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In This Month’s Issue: Artist / Industry Spotlight: Ryte Eye Ty We Interview Ty Webb, multitalented vocal artist, entrepreneur, label owner/CEO about the releases of new music and we discuss his views on today’s Music Scene.

Kyle Gass Must Save The World Tour Kyle Gass, one of the Dynamic Duo Tenacious D flies solo across the nation and beyond. Maybe not the Hero we need, but most definitely the one we deserve!

Nathan Brachear Proves Monsters Are Real Nathan Brachear is new to the music game, but the way he draws from life, for all its good, bad and ugly… you would think he is a veteran from listening to his music 1

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Issue 03 : Vol 01 : September 2021

Contents: FEATURES & STORIES : From The Road - Tour Scene News Blues Rock Bosses HEAD HONCHOS Host Open Jam -Page 4

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Concerts, Festivals and COVID Editorial by Patrick O’Heffernan, Ph.D. -Page 4 Kyle Gass Must Save The World Tour -Page 8 Interview Ty Webb, A.K.A Ryte Eye Ty -Page 10

Interview with Nathan Brachear -Page 13 Hot Half Dozen -Page 15 Vocalist Laura Tate -Page 16 Meet Musician/Festival Promoter/Activist, Bill Grisolia -Page 17 Michael Lanthier… A throwback Artist for Today’s World -Page 19 John Michael Ferrari -Page 20 Hollywood Music In Media Awards -Page 21 NsyKa Has Released A New Track: Kutta Walk -Page 21

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News from the Tour Scene "A blistering, searing, scorching guitar spectacular that will leave your ears reeling for hours, even days if you’re wearing headphones or ear-buds. The band’s vocals are also far above average, both lead and backup/harmony. Blues Alliance is a shot of guitar adrenaline that’ll wake you up in the morning – or the middle of the night!” -BLUES BLAST "Blues Alliance is a solid album and an important reminder that subtle blues treasures often come from unheralded bands. Led by the father-son guitar duo of Rocco Calipari Sr. and Rocco Calipari Jr., the four-piece outfit stays true to their debut’s formula without sounding formulaic. It's guitar lover's feast." - BLUES ROCK REVIEW

Blues Rock Bosses HEAD HONCHOS Hosts Open Jam at The Tender Trap Attention Musicians: Blues-rock Bosses HEAD HONCHOS are presently hosting an Open Jam every Thursday night at The Tender Trap, at 109 N. Halsted St. in Chicago Heights, Illinois, from 7-10 PM, and of course, there’s never a cover.

"Blues Alliance is the consummate blues rock experience for 2020. With all the bad stuff that’s gone on this year, this album refreshes my blues- lovin’, little rock ‘n’ roll heart. With the Detroit-schooled musical acumen of Rocco Calipari Sr. leading the way, Blues Alliance reveals the common cause to be “Blues for a New Century!" - AMERICAN BLUES SCENE

“We welcome all kinds of music, blues, rock, classic, bring your instrument and come jam with us,” says HEAD HONCHOS front man and guitarist, Rocco Calpari Sr. “Same goes for you touring bands, come jam with your music friends.”

More online at

Concerts, Festivals and COVID 2021 – a Wasteland fashion trend?

The well-experienced, road-tested and respected HEAD HONCHOS are fronted by the father/son guitar team of Rocco Calipari Sr. and Rocco Calipari Jr., both bad-ass axe-slingers on a mission to keep the blues alive. They make magical Blues music with their blazing, dual guitar leads. Mike Boyle on bass and Will Wyatt on drums comprise the Valparaiso, Indianabased quartet first-rate rhythm section.

Article by Patrick O’Heffernan, Ph.D. There is no better evidence that live music is back with a vengeance than the upcoming Wasteland Festival in the Mojave Desert of California this September.

Attracting upwards of 4000 attendees, Wasteland } Festival will feature world-class talent like Militia Vox, a costume ball and a car show, plus lots of flames. Along with Wasteland, the festival season includes Riot Fest, Imagine Festival, ARC Festival, Austin City Limits, and many more in the fall, in addition to the festivals that livened up June, July and August.

