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Anthology of independent be aut y

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NY 2019

Uniting Indie Beauty Around the World Join the leading international platform generating awareness and opportunity for today's beauty innovators.


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#weareindiebeauty 2 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

New York

August 2020

Anthology of independent be aut y NEW YORK AUGUST 19–23, 2019 V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4


A Week of Independent Beauty............................................................ 2


BeautyX Capital Summit





Overview................................................................................. 8


Schedule............................................................................... 10

Indie Beauty Expo New York 2019...................................................... 16 i.

Exhibitor Lineup................................................................... 19


Buyer Favorites.....................................................................22


Featured Collection............................................................30


Exhibitor Press......................................................................42


Beauty Independent Trend Report...................................46


Registered Retailers + Press..............................................57

Uplink Live New York 2019..................................................................28 i.

Exhibitor Lineup...................................................................26


Speaker Schedule................................................................29

Next Stop: IBE London 2019................................................................64

1 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

celebrating independent innovation:

A Week Of Independent Beauty The Indie Beauty Media Group celebrated its fifth anniversary by launching the first-ever Week Of Independent Beauty. Many of New York’s most prominent beauty retail and wellness hubs collaborated with Indie Beauty Expo, Uplink Live and BeautyX Summit to champion the largest gathering of indie-attuned beauty professionals and beauty lovers in the world.

2 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

The Events Retailers such as The Detox Market, Freedom Apothecary, Cedra Pharmacy, Madonna & Co, and Follain took the fun beyond the show floor and threw parties for exhibitors and consumers.

Monday, August 19

= Public Shopping Event


Location: Convene Downtown Time: 9:00am-7:00pm Type: Education + networking for beauty entrepreneurs Tickets:

= Ticketed Event = Invite Only


Location: Convene Downtown Time: 9:00am-5:00pm Type: Education + networking for beauty entrepreneurs Tickets:

3 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

4 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Wednesday, August 21

Thursday, August 22

Friday, August 23

The Deals CAP Beauty, WTHN, Higherdose, P/W, Salthau, Consigliere, Shobha, Skinshape and even online platform Verishop were among the 15 retailers that enticed their customers with indie beauty product specials.

5 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

A Universe Of

centered on the be

Capital Summit August 19–20, 2019

The biggest BeautyX Summit opened channels between brands and major investors. Investors on the hunt for their next growth driver and brands looking to identify sources of capital established dialogues on stage and off during two days of intensive interaction. The 150 attendees learned to speak the same language and share unique perspectives as BeautyX courses, panels and expert dialogues educated, informed and inspired today’s beauty innovators.

6 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019


eauty entrepreneur

New York

August 21-22, 2019 The Fifth Anniversary Indie Beauty Expo grew a brand new wing: Uplink Live. Five years after Tata Harper, Briogeo and Vapour first joined forces in New York for the inaugural IBE, the indie beauty movement is now an established major industry event. Complete with Uplink Live—an ambitious, and necessary, new component that showcased solution providers—IBE attracted nearly 1,000 buyers and journalists to Pier 94, its expansive new home.

7 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

AUGUST 19–20, 2019 | NEW YORK

The Great Expectations of investors and brands and the consequences of today’s beauty bubble, animated a program led by industry heavyweights. Dozens of beauty financiers of varying magnitudes, from angel investors to the conglomerates, detailed their strategies for investing in growth. Common themes emerged, with the cost of customer acquisition

and wholesale business plans as sources of major scrutiny. L’Oreal’s Carol Hamilton and Castanea Partners’ Janet Gurwitch capped off a schedule that featured foundational courses on investment requirements, calculating costs, and Investor Time, the newest piece of BeautyX’s proprietary curriculum that offered attendees small group sessions with investors in an intimate setting.

Click here to learn more about the 2020 BeautyX Summit series. 8 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Foundational Courses

Case Studies

Panel Discussions

Expert Workshops

Live Learning


9 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019




Opening Remarks


The Capital Landscape

From crowdfunding campaigns to corporate acquisitions, get an overview of where the capital flowing into the beauty industry is coming from.


Preparing A Pitch Deck

How to create a clear, concise and compelling pitch deck that will grab investors’ attention.

PRESENTERS: Elena DiGiovanni, Paul Potorti

PRESENTER: Nader Naeymi-Rad


Investor Time With Tina Bou-Saba


Finding Funding

An intimate Q&A opportunity.

Founders share their stories of how they got their business off the ground and in the air.


MODERATOR: Claire McCormack PANELISTS: Sarah Brown, Alexandra Fine, Diishan Imira


Fundamentals Of Valuation


Calculating Costs

From marketing dollars to demand generation to warehouse fees, what is the true cost of launching a beauty brand today?

Knowing how much your company is worth is critical in any transaction involving the exchange of capital or ownership of your brand. Learn the essentials to the process.

PRESENTER: Ashleigh Barker

PRESENTER: Christopher Napolitano


Investor Time With Pat Robinson


Investor Time With Larry Kahn

An intimate Q&A opportunity.

An intimate Q&A opportunity.




Return Of The Brand: The Sale & Repurchase Of Clark's Botanicals


Networking Lunch Break


Angel & Individual Investor Panel

Angel and individual investors can provide critical seed funding to launch your brand. What do they look for in potential partners?

