeling of never quite getting over that first love and pining for her and the past like “a ghost” that’s still “flying strong.” Catchy as the song is, it’s certainly ironic coming from a guy who’s been happily married for 16 years – but that’s the genius of Brooking’s great ability to fashion relatable characters and put them situations we can all relate to.

Another very thoughtful track is “Kill Shot,” with a killer line “I used to adore you but there’s a breaking point, would you rather be Happy or Right, tonight” there are so many catch phrases in this song, many that all of us use, but David has taken off hand comments and cliché phrases and turned into a song that can explain the apathetic path of the social norm that has developed. The title track “Mania at the Talent Show,” in which, like the musical poets Jim Croce, Don McLean and Harry Chapin would tell a story in such detail and colorful analogy, that you can see it happening in your mind.

Followed by the song “Hide Your Crazy,” this is just a really fun and rocking album and a tribute to the inspiration music can bring into life. The final track on this album “Mystery of Time,” is magical, and as I mentioned before, touching, it reminds you of your youth and what life could be, should be, a ride into the cosmos on a silver rocket, heading for the stars. David Brookings has created in “Mania at the Talent Show” something we need, a look in verse, at a state of calm in a crazy and ever changing world. Follow David Online:

“I enjoy taking artistic license with stories inspired by my life,” he says, “and on ‘Mania at the Talent Show’ I’m proud of my development as a songwriter and the fact that I don’t just write about girls. I try to always write about different interesting things, projecting myself as a character in various situations and creating an interesting musical movie around that.”

“Mania At The Talent Show” touches on many topics, and some, in review, are hilarious, but have a strong footing in our reality. The ridiculous is found in the foundation of life, like the track “Women of L.A.” an upbeat and rhythmic song which takes a moment to point out the ludicrous behavior of being “in the know”- one lyric that caught my attention was “These women with name brand shades that covers up half of their face, some that look like Ewoks that went overboard on Botox but their friends tell them you look so great”- this is masterful writing and a realistic view of the daily dose of insanity in which we live. 20

first three albums “Arguing with Success” (2017), “Dopamine Drift” (2019) and “Frequency Illusion,” which was released in January 2021. He is setting the stage for the release of his next opus “Units of Uncertainty” with the drop of a four track EP featuring four provocatively titled representative tracks – “Cultural Treason,” “MicroAgression,” “Race to Indifference,” and “Unfavorable Semicircle.” The moody, hypnotic edgy rock/hip-hop influenced “Cultural Treason” borrows a bit from Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg’s allegorical masterwork the “Peer Gynt Suites,” representing the perfect blend of Kassan’s classical and hip hop influences. The intense, edgy guitar and industrial groove driven “MicroAgression” has a powerful sci-fi feel that caught the attention of an animator friend, who is using it as the opening and outro music for a sci fi series bout robots stuck on a ship interviewing frozen brains in a talk show format. “Race to Indifference” is an expansive, atmospheric and laid back track directly influenced by the famed Scottish electronic duo Boards of Canada; it starts off melancholic but evolves uniquely with a funky backbeat and chill flow. “Unfavorable Semicircle,” the seductive, aurally mind-bending final track on the promo EP also draws from this important influence.


After years of playing everything from pure pop, as an early member of Brian Wilson’s backing band The Wondermints, to Beatlesque pop/rock as a founding member of the critically acclaimed Chewy Marble, and surf, spy jazz, and supersonic lounge music with The Tikiyaki Orchestra, veteran SoCal composer/musician Brian Kassan started doing a deeper dive into his lifelong passion for electronic music.

“I had always liked electronic music – Eno, Gary Numan, New Order, Kraftwerk, Ultravox – and I started discovering the psychedelic side of Instrumental hip hop and electronica at one point – which opened up a whole new rabbit hole for me,” says Kassan. “It started with Boards of Canada, J-Dilla, Flying Lotus, Amon Tobin, Tycho, Casino vs Japan, Caribou and others. They were inspiring to me in that they were solo creators of this more modern, but nonetheless progressive/psychedelic sounding music—but with beats. Once I found a computer program which met my needs—ease of use, ways to quickly create my own sounds with unlimited sonic software and hardware tools—Bloomfield Machine started to take shape as a new vehicle for new ideas. I could use drum loops and machines to record the one instrument I don’t really play.”

