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Anthology of independent be aut y DALL AS, TEXAS MAY 9–10, 2018 V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2

a week dedicated to

Independent Beauty

May 7–8 | Retail Summit An event that broke down the wall between buyers and emerging brands More than 100 entrepreneurs gathered to interact with buyers at the world’s most coveted retailers to dissect the spa segment, specialty retail, e-commerce, clean beauty and more.


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

May 9-10 Everything was bigger and better in Dallas, Texas, year two Independent beauty brands roared into town in force, dazzling consumers and buyers alike with new innovations, launches and solutions for beauty lovers.


Multi-faceted, 360-degree learning techniques applied to all aspects of retail


RETAILERS, REPRESENTING A BROAD SPECTRUM OF CHANNELS, participated in panel discussions, expert workshops, live learning exercises, and networking segments—all part of BeautyX’s curated curriculum. This was the largest assembly of retailers gathered together specifically to discuss independent beauty. The depth and breadth of content covered was expansive— from detailed case studies covering brand/retailer partnerships to overview of broad topics and best practices in today’s hyper-competitive beauty market.


Click here to learn more or to attend the upcoming summit.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

Structured Curriculum

Foundational Courses

Panel Discussions

Expert Workshops

Live Learning

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018





Opening Remarks by Indie Beauty Media Group Co-Founder Jillian Wright


Core Concept: The Retail Landscape

An overview of the buyer and retail landscape in the US


Storefront Success on Amazon


Get exclusive inside info on how to successfully launch and grow your brand on on of the world's largest e-commerce platforms. PRESENTER: Justin Boettcher , Senior Strategic Business Development Leader, Amazon | Jennifer Tran, Marketing Program Manager, Marketplace, Amazon

Spa Director Panel

How can independent beauty brands get the attention of spa directors for treatment room and retail consideration?

MODERATOR: Julie Keller-Callaghan, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher, American Spa PARTICIPANTS: Virginia Acosta, Spa Director, The Spa at the Joule | Maggy Dunphy, Director of Spas & Wellness, Destination Hotels | Jen Lak, Director, WTS International, Inc. | Teddy Lester, Co-Founder, The Spa Mart | Marissa Taveres, Spa Director, The Spa at the Crescent


Networking Lunch Break


Online Retailer Panel

As online beauty sales continue to grow, how can independent beauty brands get on the virtual shelves of e-commerce's biggest players?

MODERATOR: Alice Mroczkowski, Content Producer, iHeartMedia PANELISTS: Madeline Alcott, Co-Founder, Petit Vour | Nigel Lawmon, Commercial Director, Feelunique | Stacia Prince, International Buying Director, Cult Beauty | Kimberly Smith, Founder, Marjani Beauty

Case Study: Indie Brand / Beauty Box Partnership

Hear from both brand founder and beauty box company founder for a 360 degree view of a successful, long term partnership.

MODERATOR: Claire McCormack, Content + Thought Leadership, Beauty Independent PANELISTS: Jeannie Jarnot, Founder, Beauty Heroes | Kapua Browning, Founder, Honua Skincare


9:00am 9:15am

Ask An Expert (invite only)

Hear from a cross-section of beauty-focused PR companies.

Welcome by Indie Beauty Media Group Co-Founder Jillian Wright Core Concept: Retail Contract Essentials

From discounts to Destroy In Field charges, learn the terms that set the terms of your brand's wholesale contracts.

PRESENTER: Noel Seriale, Retail + Buyer Relations, Indie Beauty Media Group


Mixed Specialty Retailer Panel

How to get in the door and succeed with specialty retail buyers.

MODERATOR: Claire McCormack, Content + Thought Leadership, Beauty Independent PANELISTS: Naomi Bartee, Women's Senior Buyer, Need Supply Co. | Kandice Hansen, Beauty Buyer, Revolve | Anna Malouf, Cosmetics Buyer, Stanley Korshak | Jess Richards, Owner & Founder, Shen Beauty & Beauty and Wellness Director, Free People | Jennifer Robinson, Associate Divisional Merchandising Manager, Neiman Marcus


Mixed Mass Retailer Panel

How to get in the door and succeed with mass retail buyers.

