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During District Kickoffs chapters focused on the FFA Vision: Growing Leaders, Building Communities, and Strengthening Agriculture.

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LEAH’S TIMELINE Freshman Year: National Novice Chapter Meeting Livestock Evaluation Crops Evaluation Star Greenhand Sophomore Year: Livestock Evaluation Livestock Skill-a-thon Meats Evaluation Junior Year: District VIII Sentinel National Livestock Skill-a-thon Gold - National Meats Evaluation Senior Year: District VIII Vice President Chapter Vice President District Star Farmer Gold - National Food Science Gold - National Swine Prod. Proficiency

By Jessica Mars

Leah Jacobs State Reporter

GET THE FACTS Birthday: January 17, 2007 Parents: Scott and Cindy Jacobs Sibling: Kyle Hometown: Shirley, IN FFA Chapter: Eastern Hancock FFA Advisors: Natalie Schilling, Sarah Williams, Scott Jacobs, and Diana Arellano Favorite Food: Sweets Favorite Movie: The Help Favorite Pastime: Showing Pigs Favorite Sport: Volleyball Favorite Animal: Pigs Favorite Color: Coral Favorite Music: Country A


Continue in Agricultural Education at Purdue University, minor in Animal Science


Most likely to complete the Milk Challenge. “I truly admire Leah’s determination and willingness to persevere. Even when things do not fall in her favor, she picks herself up, dusts herself off, and tries to figure out another way to handle the situation. I believe this quality, along with her ability to relate to others, allows her to be a great leader. This is not only for FFA members during her year of service, but also the people that have been around her in the past and will be in her future. I know that Leah Jacobs has had a tremendous impact on my life and I am so lucky to have her as a friend.” - Brianna Lammers, Friend “Leah’s pure drive and passion for the FFA and its members highly qualifies her to be a state officer. Doing pretty much every FFA activity possible, she has a great understanding of the wide variety of opportunities within the organization. She has a true desire for impacting members of the FFA, ultimately giving back to an organization that has impacted herself. Leah has chosen the career path of agricultural education, a true testament of her passion for student growth, FFA, and overall the agriculture industry.” - Sarah Williams, Advisor

Jakob Harsin

Deven Lemen

Chapter: Lebanon SAE: Sheep Entrepreneurship Favorite Quote: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t - - you’re right.” - Henry Ford Hobbies outside of FFA: Auto Mechanics, Wrestling Favorite CDE: Parliamentary Procedure

Chapter: Crothersville SAE: Vegetable Production FFA has given me: the sense of something greater than myself by participating in community service. Hobbies outside of FFA: Camping, Spending time with Family and Friends Favorite CDE: Floriculture

MEMBER Spotlight OUR MEMBERS MAKE US SHINE! by Logan Glassburn

Gracie Johnson

Chapter: Eastern Hancock SAE: Sheep Placement FFA has given me: a sense of belonging and leadership skills that will last a lifetime. Hobbies outside of FFA: Softball, 4H, Vet Science, Church Favorite CDE: Dairy Evaluation

Tommy Gutwein

Chapter: Rensselaer Central SAE: Veterinary Science and Agricultural Education Favorite Quote: “A mile of highway will take you a mile, but a mile of runway will take you anywhere.” - Unknown Hobbies outside of FFA: Flying Airplanes, Scuba Diving, and Showing Pigs Favorite CDE: Livestock Judging


Sponsor Shoutout

by Nathan Blume

Wabash Valley Power Association Wabash Valley Power Association is a transmission electric cooperative association, the power association is a not-for-profit association that works in the states of Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, with 23 different locations. The Wabash Valley Power Association powers over 311,000 homes, schools, and businesses. The Wabash Valley Power Association is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and is the 15th largest generation and transmission cooperative in America. The Wabash Valley Power Cooperative is a new sponsor for Indiana FFA. At the 2016 Indiana FFA State Convention, Wabash Valley Power Association co-sponsored with Ice Miller LLP in order to make the 6th general session such a huge success. Kara Baker stated, “Through Wabash Valley Power’s support of the Indiana FFA, we are excited to help leaders foster a love of learning and a passion for leading.” The Indiana FFA Association and Foundation is extremely thankful for their support and hope it can continue for years to come.

Indiana Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association The Indiana Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association also known as the ITOBA is ran in conjunction with the National Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, in order to represent and protect the Indiana Horseman, so they have a voice to be heard during the enforcement of policy change. The Association works alongside the Indiana Horse Racing Commission and other legislators across the state of Indiana. The ITOBA is undergoing numerous projects in order to enhance its involvement and increase membership. The ITOBA is a brand new sponsor this year for Indiana FFA. ITOBA gave $2,000 to the Horse and Pony Career Development Event and the Equine Science Entrepreneurship proficiency. It is with the gracious giving hands of organizations, such as ITOBA that the Indiana FFA can properly function. We cannot thank this amazing organization nearly enough and we hope for continued support. Photos from 2016 Equine Science Entrepreneurship State Finalists.