What happens when an acquisition goes awry? In this candid conversation with Clark’s Botanicals founder we’ll discuss the genesis of his brand, the sale of it to Glansaol and his decision to buy it back after Glansaol’s bankruptcy.

MODERATOR: Rachel Brown PANELISTS: Tina Bou-Saba, David Chung, Elizabeth

MODERATOR: Claire McCormack PANELIST: Francesco Clark


Understanding Deal Structures

Learn the different ways an investment deal can be structured.

PRESENTER: Elena DiGiovanni


Networking Cocktail Reception presented by On Air Direct

Edwards, Pat Robinson



Crowdfunding may seem like a straightforward option for beauty entrepreneurs who need to raise capital, but there are caveats to be aware of before you launch your campaign.

PRESENTER: Claire McCormack

10 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

11 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Stylish and sustainable oral care brand Terra & Co., color cosmetic palette producer Ace Beaute, and saucy women’s sexual wellness brand Quim vied for the attention of a trio of beauty investors during a mock pitch session. To prepare for Deal Appeal, founders were each paired with a seasoned beauty finance professional. Ashleigh Barker, senior advisor at investment bank Michel Dyens & Co., advised Quim founder Cyo Nystrom; LucHenry Rousselle, managing director at William Hood & Co., counseled Ace Beaute’s Niye Aniekan-Attang; and independent strategic growth advisor Nicole Massimi, a former Birchbox executive, coached Terra & Co. co-founder Azra Hajdarevic. Holding out the lure of private consultation time as the prize were judges Carol Hamilton of L’Oreal, Elizabeth Edwards of H Venture Partners and Janet Gurwitch of Castanea Partners. With Ace Beaute winning over Elizabeth Edwards and Quim nailing the audience prize, Terra & Co. proved to be the biggest winners, landing the accolades of Gurwitch and Hamilton and a free ticket to an upcoming BeautyX Summit. 12 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019




The View From The Top: A Conversation With Carol Hamilton

We sit down with celebrated industry leader and L’Oréal’s Group President of Acquisitions Carol Hamilton to get her unparalleled insight on the state of the beauty industry.

PRESENTER: Claire McCormack PANELIST: Carol Hamilton

Venture Capital Panel


Investor Time With Ed Wong

Venture firms look for high growth brands and sectors as investment targets. Where do they see white space and how can brands take advantage of that?

An intimate Q&A opportunity.



Live Learning: Deal Appeal

The competition is fierce: Three real-life indie brands, supported by advisory experts, pitching to veteran investors.

THE BRANDS: Niye Aniekan-Attang (Ace Beaute), Azra Hajdarevic (Terra & Co), Cyo Nystrom (Quim) THE ADVISORS: Ashleigh Barker (Michel Dyens & Co.), Luc-Henry Rousselle (William Hood & Co.), Nicole Massimi (Strategic Growth Advisor) THE INVESTORS: Elizabeth Edwards (H Venture Partners), Janet Gurwitch (Castanea Partners), Carol Hamilton (L’Oréal USA)


Opening Remarks


State of Deals 2019

2019 has been another record-breaking year of beauty deals. What’s driving this surge of investment activity and what does it mean for indie brands?

PRESENTER: Elena DiGiovanni


MODERATOR: Christopher Napolitano PANELISTS: Brandon Ford, Robert Rosenberg, Sonya

Brown, Anu Duggal


Venture Capital Case Study: Creating Credo

Five years after a conversation between investor and entrepreneur led to the birth of the lauded retailer, both parties are laser-focused on innovation and expansion. What made Nextworld buy into Credo’s credo?

MODERATOR: Rachel Brown PANELISTS: Annie Jackson, Dawn Dobras, David Fife


Investor Time With Sonya Brown

An intimate Q&A opportunity.



Networking Lunch Break


A Conversation With Janet Gurwitch

One-one-one time with respected beauty investor Janet Gurwitch, Operating Partner of private equity firm Castanea Partners.

PRESENTER: Nader Naeymi-Rad PANELIST: Janet Gurwitch


Investor Time With Elizabeth Edwards

An intimate Q&A opportunity.

FEATURED INVESTOR: Elizabeth Edwards

13 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

BeautyX Demand Generation

Leverage media, influencer and marketing resources to engage and acquire new customers.

january 27-28 2020 | los angeles, ca

BeautyX Retail

Gain insights into today’s beauty retail space and how to best grow your brand’s distribution through retail channels.

may 11-12 2020 | dallas, tx

BeautyX Capital

Explore the various ways an entrepreneur can fund his or her business and hear the latest investment trends.

august 2020 | new york, ny

BeautyX Entrepreneurship Get a crash course on everything it takes to be an entrepreneur in today’s beauty market.

december 2020 | new york, ny

14 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Build Your Future. 15 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Cheers to Five Years! 16 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 3 | N E W YO R K 2 019