FUN FACT: Rocco Sr. is also well-known throughout the blues world from his stint as longtime guitarist of Chicago blues stalwarts, Howard and the White Boys. The press has been lauding the group’s talent and their sound as appealing to all music lovers. Check out what the top papers and news outlets are saying: 4

I was especially interested in the Wasteland Festival because it is five days, with “tribes” setting up camps, including folks staying in RV’s, tents, and homemade structures — lots of opportunity to intermingle. Because of the inherent problems of putting 4000 or more people together for a wild week in the desert, Wasteland has many pages of rules covering costumes, vehicles, safety, courtesy, structures, fires, and other stuff – all quite reasonable and responsible. Many of the other festivals and outdoor events like Grand Performances in Los Angeles also have pages of rules designed to keep people happy and safe. But I was interested in the fact that few, if any, have rules about COVID-19.

symptoms even if they were fully vaccinated (one popular pop singer dropped out when her boyfriend got COVID although they were vaccinated and he and she tested negative before the event). These precautions seemed reasonable to me and to my guests, so I wonder about several thousand people occupying the same space, dancing, breathing, and who knows what for hours or even days without masks or vaccine requirements. Given the high rates of vaccination in many – but not all – parts of the country, music festivals and outdoor concerts are not likely to be the super spreader events they could have been in pre-vax days. So far, festivals in the previous months have not caused major infections.

I recently hosted an event for my music friends while I was on vacation in LA. We moved the event outside, although the venue, Casa Sanchez on the Westside, has a cavernous indoor dining room with a full stage for mariachi music and the guests included a major, award-winning mariachi artist. Everyone had to be vaccinated and no one could attend with

Nevertheless, I notice that the cities of LA and San Francisco have tightened the rules in the wake of the Delta variant, and are moving forward with requirements that patrons show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 before entering into indoor spaces like concert halls. The State strongly recommends, but 5

does not require, that organizers of large outdoor events over 10,000, screen attendees to make sure they’re either fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have recently tested negative. Some venues are going beyond that to require vaccinations for entry; no exceptions. On Tuesday, Los Angeles County health officials announced that anyone attending large outdoor events such as concerts and festivals would need to wear face coverings, regardless of whether they’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19.

produce nothing but a lot of dead virus, at least on the medical front. We won’t know until late fall if the resurgence of festivals and outdoor music does give the Delta variant new pathways. Perhaps if states and promoters decide to impose mask mandates like the one in LA Country, the question will be moot. In the meantime, Wasteland attendees have a great opportunity to creatively incorporate COVID masks into their Mad Max headgear and maybe start a festival fashion trend.

In my experience, despite characterizations to the contrary, musicians are a pretty responsible bunch. No one wants to give his or her band members COVID – witness my pop singer friend’s refusal to come to an outdoor event even though her boyfriend had apparently recovered and they both tested negative.

Photo Credits: : Ryan Speth

Music audiences, however, may be a different animal. My pop singer friend said she and her boyfriend (who also performs) quarantined for almost a year, stayed safe, got vaccinated, and then decided to perform at one large show. They one time they left the house and performed, he caught COVID, probably from an audience member. Music audiences are bombarded with messages from the stage and various screens to get vaccinated. But statistics show that the messages are not working well – people between the ages of 18 and 24 have lower rates of getting the shots than their parent’s generation, or their older siblings. And they are filing hospitals nationwide.

So what about the music festivals and outdoor concerts? They may not be a major problem since studies show that the transmission of the virus is massively reduced outdoors, although the virus can survive in air droplets for as long as three hours and on some hard surfaces for up to three days. But COVID is killed quickly by the ultraviolet rays in sunshine (quoting reports broadcast by the BBC), so the hot days in the desert at Wasteland may




After a one-year “vacci-cation” on his Californian farm, posting tons of fun videos on his social channels while waiting for his shot, Kyle did what he does best: Killing time by writing great songs. After a one-year “vacci-cation” on his Californian farm, posting tons of fun videos on his social channels while waiting for his shot, Kyle did what he does best: Killing time by writing great songs. When he finally got the call, Kyle got really, really nervous which resulted in the new single release of “Vaccinated” – a parody of the Ramones classic “I Wanna Be Sedated” along with a video featuring longtime friends like Jack Black, Amy Lee, John C Reilly, Steve Lukather, and many others.

Originally from Montana, Fairbanks eventually found his way down to Austin and launched his comedy career, then moved to Los Angeles where he can be found skateboarding on a recently-replaced hip or recording his popular podcast “Do You Need a Ride?!” co-hosted by Karen Kilgariff. Fairbank’s latest release “The Rescue Cactus” album is available everywhere on 800 Pound Gorilla Records.

Due to the incredibly great response to the “Vaccinated” release, and because he was tired of drinking home-squeezed orange juice all day, Kyle went for it again. He knew the time was as ripe as the fruits on his citrus trees for the world to be saved with his super rock powers. So, he rounded up the most virtuosic musicians in California to put on a rock show, the likes of which world has never seen. Kyle and his Band O’ Broze will blow the thick layers of dust off your ears like a rock ‘n’ roll hurricane you have never experienced before.

