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In a world where travel is on everybody’s mind and with the Christmas festivities fast approaching, it is now time to think about your plans for the year-end celebrations. Be it a vacation with friends or family, the following pages will surely inspire you to firm up your holiday plans – the perfect trip is waiting for you.

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Jet set to Cheval Blanc St-Tropez, an iconic destination to immerse yourself in local culture with a traditional village ambience or, indulge in Italy’s finest with Belmond. Experience the joy of wellbeing at the one-of-a-kind JOALI BEING or take the fairways at an idyllic Fijian resort, COMO Laucala Island. All these and more we bring to you in this issue.

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Heavens Voyage Autumn 2022

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As the summer draws to an end in Europe, we’ve been reflecting on the term ‘Revenge Travel’ - what does it mean and have we seen travellers doing it? Europe has certainly witnessed a surge of travellers who have reclaimed their ‘lost time’ as they book ‘that’ long overdue trip. With this issue of Heavens Voyage, we wish to share exquisite travel experiences and inspire the spirit of wanderlust.

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THE LUXURY TO BE YOUR NATURAL SELF T +60 4 9500 500, reservations@dataihotels.com, www.thedatai.com

The renovation is made exceptional by the fact that each of Beau-Rivage’s 63 rooms and 7 suites in this 161-yearold structure has been individually created, each endowed with its own unique character. Every aspect of each room is considered, including its tailor-made layout, new and antique furniture (totalling 2500 pieces in all), parquet flooring, carpets, rugs, and curtains with at least 1.4km of 200 different types of fabric going into the drapes and upholstery. Walls are adorned with original artwork, historical prints, lithographs as well as period mirrors that have been given a new lease of life by some of Lausanne’s finest artisans. Bathrooms, too, have been considered, dressed in white marble with windows and French doors. The latest luxurious amenities and fittings complete the look with handmade faucet knobs by Maison Baccarat seen in all the suites.

The pandemic has only served to realise the iconic BeauRivage Palace’s ambitious plans to renovate their original wing. Spearheaded by Nathalie Seiler-Hayez, the hotel’s general manager, and executed by Paris’ Pierre-Yves Rochon architectural firm, the reimagined Beau-Rivage wing maintains its rich heritage while providing a comfortable, cosmopolitan stay replete with high-performance, userfriendly technology.

The stunning and historic suites at the Beau-Rivage have retained their original names and prestige, having had the privilege to house the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Grace Kelly, Paul Newman, Sofia Loren, Al Pacino, and Keanu Reeves.

8 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

The newly renovated wing at Beau-Rivage Palace is the perfect combination of modern sophistication and rich heritage.

The Imperial Suite, for example, continues to impress guests with a gorgeous view of Lausanne’s park, lake and the Alps from the largest hotel room terrace in the city. The 1,300 sq ft terrace is a private garden decked in custom-made furniture, giant bonsais and lush plants. Other suites are equally alluring in appointment and view, underscoring Beau-Rivage Palace’s efforts in redefining rich luxury and modern comfort.

Clockwise from left: the balcony of the Imperial Suite, the main living room area of the Lavaux Suite, and the master bedroom of the Art Deco Suite.

A HistoricalReimaginedWing

Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

As one of the UK’s most highly-acclaimed chefs, Cooper’s contemporary and sophisticated take on traditional British cooking has seen him earn a Michelin star at The Bingham Hotel in Richmond, and then repeat this success at The Goring, when the hotel was awarded its first Michelin Star during his tenure as Executive Chef.

Dine With a Difference at LanesboroughTheGrill

The Lanesborough London, a masterpiece amongst London’s five-star hotels, has recently opened The Lanesborough Grill. A new flagship modern British restaurant with Shay Cooper, celebrated Executive Chef, at its helm, this is a must-try venue for diners looking to experience the best of contemporary British cuisine and art.

The restaurant combines tradition and innovation to create compelling contemporary offerings. Utilising only the very best of British produce, The Lanesborough Grill showcases a seasonal modern British a la carte menu coupled with an impressive wine list that champions regional artisans and the freshest produce from around the nation. The menu changes frequently, with key signature dishes served tableside on Gueridon trolleys, creating a dining experience filled with flair and flamboyance. As Executive Chef Cooper affirms, “It’s important that our guests enjoy more than just great food and drink – we want to infuse fun and creative elements and, of course, a sense of high glamour.” Accordingly, The Lanesborough Grill, in partnership with Art Acumen, now exhibits the work of some of the UK’s most exciting contemporary artists. These breath-taking pieces by Britain’s leading art talents will also be available for purchase, and a curation of new artwork unveiled every six months. This means that culinary connoisseurs and art afficionados can now satisfy both cravings at the same time – just book a table at The Lanesborough Grill!