MODERATOR: Rachel Brown, Editor In Chief, Beauty Independent PANELISTS: Jennifer Coccaro, Global Senior Category Leader, Whole Foods Market | Sindhura Sarikonda, Associate Director, Prestige Beauty at & | Lisa Shaver, Buying Manager, Ricky's NYC



Day 2


Networking Lunch Break Clean Specialty Beauty Retailer Panel

Clean beauty retailers have become some of the most coveted doors for beauty and wellness brands that share their ethos. Discover how to grab their attention.

MODERATOR: Jillian Wright, Co-Founder, Indie Beauty Media Group PANELISTS: Tara Foley, Founder, Follain | Annie Jackson, COO, Credo | Kerrilynn Pamer, Co-Founder, CAP Beauty | Elena Severin, Buyer and Director of Retail, The Detox Market | Flauren Bender, Co-Founder, The Greenway Shop


Race For Shelf Space

A live, on-stage pitch competition as three brands each make their case for shelf-space to top beauty buyers.

PRESENTER: Nader Naeymi-Rad, Co-Founder, Indie Beauty Media Group PARTICIPANTS: Jenny Duranski, Lena Rose Beauty | Jessica Richards, Shen Beauty & Free People | Jennifer Robinson, Neiman Marcus | Groh | WANNABE | Skin Probiotics | Cathy Carr (coach to Groh) | Grace Davis Damrill (coach to Skin Probiotics) | Rachel Roberts (coach to WANNABE)

PRESENTER: Kelly St. John


Back to Bastide: Frederic Fekkai

MODERATOR: Rachel Brown, Editor in Chief, Beauty Independent SPEAKER: Frederic Fekkai


Networking Cocktail Reception


Industry icon Frederic Fekkai will talk about his journey in the beauty business, as well as his new beauty and wellness brand, Bastide.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018


Hallo Berlin AND WELCOME

ATTENDEES AT BEAUTYX WERE THE FIRST to hear of the 2019 launch of IBE Berlin, the second IBE in Europe after London. Berlin offers European and non-European indie brands a new opportunity to reach German-speaking consumers, the continent’s strongest economic demographic. In addition, Indie Beauty Media Group IBMG also introduced its brand curation partnership with Europe’s largest online retailer, Feelunique. The showcase of approximately 30 independent American brands debuts July 2018.

Amazon + Indie The e-commerce giant selected BeautyX Retail as the venue to reveal a new initiative that sent waves throughout the world of beauty. The news from the stage spread fast: In summer, Amazon would unveil an Indie Beauty Shop within its Marketplace, where brands sell directly to customers. Early indications point to a strong collection of skincare brands while also including men’s and color cosmetics brands. It’s expected to contain products from international and domestic companies. “Indie beauty is definitely a big focus for us,” said Justin Boettcher, senior strategic business development leader at Amazon, after his Beauty X presentation.


The Retail Summit concluded with a live learning exercise, the Race For Shelf Space contest, which provided a real-life study of brandbuyer interactions. Expert evaluator Jessica Richards, owner of Shen Beauty, awarded ingestible specialist Wannabefounder Sara Grey a six-month mentorship. Her fellow expert evaluators Jenny Duranski, owner of Lena Rose, and Jennifer Robinson, associate divisional merchandising manager of Neiman Marcus, picked bioactive skincare authority Skin Probiotics, and hair and scalp care brand Groh as the winners, respectively.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018


IBE Dallas 2018 IBE's return to Dallas was marked by large jumps in attendance among buyers (up 64%), press and influencers (up 46%) and shoppers (up 40%). The Indie Beauty Expo charged into Dallas for its second annual trade show in the city, powered by 70 brands presenting at event venue Sixty Five Hundred. The city lived up to its reputation as a national corporate retail center as buyers flocked to the floor during two intensive exhibition days.


American and international independent brands keen to make an impact in the huge Texas and southern U.S. markets made the most out of Dallas IBE’s spacious yet intimate setting, and took advantage of the high buyer-exhibitor ratio.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

This might just be the beauty event of the year in Dallas. ­— Diana Oates


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018



T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

89% OF SURVEYED EXHIBITORS generated new wholesale connections, leads or orders from buyers met at at IBE DALLAS 2018.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018


Show Report

Exclusive Trend Report INDIE BEAUTY: NOT JUST A TREND While brands wowed attendees and conducted business, our team at Beauty Independent was busy at work on the show floor searching for trends and brand innovations. Beauty Independent editors investigated the noteworthy offerings to develop this exclusive look at more than 35 products sure to make noise in the indie beauty market.




