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issue one April 2011

the twist design challenge

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Why wool is bouncing back

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the twist design challenge is on Welcome to the first issue of Twist – a special issue magazine designed to showcase inspired commercial and residential buildings that use Cavalier Bremworth’s pure wool carpet. With the help of Design Quarterly, Cavalier Bremworth is giving architects and designers across Australia a new opportunity with the ‘Twist Design Challenge’. We’ll profile one winner in each of the next three issues of Twist, appearing with Design Quarterly magazine.

Make sure you submit your entry by Friday 27 May to It could be your project that’s showcased in the next issue. See page 8 for more details. There comes a time when you want to shout very loudly “GET REAL!”. And this is it. Twist magazine will be shouting loudly about the architects and designers who are using a sustainable, natural and biodegradable product – Cavalier Bremworth pure wool carpet. For more than 50 years, Cavalier Bremworth has been unashamedly a wool carpet maker, with an unremitting focus on quality and design leadership. We’ve resisted the urge to follow our competitors into cheap synthetics (though some now are priced higher than wool). Instead we have managed to keep 600 people in jobs making and selling our pure wool carpet. With offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, our sales team are able to provide a user-friendly service to specifiers throughout Australia. We are the only carpet company to have put ourselves through an internationally recognised ethics audit with Good Corporation and the first broadloom carpet maker to have its entire range receive Good

“We’ve resisted the

Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) accreditation. We now have the new ACCS Environmental Certification Scheme grading at level 4 across

urge to follow

nearly all of our products. We hope you’ll find inspiration among these pages to think some

the path down into synthetics, some now priced well above

more about wool and its place in both residential and commercial environments.


” .

100% made in New Zealand 1



The ultimate eco-fibre bounces back…

Wool has had a pretty rough ride in recent years. Carpet has become a commodity and home buyers have been encouraged to look no further than the price as the key decision factor. Trendy sounding “eco-bling” fibres are being aggressively marketed, though a quick look past the green-washing and you’ll find that the majority of the content is synthetic.

Walked over in all the right places

So where does wool carpet stack up against all this? Pretty well if you’re at all interested in sustainability, improving indoor air quality and appearance retention over time. Wool has some pretty amazing properties.

A quick check of the facts here: • Wool is a totally 100% sustainable and natural product, grown and sourced entirely in New Zealand. • It takes only a fraction of the energy to produce wool fibre vs synthetic fibre.

Cavalier Bremworth pure wool carpets are

• Wool acts as a natural humidity regulator. It absorbs moisture from the atmosphere when it’s damp and releases it when it’s dry.

underfoot in some notable buildings here and

• Wool’s unique crimp structure means it bounces back – it won’t matt and flatten like some synthetics.

throughout the world:

• Wool carpet has only four base ingredients - the wool (biodegradable), a polypropylene primary backing, latex (low VOC and used as a bond for the backing) and a jute secondary backing (also 100% natural and sourced sustainably). Put some used wool carpet on your garden and it will

• the W hotel in Hong Kong

biodegrade over time, not to mention giving you healthier looking trees and shrubs.

• Sebel Pier One below the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Warm, comforting, soft and luxurious, wool carpet provides an unmatched sensory experience. It’s easier on the body and the soul.

• the Gstaad Palace Hotel in Switzerland • Michael Hill Jeweller’s newly refurbished stores charmeuse

• Melbourne’s Yarra St penthouses • Luxury apartments in Beijing and Coal Harbour in Vancouver • Lecture theatres and hallways at the University of Auckland Business School • The Pan Peninsular Hotel at Canary Wharf in London • Furama Hotel in Dalian, China • Government House in Wellington, New Zealand



custom designed


Andrea Wilson

Andrea Wilson of Ashton Raggatt McDougall (ARM), talks about OneEast Melbourne - a 5* Green Star building. Interior architect Andrea Wilson worked on the interior design of the six-storey commercial building which forms part of OneEastMelbourne, home to the building’s developer Becton. The office building adjoins the OneEastMelbourne apartment block at the edge of the city precinct and was designed by ARM’s Sophie Cleland. The 5500m² office building has achieved a 5 Star Green Star certified rating and is acknowledged as a landmark new building for the city.

