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From the desk of… Hi Everyone! Here it is..finally! The much anticipated May Issue of INCLINATION! It’s a couple of days late because on Friday Cola and I were up at Penny Road Pub in Barrington interviewing the legendary LA Guns for our June issue. We hope it is worth the wait. Check out the mega cover story on Chicago’s Windy City Rollers- the hottest, raddest sport with Uber Cool Rockin’ Chicks! We also have the amazing band from England: The Boxer Rebellion, fresh from their appearance at SXSW. If you’ve not heard them yet, you HAVE to check out their music! Cola and I are going to be embarking on the road trip of a lifetime, leaving June 1st and taking 14 days to drive West to the Pacific NW in Oregon, then down the 101 for a few and back East via Nevada and The Rockies. We’ll be video blogging on the website for you guys and attempting a little humour to entertain you. Cola has given you more details right here in this issue. If you’re interested in advertising with us or sending us submissions, check out the website for information or email me Lissy@inclinationonline. com. Thank you again and hope you enjoy reading our offerings for the month of May. Your Editor in Chief Lissy MacMillan INCLINATION/173128635781

Table of Contents Page 4 JOHNNY VOMIT By Cola Page 5 VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE By Sarah 13/BITTER WIGS By Lissy Page 6 DUSTING OFF THE 10TH AMMENDMENT By Mike Paus Page 7 SSStyle By Josi Hannon Madera Pages 8 and 9 Interview with Artist: STEVE LEETCH Pages 10-13 COVER STORY: Interview with THE BOXER REBELLION By Lissy Pages 14-17 COVER STORY: The Windy City Rollers talk DERBY with us. By Cola Page 18 Cola’s WHORE-A-SCOPES Page 19 RETRO/ACTIVE By Brian Ryder Pages 20-23 queenzilla: pandora boxx from ru paul’s drag race By Doctor robert Pages 24-25 Intervview with DOOBIE WHITEHORN By our new colomnist Shaz who brings us the best in Australian Music!! Page 26 Fantom Tollbooth By Doctor Robert Page 27 You’re breaking up...what? By Brian ryder Page 28 resurrection of the road trip by cola Page 29 The Same old 10 with musician ronny robinson Page 30 lilith fair by lissy macmillan Page 31 reviews: the audition/ two ton anvil by lissy Page 32 QUICK REVIEWS By Lissy

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The Nasty, Drunken Rock N’ Roll of Chicago’s Southsiders


at, drink, fuck and sleep! This could easily be considered by many south-siders, here in Chicago to be a battle cry from the punk/metal scene. Johnny Vomit is one musical circus that has withstood the test of time. In the mid 1980’s, this chaotic congregation was birthed by John Hanford, a.k.a. Johnny Vomit himself. Yes, it’s the band’s name and the singer’s persona/alter ego. Currently, Johnny Vomit is made up of 5 stellar musicians, the classic rock band line-up. On lead vocals, we of course have Mr. Johnny Vomit himself, putting on a hell of show every time and hanging onto his beer can microphone stand, as he shouts the obscene, yet intriguing lyrics at us all. On guitars you’ll feel the magic of Eric Ondo, a

metal chord progression creative genius and solo shredding master, (founder of the now defunct “Couldron”) and of course the every dark humored Roman, an incredibly sexy White Sox fan, whom I sometimes fantasize about slapping in the face…only due to his awful taste in baseball teams. Rhythm section is fired up with Scott (Congrats on being a daddy!) on bass guitar and Bill (former “Couldron” drummer and kin to Eric Ondo) tearing up the percussion insanity this is a staple of the Johnny Vomit thrashing sound. Nothing would be the same without any one member of this club of drinking and show stopping rockers. Together, their combined talents make up the quintessential hard core experience that goes far beyond the music itself. Experiencing a Johnny Vomit show is

have had many of those with the great guys of Johnny Vomit.

Written & Photography by Cola like having the gods of electric guitars and beer invade your brain! You won’t be able to just sit around and chat, like at other shows. You’ll find yourself becoming an element of the show…whether you like it or not. I have personally witnessed beer flying, people falling over (Including Johnny Vomit himself ) and naughty public displays of affection casually occurring as the songs of Johnny Vomit filled the air. The crowd is a huge factor in all the fun that ensues as the crunch of distortion melts your face off. Each time I go out to see this legendary south side of Chicago act, I leave drunker than drunk with my ears ringing from the pure volume of rock insanity and have made tons of new awesome acquaintances! At the risk of sounding cheesy here, there is a true sense of community within the Johnny Vomit fan base. I’ve seen all walks of life at the shows. Young punks, old metal heads, hippies, bikers, “moms you’d like to fuck”, indie rockers, the handy-capped and even black people…yes black people like metal too. All of these folks have one important thing in common; they’re all there for the music and the drinking. Good times have been had and will continue to be had. It goes without saying that we at Inclination

The music of Johnny Vomit is loud and crass. The instrumentation is challenging to keep up with, even for a seasoned musician like myself. Eric, Roman and Scott create a three way of lead and rhythm notes and chords that are bizarrely similar to a classical music concerto and with Bill keeping the beat, the songs don’t ever cause yawning. Johnny Vomit’s lyrical inventions are hilariously perverse and rude to the max. A favorite of mine, “Bread Bag”, address those complicated moments in lovemaking when there just aren’t any prophylactics within reach. Along with providing a contraceptive alternative to their listeners, Johnny Vomit uses melodic talent to assure that the words are remembered, kind of like those songs on Sesame Street, but rated X. You can’t help but get the tunes stuck in your noggin. Guess what? You can be as lucky as I am, and get yourself Johnny Vomit on vinyl! That’s right, they pressed actually records. Produced by Chicago’s iconic Sanford Parker, Johnny Vomit offers their fans the

option to listen to music the way that it should be listened to! The sound of the furious rock emitted from my 3-21 makes the HEAVY hit even harder than usual. My suggestion, go out and get you some. Also, hit up some shows. There is nothing yet that I’ve experienced that comes close to the magic of Johnny Vomit. The music, the crowd, the guys themselves are all part of the equation, making a live show a must see!

vampires everywhere lost in shadows by Sarah 13 photo taken by kevin knight

Vampires Everywhere! Emerge in the dark of the night, ready to steal your hearts, and blood of course. With a “Lost Boys” influence its hard to ignore this coven of vampires, their name derives from the comic book of the same name in the pop-vampire movie, “The Lost Boys” The band is made up of 6 haunting individuals; Michael Vampire-Vocals, Zak Night-Guitar, Aaron Graves-Guitar, J_Killa-Keyboards, Alexander Rogue-Bass, and David Darko-Drums. The darkness that is Vampires Everywhere! Comes out in their music, with a name and image centered around Vampires, one might expect to hear the sounds of a horror punk, tongue in cheek type sound as seen previously with bands such as The Murderdolls. This is inaccurate however. The sound of Vampires Everywhere! Is a mixture of different elements, you can hear a popsynth background combining with a bit of heavy guitars, a strong, solid drum line and vocals that go from clean, almost pretty to the brutality of a scream as seen in melodic metal bands like Luna Mortis. There are some blurred genre lines with this band. Vampires Everywhere! Has been around for just 6 months, but already they are making a name for themselves. With support from Century Media, and Hot Topic, as well as a loyal fan base, it seems definite that this band will rise quickly, their debut

Lost In The Shadows” was released April 13, 2010 at Hot Topics across the country for only $1.99. There were many Hot Topics that sold out of the CD, which only goes to show the power these boys have. Vampires Everywhere! Plan to tour this summer in support of their recent release, and are promoting a chance to win spot on their guest list to those fans who buy the album and send in proof. One things for certain, with Vampires Everywhere! It is love at first bite, and once your bitten you’re turned, there is no going back. (live chat every Sunday at 8 PM PST)

I have been waiting for a studio of music, but after a recording from this band for few listens it grew on what seems like forever, and me, you can’t criticize finally in my possession is an someone for being too advanced copy of their sixgood of a singer. Black track EP. From start to finish Hole is a fast paced this is a CD of blood-pumping catchy tune, a perfect rock and roll with heavy bass start to their CD, I lines that give it a depth you also love 2116 and don’t often hear anymore. Kill The Ghost. This The band members give it up Chicago based trio equally and I’m impressed have already gained with the simplicity mixed quite a following by lissy macmillan with their talent that is the from their live result of this EP- a kind of shows, having played bluesy/ punk style rock. At Reggies and The first I was taken aback by the smoothness of the Double Door among other popular venues vocals, expecting something different with this style and I can’t wait to see them play myself.

bitter wigs

Dusting Off The 10 Amendment th

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” -Tenth Amendment, U.S. Constitution