Located in The Lanesborough London, a grand and stately Regency townhouse, The Lanesborough Grill features an ornately decorated dining room naturally illuminated during the day by a domed glass roof and seductively lit by sparkling chandeliers in the evening, giving guests an unforgettable dining experience.

Enjoy a feast for the senses with the best of contemporary British cuisine and art.

Top: Guests can enjoy artwork as part of ArtLanesboroughTheProgramme,includingthismixed-mediapiece Evolution by Anna Masters. Right: afternoonaward-winningEnjoyteaormodernBritishdiningatTheLanesborough,locatedatHydeParkCorner, London.

Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

Valbella Resort awaits in Lenzerheide, with a wide range of rooms spread across three “houses”. Guests can choose to stay surrounded by nature among mountain meadows in Summer and on the ski slopes in Winter, or at the newly renovated main house, which unveils itself in October this year. Rooms and suites are elegantly appointed with a modern Alpine sensibility from which amazing views of the mountains can be appreciated. The resort’s library provides a welcome reprieve after a long day outdoors as do the indoor swimming pool and the exceptional Tor da Lenn spa. Outside, a multitude of activities are calling the intrepid explorer, including discovering the region on mountain bikes with Bike Kingdom, windsurfing on Lake Heidsee, or experiencing the region’s traditions, art and culture via the resort’s Culture at the Pass programme. Guests at the Cresta Palace Celerina will be able to enjoy the stunning views of Engadin Valley.

Cresta Palace Celerina and Valbella Resort have undergone stunning rejuvenations, adding to the beauty of this already scenic mountainous region. Two of Graubunden’s mainstays have undergone beautiful transformations with redefined spaces and all-new rooms. At Cresta Palace Celerina, newly renovated Cresta double rooms and suites promise the right touch of luxury in the panoramic Engadine region. Modern fittings and contemporary colour palettes inform the rooms and suites, with gobsmacking views of Trais Fluors or the Upper Engadin. Finer touches such as cashmina blankets, a Caffè Carlito machine, Soeder toiletries, and Ronnefeldt Tea have been thoughtfully appointed. Children younger than 11 enjoy complimentary stays, while guests can access public transportation and mountain railroads for free after a second night’s stay. In Graubunden, fun experiences abound. Hike along the CorvatschFurtschellas with the magnificent Bernina range and the crystal-clear mountain turquoise lakes of the Upper Engadine valley on either side. A visit to the old town of Chur presents charming surprises including the historical Villa Planta or the Art Museum Graubunden.

Iconic Hotels in GraubundenScenic

Valbella Resort, in Lenzerheide, is equally magnificent in summer and winter.

Graubuenden Visit Graubunden The No. 1 holiday destination in Switzerland www.visitgraubunden.com/en-zh/ Diavolezza Rhaetian Railway

Utter Bliss From Top to Toe

Signature inspirations abound from languid sunrise picnics to a leisurely treasure hunt at sea; or from a wellness journey in the Orchidée Salon to a tour of the market on Places des Lices. The resort’s Ambassadeurs are on hand to design every unforgettable moment.

Elsewhere at the Maison, regular activities include paddle yoga, pilates, a brisk walk on the coastal path, and madeto-measure personal training, which can be supplemented by the Maison’s 24-hour indoor and outdoor fitness area offering treadmills, fitness and Peloton bikes, elypticals and mountain climbers, weight training, a NOHrD Wall, and a smith machine. The resident coach, Benjamin, is right by your side to help you reach your fitness goals and to find your right overall balance. Coaching sessions can be done individually or in a group, or bespoked with any one of the Maison’s signature cures.

12 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

Cheval Blanc St-Tropez takes on a warm, relaxing glow as guests soak in sheer luxury and indulgence.

It’s the Golden Hour every hour at Cheval Blanc St-Tropez. As guests luxuriate in the last vestiges of an Indian Summer, the Maison has readied a cornucopia of immersive experiences for total bliss and utter relaxation. The legendary resort is the quintessential Riviera retreat and more, as guests totally immerse themselves into Tropezian time under the sun while the waves lap calmly on the beach.