His immersive journey has led him over the past four years to create some of his trippiest, most progressive vibes ever as Bloomfield Machine – a one man instrumental tour de force fusing modern electronic beats with fresh melodic and richly cinematic soundscapes sculpted with handcrafted textures and tones. The ever prolific artist’s unique compositional trademark is balancing darkness, melancholy and contemplative pieces with others that are upbeat, joyous, groovy rock and jazz lounge. Kassan introduced adventurous listeners to his colorful mix of prog rock, psychedelic and neo-psychedelic sounds, hip-hop, down tempo vibes and electronica via Bloomfield Machine’s

On a personal level, the MicroAggression collection expresses a lot of the chaos that Kassan has experienced over the last few years. 21

His mother survived a lung cancer scare, he had shoulder surgery and a 14 year relationship ended. Though there are elements of sadness and melancholy coming through in his music, he insists he’s not a depressed person at all. “Actually,” he says, “I’m very optimistic about my life, but Bloomfield Machine allows me to express deeper emotions that I don’t necessarily access very often. Although I create this music for me, I really want people to discover and hear it. I think it’s somewhere in the past/present/future – which makes it original sounding to me. It allows me to simultaneously work in any time period and no time period. I believe the audience is out there…”

Brandon, UK Subs, The Vibrators and TV Smith, will also unleash an accompanying music video which was shot entirely on a GoPro and edited by the duo. “Brace yourselves, kids! Mama will extend your summer for a bit longer. Get ready for our new video 'Tropical Fuzz', with even more bass, more fuzz, cowbell and triangle action in our "biggest low budget DIY production" shot only with a @gopro” Their latest album, “Tropical Fuzz,” which features all three recent singles, “Black Rainbow,” “Banana Republic,” and “Tropical Fuzz,” can already be purchased on CD and Vinyl, but will be available on all streaming websites from the 10th of December.

Yur Mum Release New Single Yur Mum, a London-based Brazilian rock act signed to Chapter 22 Records in the UK and M&O Music in France, released their new single, “Tropical Fuzz,” on the 27th of October 2021. The band, formed of Anelise Kunz (bass/ Vocals) and Fabio Couto (drums), who’ve shared the stage with DIY stalwarts such as Maid Of Ace, Svetlanas, Healthy Junkies, Hands Off Gretel, I-Destroy & Dream Nails as well as modern-day legends such as New Model Army, The Adolescents, Vice Squad, Kirk 22

Violinist and Vocalist Robby Steinhardt’s Solo Album

Not in Kansas Anymore

Solar Studio’s Robby Steinhardt's first and only solo recording, “Not in Kansas Anymore,” was released October 25th 2021. You know him as the legendary violinist, vocalist and front man for the band KANSAS, recording nine albums which reached gold, platinum and

double platinum status. He is now making another mark on the world with his first and only solo album.

months prior to finishing the record. He and wife Cindy were looking forward to a new chapter in their lives. He had started rehearsals and was preparing to hit the road in August when he became ill in May.

The new album, “Not in Kansas Anymore” is a powerful, well thought-out offering of Prog Rock magic. Timely songs with incredible arrangements and virtuoso performances. Robby’s vocals and signature electric violin come through on this work labeled a “Prog Opera”. In his only interview for the project, he spoke with Bill Shafer of PBS. Steinhardt was asked about the meaning behind the title Not in Kansas Anymore. Steinhardt responded, “It’s no slight against the band, no never! My time with Kansas defined a big part of my life, of which I am very proud of. Ever since The Wizard of OZ, those words have become an American axiom for moving forward, you can never go back etc.” Robby laughed, “I guess it has a special meaning when it is fixed to me.” The album, produced by Michael Thomas Franklin, is his latest production since the highly acclaimed Jon Anderson “1000 Hands Chapter One.” Franklin used a similar approach using a large cast of renowned musicians to lend their talents. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Steve Morse of Deep Purple/Dixie Dregs, Billy Cobham of Mahavishnu Orchestra, Bobby Kimball of Toto, Chuck Leavell of The Rolling Stones, Liberty Devitto (Drummer on Billy Joel’s hits), Jim Gentry, Pat Travers, Billy Ashbaugh (Moody Blues/Pat Benatar), Lisa Fischer (longtime vocalist for The Rolling Stones), 1000 Hands members Michael Franklin, Tommy Calton, Tim Franklin, Jocelyn Hsu, Rayford Griffin and Benoit Lajeunesse and many others including an orchestra and choir.

Robby’s musical vision, voice and violin lives on with his first and only solo album, Not in Kansas Anymore! Release was delayed due to Steinhardt’s passing July 17, 2021. Not in Kansas Anymore, Digital Download, CD and preorder LP with free Digital Download can be found Online


The songs provide powerful lyrics, hard to forget choruses, combined with crafty playing. All this combined with Franklin’s lavish and complicated arrangements makes listening to Not in Kansas Anymore a wonderful hour well spent. The stunning album artwork created by Tom Lupo of Magnificent Pictures and subliminal song quotes from the Wizard of OZ, are another added feature to this complex Prog Opera. Currently four videos are in the works. Steinhardt was in a reborn state of mind in the 23

New Tech & Gear It has been carefully recreated in the plug-in and enhanced with an expanded view for real-time tweaking. In addition to a master EQ, there are seven effects with adjustable controls and the ability to change the signal flow with drag-anddrop actions.

