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Bringing purpose to action during National FFA Week 2017!


id you know that National FFA Week was established in 1947 and has been celebrated every year since 1948? That means the 2018 National FFA Week will be the 70th anniversary. Pretty cool, right? Also, something pretty interesting is that National FFA Week always coincides with George Washington’s birthday, February 22nd. FFA chapters across the country celebrate National FFA Week by putting on staff breakfasts, petting zoos, and more.


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Above: Members conducting their duties as pages along with State Representative, Bill Friend.

This year, Indiana FFA began National FFA Week by visiting the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis for Indiana FFA Page Day. Roughly 80 The state officers had the Indiana FFA opportunity to meet with Lt. Governor and Secretary of members made their way to the Agriculture, Suzanne Crouch. statehouse to serve as pages (assistants) to state legislators. Also, a formal resolution celebrating National FFA Week was discussed and unanimously passed in both the State Senate and the State House of Representatives. Indiana FFA members embodied our theme, Transform Purpose to Action, at the Indiana Statehouse and across the entire state during National FFA Week. - By Nathan Blume Left: Members tour the Indiana Statehouse during their day as pages.

Right: FFA members serving as Pages to the House and Senate pose with the Indiana FFA State Officers, Ted McKinney, Director of ISDA, and Steve Howell, Indiana Soybean Alliance, sponsor of the day’s lunch. continued on pg. E


indiana ffa - The impact

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Retiring Addresses

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Hear your 2016-2017 Indiana FFA Stat give their Retiring Addresses!

Monday Fun Night

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Mon, June 19 - Thurs June 22, 2017 ia Social Mnetiodn activities w/

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Da rs even Indiana FFA membe Wed. Help us celebrateing on e nc Da A FF e more by attend 30thp.m. -12:00 a.m.! night from 9:

National Officer

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Meet your National Central Region Vice President,FFA Valerie Earley, as she facilitates a leadersh workshop on Wednesday anip d presents a keynote speech du rin the 2nd General Session! g

INDIANA FFA SUMMER FUN FFA Pavilion @ the Indiana State Fair Get excited about the 2017 Indiana State Fair and help Indiana FFA by working in the FFA pavilion on your district setup day or district experience day during the fair.


Talk to your advisor and check out for more information. B


indiana ffa - The impact

Member spotlight Our members make us shine! - By Jessica Mars

Alisha Adams

Nash Smith

Columbus FFA

Clinton central FFA

Grade: Senior

Grade: Senior

SAE: Poultry Production

SAE: Swine Placement

FAVORITE CDE: Extemporaneous Public Speaking

FAVORITE CDE: Entomology

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF FFA: 10-year 4-H member, attending concerts, and hanging with friends.

FUTURE PLANS: Attend Purdue University, double majoring in Agricultural Communications and Public Relations.

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF FFA: karate, 4-H, acting, jazz band, collecting, and llamas.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “We are all worms, but I do believe that I am a glowworm.” - Winston Churchill

Pay-It-Forward Campaign

- BY LOGAN GLASSBURN Since the FFA Center was established in 1974, it’s How can we help? estimated that more than 100,000 Indiana FFA Members have made their way through its gates. For As FFA members, we over 40 years, the Indiana FFA Leadership Center believe in the future of has been shaping generations of leaders, and now it agriculture and developing is our time to “Pay It Forward” by paying it off. the future leaders of our industry. The Indiana FFA The Pay-It-Forward Campaign was launched in Leadership Center has June of 2016 with the goal of raising $500,000 by played a key role in this June 2018. The first $180,000 raised will go directly process and, with our help, that will continue in the toward paying off the mortgage on the Indiana FFA future. As FFA members, we can help in securing the Leadership Center, with the remaining $320,000 center for years to come by giving chapter support and going to the Give Hope Annuity, which will fund sharing our story in the community. We encourage future capital projects at the center. each chapter to create a plan of action for supporting the Pay-It-Forward Campaign. Whether it is a chapter fundraiser, a donation, or promoting the campaign in the community, we all have a personal story or memory of how the Indiana FFA Leadership Center has impacted us. Share our story, and “Pay It Forward” by paying it off! Donate today by visiting and earmark your donation as Pay-it-Forward. For more information, contact the Indiana FFA Foundation via Lisa Chaudion, C

indiana ffa - The impact

SNEHA’S TIMELINE Sophomore Year: Agriculture and Farm Business Management Demo Agricultural Issues Junior

