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From the desk of… Dear Readers, This is the first time we’ve ever put out an issue one month after the previous one, I was very impressed with how the team rallied and got all their articles in on time so I want to thank them first for being so wonderful and dedicated and then also you for reading. This last issue has been very successful and we’re excited with how things are growing. I’m sure you’ll love this one too, our main feature is the runner up from Bravo’s hit show “Shear Genius” Ben Mollin, also the bass player for the band Wolcott. I also talked to Tim King from Soil, there’s an interview with comedic talent, Liam Kyle Sullivan and we have a new columnist covering all things fashionista, clothes designer and writer Josi Madera. Also the usual goodies you have come to expect from us. Next month’s issue is already in the planning stages, we’re just so busy!! If you’re interested in advertising with us or sending us submissions, check out the website for information or email me Thank you again and hope you enjoy reading our offerings for the month of April. Your Editor in Chief Lissy MacMillan INCLINATION/173128635781

Table Of Contents Pages 4 Tim King of Soil by Lissy Page 5 I Decline by Erica Buchancow The Drug War & Barack Obama by Mike Paus

How does Mike Paus feel about “hope and change” after one year of the Obama Presidency?

Page 7 Artist Joe Martine by Cola Page 8 Style Columnist Josi Hannon Madera by Cola Inclination’s new style columnist!

Page 10 You’re Breaking Up…What? by Brian Ryder Page 11 Raindrops Keep Falling… by Cola Pages 12-15 Rock N’ Roll Shear Genius Ben Mollin by Cola and Lissy

The proprietor of Bang Bang Beauty & Boutique talks about life after reality television exposure.

Page 16 Whore-O-Scopes by Cola Page 17 Power To The People by Wicked D Page 18 Gaming With Grampire and RT by De Page 19 Retro/Active by Brian Ryder Pages 20-21 Liam Kyle Sullivan Interview by Dr. Robert Page 22 SSStyle by Josi Hannon Madera Pages 23-25 Murder FM Interview by Sarah 13 Pages 26-27 Hemoptysis Interview by Wicked D Pages 28-29 Audio Files Pages 30-31 Susan Randich Interview by Dr. Robert Binford Page 32 Same Old 10 with Firebug by Lissy Page 33 KLOVER FILM by Kristin Love Webster Pages 35-36 Queenzilla by Dr. Robert

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Oil is one of Chicago’s musical success stories. They originally formed back in 1997 and after a few changes here and there, they are still going strong today and have just recently released their fifth studio album signed to Bieler Bros. It took them two years to write and record the album. “We wanted to really get back to the essence of what Soil is all about and take it in the direction we had originally intended” The album was recorded at Groovemaster studios in Chicago and the legendary Johnny K, who has been a mentor for the band from almost their beginning, helped with the production. They also had some other help in the form of collaboration on a couple of the tracks. “For the first time ever we actually collaborated on some songs with outside writers” Tim tells us, and his two favorite songs “Surrounded” was co-written by Brian Howe of Bad Company. “That song has it all in my opinion.” The song “Wasted” was co-written with John 5. The album has very striking cover art, which was done by Stephen Jensen of Chicago’s F3 studios. It’s inspired by a Norman Rockwell painting and for Soil, the concept is “that of change” Tim explains. “When you are young you have hopes and dreams and most people either don’t accomplish them or they just don’t turn out the way you expected” For Soil, while achieving their dreams of playing music, touring and being on MTV they feel this cover represents them “You realize that this is a cut throat business and it is about 23 hours of bullshit ‘till you get that one hour on stage. It represents us going back to simpler times and the ‘dream’ we had before we knew all the madness that goes into making that happen” There are two pictures; one of a young girl looking at herself in the mirror, just like the Rockwell painting, wishing that she were older. Then, the other picture is that of the same girl 20 years later, looking in the mirror, crying, wishing that her life was simple like it had been when she was that little girl. “It was originally going to be a split album, one heavy side and one radio rock side.” A video for their single “The Lesser Man” is in their plans. Reaction to the album, while mostly positive, has also had some older fans comparing them to their older material before they brought in A.J. Cavalier for vocal duties in late 2005, “People are always going to reference the singers, they are the voice of the band. You can let it bother you or you can just forge on” Tim believes the music industry is a “day late and a dollar short” when it comes to taking care of

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ing K m i T


By Lissy MacMillan

Disclaimer: Due to a recent conflict, the feature on the band I Decline is no longer available. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to our readers who may have been anticipating this piece.

The Drug War & Barack Obama: Status Quo


s a libertarian, I found very little to look forward to in a Barack Obama presidency. One of those, an end to the mindless War on Drugs, came to my mind as I reflected on our 44th President’s first year in office. So, how has the man who promised us “Hope & Change” fared in eliminating the modern farce that is drug prohibition? In a word: terribly. The President of the United States of America is in a unique position to immediately eliminate some of the great injustices of the Drug War. Unlike legislation in Congress, which can take months if not years to pass, or a getting a favorable Supreme Court decision, which can take the better part of decade to litigate, a few strokes of the President’s pen, via pardons, executive orders, and the veto, can go a long way to right the Drug War’s many wrongs. The Constitution grants the sole power of pardons to the President, which he can grant from the moment he’s inaugurated. There are countless non-violent drug offenders languishing in prison, most for the simple crime of possessing an herb that grows naturally in all 50 states. And because of asinine mandatory

By Mike Paus sentencing laws, it’s not uncommon for a drug offense to carry more time then a garden variety assault. A mass presidential pardoning would go a long way to stopping over eager law enforcement officials and equally zealous district attorneys from pursuing non-violent drug offenses, knowing they’ll be free once their pardon is approved. Mr. Obama has been in office over a year now. How many pardons has he granted in that time? Zero. His next pardon will be his first. States are not waiting for the federal government to take action to ending the War on Drugs. Fourteen states have passed legislation allowing for medicinal marijuana. While medical marijuana is a far cry from full legalization, it’s a step in the right direction. This marijuana is grown, sold, and smoked entirely within state lines, so as to not run afoul of the Constitution’s commerce clause. The commerce clause is often used to justify federal meddling in basically all economic activity that crosses state lines, but in this case it clearly doesn’t apply. That hasn’t stopped this White House from blatantly ignoring the Constitution’s 10th Amendment (the one that states powers not given to the

federal government are reserved to the states or the people) so, DEA raids started by the Bush administration continue on these state’s medical marijuana dispensaries on a regular basis. These raids can be stopped with a simple executive order. Yet Obama knowingly lets the raids continue. There are other things a President can do to stop the drug war. He can veto legislation that funds the DEA. It is unlikely two-thirds of both houses of Congress would override him, so he could effectively shut down one of the most sinister agencies in the executive branch. He could also address the nation and publicly call for an end to the Drug War, one of the worst domestic policies in this nation’s history. A policy that started as a favor to the timber industry so they wouldn’t have to compete against hemp, and has now basically ballooned into a war pitting the government against its own citizens. Yet despite all the power available to him, Barack Obama has done next to nothing to end the lunacy of this war. I’m thoroughly disappointed in him. Obama campaigned on change you can believe in, but as far as the Drug War is concerned, he’s nothing more then the status quo.


oe Martíne, (a former Chicago and city of New York native) by his own admittance, left the states to, “follow his heart after seeing a starry eyed German girl in New York City”. Joe tells us that he got his start as an artist by drawing with his mother. He believes that creativity is important to the heart and is equivalent to the emotion of love, and feels that both concepts must be fully nurtured to develop. “Hug your kids and don’t forget the crayons”. Joe is inspired by family, friends and those whom he meets that makes him laugh. “Those are the people that inspire me”, but Joe has allowed Jim Henson to leave a mark on his heart, and credits him as inspiration for his work. Joe loves “working with all the pretty colors whether it be pencils, paints, play or yarn. Give me those colors!” Joe’s artistic process is like that of a quick draw. “As soon as I feel inspired I try to get it on paper, whether it’s a drawing or an idea, I have to get it on paper before it escapes me.”

the studio and have set up a silkscreen machine. He calls it all in good fun, and can’t

Joe’s art is not limited to what you can stare at on his many canvases. Joe’s YouTube page is full of crazy and insightful videos that are certain to entertain the best of us. When I asked Joe what was with all the videos, he responded, “Pure narcissism, just kidding.” He told me that he enjoyed being silly and sharing this with his friends in Germany and back in the states. I presume that this is a way for Joe to stay connected with all of those whom he loves and is now separated from by geography. Wondering where Joe came up with the concept of, I asked. He detailed to me a Christmas experience where he decided to put Joe loves you on coffee mugs for family. He thought the idea of the double meaning of Joe loves you was clever, and with the help of his sister created a website entitled such. “Because it’s true, I love you”, says Joe.

wait to see what happens next. As for leisure, Joe feels that he romanticizes everything, in his everyday activity. He enjoys: Going on bike

When I questioned Joe about his professional plans as far as art goes he spoke of how he and a friend are working together toward opening a boutique in Germany. They have just moved into

until it hurts. --These are his words. Joe Martine’s musical taste is as eclectic as his personality. “I like the music that one would expect to hear in an enchanted forest or perhaps in a futuristic bachelor pad, I also like the music that gets into my blood and makes my body move.” As far as German hotspots, Joe enjoys his 45 minute bicycle ride through the ruins of Kaiserwerth. He called it magical, explaining that the adventure includes a ride along the River Rhein amongst the trees and open fields. Afterward he enjoys picking up an apple pancake at the local Biergarten. “Other spots I love are those which look like they’re straight out of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales with a Hansel and Gretel type look.” As far as American adventure, Joe enjoys Brooklyn bike rides along abandoned factories by the river. He has very fond memories of those old factories and exploring them with his friends. Is Joe planning on coming back to the states at any point? “I am full of grandiose ideas of owning property in the states someday, where I can invite my nearest and dearest friends to stay and play. I have no immediate plans just yet. I often rival in the thought of a big Playhouse, filled with color, tons of pillows and lots of things to make noise with.” Where will Joe Martine be in 10 years? Well, according to Joe he’ll be in the same position as he is now, “Exploring this wonderful world with dear friends, eating sandwiches on Sundays, goofball leaning, riding bicycles and hopefully holding onto my Guinness world record of largest Pom-Pom. I will be attempting to break the record this July in doodled to work. You can follow me on my quest at the Facebook page, Pom-Pom party.”

rides, reveling in nonsense, rolling around with his friends, making pom-poms, and laughing

You can jump into the rabbit hole with artist and American/German implant Joe Martine at his website, or contact him at

Written by Cola

Introducing Josi Hannon Madera, the Inclination SSStyle Columnist

Interview by Cola

Cola: Josi darling, when you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you “grew up”? Josi: A performer, preferably one that wore outrageous costumes like Elton John or Carol Burnett. Then I discovered computers in 1982 (when I was 11) as part of a math program for smarty-pants kids.  As soon as I sat down at that TI-99, it just felt right.  Coding came naturally to me and I enjoyed feeling like I was part of the future. Cola: What specifically, in your life, seduced you into the creative realm of fashion? Josi: My mom designed her own clothing, and mine and my sister’s.  In addition she was a fabulous Halloween costume creator.  For most of my life she had some sort of creative business.  First it was macramé and she would sell purses, belts and plant hangers at the Sunday flea market held during daylight hours at the (no longer in existence) drive-in theatre in Bridgeview. Cola: How did you educate yourself in the ways of fashion? Josi: I watched my mom and helped her out and that’s how I learned my way around a sewing machine.  She also altered almost every paper pattern she used, and she was very skilled at being thrifty *and* stylish.  I start with Barbie clothing and learned the importance of a dart after making my first wee little denim skirt (which split open in the back because I did not account for “teh booteh”). I learned crochet from my great-grandmother and great-aunt but I did not have the patience when I first learned.  20 years later, I picked it up again and I guess how they moved their hands is so burned into my own memory that I was making my wedding dress in crochet after only a month back “on the hook”. My background is math and computer science and both of those inform my design skills.  I am able to design over the curves of a body with a lot of accuracy because I studied calculus.  Drafting and design are very technical, as well as creative, because wellconstructed clothing takes some work to create.  If I don’t feel something I design could sell in a 900 shop, then it gets reworked until that it

meets that standard. When I crochet, I build it up one stitch at a time, so there’s excuse for the fit to be less than perfect. Cola: Who would you say has been your greatest inspiration? Josi: My Irish great-grandmother.  I still don’t approach her skill level and flare… maybe in 20 more years. Cola: As far as “In the Loop” goes, what was the driving force behind you as you worked on it, completed it and then got it published? Josi: The driving force was my own love of good design – which is why is did not get published in the end, and I self-published my patterns.  My publisher took all my edgy urban photography and used a scrap-booking ink-printed style of graphic design that made me weep, literally.  They also spelled my last name wrong on the cover and all the advertising copy.  I negotiated to get my rights back, and I’ve selfpublished those designs.   It’s worked out much better for me in the long run and soured me permanently on large publishers.  They are outof-touch. Cola: What is your favorite color, or favorite to use in design work? Josi: I don’t have a favorite color for design – it’s what the design requires.  *Personally*, I’m a cherry red kinda’ gal, and when I design for myself I tend to choose that color and a concept that earns such a marvelous shade.  I love it because good things are cherry red – lips that have been kissing, fast cars, sexy shoes, and, well… cherries. Cola: Within the confines of the US, where is your favorite travel spot? Josi: Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawai’i.  It’s the most magical place in the entire world and there is a thriving arts community.  I learned lei-making and many jewelry-making techniques from people who grew their own flowers and dove for their own coral.  It’s hard to do nothing

when surrounded by people making beautiful stuff all the time. Cola: Speaking more in our neck of the woods, what about Chicago faves? Josi: Conte Di Savoia – best Italian deli, and best place for Italian specialty items, on Taylor St in Little Italy. Honky Tonk BBQ – OMG WTF BBQ!!! Really, it’s that freakin’ good.  Go on Friday nights for live Bluegrass and Dixie banjo…in Pilsen on 18th St. Lao Sze Chuan – the owner of this pan-Asian restaurant has a TV show on Chinese language television … that’s how good he is.  The place is nothing special to look at, but the food is super-affordable and amazing.  I recommend the salt-and-pepper lamb, the garlic green beans, and every soup on the menu. Cola: Who is your favorite artist? Josi: Prince.  I’d live in his closet to have the privilege of designing his clothing…even now that he’s gone Jesus on us.  I wanna be as good at what I do as he is at what he does. Cola: Great answer, I luvs me some Prince too. While we’re on it, what kind of music do you enjoy?  What is currently in your player? Josi: I like good music.  I grew up with musicians in my family, so it’s mostly about quality.  Right now, I’m listening to: Be Your Own Pet, Television, Steely Dan, Pixies, Bjork, L7, MC-5.  I’m also eagerly awaiting the Jack White-produced Dolly Parton album that’s been rumored. Cola: That would be off the hook, Dolly is a fun lady, an entertainer to the max. Are you into the tele (as my bratty Britty boss would say)? What kinds of films or television shows do you enjoy? Josi: Right now I’m WAY into Dexter.  I’ve also started to watch, via Netflix, The Wire, Rescue Me & Breaking Bad. Cola: Fashion is all over the media, we’ve all had the privilege of having a taste. I’m sure our readers want to know this one question for sure. Who is your favorite fashion designer?