KYLE GASS MUST SAVE THE WORLD TOUR 2021 Tour Dates • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Couch Apocalypse is over, it’s the beginning of a New Era: The Kyle Gass Must Save The World Tour 2021 is on! You’re welcome. Additionally, Kyle will have comedian and Podcast World Champion, Chris Fairbanks, along for the ride to open all the KG Must Save The World Tour shows.

Oct. 4 Oct. 5 Oct. 6 Oct. 7 Oct. 8 Oct. 9 Oct. 10 Oct. 12 Oct. 14 Oct. 15 Oct. 16 Oct. 17 Oct. 18 Oct. 19 Oct. 20 Oct. 21 Oct. 22


More information performances:

Chris Fairbanks has delighted audiences for more than two decades in comedy clubs across the country and on Comedy Central, TruTV, TBS, Fox and Amazon.


this 8

Knoxville TN Lexington KY Fort Wayne IN Grand Rapids MI Stoughton WI Chicago IL Chesterfield MI Syracuse NY Morgantown WV Harrisburg PA Vineland NJ Hamden CT Philadelphia PA Washington DC New York NY Hampton Bch NH Cambridge MA





Artist / Industry Spotlight: Ryte Eye Ty Multitalented vocal artist, entrepreneur, label owner/ CEO Ty Webb, AKA Ryte Eye Ty, who took the YouTube and Social Media world by storm last year at this time with the release of his inspiring and highly emotional track and companion video FREEDOM, has come full circle with the newly released lyric video for his new beat-fest power track Swing Baby.


Swing Baby is phenomenal, it instantly brings you into the groove, with pulsing rhythms, and when the bass drops, the lyrics and rhyme nail you down. The track features the talents of Klubjumpers.

Hi thanks for having me on your platform once again. I’m grateful. Yes I would introduce myself as a regular guy, whose passion is everything music and I think that is reflected in the many different ways that I write. My music, no matter which genre, always tells a story.

To his credits, Ryte Eye Ty enjoys the honor of being an artist known for: • • • •

57th Annual Grammy Ballots Feature Song Freedom in the movie River Run Red Nominated for Gospel Blue Mic Award Writer of different Genres of Music from R&B to Country • Co-owner of Pretty High Publishing and One Way Up Entertainment • Created gospel groups, such as Ty Webb and Adonai Reigns, and Ty Webb and A City on a Hill

IPM: Ty, first off, thank you for making this interview possible. My first question... If you were to explain who you are to one who is not familiar with your music, how would you introduce yourself and your music?

IPM: let’s take a moment to rewind; last year at this time, you released Freedom, a track that was both powerful and spiritually moving. What was the inspiration behind it, and now, one year later, what has been the result of that creativity? The inspiration behind Freedom was the death of Michael Brown. I wanted to write something that I felt like all people, and especially my people could understand and relate to. See, you may not understand what it feels like to be black, but I know that you know the pain of loss. That’s what I wanted to reach; that very thing that everyone could relate to. The song actually brought a lot of light to us, and propelled us onto another level. IPM: Ty, you are a Multitalented vocal artist, entrepreneur, label owner/CEO with a list of creative credentials that would be a list of lifetime achievements for many, but for you, just a starting point; a warm up. What is next for you, both as an artist and more?

Well, we are excited to announce that we (our company, One Way Up Entertainment) just inked a distribution deal with...get this, Bungalo/Universal Music Group. We are very excited that the Bungalo/ Universal family has welcomed us in and we are looking forward to releasing some really great music and


signing artists eventually to our label. IPM: Where did it all start for you? What was the moment you realized you were destined for this life in creativity? It started at a middle school bus stop with my cousin, Angel Morgan, and Gene Cochran in Pompano Beach to what the world knows as 1800 block but the moment I truly knew is when I wrote my first song, “Don’t Go” at the Pompano Mall (Pompano City Center). IPM: Moving forward, tell us about the new track Swing Baby. It is phenomenal. What’s the back story? Swing Baby has a two part back story. First I wanted to write about the edgy side of our Miami Streets, but it’s also a song about a cute little dance my wife does. I promised her that when I found the right beat, I would create a song for her. Little did we know it would be Swing Baby but we’re grateful it is. Swing Baby will be released Sept 3rd of this year. IPM: You created the track featuring the talents of Klubjumpers, but who is the voice in the lyric video, that sounds so ethereal, so mystical?

fostering healthy relationships in this business. You will experience every emotion that comes with this. Just enjoy the process, because even in difficult times, there are lessons to be learned. Always be willing to go outside of the box. Stay true to your beliefs. Receive what you’re hoping for even if it hasn’t appeared, and remember right outside of fear lies your destiny. IPM: Anything you may wish to tell our readers?