Year: Agriculture and Farm Business Management Demo Agricultural Marketing Chapter Meeting


Year: Prepared Public Speaking Chapter Meeting Agriculture and Farm Business Management Demo Chapter Vice President Section II Director

State Northern Region Vice President

Sneha Jogi

FUTURE PLANS Attend Purdue University and Major in Agricultural Communications and Agricultural Marketing.

THE TEAM VOTED SNEHA... Most likely to own a Starbucks.


“Sneha has impacted me to look at food differently. She has shared action steps that anyone can use to help with world hunger...local hunger. She has given me a greater awareness of this issue. In addition to the impact she has made about hunger, her greater impact is that she found something that she is passionate about and ran with it! What an example she has been to me and so many!” – Charity Keefaber, Former Advisor

Birthday: July 9, 1998 Parent: Hetal Jogi Sibling: Nikita Hometown: Fishers, Ind. FFA Chapter: Hamilton Southeastern FFA Advisors: Thomas Younts, Samantha Miller, and Charity Keefaber Favorite Food: Pasta Favorite Movie: Footloose Favorite Pastime: Indulging in a cup of coffee Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Animal: Teddy Favorite Color: Teal Favorite Music: Chris Young

“Whenever I’m asked who my role models are, each time Sneha has come to mind almost instantly. From participating in FFA events together to just hanging out, Sneha has left a tremendous impact on me. Her bright smile is contagious and she faces each of her activities with positivity and passion. This is due to her open-minded personality and sincere desire to serve others. It’s safe to say that Sneha is a football girl who loves to root for her team (On Saturdays that team is the good old Tennessee Volunteers.) This characteristic has translated into other facets of her life as she has always advocated for those she cares about, for agriculture, and FFA.” – Claire Baney, Friend & HSE FFA Member


indiana ffa - The impact

FFA WEEK ACROSS INDIANA from the point of view of the 7 State FFA Officers! Throughout FFA Week, February 19-25, the seven Indiana FFA State Officers traveled the state visiting chapters and attending various events hosted by those schools. FFA was celebrated by thousands during the week and the following numbers represent the experiences had by the 2016-17 State Officers.

continued From pg. A

7,626 Miles Driven Emily had a wonderful time skiing (and falling) down the slopes with the South Newton FFA Chapter. The day was filled with laughter, new connections and improved skiing skills!

1,840 Student Participants in Facilitated Workshops

Jessica loved spending the day at Emmerich Manual High School speaking to agriculture classes, having lunch with FFA members and helping promote their FFA Week events across the school.

Logan joined the Eastside FFA chapter in reading to kindergarten and firstgrade students about where the food in their lunch boxes comes from.

Leah had a blast at the Adams Central FFA Petting Zoo! Adams county youth had the chance to see various animals and rotate through educational stations.

92 Chapters Visited Nathan stayed up way past midnight with the Owen Valley FFA Chapter at their Lock-In. Fun activities, exciting games and awesome FFA members made the Lock-In a unique and memorable FFA Week event.

Chaela enjoyed her time eating, geocaching and roller skating with Rushville FFA members!

48 Teacher Breakfasts & Social Events

Interviews 18 radio 21 Newspaper

An early start was no problem for Sneha or the Paoli FFA Chapter as they tackled a full day of FFA Week with a teacher appreciation breakfast and seventh grade Ag Olympics, which helped recruit new members.

12 Petting Zoos Indiana - single color by


indiana ffa - The impact

Mrs. Goeb,

stationed by

Blessed. Whiteland FFA and your students are


blessed to call you our advisor.