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The Dave Wallace Band

Can U Hear Me Now? (Self Produced and Released) by Lissy MacMillan

Dave Wallace, aka Dorian, the voice of Thorn Fetish has a new band, very simply named The Dave Wallace Band. If you’re expecting growling vocals and strip poles you could be disappointed, but not for long as this is the kind of rock anyone can like, and upon my first listen I was very surprised at what I was hearing, anyone else who is a TF fan knows what I’m saying. He decided to start this because he has, “so many influences, and they are all over the board. For me, rock n roll was always first. Even though Thorn Fetish is considered a metal band, there’s still a rock core to it. But I needed to do something a little different for myself. Butch Walker is my favorite songwriter, but that kind of influence rarely finds its way in a band like Thorn Fetish, so I felt the need to express myself in a different way and this CD is the end result.” The band members are all friends and family of Thorn Fetish and they were originally just going to make a CD, “I had no intention of starting a band with it. However, when Ryan Heath and I started working on the recording, it just turned out so good that I couldn’t help

(continued from Page 4) illegal download issues. Their album True Self wound up on Torrents 2 months before it’s official release. “The industry is finally starting to catch up to it” he says when I ask what he thinks can be done to combat this issue “They are doing now what they should have done seven years ago.” Soil’s biggest market is in Europe, they play all the larger venues there and have just toured over there with Shinedown this past fall, he says of UK fans “They took to us right away and never stopped” As for their hometown, “Chicago fans rule!” Tim exclaims, they love playing at The House of Blues, and Tim says his favorite shows here were “When we played the Allstate Arena with Ozzy…then the Aragon Ballroom with Disturbed” They leave for an 8-week tour with Smile Empty Soul starting March 25th and will be playing at Chicago’s Reggie’s on May 2nd. Make sure you check out their album, “Picture Perfect”, I think it’s their best yet and check out their tour dates for a show near you.

wanting to start a new band” If this is your first experience of Dave, you’ll enjoy his catchy lyrics along with toe tapping, ass shaking melodies that should be a staple in your iPod rotation. With songs like “Life Ain’t Easy”, and “Text Me s s a g e” you have those songs to relate to. “I love when someone tells me they were in tears over a song I wrote because they related to it so well. That’s the most powerful thing about music. Just like my lyrics in “Text Message”: “I’m ok to fade away if I can only leave my mark... Like a shooting star that soon burns out but first lights up the dark. I’m ok if you forget my name; just keep singing my song” This song also has a country feel to it, although it was originally written as a ballad. Autumn’s Call is also a great ballad, and Party @ Docs House is a fun song which makes you think of cook outs in the summer with all your friends.

They recorded it with 6 people several times so it sounds like a real party going on. “Frailty” is Dave’s view on how people are so dependent on modern technology, we’ve become hostages to it, “I heard a girl once talk about how she couldn’t drive somewhere because her gps was broken. That’s what I fear our world is coming to.” He also attributes this to some of the failings in the Chicago music Scene with regards to support, “Before everyone had internet, people actually went out and supported bands. Now they’d rather stay home and plug themselves into their laptops.” When you listen to this debut album, you’ll know this the work of a solid, passionate songwriter, which is something he hopes people, will remember him for. “That’s what its all about for me. I feel that I have something to offer and hope I can be remembered for that, regardless of which band accomplishes that.” He also adds “I love the excitement I see in people when Thorn Fetish plays.” So don’t worry he plans on keeping up with both. The Dave Wallace Band is: Dave Wallace (lead vocals, guitar), Ryan Heath (drums and vocals), Melissa Grantham (Keyboard and vocals), Shaun Benge (Lead vocals and guitar), Nate Lineberry (Bass). Check out:

Josi Hannon Madera

(continued from Page 8)

Josi: Alexander McQueen. He thrilled me every time he put anything on a runway and it was always my hope to one day be in his tent… even as a cocktail waitress. Cola: Let’s stray from work and talk about play. What is your life at home like?  What do you like to do for leisure and to unwind? Josi: I work at home, so that really means I live at work.  To relax, I walk around Chicago.  I live in Pilsen, so in good weather a walk to the Shedd Aquarium is only about 45 minutes, maybe an hour if I window shop on the way. I’m a huge foodie, so I cook a lot, too, and I’m a fiend for cooking shows on TV. Cola: What would you say that your ideal get together with friends would be like?  When you and your mates hang out, what goes down? Josi: We make music or make art or plan something along those lines, and eat yummy food, and catch a light buzz.  I’m not complicated, but I’m not much for sitting still.  Even if I am in “watching” TV, I am usually just listening, and stitching at the same time. Cola: What would you say separates us here in Chicago from the other metro areas in the world, as far as culture?  What, in your

opinion, makes us standout? Josi: We have the best food in the world, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. In Pilsen, I’m within walking distance of Chinatown, Greektown, Little Italy, Bridgeport and that’s a lot of mom-n-pop restaurants that serve up love-on-a-plate. Chicagoans are also good people.  We’ll take the time to give you good directions, and advise you to try Lou Malnati’s and forget about Gino’s or Giordano’s.  Most people who visit Chicago from elsewhere never get into the neighborhoods and that’s a real shame.  Millennium Park is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but don’t *eat* downtown or shop downtown.  Head out to Devon Avenue and get yourself hand-embellished silk dresses from India, or stop by Wentworth to get whole leaf tea from Ten Ren… explore Chicago and you won’t be disappointed. Cola: If you had a magic lamp that would grant you 3 wishes, what would they be? Josi: I just have one - that my daughter always have health and happiness and family. Cola: Thanks Josi, we all look forward to your columns, you’ve got a great outlook on everything from food to film to family and friends.

You’re Breaking Up...What? By Brian Ryder

Chamomile? Oh, no thank you. Peppermint? I’ll pass. Green? Sounds tempting, but I think I’ll hold off for now. Darjeeling? Wasn’t there a movie about that? The Darjeeling Limited? I really did not like that film. At all. No, I think I’ll be done with tea altogether for awhile. Why you ask? Simple…the Tea Party. Aren’t parties supposed to be fun? I’ve watched your “parties” on the television and online more than enough times in the past year to know that there is nothing fun about what you are doing. You can’t fool me. I’ve tried enough that is out there, including online dating, to know a wolf in sheep’s clothing when I see one. Let’s be honest - you aren’t the new thing. You’re not even that old thing to where you seem new to the untrained eye. Have you been alive in the past decade? Did you happen to be without any semblance of a communication device since the year 2000? If so, then maybe I would believe that, for all intents and purposes, you actually were a new face in the crowd. But I’m not that naive. No one could possibly be that dense. No, you are repackaged and rebranded neoconservatism. Poorly repackaged and

rebranded, I might add. You claim to be a combination of populist anger and actual change. You are sick and tired of “politics as usual” from both parties. Which, I must admit, sounds nice at the outset. Let’s be honest. Who is really being helped in any great form or fashion these days? Except maybe the extremely wealthy. Oh…they are getting PLENTY of help. I got off point for a moment though. Back to your “actual change”…back to what exactly? Thus far, I’ve had the war cry of lower taxes, guns…umm…Jesus, the Constitution…help me out…healthcare, sort of. Did I miss anything? In bullet point form, it all sounds like there might be something substantive and debatable in there somewhere. However, it seems that when pressed for detail, attention is diverted to nonsense. Obama is a secret terrorist? Sarah Palin is the change we need? Really? You’ve claimed time and again that the Tea Party is not a rebranding of the Republican Party, but it sure seems to be to me. For a populist movement that dislikes both political parties so deeply, you never hesitate to applaud wildly when Michelle

Bachman takes the stage. Or Glenn Beck. Or the Thrilla From Wasilla. So, if both parties are the problem, where was this populist rage when President Bush was spending billions on war? Where was the anger when Operation Pipe Dreams was needlessly incarcerating Tommy Chong? Where was this anger when President Bush handed over billions to the banks that were “too big to fail”? Or when American citizens were being denied the right to marry whomever the fuck that they choose? Bitch…puhlease! Sorry teabaggers. You fail to make your point in any measure. Not a fan of the name “teabaggers”? It seems, to me, hypocritical to use inflammatory names for those you disagree with while finding “teabagger” offensive. You’ve managed to fool a good number of people, but not everyone. Had this level of anger been there since 2002 or so, you might be able to win support in a broad sense. Instead, you pick the most obvious point in time with which to launch your rhetoric that sounds eerily similar to the Conservative Jesus-wielding of the past few years. Sorry, but I’m not buying offensive sloganeering, and questionable “Christian” values. Next!

Raindrops Keep Falling On My…I Want To Be Rained On Elsewhere


t’s April, we’re getting rained on. I’m the kind of gal who owns enough umbrellas to go with every outfit, but normal people do not. I’m not proud of this, in fact, I often fantasize that I am walking through the dessert in sandals, carrying all of my umbrellas to a nearby bonfire. Rain, rain go away is an understated demand for us Midwesterners, more specifically…Chicagoans. I must admit though, my first jaunt to Vancouver, BC allowed me to truly get a feel for the majesty of the rain in a quaint urban setting. I should have known that I would be leaving my hotel dry, only to be soaking wet moments later, when I glanced out the windows noting all of the high fashion rain jackets being obscured by the drizzle. Even with the inclement weather, the fair Canadian city of Vancouver rocked my world…and there was one spot in particular that stole my rainy, caffeine and hops loving heart.

Craving java? Hailing from or traveling through British Columbia? On the corner of 4th and Trafalgar is Vancouver’s hidden gem, Wired Monk. What separates this café from the endless herds of corporate coffee shops and irritatingly trendy bistros is that you are able to order a beer as an alternative to consuming caffeine. This urban vibe meets family room sing-a-long stop lets you enjoy a frothy beverage as you sink into one of their over sized chairs. Savor art and music on any night of the week or utilize the free wifi, just be sure to take advantage of the assortment of B.C. ales followed by one of their many eye opening espresso creations. If you have a fear of flying, or just don’t want the hassle and have a bit of extra time on your hands, try cruising Interstate 90 West in your road worthy vehicle. 90 West is the quintessential scenic route for Midwest travelers shooting for British Columbia, and well worth the 32 hours of travel. -Cola

Photo: Cola

Bowling for Boobies Everyone come out for a wonderful night in honor of an even more wonderful cause. If you can’t make it, can you donate? Cash donations or services/supplies are welcome. Maybe your business can offer up an item for raffle at the silent auction. All of the money raised from the event goes toward the fund raising efforts of the Avon 2 Day “In It To End It - Breast Cancer Walk”. This event will be hosted at Laraway Lanes in New Lenox, Illinois on May 15th at 8:40pm and end at 11:40pm. For more information, Contact our film review gal, Klover (Kristin Webster) at 815.210.9517. Within the silent auction, will be a page ad space, values at $175 in our June issue of Inclination. Show your support for a great cause, and assist in the research of Breast Cancer treatments and hopefully someday ending this terrible disease that has claimed the lives of far too many women across the globe. The Avon 2 Day “In It To End It - Breast Cancer Walk” is a not for profit charity that donates 100% of it’s earnings toward breast cancer research, in hopes of finding a cure. Your donations are tax deductible and most importantly, will make a difference. Every dollar counts, every dollar will help and there is no donation too small. We anticipate a fun filled evening of bowling and social awareness of breast cancer, all contributing to an important cause. Show your support by joining Klover and the Inclination team by Bowling For Boobies and fighting breast cancer.


he story of rise from the obscurity of Mr. Ben Mollin is one to be learned from. He is the perfect example of how anyone can make it in Americahis first legitimate job as he put it, was at Supercuts in Orland Park. As a musician and stylist, then grow up surrounded by art, music, constant reinvention and of course, great family and friends. As a business owner three times over, Ben certainly qualifies as an entrepreneur, putting it lightly. Ben’s first salon in Homewood, Illinois C.C. Express (Chicago Cuts Express) was a hot spot for trendsetting folks to get their does done, leaving with ahead of the times makeover experiences to be remembered. Locals with the

accessories which are most certainly “in the now”. Ann’s influence on this space screams of elegance and art. The powerful team of Ben and Ann Mollin are the foundation of Bang Bang, a space adorned with gorgeous wall art and warmth in color. This all too seductive atmosphere, with all of the traditional salon makings is a winner in our book. Striking it out of the park with Bang Bang didn’t come easy for Ben. His second business venture was a record store/boutique/salon known as Bossanova. Ben and close friend Ryan DeYoung opened this now closed shop with the hopes of owning a business that would appeal to the

Rock n’ Roll Shear Genius

Ben Mollin

Written by Cola and Lissy

hopes of making style changes would flock to Chicago Cuts Express and may now boast that Bravo Television’s “Shear Genius” (Season 1) runner-up had once upon a time cut their locks and styled them into pure bliss. Ben’s work speaks for itself. You can visit his current business’s website; Bang Bang Beauty and Boutique and catch a glimpse of the assorted before and after photos, that will blow your mind. You’ll likely be inspired to pick up the phone and make an appointment. With Ben’s fabulous wife, Ann Bower Mollin, co-owner and colorist, holding the reins alongside of him, this uniquely debonair atmosphere plays host to clients with discerning taste and fashion know. Bang Bang is located in Griffith, Indiana, in an adorable old town area which adds to the charm and allure of the salon/ boutique, where you can get your hair perfected and also pick up clothing and

young and hip, feeding the needs of music enthusiasts and style seekers alike. Times got tough for everyone in our roller coaster of an economy and Ben and Ryan were not free from this unfortunate reality. By the end of the Bossanova ride, Ben and his partner Ryan were facing a financial crisis. “I had $50,000 worth of debt, so I was going to file bankruptcy and move to Vegas and do an audition for Blue Man Group” He had a friend already out there as a magician and was also going to work with him in a Salon in Henderson, NV. But before he did that he wanted to ride around the Midwest in an RV and do a mockumentary about fashion and income “I was going to call myself ‘The Hair To The Throne’” Ben decided that he truly wanted to know how he fit into the cosmetology world, by applying for a position at a premier Chicago salon. “I figured I’d type into my computer “Top