#IBELA2019 Innovators deserve innovation, which is why IBE’s 5th show in Manhattan launched two major new developments for Indie Beauty Media Group’s flagship show: the Week Of Independent Beauty and Uplink Live. The new ventures promoted the visibility of indie beauty and provided business solutions for the nearly 250 brands that assembled at Manhattan’s Pier 94 in bids to become the emerging beauty success story of the next five years. Which brand could be the next Tata Harper? Could it be Beigic, Biophile or Codex Beauty? And is Allyoos the Briogeo of tomorrow? What about PYT Beauty or RealHer as the heirs to Vapour? The attention cast on the center of new beauty is more intense than ever: thousands of industry professionals, journalists and buyers kept the show floor humming. High-powered representatives from major media outlets and stores such as Marie Claire, Well + Good, Into The Gloss, O Magazine, New Beauty, Target, Ulta Beauty, Walmart, Sephora, Nordstrom, QVC and Goop combed

through the exhibition spaces to form relationships with the next big brand of the future. Like the entrepreneurs and brands it supports, IBE is dedicated to expanding its commitment to today’s beauty innovators with vital new tools and services. It rallied major specialty retailers to showcase indie products via instore events and promotions for the Week Of Independent Beauty. Uplink Live, a companion event inside IBE, assembled solution providers to provide exhibiting brands with necessary tools and extensions to fuel the community’s next wave of growth. 17

T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

18 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019


Exhibitor Lineup *2018 Best In Show Winner 6IXMAN

Biophile Skincare


Henua Organics

A Wholesome Glow

Black Chicken Remedies

Cosmetic Acme Innovation Ltd

Herbal Dynamics Beauty

Bleu Lavande



BLNCD Naturals

Crystal Clear



CTRL Cosmetics

Hickey Lipstick


Dame Products

Bodhi Organics

Dead Sexy by TokyoMilk

Higher Education Skincare

Abbott NYC Absolute New York ABSOLUTION Acaderma Inc. ACE BEAUTE LLC ACHI

Body Barrier

Alder New York

ALKA-WHITE® Alkaline Oral Cleanse


Alkemie Group

Breakups to Makeup


Browluxe Inc

Amber Dust


ANDA Skincare

Buffalo Gal Organic Skincare

ANJALI MD Skincare

Bukli Haircare

Aromatica by Beauteers


Asamo Cosmetic International

Camille Obadia Skincare


CBD + Nature represented by The Plant Lore Agency

Au Naturale Cosmetics Azure

Be Fancy Beautiac BEAUTY & THE BOX Beauty Results Ltd T/A TanOrganic Beboe Therapies BEIGIC Berlin Skin BIJA Essence inc

Honey Belle

Dr. Botanicals

Honeybee Gardens

Dr. Natural LLC


Elina Skin

Humble Brands, Inc.

Elvis & Elvin Inc

Hush + Hush


HydroHair Systems



Erbaviva Erchonia Corporation Ethique FHI Heat


Fruit of the Earth Inc.


Gabriel Cosmetics Inc.

InStyle Products LLC

Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetics


Intoxicating Beauty

Cleo&Coco Natural Body Care


Inventia Polish Technologies

Good Science Beauty




Kakadu Dream

Cocobaci International

Graydon Skincare


Coconut Matter Limited

Grön represented by The Plant Lore Agency




Code of Harmony


Codex Beauty

Hawrych MD Lash



Dotted Zebra

Free + True Skincare

Chemist Confessions

Banila Co

Honey & Be


T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019


Exhibitor Lineup *2018 Best In Show Winner GOODBYE


Rising Springs



Nø Cosmetics

Rockstar RollOn




Royer Cosmétique

The Organic Skin Co.




The Seaweed Bath Co.


O'o Hawaii

Satya + Sage



Scotch Porter

The Spoiled Bee Cosmetics

label.m USA



Lace Luxury Haircare



LaFlore Probiotic Skincare

Othús Perfumery


Pai Skincare

Smooth & Strong


Solara Suncare

Petal Fresh


LAPCOS LASHES IN A BOX Leaf People Skin Care Limese

Pharmacopia Natural Bodycare


PMD Beauty

Little Butterfly London

pony puffin by PUFFIN BEAUTY

Little Moon Essentials LORD & BERRY Lucky Chick MĀSK Merci Handy Mi Moi represented by The Plant Lore Agency Mikel Kristi Skincare Miko Beauty milk + honey Mineral Air Mineralgia Modern Picnic Moon Mother Hemp Company

SPARITUAL Spoil Me Beautiful Stamba Inc


Starr Beauty Products


Sugar Me Smooth

Province Apothecary Inc


PURE AURA Pure Principles PureHeal`s by am! cosmetic Pursonic PYT Beauty® Quim R&R Luxury REALHER Refresh Skin Therapy

Sweet and Kind Sweet Mary Jane Switch2Pure TBH Kids Teami Terra & Co. TERRA/FORM TERRES D'AFRIQUE The Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel

Moreau Regime Cosmetics


The Good Patch by La Mend


The Hello Cup

My Magic Mud

RG Cosmetics

The JBeauty Collection


The Wellness Apothecary Theoderma Skin Care Tonic Products TOOGGA Tracie Martyn Beauty & Wellness Tropic Labs True North Beauty Unicorn Snot Unpa Cosmetics Urban Skin Rx Valeur Absolue Velvette Organics VERBÖDEN Verso Skincare Viking Beauty Secrets Viliv Visha Skincare

Way of Will Inc WHISH BEAUTY White Lion WHITE RABBIT Winged WONDERGLOSS Yangu Beauty Yon-Ka Paris Zion Health

20 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

21 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

The Favorites After IBE New York 2019, buyers were surveyed about their favorite beauty and wellness finds. Here are the top voted winners.