By Mike Paus

hanks to the radical incompetence of civics teachers, or more likely their willing desire to not teach it, most people have no idea what the Tenth Amendment is.They’re all hog wild about teaching the First Amendment, vilifying the fact there is a Second Amendment, but the Tenth? That one is mentioned only in passing, if it’s mentioned at all. And why? Because it’s the one that limits federal government power, and no statist likes that. Especially statist teachers in the travesty that is public education, but that’s another article. Why should you care about the Tenth Amendment? I’ll give one reason why: on the ballot in November, the state of California has the question of legalized marijuana, the greatest step towards ending drug prohibition in 80 years. Should it succeed, and I pray that it does, there will be a Constitutional debate over whether California’s law will be usurped by the federal law that prohibits marijuana as a controlled substance. You see, “the powers not delegated to the United States” i.e., the regulation of drugs, which is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, are “reserved to States respectively, or to the people”. Now for years, in their quest for more power over your lives, statists and the lawyers that represent them have relied on one of the most blatantly misunderstood sections of the Constitution, the Commerce clause, to justify prying into every aspect of your life: [The Congress shall have power] To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian tribes; Pretty straightforward, right? The intention of the clause was to have Congress prevent tariffs and other trade barriers between the states, as was

happening at the tail end of 18th century America, in the interest of promoting free trade. Yet over two centuries, the Commerce clause has grown to encompass everything, including health care, telecommunications, the auto industry, and, of course, drugs. Had the Founding Fathers known how the Commerce clause would be used to justify federal control over everything from how many gallons your toilet can use in a flush to how many miles to a gallon your car must get, they may have been more specific as to what power the Commerce clause actually gave Congress. So what does it all mean? Let’s say legalized marijuana passes in California. President Obama, whose apathy to legalized drugs I detailed in last month’s article, will undoubtedly have his Justice Department sue, saying that federal law supersedes the will of the California voters. The issue will then proceed all the way up the Supreme Court, where the justices will have to make a decision: How much power does the federal government actually have? Unfortunately, there is a disturbing amount of case law on this subject, most of it bad for the proponents of limited government.There is, however, one glimmer of hope: In one of the most blatant overreaches of the Commerce clause, the Clinton Justice department argued and lost in the 1995 Supreme Court case of United States vs. Lopez, where they unsuccessfully tried to make the point that a gun free zone around public schools somehow affected interstate commerce. The justices correctly determined that the argument was full of crap. The Supreme Court needs to realize that the Constitution was written to protect its citizens from the government, and not the other way around. The Tenth Amendment was the written guarantee of this simple concept. It’s long past time to take the dust off it.


f you flip through my high school senior yearbook (1988, public school in the south suburbs of Chicago), you’ll find that nearly all of the girls adhered to a dress code: bluntly bobbed hair with wings and a high feathered lid, crew neck sweater with a collared shirt (collar flip up with points down), and a charm necklace peeking over the single unbuttoned button. It’s not that the look was so awful, but only that it was so ubiquitous, that makes me cringe to see it repeated page after page after page. The random exceptions fell into neat groups: Flock of Seagulls ‘dos with lots of black eyeliner, deeply feathered girl-mullet bangs with a flannel button-down, and my own “look”: a pompadour & waytoo-short denim mini skirts.

being deliberately beautiful in one’s own way. I feel lucky to live in a vibrant community filled with bright colors and amazing smells (the right wind and I can smell the tortilleria that sells them 12 for 25 cents and so fresh they are still warm in the wrapping).

I’m certain that the DIY of the residents contributes to the DIY of the fashion, as well as the influx of boutiques and vintage resale shops to 18th Street. Pilsen is filled with street vendors selling everything from helotes (corn on a stick, dipped in butter and covered in chili pepper) and tamales (wrapped in corn husks) to handcrafted jewelry and sugar skulls. That hardworking entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in the new businesses to come to this area of Chicago. Workshop Thankfully, things are different these ( is a days. There are trends (lingerie tops designer-owned boutique filled with and skinny jeans come to mind), but I light airy layers that would work well see a lot more mixing-and-matching of with pieces from the vintage shops styles, genres and silhouettes than ever of Fat Rabbit (http://www.facebook. before. I love the mish-mosh of a 40s com/pages/Chicago-IL/Fat-Rabbit/ hemline with 80s color-blocking, or the 120048058866?v=wall) and Knee juxtaposition of a lace sundress with Deep(http://www.kneedeepvintage. black leather booties. com/). Street style in Chicago is SO refreshing, especially in the Pilsen neighborhood where I live. Long before gentrification changed the makeup of Pilsen, it was known for its thriving Latino arts and music scene. Besides being home to the United State’s only Mexican fine arts museum, there are more art galleries than bars…more murals than tags. The influence of art and culture on the locals and neighborhood n00bs is easy to detect. Mixed in with mariachi uniforms and Catholic school plaids are intricately embroidered dresses, hipster sunglasses, caballero boots and college student backpacks.

Art and fashion students from SAIC and Columbia mix with med students from UIC and future teachers from Roosevelt, and the combination is part geeky hipster, part unwitting trendsetter and 100% on a budget. When I look out at today’s youth, more often than not I notice a distinct and individual style and not the uniforms of previous fashion eras. It’s always a pleasure to see a girl wearing the cashmere sweater her mom gave her for Christmas paired with a hand-sewn skirt of skull fabric and heeled Mary Janes, or an 80s dropwaisted dress with a chain belt, a mini cardigan and sky high cork wedges and art deco costume jewelry. The mix-andMaybe I’m crazy, but I think living match of new and old (both in style and surrounded by deliberate beauty in ownership) makes each person I pass the form of art shapes a culture into on the street just enough different from something more self-aware… that it the last person that I catch every detail even creates a desire to participate in and smile.

by Josi Hannon Madera

Cola: Hey Steve from Cleveland! When did you decide you wanted be a part of the world of art? Steve: Well I was encouraged as a young kid. It goes back to elementary school. I always took the crayon and construction paper projects further than other kids. As long as I completed anything crazy within the time given I could do what I wanted. Cola: What inspires the art you create most? Steve: I like to steal bits and pieces from all kinds of things. Right now I’m watching a lot of anime series on:, Shigurui is bad ass. Music is huge. I always have it on while I’m working. Cola: How did you school yourself in the arts, in glass blowing and such? Steve: I started in the glass program at Kent State University and studied under one of the founding fathers of modern American Glass Art, Henry Halem for three years, but got my BFA at Ohio State University and went on to get a Master’s in Glass from Rochester Institute of Technology under Michael Rogers. Cola: What is the glass arts creation process like? Steve: Glass is half science and half creativity / intuition. It’s like being rooted in classical music, it can be highly technical. You really just have to sit down and do it over and over again to get something good down, whether you’re blowing glass, grinding and polishing or applying enough heat to bend a two inch thick piece of glass over a gentle curve. But like jazz intuition plays a huge role. Sometimes you just have to chuck yourself off the cliff and hope to stick the landing. Cola: What about being a glass artist do you enjoy the most? Steve: My favorite part is being able to explore any subject and manipulate those ideas into a solid real form. I get to make glass. It’s pretty cool. I am a creator and when someone gets inspired by something I make, that turns me on. I dig that connection with a viewer that hits a kind of unspeakable level. Cola: What would be your ideal piece of art? Interview by Cola

Throwing Stones at Glass Houses with Artist Steve Leech

Steve: My ideal piece of art is something I strive for in every piece. It’s a goal I hope I never achieve because I would be done. There is always room for improvement or new ideas to explore. Cola: What is your favorite art to create? Steve: The kind of artwork that people get the shivers every time they look at it, like Carl Orff ’s “Carmina Burana”! I always think of the movie “Excalibur” when I hear it. Cola: Have you explored many artistic platforms? What other kinds of art do you enjoy creating? Steve: I am a wood worker, a welder and also a painter. Every material has a voice of its own. Glass for me is like the soloist in a band. It has a distinct voice that rises above everything else. Wood and metal though are great contrasts and can harmonize with glass very well.

Cola: Have you ever done a self portrait? Steve: I build these glass houses that are in a way a self portrait. There of buildings

I hung out in when I was growing up, the five and dime, my grandparents’ house, a barn we messed around in. No figurative self portraits. They remind me of when I was young enough to be openly curious about life and get away with being stupid. We old people have to have all the answers so people are afraid to appear ignorant. The pieces are a reminder not to get caught! Cola: How do you, as an artist see the world around you? Steve: We are a special breed. Artists are people who see a hole in the world that they can fill. The only thing new or worthwhile a person can bring to art is, themselves. I see threads that connect all things. My art tries to emphasize the relational thread and not necessarily the objects or ideas I’m connecting. It’s like a game: Have a friend speak to words; noun, verb or adjective and you name something that ties them together. There is no right answer, but the relationship springs forth images and emotions, all unique and personal. I guess I try to showcase and give a place to that, flotsam and jetsam that floats just under the surfaces of our brains. It’s like a public service. Cola: What does Steve like to do for fun? What’s your personal party? Steve: I love bicycles. Getting around under your own power is cool. It’s safer getting home from the bars too. Mountain biking, road bikes or a 20” BMX to hop some stairs with is all good fun. Cola: How do you feel after you’ve completed your work? Steve: Ready to start the next one! Haha-ha. It’s like making a little person that you send off into the world to fend for itself. I rarely make the same thing twice. Each piece teaches me what I should or shouldn’t do next. Cola: What’s your mood like when you are working? Steve: Lost. I don’t get too caught up in how long it takes to finish a piece. Sometimes I don’t know how to finish something, so it could sit on a shelf for years waiting for the right resolve. Glass isn’t something you can force, (not that it doesn’t require muscle) it’s like hanging on to a note in a riff. You

can’t write those kinds of things. There’s just this great moment when something perfect slips out. These moments can change the whole direction of a piece and a good artist knows when to follow that path or save it for another day.

Cola: Where do your ideas for projects come from? Steve: My ideas come from the ether. That place above, out of reach of our psyche where love and passion resides. It’s hard to explain why we love. It only comes out in the act of doing it. Cola: Is it important to you that your family and friends appreciate art and music? Steve: It is. I try and get people to articulate what they like or don’t like. Cola: Where do you see yourself down the road, as an artist? Steve: I’ll be keeping things solid. Putting one foot in front of the other making the kind of glass I want the world to see. Eventually, I’ll be a professor, but there’s more I’d like to do before I settle down into that kind of position. Cola: What is your current goal for 2010? Steve: I’ve started some new accounts that I hope mature into some lasting relationships. The past few years have been a little slow in the art glass world, so I’ve been developing some affordable lines of work I’ll be trying out in the craft circuits to form a stronger base income. You can view Steve’s draw-dropping creations at his website:


I first found The Boxer Rebellion a couple of years ago while on another band’s myspace page that I have interviewed. I clicked on the link and the song “Evacuate” came at me like a blast of heat from a tropical paradise and stirred up my emotions in such a way that I was immediately hooked. Since then I have periodically gone back and heard additional songs that just made me fall in love even more. I’ve seen them come

to listen to from beginning to end. It starts with the persistent drumbeat that begins their single “Flashing Red Light Means Go” and each song after consistently delivers intriguing lyrics and the mesmeric vocals of Nathan Nicholson combined with euphonious guitars and drums. All four members play their instruments in a perfect accord, it’s as if there were some higher powers that brought them together. They

Nathan: Because it sounded quite cool. I think for some reason or another it fits our music. Meaning if we were called Happy Mondays or Nickelback we’d have misrepresented ourselves. However, we do not claim any form of political view towards the name - the Boxer Rebellion itself was an uprising against the colonisation of China by the British.

to the US and play thousands of miles away from me and have been hoping that one day I will get to interview them. After having released their first album with a label, Union was recorded and released independently and the band has grown in leaps and bounds, gaining fans from all over the world now more so than ever. They just recently toured Australia and Japan and were here for SXSW followed by Mexico. Their album, Union is twelve tracks of melodious, magnificence that you have

are currently working on their third album at Fortress Studios where Coldplay, The Killers and Pulp have also recorded. Find out more at the websites below.