Chicago Salon” and whatever came up as number one that would be the place I would apply to see if they would hire me, just to see if I was good enough” He did the interview and got the job but realistically had no desire to work for this particular location. A bit later, he received a myspace message from a colorist working at said salon who is now his wife and business partner - Ann Bower Mollin. Six months later, he still wanted to do this mockumentary and was all set to go ahead with it, Ann was telling one of her clients who ended up being a reality producer “She was originally from Cal City now living in LA. I met with her like a month after that and we hit it off really good.” They talked about a show called “Top Hair” and emailed him asking him if he had a website. “It was just a Benmollin. com, I would do free stuff for high quality Jpegs and a buddy of mine built me a little website” After sending her and the casting agency that deals with the Bravo shows: Project Runway and Top Chef, 3 months went by and Ben heard nothing. Then “I get a random call from NBC in New York, and they said ‘We’re on your website, do you have a minute?’ We then met in Chicago and they asked me to make a video” Ben then created “Haircuts in the Summertime”, a hilariously rocking gangsta-rap music video which showed off his individuality, talent and overall media worthiness. After two more months of waiting for responses, he received “a frantic phone call- ‘Hey send us two photos of your latest work’ I sent it out and three days later I had a contract, then I was flown out to LA. I got there with all my shit and got picked up in an unmarked van, no back window, like one of those “Chester Molester” vans” After pretty much being sequestered to a hotel room, subjected to a psychological exam, and playing the waiting game “the next two days was spent making these Bravo commercials…”Only on Bravo…I

dare you to watch…” like all the shit you would see on TV”, he then found himself surrounded by other stylists and the famous Charlie’s Angels actress and fashion icon, Jaclyn Smith. Can you even imagine the thoughts that must’ve been dancing around in his creative and determined mind? Well, we now know thanks to some very tasty ales compliments of Three Floyd’s Brewery. Ben Mollin spilled the beans. Convinced that he would be gone in the first episode, but knowing that his family and friends would feel like they eaten moldy rye bread when they saw him on the boob tube, on a reality show no less, Ben pressed forward into his wild experience as a hair stylist with the camera following him around. On the Bravo reality show, Ben did extremely well. Although he is modest and humbled by the opportunity he was able to take part in, he still rocked the quaff! “First couple of episodes I’m knocking it down, I’m not doing bad and my confidence started to grow. Then a month into filming and it’s the last episode! And I kept thinking “Holy Shit! I’m gonna be on Bravo! I’m gonna be on a Bravo show and I’m kickin’ ass!” Coming in second place, he was able to open up a variety of doors into the Hollywood hair world. Although the glamour and glitz beckoned, Ben stayed true to himself, by picking and choosing the jobs offered to him based on what he believed in. From being the backstage hairdresser for VH1 to playing judge for various hair shows, Ben firmly believes in the projects that he takes part in. For someone who has done the hair of Roger Waters from Pink Floyd and John Malkovich he retains a non-braggart attitude and he is far from what you would expect of a celebrity stylist. “When you get an opportunity like that, you find out what’s truly important to you, a lot of the things I knew about myself I found out still to be true, and that meant the world to me. I don’t need to go

out with a bang, I’m just gonna go on there, do my thing, learn as much as I possibly can and not piss anyone off in the process”

support of his clientele, they opened up the boutique across the street. Ben now travels the world doing hair shows, educational and motivational speaking and thinks it’s all insane that he’s now We asked what he thought of Bill considered to be one of the country’s Clinton when he met him at VH1s most influential hairdressers. Save The Music he told us that he’s “Fuckin’ awesome, but it wasn’t like I Ben and his wife Ann utilize their good was just sitting there shooting shit ya fortune to better their community, know? I also hung out with Mariah bringing culture to a starved area. They Carey and Conan O’Brian. Conan, I have offered their business to play host spent a good thirty minutes with, it to charity events, such as the recent was awesome! He’s a giant! They were “Flamini Foundation Fashion Show”. auctioning off one of Paul McCartney’s The Flamini Foundation, founded by guitars and Conan was standing there Theresa Flamini, uses their donations looking out at the thing, looking at his to purchase gifts for children in watch, doing some text stuff and we hospitals during the holidays. At the make eye contact and he motions me fashion show, Stephen Rosengard of to go over there and goes “What’s up?” “Project Runway” gave us a smart He said something about rich people showing of various pieces from his and their fucking money, it was up to 2010 spring collection. Ben and Ann like a quarter of a million and he was transformed Bang Bang Beauty and getting impatient which I thought was Boutique into the ideal venue for this funny. But, it was like ‘why am I here? important charitable event. Beyond the To shake hands with an ex-president? catwalk, wine bar and hors d’oeuvres, All because of hairdressing? Because the room was beaming with Flamini of my beauty school?” Foundation enthusiasts and Bang Bang family, friends and of course clients. He was also flat broke when he went The mood was exciting and warm, a back home; all he had was his house great cause, hosted in a spectacular in Cal City and a bunch of debt. So space. The fashion show was a success, he borrowed some money from his raising funds and awareness for the mother to put a deposit down on a Flamini Foundation. house Ann had found and he started doing hair out of the spare bedroom. From what we at Inclination have “But then all the commercials started observed of Ben Mollin, he is in no to run and I realized I wasn’t going to be way your typical 15 minute famer. He able to cut hair out of this little room in continues to seek out new ways to live our house anymore, because everyone out the stylist dream. He is traveling the in the country…it had started. So my world with scissors in hand. Instead of buddy owns a guitar store in Griffith, taking jobs with corporate chains, he’s dynamite music, and he had a space opted to stay real to himself. Nexus that was maybe 12x12 and I got two came to him with an offer to be their tool boxes from The Home Depot, Spokesperson where he would be paid two of the cheapest shampoo bowls I really good money to be a part of their could find at Sally Beauty Supply and website and on webcam show people two really uncomfortable shampoo how to do their hair in the style of chairs.” At this point Ann quit her job Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and to support Ben and became his colorist Jessica Simpson, “I was all set to do it, I so all he needed to do was cut hair. thought about it, the money was great! After a year and a half they gained 500 But then a week before, I thought new clients. Then knowing he had the I’m not gonna feel right doing this,

I’m probably gonna regret this, but I don’t think I’m the right guy for this job” He has returned to the area where he was born and raised and keeps his family and friends at the forefront of his priorities. Ben has mastered the task of maintaining his high level of professional savvy, individuality, quirky personality, all while flying to the top. At the same time that Nexus was courting him, Joico was doing the same. They flew him out to LA “I’ve been trained by literally some of the world renowned people, because in order for me to represent any product, I need to have that training to show what it is they do” This was the job Ben knew he should take as he gets to learn from people he respects. Street Cred and Pride take over money “if you’re gonna put your face and your name on something you have to at least believe in it, lets do something grassroots with me, strengthen my weak points and embrace the things I’m strong at and then use me for whatever you think you can use me for. It seems to be working, I’m glad I went that route” Ben has played music for years, playing a multitude of instruments, including saxophone, guitar, bass guitar and of course taking over the microphone and rocking vocals. Ben’s current project, Wolcott, showcases a mixture of rock ‘n roll with pop appeal, their video for “Teardrops” is a favorite of ours, it turns out that his friend Nick that made that video and his audition tape actually bought his house in Cal City from him. A favorite project of mine personally, was a 90’s instrumental collaboration that went by the sassy name of “She is Fine”. This jazzy, funky and lively mixture of musicians included Ben himself on saxophone, Ben’s once business partner and good friend Ryan DeYoung on drums, Mike Balsi on bass guitar, and Threshold Music’s Josh, on the keyboard. They were a sight to see and a sound to move to. There have been many projects over the years in which Ben has taken part in, musically

speaking. Ben has played many styles of music, from rock to jazz to heavy metal. There is one constant, Ben is an amazing musician, who knows his chops. Ben has rocked with the best of them and he is well known and respected within the Chicago music scene. What else would we expect though, from this jack-of-all-trades? But he won’t bring up music unless you do yourself, “I used to think they were in a similar vein, now I know they’re two totally different things, cause hair you seldom do at night, and music, if you’re any good, you don’t play during the day, you know what I mean? The music thing is still cool, but playing in a band is weird now. I still enjoy it, I love playing, I love recording, coming up with sounds and writing songs, but being in a band is such a pain in the ass, you know? Just hanging around with four or five guys that you’re not fucking but in a relationship with” Constantly evolving and always looking for new ways to express his creativity, this man of many mediums continues to surprise us and holds himself to the highest expectation “when I’m at that salon for those 8 hours, I have to be so on now for the rest of my life”. Dr. Robert asked Ben if there was one person out there, who would be his dream hair to get a hold of? Ben replied “Aside from Miley Cyrus, lemme think…you guys would get a kick out of this, I got an email from the Olsen Twins a while back, I had to answer ten questions for their website and for a minute I thought how fun it would be to make them up in drag or like Zombies” We then all got excited with what we thought he should do, corsets and Lost in Space was mentioned. So in the end the answer to Dr. Robert’s question was The Olsen Twins. With the success of his salon boutique and the happiness that he finds in his family life, Ben Mollin keeps rocking and rolling all over our lives. We can’t wait to see what he does next.

WHORE-A-SCOPE Compliments of Cola Happy Birthday King of Fire – Aries - This is a rocky year for you. You’ve screwed a few groupies and screwed a few friends over. All of your talent and creativity is now clouded over by your inability to come up with anything original. As the spring and summer approach, you find yourself reevaluating your current situation, not only as far as your career, but also romantically speaking. As the weather warms and the season changes, your group of co-working friends will come and go. It may be time to figure out what you want to be when you grow up. Don’t forget to thank mom for letting you live in her basement. Happy Birthday! Taurus -This month is tricky for you. You owe your arse to the IRS, you can’t seem to get rid of that cold and no one will give you that hug you so desperately need. It’s time to plant your garden and pray for the rain. Hey, guess what…it’s tends to rain a lot in April, both literally and figuratively. Be prepared for those surrounding you to lay out their worries and woes, meanwhile neglecting all of yours. When you find yourself in times of trouble… let it be. Gemini - Dreams are only dreams…that is, until you start acting them out in your conscious reality. No, you won’t be giving any speeches in the buff, but you may want to avoid forced rendezvous with old flames. The vibrator is your friend and pornography was invented to heal you. Rather than guzzling down a fifth of vodka and turning into “Mumbles the ‘Sexy’ Clown”, stay at home and just say NO! Say NO to your own stupidity. Also, you may want to look into that app. That locks your iPhone down after drink numero tres. Cancer - My gods, don’t you ever stop bitching and whining? If you don’t want to be the lone kid left on the playground, quit driving all your friends away with your negative attitude. There’s only one thing that’s worse than a “Debbie Downer”, a “Donnie Downer”. So, if you’re of the testosterone dominant variety, MAN UP. Good fortune is on the way for you, but only if you’re not too busy yelling at the waitress to notice it when it shows up. Leo - April is a challenging time for you. You feel like your world has been turned upside down. The only way to sift through the enigma that has become your work load is to become a bit more chaotic yourself. Dive head first into the pool of Jello, that is much like your relationship troubles…sticky, but all the same tasty. If you find yourself stuck, have a friend scoop you out…the “bail call” is always a favorite. Virgo - You stupid bitch, you talk shit about all

of your friends and family, but you somehow wonder why no one likes to run into you anymore. This month it all catches up to you. Beware of that old friend who has one last card in his or her back pocket to play on you…they are ready and willing to use it. Don’t push anyone’s buttons this month, you never know when they will push back…or who will be there watching when it happens. Saying “Sorry” holds magical powers…try it some time. Libra - It’s too bad that you still haven’t found the nerve to do what you really want with your life. You are constantly trying to impress the wrong friends. Someone who really cared about you has watched your tornado turn into a tiny zephyr. How sad it is when the mighty fall. It’s never too late to pull a boom-box scene from “Say Anything”. The power of music is your only asset right now. Scorpio - You actually are really doing okay. You feel like with the change of temperature around you, your hard shell is softening and you are becoming open to new and exciting experiences. You’ve learned things about team work that all of your business experience could have never taught you last month, and you only continue to thrive in your new ensemble. Money and fame are calling your name. Sagittarius - Bar fights don’t look good on you this month. Keep your temper in check or you’ll find yourself in the detention center of your local police station. Unexpected luck comes to you in the form of an old friend’s advice. Keep a look out for things with the color orange, they bring happy tidings. Capricorn – You have to stop leaving things all over your counters. People will think you do nothing all day but constantly reorganize your stuff. You should be making better use of your intelligence and capability to make order out of chaos. A sibling or very close friend owes you a favor and it’s a good time to call it in. Aquarius - Quit following, start leading. Don’t get mad, get even. Good things come to those who wait…better things come to those who grab the wheel and drive off the cliff…but not literally, my crazy water bearing pals! Pisces - If you don’t go postal and kill everyone around you at your current employment situation, you might find that you are needed more than you think. If you threaten to leave them in limbo without your special skill set, you will find that they’ll begin to squirm. New projects and old lovers return in April. Remember, there is no permanent cure for Herpes, and scratch lottery tickets are a bad idea.

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ower to the People began as a political slogan in the 1960s.  Used by the younger generation, it was a form of rebellion directed against the older generation, those in charge - The Establishment!  As often it happens, history does repeat itself.  We are once again experiencing a rebellion.  This time around, those sticking it to the man are the music fans.  The establishment they are rebelling against - The Recording Industry! Make no mistake, the fans are in control.  What started over 10 years ago with Shawn Fanning’s ill-fated Napster, has become one of the largest and most successful grass roots movements in known history.  Peer to peer file sharing (deemed piracy by the powers that be) continues to be a thorn in the side of major record label executives.  In fact, it has all but brought the industry to its knees.  Call it what you will, but the revolution is upon us and the recording industry as we know it will forever change. Just as label executives were caught with their pants down and unable (more like unwilling) to adapt, so were many artists.  They failed to grasp the concept that music is and always has been a marketing tool, not just a product sold to sustain a career.  I don’t mean to come off as a dick, but if your whole business model is built on selling physical CDs or digital downloads in order to “make it”, then you are a f#@ king idiot.  OK, maybe that was a bit harsh, but why should I buy your music?  I don’t know you, I’ve never heard you.  Enter Music as a Marketing Tool!  Used properly with other tools such as social networking, blogging, newsletters, forums, offline networking, and face to face fan engagement, artists establish two extremely important components - TRUST and

VALUE!  Both are needed before a fan will commit to investing in you as an artist.  This is hardly a new concept.  In fact, ever heard the expression, return to your roots?  The majority of bands start out this way.  Playing locally, handing out FREE demos, and gaining exposure to new fans via word of mouth.  The problem is many of these bands seem to forget where they came from and who got them where they might be at any given point of their career.  Your fans are you life’s blood; treat them as part of the business.  Share your music freely (at first), but get something in return.  Email addresses, feedback, testimonials, etc.  I would like to introduce you to a band

by Wicked D that not only understood the power of the people, but wrote the book of success on the subject.  They were visionaries who created customer value, promoted social networking, and did strategic planning.  The band knew to treat itself as a business and was incorporated, establishing a board of directors, and founding a profitable merchandising division.  More importantly, they were fan management specialists, focusing intensely

on their most loyal fans.  A touring schedule hotline was created, reserving the best tickets for those fans.  The band permitted fans to tape their shows, understanding that sharing tapes would widen their audience; just as digitally pirated music does today.  This led to increased ticket and merchandise sales.  Eventually, they became one of the most profitable musical acts of all time, despite having relatively meager album sales compared to other commercial artists.  Believe it or not, this began over 30 years ago!  The band was named The Grateful Dead.  Their fans were affectionately referred to as Dead Heads. Let’s fast forward 30 years.  Imagine what The Dead could have accomplished with modern technology.  The internet appears custom built for artists to develop direct relationships with music fans.  Music marketing efforts can now be integrated across social networks, blogs, email, and mobile phones (which easily bridge the gap between online & off).  These same techniques can be used to leverage your fans as distributors.  This so-called Artist Direct to Fan concept not only builds trust and value, but allows the collection of such data as buying habits, preferences, interests, behavior, etc.  The connection also provides instant gratification to fans, making them feel a part of something special.  Of course, cutting out the middleman increases artist profit!  Just remember, the fans may be in control, but it is the artist that MUST take ownership of the fan relationship and develop it over time. There is so much to be learned by returning to our roots.  Not just our own, but those whom have done it all before, with great success.  Music has always been about the fans.  Let’s give it back to them!