Alder New York


Berlin Skin


Banila Co

BLNCD Naturals Browluxe Inc


pony puffin by PUFFIN BEAUTY

Dr. Botanicals

Province Apothecary Inc



Elina Skin


22 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

23 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019


Solutions to Grow T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

On the third day of the Week of Independent Beauty New York 2019, Uplink Live was born. By the evening of the fourth, results were in—Uplink Live was not only a success, it was a hit. The following week IBMG announced plans to expand Uplink Live to two new cities in 2020: Los Angeles and Berlin. Both events will be presented as companion events to IBE in each location. The colorful Uplink Live section at Indie Beauty Expo NY 2019 featured 30 intrepid solution providers representing IBMG’s launch partners for the event. Ranging from ingredient suppliers and contract manufacturers to branding, strategy, public relations and personnel professionals, Uplink Live exhibitors covered the spectrum of the needs of emerging and scaling beauty brands. Traffic flowed steadily through the Uplink Live showcase, presentation stage, lounges and cafe, turning New York’s Pier 94 into a complete indie beauty ecosystem under one roof for two days. IBE co-founder Jillian Wright led curated tours of Uplink Live for select exhibitors and attendees, and a series of presentations drew standing-room-only crowds. Neal Haussel of Iggesund Paperboard presented viable alternatives to plastics, Sheri Koetting of MSLK applied objective criteria to the subjective issue of packaging and design, and Pai

Skincare founder Sarah Brown joined Wright for a conversation on success. “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” said Brown, cautioning founders to prepare for a marathon, not a sprint, on the journey to success. “At first I thought, ‘I have the service providers I need right now at this point in the life cycle of my company,’” said Kegelbell founder Stephanie Schull after touring Uplink Live. “But, of course, things are changing rapidly, especially after exhibiting at a show like Indie Beauty Expo. All of a sudden, I have very different needs and it was great to meet all these companies.” The feeling was mutual: “Uplink Live was incredible,” said Sunee Fleshman, marketing specialist at Sensient Cosmetic Technologies. “Indie brands are the future of this industry, and they have a need for suppliers that are willing to work with them.” 25

T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019


Exhibitor Lineup 3rd Party Logistics Group, Inc.


On Air Direct, Inc.

5W Public Relations



ADF&PCD New York

Goodkind Company

Pure Beauty Labs

Advanced Beauty Labs


Revenue of Inspiration

Antrim Cosmetic Solutions Inc.

Lubrizol Life Science

Roberts Beauty

Aptar Beauty + Home


Sederma / Croda Inc.

Base Beauty Creative Agency

Mana Products

Beauty Blueprint

Martin Kartin and Company

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies

Dear Future


Exclusive Concepts

Noble Roots

EZ Com


Solésence Beauty Science, LLC U&I Worldwide

26 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

27 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

28 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019


Speaker Lineup WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2019 3:00PM­­­— Clean Beauty Product Development and How To Avoid Greenwashing Damien Dossin, Senior Vice President iLabs

Hear why it all starts with the partnership you have with your lab—your formulator. 4:00PM­­­ — Social Strategy: How Small Brands Can Keep Up Jodi Katz, Founder, Base Beauty Creative Agency

Take a deep dive into how you can unlock your toolbox and use strategies and creativity to help your indie brand keep up and stand out on social media platforms.

2:00PM­­­ — Public Relations 101 – How a Strong PR Campaign Can Propel Indie Brands Forward Kerri Nuzie, Associate VP, 5W Public Relations

Hear how public relations and marketing can catapult indie brands into the spotlight—and how to effectively maximize the impact of your results. 3:00PM­­­— Culture Fit and the Recruiting Process Martin Kartin, President, and Rebecca Levin, VP of Retail, Digital & New Business Development, Martin Kartin and Company

Learn how to make the ‘perfect match’ and get a first look at a new project-based/consultant initiative—a white space for small, growing companies.

5:00PM­­­— Panel with IBMG Co-Founder Jillian Wright: Overcoming Trials And Tribulations And Becoming Wildly Successful. Featuring Soko Glam Co-Founder Charlotte Cho and Pai Skincare Founder Sarah Brown Hear the pain points that these innovators had to overcome, and which choices led to their global success.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2019 10:00AM­­­ — Sourcing Real Ingredients Sunee Fleshman, Marketing Specialist, Sensient Cosmetic Technologies

Learn to evaluate the data to be sure ingredients are really clean, really efficacious, and really ethical. 11:00AM­­­— Fiber-Based Packaging Solutions: A First Step Towards Plastic-Free Oceans Neal Haussel, Director, Strategic Business Development & Sustainability, Iggesund Paperboard

See why success in redesigning packaging to eliminate or reduce plastic in favor of paperboard lies at the confluence of design innovation and fiber-based materials development. 12:00PM­­­ — Create A Brand-Inspired Buying Journey And Grow Your eCommerce Channel Patrick Lowe, AVP Business Management, PFS

Understand a brand-growth journey that differentiates the online shopping experience and ultimately grows your eCommerce operations. 1:00PM­­­ — Designing Omni-Channel Packaging Sheri Koetting, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, MSLK

Hear package design strategies for retail, e-tail, SEO, social shopping, PR, and video.