We just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, from the depths of our hearts. We are grateful you give us a platform on which to show our gifts and talents to the world. We understand that without you, we couldn’t be as creative as we like. So thank you for every stream, every save, every share, every like, and any and everything you do to support us. Thank you so much. You only get to see our lives from one perspective, but I want to show you another. Blessings, Positivity, Love , and Light. Find Ryte Eye Ty online and take a visit to his magical musical world of creative genius:

The young lady on the tracks name is Tyler Royale. She’s a phenomenally gifted singer out of Atlanta Georgia. Definitely watch out for her. IPM: What is next to come from the music lab? We are going to be releasing more singles through One Way Up Entertainment/Bungalo Records/ Universal Music Group. Our next release will feature Tyler once more, she is a pleasure to work with.

IPM: What would you tell someone who is aspiring to become a creative mind like yourself? What words of inspiration can you present? I would say your “Nay Sayers” will be many and your supporters very few, just keep believing. Always be grateful and thankful, always be open to



DJ X-Tech Interviews Nathan Brachear Artist Interviews from Tampa Bay Radio Interview by DJ X-TECH Nathan Brachear, an artist that is relatively new to the music world, but has proven his abilities from his unique style and sound. Where his song Bullet may remind you of Johnny Cash with its softer and subtle tone, his song Follow me will re-energize you with a classic ZZ Top, Motorhead styling.

not figure out how to do. His name is David Bradley, and he is great. He also plays lead guitar in my other band, Blue Temper. Hopefully we will be releasing an album next year. Monsters Are Real is my solo project and Dave puts the finishing touches on my tracks and masters them. He played the lead guitar on Bullet also. I have also recently starting working with Mathieu Gouin and he is doing a really nice job too.

I recently spoke with Nathan for an interview on Tampa Bay Radio and for syndication in IndiePulse Music Magazine. Nathan Brachear, an around great musician is just really at the beginning of his career and I personally cannot wait for more. Hello, Nathan I am very happy to welcome you to the Radio Show and Podcast community. Tell us a little bit more about you, and please introduce yourself our listeners. Hey, thanks for having me. I’m not very good at talking about myself, but I will do the best I can. My name is Nathan Brachear, I write and release music under Monsters Are Real. One thing that I’m always interested in, when I sit down and chat with artists is what their defining moment was, when they knew that they wanted to be in music… What was that moment in time for you? I did not really have a defining moment where I decided I wanted to be in the Music Industry. I am still new to it to be honest. I have always loved music and always had a good feel for it. I love to write and always did well in English class when I was in school. I really did not know when I was younger that it was even possible to be involved in the industry. I just knew that when I played my drums or my guitar, I was happy and felt energized. Do you mix and master yourself, or do you have an engineer or a producer that works with you? I do both, I do the initial mixing and mastering and produce basically a rough draft MP3 to give my guy an idea of what I am going for. He then goes in and refines what I have already done and adds what I could

What motivates you? Not just in your music but in your normal life as well. My motivation is just my drive to succeed. And I don’t mean millions of dollars, mansions, cars, etc. I mean real success, waking up in the morning and being happy with where I am. Being able to teach someone under me something that day and making sure that I can lighten somebody’s load even for just a few minutes that day. I am a very serious quiet person and 13

sometimes that can be intimidating to people. But I am the guy you come to if you need help. One thing that happened last year that I marked in the success column was when my songs started getting streamed and purchased by people in Japan, France, Scotland, etc. I made fractions of a penny, but I thought that was the coolest thing.

of my stuff sounds like Bowie, and I have never really listened to much of his stuff. It is probably the story telling aspect of my music. I love a good story in a song. I personally think that there’s too much social media out there to keep up with. I understand why it’s necessary but there’s a ton of it out there. What are your feelings on social media and music today?

I am personally on a mission to get good music heard by everyone. What is one thing that bothers you the most about trying to come up in the music world today, and do you prefer being underground, or is the mainstream something you strive for?

Social Media is the worst… Sometimes you just need to keep your stupid ass comment to yourself and social media has given people a way to go ahead and say it behind the safety of a keyboard. I agree with you, there are way too many platforms to keep track of. It can get really confusing and hard to make the right choice when trying to promote music. What has it done to music? Ruined it! It is so easy to get music for free now it is almost pointless to try to sell it. Plus, I don’t even know if these people have the attention span to listen to an entire song anymore.