Lissy: Union has done very well for you it is a beautiful album. How long did you take you to write and record it from start to finish?

Lissy: Why did you the name: The Rebellion for your

choose Boxer band?

Nathan: Very many thanks for the compliment. The album took a relatively short time to record, but a very long time to finish. We started writing before our first

album was released in May 2005. Once we were out of our first deal we all went back to find part time jobs, really only recording on the weekends or blocking out a few days here and there once we’d written a batch of songs. We also mixed the album twice, about a year apart, which added to the process. Lissy: Your video for Flashing Red Light Means Go is visually amazing- who made it for you? Nathan: Grant Berry and Nick Tarte made the video for us. Grant s a very talented man and someone we have trusted with making a few of our videos. He started a few years ago with a video for ‘SemiAutomatic’ way before we had any plans for release. In fact, for a long time that video had the unmixed version. On the video for ‘Flashing Red Light Means

Go’ we pretty much left them to their own devices and they did a great job. Lissy: After your label, Poptones went under was it a conscience decision for you to remain unsigned? Adam: It was our decision to go back to the drawing board and that meant remaining unsigned whilst we made a second album, when it was finished nothing seemed to work out one way or another with labels and we had achieved so much independently by then anyway so that’s the way it worked out. We wouldn’t however rule out working with the right people at labels in the future. Lissy: To me you are the example band for being able to be successful without a label, how do you think you’ve been able to do it? Todd: I don’t think we really had a choice other than to do it ourselves, initially anyway. I think having a very strong and loyal fan base was the real key. When iTunes made Evacuate’ global single of the week last year we released the album the same day.  We were amazed at how many albums we’d sold and luckily for us we were then in a position where we could remain independent, but we’ve w o r k e d

ourselves to the bone to make things even better. I think it’s the best decision we ever made. We’ve proven that we can be independent. That’s not to say that we won’t be on a label in the future, it just means we are really now in control of what we do from this point forward. Lissy: You definitely have your own sound that makes your music addictive and moving, but we all have our inspirations and influences, who are yours? Adam: We all have differing influences and that makes it healthier for the musicsometimes bands are all into exactly the same thing and it can then be tough to write original music. We do of course share some influences, Radiohead and The National being two examples. Todd: Everything really. My guitar style really evolved from very early U2 to Radiohead and Zappa, the latter not a direct influence but I’ve listened to so much Zappa it’s not funny. Lissy: Who writes the lyrics? Todd: Nathan writes almost everything, although we all throw around ideas for each songs subject matter.  This can come from ideas whilst jamming or listening back to demos, or even before a song is written.  The ideas are always there.  We’ve been a lot more democratic with the lyrical content but for the most part Nathan is the one singing so he will be writing the lyrics. Lissy: What’s your favorite song on the album and also to play live and why? Adam: It changes, “Evacuate” always has so much energy live and on record so that might be

this and petitioned on your behalf, did it change anything for you? What about now that you have Union on CD? Piers: In short, it was one of the best things that happened to us last year. I’m not sure many people had considered the possibility of anyone bothering the album charts on downloads alone. A bit shortsighted really given it had already been passed for singles. But I’m just glad that it was us that made a story from it. That story, and the subsequent attention was worth more to us than probably any chart positioning except for number 1, so yes, in that respect it changed a few things. One of the ironic things that happened was that it forced some hands in terms of bringing out a physical release. It was the best campaign built around a non-campaign I can think of. Lissy: Several of your songs were used on a TV series, right?

the winner but who knows what it’ll be next month!Z

Todd: I’m not sure if we’d release it as a single or not. “Evacuate” and “Flashing Red Todd: My favourite song on the Light Means Go” are probably album is “Semi-Automatic”, the two we have lead with, because of its dark subject although “Spitting Fire” would matter. For me they are the be relatively close behind best lyrics Nathan has written.  those.m Live my favourite song to play would be “Silent Movie”. appa, the latter not a dire Lissy: I remember reading that your album was not allowed to Lissy: My favorite song changes be positioned in the UK charts every week, right now it’s because it was, at the time, Spitting Fire. What’s this only digitally released. A lot of song about? Would you ever fans were in uproar about release this one as a single?ct \

Piers: Yes, our songs have appeared on a few TV series. Synchronisation is the new radio for a lot of artists nowadays, seeing as the play listing process for radio has become so much more narrow-minded and difficult to break. Bands like us have to consider everything that comes our way in terms of TV and film given our independence. That doesn’t mean we accept any old sync, but it is important to us. And we were never going to kick up a stink for being on Eastenders now were we? Lissy: Do you have any plans to do a full North American tour? Piers: Absolutely. It’s one thing we haven’t managed to do yet that we really want to do. Our plan is to get on a proper North American

tour by the end of the year. Lissy: I used to live very close to where Glastonbury Festival is held, what was it like playing there? Piers: We have played there 3 times now, all very different experiences. Last year was a cool experience, playing on a stage that I have seen countless classic gigs down the years. That was definitely very special though not as special as the first year we ever played there, in the new bands tent back in 2003. It happened to rain for the short time we were on, for about the only time the whole weekend, and it was rammed for us, very early on in our career. I remember having a few bevvies to

and for it to be sold out and in such a legendary venue was amazing! Todd: The Troubador in LA was an amazing show. It was our first gig in LA and the first real trip far away from home. I was very taken back by how vocal the crowd was.   We did three London shows last year and they were all amazing. Our London fan base has become like family almost and they all really got us through the 4 years we were making Union. Lissy:  Have you been writing any new material for the next album yet? Adam: Yes, in fact we are nearly finished and it’s starting to take a really nice shape - we are so excited

a b o u t getting it recorded. Recording starts next month Lissy: Any plans to go back? with Ethan Johns and everything seems to be lining up nicely. Piers: Any band that doesn’t have plans to go back and Lissy: You guys must always play Glastonbury has got to be be busy, but what do you loony. It remains my favourite like to do in your spare time? festival, though I can’t imagine we would play it again until Adam: Relaxing! Lots of TV next year with our album being and plenty of catching up with out next year. That is if they friends and family... normality sometimes overrated! decide to have it next year. The is fields can’t do it every year! Todd: Chill out whenever Lissy: Out of all the shows possible.  We’ve traveled a lot you’ve played, which has been recently so it’s mainly detoxing, the best for you and why? chilling out and catching up with my mates. You have to reAdam: The show we did at the charge the batteries sometimes. Troubadour in LA last year was a big highlight in our careers Lissy: What are your thoughts on so far. It was the first show we BBC Radio 6 being closed down? had ever played in the states that

celebrate one.

Adam: I have written to the BBC a couple of times over the whole thing. For me it’s one of the last true outlets for new alternative music and great older tracks, in fact I’d say that it was half the reason I bought a DAB radio so yeah, I’m not happy. In my opinion stations like 6Music are why EVERYONE pays the licence fee. A public service like the BBC needs to cater for every taste regardless of size. 6Music is not without success either and how the BBC can take the direction of ‘less is more’ is beyond belief. For populist programming you only need to look at ITV to see how awful things could be. Lissy: Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Adam: Yeah, keep your eyes peeled for a movie called ‘Going The Distance’ in August! All Photos taken by: Tessa Angus


or those of you out there, who have most likely been living under rocks, Roller Derby is BACK with a vengeance! Chicago was the original home of Roller Derby, taking us all the way back to the 1930’s, believe it or not! You may even recall a few decades ago, when your folks were most likely parked in front of their RCAs and TV trays, cheering at bouts. The New Derby is a fast paced sport with serious players and well, quite the different animal. When two genius derby enthusiasts (Simmons and Gomez) came back from a trip to Austin TX, back in 2004, they brought Roller Derby to Chicago, reigniting a burnt out fire of the past and The Windy City Rollers were born.

Two teams consisting of multiple players allow 5 of their skaters onto the track, making a grand total of 10 skaters ready to rumble. There are 3 blockers, 1 pivot and the 1 jammer. On the first whistle, the blockers begin the roundabout on the track, followed by the jammers on the second whistle and finally the pivots, the teams last hopes of stopping the ladies with the their helmets, whom must circle the track passing through/around/over/past the blockers. The blockers, once noted by All-Star Roller Derby Queen -Ying O’ Fire as the “Unsung heroes of Derby” do everything and anything to assure that the opposing team’s jammer doesn’t pass through the pack, while simultaneously protecting their own jammer from the other blockers. Now that’s what I call “HARD WORK”. No weaklings are these ladies. They are a force to be reckoned with in the derby world.

If you’re sitting here thinking, “What in the hell is Roller Derby?” Allow me to break it down for you.