29 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Anthology of independent be aut y


30 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

ACADERMA Acaderma brings groundbreaking academic research to today’s beauty savvy consumer by developing novel, game-changing ingredients. Led by Dr. Shuting Hu, the youngest cosmetic scientist to ever receive the prestigious Henry Maso Award by the IFSCC, Acaderma creates clean, 9-free formulas that are clinically proven to make a visible difference in your skin. The Oasis Barrier Booster is a soothing serum that features SEH-HAW EX™, a groundbreaking concentrate derived from kinkeliba. Combined with cactus extract, this transformative botanical active not only calms skin more effectively than aloe vera, but also alleviates redness, reduces inflammation, and restores skin’s delicate barrier. Star Light Spot Corrector is an innovative serum powered by MELAMORIN™, a patented awardwinning natural active extracted from mulberry root that is 5 times more potent than kojic acid and safer than hydroquinone. Together with other 7 actives, this fast-acting formula is clinically proven to brighten dark spots and erase acne marks. Invisible Shield Defense Serum is more potent than vitamin C and contains SESAHELIO™, the star of this revolutionary formulation. Used in combination with 11 other actives, this featherweight serum defends skin against damaging free radicals, pollution and blue light.

31 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

ACE BE AUTE Ace Beaute is a beauty brand on a mission to inspire joy and confidence with its range of product lines. From bold eyeshadow color stories to neutral ones, Ace Beaute stays true to its mission as a beauty brand that caters to everyone. All products are highly pigmented with color stories that have been carefully curated and give off a cosmopolitan and inclusive feeling, and are cruelty-free and vegan. At Ace Beaute, our motto is "Beauty for All" regardless of age, sex, skin color, religion or socioeconomic status. For more information, contact

32 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

BYROE BYROE is a cuisine-based luxury skincare brand based in New York. BYROE believes that people should treat their skin with the same quality nutrition they give their bodies. Within this philosophy, BYROE has formulated clean products with healthy, high quality, food-based concentrations of ingredients that directly benefit the skin’s health and ensure the effectiveness of formulations to deliver maximum results. Their first 5 products – Rice Cleansing Sorbet, Bitter Green Essence Toner, Bell Pepper Serum, Tomato Serum, and Salmon Cream- are fully inspired by healthy salad ingredients. BYROE emphasizes that similar to putting salad ingredients into the bowl, applying their skincare products step-by-step is the way to maximize skincare results. In that sense, Rice Cleansing Sorbet goes to the bottom of the salad bowl, followed by Bitter Green Essence Toner – which includes 33 green vegetable extracts, two seasonal vegetables – Tomato Serum & Bell Pepper Serum – depending on skin concerns, and finishing up with the Salmon Cream.

33 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

CODE X BE AUT Y Founded in 2018 by Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur Barb Paldus, PhD, Codex Beauty is an innovative company setting a new standard in organic luxury skincare. The brand is grounded in science with a novel plant-based preservative system, pharmaceuticalgrade manufacturing, clinical trials, carbon footprint minimizing packaging, and consumer transparency. All products are submitted for EWG verified and Ecocert COSMOS Organic certification. Codex Beauty has planned five functional collections based on global plant biodiversity. Codex Beauty launched with its first skincare collection based on traditional Irish herbal medicine. The healing benefits of Irish flora were scientifically verified and combined with enhancing superfoods. Skin Superfood is a hydrating and nourishing treatment made with the unique, patentpending BiaComplex™ herbal formula. This cream helps treat dry, flaky or irritated skin. Eye Gel Cream with arnica and bladder wrack is a lightweight, cooling, soothing and brightening eye gel that helps reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles.

34 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

ELVIS + ELVIN elvis+elvin is a luxury beauty brand founded by NYC-based esthetician and herbal medicine expert, Victoria Leung, in 2014. Driven to highlight and define natural beauty into perspective, she developed her own brand of high-quality luxurious products, ranging from skincare, makeup, fragrance, body, and haircare. This collection of products feature naturally-derived ingredients and cutting-edge skincare technology. All of the solutions are formulated to be effective, but delicate enough for the most sensitive skin types. elvis+elvin's mission is to develop natural, mild and effective products to earn respect from our customers. Three key points of the products are natural, cosmeceutical performance and cutting-edge skincare. elvis+elvin holds a belief that a company is supposed to take social responsibilities. We are committed to giving back to the community by donating 30% of all our profits to charitable organizations.

35 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

EMILIE HE ATHE At Emilie Heathe, the focus is on expression; based on the belief that beauty is not just an art, but that it is part of the art of living. Luxurious, sophisticated and visually compelling products are viewed as a passport to this idea. Emilie Heathe creates innovative products with high-quality, clean ingredients and sustainable packaging. Nail color is first up for the brand, soon to be followed by makeup and skincare. Emilie Heathe collaborates and creates other lifestyle and accessories items with individuals across all fields who share a common creative passion. They are the beauty lifestyle brand for creatives by creatives. The most recent examples include designers Pyer Moss, Greta Constantine, Jasmine Chong and artists Christopher Beane and Valentine H. Despointes. Emilie Heathe’s mission is to provide thoughtful, luxurious, yet ethically conscious beauty products to men and women around the world.

36 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

HERBOLOGIA Herbologia is a luxury natural skincare brand that applies current skin science knowledge to create new generation formulation designed for superior skin compatibility, safety, efficacy, and quality. Their unique emulsion system mimics the skin lipid barrier, seamlessly integrating into the layers of skin, providing enhanced hydration, absorption, and effectiveness. Herbologia created the first ever non-ionic cleansing formulation used in our shampoos, cleansers, and body washes that are the most skin friendly, neutral, and pHbalanced. Going above and beyond to truly care for the health of skin and body is Herbologia’s holistic way.