I cannot stand the fact that the same people over and over and over have hit after hit. They drop an album and it goes to number one before anyone has even had a chance to listen to it. If you are not in that crowd or you aren’t using that producer, you might as well hang it up. On top of that, the music that is getting all of the praise is not very good. It has no feeling, it took 14 people to write it, and it all sounds the same. I love being underground. Some of the absolute best music out there right now is being written and performed by bands that will never get a chance. Take for instance. Some of the music on there is f***ing amazing and nobody cares, because the right name is not attached to it.

I want to thank you for this Q&A. Is there anything you want to say to everyone out there? Shout outs? Thanks for the opportunity to get my music out there. Thanks for all you do for the aspiring artists out there. It is not easy out here, but remember, there is someone listening even when you think they aren’t. You might be the one who gets someone through one more day, so stop whining and play! I would like to shout out David Bradley for all of his hard work at the board. He did a great Job. And to Mathieu Gouin who also does some of the mixing and mastering. I just started working with him some, and he has done a good job as well. He mastered Follow Me. Thanks again, hope to talk to you soon.

One question that I like to ask artists is, how did COVID affect your music in particular, and the music scene in your area? COVID decimated the music scene here. It is trying to come back now. In terms of affecting me it really did not change much. I am not a real social guy; I like to work all day and write all night. By the time I get home in the evenings I usually have a new song idea or an idea how to improve one that I am working on. Who, musically, is one of your bigger influences? Well, that is an interesting question. I love Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd. The list goes on and on. But at the same time, I have never been one to seek out an artist. If I like a song I listen to it, I really don’t care who it is playing it. I get told all of the time that a lot 14

The Hot Half Dozen Music Reviews with Patrick O’Heffernan, Ph.D. La Tierra by Flor de Toloache. The Grammy winning indie mariachi group covers a 1997 patriotic classic by the band EKHYMOSIS, considered by many as the “second Colombian anthem” The music moves in high tempo with percussion, horns and the incomparable vocals of the women of Flor de Toloache. Available on all platforms.

Camera Lenta, video/single by El Dusty Adan Cruz, Serko Fu, and Morenito de Fuego. Classic party sound from the Latin Grammy nominated composer, arranger and ringmaster, Camera Lenta mashes together Cumbia, Electronic, & Trap for a taste of the Corpus Christi music scene through the lens of a MPC2000 sampler and clips of Latin and reggae music. Available on all platforms. Check out the cartoon skateboard video for the song on YouTube.

You by Irene Diaz. The second single off her forthcoming album Lovers and Friends, the Mistress of Love Songs brings us an addictive rocking-energy love song that incorporates her unique and wonderful voice with hooky lyrics in a pop tune that is an absolute must at the top of your playlist. Available on all platforms. Check out the YouTube video – it will make you happy.

Nada es como quisiera by Fernanda Ulibarri. Singer, songwriter, producer, video producer, and all-around artistic genius brings us the music from the major Mexico City installation “Frida: La Experiencia Inmersiva” by Cocolab Worlds and OCESA. The music is pure joy and magic, happy and inspiring. Available on all platforms. Check out “Frida Inmersiva” at Patrick O’Heffernan, Music Sin Fronteras.

BONUS: Blessings and Miracles by Carlos Santana. The master is back and hotter than ever, with Rob Thomas, American Authors. Available for preorder at Spotify, deezer and Apple Music.

Screen Violence, by Chvrches. The Glasgow trio does it again in their fourth album, only with Martin Doherty and Lauren Mayberry recording in LA and Ian Cook in Scotland the 9 big sound songs on this album will move you emotionally and kinesthetically. No wonder the album, released 3 days ago, has 18 million Spotify streams. Available on all platforms.

One Way Out, EP by Melissa Etheridge. From the first guitar note of “As Cool As You Try” to the final notes of “Like the Way I Do” this is classic gutgrabbing dive-bar Ethridge. The 4 songs on the EP will not let you go and you will love it. Available Sept 17; pre-order at, pre-save at Spotify and Apple Music and other platforms. . Watch the YouTube video filmed at LA’s Molly Malone’s.