Gaming With


This column isn’t really a new game review as much as it is my personal game of the month which, in reality, isn’t done by release date but more of what I’m enjoying currently. Now that my explanation is out of the way, let’s get onto the game at hand.

Written by De “A life without passion is a life wasted”. Wise words from a man full of wisdom. One could say this has become Ree Teeter of R.T. Guitar’s slogan. He believes everyone should have a passion, and his is of course is guitars. I, like many guitarists of Cook County, have come to know and trust only Ree with my “babies”. His name is Ree, he is known as R.T., but I have heard on many occasions him be referred to as “the doctor” and “the man” among other celebratory monikers. One might say he’s a legend. He has been designing and building custom made guitars for nearly 40 years in this region. Throughout these decade, his business has gone through many incarnations. The most recent of which is located in Midlothian in the Mid Oak Plaza on the corner of 147th street and Cicero. Tucked in the corner next to State Farm, one might just pass it by without seeing it. I recommend that any guitarist with an interest in improving their sound stop in and have a talk with R.T. I’ve known Ree for over fifteen years, and have worked for him since I finished my apprenticeship with him in 2008. A rarity in today’s information age, he is completely selftaught. Upon graduating from high school, his father asked him what he would like as a gift. While most kids today would ask for a car or a vacation, all Ree wanted was a book on guitar building and the wood to begin building his first guitar. He loved his father’s Larson Brothers Euphonon six string and was listening to Leadbelly and Leo Kottke at the time, so he really wanted to try to build a twelve string acoustic. There weren’t any luthier schools around back then, let alone much material on the topic. He recalls that he even had to build and customize some of the tools that he needed for that first guitar. Before he had actually begun building the guitar, he knew what his calling was. It was almost five years before someone offered to buy one. Out of this first sale, a dream and a business was born. His business has gone through many ups and

downs since then, but the one thing has never changed is his love for his craft. He had begun building guitars in his home, and after a short stint in retail, he moved and converted half his new home into a workshop. Besides building and repairing guitars and basses, he taught several apprenticeships during those years. Unfortunately, the home/store was zoned for residential only, so he was forced back into retail. He was at that shop from the late 90’s till about a year ago. As Ree explained, “In the past few years, corporate America got into the game and changed everything. Like many other markets, guitar sales have become less and less specialized. Customers no longer have to go to a guitar shop if they want to purchase a guitar. They’re sold everywhere, including the internet. The dynamics have changed so much that its difficult for an individual to compete”. He dealt with this change by happily going back to his roots. He’s consolidated the store and aside from supplies, he’s pulled away from retail. The focus at R.T. Guitars is now solely on building and repairing. Some of the repairs he regularly does are basic-set ups, fret level and crowns, hardware and electronic upgrades and repairs, along with alot of structeral repairs. Ree is not only an expert in his craft, he’s also a friend to his many die-hard customers. If one has any kind of guitar related question, he is the “go-to guy”. I asked Ree if he had any advice for the new or novice player about they’re guitar. “Well, something that most new guitarists don’t realize is that guitars, being made of wood, change with the humidity and temperature. All guitars need to have seasonal maintenance. Also, that even a brand new guitar’s playability can be greatly improved with a set-up.” Always informative, I highly recommend to any guitarist that you stop in to his shop. R.T. Guitars 4828 Mid Oak Plaza in Midlothian (708)535-3878


he game I will be discussing this month is Heavy Rain. It is my game of the month for all the wrong reasons. The concept of the game is really cool. You play as four different characters whose lives become intertwined due to the acts of a serial killer known as The Oragami Killer. Where this game fails is that it’s like playing Simon Says with the controller during an ultra long cutscene. You have control over your characters during uneventful moments while the battle system is “push the assigned button in time to watch your character punch or dodge.” I like the idea of a game being somewhat like an interactive movie, but when you aren’t partaking much in the action, it can be slow-paced and an agonizingly boring time. I felt that it became more of a chore to play than an enjoyable experience. It could have been so much better if there was more action on the players part but all in all, it was a snooze fest. Save your money for something more interesting! Just a quick tip: Final Fantasy XIII is corrupting files on the old PS3, but runs fine on the newer slim PS3 model. So if you’ve got the old fatboy PS3 then DO NOT PLAY FFXII. It will RUIN your PS3! Have a good one, Grampire

In keeping with Mike Paus’ article earlier in this issue pertaining to the Drug War, I’ve decided to continue on with that theme here for this month. In my sporadic research on America’s War on Drugs, I’ve come to the conclusion that, put simply, it is unconstitutional and serves as more of a drain on our economy than it serves to keep drugs away from children. My choices for this month reflect my interest in the subject from artists and writers that are passionate about the subject. By Brian Ryder

Most comedy albums bear an unspoken expiration date in terms of timeliness. Others stick to safer, universal themes that, while timeless, never really dig deep into any substantive i s s u e s . Recorded back in 1993, Rant In E-Minor contains Bill Hicks at his most biting. Frighteningly, if you swap out a few names, much of this material sounds as if it could have been recorded in 2005. With the acid tongue of a true rebel, Bill Hicks skewers any and all of the elites he saw as detrimental to what he referred to as our “collective unconscious”. No one was safe and no one left unscathed. Bill Hicks clearly saw the world through unfiltered eyes and never hesitated to let anyone who would listen know exactly how he felt about anything and everyone. Branded by the uninformed as a leftist, he is now championed by anyone who feels that there is a greater force at work in our lives. Bill Hicks passed away on February 26, 1994 at the age of 32. Though he was well aware that he was dying on cancer at the time, he continued to perform live until he physically no longer could. His greatest impact in America was sadly felt after his passing. Listening to Rant In E-Minor today, it is almost as if he was able to see what was coming down the pike. Or perhaps, human beings, particularly in America, were simply due to repeat mistakes of their past? Or maybe Bill Hicks was onto something deeper and served as a warning to us all.

Pot, porn and immigration are the three sacred cows explored in great detail by writer Eric Schlosser. Through extensive research and vivid storytelling, Schlosser draws the reader into the world of underground economies, what drives them and how to integrate them into the mainstream. He spends a large amount of time focusing on each issue individually and uses personal accounts to draw greater attention to each one’s most dire circumstances.

Growing up, filmmaker Kevin Booth was friends with comedian Bill Hicks. Today, Kevin handles many of Bill Hicks’ materials. Through his own experiences and research, Kevin Booth has emerged as one of the leading proponents of decimating the War On Drugs. Armed with his 2-hour documentary American Drug War: The Last White Hope, he riddles the propaganda of the Drug War with holes big enough to fly a Boeing through.

The focal point remains aimed at showcasing the root of the actual problem and the missteps taken by the authorities when dealing with said problem. In the case of the Drug War, specifically that of marijuana users and growers, much ado is given to the extreme sentences given to everyday people who violate the marijuana laws that seem terribly outdated. The pages on immigration focus on the manner in which illegal labor is obtained and the conditions under which those employed are exploited and how it negatively effects our economic situation. The final section that focuses on the history of and underground roots of pornographic materials is so engaging, it would make for a terrific film or cable miniseries. Though many refer to Larry Flynt or Hugh Hefner, Reefer Madness shines a light on the godfather of smut, Reuben Sturman. Throughout, your attention will be served with eye-opening information.

With testimony from former CIA agents, LAPD, town hall meetings and more, Kevin Booth aims to expose the injustices thrust upon the populace at the hands of the Drug War. He travels across the country to get people’s stories and accounts of dealing with the Drug Enforcement Agency and speaks to anyone and everyone from Sheriff Joe Arpaio to “Freeway” Ricky Ross. Throughout the film, he touches on every aspect of how the War On Drugs is having more of a negative impact on what is considered by many to be a problem of sickness over criminal intent. This is information that one will likely never see on corporate owned television and/or media. This is precisely the sort of information that is sought to be oppressed by those with a vested interest in keeping drugs illegal and maintaining the prison industrial complex through private corporate ownership. In that sense, this film is highly recommended and important for all people to investigate.

In 2006, Liam Kyle Sullivan’s Shoes video featuring Kelly, went viral. People all over the world were laughing to his parody of an awkward young girl fevered for shoes. Over the past four years Liam has been continuing his craft and I was able to touch base with him to see how he’s doing now and what’s next for him. DR: For the Inclination readers, can you give our readers who may be newer to you and some who might be fans a little history about you and how you ended up in California and what got you rolling with Youtube.?

I n t e r v ie w

by D

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LS: Yeah sure I grew up in Massachusetts in a small town outside of Boston and I always liked acting and you know being a goofball in school and stuff and I did school plays in high school and went to college and took some acting classes in college. And… and then I moved to Los Angeles in 1997 and (laughter) I kind of bummed around for awhile and didn’t know what I was doing and then I discovered improv and sketch writing and that was really where it was at for me….and so I just went full force into that and then Youtube got invented after I started doing little short films. So I didn’t do any of my stuff for Youtube actually in the early part … like the Shoes video which is probably the most popular one know I din’t set out to make a Youtube video because I didn’t know that Youtube existed and I think its safe to say I am an accidental Youtuber. DR: Now its probably safe to say a lot of people have as I have, come across your work because of your Kelly Caharacter, I came from that into contact with your variety or sketch show. The Liam Show which reminds me a little bit of…or it has a kind of Kids In The Hall feel? LS: Yeah, I went for that actually it was very much on purpose for me. DR: So they obviously were an inspiration for you. LS: Oh Yeah, Big Time. DR: So where are you looking to take this ultimately…are you looking to taking this to the networks…I think it would be brilliant. LS: I would like to, yeah, take it to the networks although the networks are coming more and more frequently online so it may be something that’s a hybrid that I end up

L i a m

Ky l e


get to a place where you say I can’t afford this anymore and so you try to get to the networks and reach a broader audience but when I think about my ultimate goals as long as I am reaching people I am pretty happy in making them laugh and its just been lucky that Youtube and sites like that have been made available. DR: Sure once someone develops an interest in the Liam Show due to modern communications you can share it with your friends and laugh about it together. And I am hoping that Inclination readers will take interest in the show because you have some brilliant characters. Maybe you could share with our readers some of your characters and the generative sparks that made you create them? LS: Sure …well let’s see the Kelly character is kind of from a bunch of different women I have met out here in Southern California she’s basically a very loud brash character and I like that about her but she’s not based on any one person….The Muffin Lady is another popular character, she’s not really based on any one person in particular either although I do attribute one of her lines to my mother which is “You’ll eat it and like it.” We heard that a lot growing up…(Laugh) Then the Dr Ullee character is a very strange character he’s very creepy, he’s a creepy sex therapist and he’s based on a real doctor I had an experience with(Doctor Robert Laughs) DR: I’m sorry I don’t mean to laugh but that’s pretty hysterical because that brings more depth to the skit…brilliant. LS: Thank you DR: So when you come up with characters they are archetypal so almost like from a sparkof an idea? LS: Yeah the spark is usually me playing with my voice and I’ll do different accents or voices in my head while I’m driving or walking down the street. I mean if I wasn’t doing this I would probably be labeled a crazy person and be locked up in an asylum. Because a lot of time I spend playing around with my voice and seeing what it can do and that’s where I get a lot of my inspiration from listening to what comes out of my

mouth and once something makes me laugh I just keep going with it and seeing where it leads. DR: So the other characters that are on the Liam Show are these your creation as well or are these people from the Show Case Show Down. LS: Yeah a lot of them are from Another Showcase Showdown (ASS). DR: Would you explain what that is for our readers?

LS: I’ve done stand up and I’m not very good at it I’m much better at creating little weird worlds and performing them, but I have done live performances of my characters like Kelly and The Aunt Susan character and I’ve done that with Margaret Cho, and I’ve done it here in LA and in colleges so I love live performances. DR: Oh yeah Aunt Susan…The Collaborative video between Kelly and Aunt Susan…so Shoesthe video went viral in about 2006? LS: yes 2006 DR: So what have you been up to since then?

LS: Sure Another Showcase Showdown is a sketch showcase here in LA and it has been very awesome for a lot of us because it has resulted in jobs and eventually we got a TV Show because of the Showcase. People in VH-1 gave us a season of a show in 2007 called I Hate my 30s and although it didn’t get picked up for another season it was great to have it that season. So a lot of the people that are in my stuff are from the Showcase Showdown and they are really talented people and I’ve known them for the last ten years and we just have a lot of fun. Some of the stuff that is on my Youtube channel they’ve come up with the character or they’ve written and I have just put it out…I hope that I say on every video in the description box who’s done what. DR: Well I came across a couple of them while investigating your work. And it occurs to me that when I and some friends were watching it we found ourselves echoing your sentiment that your work revelas a kind of insanity or craziness and that’s what makes it so good. LS: Thanks DR: Do you do tours or stand up?

LS: I’ve been performing as Kelly and Touring as Kelly, making more videos as Kelly and exploring the Aunt Susan character and every now and again trying something altogether different. And it was the Kelly character really put me on the map and a lot of people have wanted to see more of her and I’ve been trying to keep people happy with that, and I have been playing a lot of her for the past four years and we’re thinking about maybe taking her to animation because I’m getting older and that could be gross some day. DR: Do you think Kelly will do another album. LS: I don’t know if there is an evolution to this character..she’s kind of who she is…I think shoes, let me borrow that top, text message break up…they are really kind of stand alone classic Kelly. DR: I’ll never forget when Text Message breakup came up on my Pandora while I was driving and I was LMAO driving down the street…If there’s one thing I want to get across to readers it is that you a freakin hysterical. I am glad you are still hard at work. Is there anything you would suggest people to take a look at. LS: DR Ullee is one of my favorites it’s a little long about ten minutes if they can endure it its got some really great humor in there. DR: Well, thank you for your time and we are all eager to see the work that you keep doing. What you have given us thus far is truly brilliant.


