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22 state-of-the-art spaces with Zip instant boiling water

Instant Boiling Water

Issue 22 – 2014


Our Sydney-based fleet of Zip Service Vans recently posed for an up-to-date snapshot in the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House.

A new look for Zip Hydrotap has been introduced with new G4 models incorporating an unprecedented range of energy-saving features. See details now at

This year promises to be an outstanding year for Zip and its many customers around the world. It’s the most forward-looking year in its 66-year history. Zip is currently launching a brand new series of instant boiling water appliances that also dispense chilled filtered water and sparkling filtered water. Thanks to several years of work by the Zip product development team, fresh ways have been found to make the Zip HydroTap G4 models measurably more energy-efficient than ever. Zip’s Australian-designed, Australian-made instant boiling water appliances are now to be found in more than 70 countries worldwide. They remain the most widely specified instant boiling water appliances ever invented and the prospects for developing new export markets around the world are excellent. In addition, Zip once again provided sponsorship support to Sydney Festival, one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest international festivals. It involves musical, dance and theatrical performances staged in and around Sydney throughout January. As it did in 2011, 2012 and 2013, Zip provided free filtered drinking water stations for patrons at many of the leading performance venues. Zip also sponsored Australia Day NSW, which involved hundreds of highly visible “Zip Instant Boiling Water” branded street banners on several of the major Sydney CBD thoroughfares stretching from Hyde Park to Circular Quay. Sincere thanks is due to the many Zip specifiers in Australia and abroad whose support enables the company to become involved in such community activities.


02 STAGE SPECTACULAR Perth’s vivid and striking new landmark Perth Arena is a modern-day Colosseum – an important entertainment venue and a key element in Perth’s urban landscape.

10 GREAT EXPECTATIONS Creating the new headquarters of the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects has been an exercise in sustainable design and meeting the expectations of its designers’ peers.

Cover Image: Perth Arena, Perth Photography: John Gollings

06 WHEN STAKES ARE HIGH A privileged peek into the exclusive hotel suites and private gaming rooms at The Star casino in Sydney, where the finishes are fine and the stakes are high.

13 EAS  Y CHOICE With ever more leading kitchen design showrooms and appliance retailers across Australia and Britain displaying working models of the Zip range – making a choice has never been easier.


Stage spectacular A striking new piece of sculptural architecture, designed to look different from every angle, Perth Arena is supremely worthy of the public spectacles staged inside.


For thousands of years arenas have been a key element in a city’s landscape and urban life (think Rome’s Colosseum) and it’s no different now – only some modern arenas are more striking than others. In functional terms little has changed over millennia, only in the contemporary era such places are still designed to satisfy society’s sporting and entertainment needs, but thankfully gladiatorial fights to the death are no longer deemed suitable public spectacles. Perth Arena, inspired in part by the 209 irregular-shaped pieces of Christopher Monckton’s Eternity Puzzle, is beyond simply being prominent and arresting. It is – as its architects ARM architecture, are now famous for delivering – a surprising, idiosyncratic and highly distinctive structure. According to design director Howard Raggart, this “landmark building has been designed to provoke symbolic interpretation.” It was also designed to “create direct visual responses from all approaches, and become an integral

Perth Arena Words: Guy Allenby Photography: John Gollings, Greg Hocking, David Morcombe Architect: ARM Architecture

part of the city’s overall urban design and architectural strategy,” he adds. In other words this is a building calculated to stimulate thought. It was also designed to look different from every angle and to be an important public amenity that will inject a key architectural and visual element in Perth’s urban landscape. It is designed to seat 15,000 spectators, with 36 VIP boxes, five multipurpose event rooms, enough food and beverage outlets to satisfy the hungry and thirsty hordes, a 700-space basement car park and a roof that can be opened and closed in seven minutes flat. And if need be the space can be reconfigured for a more intimate event seating around 3000 people. The inside is as equally eye-catching as the outside, and the luminous Yves Klein blue façade continues through an interior which is characterised by vast, light spaces and warm timber panelling. (continued.)



What public visitors don’t see meanwhile is also a very carefully considered back-of-house environment calculated to create a welcoming, comfortable and efficient place to support and to enhance the smooth and professional staging of any number of large and complex entertainment and sporting events. Taking a lead from the vivid colours of the building itself there are bright kitchens, breakout areas and self-service refreshment spaces servicing both the staff and the dressing room areas for the visiting performers, athletes and stars. Apparently the very first very special guest to use the bright yellow kitchen attached to the stars’ dressing room areas – with its Zip HydroTap providing boiled and chilled filtered water on call – was international superstar Elton John. The Zip HydroTap was chosen, says Andrea Wilson, interior architect at ARM Architecture, because it is “State-of-the-art. They are reliable and they suit a broad cross section of users,” she says. “I have specified them for a very long time and I’ve been very happy with the aftersales service.” The Zip HydroTap has also been fitted in line with an overriding concern to make sustainable features an element of the total design. Further innovations on this score include mixed mode natural ventilation to the public concourses; a special displacement air conditioning system that keeps patrons cool but reduces energy; photovoltaic (solar) panels on the roof; locally sourced materials and a water-sensitive landscape design.