Vocalist Laura Tate Nominated For Two Independent Blues Awards Texas-based blues vocalist Laura Tate was recently nominated in two categories for the 2021 Independent Blues Awards: “Best Live CD” (for ‘Live From El Paso’) and “Best R&B/ Soul Song (for ‘I Need A Man’). Voting ended August 31 with the winners to be announced soon. “An eclectic performance of professionalism and contagious joie de vivre. It’s a pleasure to hear it and imagine it in such a friendly atmosphere producing such fluid music! It evolves there with an invigorating nature and with the ease of a fish in water.” – TED Magazine, Canada “Laura has a relaxed style and conveys all the lyrics with clarity and a definite sense of what the song is seeking to convey, whether it be raw emotion or humor. For a live album the sound is excellent and the performances on the money with no excessive soloing from any of the band. Anyone who missed Laura’s last two albums can enjoy many of those songs here in live performance.” – Blues Blast “Laura Tate has produced amazing chemistry and combined her vocals fascinatingly with distinctive brass lines and a beautiful background of the piano. There’s also extraordinary guitar and a pumping, inspired, and accurate rhythm section. ‘Live From El Paso’ is dominated by incredible energy and very expressively accentuated soul-jazzy-blues.” - Soundguardian, Croatia Laura Tate, one of four daughters of a Southern beauty and an opera singer father, grew up in Dallas and began singing in front of audiences at the age of nine. While majoring in voice at the University of North Texas, she had the chance to tour with a theater repertory company – and she has worked as an actor and singer ever since. After training at the Herbert Berghoff Studio School of Acting and the Stella Alder School of Acting in New York, she performed off-Broadway and in other NYC productions as well as theaters in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Dallas and 16

on musical touring companies. In Los Angeles, Laura’s career turned first toward television with appearances in programs and series on every major network, HBO, and several cable channels. At the same time, what began as a gig in on-set craft services blossomed into a new career directing music videos, documentaries, and commercials. Working on music videos across the country, Laura collaborated with a wide variety of musicians including Phil Collins, Gloria Estefan, MegaDeath, and Cheap Trick. One of her documentaries, “Held in Trust” narrated by Ossie Davis and Colin Powell, garnered national acclaim, receiving the PBS Golden Apple for Education and induction into the Smithsonian Institute Film Archives. Today Laura lives in El Paso, a unique and vibrant community at the edge of Texas, New Mexico, and the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Well-known for her volunteer work for local women’s shelters, the Alzheimer’s Association, Junior League, and many social justice causes, Laura received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. Returning to college as an adult, she finished her bachelor’s degree and master’s degrees in theater at the University of TexasEl Paso. Stay up to the minute on Laura Tate happenings at all her Socials:

Meet Musician/Festival Promoter/ Activist, Bill Grisolia

Commission of LULAC. Bill served as Commissioner on two commissions of the City Council of Long Beach: the Long Beach Community Development Commission, which works to develop housing through block grants and develops neighborhoods; and the Long Beach Homeless Services Advisory Commission, where he served as Vice Chairman. He currently serves as a member of the Audit Committee of the Los Angeles Mission. During his tenure at Memorial Care Health Services, Bill worked on a variety of communications, legal and policy projects including the corporation's crisis team and functioned as a bilingual television spokesperson. A strong advocate for public education and child development programs, Bill supports many programs in the Long Beach Unified School District, where his children attend or have graduated. Bill has participated for several years in the Principal for a Day Program of the Long Beach Education Foundation.

Bill Grisolia wears many hats: musician, vocalist for awardwinning group New Blues Revolution and recently-formed Bill Grisolia and the New Blues Festivals All-Stars, promoter and founder/curator of the New Blues Festival, Huntington Beach Blues Festival, and Adelanto Blues Festival, and Activist. Bills supports the musical work by The Long Beach Blues Society, which is just one of over 200 charities that could use your help raising money during this year’s Long Beach Gives event happening September 23. For more information about the Long Beach Gives event, head over to their website ( to start donating. The Stage is not the only place where this kind and generous soul looks to improve the quality of people’s lives. Bill Grisolia was a member of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and was then chosen as Vice Chairman of Policy and Legislation for the Los Angeles Housing Advisory Committee of the National Housing 17

BLAST Music Platform Doing Big Things in 2021-2022 ASCAP, BMI, Copyrights, Royalties, Streaming and more. Artists registered on the BLAST platform will have the first opportunity to be chosen as a performer in the symposium based on their popularity and amounts of BLASTs they receive from fans. In addition to the symposium, BLAST will also announce a new winner take all music contest for Reggaeton Artist specifically. So, if you are a Reggaeton Artist you should start practicing right now because this is something you don’t want to miss.

If you are an Independent or Unsigned Artist and want to be a part of these and other future endeavors, go to and register as an artist. Start taking advantage of all BLAST has to offer. Joining is free, but the perks are priceless. BLAST…Changing the Industry One Artist at a Time.