’m not the sort of person for whom DIY = duct tape. Instead, I google, and I scour YouTube, and then I see if Amazon has anything that might be of assistance. When I do it myself, my objective is to get better quality than I would otherwise be able to afford. This is especially true when it comes to wearables and housewares. I don’t want something to look handmade; I want someone to be utterly shocked when they find out that my own two hands did the work. Yeah, yeah, call me anal. I’ve been called worse. It’s like calling me a geek Do you really think I don’t already know this? My theory, though, is that all we have is our time and I’m not going to spend what I’ve been allotted with on half-assed workmanship. One of my favorite trends in the independent fashion movement is buying custom-designed materials at an affordable cost…meaning a designer can create something actually unique and consumers can purchase the completed pieces without breaking their piggy bank.

Spoonflower (http://www.spoonflower. com) lets you design your own fabric prints, in a way that utilizes modern technology so perfectly I am yet again reminded how happy I am to be alive while all these industries (like digital publications) emerge. Spoonflower lets you design anything you want, arranged however your mind conceives it. You want fabric with pink-bow-wearing skulls on a background of feral cats – have at it. As long as you, or someone else, can draw it and get it into JPEG form, Spoonflower can print it on everything from cotton quilting fabric to linen canvas. Curtains, skirts, pillows, blouses, sundresses, quilts… ahhh, the mind goes bananas. I can’t tell you how many times the fabric store made me loathe teddy bears, and hearts, and little tiny pansies, as I sought ANY print that would suit my needs. Spoonflower is the control-freak seamstress’s dream come true. Spoonflower also allows you to peruse other designer’s fabrics, and even purchase them.

HOTLava ( HotLAVA) on Etsy, is a great example of what is available. Tracy’s handmade buttons are the perfect finishing touch for badass bags, a hand-stitched cardigan, or even to swankify a Target bag with crappy buttons. Fused glass is Laurie’s specialty at Kiku Handmade ( MY, how I adore her belt buckles. I can see smaller versions of them used as hardware on purses and I’m in luck - she takes custom print orders, too. While you are checking out her site, make sure to check out her housewares section – the coasters make great wedding shower and Mother’s Day gifts. Her pendants could easily double as belt buckle covers. Her prices make them easy to use hand-crafted materials, too - $4 for a handmade button?! I pay more for that at JoAnn’s for piddly plastic buttons. I hear she takes custom orders, too, so if there’s a certain size and shape and color of ceramic that you need to make your project perfect, you can give her your specs.

by Josi Hannon Madera

For crocheters and knitters and weavers, there’s an almost limitless supply of handspun and hand-dyed yarns. My three favorite yarn artisans are Symeon North, Brianna Mewborn and Vera Videnovich. Symeon, aka Pippikneesocks, wrote Get Spun (, a fun and well-thought guide to spinning yarn. (Didja know all you need is an old CD and a pencil? It’s true!) Brianna Mewborn’s yarn colorways are inspired, and she will work with her yarn-loving customers to create custom palettes. Visit her at The Yarn Side (

Vera, of Videnovich farms (http://, spins yarn she’s hand-dyed from wool she’s shorn from her own sheep (that’s the sorta hardcore DIY I’m talking about!). She also dyes machineprocessed yarns using natural sources, like marigolds, that she grows herself. Just as importantly, Vera grows really good food and all this creatin’ and makin’ gets a gal hungry. I recommend buying a share in Vera’s CSA or meeting up with her at one of the various farmers’ markets she frequents – her loving care is evident in the quality of the ingredients she provides. She’s always been open to suggestions for new produce to grow… but patience is key when the end result starts with a seed. [please use both photos: ssstyle-may-vera01,02]

Murder FM appears uniformly dressed as if they are the four horsemen of the apocalypse, leading you on a journey of debauchery and mayhem. Of course that’s what you see when looking at them all dressed up painted up like your worst nightmare. Once they hit that stage, you are shown true insanity. You are unable to tear your gaze from the madness going on before you. Not that there is any reason not to watch them when on stage. These four Texas musicians have been busy touring with the likes of The Used, Korn, The Becoming, and I Am Ghost, just to name a few. The bands guitarist and all around madman Matt x3r0 (pronounced Zero) took some time out of their hectic life and touring schedule for quite an interesting interview. Sarah 13: Is there a song/artist/ album on your Ipod or CD player that would surprise people? Matt x3r0: There is a lot of stuff on my Ipod that would surprise the living hell out of a lot of people. Because to be perfectly honest, think about it, if you’re in a band, all you hear all day is loud guitars? It’s all loud music all the time. And you know what, that’s cool, there’s a lot of people out there going *mumbles* “you’re lame, rock metal all the time” Yeah you know what, sorry man but I got Journey on my Ipod, I got Michael Jackson on my Ipod. I got, I got all sorts of stuff on my Ipod, I got Mandy Moore on my Ipod. Like at some point you wanna hear a pretty girl sing a song or you want to hear some good harmony vocals or you want to hear a good solo, You don’t just want to hear loud music all the time, cuz your ears get tired. S13: Some of your songs have a clear, strong statement and seem to be aimed towards the opposite sex. Was this intentional, how did these songs form?

Interview by Sarah 13

Matt: Excellent question, we aren’t necessarily trying to send a direct message to anyone of the opposite sex, because with today’s day and age, there are people who

are mad at people of the same sex. Our music is basically aimed, not at but was written for anyone who has ever had a broken heart. And you know, its kind of like…I know there’s a million metal heads out there going “*mumbles* You’re gay” But you know what man, At some point, some metal chick broke your heart and so don’t even try and lie. We wanted to write songs for those people that felt bad or been abused, just things like oh you broke my heart and there’s a million songs about people saying I’m sorry, or a million chicks getting on a microphone going “*girly voice* He’s such a jerk to me, and blah blah blah” and you know what, we felt it was time that we felt in our time someone needed to stand up and say hey man, girls are mean too, like someone needed to say “I have a broken heart”, but that’s cool. Like I’m gunna be mad about it, or I’m just gunna get over it, you know what, I am gunna write a song about it. I hate you, like end of story. S13: So it’s like a country song, just rockified? Matt: *Does a voice* sounds like a country song…Yeah pretty much, we rockified country. I have country on my Ipod by the way. S13: Where exactly did the name Murder FM come from? Matt: Murder FM, my bass player, for the life, there’s like 9 different explanations. I’ve heard some fan was like dude I like Murder Fuck Monkeys. But it is actually Murder Fucking Music, and it’s just angry, and it’s just to let you go dude Murder Fucking Music. Like, because, that’s our times, our times have included more the bad words. And blah blah blah, and so that’s the people we are so fuck it, we’re murder fucking music. S13: Without naming your own band, what are 5 bands Murder FM would recommend? Matt: 5 bands we would recommend like touring S13: To listen to or see live. Matt: Ok, to see live I would suggest…Sure we can’t name us? I’m just kidding, I am a huge fan of…We were just on tour with Modern Day Escape, I Am Ghost, and The Becoming. I would actually name all 3 of those. Excellent bands live, I like all their music, like there was never really a dull moment on that tour I loved that tour. They were a blast. S13: The Becoming is awesome Matt: Yeah, we’re good friends with Dustinn and Caleb from The Becoming. And Lance, those are my homies. We get angry, well not at each other, but we get angry at people. It’s like Hey you looking at my band,…That was 3.

just kinda up your ass. That’s one of the things we pride ourselves on, we could sit at home with a Myspace adder bot, and play counter and just kinda jack all our stats up, like even we have 9,000 and ten friends, that’s 9,000 and 10 people that came to us. That we’re like, we added your band, I don’t go out looking for nobody. We don’t go hey check out my band, like blah blah blah, I mean you know. In public, yeah, it’s like hey, we’re playing over here, come check us out. But we’re not like web raping people. S13: So you don’t have street teams?

Modern Day Escape, *changes voice* Modern Day Escape, The Becoming, I Am Ghost, uh who did we just play with yesterday, that I really really liked? Where were we at yesterday? S13: Dallas Matt: We were in Dallas, and we played with… The Dreaming! The Dreaming, Annnnddddd I am like the biggest Breaking Benjamin fan ever, so I’m just gunna plug Ben, because I heart Ben. S13: If you could be a band in any musical decade, what decade would you be in, what would the genre be, what would you guys be like and why? Matt: Dude, we’d be like a church group in 1970 …Nah, I’m just kidding *smiles* I’m just kidding, Um, we would be, probably, doing the big hair, you know what, we’d be Guns N’ Roses. We’d be the Guns N’ Roses of that decade and we’d probably go back to that time, knowing all their songs and put all that crap out, yeah… we’re all real huge Guns N’ Roses fans we’d probably be a band like that, they, cuz they’ve all kinda inspired us and you know that’s one of our many influences. We’d be dingy, we’d be that anti-glam scene, you know, but still in that era, in that 1980’s good, good solid….*trails off* S13: Do you feel in today’s times, that a band is unable to make it without the help from technology like Social networking sites, what do you think or feel about this? Matt: Bands were making it without it, that was the time where you really had to be good, you really had to be extraordinary and not just have everyone you know on Myspace, and Facebook and Twitter and everyone you know

Matt: We do, we do use a street team, but that’s for promotion only. We don’t have a street team hit up people and go hey check out this band, they’re on blah blah blah this and that. We’ll have a street team go out and go they’re playing at this show, this date, go see them and if you don’t like them, don’t add them on Myspace, because we want an actual count, you know what I mean? It just feels better to know that you know almost 10,000 people actually just like what we’re doing and its honest, so.*shrugs and smiles*

S13: If there was one band or singer you could erase from the music scene, who would it be and why? Matt: *Jumping around* I’m so happy for this question. I…this is such a hard question though. Because the person in particular, it wasn’t his fault, I’m not a particularly huge Nirvana fan, I am not going to say anything beyond that. Because, I like where music is now, I like where we fit in music now. And if it wasn’t for that egg head doing the you know, whiney cry baby, 3 note thing in the grunge scene we may not be here you know. I may have to learn zillions of notes solos and still be part of the big hair eighties. And so you know what, I am gunna say, I am not a fan of Nirvana, but I wouldn’t erase them. S13: Or you guys could have been the band to break that scene open Matt: True, yes. S13: What comes first when writing the lyrics… Matt: *interrupts* The chicken.

S13: What is one band you would sell everything to tour with?

S13: *Laughs* What comes first when writing, the lyrics, the song title, or the music?

Matt: Now by sell everything…

Matt: What comes first is usually the situation, the feeling. Not a lot of people understand how songs are written, unless you’re Chad Kroeger (Nickleback) cuz then you can just be sitting there, like sitting on your toilet and write a fucking number one hit. Don’t get me wrong, I

S13: Like, you would just give up your life you do anything to tour with them Matt: Well, I have already pretty much given up my life to be in this band, uh. *laughs* It’s true , but if we got offered a really rad gig with a lot of…not idols, because we’ve met a lot of those people. I mean they’re people, we’re people, we’re all people, you know what I mean? So anybody whose really influenced us. We’d like to get on a tour with HIM, just because it suits what we’re doing what they’re doing, its just kinda one big thing. We’d like to get on tour with HIM, Rob Zombie would be another good one, just you know, just kind of anyone, just anyone that fits us, we fit them, I am gunna plug Breaking Benjamin again, because I have all their songs on my Ipod, and I’m a big fan, and you said who would I want to tour with, and I say Breaking Benjamin cuz I heart Ben.

respect the dude cuz he can make a song out of anything and make millions of dollars on it. I just wish I could do that, I’m jealous. I don’t hate you, I’m jealous. We’ve just gotten into sharing the writing responsibilities, cuz like I said, everyone has had a broken heart, you know one of the songs that might have my input on it is a song called *covers mouth with hand* you can’t

know, and it was one of those ones that hit close to home. And we sat down, me and Norman (Matthew, vocals/guitar) and worked it out to best fit Murder FM. Because the way I write is different from the way he writes, and is different from the way J (6, Bass/Backing vocals) and the way that you know, anyone writes, we had to kinda sit down. And that’s where bands, should collaborate, you know. One person brings an idea to the table, and you see how it fits the band, So I guess what comes first is the feeling and then the I mean someone will be like I gotta cool riff for that, and it all just kinda falls together. S13: When it comes to music there seems to be a lot of people that are more narrow minded, if a band doesn’t look or sound a certain way they won’t listen to them. What is your view on this? Matt: Okay, that’s a tough question, because, I am part of a band that has a uniformity to them. I am part of a band, and we have a uniformity to us and it’s… I am not king of the world, I’m not king of anyone on my fucking block, you know what I mean? Like I’m just Matt you know? And when I hit that stage, yeah I’m Matt x3r0 or whatever, but I still got a last name, I still got bill collectors calling my shit, you know what I mean? So you create a kind of, a kind of magic. Just to use a stereotypical terms for bands and what they do, you create a kind of magic by all wearing the same gear, or having the same gear, cuz then it’s like oh my god, these dudes are like together. And it kinda takes the focus away from what everyone else is doing because, I see bands a lot, they’ll hang out and they’ll do something and as soon as the song starts, everyone kinda goes into business for themselves. And it’s just kinda like, I am the best bass player on the planet, and you could be, or I am the best guitar player on the planet, and you probably are, I’m the best drummer ever and I play a blast beat, like fucking 900 BPM and it’s just like yeah dude, you’re freaking awesome. But between your camo shorts, and flip flops and Hawaiian shirt and cowboy hat, and your all Hot Topic wear guy, and your all blah blah blah, I don’t know who to pay attention to. So I may have missed it ya know what I mean? It’s just little things like that. Have some uniformity, everyone wear black Dickies. S13: There have been statements that you don’t drink or do drugs, do you ever find it hard to follow this. Do you ever feel you are stereotyped that because you are in a band, and have a certain “look” that people believe the opposite? Matt: Ok, I would like to say something here and now. We do not preach to not drink or do drugs, I myself have worked in a bar for a long long time, I get people drunk, I have gotten

people wasted, I am not particularly a fan of the people, I am just like haha, that’s cool, later. We’re not preaching that, that’s not a message, we’ve all just chosen that you know what I mean. I’d rather not have to call and deal with a tour, a club owner on a tour, or a booking agent, or a label representative, or somebody high or hung-over, you know what I mean? If you’re gunna work hard to get where you wanna be, then work hard and do it on a clear mind, and that’s our mindset. Anybody else, dude if you can make it and you’re just like *Mumbles drunkenly* Good, cool, like, more power to you. That’s just not the way we roll. Drink Amp energy drink. I want my endorsement you son of a bitches, you follow me on twitter, just saying. S13: How exactly does Murder FM survive riding in a van and not killing each other? What is the secret? Matt: We don’t, there is no secret cuz we have all almost killed each other. Well I mean, the number one thing is respect other people’s stuff. You know, I don’t want my stuff thrown around, just like you don’t want your stuff thrown around, so you know what, find a corner for your shit, and if you don’t want anyone to mess with it, buy a lock and whatever. And share, you know what I mean? Because if I am out of freaking eyeliner, or face powder, or black paint, sorry but we’re a band, and I need it, or you need it, or someone needs it. And you can’t afford to be like oh well sorry, you should have gotten your own, I got mine, I took care of my business. Cuz then S13: It’s bad for the band *nods* you know what I mean? It’s just bad business. Let’s just hang out and be groovy, and that’s where not drinking and doing drugs plays a big part. Because I am just never drunk and angry, because I don’t drink soooo….except for Amp Energy drink, uh. *laughs* Was that good? That was good. It’s be nice to each other, be nice to everybody, Because you never know any of the people you shit on, on the way up, you’ll see those people on the way back down. Enough said. S13: If you were trapped on a desert island, which band member would be the first to be eaten? Matt: Fuck! It’s me. *sighs* And then I thought about it, ok, I have to tell you this story to get to my answer. I’m considered the asshole in the band. I’m the one that, If I have a problem, I am just gunna tell you to fuck off.