Remember watching Hockey and catching the gnarliness of checking? Well, at the April 10th bout that I was lucky enough to photograph on floor, the hits these powerhouse women like Loco Channel (to name a favorite of mine) were taking and dishing out, made hockey checks look like kids pushing on a playground. Blockers are fearless and in my opinion, take no prisoners. The jammers, are the fast and agile gals with the stars on their helmets, they must be quick and dexterous in order to break through the pack of blockers, speed away from the other team’s pivot and of course, pass their rival jammer. A favorite jammer of mine is Shaka Conduit, of the Double Crossers, she was fast and very difficult to photograph….hey, these Nikon sports settings only do so much! Cheers to you Shaka! The pivots are the teams’ last hope to stop the jammers from rounding the track. They also need to be fast, tough and have tremendous endurance. As they are the last to begin the roundabout, they must catch up to the jammers before they get through the blockers, and even once they have.

Written by Cola

Photos by Cola & Lissy

The Windy City Rollers are a Chicago home league that consists of four teams for scrimmage, 2 traveling teams and a farm class, “Derby Girls in Training”.

The four teams are The Manic Attackers in their wild blue and yellow uniforms, The Double Crossers; whom at the bout I worked rounded the track sporting all black at skating to AC/DC’s “Back in Black” in pack formation, The Fury; brass knuckles on their shorts and Hell’s Belles; the team with the most rookies in the sexy red get-ups. Loco Channel, whom I mentioned before is a blocker for the Hell’s Belles and Shaka Conduit is a jammer on the Double Crossers. What’s with the crazy names? All part of the fun! These chicks are more than just athletes, they’re performers. They sport fishnet stockings under their uniforms, wear wild make-up, have hot hair and really put on a show. When a friend asked me if it was like TV wresting, I replied, “No, a girl actually lost a tooth at the bout I was shooting…. in practice.” It’s all real! Real hits, real falls and real FAST! So, in other words, don’t let yourself be distracted by the colorful appearances of the ladies playing in the bouts. Roller Derby is

first and foremost a SPORT! It’s face paced and plenty physical, making it an action sport that is not for everyone. If you think you’ve got what it takes to get

as I am not a skilled skater (I was the girl clinging to the wall at the “skating Parties” in Grammar School) and I feel toughest when my camera bag doesn’t make my shoulder ache. When the lovely and super wicked awesome Ying O’ Fire (All-Star Derby Queen) approached Lissy and I, and generously handed us our floor access passes, we were all too grateful. She was too cool for words! I felt like a nerdy fan-girl and at the same time was totally in awe of her easy going attitude that accompanies her obvious knowledge of the sport, her speed and indubitably…her strength. It was a trip to be in her presence. I was lucky enough to have floor access, which made it easier to get some great action shots and also to begin to fully grasp the pace of the game. The derby girls fight hard on the track, but also exhibit great sportsmanship and camaraderie during and after the showdowns. They are all in it to win it, but they all seem to love one another and show each other encouragement and praise on out on the track and take hits, throw and off the track. My eight year old hits and be able to just keep up, then daughter is starting to really be quite you can always go to the Windy City the skater and also a fan of roller derby. Rollers’ website and look into their farm I would certainly encourage her to be a team; The Haymarket Rioters. This is part of something that exhibits such a where you’ll find out if you’ve really got sense of community and sisterhood! I

the chops to play with the big girls.

can’t deny that the whole “Girl Power” aspect of it makes me smile and be My experience at the Derby, reiterated proud to be of the testosterone limited to me that this was an exciting sport to variety. It’s inspiring for young women shoot and watch, but any one of those to know that they can be just as tough ladies would easily have me for lunch, as the guys, while getting exercise,

to have assisted her in grasping the finer aspects of the sport itself, along with the relationships of the players. If you pick up a copy of The Windy City Rollers’ event book, you can read all about it for yourself. I loved the movie. I watched it with my little girl, after she also enjoyed the bouts at UIC, from the first row (while watching her mommy and Auntie Lissy run around to get shots, desperately trying to keep up) and instantly became obsessed with Roller Derby. I feel that “Whip It” growing friendships, learning healthy delivered the message of living out your competitiveness and having fun. There dreams, and by exhibiting Roller Derby and props to the Chicago Windy City is a lot to be said for this Chicago as the TEAM sport that it is, nailed Roller Derby organization. Oh, and the theme of female relationships via organization, they are terrific by the way, The Windy City travelling a unified goal. role models for us all. squad is currently #1 in their division!! I also recently watched the movie, “Whip It”, directed by and starring the

legendary D r e w Barrymore. When Drew was in town, she did a bit of her research for the film by hanging out with the Windy City Rollers. I truly believe that it had

To sum up The Windy City Roller Derby experience, it was FANTASTIC, WILD FUN! We at Inclination feel extremely privileged to have been able to get a closer look at the sport, meet the players, have free reign on the UIC Pavilion’s floor and of course gain a new favorite obsession. The women of the Windy City Rollers are intelligent, strong, beautiful role models and I would go as far as even saying “Icons” in our fair “Windy City”. If you want to learn more about Chicago Roller Derby or flat track roller derby skating, you can visit the Windy City Rollers’ website at You can always go cheer on the ladies at a bout. There is nothing that you can read which will allow you to fully grasp experience like a live exhibition of the sport itself. Seeing the skater in action will beyond blow your mind and leave you wanting more. As the organization is completely not for profit and gives so much back to the community, these women give their blood, sweat and tears into great causes and for your entertainment, sometimes even at their own expense. The merchandise booths are packed with flair, so show some support, appreciation and give respect GO ROLLERS!!!!

Meet the Windy City Rollers Loco Chanel of Hell’s Belles Height in skates-6’3”

Competing-Third Season with the WCR, 5th season overall! Primarily Position-Blocker Favorite part of Roller Derby-“I’m not really allowed to hit people in real life…but I can here.” Personal Quote-“I don’t know if you know, but I’m kind of a big deal…” Favorite Musician-The Brian Jonestown Massacre Favorite Actress- “Eek! I don’t think I have one.” Favorite Movie-The Breakfast Club Advise to aspiring Derby Girls-“Go for it! Roller Derby is especially great because it’s truly a women’s sport today. XO, LOCO” What would you like inclination readers to know about you? “I started skating in 2005- Just showed up to an open practice, since then it’s become one of the biggest things in my life in addition to helping with the WCR, I’m on the board of Directors of the Governing body of the sport: Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA)”

“Mel Content” of The Fury Height in skates-5’6”

Competing-2nd Season Primarily Position-Pivot Favorite part of Roller Derby-“Making a really effective hit or assist.” Personal Quote - “If you build it they will come.” Favorite Musicians-Lilly Allen, The Dropkick Murphys, Pink and Ani DiFranco Favorite Actress-Clea Duvall Favorite Movies-Amelie and The Shawshank Redemption Advice for aspiring Derby Girls- “Things like size, background, current skating ability: don’t matter. If you want to play Derby, you can make it happen. Just start trying and working hard and you can do it.” What would you like inclination readers to know about you? “I am in a cover band called “The Xylenes”. I brew my own beer and have a future goal of joining the circus. Trapeze compliments Derby, well as far as training and fearlessness.”

“Karmageddon” (Emily Cromwell) of Double Crossers

Height in skates: “Actually, I don’t know! I’m 5’7”, and I think the skates add another 4 inches? Competing- “I’m in my 5th season playing roller derby.” Primary position- Blocker (This season) Favorite part of derby: “Man, that’s a tough one. There’s no one part! But the thing that keeps me going when I’m tired and burned out: We are building this sport from the ground up; we are the ones who are evolving it into something that will (hopefully) become a respected and lucrative sport for the women who come after us. There are no expectations, no limitations, no assumptions about what we can achieve with roller derby (or how long our bodies can hold out); the sky is the limit, and we are restricted only by how big we can dream. It’s not like any other sport out there; we’re making the rules, we’re creating the image, we’re defining what it is to be a derby skater. It’s an exciting challenge and responsibility, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love this sport! Okay, and winning. I do enjoy winning. Personal Quote-”Chicago is hosting the 2010 WFTDA Championship at UIC Pavilion, Nov 5-7! The top 12 teams in the nation compete for the Hydra trophy over 3 days, and you need to see it to believe it! For more information, contact”... yeah. I’m in total PR mode. But truly: this is a big deal for us! Chicago is the birthplace of roller derby, and the 75th anniversary is this year. If I’m famous for something promoting this league & sport, I’m ok with that. Otherwise: My tagline says it all. Karma’s a bitch.” Favorite musician- “Oh, MAN. I will lose all of my admittedly-small street cred, but I LOVE Kylie Minogue.” Favorite actor/actress- Cate Blanchett, Cary Grant. Favorite movie: “Right now, it’s a tie between His Girl Friday (classic!) and Deep Blue Sea (the *other* kind of classic)” Advice to aspiring Derby Girls: “This may not be the easiest thing you’ll ever do, but it’s worth it.” What would you like inclination readers to know about you? “ I / Karmageddon is always on the lookout for sponsors to help defray derby costs. (This is not an inexpensive obsession!)

COLA’S WHORE-A-SCOPES This self your swer is a

month will be filled with challenging moments. You’ll find yourwondering if buying organic apples is really worth the cost, why eye make up remover makes your eyes burn, whether or not to anyour cell phone and once again questioning the meaning of life. There mysterious stranger watching you, remember to carry pepper spray.