T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

Show Report



In this day and age where people are choosing dignity over degradation, eczema and psoriasis are the latest conditions to come out from behind walls of shame. Freedom Naturals addressed the eczema and psoriasis symptoms of millennial and gen z shoppers with ingredients like organic aloe vera, colloidal oatmeal, shea butter and arnica. To calm the itchy patches on her face, Lindsay Wolf, founder of Svati Organics, formulated the facial serum Balance, an anti-inflammatory blend of black cumin seed, karanja oil, cape chamomile and thyme linalool. Honey Belle’s Sea Salt Facial Bar and Sea Salt Oatmeal Bar are designed to calm and cleanse skin when rubbed on it in circular motions, leaving customers with eczema fresh and buffed results. In its lightweight hand cream, Gallinée incorporates probiotics stemming from deactivated lactobacillus bacteria, as well as a prebiotic mix of gentle fibers and sugars to address eczema.

With the economy chugging along, consumers are shaking off recessionary caution and emerging skincare players are betting on products that carry lofty price tags. Swiss skincare line Mila D’Opiz’s Skin Whisperer Cream ($584), and Skin Whisperer Serum ($424) carry steep prices due to the high price of their formulas’ powerful plant stem cells, which costs as much as $25,000 per kilo. None of Pili Ani’s five products, such as its Intense Hydrating Facial Cream, are priced under $100, given that all are centered upon the nutritionally-dense pili nut found in the Philippine jungle. Luvanti CEO and founder Lidya Wati’s struggles with hyperpigmentation drove her to create the Correctinol Trio Cream ($175), laden with peptides, plant stem cells, flower acids, licorice root extract, resveratrol, ferulic acid, argan oil and vitamins C and E. Luvanti, Mila D’Opiz, Pili Ani

Freedom Naturals, Gallinée, Honey Belle, Svati Organics

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018


Show Report


Whether due to healing properties or just because sparkly stuff is so mesmerizing, crystals have invaded beauty products with a ferocity that belies their meditative qualities. The Lyfestyle Co. offers perfume oils tailored to a customer’s zodiac sign or numerology number with crystals chosen to help bring out the customer’s positive attributes. Full Unicorn’s Gemstone Resurfacing Treatment has hexagonal gemstone crystals paired with papaya and pineapple enzymes and hyaluronic acid to banish dead skin cells and plump the face. In addition to being charged with Reiki energy and infused with crystals, Holistic Hemp Co.’s bath bombs have 20 milligrams of CBD, kaolin clay, sea salt and essential oils.

Full Unicorn, Holistic Hemp Co., The Lyfestyle Co.

relies on four ingredients—non-nano zinc oxide, organic coconut oil, organic vanilla extract and organic beeswax— and gimmick-free packaging. Its SPF 30 Sunscreen Stick, with a diameter about the width of a child’s arm, is a standout for slathering on tiny tots. New Heights Naturals, Prep Cosmetics, Sweat Cosmetics


It’s never too early to think about Christmas gift sets, or bundled introductions to hero products. Cotarde assists weary travelers seeking efficacious skincare with the Take It Light Set—five .1-oz sizes of its DayDream Mousse Cream and Face With A View concentrated cream. Kylie Cosmetics made Lip Kits famous, but the brand didn’t make them natural. Earth Based Body has gone the clean beauty route with its vegan versions of mouthy sets containing lip masks, lip repair balms and lip tints. Skinkick urges customers to use both its natural products—Face Wash and Blemish Lotion—and assembles them together in a 2-Step Kick Blemish Relief Kit. Cotarde, Earth Based Body, Skinkick



Brands are whipping out sunscreens from powders to glosses to give customers options for warding off harmful rays. Sweat Cosmetics fashioned its Mineral Foundation SPF 30 + Twist-Brush for the woman on the go, with a quick brush application and a mineral foundation formula that serves as makeup, skincare and sun-protection. Prep Cosmetics’ SPF 15 Lip Gloss gloss boasts 11% zinc oxide, a subtle pink hue and hint of mint. New Heights Naturals


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

K-beauty brands emphasize the step before serum. Now, brands of all origins are zeroing in on preserum primping with pumped-up versions of toners. On its box, Woodlot’s new toner is titled Nourishing Facial Toner, but brand co-