The ITOBA believes, “that the mission to promote and encourage the growth of the Thoroughbred industry in Indiana is accomplished, in part by supporting organizations like Indiana FFA.”

Where are they Now? an interview with Eric Steiner

by Leah Jacobs Mr. Eric Steiner was a member of the South Adams FFA Chapter where he served twice as the Chapter Secretary. Additionally, he was a District VI Officer for multiple years holding the Sentinel, Reporter and President positions. Mr. Steiner was also honored to serve as the State Reporter on the 1996-1997 State Officer Team. Other achievements include earning his American FFA Degree, being named second overall in the National Soils CDE and being selected as a National Finalist in the Agricultural Communications Proficiency. To top it off, he was a member of the 4th Place State Parliamentary Procedure Team, and a winner of the Essay, Public Speaking and Leadership Ambassador CDES. Mr. Steiner also served as the Summer Intern in 2001 and has continued his support of the Indiana FFA Foundation as sponsor of the Leadership Ambassador CDE. He shares, “FFA provided the foundation for everything I’m doing – my role is to think, strategize, listen, explore, collaborate, follow, lead, solve problems, communicate, help, learn, influence, and make a positive impact with our family, our church, our company, and our local and wider community.” As Director of U.S. Government Affairs for Elanco Animal Health based in Washington, DC, Mr. Steiner leads Elanco’s U.S. Federal and State government affairs team. This includes engagement on antibiotics, vaccines, international trade, and innovation policies. Mr. Steiner has this advice for Indiana FFA members; “Take advantage of every opportunity to become a better writer, a better speaker, a better learner, protect your integrity, and prepare and compete every chance you get with everything you have to win – win with humility and lose with determination to improve – and here’s why – this is the pathway to increase your capacity to serve others. That’s what it’s all about.”

“Win with Humility and Lose with Determination to Improve”


Danville FFA Members... Win Three Different State Demonstrations... Three Years in a Row! Sarah Crone’s and Cody Swafford’s passion for demonstrations first sparked when their agricultural educator and FFA Advisor, Mr. Duane Huge, encouraged them to compete in the contest. Throughout the past three years, the best friend duo has won three consecutive state champions in three different demonstration areas – Animal Science (2014, Treating Horse Abscesses), Food Science (2015, Sphereification of Juice) and Plant and Soil Science (2016, N.F.T. Hydroponics). Through lots of practice and giving their demonstrations to whoever would listen to them, they achieved great success throughout the Demonstrations Career Development Event. Sarah recommends, “Pick something you are either passionate about or super curious about, and if you don’t care about what you are demonstrating about, why should the judges?” They advise that you have a partner that completes your weaknesses and matches your devotion. Both partners encourage younger members to “Go for it!” and promote the public speaking, teaching and organization skills that you will gain. Their demonstrations have allowed them to have fun, grow as leaders and transform into advocates for the agriculture industry. This CDE has fostered skills that they will continue to use in their future careers. Cody and Sarah’s passion and dedication drove them to great success and they encourage you to set your goals high and reach for the stars as you begin your path to success within the Demonstration CDE.

by Emily Dougherty


NATHAN’S TIMELINE Freshman Year: Horse Evaluation Poultry Evaluation Sophomore Year: Horse Evaluation Poultry Evaluation Essay CDE Plant and Soil Science Demo Junior Year: Chapter President 4th Place, State Horse Evaluation 5th Place, State Poultry Evaluation 2nd Place, State Essay Senior Year: Chapter President District I Treasurer National Horse Evaluation

Nathan Blume By Chaela Minor

GET THE FACTS Birthday: June 16, 1998 Parents: Chris and Gina Blume Siblings: Jackson, Grace, and Lucy Hometown: Morocco, Indiana FFA Chapter: North Newton FFA Advisors: Ron DeYoung & Sabrina Tarter Favorite Food: Salad Favorite Movie: Anything with Morgan Freeman Favorite Pastime: Swimming Favorite Animal: Alpaca Favorite Color: Green Favorite Music: Country


State Treasurer FUTURE PLANS

Attend Purdue University majoring in Agronomy and Agricultural Economics.

THE TEAM VOTED NATHAN... Most likely to be a Politician.