Gemini - If you feel unappreciated, throw the game. Let the team know what it would be like without you playing point guard. As for those pesky bills, screw it…there is no such thing as “Debtors Jail”. Cancer - Crying and screaming will get you your way this time. You’ve bummed your 5000th cigarette, you’ve talked the ears off of all your co-workers and your mom doesn’t want to do your laundry anymore. Maybe if you use your power of “Pity Me” a bit more, you can avoid getting your ass kicked this month. Leo - You can have your cake and eat it too, just remember that it will make you fat. Don’t screw with fate; it will screw you back harder. Hence, when the girl at the register over changes you, take the money and run…it will make up for next week when she shortchanges you. Virgo - Buy a muzzle for yourself. Tanning is just making you look like an old leather hand bag. No one thinks you’re funny People may think you’re intelligent, but that is only because they don’t know you. Work on your “ticks”….they are scaring everyone

Libra - Food poisoning is in your near future… if you had learned how to properly cook chicken, this could have been avoided. An old friend will offer to pay you back, only to steal a CD from you in the process. Scorpio - That thing on your ass is not a pimple, it’s a plague on your house. Somebody scratched your name into a black candle and now your bottom is bumpy. The only way to remedy the situation is to run naked through your backyard wearing a fake mustache. When the Po-Po show up, simply explain that you had to “reverse the curse”. Sagittarius - You’re not really that great at saying, “Thanks” and if you don’t soon, the people who shouted out to you won’t say, “You’re welcome.” Capricorn - When your significant other asks you to run to the store for them, just do it. Though they may not return the favor…ever, it’ll be worth it not to hear them complain. You could always slip a Xanax into their beer the next time that they feel like talking about “The Old Days”.

Aquarius - The universe works in mysterious ways. That person that you’ve been fantasizing about (in an “I’m going to sugar their gas tank” kind of way) will get theirs. Be patient and watch the cards fall. If you act too abruptly, your actions will only backfire on you. Catch fly with chopstick. Pisces - Internet dating is BAD. Being too good is BAD. Locking yourself in your room and playing video games is BAD. Go out and get wasted. Flirt with everyone around you. If you take an automatic weapon and spin in a circle firing at will, you’re bound to hit something. Put your local cab company in your cell phone’s favorites. Aries - Still waiting for your “Big Break”? Guess what, it ain’t happening. You’re too old and you’ve burned too many bridges. Accept that job at McDonalds or the local gas station and be content in your meaningless existence. Mom won’t mind if you live in her basement for the rest of your life, and someday you’re sure to find that special lady whom won’t think it’s creepy.

I’m not certain if there is an overall theme to this page, whether it be overall or from issue to issue. For me, there is a wealth of content from all three columns that I can choose from and just as much in my mind that I want to eventually talk about. The Not Rebecca pick actually fell into my lap unexpectedly a few days ago. It’s an album that I haven’t listened to in years, but it remains as potent and full of life as ever. The rest? It’s Free Comic Book Day today so…there you go. By Brian Ryder

I have never been a fan of pop punk. By and large, the two words cancel one another out. However, given the cavalcade of bands that have been assigned the tag over the years, I suppose the sub-genre has been given an appropriate identity. Additionally, I am usually armed and ready when it comes to expressing my disappointment in the greater music scene in Chicago throughout the years. Back in the 1990’s, Not Rebecca hailed from Chicago and played what could be described as “pop punk”. For myself and many others, Naked Raygun and Pegboy have always been the pinnacle of punk rock in Chicago. Meanwhile, Not Rebecca existed in the era and counted amongst their peers many of the pop punk luminaries of the midwest. However, one listen through to Twin City Obituaries should be more than enough to display that Not Rebecca was unique and stylistically above the fray. Twin City Obituaries is an album that was a solid nod to the band’s punk rock roots, never shying away from the genre and scene from which they were born from. Even with this in mind, there is a sense of maturity in these twelve tracks. From song to song, it feels like there is emotion that is both real and raw. A sense of childhood regret expressed through adult eyes. There are moments here that can be explained as being aggressively melodic. Then there are songs that just make someone feel like skating again. If you can hunt this down, you might thank me.

In the first Retroactive column, I went with Jeph Loeb’s Batman: The Long Halloween. This time, I’m recommending Loeb and Sale’s followup/sequel Batman: Dark Victory. In fact, I can safely say that readers of Inclination can expect to see the caped crusader appear here from time to time without fail as there are a number of books worth investigating. This time, Dark Victory gets the nod as it has the dubious honor of being the first graphic novel that I’ve read multiple times. Taking place one year after the events of The Long Halloween, this story finds Batman investigating a new series of murders that follow the pattern of a new serial killer that bears similarity to the real life Zodiac Killer. Like any good mystery novel, the book ends each chapter with a vague clue to either add to the puzzle or as an attempt to throw the reader off the trail altogether. And, as expected, the usual suspects from Batman’s rogues gallery finds their way into the story.

Tim Sale handles the artwork here and helps to develop a sense of continuity from The Long Halloween events. The color palette utilized here is a series of flat shades and sharp lines, adding to the brooding tone of the story. I make no secrets of my absolute love of the Batman character and the Gotham universe, but Dark Victory continues a storyline that is, in my opinion, amongst the absolute finest available in the sequential narrative universe.

Often times, people make reference to a person or event as being a “trainwreck that cannot be looked away from”. When this phrase is used, it’s usually someone referring to a person or event that is not necessarily horrifying in any sort of graphic sense, but still remains sad or pathetic. Confessions Of A Superhero is a 90-minute documentary that perfectly exemplifies this concept. Confessions Of A Superhero is a reallife tale of a handful of people that are known in Hollywood as “characters”. In reality, these are the people that stand outside the Chinese Theater in Hollywood dressed as famous characters, panhandling for money (though they refer to it as “working for tips”). Though the number of people who call this their profession is far more numerous than anyone should like to admit, this film follows a select few. Here, you will meet a Superman who claims he is the son of a deceased Hollywood starlet of yesteryear, despite her actual family having no recollection of her ever having had a son. How about a Batman who hints at having worked for the mafia as a hitman? A homeless Incredible Hulk? Each one of them thinks that their big break is just around the corner. So yes…I can describe this group of “aspiring actors” in no other manner than the one used above. While it can be said that one has to admire the ambition, I can’t help but feel that the method is so tragically miscalculated. Kind of like fashion choices of the 1980’s. Or people that try to explain the appeal of nu-metal.


Pandora Boxx of RuPaul’s Drag Race

f you don’t know Pandora Boxx or Michael Steck, Pandora’s alter ego, then you haven’t been watching Logo or haven’t been a part of the Rochester Drag community for the last decade. RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 2 hosted a variety of fabulous D r a g Queens with amazing talents. Pandora Boxx was a favorite of others and ours. Week after week Pandora would come out to compete with fabulous costumes and real and genuine funny girl wit and depth of character. Sadly though, week after week the judges would criticize her for her style. Well bravo to Pandora Boxx and her congeniality during the show because while the judges where so busy looking for the “Real Girl” they missed what America was getting, a big hard-on for Pandora Boxx. Everyone we’ve talked with really fell in love with Pandora Boxx. When she was eliminated, that endeared her to the hearts of many, even more. Pandora brings that superhuman force of drag to the stage. There was a real sense of depth to what Pandora was doing on the show and more importantly before the show. While we at Inclination confess Ru Paul’s Drag Race is an incredibly entertaining show, we haven’t ever thought (beyond the episodes of the show) about any of the contestants …until now. Pandora Boxx showed a

breadth and depth of talent that left you thinking…I (Dr. Robert) caught up with Pandora Boxx and asked her some things about the show, being gay, doing drag, and what she wants next for Pandora Boxx.

kinda why I went with it; and hoping people would get my sense of humor and their responses were overwhelming. It’s been really overwhelming since I got kicked off. I’ve gotten lots of emails and people said they liked me, I really didn’t realize the extent of how many people liked me until getting kicked off on that episode. I mean, I’ve been blown away by the response I’ve been getting.

D o c t o r Robert: Yeah that’s exciting. You were ment ioning to Tom and Lorenzo that Doctor Robert: First off, I wanted to if things hadn’t changed in your life say that we at Inclination are big fans you were going to quit performance all of, Pandora Boxx. I know our Senior together. So how does that feel to be on Creative Director Cola is! She actually the other side of that particular wall or quit watching the RuPaul drag race. She that challenge? refuses to watch any more episodes after Pandora Boxx: It’s very surreal to me. you were eliminated. [laugh] It’s just that it really hasn’t kind Pandora Boxx: [laugh]

of set in that really. I mean when I asked Doctor Robert: We were really rooting for a change, I got it in the biggest way possible. It’s more than I ever expected for you, we still are! How have things it, and I’m really looking forward to been for you since the RuPaul drag race? the future because it just really seems Pandora Boxx: I did the show hoping to be beginning so I’m very excited for to get a bigger platform for my drag it now. persona and my drag career and it was Doctor Robert: Awesome! We’re going kind of like, “Where else am I gonna go to redirect back to the show for just a and if I don’t get on this?” I’ll probably second. Who was your favorite to win, just quit drag and that’s kind of where I was at, and I was hoping that people or who were you rooting for and who would like me, [laugh] and that’s really were you the most shocked to see leave?