But perhaps even that sounds like too much work and the day’s proceedings call for doing absolutely nothing by the Maison’s stunning pool and beach. Designed so that the pool blends seamlessly into the Riviera, the magnificent scene lulls you in to settle down to an apéro nap on a sunlounger by the Maison’s exquisite beach, to dip your toes into the edge of the sea, or simply to have a saltwater soak in the deep blue Riviera. There is also the option of the heated main freshwater swimming pool for even more relaxing dips and warmerWhatdives.Cheval Blanc does best is rest and relaxation. Those who return from a day packed with activity are wont to book a season at the celebrated Cheval Blanc Spa where wellness is explored to the lengths of its possibilities. The spa, a unique collaboration between the Maison and renowned beauty brand Guerlain, presents a soft and serene haven with warm, soothing hues highlighted by Fred Eerdekens’ poetic artworks. Inside, a treasure trove awaits, with a spa boutique featuring rare Guerlain products, four single treatment rooms, and an Orchidée Salon presenting an intimate and lavish treatment room for two. A hammam, an ice fountain and a snow shower present two ways (hot and cold) are also available to invigorate the senses, release muscle tensions and awaken tired Exclusiveminds.faceand body treatments are specially designed for Cheval Blanc St-Tropez by Guerlain’s Beauty Experts and created with a stay on the Mediterranean in mind. Guests begin their treatment journey by selecting the scent family they prefer to heighten their sensory journey. Your customised experience will include an in-depth consultation and diagnosis with the Guerlain Beauty Experts with a specific treatment created especially for you. At the Orchidée Salon, each treatment starts with a ritual of fresh scents followed by gentle exfoliation. A pink quartz orb enhances the experience while lymphatic points are tended to with an expert touch. New signature treatments tailored especially for Cheval Blanc St-Tropez include Signé Riviera, a restorative massage drawing from the Impressionists and features the unique employ of paintbrushes and a palette of sensory techniques for radiant, rested skin. Orchidée impériale, Guerlain’s ultimate treatment series that draws from the orchid’s youth-giving properties, is headlined by the renowned Orchidée Impériale Prestige Treatment, a soothing, antiageing massage for the whole body that employs the Orchidée Impériale range of products. Time to go with the glow.

13 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

Above: Winters at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel include plenty of activities at the Engadin thoroughbreds.topaFebruaryTurfFacinglake.renownedworld-frozenpage:WhiteSt.Moritzinshowcasesfieldoftheworld’sjockeyson

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, situated in one of the world’s most idyllic alpine landscapes, offers guests the opportunity to experience winter in the Engadin. Blessed with snowy mountain peaks, a world-famous frozen lake, superb ski slopes and welcoming social scene, this winter wonderland provides the perfect backdrop for your St. Moritz adventure. Let the knowledgeable staff at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel help you curate a local agenda filled with just the right balance of relaxation and activity.

14 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022 A Winter Like No Other

Embark on your very own winter adventure with the help of the dedicated staff at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St Moritz.

For guests who enjoy taking flight across the ice, we’ve got wonderful news for you: Badrutt’s Palace Hotel has its very own outdoor natural ice-skating rink, fitted with an exceptionally expansive and well-groomed surface. Accessible from the end of December to February, individuals who wish to take a turn can rent a pair of skates (or bring their own) and fulfil their fantasies of being the next Nathan Chen or Sonja Henie. Holidaymakers seeking more of a thrill must try Skijöring. Only 10 minutes from Badrutt’s Palace Hotel,

The historic hotel is also home to an exciting and extensive selection of culinary offerings, comprising 10 restaurants, three bars and King’s Social House – the latter being a dine and dance concept where a deejay hits the decks post-dinner, turning it into a discotheque till the early hours of dawn. At Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, every meal is a discovery, accompanied by five-star quality and service. Join the culinary team on a worldclass epicurean adventure from ten different F&B offerings which include signature Japanese-Peruvian fare at Matsuhisa, Andreas Caminada’s two Michelin-starred dining experience at IGNIV, authentic Italian specialities at Pizzeria Heuboden, and more. Its tenth and newest culinary offering is Paradiso Restaurant and Mountain Club, located in the Corviglia Ski and hiking area. Opened since last winter, this tranquil location – open for lunch in both summer and winter – provides spectacular million-dollar views of the valley, lakes and mountains. The excitement continues with highly anticipated St. Moritz winter events, such as the 38th Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz 2023, set to be held in January. As host of the world’s pre-eminent Snow Polo tournament since 1985, this event is the first and only high goal tournament on snow. Spectators can expect to see the best in the game competing against a majestic backdrop of snow-capped mountains, while also being invited to attend a number of stylish social events held on the lake and at exclusive venues like Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. For individuals who enjoy the thrill of horse racing, White Turf St. Moritz is a must-attend event. Come February 2023, noble thoroughbred horses and top-class jockeys from all over the world will flock to the frozen lake of St. Moritz to face-off against competitors of the highest calibre. Since 1907, White Turf has been one of St. Moritz’s biggest events, welcoming more than 35,000 enthusiastic visitors each year to revel in the best of horse racing, sumptuous cuisine, lively music and entertaining art performances set against a stunning alpineVisitorslandscape.arealso afforded the opportunity to attend another exclusive winter lake activity in February, The ICE St. Moritz. This is an international event that celebrates driving, showing and watching some of the world’s most exciting vintage sports cars in action on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. Beloved by many, this concours is elegance at its finest – a unique competition set in a magical environment where drivers, collectors and car aficionados gather on a late winter’s day to celebrate the beauty of one of man’s greatest inventions. Supported by the City of St. Moritz and Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, this is a world-class event not to be missed. St. Moritz is clearly the place to be this winter. With a superb selection of activities and events to choose from, guests of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel will never encounter a dull moment.

Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022 there are very few places that offer this unique sport, which requires individuals to ski or snowboard while being pulled by a horse. Known as ‘winter’s wildest sport’, it’s said that those who try it, get hooked!

16 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

Subodh Gupta’s art installation, Cooking The World, will be on display at the Casanova gardens in Hotel Cipriani until the end of the year.

Belmond has also embarked on an art initiative, MITICO, alongside internationally acclaimed art gallery Galleria Continua. The initiative reinterprets universal customs while celebrating the talents of four prominent artists. MITICO debuted at the 59th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia in the Casanova gardens at Cipriani, kickstarting with Subodh Gupta’s work Cooking The World. In Viewing The World, Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich installed Window & Ladder at Villa San Michele in Florence. Loving The World sees Castello di Casole playing host to Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto’s four Etruscan bronze sculptures. Cameroonian artist Pascale Marthine Tayou presents Colouring The World at Grand Hotel Timeo. All are still on display until the end of the year. To add to one’s Villeggiaturra odyssey, Belmond has also teamed up with Dior for a new well-being experience in the gardens of Splendido in Portofino where two Dior spa gazebos offer exclusive skincare treatments and techniques. At the exclusive Bagni Fiore beach club, the limited edition Escale à Portofino perfume, Splendido Edition, is launched. There, a special concept store has been set up, and two Splendido decks are transformed with Dior’s signature Toile de Jouy pattern.

Italian Escapades to Indulge in

The Grand Hotel Timeo, situated by an ancient Greek theatre with a spectacular view of Mount Etna and the town of Taormina provide an exquisite and exceptional stay that draws from the mountain’s mythical status. In Taormina, Villa Sant’Andrea overlooks the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Mazzarò. This 19th-century villa offers sumptuous subtropical gardens, epic vistas and more.

17 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

At Belmond, a host of wondrous collaborations and activities await guests vacationing all around Italy. Italy never ceases to delight and amaze. From the country’s culinary offerings to its many sweeping vistas, it’s hard not to be captivated by the many experiences, sights and sounds. Belmond’s luxury properties around the country present an intrinsic part of Italy’s landscape, paying reverent attention to its arts and culture, cuisine and luxury. Those hoping to catch the last rays of Summer in Italy are spoiled for choice in each of the properties they visit. The Italians call their style of vacationing ‘Villeggiaturra’ – a long, leisurely stay in one place for a total immersion into the locale one has chosen, all in harmony with its local customs and Startrhythms.theslow travel journey by arriving in style and luxury via the Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express. The legendary train’s coterie of stars and dignitaries include the likes of Agatha Christie, who was inspired to write her most famous novel based on her many travels on it. The famed Hotel Cipriani, another legend in Belmond’s Italian collection of hotels, awaits as you alight in Venice. Still the preferred hotel of luminaries for the Venice Film Festival, the Hotel Cipriani provides an awe-inspiring view of Piazza San Marco and the Zattere promenade beyond the jade-freen waters of the Giudecca Canal. In Portofino, The Splendido takes its place high on the hill, standing out among the enclave of colourful houses. Guests can enjoy a drink at sunset, and spend sun-soaked days by the large, saltwater infinity pool. Those looking to be in the heart of the action will love Splendido Mare, located in the centre of the Piazzetta. Continue your leisurely journey in Tuscany with its bucolic vineyards and arresting scenery. It is the stunning setting for Castello di Casole, a heritage property steeped in history. The gorgeous Villa San Michele, previously a stately 16th-century monastery in Fiesole, offers a fantastic view of Florence in the distance. Those choosing Ravello on the Amalfi Coast as their holiday destination will no doubt be taken by Caruso, an 11th-century palace, with its cascading bougainvillea, endless views, a private platform on the Lido degli Artisti, private trips to Capri, and more.

The partnerships means that the hotel is able to eliminate single-use plastic and transportation of glass bottles from one part of the world to another, resulting in more than 180,000 plastic bottles eliminated in 2021.

The Hari Hong Kong’s collaboration with ORCA has food waste from the hotel turned into an environmentally safe liquid that is repurposed at a wastewater treatment plant, significantly reducing harmful emissions from typical truck and bin collections. Elsewhere at the hotel, coffee capsules and grounds are transformed into farm compost or upcycled into scrubbing soaps or planting pots. Bespoke refillable bottles are used to dispense toiletries such as shampoo and soap in the Hari’s signature scent, which in itself is free of parabens and other harmful ingredients.