Whether it was

early mornings or late

State Officer Advisor Spotlight

nights, you were always there for us.

From our

memory-filled trips to

Purdue University, you always made contests at

sure we were having fun

while still being successful.

agriculture educators across the nation are teaching students about agriculture, but even more about life. a typical agriculture teacher spends more days working from 5:00-9:00 than 9:00-5:00, while selflessly devoting their lives to developing students. our state officer team is beyond appreciative of this effort. the ag teachers and ffa advisors in indiana truly embody the words “living to serve” in the ffa motto. we would like to thank all agriculture teachers for their work to grow leaders, build communities and strengthen agriculture. this spread contains thank you notes to our own ffa advisors, but know we appreciate the countless hours that each advisor spends developing students and helping them grow into the future agriculture leaders.

You have instilled in me

meaningful life lessons and a passion for educating

others about agriculture.


am grateful for the role you have played in my life, and the future of

Whiteland FFA. Throughout my life, I

will be able to rely on my knowledge gained through

Whiteland Agriculture Department and FFA to Thank you for helping me reach my premier leadership, personal growth and career success through FFA. I will always believe in the future of agriculture and FFA, especially my home of Whiteland FFA under your leadership. the

help me succeed.

Forever Blessed, Emily


Mr. Powell,

Mr. Allen & Mr. Babcock,

When I first walked through the doors of the Clay City Ag Room, I didn’t realize the impact that it would have on me. I remember thinking to myself that I would never be capable of reaching the goals I had set for myself or make an impact on our chapter. However, throughout my four years, you were constantly there pushing me to reach new heights and encourage our chapter. From insisting that I should stop purchasing a pop each day (probably because you got annoyed that I spilled them on the mini-bus every single time) to the deep life chats, I am forever grateful for the lessons and skills that you taught me. Thank you for instilling in me your problem-solving and deep thinking skills and for your humor after a long day. Without your help, I would not be the student or leader that I am today, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Mr. Allen, from my first little taste of South Newton Soil Judging seven years ago, to my

final contest this past October, every practice, invitational and bus trip has been filled with memories and life lessons. The corny jokes about floodplains will live with me just like the hard work, persistence, and determination that you instilled in each one of us. Mr. Babcock, I remember the skepticism we all had upon hearing that someone new was entering our program. You had some big shoes to fill and you most definitely rose to the occasion. Thank you so much for laughing at me when I cry, telling me when my jokes aren’t funny, and making sure that I never take myself too seriously. You pushed me to reach my full potential when I didn’t have the confidence to take that risk on my own; and for that I will be eternally grateful. Thank you both for giving me such a memorable and rewarding FFA experience, I will forever be proud to call South Newton FFA my home!

Forever Impacted, Chaela

Filled with Love and Laughter, Logan F

indiana ffa - The impact

Mr. Younts, Mrs. Keffaber, Mrs. Hartley, Mrs. scott, Ms. mustin, Ms. Crooks, & Mrs. love, Mrs. Miller, Mr. McAllister, & Mr. Bailey, I M .H ’ 8 entered rs artley s th grade agriculture class as an awkward, shy student who was looking for her place at Lebanon High School. As I left Mrs. Love’s class my senior year, I was confident in my place in agriculture and FFA. Without amazing, beautiful, kind, and strong ladies like you, I wouldn’t be here today. From the countless lab periods I have needed someone to vent to, a snack, a shoulder to cry on, or just some advice from my “wise owls,” I owe you all a lot of time in the blue jacket. Seeing you inspire students each day has instilled in me a passion to be an agriculture teacher and FFA advisor. On the hard days when nothing seems to be going right, or it doesn’t seem to be worth it, know that you are inspiring someone to be the best that they can be, because you did that for me. Thank you for challenging me, believing in me, laughing with me, caring for me, serving with me, and helping me beyond our time in the classroom.