I mean of those other than yourself that have aired?

put it in my intro video when they first put it there. I said that dreaded thing Pandora Boxx: Ah, I hate all those that every reality contestant says, “I’m bitches and I didn’t want any of them to not here to make friends” and that I was win [laugh], no I’m truly kidding. Um, there for the competition. I was there to actually I guess I wasn’t shocked that Morgan and Sonique were in the bottom for this match game challenge because they didn’t really do a great job and I don’t think they were surprised either. But it was surprising just to have them in the bottom because I think they’re amazing entertainers so that kind of really shocked, scared us all into thinking you know it’s really a little bit of the luck of the draw of what you can get because if last as long as I could, to get everything I you’re not strong in a particular area you could do to be funny and be outrageous can be sent home. Then when Morgan and in the end I really did make some was sent home the following week I great long-lasting friendships. So, I will was really kind of shocked because I always treasure their friendships that I really thought, we thought that she was made. going to be the toughest competitor Doctor Robert: Okay, so you expressed because she won the first challenge, and how surprised you were at the public she was the one that I really, definitely outrage and support of you upon your was looking out for. elimination, and I think that’s a true Doctor Robert: What was your fondest superstar response. What I want to do is talk to you about that, because I think memory of this show? that I see pretty clearly and those that Pandora Boxx: Um…[laugh]…My I’ve talked to know that you really are a fondest memory of the show is making lovable she-male. I mean you’re kind of RuPaul crack up and laugh. I tried and your essence or whatnot. every time she did, every time that he did, it was like getting a little kiss Pandora Boxx: [laugh] from baby Jesus. I was like, “Oh, I made Doctor Robert: My personal opinion, RuPaul laugh!” you’re kind of the essence of what great Doctor Robert: [laugh] An infectious drag is, and what RuPaul was to me when I first was introduced to RuPaul. laugh at that. That’s wonderful. RuPaul is a really beautiful drag queen Pandora Boxx: Yeah, you know he who also has this magnetic kind of means it when he’s laughing, because comedic perfection about her. You know, if he means it, it’s very loud and it’s, you’re kind of that diva queen that people great. That, and definitely the “Snatch don’t want to just see perform. They Game” too, because that was really just really want to get to know Pandora Box. so much fun to do. You know, and they So what shocks you so much about their


Pandora Boxx: Um, you know, I guess that I really had spent quite a few years not knowing if it was ever gonna go to the place I wanted it to go to. I was at the moment where I was really starting to lose faith. I had always felt like I was destined for more. I really needed more and wanted more. But I probably just, (really when I was gonna quit) was really kind of thinking, is this really feasible in my life? Is it going to happen? What if it doesn’t happen? What am I going to do? And I kept pushing that thought because I’m like no, it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. Then it was this past year, the beginning of last year, when I really started to think that I need to possibly form a plan B if it doesn’t happen and I really hated doing that because I didn’t want to let go of the dream and I didn’t let go, and thankfully I didn’t, because it all changed, so I think it was kind of you know that I was harshly critiqued on drag race, and my fashion was. There were times that I do agree that I probably could have chosen a better outfit and the times that I actually got the harshest critiques are actually times that I had another outfit and said, “I should wear this other outfit”, and then I said, “no just keep the one you have on”, and I second guessed myself, should have gone with the, the changed vest…and so, that was it. I don’t know, so I was kind of wondering how people would react if I got eliminated. I certainly was hoping people would get mad. I knew it was down to the wire too, and everyone had their favorites. I’m really happy that people were so mad that I got kicked off. I mean outraged! That is a good feeling. [laugh]

Doctor Robert: What do you love most about doing drag?

Pandora Boxx: I think I really like drag because I am able to transform into somebody else and do all these different characters and be outrageous and be funny. The best part about doing drag is the audience response and having people you know just smile or laugh when I perform and it’s a really great feeling to kind of take people out of their lives if they have a stressful situation or a stressful life or something that they don’t like and to see them just let go and have fun, even if it’s for a moment.

advice to them?

Doctor Robert: Like the Victor/Victoria Pandora Boxx: I would say quit, run sort of. We’re a music-based magazine. away, don’t do it! [laugh] I would say, Who’s your favorite musician? “You’ve got to be, you’ve got to follow Pandora Boxx: Oh, my ultimate favorite your heart and be true to yourself. If it’s is Madonna. She’s been my idol since something you really want, just know she came out and I adore her, and I take that there is a lot of work involved in.” It things from her and model things after takes a lot to work and market yourself her. But now, there is a new diva that’s and in the beginning you have to do it kind of creeping in that I am in love all yourself. I’ve always done everything with. Lady Gaga, and… I think that she myself. So it’s hard. It’s a hard life and has… revolutionized pop music right I don’t know if you can; it takes a lot now…she’s exactly what we needed, to actually be able to make a living at because she’s so different. Lady Gaga it. But if you want to do it and, just do is kind of shaking it up. So glad that it for fun, go ahead, do it. Do-it-up on she is she! Halloween and go out and just enjoy Doctor Robert: Yeah she’s very exciting. yourself and have fun with it. Who’s your favorite icon to perform?

Doctor Robert: It certainly is magical to watch. Thank you for doing such a Doctor Robert: Do you think we’ll ever wonderful job. What’s your least favorite have a world famous drag king? thing about dragging it up? Pandora Boxx: You know, I don’t know. Pandora Boxx: [laugh] Um, I’ve actually seen some very good drag everything else. No, my least favorite kings. I think that the thing about drag is probably just that you know it looks kings that kind of makes it a little bit really good, but it doesn’t feel really different is that there tends to be less good, you know? It feels good for extravagance. Extravagant costuming about maybe an hour and then it starts and you know, not the big wigs and all to be painful, you know. You’re caulked, of that stuff that really draws people to and you’re put into places you shouldn’t drag queens. Drag kings have it a little be and you have got a lot of makeup bit harder. But you know, I’ve seen, the on. So, that’s probably my least favorite drag kings that really take it to the next level and are really good. I think they’re very, very entertaining. I just think there needs to be more of them. You know it needs to be less of I got a t-shirt and jeans on and that’s what I came to the club in. And now I’m on stage and it needs to be part. more of them really, I mean there are Doctor Robert: It can be hard work. some really great drag kings. So I think What would you tell the drag princesses it should be more of that showmanship and princesses out there? Err… I’m sorry, and that stage presence and you know princesses and princes that are out there. really giving them a show. I think if I mean… what would be your words of there are more of them that come out, we’ll definitely see it.

Pandora Boxx: Um, gosh, a tough one. I have a couple. You know, definitely Madonna I love. Madonna and I really love Cindy Lauper. I really think that she’s a very under rated performer and I love doing her music and I love doing like old school Cindi Lauper and I think she’s amazing. I love Dolly Parton because she’s a queen, and it’s very fun to be Dolly Parton for a minute, because she’s so bubbly and upbeat and happy and you can hear it in her music and I just love her to death, and so she’s one of my favorites. I haven’t done her in a while but I love doing Janis Joplin, she’s kind of out there. I love Pink, Pink is amazing and I love Lady Gaga. I love to do Lady Gaga’s songs. I probably would do Lady Gaga every week. I probably would do “Bad Romance” every week because I don’t know…I could listen to it a million times and I never get sick of listening to that song. The audience might though. The audience might say please stop doing Lady Gaga. [laugh] Doctor Robert: You can take it from a lot of different angles each week and that would work. Pandora Boxx: It’s true, she has amazing fashion sense.

Doctor Robert: Yeah, she sure does. How was coming out gay versus coming out a drag queen? Or was that even something that had to happen for you?

Pandora Boxx: Uh, well I don’t think that coming out gay really surprised anyone at all because [laugh] I’m pretty gay. So that was kind of easy. But you

know what, coming out gay and coming out a drag queen literally happened almost the same time. So come out and realized I was gay and, and come to terms with it, and then like a month or two later I became Pandora. So I don’t, you know, I have no idea what it’s like to be gay and not be a drag queen. That’s just been my, my life since I came out. Doctor Robert: So, how was that? All of that coming together with the one issue versus the other, for your family, your friends? Or, did they sort of take it all in one big chunk, like you did?

Pandora Boxx: The gay thing totally was fine across the board. You know my mom was worried because I would have a harder lifestyle and didn’t want that for me, but was totally accepting. The drag thing on the other hand, that took a little while to kind of accept, that was really not something my family really warmed up to. When I was started, my sister was in high school so the last thing that a teenage girl wants is a drag queen brother. Though maybe now it is. Although now it might be kind of cool. But then when I first became a drag queen it wasn’t. She didn’t want to deal with that. It was shortly before RuPaul came out and burst onto the scene. So it was before that. My mom really thought of it as being seedy and, and kind of prostitute like. [laugh] That was until I took her to a drag show and she kind of started to warm up to it. Because she realized it was theatrical and different. And so she came around. Now she really likes it because she gets the VIP treatment whenever she goes anywhere. And she likes that. She likes the celebrity treatment. [laugh] Doctor Robert: I Went to, www. and saw Pandora’s Gay means Happy Show. I had no idea that was out there of course, but I was introduced to you.

Pandora Boxx: Yeah, I would love to do more of it. It’s just that lately, or before I had, I really didn’t have as much time to do it. But now I’m gonna have a little more time to sit down and edit things, because I do have more skits. And, it’s something that I would love to do more of. I would love to get

paid to do it [laugh], but, you know, right now, I’m not. But, it’s fun, and, and that’s really what I, I want to do more of is that kind of stuff, and I hope that people do check it out. The reason why I got on to “Drag Race” was some of that stuff, because I sent a lot of that in when I was at my casting. Doctor Robert: W hen you look forward, what would you like to see for Pandora Box? Pandora Boxx: I would like to see the Pandora Box show [laugh] and it be: “Emmy Award Winning” [laugh] I really want to thank everyone for being so amazingly supportive, and it really blows me away, and I’m humbled by it and I’m very, very thankful that I have so many people that are enjoying me. I hope that I don’t disappoint and continue to make people happy…Oh, and I’d like world peace. [laugh]

Because both the Classical Greek Pandora’s Box and the modern Divatastic manifestation of Pandora Boxx are symbols of hope, we are honoring Ms. Pandora Boxx this merry (or is that Mary?) month of May. Pandora Boxx was ready to box it all up quit the dream, but still she kept going, wondering and hoping. Pandora and Michael kept their dream together by a tried and true recipe, an ounce of faith and a pinch of hope...mixed in with gallons of talent! In today’s volatile world it’s easy to let your dreams take the poison apple nap, and because there is so much work still to do for the LGBT community, hope is an important commodity. So keep Pandora close to your heart, when you wonder to yourself if you should keep on keepin’ on. Yes, you should. Pandora Boxx’s story reminds me of a great song from the musical Carousel (Cue the music Bitches! I’m singing out!) “When you walk through a storm keep your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark, at the end of the road is deep blue sky and the sweet silver song of the lark, walk on, walk on with hope in your heart and you’ll never walk

alone.” That my little darlings, is why, we have named Ms. Pandora Boxx our QUEENZILLA for the month of May 2010. Happy Birthday Ms. Pandora Boxx! XO to our favorite Queen and our May Queenzilla!!! Cheers from all of us at Inclination!