The Hari Hong Kong keeps to its commitment to the environment through a series of partnerships, practices and programmes. From local partnerships and collaborations to an elevated sense of sustainability, The Hari Hong Kong takes a serious view of the environment. That the hotel, one of Hong Kong’s finest, has garnered the prestigious certification of LEED (Silver), BEAM Plus (Silver) and BEEO speaks volumes for its sustainable design, construction and energy-efficient performance. The Hari Hong Kong is also a member of the NOW Force for Good Alliance and Food Made Good HK in its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, reassuring its discerning guests of an environmentally friendly stay. So serious is the hotel’s commitment that it has kickstarted several green initiatives in support of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. Some of these include clean water and sanitation efforts that sees the hotel teaming up with NORDAQ, the leading Swedish provider of sustainable and automated bottled water refilling solutions.

Often served Michelin-starredat restaurants, NORDAQ water is sustainably bottled on-site at The Hari Hong Kong.

18 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

The Height of Sustainability

Social initiatives include meal services with Food Angel, support of WWF’s tiger conservation efforts, and Mother’s Choice for children at risk and pregnant teens. The hotel also sponsored a number of events recently, including Karen Leung Foundation’s ExtraOrdinary Exhibition, raising public awareness of Women’s Health.

In strong support of local arts and crafts, Tam Nan has produced its uniforms and tableware locally in collaboration with a pottery house and local artisans, reflecting the talents of local craftsmanship. Tam Nan will also source 80% of ingredients within a 100 km radius and 90% Laotian ingredients, collaborating with only the best-inclass to secure the highest grade of coffee and produce from organic farms, and organic naturally-fed chicken and duck for the freshest Inflavours.TamNan’s tasting menu, Chef Larisa was inspired to create dishes from traditional methods, including using bamboo, banana leaves and fresh coconut over a charcoal grill or slow cooking in a clay pot with a variety of herbs, which results in rich Laotian flavours such as from the buffalo meat fermented in spices, dried in sunlight and chargrilled for a smokey infusion. Rice will also be prominent in the menu, harvested from wetland or dryland rice farming in Laos, and created in a variety of stick rice and steamed rice recommended for various accompaniments from the soup, vegetables, Laap and meats. Set on a serene hilltop of UNESCO Heritage, La Résidence Phou Vao is moments away from the oldworld treasures of Luang Prabang where time stills. The hotel offers a breathtaking escape enveloped in the panorama of natural surroundings, and where guests surrender easily to the calm and quiet atmosphere, blanketed in the endless cloud forest and spectacular mountain vistas. The hotel will reopen in early Oct 2022. Résidence Phou Vao, A Belmond Hotel Luang Prabang

The F&B concept at Tam Nan is designed to transport guests through rich heritage, showcasing the arrestingly slow time and old-world charm of Luang Prabang as well as a strong plant-based menu using only the freshest ingredients including syrups and bitters made with hotel garden fruits and by caring hands.

Advertorial La

The new gastronomic era celebrates the debut of Tam Nan, the new flagship restaurant of La Résidence Phou Vao, bringing to life the culinary vision and leadership of both Executive Chef Larisa Vesterbacka and General Manager Salim El Khayati, presenting the opportunity to discover unique food and drink experiences from a menu created fiercely from the heart. Tam Nan, which means “Legendary” or “Legend” in Laotian, is a noble word anchored in the soul of La Résidence Phou Vao’s ‘Heart to Table’ concept, which strives to revive traditional Laotian cooking techniques and honour its heritage and authenticity.

Unveiling A New Gastronomic Era 19

André Fu’s eponymously named suite at The Upper House is a stylish home away from home when in Hong Kong.

The Upper House gains the upper hand in luxury and comfort with its André Fu Suite. The sophisticated and stylish oneroom suite is the physical embodiment of the famed designer’s relationship with The Upper House and the only one in the world bearing his moniker. True to form, it is decked out with all the right accoutrements befitting his name. The suite’s sophisticated palette of mineral blue, dusty mink and pale ivory exudes calm and cool, encouraging its occupants to relax and unwind, even entertain. Of note in the 1960 sq ft space are such creature comforts as André Fu Living furniture and tableware, a dining table that seats up to 18 guests, a spa area with twin massage beds, exclusive artisanal Bamford bath and body products, a rain shower, and a free-standing bath. Equally enticing are the complimentary in-room Maxi Bar, a dual temperature wine fridge, and the softest down bedding. “When The Upper House first opened, it was considered the antithesis of what typically defines an Asian luxury hotel and how hospitality might change moving forward,” the designer says. “Now, over a decade later, I am still excited to evolved with Swire Hotels… I’m eager to see how guests will respond to [Andre Fu Suite], whether it’s through entertaining or indulging in an urban escape.”