BLAST, the new music platform designed for Independent and Unsigned Artists, has been in existence for only 2 months but is already making big plans for the rest of 2021 into 2022. If you are an Independent or Unsigned Artist trying to gain exposure, get promoted around the world, monetize you music and merchandise, perform in virtual and live concerts, create and sell tickets to your own concerts, maintain total control of your music and keep 97% of all your sells, you may want to think about going over to right now and signing up. Unlike Spotify or Soundcloud, BLAST not only houses your music and videos on your very own website (your stage), but we also promote you and your music by booking you on Podcasts, Internet Radio Stations providing articles in internet and print magazines, and much, much more! It’s the much, much more that has us very excited. In the near future, BLAST will announce a new music symposium designed specifically to educate artists on the Music Business and to showcase Independent Artists to fans around the globe. The symposium will focus on elements of the music industry such as 18

Introducing Michael Lanthier… A throwback Artist for Today’s World

releasing some original music. And oh how he recorded and released. To date, Michael Lathier has dropped 18 original songs on BLAST. At one point he was dropping one or two songs per week making him one of the most prolific artists on the platform. With songs like “Between the Words” and “Nothing to Say” Michael has carved out a niche for himself as a Solo guitarist, much like his guitar hero Jimmie Hendrix, Michael allows his guitar to do the talking for him. “I used to sing, but I haven’t done so in a while, so when I decided to started recording I left the singing out and focused on learning how to work the drum machine and create music. But I’m thinking about creating some songs soon that have vocals” I want to keep evolving musically and that seems to be the next step in my evolution” exclaims Michael. No matter your preference in music Michael Lanthier will take you on a musical journey. I always say, you don’t know what you like until you try it. You can try Michael Lanthier out for yourself by going to his BLAST Stage @

How do you define an artist? Is an artist a person that creates something magical out of nothing? Is an artist someone that makes you feel something just by listening to a song or even a melody they composed and created?

I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the talent that exudes from this young man. So if you are an artist looking to get exposure, promotion, monetize your music and merchandise be like Mike and put that sh** On BLAST!

If these are your definitions of an artist, then you will truly see that Michael Lanthier is an Artist’s Artist. Michael Lanthier’s story is one of struggle and redemption. An army veteran that struggles with PTSD and turned to self-medication as a way to cope is a sad story we know all to well. This was the hand dealt to Michael. Still, through all of what Michael his been through, he found his way out. “I’ve been sober for more than nine months and music has become the most important part of my therapy and recovery,” says Michael. Michael has always been a hobbyist musician, but one day he decided to pick up his trusty guitar, the one that has been with him for years, and started recording and


In addition to Cross-over Artist of the Year, John Michael Ferrari was named “Rising Star” 2021 determined by fan votes at the eZWay Virtual Golden Gala, awarded “Outstanding Triple A Album” 2020 for the Be the Smile on Your Face album by the Producer’s Choice Honors, awarded “Best Peace Song” 2020 at the Hollywood Tribute to the Oscars by Art 4 Peace, and named Singer Songwriter of the Year 2019 at the Fame Awards. John Michael Ferrari’s songs are stories put to music, sometimes, so emotionally relatable it’s difficult for his audience not to shed a tear. The inspiration for My Heart Can’t Breathe came when his heart ached seeing a photo of himself with a loved one from years ago. Like all of his music, it is the experiences of his rich life that weaves the tapestry of his genius.

John Michael Ferrari Award-Winning Singer Songwriter & Country Cross-Over artist Releases New Single My Heart Can’t Breathe. The New Music Awards have recognized John Michael Ferrari as Artist of the Year for 2021 with his release of his emotional break-up pop country crossover song, My Heart Can’t Breathe. Coming off the recent success of his last album, Be the Smile on Your Face, during the past year during the COVID pandemic year, John Michael Ferrari has had six tunes on several radio charts. As with John Michael Ferrari’s successful previous album, Be the Smile on Your Face, My Heart Can’t Breathe was recorded at Larry Beaird Studios, Nashville, produced by Pepper Jay, and written and performed by John Michael Ferrari for Cappy Records. The making of a successful song takes a community. For My Heart Can’t Breathe John sends special appreciation to Evan Hutchings on drums, Eli Beaird on bass, Troy Lancaster on electric guitar, Mike Rojas on keys, Justin Schipper on steel guitar, Kris Donegan on acoustic guitar, Jim “Jimbo” DeBlanc (tracking/BGV engineer), Rob Lane (Vocal Engineer), David Buchanan (mix engineer), and gorgeous background vocals of Tania Hancheroff. It is with the phenomenal talent of these artists that John’s incredible gift of creativity is brought forward to a public that so desperately needs to experience his unique style and music.