See Pandora Boxx on RuPaul Drag Race season 2 at


See Pandora’s Sketches at pandora-boxxs-gay-show/

Australian Rocker

Doobie Whitehorn

Doobie is the former Bass Player of 80’s bands Counterfeit and John Rundle & The Maulers and also became half of the successful Fred & Doobie project. He was then hand picked and persuaded by Midnight Oil’s ex-Manager and the Producer of The Jac Dalton Band to become their Lead Guitarist and is a current member of the in demand Boris Loves to Boogie, playing over 200 shows a year. Being talked into doing this album wasn’t hard (over a couple of bourbons with a young metal band) and this seemed like a reasonable request, but to make it a bit more challenging, Doobie decided to play everything himself and record it in his own studio while it was still being built. The result is his first solo album and the first released material with Doobie as the only musician.

Shaz: First, could you please introduce yourself…

Hi, I’m Doobie Whitehorn. I’m a long haired Australian hippie guitar player who loves getting out there and playing live. I usually do about 200 gigs a year so I’m lucky enough to be kept pretty busy with it. Apart from my own songs, I also write for other people as well as compose music for films and documentaries when I’ve got a spare 5 minutes. Shaz: What is your Musical background?

I first picked up a guitar when I was 4 and my older brother played a bit so he patiently sat down with me. By the end of the day, he had me playing House Of The Rising Sun. I had no idea what I was doing but I was hooked. Bands kind of happened for me in the 80’s and by ’87, I was touring Australia relentlessly. That continued through the 90’s until I got into session and studio work and started writing for anyone who needed music. The last 6 years, I’ve still been playing live but with shorter tours where I can fly to other cities do a weekend and I’m gone. Saves days of driving that way.Australia’s a big place and the distance between some gigs can be insane. Shaz: Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

By Shaz

I’ve played everywhere in Australia except for Western Australia.“Make mental note”; must do that one day. Every weekend till the end of the year has now been booked so there are shows literally coming out of my proverbial, more dates will still come in

though as it’s mainly weekends that have been locked away. My favorite home town shows would be Thebarton Theatre and the Adelaide Festival Theatre but the best fun pub used to be Lennies which held about 2,500 people. That was always a hoot. Billboards in Melbourne was good as was the old Playpen Cairns in Queensland. My least favorite would be Rio’s on Adelaide’s infamous Hindley Street where I had a gun pulled on me after a show. Seriously didn’t think I sounded THAT bad (Laughs). Shaz: What genre of music do you consider your work to be and who are your major influences?

Purely and simply, rock with all that that entails. You’ll hear a little metal sometimes and other times, a bluesy swing will sneak in. It’s always what I’d call rock though, but on the heavy side. My influences are pretty well everything I grew up with - Zeppelin, Sabbath, ZZ Top, Quo, Floyd and even bands like Bad Finger and their use of melody. And then there’s all the Aussie bands over the years that have put out some awesome music. Shaz: How has your music evolved since you first began playing music?

That’s a tough one. It never stops evolving. The better your playing gets and the more you understand music, the more the boundaries widen and new realms and influences keep appearing. Shaz: I love your Album “Touché” was it easy to do everything yourself and what inspired the music for it?

The concept of playing everything myself happened years ago when I first heard Mike Oldfields “Tubular Bells”.I thought it was such an insane thing to do. I’ve wanted to try it ever since. The funny thing was “Touché” started by mistake. I was in my home studio working on some music

for Sky TV in New Zealand when this young metal band knocked at my door wanting to have a chat. Before I knew, they were listening to some rough demos of songs I’d put down. These kids loved ‘em and it was their idea that I should do an album. That planted the seed so I put the two ideas together: do a solo album and; as I had most of the instruments, play it all myself. As for was it easy…Hell NO! The hardest recording I’ve ever made and I went insane talking to myself by the end of it. My advice to anyone who wants to try it, get a good Therapist FIRST.

Twain grabbed him as her bass player and then Billy Joel did the same thing. He really is an awesome muso and he can rock pretty hard. Andy…beers are on me if you’re reading this. And your buddy Chris Walker or Johnny Race from New York, that would be some fun jams. Shaz: How big a part has the internet played in promoting you as an artist and getting your music out there?

The net has been great for getting heard globally and most of the people I’ve met that way realize I don’t just rely on a big budget to record and have nice photos Shaz: Are you a member of any music done paid for by a day job. They know I organizations? actually get out there and work my ass off APRA/AMCOS. live and they like it when people are the real deal. It’s like if you pay for a new car Shaz: Who handles you expect more than just a poster of it. your daily business activities? (Bookings, Shaz: Could you tell everyone where promotions etc.) they can go to get a hold of your music and check on you to see where I go through a couple and when you’re doing your gigs? of agencies for pub gigs and a couple of Hard copies of the cd can be Event Promoters for bought using Paypal via my website the bigger shows and Or tours. downloaded from iTunes. Most of my gigs are with a great outfit called Boris Loves to Shaz: What are your Boogie. My own band to gig in Oz with long-term career goals? the album is being pieced together now To be able to keep with a couple of the Boris boys plus some working hard and see other hot muso’s. I can’t wait. where the road leads. Shaz: Is there anything you would like to add I’ve been lucky for a Doobie, for your fans? lot of years doing what I love and got to work Just a big thank you to those who have with some amazing supported “Touché” and to you and all the people. So the plan is people and radio stations helping to get it to keep doing it, keep pushing and keep out there and heard. enjoying every part of my career. Shaz: And just for me…I LOVE your bike. Shaz: Do you have any major tour plans? Do you get to ride alot and if so, where do you love to hit the road the most? I’ve got a few quick trips in Australia to do this year and I’ve had some discussions I’ve got 6 bikes but I think your talking with a couple of U.S. promoters, but it about the black 1937 Velocette. I wish I would be nice to get some distribution for could ride them more. I live on the coast the album in the states first. right between the sand of the beach and a wine district, not a bad spot. If I go for a Shaz: If you could tour with another band ride I have a choice of following the coast who would that be and why? roads or heading off down country roads An old mate Andy Cichon just so we hedged with vines and up through the could catch up. We kind of started out in hills. Hop on if you want. the industry at the same time in Adelaide, Shaz: Thank you so much Doobie for this then he joined Rose Tattoo and we use to chance to get the low down on you and what run into each other on the road sometimes. you do best…ROCK? He put a great band together called Judge Mercy that seriously kicked, then Shania Thank YOU Shaz.

Fantom Tollbooth

Written by Dr. Robert

This month Doctor Robert shares some of his experience in the study of the western mysteries, the occult and the application of music and sound in raising metaphysical vibration.


his will be clear and transparent to the initiate. For the noninitiate it may be better to describe it as assisting in the meditative process and raising the thoughts and inclinations of the mind. After a great deal of study and after having presented this information to several hundred spiritualists on several occasions I believe that this information is most helpful to those interested in both music and sound and the occult sciences (not to be confused with “a cult”), metaphysics, and or spirituality in general. So the first installation I present to you here: Vibration and Healing 001 Vibration is a great way of touching the untouchable and healing the otherwise unreachable. I believe that all great musicians understand this at some level: the classics like Bach, Bartok, Mozart, Debussy, John Lennon, Tori Amos, Robert Plant, Bjork, Sarah McLachlan, Howie Day, Trent Reznor (though his methods are questioned by some), John

Mayer, Garcia, Santana, Frank Zappa ... readers who would like to experiment I’ll not finish the list because there are with vibration and their own states of vibration. Give it a try and let me know just too many to name them all. what you think. See Doctor Robert’s All is vibration slow to fast and visa Prescriptions for more fun throughout versa. Cycles of the year, the Brain, the month. the digestive, the Circadian, and so 1) Clear yourself and your mind on… (I’m sure there are other types of and make a clean and clear space vibrations that you can think of, aren’t for meditation there?) 2) Bring yourself to a state of deep All vibrations occur in the forms of relaxation. waves. There are two understood forms 3) Use your entire body as an ear of waves linear and compression, (light or auditory sensory mechanism. and sound for ex.) There is a third kind Listen with it, or feel with it to the of wave which science is beginning to lower vibrations surrounding you. better understand as the non-linear You might even see them. How do wave. The way in which waves interact these vibrations affect your body? with one another and how vibrational Do they make any parts of your self transference, resonance, and induction or body vibrate with them? What if (fancy ways of naming some of what I they weren’t there? described above) occurs is most easily explained using non-linear models. 4) Now imagine what the vibrations sound like. And hear in your mind a (Does everyone know what non-linear vibration or sound that is any pitch models are or attractor theory? Its OK slightly higher in frequency. if you don’t. I simply want to share this with you so you’ll have an idea of what 5) Once you have found one that it means for the science of vibrational vibrates in your mind, hum it with healing) your voice while imagining that it is emanating from your chest like pulsing waves of force. If you need to take a breath do so and begin So for now I’ll suggest that you should humming it again as you exhale. be as mindful of the sound and music that you ingest as you are of the foods 6) Do this several times. While you and beverages you drink. Nothing in do this take note of the vibrations in your sensory fields of perception. excess. Well it might sound stuffy, but How are they different? How are I assure you balance is anything but they the same? Are they the same? stuffy. Well I will expound more about Does your body feel the same? How the energy centers their vibrational does your body feel? properties in the next installation… until then try this exercise. In general, anytime you practice a meditation technique you should follow I wanted to share a fun exercise for it with a large glass of purified water.