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018



T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

Show Report founder Sonia Chhinji describes the product as a toner serum; hyaluronic acid gives the formula a thicker texture and heightens the hydration factor. Scandinavian-inspired brand Scandic Beauty relies on heavy water, or deuterium oxide, which has a high amount of the hydrogen isotope deuterium, to deliver skin nutrition with its Ren/Pure Pre-Serum. Aura Amplification Mist puts a new spin on multipurpose products. “It is a facial toner and energy cleaner/amplifier all in one,” says Shaffali Skincare founder Shaffali Miglani. Scandic Beauty, Shaffali Skincare, Woodlot


There were marvelous lipsticks aplenty at IBE Dallas, but the following lip products have unique ingredients, encasings or purposes. Never go digging for lip balm in your purse again with Lilu Lip Care’s lip balm necklaces with a patented silicone application mechanism that holds lip balm inside fine jewelry pendants. Holistic Hemp Co.’s lip treatment with rosehip, geranium, sandalwood and CBD-loaded hemp extract raises the bar beyond chapstick, while Ari Rose’s feminine care oil My Little Secret, formulated with vaginal pH in mind while combatting ingrown hairs in the bikini area, was a buyer hit at the expo. Ari Rose, Holistic Hemp Co., Lilu Lip Care


It makes sense that one of the most beautiful regions on earth would become the next hotbed of beauty brand incubation. An aloe specialist from Curaçao, Curaloe does aloe differently. Instead of mixing aloe vera powder with water, Curaloe used aloe vera gel straight from the plant to infuse the purest form of aloe into its products. Haitian skin and hair care brand Onaturell uses local plantbased ingredients to produce clean and creative beauty and wellness products such as its bestselling Shea Mango Butter Cream for the hair and scalp. Curaloe, Onaturell


Now that celebrities are walking the streets shamelessly sheetmasked, we mere mortals are starting to get a pass on the practice as well. Created by celebrity esthetician Lejla Cas, Knesko Skin’s chakra-activating Nano Gold Repair Collagen Eye Masks and Diamond Radiance Collagen Eye Masks elevate under-eye collagen masks from banal to blinged-out. For those who are botoxneedle-shy, Frownies can non-invasively iron out facial wrinkles; the patches should be left on for several hours, ideally overnight. Frownies, Knesko Skin


When it comes to fragrance, spray is so passé. IBE Dallas brands delivered scent for body, hair and home in atypical yet effective formats. Lifestyle fragrance brand Indaia specializes in scented discs for rooms, small spaces,

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018


Show Report handbags and beyond. Flora Remedia’s Lavender Hair Oil Treatment is infused with flower essence for wonderfully fragranced, luscious and healthy locks. Imbued with Lovinah Skincare’s signature scent, Goddess Glow Shimmering Body Oil is infused with vitamins, nutrients, and mica to leave skin hydrated, shimmering and smelling delicious enough to eat. Flora Remedia, Indaia, Lovinah Skincare

Groh created an oil-free scalp serum enriched with natural antioxidant ergothioneine, derived from mushrooms to nourish hair follicle cells. Cleo & Coco, Elvis+Elvin, Groh


As brands innovate, many find that traditional application methods feel insufficient and staid. Ellie Trinh created her patent-pending, preservative-free Skin Probiotics brand with beneficial live bacteria. To protect the probiotics, they come in their own bottle and are mixed with the brand’s serum immediately before application. U.K.-based Emma Hardie has developed a product application and removal method dubbed ‘lines not circles’ because it maintains that using short, downward strokes with the natural grain of facial tissues is better than the conventional advice to rub in circles. Shunri MacQuarrie developed a “skincare map” to allow Shunly Skincare users to apply the brand’s collection of targeted treatments exactly where they’re needed instead of slathering one serum over your entire face. Emma Hardie, Shunly Skincare, Skin Probiotics


Top of head treatments were top of mind at IBE Dallas with brands bringing new-style scalp solutions for myriad skin and hair issues. Elvis+Elvin’s Sea Salt Scalp Purifying Anti-Dandruff Shampoo gives hair and scalp a thorough and therapeutic cleanse and exfoliation without soapy bubbles. Cleo & Coco’s talc-free Dusting Powder Dry Shampoo is powered by a blend of vegetable powders, activated charcoal, bentonite clay and essential oils to absorb odor-causing toxins, bacteria and wetness from your scalp…and your body. Hair and scalp health specialist


Read full report on >

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018


Press Coverage 1530 MAIN




11 Indie Beauty Trends From Indie Beauty Expo, Dallas


Beauty by Earth, Hummingbird Farms, milk + honey Click to read

BYRDIE This Magical Middle Eastern Skin Oil Is Finally Making Its Way to the U.S.