37 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

INSTA NATUR AL InstaNatural is a Vitamin C powered skin care brand with a vision to redefine the standard of natural care while educating and empowering consumers to recognize that they have a choice in their beauty routines. InstaNatural dedicates themselves to researching and choosing the most effective and safest ingredients to incorporate into their formulas. In pursuit to create the best skin care, they developed their C Botanical Blend ™ - a culmination of botanical ingredients that are naturally rich in Vitamin C and combined to support optimal skin health for skin that appears vibrant, healthy and youthful. Combined with scientifically-proven actives, their formulas offer real results without compromising safety. Having sold over 3 million products, InstaNatural is excited to continue their mission of making safe and effective products accessible to consumers across the globe, because they believe everyone deserves the ability to incorporate natural and healthy products into their routines.

38 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

LE AF PEOPLE SKINCARE Leaf People Skin Care, founded by Julie Levin, bloomed from a lifelong journey in herbal medicine. All products are formulated and manufactured by Julie, a certified Herbalist who has studied herbal traditions across the globe. At our private lab in Colorado, we integrate cutting-edge botanical science with western herbalism and traditional medicine, utilizing raw and organic ingredients to create effective skin care with options for every skin type. Through working with extensively studied medicinal plants, our products offer a wide array of bioactive components to improve the skin's strength, texture and tone. All extracts and products are made in-house to retain the purity and potency of the ingredients as they transition to a Leaf People product. Leaf People celebrates a plants-for-the-people mentality, making high-quality skin care affordable and accessible, promoting plant conservation and donating a minimum of 5% of their gross sales to charity.

39 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

MIKEL KRISTI Mikel Kristi Skincare combines the power of plants and the ingenuity of science to bring you cosmeceutical products designed to change the future of your skin. As a Board Certified PA, Founder Christy Hall owns the premier medical aesthetics practice, Skin Appeal, in Tucson, Arizona. Specializing in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, Christy helps patients improve skin health and reach their aesthetic goals, all day, every day. The thousands of clients treated throughout her career are both the inspiration and validation for Mikel Kristi’s eco-luxe line. Committed to providing skincare that restores the skin’s natural, healthy function, and an educational path that truly serves you, Mikel Kristi is making professionalgrade skincare available for everyone. Developed in Arizona, this innovative brand offers intensely nourishing, bio-active formulations that deliver results in even the harshest of climates. Proving that if you can have gorgeous skin living in the desert, you can have it anywhere on earth.

40 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

PHARMACOPIA Pharmacopia is a modern apothecary collection of better-for-you bath and body care products for home and away. Green has been its way of life for 20 years. Products have always been vegan and cruelty-free, formulated with natural and organic plant ingredients, biodegradable formulas and aromatherapeutic benefits to uplift, energize and calm. Its gender-neutral retail offerings include 16oz bottles of Citrus and Verbena body lotion and body wash, shampoo and conditioner, bar soap and lip balm. Clean ingredients and distinctive natural scents are a hallmark of Pharmacopia products: free from parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, synthetic or animal ingredients, and harsh chemicals. Environmental Working Group (EWG) and European Union (EU) standards are its guide. Pharmacopia is proud to be a leading natural hotel brand, partnering with better hotels like Hyatt Regency, and over 100,000 consumers globally sampling in-room amenities every day.

41 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

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44 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

People who once were consumers now have a better chance of creating the brands and products that they’d wished existed—and succeeding at it. — Hello Giggles

45 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019


Trend Report The nearly 250 brands exhibiting at IBE NY at PIER 94 came with eye-catching spaces, compelling products and persuasive retail pitches. Here are a dozen beauty trends we spotted at the expo that are emanating from rising indie stars to the entire beauty universe.

46 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019



47 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Zeroing In On Gen Z Marketing dollars are moving on from millennials. Members of gen Z born between 1995 and 2015 are quickly becoming beauty and wellness brands’ new darlings. There were IBE NY brands in every category catering to the needs of the tweens and teens ready to make their own personal care purchases. And purchase they will. Market research firm Numerator estimates this cohort of approximately 61 million Americans wields spending power amounting to $143 billion.

Brands Go Deep Into Vaginal Care Feminine hygiene is no longer a taboo category relegated to the back of aisle 17 at your local CVS. Today, you can purchase pubic haircare oil at Ulta Beauty or fill up on menstrual cups and vibrators along with purchasing Golden Goose hightops at Revolve thanks to indie consumer goods startups transforming the dialogue around vagina and vulva care. Ever the trailblazers, they’ve now come up with next-level products for the vaginal area.

48 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Building A Beauty Wardrobe Contemporary beauty consumers are unambiguously anti-groupthink. They’re picking products to suit their individual preferences at different moments in time and for different moods. To complement and encourage their experimentation, brands are offering a wardrobe of choices that make daily beauty routines exciting choose-your-own-adventure journeys.

49 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Nerding Out Most skincare brands aim to educate consumers on how to best take care of their epidermis, the products to use, the ingredients to avoid, and the optimal order to apply all potions and lotions. Several IBE NY exhibitors, some of them with scientist-turned-brand founders at the helm, leaned into the learning angle by constructing their brands around the merits of pursuing skin scholarship and ingredient intelligence.