Living The Suite Life

20 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

Dine Underwater at The

Chef Bellin’s new menu for Ocean Restaurant is created from responsibly sourced seafood and fresh local produce obtained from suppliers who share the same sustainable values. Guests can expect to enjoy mouth-watering modernEuropean dishes that highlight the fresh and healthy flavours of the sea. As this is Chef Bellin’s only international outpost, reservations are highly recommended to ensure that diners don’t miss out on the ultimate epicurean experience.

In the spirit of sustainability, environmentally friendly and ethically sourced premium materials have also been utilised as much as possible in Ocean Restaurant’s refurbishment.The50-seat restaurant invites guests to immerse themselves in the breathtaking beauty of more than 40,000 marine creatures swimming just a few feet away, while savouring the culinary creations of two Michelin-starred Chef Olivier Bellin and sipping on award-winning wine from Ocean Restaurant’s brand-new wine cellar.

“We want to create an immersive dining experience that conveys the beauty of the ocean and the need to protect the environment, and imprint a strong, emotional impression on our guests,” Chef Bellin says. Ocean Restaurant’s commitment to sustainable gastronomy clearly shows that culinary excellence and caring for the environment can go hand in hand.

22 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

Singapore’s only underwater fine dining destination has recently reopened, and this is cause for celebration!

Helmed by highly acclaimed Chef Olivier Bellin, Ocean Restaurant invites guests to dine under the sea, amidst elegant surroundings and from an enticing new menu that prioritises both the restaurant’s and Resorts World Sentosa’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. Overlooking the thriving marine life of S.E.A. Aquarium’s Open Ocean Habitat, the restaurant’s reimagined interiors feature deep oceanic colours, graceful architectural lines and rippling textures inspired by the majestic Manta Ray’s soaring journey through water.

Born and trained in France, Chef Bellin passionately advocates for combining Michelin-starred culinary excellence with sustainable standards. As Chef-Owner of the two Michelin-starred L’Auberge des Glazicks in Brittany, France, Chef Bellin’s culinary philosophy aligns seamlessly with Ocean Restaurant’s steadfast commitment to S.E.A. Aquarium’s ethos on biodiversity conservation, advancing research and environmental education and advocacy.

Resorts World Sentosa’s iconic dining destination unveils an unbelievable new look and welcomes a two Michelin-starred Chef Patron.


The Joy Wellbeingof As the only immersive wellbeing retreat of its kind in the Maldives, JOALI BEING delivers its own brand of holistic happiness. At the all-new JOALI BEING, guests are treated to a stay like no other in the Maldives and, indeed, the world. The sister property of JOALI Maldives is its own distinct and unique nature wellbeing retreat, created so well-worn guests are able to immerse themselves in a transformative journey through a host of carefully crafted experiences that encourage self-discovery and utter rejuvenation. The retreat adheres to Four Pillars of Wellbeing: Mind, Skin, Microbiome, and Energy are all explored and taken beyond mere expressions. Together, they present a holistic way of inspiring, renewing and imbibing each guest with a new sense of weightlessness.

JOALI BEING’s location alone is a natural utopia of flora and fauna on the private island of Bodufushi in Raa Atoll, a mere 40-minute seaplane flight from Malé International Airport. The sense of wonder one gets upon landing on this fantasy island surrounded by crystal clear waters, jewel-like lagoons, pristine beaches, and tropical landscapes, is nothing short of priceless. Created according to biophilic design principles, JOALI BEING was guided and executed by renowned multidisciplinary design studio Autoban along with Atolye4N in the conscious effort

24 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

The incredible range of treatments, sessions and programmes is designed to help guests achieve their wellbeing goals. Personalised Immersion Programmes ranging from five nights to three weeks are recommended and tailored by experts, including naturopaths, doctors in Ayurveda, sound healers, fitness specialists, nutritionists and wellbeing chefs, all available throughout the year. Meanwhile, a host of transformational spaces are also available to facilitate guests’ wellbeing journey.