What was the key brief for the office interior from the developer? AW: The developer was keen to achieve an environmentally sustainable, quality outcome. They wanted flexible spaces with the ability for future expansion. This was also to be their new head office so they were very keen to showcase their product.

How important was it that the carpet had GECA accreditation and contributed towards Green Star points? You would have had numerous materials that all contributed under the materials calculator. AW: It was extremely important that the carpet was GECA rated, as this project was one of the earliest to gain a 5 star rating and Cavalier Bremworth is a real

When designing the interior, at what point in the design process did the flooring decisions get made? What influenced your choices? AW: The carpet was selected as part of the base building tenancy offer before all actual tenants were known, so our selections were largely driven by a desire to enhance a quality space and select a colour that would work flexibly with a broad range of colour palettes. We chose Pique II for its directional tight textured loop which we felt worked well within the dramatic lengths of the spaces. The colour, Tempting Taupe, is an attractive mid-tone earthy neutral which works practically at many levels. It allows good light spread, which is very ESD attractive within deep floor plates. It also maximises future colour palette choices, enhancing warm and cool highlights and pitched neutrals. The colour also has sufficient depth to absorb most wear and tear staining.

innovator in this field. At the time it was hard to find carpet manufacturers who were accredited – it is really challenging to get a 5 star rating and the carpet selected contributed significantly to the Green Star Points.

In general, how interested are your clients in using sustainable interior products? AW: Commercial and Government clients are now very committed to sustainable building solutions. They are leaders in this very important and necessary field.

When specifying carpet, what are the most important things you look for? AW: Look and feel is very important, but our selections are always backed by rigorous research to ensure that performance, quality assurance, environmental and budget criteria are always met.

How much influence/collaboration was there with the client over the flooring choice?

Was the Cavalier Bremworth brand and reputation a factor influencing the choice?

AW: Becton were the developers for this project. The delivery of quality product

AW: Cavalier Bremworth offer quality product using local labour and materials.

within realistic budgets is a key part of their branding and ours, which did make

We are always proud to support local industry.

finish selections relatively straightforward.



How much of the offices are carpeted and why was carpet chosen over carpet tiles or hard floors? AW: All areas except the foyer entries are carpeted. Carpet has a softness and lushness that is not apparent in carpet tiles. Carpet also has a singular presence across the floor plane which enhances the stunning views beyond. Carpet tiles have a more complex grid formation which we saw as distracting for this project.

Who made the decision to have a 100% wool carpet and what was the reason to go for broadloom wool over synthetic carpet tiles?


“Wool carpet spells quality & remains attractive to high-end tenants.”



new products


Curlicue is a heavy weight chunky cut pile with very obvious tuft definition that provides compelling benefits – both visually and from a tactile perspective. Named for the curly ends – a result of the kinky hard twist structure - Curlicue has rounder and thicker tufts than any other cut pile in our range. The colour palette ranges from a stunning white through to classic neutrals and a charcoal/brown. The colours are extremely versatile as the twist movement in the pile creates the impression of more than one shade, making it easy to work back with any décor, be it bold or neutral.

WIN the twist design challenge Win bragging rights, an Apple iPad and the chance of a cocktail party for 50 guests + more cool stuff We’d love you to brag. No seriously. We really want you to show off and what’s more we’ll reward you with the chance to win a cocktail party for 50 colleagues/friends/family. Plus, each quarterly winner will be profiled in Twist that is delivered to Design Quarterly magazine subscribers, receive a very cool leather and wool carpet bag designed by Roanne Jacobsen of Saben

and an Apple 64GB iPad with 3G and Wi-Fi worth $840.

Exceptional durability and comfort Two stunning new Bremworth Collection ranges have just been launched. Both are made from 100% New Zealand felted wool which is exclusive to Cavalier Bremworth. The felted yarn means the wool fibres are locked into a smooth and strong structure, providing exceptional durability and comfort. Full colour range product spec at

Galet Galet (rhymes with ballet) is a gorgeous chunky loop pile, also in 100% felted New Zealand wool. The random loop pile design combined with the unique yarn structure creates real textural interest on the floor and unbelievable softness underfoot. The colour palette ranges from a stunning white through to classic neutrals and a dark grey.