It’s because, because I have Amp Energy Drink in my life, and if you come between me and my Amp, I’ll rip your face off. I just get pegged for the asshole, I’m the dick, I’m the one that’ll tell you straight up. I mean, everyone will tell you straight up, but they’ll all find nice ways to do that. I’ll tell you, dude, your fucking haircut is stupid. They’ll be like hey man, that’s cool, hey man next time you should have them do this and like la la la, and kinda lead you into another haircut. And I am just like, you look like the ass end of a rectangle, go to hell, get out of my face. So, telling that story, I would have to tell you that they would probably hack me to fucking pieces and eat me first. It would be me, because if they didn’t they’d have to hear me talk shit to like all the desert animals, the island animals. Like what the fuck monkey you think you’re bad ass cuz you have coconuts? I’ll kick your ass and skin you and eat you. I’m a shit talker; I’m a fucking total bitch. But I’m a shit talker, I’ll talk shit until you’re walking towards me, and then I’ll run like shit. And then the interview went on with Matt talking about Amp Energy and how he wants his endorsement and the fact that we both have numbers for last names. All footage can be viewed in the video interview, located on I would like to thank Matt and Murder FM for giving me such a fascinating interview. As well as a great show that night. Check them out on: And follow Matt at:


Before we get into that, I have to say the new “Shadow of Death” official video kicks some serious ass!

ising from the ashes of Arizona’s sun-scorched Sonaran Desert, comes HEMOPTYSIS -  a wicked entity comprised of a diverse group of musicians, wielding a hybrid metal sound.  A sound which can only be attributed to a band that, like its surroundings, lives by one law Survival of the Fittest!

Masaki: Thank you. Give us the complete rundown.  Who directed it?  Where was it filmed?  What message are you trying to deliver?  Did you enjoy making it? Masaki: We worked with Big Shot Studios here in Phoenix. They did our friends’ video, and I saw a lot of talent from them. I thought they would be the ones to work with for this video. They scouted around the locations and found that abandoned school in South East Phoenix. I was surprised that they even found that place because it’s in the middle of nowhere! As far as the message goes, Shadow of Death is about senseless wars that citizens are forced to fight in.  The video portrays people as being prisoners of war to the constant bombardment of media coverage of a pointless war. People find it hard to escape from the media assault from TV and newspapers that makes the painful situation they are trapped in even more painful. The song begs to ask when will this end.

There are no red carpets here.  No Hollywood green-screen to magically whisk you away from harm.  In the desert you will find no hope or salvation except that which you create yourself.  For Hemoptysis, every emotion, note, lyric, and breath they emit comes from the essence of the wasteland most call Hell, but they call home. Mixing elements of traditional, thrash, death, and black metal, the band have forged a sound all their own.  Masaki’s uncompromising vocals, Travis’ thunderous drums, the monsoon of Ryan’s solos, and Sunao’s heart stopping bass allow Hemoptysis to move the entire metal genre forward while maintaining its true primal roots.

Travis: We had a lot of fun filming the video, too!  I really enjoyed the creepy location they found and hanging out with our friends in Lunatic’s Vision as we filmed the video.

Fans, devoted to the death, swarm the stage as if to offer their very souls to feed off of the awesome power that is Hemoptysis.  Each song delivers a unique expression of emotion.  Each fan connects in their own way.  Attending a Hemoptysis show is akin to witnessing an exorcism.  The raw intensity and unearthly power they emit must be seen to be believed. No gimmicks, no laser light show, just pure, unadulterated aggression and hate! In 2008, Hemoptysis released their debut EP, Who Needs A Shepherd?.  The recording has received numerous positive reviews.  In fact, heavy metal critics unanimously agree, Who Needs A Shepherd? kicks major ass!  The band followed up with the Ryan Greene produced single, Shadow of Death.  More recently, that single has been adapted into the band’s debut full production video! 40+ Clear Channel, college, and internet radio stations now have Hemoptysis in regular rotation.  There were also 20+ interviews in print, online, and on the radio in 2009.  All of this leading to numerous endorsements, such as Jackson Guitars, Peavey, Krank Amplification, DC California Drums, Soultone Cymbals, Providence Cables, Morley Pedals, Maxon Guitar Effects, and Coffin Cases. To top it off, Hemoptysis were crowned “Metal Artist Of The Year” at the 2009 L.A. / Phoenix Music Awards!  Last, but not least, they will have played their first SXSW Music Festival Showcase by the time this article makes deadline. First up, it’s no secret I’ve been a long time Hemoptysis supporter. Masaki: Thank you! Because this interview will no doubt introduce you to a large number of new readers, I am forced to throw in some cliché questions. Will that be alright? Masaki: Sure, no problem.

Chris Cannella from Autumn’s End / N17 is featured on guitar in the video. How did that come about?

DEFINING HEMOPTYSIS By Wicked D Hemoptysis [hi-mop-tuh-sis] –noun 1. the expectoration (coughing up) of blood or of blood-stained sputum from the bronchi, larynx, trachea, or lungs (e.g. in tuberculosis or other respiratory infections).

Masaki: Chris is one of the guitarists that I respect the most. His talent is shown on all his promo videos for Jackson Guitars as well as guitar clinics for Jackson all over the U.S. and Europe. We thought he would be the perfect fit with us to showcase our talent and musicianship. It seems like every metal website, blog, and news agency has picked up on it.  Do you feel the money spent to make the video has paid off through promotions alone? Masaki: Absolutely. We never keep the money we make in our pocket. All the money we recoup from the shows, CDs and merchandise sales goes straight into the next band investment. The video cost us a lot of money, but it is definitely helping us gain more exposure and attention.

2. an American thrash/death metal band based out of Tempe, Arizona, featuring Masaki Murashita (vocals/guitar), Ryan Miller (guitar), Sunao Arai (bass), and Travis Thune (drums)

Do you mind if we place the video on the Inclination website for our readers to enjoy?

I’m pretty sure you know which Hemoptysis will be covered in this issue of Inclination. We were lucky enough to catch up with Masaki and Travis prior to the band heading out to Austin’s SXSW Music Festival. But before we get into the in depth interview, let’s learn a little more about the band.

Travis: My wife, Stephanie, is a pharmacist who specializes in infectious diseases.  We were trying to come up with a one word band name that no other band had.  We were brain storming for months and nothing worked.  It had all been done before.  I asked Stephanie if she had any cool, gory, medical terms that we could use for a band name.  She pitched several at me; a lot of them were disgusting, some having to do with fecal matter.  Then she said, “Hemoptysis.”  That

Masaki: Please. We appreciate any exposure we can get. OK, cliché time!  Let’s talk about that name.  Rumor has it that a band member’s wife came up with it?

Masaki: Absolutely. We never keep the money we make in our pocket. All the money we recoup from the shows, CDs and merchandise sales goes straight into the next band investment. The video cost us a lot of money, but it is definitely helping us gain more exposure and attention. Do you mind if we place the video on the Inclination website for our readers to enjoy?

Travis: Yeah.  Masaki and I started the band.  Sunao has always been our bassist.  But when it comes to lead guitarists, we had three before coming upon Ryan.  The first guitarist was just not a right fit for the band and the other two lead guitarists after that just weren’t as serious as us.  And actually, Masaki wasn’t

M a s a k i : P l e a s e . We appreciate any exposure we can get. OK, cliché time!  Let’s talk about that name.  Rumor has it that a band member’s wife came up with it? Travis: My wife, Stephanie, is a pharmacist who specializes in infectious diseases.  We were trying to come up with a one word band name that no other band had.  We were brain storming for months and nothing worked.  It had all been done before.  I asked Stephanie if she had any cool, gory, medical terms that we could use for a band name.  She pitched several at me; a lot of them were disgusting, some having to do with fecal matter.  Then she said, “Hemoptysis.”  That was the coolest sounding one and it had an awesome definition!  It means coughing up blood.  We all fell in love with it and that was it! Masaki and Travis founded the band in 2007, correct?  How did the two of you meet? Masaki: Correct. Travis and I met through our mutual friend in the Spring of 2007. Travis: I was playing my drums in a little 10’x10’ storage space.  I became acquainted with the drummer of another band who was practicing in the same complex.  Masaki and I were introduced and it went well, but I had a very small practice space and he didn’t have an amp big enough to make himself audible over me playing my drums.  A couple months later he called me up.  He had new professional gear, a big new practice space and another guitarist.  He suggested we start a band.  We jammed once more to make sure we would click and we did!  The song we worked on that day became the title track to our EP, “Who Needs A Shepherd?” Like a majority of bands, there have been personnel changes.  What’s the scoop on past members?  Why did they leave?  Are you still in contact with any of them? Masaki: They were not as serious as we are. We are still in touch with them. We wish the best to them.

beginning of a metal song so the following week I picked up the recorded sermon knowing that one day I would be in a band and this would be a great set up to an anti-Christian song.  The song also inspired the album’s artwork.  I gave the idea to Evil Dave at Incision Tattoo in Glendale Arizona of a lion representing Satan devouring Jesus as Jesus’ sheep ran away and Evil Dave tweaked that idea to make it so much better - a huge valley of skulls representing the Christians instead of sheep. The songs on the EP are a wicked blend of Thrash and Death Metal.  Who are some of your influences? Masaki: I am mainly influenced by old school thrash.

our original singer!  There was a singer before him, but after he left, Masaki tried singing and we loved it!

Travis: I started out with thrash but I am basically a death metal guy now with some thrash influences at my core.  Sunao listens to just about everything and Ryan listens to just about everything too, but mostly progressive death metal.

How were the songs created? Does one member Ryan Miller (lead guitar) is the newest member.  write the music/lyrics or is it a group effort? How did that come about? Masaki: I mostly write the riffs and show it to Travis: When we knew we were going to lose our the band and if they all think it’s cool, we start to third lead guitarist, we started brainstorming work on it. I wrote all the music on Who Needs about who would be a good fit for us.  We heard A Shepherd? Travis and I both write the lyrics. of Ryan Miller through some friends who said I am looking forward to working on the new he was a real shredder and bad ass guitarist material with Ryan Miller. He has an amazing with experience in death metal.  They weren’t talent and I am really excited about it. kidding!  Ryan Miller is awesome!  I’m so glad The song ‘Shadow of Death’, from the EP, was he agreed to play in our band! re-recorded as a single, produced by Ryan Let’s talk about the ‘Who Needs A Shepherd?’ Greene, and mastered by George Marino.  What’s the story behind that? EP.  Where was it recorded? Masaki: It was recorded by Steve Conley (F5) at his home studio What is the meaning behind the title of the EP and what does the cover art have to do with it? Travis:  The theme of the song came from the title of the sermon you hear playing at the beginning of the song.  I was forced to go to church when living with my parents and I was sitting in the congregation over ten years ago when this was recorded by the church.  The church would record sermons to tape and give them out the next week for free.  When the priest said what he says at the beginning of this song I wanted to jump up and scream, “Hell yeah!” because what he said made it clear that Christians are weak and people who don’t need Christianity are strong.  At that time I totally envisioned that part of the sermon at the

Masaki: I was Ryan Greene’s assistant at his studio for about a year. Not only did I learn a lot of recording techniques from him, but also I learned a lot of things about what it takes to make it happen in this industry from him. He put 100% effort on everything he does, and I’ve witnessed significant difference in the band after they worked with Ryan. Obviously, he is an incredibly talented producer/engineer, and I respect him a lot. It was my dream to be able to work with him. He definitely brings bands to the next level and the experience we can get from him is priceless. Travis: We wanted to do a video for Shadow of Death but the lead guitar parts that we were playing on that song were actually a lot better than the original recording.  We wanted to rerecord the song for the video.  Masaki had the

(continued on Page 34)

Ronny Robinson

Just Another Boy (Self Released) Ronny Robinson’s (formerly of Chicago’s “Witroy”) independently released single, “Just Another Boy” exceeds expectations. This melancholy ballad like track showcases his incredibly somber finger picking folk style acoustic guitar playing and his soft, soulful vocals. One might easily compare his style to that of the late Elliot Smith, but with vocal tone similar to Matthew Sweet. “Just Another Boy” exhibits the artist’s ability to project a real connection to the song. It’s bound to leave masses of ladies wondering if the song was written about them or someone they know…in an existential sense. As far as the male listening audience, they’ll either love it or hate it. Men who are in touch with their emotional sides, whom are able to break through the testosterone, may find that they’ve experienced those same feelings that come pouring out of Ronny Robinson in this tearjerker of a wounded heart melody. As for the other 10% of guys out there, who will undoubtedly consider this song, “Sappy”, they should consider such past artists’ works as Paul Simon, Todd Rundgren and John Lennon. There’s a time to rock out with your cock out, and a time to spill your heart out onto the floor. Let’s face it men, you’ve all been “Just Another Boy”. A winner in our book, Ronny Robinson is bound for greatness with this sneak peak of his talented guitar strumming and touching vocals. Ronny will be performing his solo acoustic songs live at the Double Door Dirt Room on May 4th. Keep an eye on this one, his writing strength will take him to great places. To hear his music visit: www. (CL)



s/t (Self Released) From a city known for its birth of new genres comes yet another band defining their own sound, and while Humanizer may look to

Manchester legends for inspiration, you cannot accuse them of imitation. There is a perfect blend of rock, techno and synthpop that all together takes you in a hypnotic state to another place with tracks like “A Fine Farewell”, and has you getting your groove on with “The Manifesto is Over” or even make you “Getcha Waffle On”??? “Arthur Brown Gets Me Down” has all the potential of being a chart hit and should be the song that introduces the world to them as it has that sublime indie feel with a sprinkle of commercialism that keeps it cool enough to not join the ranks of pop. Between the genius that makes this band and the passion that drives them, it’s not surprising that they’re already gaining attention from the Manchester industry royalty, so hop on board before the train takes off without you. Humanizer could very well become a word as common as Radiohead and Muse before too long. (LM)


Charred Walls Of The Damned

s/t (Metal Blade) This album is an excellent release written by the mastermind of the the band and awesome drummer, Richard Christy. The album is extremely tight with a modernmeets-old school metal sound. All aspects of the band are done by veterans of the metal scene, except the guitarist. I have never heard of him, but damn can this guy shred. From the insanely fast to melodic, his soloing skills are disgustingly good. The vocals are handled by Tim “Ripper” Owens who does a wonderful job and at times has a bit of a Ronnie James Dio tone to him. This

album really makes me think had Chuck Schuldiner survived, this could have been the direction that Control Denied took. As much of a fan of Chuck’s as I am, this album is much better than the Control Denied record. (GR)