At the retreat’s heart is Areka, home to immersive experiences, scientific therapies and diagnostic services and alternative healing treatments. CORE is a movement and fitness space where dedicated movement specialists utilise diagnostic rooms, private training rooms, a multipurpose studio, a fitness room, and Ocean Sala to guide guests through their transformation on an overwater mediation deck. Other halls include KAASHI, a hydrotherapy space providing a Banya inspired by Russion Banya, Aufguss Sauna, and Watsu. SEDA presents a sound therapy hall created by sound-healing visionary Aurelio C. Hammer to restore through music and vibration. The Discover Sound Path, also by Hammer, provides an on-site, outdoors sound therapy oasis in tune with the natural rhythms of the island. Lastly, AKTAR is the retreat’s on-site herbology centre with a variety of tinctures and topical applications recommended by the resident herbalist. Equally enticing is the earth-to-table culinary approach adopted by the retreat, where the freshest, locally harvested and sustainably sourced food help support independent and small farms. Culinary offerings are meticulously crafted alongside JOALI BEING’s nutrition experts without compromising the vibrant assortment of flavour, colour and texture. Healthy yet indulgent options can be savoured in bespoke settings such as a private sandbank, a jungle setting, or the Turtle Treehouse. Vegetarian and vegan cuisine is served at Plantae; Su showcases oceanto-table pescatarian fare; and B’Well features a signature JOALI BEING menu with meat and poultry options. Meanwhile, Mojo’s tropical vibes is the ideal spot for lunch and sunset views. A tea lounge, SAI, provides a wide range of brews, learning sessions and tea celebrations to partake in as guests unwind, happiness restored.

25 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022 to respect and connect with the local landscape. Its architecture and design works seamlessly with nature to encourage a natural energy flow, while negative vibrations are dispelled, striking a sense of harmony and balance.

Living spaces are also thoughtfully and elegantly conceived, with each of the 68 beach and over-water villas providing a capacious stay. Thirteen different villa categories with up to four bedroom options are at the guests’ disposal, with each one attended to by a personal Jadugar, or “Skilled Magician” in Dhivehi. All villas come with private pools, outdoor rain showers and creative touches such as customised Wellbeing Bars and meditative musical instruments.

Indeed, bespoke services are given careful consideration. At the Nitra Serenity Centre, a refined range of treatments include the 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts Signature Sleep by Design Therapy, with a separate yoga and meditation sala offering wellness activities such as yoga and Muay Thai. The 27th floor provides late check-out and early check-in pods, as well as separate shower facilities should rooms be fully booked. Other custom services include signature rooftop dining, a personal shopping service and guide, privately curated and customized tours like ‘137 Pillars Louie Tour’ and ‘Private Art Experience’, and even golf practice with personal trainers.

26 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

Customised Sophistication

in The City

There are a wealth of opulent features at the 137 Pillars Bangkok, including a stunning infinity pool, lavish hotel lobby, and bathrooms with breathtaking views.

137 Pillars Bangkok’s enviable location on upscale Sukhumvit Soi 39 makes it an ideal point from which guests can access the stylish shopping district of Emquartier/Emporium, with an inspired customised London cab ready to ferry guests there.

Dining-wise, Baan Borneo Club is another suite-guest exclusive, with its stunning floor-to-ceiling windows by which guests can enjoy afternoon tea with endless views of the Bangkok skyline. The Bangkok Trading Post Bistro & Bar features all-day dining, a bar and a deli for residents and guests, while fine-dining restaurant Nimitr impresses with its carefully curated, seasonally inspired dishes and where guests can choose between a beautiful, intimate indoor setting or dine outdoors with an impressive, sweeping view.

Cool, elegant sophistication with a bespoke slant informs your stay at the 137 Pillars in Bangkok. Those from the C-Suite looking for a more intimate stay without sacrificing a certain kind of cool would do well to check into the 137 Pillars Bangkok. The urban sibling of 137 Pillars House Chiang Mai features 34 scenic all-suite spaces located on the highest six floors of this exclusive part-residential building replete with a stunning infinity edge rooftop pool built especially for guests.

When I landed in the first art immersive island Joali Maldives, I found joy of living here. Then I discovered the first nature immersive wellbeing retreat in the Maldives Joali Being and found weightlessness there.

28 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

Bring Home The Best of Baccarat

The legendary crystal brand’s newest store, 53rd Street Boutique, offers a glorious array of products that are certain to charm and captivate. Welcome to 53rd Street Boutique! Located within the illustrious Baccarat Hotel New York, the celebrated brand’s newest store offers hotel guests and visitors alike the opportunity to elevate their living spaces with a carefully curated selection of luxurious lifestyle offerings, ranging from lighting, barware, deco, and Conceptualisingmore.and creating a Baccarat crystal takes time, patience, precision, and expertise, which is why each piece is meticulously handcrafted by a team of highly experienced individuals. That’s why 53rd Street Boutique only offers the most exceptional and unique pieces to its patrons. Founded by King Louis XV, Baccarat is a world-renowned French crystal company whose artisans have mastered their craft for more than 250 years. The Baccarat name has long been synonymous with royalty and the crème de la crème of society: kings and queens, sultans and tsars, moguls, and modern-day stars. Its glittering objets d’art are defined by their sophistication and authenticity, and have been used throughout history to mark life’s most extravagant and meaningful moments. Guests can now venture from the lavish Grand Salon and Bar straight to 53rd Street Boutique –all situated on the second floor – while soaking in the splendour, style, and sparkle of the hotel’s otherworldly interiors. Upon entry, visitors to the new Boutique are welcomed with an aesthetic that is sleek and sophisticated, timeless yet modern – a setting that perfectly showcases the crystal pieces on offer. Make sure to set aside some time for your visit, as you will be spoilt for choice when having to decide which precious piece of Baccarat to bring home with you.