In his early life, John Michael Ferrari’s childhood was not a happy one. He found refuge in playing his guitar and singing, which for him was rebellious as he was not allowed to play his guitar in his step-father’s house. The first song he learned was “Tom Dooley” and the first song he wrote was when he was 14 years old. John spent his childhood on the streets and found his way into trouble. At the age of 15, a Judge called him incorrigible, and not understanding what that word meant, he responded “Thank you.” His polite gesture inspired the Judge to sentence John to two years in the Nevada State Children’s Home in Carson City. John shares this “was probably the best thing that could have happened to me and the first time I felt safe as a child or teen.” Before the time for him to graduate from high school, the principal suggested John Michael drop out of school and join the military, which he did, ending up in the U.S. Army, 25th Infantry, which John said was another one of the best things that could have happened to him. It is Interesting to note that John Michael Ferraris tune Dustoff (written in 1966 and included on John’s My Early Life album) was written in honor of the military helicopter and its crew that picked up the wounded and dead after a fire fight in Vietnam is a song still honored by the Dustoff Association and has been included in several movies. Music has been John Michael Ferrari’s life; writing, arranging, and performing. His work and association with Pepper Jay as a music partner has lasted for over 30 years and continues today. Pepper Jay produces John Michael Ferrari’s music and manages his career. 20

Newspapers and magazines have been generous to John Michael Ferrari. John Michael has graced two magazine covers over the COVID year and the Los Angeles Times wrote a full-page story on John Michael entitled, “No Earplugs Required” and concluded John Michael was the new Sammy Davis Jr or a young Bobby Darin.

nominations have historically been representative of the nominees of key awards shows that are announced months later. The HMMA main event features live music performances, celebrity presenters, tributes to music industry icons, awards for composers, songwriters and artists. The HMMA also celebrates emerging, independent artists and music influencers from around the globe for creative and innovative contributions.

John Michael Ferrari is also a teacher, a public speaker and keynote concert speaker. John is the author of “Acting with Your Eyes” and the co-author of “Dynamic Song Performance – The Singer’s Bible.”

The Hollywood Music In Media Academy was created as a statutory voting body of entertainment professionals and journalists to assist in the selection of winners from designated nomination categories within the Hollywood Music In Media Awards. The HMMA also includes an Advisory Board consisting of professionals from various facets of entertainment including, but not limited to, Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL), the Television Academy, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), The Recording Academy (NARAS), Songwriters Hall of Fame (SHOF), performing rights organizations, journalists and music executives.

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Hollywood Music In Media Awards Include Dom Colizzi, Gary Pratt, Richard Lynch

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NsyKa is a rapper with a very upfront sound and a lot of attitude.

MTS Management Group is pleased to announce their artists Richard Lynch, Gary Pratt and Dom Colizzi have been nominated for the 2021 Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Richard Lynch is nominated in the Country category for his song, “Rodeo Town.” Gary Pratt is also nominated in the Country category for his song, “A Song You Can Drink a Beer To.” Dom Colizzi received a nomination in the Pop category for his song, “Demons.” Winners will be announced on November 17th, 2021 at The Avalon in Hollywood. “Stunned…amazed!” said Michael Stover, MTS President. “We are so blessed to work with these incredibly talented artists. It’s been such a remarkable year for everyone in the MTS Family, and this is just such an honor. Congrats to all of the nominees!” MTS Artist, Chris Bender won the 2020 HMMA Award for Best Christian/Gospel artist. The Hollywood Music In Media Awards™ (HMMA) is the first award organization to honor original music (Song and Score) in all visual media from around the globe including film, TV, video games, trailers, commercial advertisements, documentaries and special programs. The HMMA


His music is direct, punchy and energetic, with a charismatic flow that reminds of the greats of the genre, including Kanye West, Jay-Z or even Lil Wayne, just to name a few. With his most recent release, Kutta Walk, NsyKa stands out for songs that are a great example of his uncommon lyrical prowess, as well as his ability to turn a beat into a massive explosion of heavy grooves and infectious melodies. This skilled rap lyricist knows a thing or two about creating dope rhymes, and he’s year to kill it, one verse at a time. Realness is the first element in his mix of genuine lyrics and powerful beats, and listeners will certainly notice from the get go. Don’t miss out on this amazing new release, as “Kutta Walk” showcases the artist’s rapping chops and lyrical abilities to perfection. Find out more and let the music do the talking.


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