Rampant Hormone Products

With female founders igniting indie beauty, it’s no surprise that products tailored to the intricacies of women’s bodies are shaking up the sector. Their brands are tackling the tricky endocrine system fueling sexual functions, menstruation, emotions and more with internal and external solutions.

50 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Handling Hands With Care Hands, it appears, are the new face. And there’s good reason for their importance. Nothing gives away age more than the hands. With consumers loaded up with facial skincare, products at IBE NY transitioned to other extremities.

51 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019


Food-Inspired Beauty Is On The Menu Cuisine-inspired beauty was on the front burner at IBE NY as brands fused new foods and superfoods into formulas. The trend comes as the wellness movement has made the link between wholesome foods and beauty results.

All in the family Most IBE NY brands are passion projects of first-time entrepreneurs creating what they believed the market wasn’t providing. If a company is lucky enough to survive several decades in business, it’s often successful enough to get acquired by one of the beauty behemoths, ending its independence. At last month’s New York show, however, a handful of international indie brands looking to make their marks in the U.S. arrived stateside with 40-plus years of rich family history.

52 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Different Deodorant Formats The aluminum-free deodorant category isn’t stinking up the personal care industry. It is forecast to steam ahead at a compound annual growth rate of 10% over the next decade, making it one of the hottest segments in the beauty industry. Amid the boom of pit product sales comes an array of natural deodorant options going beyond the basic stick.

53 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Crossing Beauty Categories Buoyed by consumer demand, indie brands are boldly going beyond their roots. While it can be difficult to parlay expertise in one beauty segment to another, exhibitors at IBE NY proved they’re confident about expanding their product portfolios as an avenue to secure more square footage at physical stores and rev up transactions online.

Amazon Ingredients Amazon has changed the way consumers buy products and, in the beauty category, it’s fired up the spotlight on ingredients to five-alarm status. Whether it’s retinol or vitamin C, the e-commerce giant is responsible for proliferating products centered on key ingredients for supercharging skincare routines. Brands at IBE NY were chasing the next skincare compound destined for the top of Amazon’s rankings.

54 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Big Money Casting off fears of a looming recession, brands are raising product price tags well over the $100 mark. They’re finding consumers are willing to dig deep into their pocketbooks, especially for products with vitamin C and targeted eye remedies.

55 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019


Unlock the full trend report. visit Staying connected to other founders as well as staying current on exciting changes and opportunities has helped me to grow my business more strategically and stay focused on bigger goals.

— Stephanie King London Sugaring Company


56 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019


Retailers 10 Corso Como New York


Dunkin Kehn

Heart + Honey

A Genie's Dream

Blush LLC

Duty Free Retail Group LLC


ABC Home


Edge of Urge

Herringbone Salon



El Puerto de Liverpool


Aderma Aesthetics







Alibaba Group/ Tmall Global

Burlington Stores

Exhale Spa

HSE24 Home Shopping Europe GmbH




Altar'd State

By Love

Eye Love Beauty Bar


C.O Bigelow

f-time Co.,ltd


Call Me Something


American Eagle

cameo nouveau

Faces on Beekman

Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store

Cap Beauty


Anthorp Pharmacy

Carolina Skin & Vein Center

Feeling Fab Box

Carolyn F. Beauty, Inc.


Cedra Pharmacy

Fellow Barber

Cera Wax Studio


Charm Aesthetics

Findan Salem NY

Chica Glamour

Flourish Beauty Lab

Clara Mae James

Fluff Alpaca

Clean Market


Clover Grocery


Coco Loves Rome

Free People


Freedom Apothecary LLC

Columbia Care

Friends NYC

complete skin md / jordana mattioli skincare



Complexions Spa for Beauty and Wellness

Fusion Apothecary

Bams Beauty Skin Care Studio & Boutique

Concept Forty-Seven Condemned To Be Free

Bangz Salon and Wellness Spa

Conscious Habitat




Cos Bar

beaucre merchandising



Costco Wholesale

Beauty Bridge



Crystal Springs Resort

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Daily Oatmeal

being in LA

Deals 4 Real

Bergdorf Goodman

Departure Spa

Besfren Beauty






Bloom Beauty

Dr. nature

Anthropologie Apothecarie NYC Apt F LLC Art of Pure Artisanal Beauty Bar ATTARIAT August Market August Sage Aura Spa + Beauty Studio Avalon Medical Spa Avant Herb Avenue Apothecary & Day Spa Azonia

Fumic Jewerly Nail and Lash GlitzGlambox Glow Bar Glow Raleigh Good Earth Beauty Good Goddess Goop Grass Roots Juicery Great Jones Spa Green Life Market Greenhouse Beauty Grove Collaborative GS Beauty Group Halcyon Medspa & Wellness Center, PLLC Haven Soho Headrush Barbershop

HSN Humpty Dumpty Co. LTD Hus Wear Hygge Box iHerb Indie Beauty Market Indigo Ink and Hair Inscape Inside Outer Beauty Market Instant Beauty Fix Integrity Botanicals Interwoven Ipsy It's So Easy Ivy Wild Beauty J. Bellezza Jane Jennie Fresa Beauty JoiaBeauty Kanibal & Co Kilona Shop Kiyomi Beauty, LLC Kohls Koru Wellness Aesthetics Kosette Beauty Market Kristen Leigh Organic Skin Care Kura Skin L'agent Noir LCD Le Marche by NP Leeann New York Loblaw Companies Limited Lodge at Woodloch London Beauty London Drugs 57