✪✪✪✪ The Bled

Heat Fetish (Rise) Looking back over the past 14 years, it is hard to believe how vast Converge’s reach has stretched across the horizon of bands that have followed. The Bled are basically another in a long, long line of bands that have worn their Converge-worship of maniacal metal riffing coupled with emotionally tortured vocals. Actually, in this case, I suppose that comparison is a bit unfair. The Bled do what they do very well, almost to the point where I find myself bobbing my head alongside their manic delivery without being aware that I am doing so. This being my first full blown exposure to The Bled, I can say that while they aren’t doing anything terribly original in the grand scheme of things, they are pretty darn talented at doing what they do. If you find bands like The Esoteric, Dillinger Escape Plan and As I Lay Dying to be your preference, you’ll do well by garnering your very own copy of Heat Fetish. (BR)

✪✪✪ Fear Factory

Mechanize (Candlelight) Clearly, having Dino back in the band has worked wonders. The guitars are thick and heavy with well placed melodies and the album is much more aggressive than the last few releases. Adding Gene Hoglan doesn’t hurt as he is tight as nails, keeping with the tradition of following the picking patterns with the bass drums. This is by far the best Fear Factory has offered the metal community! It crushes past efforts handily with the devastating heaviness of the guitar

Audio Files

✪ Poor ✪ ✪ Fair ✪ ✪ ✪ Solid ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ Great ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ Epic

and bass and all around fantastic combination of the heavy, fast and melodic riffing. Burton C. Bell sounds better than ever on this effort. His low growls/yells haven’t lost a step and his transitions into the clean vocals sound tough. BEST Fear Factory RECORD EVER!!! (GR)

✪✪✪✪✪ Cave In

Planets Of Old (Hydra Head) Listening to this latest Cave In release has me thinking back into the past and how many times I’ve felt burned by this band over the years. From the two mediocre performances I witnessed upon the release of Creative Eclipses to cringing at the sounds of their lone major label release, Cave In has always been a tale of what could have been for me. In recent years, Cave In’s Caleb Schofield has come up with Zozobra and two subsequent LPs of unquestioned power and heaviness. So, with Planets Of Old, would Cave In harken back to their more metallic roots or continue to explore their true identity? From the few listens I’ve given this latest EP, it feels like a weird mesh of Creative Eclipses, the last Zozobra LP Birds Of Prey and occasional nods to The Beatles. It is kind of a strange brew and I admit to having a bit of trouble deciding how well it all fits together. From a personal standpoint, I have long since given up on Cave In ever returning to any form of the group that I once bled. Still, Planets Of Old turns out to be a decent collection of new music that is nothing groundbreaking, but it does the job well enough. (BR)



After (Candlelight) Ihsahn paints this release with an extremely broad brush as this is the most experimental release of his thus far. The album ranges from beautiful passages to blistering black metal and even some jazz-infused metal due to the addition of a saxophone player. This thing is all over the place musically but was put together so well that it flows very organically start to finish. The vocals run between his trademark black metal style vocals and very well sung clean vocals. Fans of the more progressive end of extreme metal are going to love this one. I think Opeth fans will deffinately need to check this one out. (GR)

✪✪✪✪✪ Immolation

Majesty And Decay (Nuclear Blast) Evil sounding and complex riffing paint an atmosphere of complete darkness. The dual guitars are heavy and create some demonic sounding passages that paint bleek images in my mind. For anyone familiar with Immolation, this isn’t suprising but what really caught me about this album is the drumming. It is phenomenal! Ex-Gutted drummer Steve Shalaty puts on a clinic and shows what it’s like to be a creative drummer and still be really in tune with what’s going on in the stringed section of the band. Much like the way Robert Vigna’s solos are controlled chaos, Steve Shalaty comes up with some insane patterns to back the riffing that are wild yet tight, paying attention to every little detail of the beats he creates. Though past drummers were up to the task, it seems that with Steve Shalaty they have made sure to strengthen all aspects of the band. (GR)

✪✪✪✪ Overkill

Ironbound (Koch) Overkill are one of the very, very few thrash bands that came out in the 80’s and, without a break up, managed to stick to their guns

and play real thrash without selling metal out and boy, has that payed off on this album. It’s amazing to see that a band can be together for decades and still manage to put out one of their best albums yet. Kids, if you wanna know how a real thrash album sounds, then just put on this bad Larry! Thick, heavy, fast and brutal is the motto here. Bobby Blitz has still got the screams. His vocals sound as great as they did back when The Years Of Decay came out. D.D. Verni still has the best bass sound in metal, crushing on this record, keeping the heavy flowing! The leads are hectic and blistering. This is the best release since The Years Of Decay for sure! Overkill are metal legends and prove why on this offering. If you can’t bang your head to this, then you should see a doctor cause you have some serious problems! (GR)

✪✪✪✪✪ High On Fire

Snakes For The Divine (Koch) I have always liked High On Fire. To me, they always managed to land somewhere between flashing moments of brilliance and sounding like they were reaching for something. In other words, good albums were to be expected, but they had not yet delivered their “magnum opus”. Consider Snakes For The Divine that opus of magnumosity. Productionwise, you will not find a heavier album in High On Fire’s catalog. Everything pounds its way through the speakers with reckless abandon, but what really draws this album out are the drums, sounding like the battle cry for Armageddon. The opening title track starts like a march into the deepest recesses of Hell. After an 8-minute pummeling, Frost Hammer follows immediately behind with easily the most aggressive song of the album. From there, the album alternates between all out aggression and slower tracks of epic heaviness, never ceasing to maintain its overall prowess. Gentlemen… High On Fire now have their own personal Reign In Blood. Bravo! (BR)


I do have to start with this disclaimer, due to the topic of discussion here, while I am writing under the pseudonym Doctor Robert, I am not a doctor, in no way should you consider my opinion an official medical opinion. Just consider mine, the opinion of a well read and somewhat informed spiritualist on the topic of hypnosis as a form of alternative self exploration and empowerment. Susan Randich is a certified Hypnotherapist Susan lives in New Lenox, IL, that’s near Chicago for those who don’t know. I know that she enjoys doing trans-life hypnosis work. I thought it would be valuable to Inclination’s readers to talk with Susan about hypnosis, music, and trans-life regression. If nothing else I would learn a little more about what music works best for trance induction. I decided it would be fun to have a destination interview so she and I attended a Moser Woods and Lotus concert at the Vogue in Indianapolis. I am very interested in altered states of consciousness most especially those achieved with out chemical assistance. I am rather interested in those states attained through the disciplines of meditation and other kinds of deep induction such as hypnosis can create. Hypnosis is a growing area of interest for alternative health treatment and mind enhancement enthusiasts as well as spiritualists from a variety of backgrounds. Would you allow yourself to be hypnotized if you knew it would facilitate you achieving your hearts truest desires? Or would you feel uneasy about handing over your will to another person. Susan Randich confided in me that it is important that you be able to trust anyone who is working with you in this way. She tells me it is important that you feel at ease so that you can trust that who you are working with will guide you in the way that you have requested of them. She also emphasized the person must be at ease so that the hypnotic operation will be successful. You’ve maybe heard the old adage “You can’t make someone do what they don’t want to do”. Susan Randich and I met in Fort Wayne, IN and drove together down to Indianapolis to The Vogue Theatre. On our way I asked her a few questions:

Susan Randich of

DR: So please tell Doctor Robert and the Readers what it is you do?

Interview by Dr. Robert

SR: Sure I am a board certified Hypnotherapist and I specialize in past life regression, Life between lives and other various modalities such as pain

Magical Healing Arts

management, behavior modification and sports enhancement.

SR: Yes I use it with Reiki and I do Ruach also.

DR: So Inclination online being a musicbased magazine I want to ask you as a hypnotherapist what kinds of music do you look for when preparing for a client session?

DR: What is Ruach exactly, is it similar to Reiki?

SR: Well every client is somewhat different, as an individual, and each goal is somewhat different of course. So I try to tailor the music to the client so that the can achieve the best state of hypnotic trance so they can relax and find what it is they are looking for in the session. DR: I know our readers can’t hear it in print so I want to point out how soothing and calming Susan’s Voice is… (thank you) So when you are finding that trance state do you find there are better types of sounds or textures that are better for achieving those states…For someone out there who’s looking to achieve these states on their own? Would you recommend that? And is there a kind of music that would be best for that? SR: I have found something that flows and is fairly smooth nothing with anything sharp in it. Pieces that are about 6 minutes and/ or 8 minutes flowing from one to the next are best. These are best because we are aligning with the different stages one to the next and the first stage is getting them to relax and the following is the deepening which I like to call “the floating stage” and the music should then help them to lift up and out of associating with the physical body. The music helps to infuse them and hold them in that state without allowing them to fall…well…to sleep. DR: So you are using the music or so the music can aid both in the relaxation process of achieving the trance state and maintains the trance state by keeping them from slipping into to speak. SR: Exactly… so they don’t go too far. DR: Can you share with us any artists that you like to use in your practice or that you have used in your practice. SR: There are. Jonathan Goldman is my favorite. His music really works. And I use his music also to do energy healing. I also do energy healing. DR: By energy healing do you mean Reiki?

SR: Its very similar. Reiki is based for the most part anyways in Japanese energy theory and Ruach is based in the Qabalistic Form or western mysteries. DR: So can you use these in conjunction with your hypnotherapy? SR: Yes, Absolutely, Very effective. Particularly for pain management and also for past life regression...its nice light energy cleansing first before we go into the trance state that we want to achieve to actually find that past life or those past lives…so if you cleanse and clear their energy and their aura first they’re much more open and it just sort of cleans of the dust or dirt so to speak. DR: So when you started your practice, did you find a lot of people are interested in this and the combination? SR: Yes in both, yeah! DR: I have to put you on the spot would you be willing to post on our website a short guided meditation for our readers to listen to an easy guided trance induction as a taster…and if people like that they can call you or contact you through your website if they wanted to go beyond the training wheels and get on the real bike. SR: Yes they could DR: For our readers we are on our way to hear Moser Woods (www.moserwoods. com) open for Lotus ( at the Vogue Theater in Indianapolis. This is a super fun destination interview and we will let you know what we think of the show and have the final words then. (As a venue the Vogue reminds me a little of the Double door in Chicago said one fan of Moser Woods that I spoke with between songs. I would see more shows there, it was just the right atmosphere, definitely comfortable, at least this night. Our server was fantastic. Oh yeah and one more thing that made driving to Indianapolis worthwhile, drinks were cheap, cheap, cheap…and I mean cheap compared to Chicago for sure! We picked up a couple CDs from the bands and a couple t-shirts, support the peeps. We got a photo of Susan with the Drummer from Moser Woods.)

On the way home: DR: Well Sue this has been a lot of fun we saw Moser Woods open for Lotus I enjoyed the space…so what do you think of the music? SR: It was beautiful..something that most people don’t experience really. DR: Right, most people are so about the vocals and the written word and they don’t get to experience a lot of the instrumental stuff… SR: Yeah and that kind of music brings you to a place where instead of listening to the words you create your own scenario and your own story that goes with that music… DR: I agree…I was really interested to see the following that both bands had…I think for spirituality and enlightenment meditation I would be inclined to gravitate towards Moser Woods…Lotus was great too…I would use Lotus for like a party to play in the back ground..Which would you be more inclined to use in your practice? SR: Probably Moser Woods..That music would be useful to bring someone into that place of quietness and stillness of their mind and there were a few songs that I would even use to stir them back to consciousness …Its good to use music that sparks the conscious mind and some of their music would be very good for bringing someone back to reality without it being a shock... because we know reality can be difficult. DR: Yeah it can be Jarring.. SR: Yes..(soft laughter) DR: I think we had a great evening and I want to thank you for spending the evening with me and sharing what you do and how music works alongside it with our readers. SR: Thank you for sharing your time with me. DR: We are including your link below along with you taster on the Inclinationonline page, if our readers would think they would like to listen to that as well. SR: Absolutely and they can always look at Magical Arts at Magical “Magical Arts where healing starts.”

10 The Same Old

Firebug’s Jules and Juliette By Lissy MacmIllan

1. What was the last concert you went to? Juliette: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Echoplex Jules: BRMC @ The Echoplex. 2. Who would you most like to record a song with? Juliette: BMRC, QOTSA, and Neil Young. Jules: I would love to record a song with Jimmy Page. 3. What are you reading right now? Juliette: Breach of Faith: Hurricane Katrina and the Near Death of a Great American City by Jed Horne, Ayn Rand Capitalism. Jules: Sea of Glory (true story about American naval exploration in the 19th century). 4. If you had one day left to live, what would you do?

Rock N’ Roll?

Juliette: Berlin

Juliette: Billy Gibbons

Jules: Kathmandu

Jules: Tom Waits

8. What was the last song you listened to?

6. What’s your favorite meal?

Juliette: Long Distance Call by Muddy Juliette: Chicken Vesuvio, Chicken Waters Schwarma, and Caldo De Pollo. Jules: Boring by The Period 9. If you could be someone else for 24 hours, who would it be and why? Juliette: The head of a record company or a powerful music manager so I could promote all of the music that I like…or a powerful politician, so I could repeal all of the draconian smoking bans that have sprouted up around the country, restore freedom of choice for smokers and non-smokers alike, restore private property rights, and fire all of the haters who lurk around behind the scenes with our stolen tax dollars. Jules: A great chef, so I can eat well all of the time and make other people happy.

Juliette: I’d jump up and down 10. What has been your biggest cursing fate and the un-fairness of fashion faux pas? it all. Then I’d try to go have some fun, call my mom and dad, then start Juliette: I don’t know. One person’s jumping up and down screaming fashion faux pas is another’s magical again. then hopefully find time to creation Fashion’s all about having fun laugh cynically at the irony of it all:-) and if I’ve ever made a fool of myself, I Jules: Eat Drink Smoke, and then if I Jules: Love New Orleans Cuisine and was having too much fun to realize it. anything Italian especially in Chicago! woke up the next day. Same thing :D Jules: Pink Elvis wig, pink slacks, and a 5. Who would you say is the most 7. Where in the world would you most polka-dotted pink button down :-) underrated musician in the History of like to visit?