“Zip HydroTap is stateof-the-art... I’ve been very happy with the after-sales service.”



When stakes are high Cashed-up high rollers are provided their own butler and wager big money in the private gaming salons adjoining the luxuriously-appointed suites at Sydney’s casino, The Star.

Words: Guy Allenby Photography: Tyrone Branigan Architects: Buchan Group, Fitzpatrick+Partners Interior Designers: DBI Design


“We want to ensure the fastest service to our guests and the Zip HydroTap is an essential tool for delivering this.”

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a top casino’s most exclusive suites and its most private of gaming rooms – no-one’s telling – and, if you ever want to find out, you have little option but to wager some serious currency of your own. Taking a privileged peek inside Sydney’s The Star however – at the most plush and exclusive suites and gaming rooms it has to offer – is to discover no expense has been spared keeping its top clientele happy. Here local and international players can chance their deep pockets in the private high roller rooms and retire – once they’re weary of the cards and the roulette wheel – to the sort of luxuriously appointed accommodation that people wagering the big money expect from an international casino. The high rollers’ facilities were created as part of a refurbishment which The Star (formerly Star City) began in 2009. The total works reportedly cost just under $1 billion and include a new entrance re-orientated to face the city. The extensive new works, designed by architects the Buchan Group and Fitzpatrick+Partners include a new glazed (continued.)




“It’s tea that’s the refreshment in highest demand.”

front door to the casino, an event centre and adjacement entertainment venue, enhanced gaming rooms, a new 171-room five-star hotel – The Darling – and new private high roller rooms. You can’t walk in off the street and play the roulette wheel at The Star’s private high rollers rooms. The space is restricted to a select few with bank balances big enough. Identities are jealously guarded, bets range between $100 and $500,000 and guests have to apply for membership, which are then reviewed by The Star’s management. High rollers have their own 24-hour butler and can stay in any one of The Star’s five penthouse suites (each with two bedrooms) in its new luxury hotel, The Darling. The interiors of The Darling are the work of DBI Design and exude international glamour and high-end luxury. Here four of the penthouses interconnect to “an adjoining private gaming salon” reveals Sean Henchy, Butler Operations Manager, VIP Service at Echo Entertainment, which runs the facility. “We provide private gaming tables and bars in a exclusive private setting known as Private Gaming Salons,” says Henchy. An additional ten suites are located in the Astral tower, The Star’s other hotel. “Six of these are two-storey, six of these are two bedroom and four are single bedroom,” he says. Facilities in suites include steam rooms and one penthouse boasts its own karaoke room.

There are marble floors, espresso machines, and all the furniture – including the dining tables, beds and lounges – are custom-made, and bed linen has a 1000-thread count. The pillows are also made exclusively for the hotel and a Zip HydroTap is provided on each of the suites sinks and those in the private gaming salon. “Our service is delivered by a team of professional butlers to ensure a personalised, professionalised and smooth service,” says Henchy, “A Zip HydroTap is essential to providing instant boiling and chilled water.” Boiling a conventional kettle can take seven minutes and these are precious minutes that “we, as service providers do not have,” he adds. The call for immediate refreshment, in such a high stakes environment, is a constant and pressing need. “We want to ensure the fastest service to our guests,” says Henchy, and the Zip HydropTap “is an essential tool for delivering this service when preparing a large selection of Chinese and traditional teas.” So there you have it: it’s not shaken-and-notstirred Martinis – but tea – that’s the refreshment in highest demand in the upper echelons of the contemporary luxury casino.


Great expectations The Australian Institute of Architects’ new Melbourne office is both an exercise in cutting edge sustainable design and – for its creators – meeting the high expectations of their peers.

You would imagine designing the new Melbourne offices for the Australian Institute of Architects (Institute) would be a fairly intimidating proposition for any design professional. It’s the sort of scenario that’s likely to attract more than its fair share of expert interest and scrutiny. Indeed it’s the sort of pressure a chef might feel cooking for a room full of chefs and food critics – multiplied by 100. “There was a fair bit of internal pressure, to be honest,” says Hassell architects senior associate Rob Ryan, the man in charge of the fit-out for the Institute’s new Victorian facility. “We had to make sure it was good and we knew we were sure to be critiqued,” he says. It’s too early to know how the space will be received by the architect’s peers (the Institute have only just moved in at the time of going to press, and the finishing touches were still being made to the exterior and the interiors for the public spaces) but it’s clear the base building and the interiors are indeed innovative contributions to Melbourne’s CBD. The brand new building, 41X, has been developed by the Institute on its blue chip site at Melbourne’s 41 Exhibition Street, under the watchful eye of Daniela Crawley, National Projects Manager. 41X is to be an exemplar of contemporary sustainable commercial architecture. The 22-storey base building (including ground floor), designed by Lyons Architects, has been designed to target carbon neutrality over its 30-year operating lifespan,