Roland JD-800 Software Synthesizer

The JD-800 Software Synthesizer includes 64 original presets from the JD-800 hardware, plus 64 newly crafted presets that show how inspiring and evocative the synth can be in a modern context. And with the plug-in’s extensive array of top-level controls, users can easily create all-new sounds to make their music stand out from the crowd.

Roland announces the JD-800 Software Synthesizer, the latest addition to the Legendary series of software-based Roland instruments available through Roland Cloud. In early 2021—30 years after the debut of the original JD-800 hardware synth—Roland introduced the JD-800 Model Expansion for the ZENOLOGY software synthesizer and select ZEN -CORE hardware instruments. Now, the anniversary celebration continues with the release of this iconic digital instrument as a dedicated DAW plug-in. The JD-800 Software Synthesizer delivers a virtual recreation of the original’s unique sound and inviting control-laden interface, along with a host of new features and enhancements for today’s music producers.

The JD-800 Software Synthesizer offers a hyper-realistic interface that’s resizable for high-resolution screens and comes in VST3, AU, and AAX formats for compatibility with popular Windows and Mac production software. The plug-in also features native Apple silicon support for the highest level of performance on the latest Mac computers.

In the early 1990s, preset-driven digital synths with limited hands-on controls dominated the landscape. The JD-800 changed all that in 1991, bringing the synthesizer world back to its roots with a massive control-filled panel and an unapologetically electronic sound palette.

The JD-800 Software Synthesizer is the newest member of Roland Cloud’s Legendary series, which includes plug-in versions of other Roland classics like the JUNO-60, JUPITER-8, TR-808, TR-909, D-50, and more.

An instant hit among the world’s top keyboard players, this innovative instrument found its way onto classic albums and numerous film and television scores, and it remains highly sought after to this day.

Legendary titles are available with the Ultimate membership level of Roland Cloud. All paid levels—including Core and Pro—start with a free 30-day trial of Ultimate, allowing users to try out the JD-800 and all Ultimate features. In addition, any Roland Account holder can purchase Lifetime Keys for individual Legendary series titles.

The JD-800 Software Synthesizer is painstakingly crafted to sound and behave exactly like the original hardware. Rather than simply combining a bunch of JD-800 samples, Roland used the original waveform data along with advanced modeling techniques to perfectly recreate the big, bright, spacious sound that only the JD-800 can deliver.

This provides unlimited access for as long as their account is active, even if they don’t have a Roland Cloud membership.

A key ingredient of the JD-800’s sound was its formidable multistage effects section. 24

unparalleled sonic detail, and incredible accuracy without increasing the impedance

New internally sloped earpads that help to reduce unwanted resonances and interior reflections Newly designed Fazors that are optimized to reduce diffractions The LCD-5 cable is specially tuned with directional OCC high-purity copper strands that provide a low capacitance and low resistance path to maintain unsurpassed clarity and precision. The LCD-5’s fully re-designed magnesium frame provides rigidity and ultra-light weight, while the acetate rings offer just the right touch of richness


"Featuring our core technologies while adding some new innovations like our Parallel Uniforce voice coil, the LCD-5 incorporates decades of audio and technology research to deliver all the aspects of a truly reference audio experience," stated Audeze CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram. "Our long term commitment to delivering reference products has led us to the LCD-5," he added.

The Audeze LCD-5 sets a new standard for accuracy using a new driver design with Audeze’s own patent-pending Parallel Uniforce™ voice coils and new magnet assembly. LCD-5 represents a completely new design made specifically for minimal reflections, improved frequency response, and a more open yet accurate soundstage. LCD-5’s impedance is 18 Ohms, sensitivity is 90dB, and it weighs just 420 grams (1/3 less than the LCD-4!).

For more information on the Audeze LCD-5, follow Audeze on Twitter and Instagram, “Like” us on Facebook, subscribe to Audeze on Youtube to see and hear video demonstrations of Audeze products, and visit the website at

Handcrafted in California, USA, the LCD-5 has been meticulously engineered to provide unmatched audio for industry professionals and audiophiles alike. The LCD-5 is now available on Audeze’s website and through select dealers. Audeze has shown the LCD-5 at CanJam at the Irvine Marriott, and will also show it at the Capital Audio Fest in Rockville Maryland November 5th.

The LCD-5 features Audeze’s patented core technologies, and comes with new acoustically designed leather earpads, an improved and luxurious carbon fiber suspension headband, deep “tortoise shell” acetate rings, all-new magnesium housing, plus our latest premium audio cable made with high-purity copper, and an aluminum travel case. Audeze LCD-5 Key Features: New Parallel Uniforce™ diaphragms and Fluxor™ Magnets provide powerful sound, 25

and revolutionary way to share music online. With a single click in Sibelius, users are given a score URL to share with others via text, instant message, or a post on social media as well as embed into their own website.