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obody notices when we leave. I mean, the moment when we really choose to go. At best you might feel, a whisper or the wave of a whisper, undulating down. My name is Salmon, like the fish. First name: Susie. I was 14 years old, when I was murdered on December 6th 1973. I was here for a moment, and then I was gone.” And this is how the story begins… A few years ago I tried reading Alice Sebold’s best-seller, The Lovely Bones, but had a hard time with the content because as a child, one of my greatest fears was of being kidnapped. When I heard that The Lovely Bones was coming to the screen, I had my doubts. The most special thing about the story is the unique first person perspective narration, something that could prove really difficult to translate in a movie. But then I learned Peter Jackson would be directing and I had faith! Most people equate Jackson with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but I remember his first recognized work, the haunting and beautiful Heavenly Creatures. Creatures is the film that put Kate Winslet on the map, and was our first introduction to Jackson’s genius. Similar to Bones, Heavenly Creatures deals with death, life and the complexities of youth, proving he’s skilled when creating this world. The Lovely Bones was riddled with controversy before shooting began, which

oftentimes leads to a failed production. However, I firmly believe Jackson made the best decisions that proved right for his movie. Originally Ryan Gosling (2007 Oscar® Nominee, Half Nelson) was slated to play the role of Jack Salmon, the father of the fourteen year old main character Susie Salmon. But just days before shooting was set to begin, Gosling was replaced by Mark Wahlberg. Rumors swirled that Gosling was fired for gaining too much weight for thee darkness. Meanwhile, Susie finds herself trapped between heaven and earth, waiting for closure. Now this is where Jackson’s abilities with fantasy come out. The world where Susie now lives is both beautiful and scary. Beautiful because it’s pure freedom, but scary for her, knowing her murderer is still out there walking around freely. Susie uses everything she can to reach out from the beyond, to help her father figure out what happened to her - and it takes quite a long time. During those years of uncertainty, Jack and Abigail, fail each other and their remaining children, but keep steadfast with their fight for the truth. Jack’s strength seems deeper than Abigail’s, who leaves the family in an attempt to heal on her own. But support comes to Jack in the place of his eldest daughter Lindsey (Rose McIver) and the police detective who was first assigned to Susie’s case, Len Fenerman played by a touching Michael Imperioli. Det. Fenerman too stays faithful to the case, for years trying to uncover clues that will point him to who’s responsible for Susie’s death, but it takes the unwavering love of a father and sister to finally unravel the web.

For his part, Tucci plays creepy yet approachable the way only he could, and it wasn’t a surprise that the Academy recognized this role with a Best Supporting Actor nod at this years Oscar® ceremonies. You fear his character, yet you understand why a smart Susie would have wandered off with him, leading to the end of her life. His penchant for knowing what “kids” need and want, makes adult skin crawl, but allured her teenage self into his very well-planned and perfectly executed trap. He’s overly confident in his skills, yet as the years pass he too starts to break down, as Susie touches him from the other side. I’m not going to give anything away, because after seeing this movie I know that if I tell too much the experience will be ruined. I will say that what held my heart so tightly was the love between a father and his child. Nothing could keep Jack from helping Susie be at peace, not even the distance between heaven and Earth - and as a daughter who loves her father, I believe it! The magic that Jackson created for The Lovely Bones was magnified by actors who brought these characters to life, from a story that Alice Sebold poured out from a place of purity. I highly recommend The Lovely Bones - for not only will it tug at your heart, but you’ll be holding your breath waiting to see what happens next, wanting nothing more than peace for the Salmon family. “There was one thing my murderer didn’t understand; he didn’t understand how much a father could love his child.” - Susie Salmon

(continued from Page 27) hook-up with Ryan Greene and Ryan Greene made the song so much better than we had ever imagined!  Then when it came to mastering, we didn’t want to try to save money on such an awesome recording so we went with the guy who mastered some of the best CDs out there, George Marino! Are there plans to re-master the entire EP? Masaki: I would love to re-record the whole EP with Ryan Miller. Travis: We would love to re-record the EP, but we are more focused on getting new material on a full length CD. The band took some time off last month to write songs, correct?  When should the world expect the first full length release from Hemoptysis? Masaki: We finished writing most of the songs. We are just wrapping up the few things and start pre-production with Ryan Greene. I hope we will be able to release it this summer.

Travis: We are like a buffet of metal, as Ryan puts it.  We have thrash and death metal elements,  but you also hear melodic death metal and black metal at times.  We don’t limit ourselves as far as sound goes, and yet everything still sounds like Hemoptysis!  It’s something you start to understand from “Who Needs A Shepherd?,” but you understand even more when you see us live and hear songs that are not on the EP.  Are you trying to deliver a specific message to the world or do you just want to melt faces and make eardrums bleed? Travis: We have a message sometimes and sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes we have a message to send about something we are strongly against or frustrated with and sometimes we have songs that are just sick fantasy!  We always want to melt faces and make eardrums bleed though!  Hell yeah!!! Hemoptysis have been the featured artist on numerous music websites as well as being named Phoenix Music Awards ‘2009 Metal

Will the new CD include any of the songs off the EP? Masaki: Ryan Greene already produced Shadow of Death so it will be on the full length since we haven’t released it for sale yet. Other than that, we are discussing the possibility of re-recording a song or two from the EP, but we will see.

Travis: The Arizona metal scene is alive and is starting to grow despite the recession and hard economic times.  People in bands are starting to get more serious about the business side of being in a serious metal band so the competition is increasing. Standards are getting higher for quality musicianship.  And even though the competition is getting more serious, it is a friendly competition and bands, even from different genres of metal, are supporting each other more than ever. What sets Hemoptysis apart from the other bands in your area? Masaki: We are a unique blend of thrash and death metal.

As this interview hits deadline, Hemoptysis will have played their first SXSW Music Festival Showcase. How did you make that happen? Masaki: We submitted our EPK through Sonicbids. Honestly, I did not think we would get selected since SXSW is not really known for Metal, so I was surprised when I got the e-mail from them and they informed me that we were selected.

Travis: Hemoptysis will have no problem fitting in because SXSW is a buffet of music just like we are a buffet of metal music!  Will the band be doing any sight-seeing in the Great State of Texas or is this strictly a business trip?

What have you learned from recording ‘Who Needs A Shepherd?’ and what will you do differently when recording the full length?

What can you tell us about the Arizona metal scene?

Travis: We were referring to the character in the album artwork as many different names and we wanted to keep using its fierce and inspirational presence in the band.  We wanted to name the beast and we figured we could have our fans help us out and win prizes at the same time!  The winner named the beast, Vetis.  If I remember right, Vetis is the demon of corruption in demonology.  As for the Hemoptychick contest goes, we had been getting some cool, sometimes sexy, pictures of female fans sporting something of Hemoptysis.  We figured we could make a contest out of it and give prizes to our fans as a way of thanking them for supporting us. 

SXSW is definitely not known for extreme Metal, do you think Hemoptysis will have a problem fitting in?

Travis: There are definitely eight or nine new songs or so that weren’t on the EP that will be on the full length.

Masaki: We grew up a lot as musicians since we recorded the EP through all the experiences we’ve had. We were nothing when we recorded that EP and did not know much about the industry. However, we now know exactly what we need to work on before we hit the studio, and we learn something new every time, so I’m excited about the new experiences for the full length.

I am particularly interested in how you came up with some of your fan interaction contests. What’s the story behind ‘Name The Beast’ and ‘Hemoptichicks’?

Artist of the Year.’  Who determines the winner of such a contest?  Also, has it opened any new doors for the band? Masaki: Phoenix/LA Music Awards chairman Al Bowman determines the winners. He called me last year and I was told we were selected as Metal Artist of the Year. We had submitted the EPK through Sonicbids, and it was the first major gig we got through Sonicbids. It definitely opened many new doors for us, like endorsements, and we hope to see more success from it in the future. You have accumulated an impressive number of endorsements in a relatively short period of time.  How did you land the deal?  Any advice for other artists seeking endorsements? Masaki: We are working hard every day, nonstop. We sent them the press kit and we earned the endorsement. All the interviews, features and reviews are proof that we are a real deal. There is no such a thing as a free meal. It’s always give and take, and the companies have to have reasons why they sponsor you, so you have to think about how you can contribute to the companies you get support from.

Travis: We won’t have a lot of time for sightseeing, unfortunately, because we cannot afford to stay long.  Money is too tight.  It would be nice to taste some authentic Texas BBQ, though! What else is in the near future for Hemoptysis? Travis: Tour!!!  Definitely tour! Masaki: Yup. That’s what we all are looking for! Just for fun!  Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin? Masaki: Sabbath! Travis: SABBATH!!! Any final words or shout-outs? Travis: Thank you to all our supporters!  Without our fans we are nothing!!! We hope to come to Texas again and hit more cities really soon! Masaki: Thank you all for the support! I can’t wait to tour and get to meet everybody all around the world! Please spread the word about us and hope to get to see you all soon! Thanks guys, you freaking rule! Travis/ Masaki: Thank you!


hile trying to decide who to feature in the first Queenzilla column I considered many personalities some of which I am excited to be featuring in upcoming columns. But, for the first LGBT column for Inclination online magazine I wanted to feature someone who embodies not only the Queer Culture at large by way of lifestyle but also someone who boldly represents individuality and fierce self expression. There is only one Trevor Wayne. If you don’t know who Trevor Wayne is you will and so will a whole bunch of people who have no idea that a giant is emerging. Trevor Wayne was born in Northwest Indiana and grew up in a small town called Cedar Lake. Growing up he also related strongly to the punk rock personalities and being inked. As a young gay man when he came out and began hanging around the gay clubs of Halsted Street in Chicago he found that being inked he was treated as an outsider. At first he figured that the hardcore punk rock community would shun him as well. It turned out that the hardcore punk community of Chicago was much more inclusive than the genteel queens of the heavily gay Chicago community of Lakeview. That was alright by Trevor as his first crush was on a purple mo-hock adorned playgirl model whom he kept a photo of for years. Eventually Trevor moved from Chicago and is now in LA where he couldn’t be happier.

Written by Dr. Robert stereotypical segregation of the queer community as a whole I asked him his thoughts on the divide. “The queer community as a subculture is full of its own discriminations and segregations. I mean if you go to a bear bar people treat you one way and if you go to a pretty boy bar they treat you another. I’ve really never

understood any of that. The types of assumptions that are made if you have ink…Like some people have actually told me I have ink just to seem more butch or masculine…and I just look at it as a form of self expression and kind of art. It never occurred to me that it While talking with Trevor about these was anything other than a legitimate formative years and the division and form of art. But people don’t want to

accept anything other than their ideas of beauty. I like to stretch my ideas about what that is and hopefully it will stretch the minds of others as well.” Trevor Recently began promoting his pin up show which Trevor tells us is somewhat an ode to Joe Dallesandro ,a famous male-model, discovered by Andy Warhol. Joe Dallesandro is possibly the most famous male model ever, instrumental in the assimilation of male images into the mass market and bringing about the acceptance of the objectification of the male body. Trevor Wayne’s Pin Up Show much like Trevor himself is on the cutting side, much like Little Joe’s images Trevor modeling work challenges perceptions. All you have to do is look at the images and you can recognize a bravery and a courageous challenge to the world to question male beauty and for that matter beauty in general. Clive Barker the visual genius behind Hellraiser and Night Breed (one of Doctor Robert’s all time favorites) says, “Trevor Wayne is one of a kind. Talk about fearless! A new paradigm in male beauty.” Trevor will be featured in Clive’s new book The Imagining Man. When I asked Trevor about how it feels to have a creative giant like Clive Barker, say something like that about you, Trevor shied about an answer. Trevor explained that through his life for better or for worse he has had to grow a thick skin and while it protects him from the ignorant nasty remarks of the ever dwindling few it has also afforded him an unfortunate distance from some of the affirming recognition he has been showered with over the years. He

tells me he doesn’t take compliments well. “everything sort of rolls off my back both good or bad know…I can’t accept the good without the bad and since I don’t want to accept the bad so if someone appreciates it that’s great but I can’t let it go to my head.” I find him very gracious and full of goodwill. Trevor seems in a difficult and challenging world he has maintained the preciousness of who he is. Trevor acknowledges his

supporters and also doesn’t want to take himself too seriously. Trevor explained a little to me about his views on nudity. He says there is something transcendent and special about nude images. He explained that we recognize it in classical art and as a general culture we miss it in modern art. He cites the example of the classic David sculpture by Michelangelo. Trevor hopes that through The Pin Up Show he can get people to see the art in his images as he recognized the art in the old Male Physique photography of the 1940s and 50s. “It’s a little bit risky because you’re more likely to get work if you don’t have nudes out there,” he confided. Trevor Wayne’s Pin Up Show is no series of buck lusted web cam shots. Trevor’s photos are captured by some amazing talent, credits include: Eric Schwabel, Clive Barker, Henning Von Berg, Michael Stokes, John Roecker, Thai Tai, Austin Young, Van Darkholme, Kaeden Stone… and

featured art by Angus Oblong. This is hardly some exercise in vanity. When you look through Trevor Wayne Pin-Up Show it is a study in the conventions of male beauty and a stunning challenge to the status quo. “A lot of people don’t realize that most models don’t own their own images.” “I thought what if I could pull this off and what if I owned some part of the images?” Brilliant and inspired, Trevor is also buzzing as an artist with his Pop Art Show. A good friend of Trevor’s, curator Lenora Claire, came up with the idea for the Golden Girls Gone Wild and encouraged Trevor to do some art for it. Trevor put together a mash up piece as a prototype and was planning to redo it. It depicted the Golden girls as Super Heroes we’ve pictured it here in the article for you. From that was born the Trevor Wayne Pop Art Show. With its growing popularity Trevor has been excited to extend the collection. One of my favorites is Eddie Beale of the documentary Grey Gardens, as it is captioned with Drew Barrymore’s exceptionally delivered line, ‘You see, this is the best look for the day, you know?’ Also only from the mind of Trevor Wayne is a series of studies of nudes where the penis has been replaced by a breast on the male figures and the female images are depicted with their asses turn around to the front. His art show is aptly named with its very Pop cultural feel. It is the best look for the day.

Trevor Wayne is not content to remain idle while working his way toward idol. Trevor will also be featured in Bruce La Bruce’s new Zombie Porn “LA Zombies”, the sequel to “Otto: Up with Dead People” a story about a gay zombie. Albeit Trevor will not appear naked, which Trevor finds amusing considering the timeliness of the Trevor Wayne Pin-Up Show. Trevor has also been cast in a web series by Jon Roeker show called Svengali which he is having a lot of fun with, you can find that at watch?v=9ygTq_YR0gQ. “If you like Strangers with Candy you’ll love it,” Trevor tells us. Its starring Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Gos. One thing is for sure Trevor Wayne is an idiosyncratic powerhouse. Trevor Wayne is one of a kind. We love Trevor Wayne at Inclination online magazine. Trevor is our Queenzilla for April 2010 because Trevor is challenging the cowardice of those who refuse to see beauty outside their own shallow ideas about it. Trevor bravely acknowledges beauty everywhere it exists and that has allowed him the freedom to express his own unforgettable flavor of gorgeous. To Trevor we say, “You go gettem’ Trevor! Your natural grace is shining through in everything you’re doing. Keep up the great work Trevor Wayne we’re watching.”

Trevor Wayne has a merchandise store with unique and brilliant items if you may find yourself wanting a piece of Trevor. A lot of the captions are provided by the talented Deven Greene.

I asked Trevor what’s next for him and he mentioned that he is still acting.

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