T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019


58 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019


Retailers Lord & Taylor


SheaCoco Beauty

The Truth Beauty Company

Lou & Grey

Organic Head 2 Toe

Shen Beauty

The V Spot

Love Aiki

OTG Management/Cibo Express


Think Dirty Inc


Showcase Beauty

TJX Companies


TJX Companies Canada

Skin and Grace


Skin+Touch Therapy Spa

Toccare Day Spa


Town & Country Apothecary & Fine Cosmetics

Love Indie B Lovue

Package Free


Paris Laundry

Lummis Apothecary


Luvi Beauty

Perfume Center

Lux Beauty Boutique

Perfume Worldwide



Madonna & Co


Mahalo Beauty

Piel by Pamela

Make Up First, LLC

Plaza Style

Mapleblume Inc

Plum Market

Marc Harris

Pretty Well Beauty

Marche Rue Dix

Pure Eco Spa and Boutique


Pure Glow Tanning


Puritan Cape Cod


PWV Parfümerie

MedAltus, LLC

Q Flatiron

Mercado Magico


Milk + Honey Spa

Raven Rose

Milk Money

Red Door Spa

Minerva Cuadras

Renata's Organic Skincare

Mint + Major

Renzoe Box


Rescue Spa NYC


Ricky's NY

Mochi Beaute

Rock Beauty

Moko Organic Beauty

Rockoco Salon

Musee Bath

Rogers Garden

My Sweet 185

Ross Stores INC


Ruchki da Nozhki

Naples Soap Company

Rue Gilt Groupe

Natural Glam


Neiman Marcus

Sally Beauty Supply

New London Pharmacy New York Ayurveda New York Dermatology Group No. 6 Store Nordic Edge Nordstrom O Live Brooklyn Oasis Day Spa Olet Kaunis Oy

Salon Project by Joel WarrenSaks Fifth Ave SalonCentric salthaus Sam Brocato Companies Scentsational of Huntington Sephora Shade + Seeker Shag Shop

Smooth Wax Bar Soko Glam South Moon Under Space 519 Special Effects Salon Sprezza Box SSFSHOP Standard Dose Stanley's RX Starshop LLC Stellar Partners, Inc Stork's Skin Therapy studio 1872 SwayToday Sylvester and Co. Takamichi Beauty Room Takunya Studio Target Terrain The 8th Drifter The Alchemist Kitchen The Beauty Corner The Beauty Mark Boutique The Detox Market The Grommet The Hut Group The Indie Shelf The Loft Brow, Lash, Skin The Modern Chemist The Peyton Co. The Phluid Project The Remedy Day Spa The Ritualist The Spa at Mandarin Oriental The Spa at Mohonk Mountain House

Tribeca Medspa Tribeca Spa of Tranquility TRU ESTHETICS Tyrrell Limited Ulta Beauty Uncommon Goods Undefined Beauty Collective underground fashion URBAN OUTFITTERS Verde Lusso Verishop Via Michelle Vis-a-Vis W Hotel New York Downtown Walgreens Walgreens Boots Alliance Walmart Waxing the City well&belle natural beauty Weosh Whitemarsh Pharmacy and Boutique Whole Foods Market Wild Alma Wildcraft Woo Skincare Woodsgrove WTHN Yaupon Teahouse and Wellness Center Zana Hair Boutique Zanya Spa Salon Zen Leaf

59 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019




EyeEm Magazine

Huffington Post


Bravo TV

Fashion Snoops

Hype Hair Mag


Build Like a Woman

Fashion Week Online




Fashionably Petite



Fashions Digest




Fashions Week

Ameenha Lee Project


First for Women

INLOVE Magazine Worldwide

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Canal Tips


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Bauer Publishing Group


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60 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

61 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

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63 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

Indie Beauty Expo found a new global capital to call home in 2018, and the London beauty scene will never be the same. IBE London 2018 in October seamlessly introduced a rolling cavalcade of beauty innovators to Europe and accelerated indie beauty’s growth in another cosmopolitan setting. The successful results of the launch rivaled existing shows and raised expectations for its follow-up event this year. A total of 71 brands from 21 countries, including Indonesia, Canada, South Africa and Luxembourg, across 20 beauty and wellness product categories collaborated in producing a two-day epicenter of innovation at the Old Truman Brewery. A comparable number will gather again in October 2019 to engage with hundreds of buyers from the likes of Asos, Boots, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Douglas, KaDeWe, QVC, Walmart and The Hut Group on their quests to discover rising beauty stars.

Refinery29, Vogue and WWD as well as British beauty bloggers Caroline Hirons and The Glow Getter’s Ailish Lucas systematically evaluated products onsite, looking for the next brand to champion. “This is what we need!” exclaimed Zane Piese, founder of Atlantis Skincare at the show. “Wine, flowers, amazing, happy people, lots of introductions and meetings...we are very happy to have you here!” Of course, the feeling was more than mutual.

Last year, the European press was in force, with this year promising to be no different: Editors from i-D, Marie Claire, OK!, Popsugar, 64 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

London Calling IBE London 2019 October 23-24

Old Truman Brewery London, UK

65 T H E A N T H O L O G Y O F I N D E P E N D E N T B E A U T Y | V O L U M E V, I S S U E 4 | N E W YO R K 2 019

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