You’re Breaking Up...What? By Brian Ryder

I know…i know…I know. We’ve barely gotten to know one another through this brief window in time. I feel kind of weird about this whole ordeal myself. I’m new to your world and you to mine. I just feel like I have to do this now before I cave in and change my mind. Where am I? Now? I’m here. Come on…you know where. Here. Yes…here. Hey! Don’t get angry with me! You called me while I just happened to be sitting here! I told you earlier that we should pick a more appropriate time to have this conversation. You happened to call while I happened to be sitting here. That is not my fault. Look…we never really got to know each other in any sort of deeper way. It happens. When you’re new to the area, you tend to get overwhelmed. I got overwhelmed. What do you want me to tell you? It happens. I didn’t plan

it but come one, look at how you’re Sorry, I’m committing to the Caribou. dressed right now. Pathetic. She beckons me with his creamy goodness and I have to heed that call. Sorry, I’ve made up my mind. I can’t No matter how you redress yourself resist her rich flavor and sensual now, you just don’t have the goods goodness. She calls to me in my sleep where it counts, Regular Ass Coffee. and I get that tingly feeling when I pass her by or think of her or see her Nope, the ‘Bou is where I will be when I’m online. Where? Yep…down planting my seed from now on. But there. She just does it for me in a way who knows though, right? She and I that you never could. This is going to haven’t discussed our relationship in come off as insulting but once you’ve great detail yet. She might want to had a transformative experience like see other people and in that case, you that, you just can’t go back again. can always be my late night booty call. Oh now, don’t be such a sad Maybe you’re right. Maybe I didn’t panda. give you a fair chance. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad when I talked Listen, I gotta run. She’s tempting about the experience in my mouth, me once more with a Turtle Mocha but I just got caught up in the moment. Cooler, dripping from every orafice Sure…perhaps it was inappropriate with that sweet, sweet nectar. But and out of line. But can you blame me? yeah, I’ll hang onto your “digits” in Have you tasted of that…sensuality? case I get bored sometime and maybe Vanilla White Chocolate Mocha? I’m we can hook up for another…ahem… “arriving” just thinking about it. fling, if you will.

The Resurrection of the Road Trip


love being on the road. This passion of mine did not come about until I was 21 years old and free to travel on my own in my own vehicle. I don’t have the childhood memories of driving across the country in the family station wagon that most people do. My father worked for (traveled for) a well known telecommunications company, accruing frequent flier miles and in turn my experiences were rich with luxury hotels and of course the first class flights. I wouldn’t trade for the world the times that my family spent together, but I would later find that no commercial flight, resort hotel or posh bistro could ever compare with driving down a scenic byway on a sunny Saturday afternoon in summer, and the freewheeling, easy feeling this brings about. In the past 2 years alone, I have ventured to 28 states, and in my lifetime been to 44 of the 50, driving through 43. So, in turn, my desire is to continue writing about the many places in the

through the craziness that is sure to ensure within our video blogs, journal updates, photo posts and all the other Coming June 8th, Tuesday at great little surprises that we have in approximately 6 o’clock in the p.m. store! Be sure to keep a look out on Lissy MacMillan (Our saucy Editor- our website and Facebook pages for fun In-Chief, here at Inclination) and I will glimpses into our travels. continental U.S., Canada and Mexico that my automobile will take me to.

We are taking interstate 90 West, out of Wisconsin, through southern Minnesota and onto the Oregon Coast…with plenty of fun stops along the way. You’ll be able to share in our stay in the California Redwoods, which I am hoping will be a joy for all of you who have either done the ride, or are be embarking on our second road trip hoping to someday. We can’t wait to together. Our first, of course being the hit the open road and let loose, like the Chicago – Cleveland – New York and wild ladies that we are. We love the back ride, our coming adventure will idea of sharing it all with you! Will we prove to be LEGENDARY! It is our be in your neck of the woods? Wait and hope that all of you will get the feeling see…. that you’re right there with us every mile on the way. We want you all to Cheers, feel as though you are living vicariously Cola

the same old ten... with Ronny Robinson last And anything my mother It always tastes to? cooks. better when she makes it I went to Subterranean to see Kelsey Wild play. She’s pretty amazing 7. Where in the world would you most like to visit? 2. Who would you most have always wanted like to record a song with? I to see the pyramids in This is a toughie…I’d have to Egypt. Also, California. say John Lennon & Elliott Smith. 8. What was the last 3. What are you song you listened to? reading right now? Death Cab For Cutie - “Cath” I’m almost done with “the five people you meet in heaven”. What concert

was you

the went

4. If you had one day left to live, what would you do? I’d probably try to write a song about it. Then I’d take a nap. 5. Who would you say is the most underrated musician in the History of Rock N’ Roll? Jeff Tweedy from Wilco. But there are many others. 6. What’s your favorite meal? I love spaghetti and pizza.

9. If you could be someone else for 24 hours, who would it be and why? I don’t think I’d want to be a human. I’ve always wanted to fly so I’d want to be a bird. 10. What has been biggest fashion faux

your pas?

My passion for cardigan sweaters probably. I’m not very good at dressing myself apparently.

By Lissy MacMillan After an eleven year break, the very popular Lilith Fair Festival is back on tour this summer. Founded by Sarah McLachlan, Dan Fraser, Marty Diamond and Terry McBride this festival celebrates Women and Women in music. The artists are all female solo artists or female fronted bands and they donate money to female charities in the cities they visit. Between 1997 and 1999 they raised over $10 million for national and local charities! Artists like Christina Aguilera and Nelly Furtado played the “Village Stage” where to play here, they won slots in local talent searches. I’m sure the promoters and radio stations that refused to feature more than one female artist back to back in 1996 are kicking themselves now after seeing the success of Lilith Fair sometimes called “Breast-fest” and “Girlapalooza” as it was the top grossing of any touring festival in 1997 and was started for that reason. This year Lilith Fair starts on June 27th in Calgary, AB @ McMahon Stadium and will hit 36 cities in northern America finishing up in Dallas, Tx on Aug 16th at the Superpages Center. They will be here in Chicago at the First Midwest Amphitheatre on July 17th featuring artists like Cat Power, Heart, Kelly Clarkson and Mary J Blige. Sarah McLachlan will be playing at every show and there are eleven acts total in each city.

Lilith Fair and they are using the Social Media platform, Facebook to help determine which charity will receive the $1 ticket sale. By becoming a Fan on their Facebook page, you can vote from pre-selected charities in your hometown and then one of the top three will be chosen. In Chicago, there are eleven charities that you can vote for including The Primo Center For Women and Kids, Family Rescue, Chicago Women’s AIDS Project and Rape Victim Advocates, all very worthy causes. The First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre has a capacity of up to 28,000 people, so that’s potentially $28,000 that will go to one of these charities right here in the Chicago area.

The list of artists playing this festival is phenomenal and I really recommend you consider Giving back to the cities that going. For more host the festival is important to i n f o r m a t i o n






the audition great danger victory records If you want some tunes to get you going, the fourth studio album by The Audition is what you need to put on. Great Danger is a high energy, pop-punk delight from start to finish. “You Ruined This”, the first single from the album is a catchy tune with some rockin’ guitar riffs and all the perfect elements of a radio song sure to catch your attention. “Run Away” is their token ballad with an acoustic guitar and sensitive lyrics: “Its hard to love when I’ve been stuck in hell”. I usually steer away from anything that sounds so clean and mainstream, but The Audition have something special here that separates them and could possibly be the next big thing from Chicago since Fall Out Boy. Check out some of the songs on their myspace page, “Great Danger” was released on March 16 and the lads will be at the Apple Store on Michigan Ave. Chicago on May 14 doing an acoustic performance.

By Lissy MacMillan

two ton anvil self titled

dark star records

Two Ton Anvil are a metal band signed to Dark Star Records based out of Chicago. Founded by Chris Chubb and Brian Ericson in 2007, the singers/ guitarists added Larry DeMumbrum on drums and Glenn Christon on Bass to complete their line-up and bring us the finest metal re-defining sub-genres and catering to anyone. Their debut full-length album, written and produced by Chris and Brian came out March 9th and was recorded at Shockwave Studios. The CD is thirteen songs of aggressive, hook-laden, well-produced music, and I can’t pick out a favorite song as they’re all great for their own reasons. Bringing out the best of old school metal and mixing it with newer elements, I believe they have found the right formula that will make this album a success. They are currently putting together a video for their song “Corruption” which I was asked to be a part of, look out for the finished product this summer!

By Lissy MacMillan



Band of Horses/ “Compliments”

Band of Horses are all set to release their third album on May 18th on Brown Records, Fat Possum Records and Columbia. Forming in 2004 in Seattle, the indie rockers now reside in North Carolina and have played prestigious festivals like Glastonbury and SXSW. Like myself, you can listen to and download for free, the track “Compliments” and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a catchy tune that is easy to like and listen to that it will make you excited to hear the rest of the album.

Trumpeter Swan/“Listen For Clues” From Austin Tx Indie Rock band What Made Milwaukee Famous comes the solo project of Drew Patrizi and his album “Listen For The Clues”. A self released album that has all the indie-pop audacity of this millennia combined with the alluring nostalgia of the eighties. Go to

music and download the song “Loose Lips” and also his myspace page to hear

more. Believe me when I tell you after one listen you’ll be just as hooked as I am. Prins Thomas/ “Orkenvandring”

If you like drum machines and special programmed sound effects with someone picking away at a guitar-type instrumentals, then this one is for you. Lasting eight and a half minutes long, you’ll either find this track monotonous or soothing and relaxing, kind of like what you hear on those “Zen” music channels. Not surprising as Prin Thomas is also a DJ known in Norway for mixing and playing clubs. I can picture him smoking some weed, pushing a few buttons on his synthesizer to get the beat going, then sitting down on a chair and just playing what comes to him. A mood piece for sure. For your free download go to: Unnatural Helpers/ “Sunshine/Pretty Girls” This one is perfect to get the week off to a good start with the help of Seattle punk rockers, Unnatural Helpers. Their song “Sunshine/ Pretty Girls” has all the qualities of what was good about the 70s and brought alive into the present giving us music that sounds like it’s played because they simply love playing, full of loud guitars and catchy lyrics. They already have quite the local following and now with the release of their full-length album on Hardly Art, the rest of the world can find out what they’ve been missing.


In this issue- The Boxer Rebellion, Windy City Rollers, Johnny Vomit, Vampires Everywhere and a whole bunch more good stuff to read.