How do you do it? Simple. Just submit any great looking residential or commercial projects where you have used Cavalier Bremworth carpet to our website at Upload some photographs and tell us about the project, specifically why you chose 100% sustainable wool carpet from Cavalier Bremworth.

There are three chances to win – to coincide with the next three issues of Design Quarterly magazine. Each quarterly winner will receive: • Your project showcased in the next edition of Twist which comes out with Design Quarterly magazine. You’ll be interviewed and a professional photographer will take shots of the project. • A top-spec 64GB Apple iPad with 3G and Wi-Fi valued at $840. • You’ll win a great looking Saben satchel made of leather and our gorgeous new Galet felted carpet. • A one-in-three chance to win the Grand Prize of a fully catered cocktail party for 50 – this will to go the overall winner of the Twist design challenge.

Submit your entry for the Twist design challenge by 4pm, Friday 27 May, 2011 to How to enter: Upload images together with a brief summary of your project to We recommend you cover off your client brief, the inspiration for your design solution and why you chose the style and colour of Cavalier Bremworth carpet used in the project. Note: Competition open to all registered Australian architects and interior designers. See terms and conditions on 8

Great to see HRH Prince Charles lending his support to the global Campaign for Wool, signing on as patron. The initiative is supported by Commonwealth wool bodies Australian Wool Innovation, British Wool Marketing Board, International Wool Textile Organisation and New Zealand Woolgrowers. The education campaign aims to provide up to date information on the attributes of wool and the advances being made by woolgrowers to provide new and natural solutions for sustainable lifestyle choices.

Hyde Apartments in Sydney go with wool option throughout

Do you have our easy reference catalogue? If you haven’t got a copy, please contact one of our sales executives. Featuring new products and recoloured ranges, it takes up much less space than lots of samples in your product library.

off cuts Our own Green Star experts…

A lot of confusion and greenwashing in the flooring market has prompted Cavalier Bremworth to become the first broadloom carpet company to have sales executives go through the Green Star Accredited Professional Course run by the Green Building Council of Australia. The motivation behind the move was to make specifying carpet for Green Star projects much easier for retailers and specifiers.

The stunning new Hyde apartments feature Cavalier Bremworth 100% wool carpet throughout the living and bedroom areas with a commercial grade carpet used in the common hallway areas. Developed by Stockland, Kann Finch worked on the interior finishes for the apartments which were sold out well in advance of their completion.

Sydney-based General Manager for Cavalier Bremworth, Cathy Howitt, led by example and is now a Green Star Accredited professional along with her Sydney colleagues Kym Webster and Stefano Di Giovanni. Margaux Bonne from Victoria, Michelle Rossi in Queensland and Tim Elsden and Michael Mead in Adelaide are also accredited. The entire Cavalier Bremworth carpet range carries GECA accreditation which makes specifying it easy - all that is required is the GECA certificate for the relevant product which can be found on the company’s website. The company also has the new ACCS ECS level four accreditation on most of its carpets. One download from the Cavalier Bremworth website can complete the flooring requirements component for any Green Star project.

Great for your floor and your greenery Did you know that used wool carpet makes a fantastic weed mat for your garden? Fully biodegradable, it helps retain moisture under the soil, promote plant growth and soil biodiversity (we understand that means more worms…) 9


Look at you, all grown up.

Monte was found on a wet Sunday in the back of a Leura antiques store. He looked lonely, she felt sorry for him, so home Monte came (of course he was still called Horsey at that stage). The carpet covering the floor of his rather comfortable new stable is Galet, a chunky loop from our exclusive designer Bremworth Collection; 100% felted New Zealand wool and unbelievably soft. View the full range at . Phone 1800 251 172.

Luxury New Zealand wool carpet

Twist CBA Issue One  
Twist CBA Issue One  

the twist designchallenge is on1 2100% made in New ZealandWelcome to the first issue of Twist – a special issuemagazine designed to showcase...