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MODERN LUXURY Beauty It List: Undercover Beauty, Indie Beauty Expo

Elvis and Elvin, Full Unicorn Assertive Skincare, Little Moon Essentials, Maapilim, ONATURELL, REALHER, Scandic Skincare, Svati Organics, Voula Beauty Click to read



Hummingbird Farms, milk+honey Skin Proibiotics, SkinKick

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Jillian Wright reveals what's new at Indie Beauty Expo Dallas

An Insider’s Guide to Dallas’ Beauty Extravaganza

Nigella Therapy

18.21 Man Made, Beauty By Earth, Caley Cosmetics, Hummingbird Farms, Skin Probiotics, SkinKick

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Dallas – Indie Beauty Expo

The Next Big Things in Beauty Hummingbird Farms, LUVANTI SKINCARE, milk + honey, My Magic Mud, Vital Proteins Click to read

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Where to shop in Dallas right now: 8 must-hit stores for May Click to read

D MAGAZINE Dallas’ Beauty Scene May Be Getting Even Bigger This Year Au Naturale Cosmetics, Cotarde, Elvis & Elvin Inc., Full Unicorn, Pili Ani, Vervan Cosmetics Click to read


Dallas may not yet be as key a player in the beauty industry as New York City, Los Angeles, and London, but it’s made great strides recently. ­ Caitlin Clark — D MAGAZINE

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

96% OF SURVEYED EXHIBITORS connected with members of the press or notable bloggers while at IBE DALLAS 2018.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018


Exhibitor Lineup *2017 Best In Show Winner

18.21 Man Made

Hummingbird Farms, Ltd.


*American Wave



Ari Rose™


SAINT Cosmetics

Au Naturale Cosmetics





Seed Phytonutrients


LiLu Lip Care


*Little Moon Essentials

Shunly Skin Care LLC

Cleo&Coco Natural Body Care


Skin Kare Industries



Skin Probiotics (by Skin Recovery, LLC.)

Della Ricca Hair Color



Elvis & Elvin Inc

Makeup Eraser


Emma Hardie LTD.

MB York Survival Of The Prettiest

SVATI Organics

Flora Remedia


Sweat Cosmetics

FREEDOM Naturals

milk + honey



My Magic Mud

The Truly Natural Company

Full Unicorn Assertive Skin Care

New Heights Naturals

Veise Beauty


Nigella Therapy

Vervan Cosmetics



Vital Proteins


Voula Beauty


Ora Organic


Hikari Cosmetics - Thompson Beauty Brands

OSTY Skincare

Winky Lux

Holistic Hemp Company

Pili Ani


Honey Belle

PREP Cosmetics


Caley Cosmetics

*GLOSS Naturals


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

Congratulations After IBE Dallas, attendees were surveyed about their favorite finds. Here are the brands that were voted as favorites by buyers and consumers.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Flora Remedia

milk + honey

Honey Belle




Ora Organic

Skin Probiotics

Au Naturale Cosmetics

Veise Beauty

Emma Hardie


SVATI Organics

Makeup Eraser

Vital Proteins

Honey Belle

18.21 Man Made

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018


milk + honey


Anthology of independent be aut y



T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

18.21 MAN MADE The 18.21 Man Made barrel house is owned and operated by three hardworking gentlemen with a passion for making premium grooming goods that the society of Men will take pride in owning. Along their journey, the founders noticed that the landscape of men’s grooming goods had become somewhat mundane and all shared similar characteristics. They became inspired by the spirit of prohibition era bootlegging and began to bootleg their own meticulous grooming mixtures. The 18.21 Man Made namesake is an homage to the 18th amendment which started Prohibition and was later repealed by the 21st amendment. Each uncommon mixture in their reserve is infused with goodwill and is guaranteed to elevate a gentleman’s grooming experience. It has been said that four common cents are worth more than one wooden nickel. Don't take any wooden nickels. Choose 18.21 Man Made.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018


FREEDOM NATUR AL S ™ FREEDOM Naturals™ believes that when you feel confident in yourself and your skin, you have the power to accomplish anything. Launching with a Therapeutic Skincare Collection, each product offers a natural approach to help combat specific skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. All products are infused with organic aloe and other natural healing botanicals, are made in the USA and are free from harmful ingredients and animal-cruelty. Proudly woman owned, the founder is committed to breaking boundaries, empowering others and providing new innovations in skin care that inspire the boss-lady in us all. Empowering women and men worldwide with each purchase, you are making a difference in more than just your skin. 20% of proceeds from the Calming Cleanser and  Calming Moisturizer benefits #MoveToEndDV.