accounting for embodied energy, base building operational energy, transport and waste. The reduction of 41x’s carbon footprint will come via offsite carbon offsets guaranteed by a Sustainability Charter that has been drawn up by the Institute for the building. “We believe 41X is the first strata-titled commercial building in Australia that incorporates a sustainability charter binding owners and tenants to the goal of achieving carbon neutrality,” Institute CEO David Parken said. Internally the Institute is now accommodated on the first five floors of the slim new 22-storey building. Hassell was commissioned to design the fitout for these floors. On the ground floor is retail space, level one there is a café, and the Institute’s bookshop, Architext. There is a function space on level two, and on levels three, four and five are the Institute’s offices. Levels one, two, three and four are connected by an internal staircase – “The overwhelming need,” says Rob Ryan, “was for a place that people could meet and gather and share.” The brief for the Institute’s needs were gathered from consultations with management and staff, with a survey taken among the Institute’s membership. “At the end of the day the Institute is there for the members,” explains Ryan. “It’s a non-profit organisation based around support for architects and designers.” One of the key needs to come out of the briefing process was that it be “a hub for architects and designers,” says Ryan.

“They were very keen to create this sense of place where designers can meet, gather, discuss, learn and connect with each other.” The other key requirement was the workplace component for Institute staff “which is about connection and flexibility and transparency – those types of things,” says Ryan. On level four the main hub breakout space is a place where Institute staff can have lunch or have meetings. The space is serviced by a kitchenette fitted with a Zip HydroTap (see story opposite). Zip HydroTap appliances are also installed in the catering kitchen on level two’s function space while level three and level five each have a Zip HydroTap at tea points. The Zip HydroTap “offered value for money and – with the environmentally sustainability requirements of the Institute – it’s better than other products,” says Ryan.


Institute HQ Melbourne Words: Guy Allenby Photography: Mark Munro, John Gollings Architect: Lyons Architects and Hassell

New Generation Zip HydroTap is a Perfect Fit for the new AIA 41x Office Building With the exceptional attention given to sustainability issues at 41X, the new Melbourne home of the Australian Institute of Architects, it was only logical that it be one of the first major sites in Australia to be supplied with the new generation of Zip HydroTap appliances. The Zip HydroTap G4 is not only exceptionally energy-efficient but has also been reengineered and re-styled to make it more compact and simpler to install and service than any instant boiling water system ever made. One key to its remarkable energy efficiency is the ability of Zip Power-Pulse™ technology to maintain stored boiling water to within 0.2°C of set temperature. Additional power-saving features allow it to be turned off completely for weekday or weekend periods, and automatic power-down or power-off after two hours of non-use. A hidden light sensor sends the appliance to sleep when the room goes dark.

New styling includes a new sculptured tap shank, longer spout reach to make installation simpler on under-mounted sinks, a drained “font kit” to enable installation away from any sink, and low-energy tap lights indicating tap functions to users. Safety features include finger-thumb operation to eliminate the risk of accidental boiling water use, and boiling water access lock-off. The G4 under-sink units are simpler to install neatly due to all connection points being placed at the rear. Each unit now has an easy-to-open water filter cartridge access door, and a code-locked touchscreen to program functions. Adjustments include temperature, dispensing duration, safety settings, energy-saving features and filter-change frequency, which may vary according to water conditions. A full operating history is stored for viewing by building managers.


Easy choice Choosing a Zip HydoTap has never been easier with a series of working displays now in leading kitchen design showrooms and appliance outlets in Australia and the UK.

Over recent years Zip has greatly increased its Zip HydroTap presence in kitchen design showrooms and prestige appliance outlets throughout Australia and Britain. Interior designers can now send their clients to somewhere central where they can have a hands-on Zip HydroTap experience. In every major Australian city, most of the leading kitchen cabinet and kitchen appliance showrooms have been equipped with working Zip HydroTap displays, and showroom staff have been trained to help buyers choose the most appropriate models for their needs. A showroom dedicated entirely to Zip has also been opened in Canberra. In the UK, the Zip showrooms in London, Birmingham and Manchester offer designers and their clients the broadest range of instant boiling water and chilled drinking water appliances available anywhere. Over the past year, the range of Zip HydroTap models has been expanded to include a model catering specifically for the needs of just about any kind of kitchen, at home or at work. The range now includes both compact, inexpensive models designed for smaller home kitchens, and larger-capacity models to cater for office kitchens. Buyers can choose a Zip HydroTap giving boiling water only, or chilled water only, or boiling and chilled water, or boiling, chilled and sparkling water, or even hot and cold water in addition

to boiling, chilled sparkling water — with a total of more than 40 “on-sink” or “away-from-sink” models to choose from. One of the added advantages of a Zip HydroTap showroom visit is that buyers can experience the healthy pleasures of drinking Zip HydroTap filtered water. It is surprisingly crystal clear and tastes great thanks to the fact that impurities as tiny as one fifth of one thousandth of a millimetre are filtered out completely.


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