Sibelius 2021.10 Connects Users Across Platforms, Introduces Sibelius for iPhone

These scores work on any device with a web browser and allow users to play back the score from anywhere. With the invention of Sibelius for mobile, Avid saw the need for people to be able to connect with others in a whole new way. Avid is pleased to announce an extension to Sibelius Cloud Sharing to enable recipients of a score URL to download and print the score directly within the score view. They can then work on and arrange the music using Avid’s free applications across Windows, Mac, iPad, and now iPhone too.

Avid is excited to announce the availability of two new pieces of technology to bolster the lineup of Sibelius products and solutions.

Sibelius for Mobile—Now Supporting iPhone and iPod Touch Devices

First, Avid is introducing a way to distribute scores to others so they can contribute and work with those scores on their own device - this is great for those needing a score reviewed or arranged, or for teachers to send their students scores with only a few simple clicks.

Avid is excited to share the news of their latest Sibelius for mobile release, which for the first time brings the full power of Sibelius for mobile to iPhones and iPod touch devices! That’s right, users can now carry Sibelius—and their entire library of Sibelius files—in their pocket. This is not just a file viewer or a cutdown version of Sibelius’ new iPad application; this is Avid’s full Sibelius for mobile application completely optimized for devices with smaller screens. If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch running iOS 13.4 or later, you can head over to the App Store right now and check out the application for free.

Second, Sibelius is now available to iPhone users, allowing users to carry their entire library of scores in their pocket. Printing and Downloading Sibelius Cloud Sharing



Completely Dynamic Smaller Screens




From top to bottom, left to right, Avid has gone through the entire Sibelius for mobile interface to make sure that everything falls into the perfect place on smaller screens, like the various sized iPhones & iPod Touch devices. Sibelius for mobile looks great in both portrait and landscape orientations, an investment Avid made to support the widest possible range of devices, including those available to today and those that will be available in the future. If you haven’t yet checked out Avid’s iPad app, you can find all of the details in their post for that

Sharing music with other people has never been easier. Back in 2017, Avid released a simple 26

release. If you’re already up and running with Sibelius for mobile on an iPad, you can expect, with just a few exceptions, the exact same powerful feature set now available for iOS devices. The exceptions largely stem from the differences between iOS and iPad OS, namely no Pencil support and no multi-tasking. Everything else is there, including our new patent -pending touch gestures! When Avid was reimagining note input for touchscreens, they specifically sought to invent the best possible note input experience that could be performed with one single swipe of the thumb; users will find the note input to be even easier on smaller touchscreens!

Avid added an alternative method for indicating save state. In the new Sibelius release, you’ll find that the “Back” button styling also indicates when the score has unsaved changes. Japanese In this release, Sibelius is continuing its effort to provide access to the new mobile application in as many languages as possible, and Sibelius is pleased to share that the new version has been translated into Japanese. To run Sibelius for mobile in a language other than the default language set by your device, head to the Settings application, find the Sibelius tab, and then choose the desired language. Other Improvements Like many other types of audio applications, “Sibelius for mobile” will now ignore your device’s Silent Mode setting. You’ll always be able to hear playback regardless of how you’ve set the physical (or virtual) toggle. If you’d like to work on a score with no sound, simply turn the volume on the device all the way down. Sibelius fixed several issues pertaining to Guitar TAB Note Input, including the ability to enter the initial note with a keypad drag gesture.

Panorama If you have an iPad but not an iPhone, don’t worry, there are plenty of improvements for you in this release. One of the first things to check out is Panorama mode, which is accessible via the SHIFT + P keyboard shortcut or via the Panorama command in the Command Search. Panorama mode is perfect for quickly inputting notes without worrying about layout considerations, and it works exactly the same as it does in desktop Sibelius. For advanced users, you can also combine the use of Panorama mode with the “Focus on Staves” command in order to pair down the staves in Panorama view to just a subset of staves.

Bassoon and contrabassoon samples have been updated for proper playback. Sibelius for mobile now gracefully handles audio interruptions from other system processes. And finally, as a long-standing user request: When adding notes (via keyboard shortcuts, the new chord tool, mouse input, etc.) to an existing note that contains articulations, Sibelius no longer removes the existing articulations (unless new articulations have been specified on the keypad). More at

Save State In Avid’s initial mobile release, the file’s save state was indicated by the filename in the top toolbar (i.e. bold = all changed saved, non-bold = unsaved changes). On smaller screens in portrait orientation, there simply isn’t enough room to display the name of the current file, and thus, 27