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

FROWNIES FROWNIES has been providing safe, effective ways to smooth wrinkles and frown lines without chemicals or injections for decades. Used regularly Frownies Facial Patches help re-educate the muscles to firm and hold the skin, giving back a youthful smoothness where previously wrinkles aged the appearance. By holding the muscles firmly in place, FROWNIES Facial Patches allow them to regain their strength and tone, lifting and smoothing the muscles. FROWNIES are designed to be used between the eyebrows, on the forehead, on the corners of the eyes or crow’s-feet and marionette or smile lines. FROWNIES Facial Patches do not replace your normal skin care, they complement it. FROWNIES organic and natural handmade skin care products will give you a simple and effective natural system to care for your skin without harsh chemicals. You can depend on the four generations of women who bring this line to you today to keep your skin care effective and safe.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018


GROH ® Groh®, a system comprised of haircare and skincare products plus a powerful ingestible, supplies the key nutrients necessary for stem cell survival and hair growth in men and women. Created by Marvin Hausman, MD, Groh® products promote cellular health by replenishing the body’s essential building blocks and supporting a healthy immune system. Groh® works internally and externally with the body’s complex biological system to help support healthy skin, scalp, hair, nails, and lashes. ErgoD2®, the antioxidant found in Groh®, is a natural combination of the amino acid ergothioneine and vitamin D2, a combination that cannot be manufactured by humans and can be obtained only through diet. This natural combination, found within specialty mushroom plants, and enriched through a patented process, is incorporated into Groh’s proprietary oral supplements and external skin products. This signature component, powered by ErgoD2®, is one of the most potent antioxidants known to date.


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

KNESKO SKIN An enlightened pathway to beautiful skin and a glowing spirit. KNESKO bridges science and spirituality with revolutionary GEMCLINICAL™ skin care technology. Developed by a team of doctors and a Reiki Master, the serum-infused collagen gel masks use precious gemstones and minerals to activate the Chakras and help rejuvenate skin at a cellular level. Ancient and modern technologies unite for transformational results. KNESKO believes true beauty comes from within. Their unique approach to beauty and self-care is designed to treat the skin, the mind, the body, and the spirit as a whole. Products contain no parabens, synthetic fragrances, silicone, gluten, phthalate, sulfates or other harsh chemicals to make you feel good inside and out. KNESKO products are never tested on animals, hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist approved and biodegradable. Relax your mind, rejuvenate your skin and rebalance your spirit with KNESKO’s whole approach to beauty and self-care.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018


L ILU L IP C A R E LiLu Lip Care launched in April 2018 and is built on three principles: 1.

If your lip care isn't with you, you can't use it. Lip Care should be conveniently packaged for uninterrupted access to hydration and color/sheen.


Lip care should do more than beautify. Lip care should improve lip health by using natural and organic ingredients and providing integrated exfoliation.


The amount of plastic in lip-care packaging needs to decrease. LiLu's re-fillable products use a newlypatented innovation LILU LIP BALM PEARLS™, to achieve this. LIP BALM PEARLS™ are made from soft silicone and hold enough lip balm for 50-75 uses. In addition, LIP BALM PEARLS™ provide exfoliating fingers that are exposed as the lip balm is depleted. A "Send Back To Recycle" program is in development to reward consumers for returning balm pearls.


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018

ONATURELL Onaturell was a platform for Christelle Dossous to share her passion for natural ingredients with the world. So fuelled by her desire to bring pure beauty products to Haiti, Christelle moved back in 2013 and the Onaturell brand was born. Onaturell believes: • Synthetic and harsh chemicals have no place in our beauty routines. • Natural and effective products should be available to everyone. The extensive range is still only formulated in-house from start to finish, with 100% natural ingredients sourced from all over the world. Zen Facial Mask: Made out of 7 aromatic plants, cleanses, detoxifies and revitalizes the skin. Growth Oil: Adds shines and strengthens the hair, adds volume. Fleur d’oranger Facial Mist: Tones, tightens the pores, soothes the skin.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 2 | D A L L A S 2 018


SCANDIC BE AUT Y Scändic is a new Swedish skincare line that was founded by a Swede and inspired by the natural beauty of flawless and smooth Swedish skin. This woman-owned company blends ancient Swedish botanicals with powerful vitamins, fruit stem cells, peptides, and amino acids. The result is products that work immediately and continuously to smooth, soften, protect, and brighten your skin to Scandinavian perfection. Start your journey towards Scandic Beauty today.