“Nathan is a very conscientious student and always will be. He takes his education seriously and has clear goals about his future. Enthusiasm and dedication are two of the qualities that make him an awesome FFA member. He made quite an impact on our members at North Newton over the years. I have no doubt he will influence many Indiana FFA members this year to get more excited and involved in agriculture and FFA. Nathan truly demonstrates “premier leadership, personal growth, and career success!” - Ron DeYoung, Advisor “Nathan was and will always be the type of friend to keep his word and give his best effort to succeed. A unique quality about Nathan is his lack of selfishness. He has always done his very best to help other’s in the community knowing he might have to lose a few hours of sleep completing his daily tasks. Throughout a person’s life, friends can come and go. Some of which will leave a bad impression and others will bring a new value to your life. Nathan Blume has brought joy and inspiration to my life as well as many others. Nathan is the perfect example of a friend and an all-around leader in the community.” - Demitrius Kikalos, Friend

by d e n o i t a t s

L W O E TH otlight Advisor Sp

by Sneha Jogi

Mrs. Katie Schneider Quick Facts 1. Has been teaching for 4 years. 2. BS Degree in Agronomy, Masters in Education. 3. Working in the Ag Industry provides a different perspective on teaching.

Franklin County FFA

“Mrs. Schneider’s passion for agriculture and FFA has blossomed during the short time she has been at the helm of our program. Our chapter size has doubled and our members have adopted her contagious positive attitude that has amplified their involvement. She pushes each and every one of her students to their full potential and provides a great example for true success. I could not have asked for a more driven, caring, and dedicated advisor.” - Grace Moster, Student

“She is not only my teacher, but also my role model. If it was not for her, I would not be as successful as I am today. Because of her help, I have not only had the opportunity to become our chapter’s president, but also the first district president to come from Franklin County. She has completely transformed the 5. Advises and Teaches at the same school ag program within the three years that she has been at this school. As long as she was a member. Enjoys seeing both Mrs. Schneider is here, Franklin County FFA will be thriving.” growth and traditions of the chapter. - Shelby Kolb, Student 4. Teaches 8 agriculture courses each day with Horticulture as her favorite.

r e t r t e a t h p C a h C with some of Indiana’s newest chapters by Leah Jacobs New FFA programs are truly embracing the current theme of Transform. They are transforming the members, schools and communities they are apart of. Learn a little bit about two chapters below and see how each of them are transforming this year.


with Historian, Schasta Antrim


with Advisor, Shelbi Louck

What activities has your chapter been involved with so What does it mean for your community/school to now far? have an FFA chapter? La Porte FFA has worked diligently to immerse themselves in various FFA activities thus far. One example of this is the chapter’s petting zoo. This petting zoo features many baby animals and is visited by both high school students and local preschoolers. The chapter recently conducted their second annual hog roast. Additionally, La Porte harvests both sweetcorn and pumpkin fields. What do you personally hope to gain from FFA? Schasta shares, “I personally would like to see how our younger generation can impact the world.” She helps with her local ag day where many agriculture related programs collaborate to teach 4th graders about how important agriculture is. She was amazed by students who shared that eggs simply came from the grocery store. She is excited to share her agriculture story and work to educate those around her.

It is something the community has been pushing for a while now. In a very agricultural based community it is definitely exciting to see the school offering a program that meets the needs of the community and may even help create more jobs. How have you sparked interest in FFA for prospective members that established chapters might be able to use as well? Ms. Louck notes, let the students know that it is THEIR organization that is truly student run. Students can make it into anything they want it to be. Put them in a role so that they feel powerful and included, but still ensure they know that you are there to fall back on and advise if they need help. There is no other club like that around.


Read to Feed

by Sneha Jogi

For the second year, the Indiana FFA Association will partner with Heifer International to take on the Read to Feed program. Heifer International is a nonprofit organization that works to compact poverty and hunger through distributing livestock and livestock training to families in need. The Read to Feed program encourages reading while engaging elementary school students in actions that make a difference in the lives of others. Indiana FFA Association’s vision is to provide FFA members with the opportunity to impact elementary students and heighten awareness of international agricultural issues as well as help combat poverty. During the 2016 program, over $19,500 were raised for Heifer International, including the matching gift from Elanco. Indiana FFA also appreciates the sponsorship of Cargill for the overall program and chapter awards. “Read to Feed not only drew attention to two pressing matters that needed support, but it allowed students to use their strengths to create an impact that went far beyond their community. This project enabled FFA members to act as a catalyst of change as they were able to fight the issues of hunger and illiteracy that face our growing population.” - Claire Baney, Hamilton Southeastern

Funny Farm Jokes te? know kara s ig p f o d in A. What k B. What do you g robot andet when you cross a a tractor? C. What is a sheep’s fa vorite gam e? on a ll a secret te u o y ’t n ould D. Why sh farm? A. Pork Chops B. Transfarmer C. Baa-dminten D. Because the potatoes have eyes and the corn has ears.


“Heifer International’s Read-to-Feed program brought our community together to help others receive the same opportunity that we have. All of our elementary schools willingly agreed to participate in this program. We were very fortunate to have so many supporters of this community service project that allowed us to surpass our goal of raising over $1,000. We hope to do an event like this again in the future.” - Mercedes Brunton, Benton Central

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