Mr. Younts, from

sophomore year to now and into the future, you’re the person who has seen potential in me that I’ve never been able to see in myself. You pushed me to do what I thought was the unthinkable by simply believing in me and supporting me. Thank you for never leaving my side, for cracking a smile on my face when it’s needed, and for allowing this organization to transform me. You took me under your wing from the beginning and made me a better person. Mrs. Keffaber, you’ve got the ability to see beauty in everyone from the moment you meet them. You never fail to tell me what I need to hear at the perfect time. Thank you for being there for me when I need you most, for building my confidence, and for being my cheerleader. Mrs. Miller, Mr. McAllister, and Mr. Bailey, although we didn’t get to spend much time together, you’re still part of my transformation. Thank you for providing laughter, joy, and wisdom into my life. To every advisor I’ve met along the way, thank you for serving as a role model to the organization and its members. We’re lucky to have courageous, prideful, and dedicated advisors like you. With a full heart, Sneha

Also… #GIRLPOWER Truly Inspired, Jessica

Mrs. tartar, Mr. Deyoung, M .M G & Ms. Mcgee, I

Dad, Mrs. Schilling, Ms. Williams, & Mrs. Arellano,

s c hee, learned more than I could ever have imagined with you as a horse judging coach. Thank you for shaping me into who I am today. Mrs. Tartar, you may have just looked like another high school student to me my sophomore year, but in the grand scheme of things you turned out to be a great mentor, coach, and advisor. It was with your help that I learned so much about Horse, Livestock and Poultry Judging and it is because of your guidance that I am studying Agriculture at Purdue next year. Mr. DeYoung, you have played one of the most influential roles in my life. I can honestly say that you are the reason I continued my FFA career and you are the person that has continued to push me forward towards success. For that I am forever grateful. You have both taught me important skills that I will always use. Thanks to both of you for everything you have done, it really means so much.

A few sentences could never adequately thank

you for the years of work you put into making me a better person. Thank you for celebrating with me when things went well, and encouraging me to keep going when life became challenging. Because I had four great advisors, I now have four awesome examples to follow when I become an agriculture teacher. Dad, because of you, I know the value of working hard and the joy that comes with succeeding. Thank you, for always pushing me to reach my full potential. Mrs. Schilling, you taught me what it means to serve selflessly and believe in myself. My time with you as teacher may have been limited, but your support and impact have remained constant. Ms. Williams, your ability to challenge my perspective and calm my nerves are two of the many things I appreciate about you. Thank you for all the life chats and lessons. Mrs. Arellano, I never had you as a teacher, but even before you were at Eastern Hancock you loved me like I was your own student and were always the fresh perspective I needed. If I have half the impact on my future students that each of you had on me, I will be well off.

Immensely Grateful, Nathan G

Forever Changed and Forever Thankful, Leah

indiana ffa - The impact

bers, 0 Indiana FFA Mem To the Over 12,00 of us. sformed the seven an tr ve ha u yo of us to ys of office, each you have encouraged t en m te ci ex d During our 371 da an ssion the rosity, kindness, pa day. Thank you for y er ev Through your gene d an ch ea the aracteristics aveled throughout tr ve ha e w as embody the same ch es each and laughs, and experienc and transform with k or w , countless memories, ow gr e, rv honored to se state. We have been member. every Indiana FFA ting has left an ever-las r te or pp su d an aff the world. ily, advisor, state st f in us truly means lie be d an Every member, fam ce vi ad , a year us. Your wisdom ging moments, and an ch e lif to impact on each of ts en ev for every ormed into family, r thank you enough ve ne n Friends have transf ca e W e. m counurney of a lifeti eryone we have en ev To u. yo h it of office to the jo w t to and experience spen ansform our purpose t tr en us ev ng n, lpi tio sa he er r fo nv co k you ney this year, than tered along our jour action. , Forever Transformed A State Officers FF gan 2016-2017 Indiana Nathan, Leah and Lo a, el ha C , ily m E , Jessica, Sneha

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