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Z AMAN SKINCARE What makes Zaman Skincare unique is their proprietary blend and patentpending formula of Black Cumin Seeds infused with Vitamin C. The inspiration behind Zaman Skincare is founder/CEO Aneela’s father, Sultan Khattak, who first discovered the seed’s multitude of internal and external benefits while working for Abbott’s, a leading laboratory in Pakistan. Zaman Skincare mission is to help women embrace age with confidence and ease without all the fuss. The company's motto is "Timeless radiance, one face at a time."

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plan on or are considering carrying the brands that they found at IBE DALLAS 2018.


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Retailers 5 Pound Apparel Aloe Skin + Body Amazon Anderson Plastic Surgery & MedSpa Anew Wellness Spa Areté Ashley's Spa Beautique Aura Spa + Beauty Studio Autumn's Spa Bijou Beauty Heroes BeeWell Beleza Organica Belladonna Day Spa Belle Waxing and Skincare Blush Beauty Lounge Blush, LLC. Blushed Beauty Boutique Bottlecoat LLC Brow Volume Plus Buckhead Lash Studio Camera Ready Cosmetics Camomile Beauty Canadian Tire Corporation CAP Beauty Coveted Market Credo CVS Dear Hannah Deldor, LLC Destination Hotels DLM Supply Dolphin Blue

eGlobal Sources LLC Everyday Beaut Face Up Cosmetics & Brow Bar Follain FORTY FIVE TEN Four Seasons Hotel Austin fox&gray Francescas FRECKLE Free People Freedom Apothecary Happy Bunny Cosmetics Hiatus Spa + Retreat Hired Hands Day Spa Hollar HSN Inwell International Limited ipsy Jade & Clover JCPenny & Joanna Czech Kalon Wellness Spa & Boutique Kathy Fielder Kika Curls lake austin spa resort Lantern & Wren Lena Rose Beauty Living Earth Beauty Loved and Found, LLC Lupita Macias, LLC

LUV NAIL SHOP Marjani Beauty Massage Heights milk + honey spa Mineral & Root Miss Karen Skincare Natural Avenue Inc. Need Supply Co. Neiman Marcus Nootka and Sea Omni Hotels & Resorts Orange Blossom Skin Care, LLC Palm Pax & Parker Petit Vour Phine Salon+Apothecary PINK BEAUX pish posh patchoulis PLAZASTYLE Pretty In Pink Spa Studio Inc REVOLVE Ricky's NYC Royal Blue Grocery Sally Beauty Sena Spa at The Teton Club SFR Products, Inc. (dba Stylogenic) SimplyBetterCo, LLP Skin Essentials Skintology Spa, LLC Soft Surroundings Sol Yoga and Beauty Source Vital Apothecary

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Spa on Penn spaDAY Stanley Korshak Talulah and Hess The Detox Market The Greenway Shop The Grommet The Skin Spa, LLC The Spa at the Crescent The Spa at the Joule The Spa at WinStar The Spa Mart The Speedway Club Salon and Spa Thousand miles TJX Companies Varnish Lane VelvetCrate Veracity Skin Studio VILLA SALON & SPA, LLC. Vine Oh! Von Maur W3LL PEOPLE Wax, Sugar & Spa Whole Foods Market Willow woo skincare and cosmetics WTS International, Inc. Your Good Health Zaza Nail & Wine Lounge ZYN22



Press IBE helps support the entrepreneurs who risk high paying jobs and take leaps of faith to start their own business, which in turn, supports the pipeline of farmers, labs, suppliers and other vendors that make it all happen! ­— Abby F Jones

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Thank you! The Indie Beauty Media Group thanks the tireless entrepreneurs whose passion, creativity and vision are fueling the independent beauty movement. #WEAREINDIEBEAUTY | #IBEDALLAS2018

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