29 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

The Garden of Earthly Delights

Royal Mansour Marrakech’s new outdoor expansion sees this private oasis filled with new natural, dining and cultural wonders. The lush, palatial grounds of Royal Mansour Marrakech see a glorious, outdoor expansion filled with new experiences for its guests. The luxury retreat, owned by the King of Morocco, provides an oasis of calm just steps away from the Medina; while the new additions to the nearly three-acre extension by Luis Vallejo Landscape Studio, the original architects of Royal Mansour’s grounds, add to already elegant surroundings. A fragrant green herb garden and organic vegetable orchard anchor the new spaces with medicinal and aromatic plants such as mint, sage, and lavender used for the detox juices proposed as part of the wellness programmes available at the 27,000 sq ft Spa Royal Mansour. All four of the property’s restaurants employ the use of organic vegetables, such as carrots, eggplants, and broad beans, harvested fresh from the orchard. An elevated experience can quite literally be had at The Nest, a private dining experience nestled among lemon and palm trees. Located 14 feet above the gardens, the dining space provides uninterrupted views over Marrakech and the Koutoubia Mosque’s Atlas tower. This 430 sq ft open-air dining space is the latest addition of Le Jardin, exclusively accommodating up to only eight guests at a time. Expect a Mediterranean and Asian fusion menu, with such delights as the royal sea bream ceviche, sirloin beef wagyu and more. Every dining event is customisable with selected playlists, floral arrangements and special menus. Meanwhile, La Table Champêtre, an alfresco dining table, allows guests to host private lunches amidst verdant gardens and winding pathways. The expansion also features Atelier d’Artiste, a glass-panelled greenhouse that provides a serene space for a variety of art-related therapies including painting, modelling, pottery, and calligraphy. Each session begins with a guided meditation, encouraging self-reflection while relieving stress and anxiety. The sessions are specially tailored for individuals, couples or families, and can be attended singularly or as part of the wellness programmes tailored by the resident expert.

30 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is the first in the Middle East to blend traditional Arabic treatments with holistic wellness. A first in the Middle East, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som uniquely combines Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine with a holistic health and wellness philosophy. Developed by internationally acclaimed wellness resort Chiva-Som, Zulal Wellness Resort is located on the northern tip coast of Qatar and presents two exceptional wellness stays. Zulal Serenity is created for adults looking to restore mind, body and soul; while Zulal Discovery is a familyoriented experience that includes treatments and therapies. The latter offers seven Wellness Retreats with bespoke programmes, activities and facilities to suit every family member, including children and seniors, so that the whole family is able to reap the wellness benefits together. Through four different programmes tailored for children as young as five, kids learn the value of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through various age-appropriate activities. These include nature-based outings, tailored massage treatments, arts and crafts, and even facials. Older children and teens experience kayaking, dancing, personal training and spa treatments. Seniors aged 55 and older can enjoy tailored programmes that balance therapeutic treatments with physical activities, and includes physiotherapy sessions, fitness activities, holistic remedies, and wellness cuisine prepared according to their health needs. Those ready for a full-fledged emotional and physical wellbeing transformation can look forward to curated retreats that embody all aspects of wellness in a serene allencompassing environment. From the swimming pool to the beautiful landscaping and restaurants, all have been thoughtfully designed with wellness in mind. At the Serenity Men and Ladies Wellness Centre, 64 treatment rooms, a wide-ranging hydrothermal suite, state-of-the-art equipment, and expert therapists are all on hand to facilitate your retreat. Beauty, relaxation, physical fitness and general health are explored in a variety of traditional and contemporary treatments including reiki, signature full body Tadleek, Qatari Hamiz deep tissue massages, guided morning strolls, and stretch sessions.

A Holistic Discovery for The Family

Address Hotels + Resorts is ‘Where life happens’. Owned and managed by Emaar Hospitality Group, an innovative and influential leader in the global hospitality and service sector, Address properties are the ideal choice for business, leisure, and group travellers seeking uniquely premium, personal and engaging experiences in some of the Middle East’s most sought-after spots.

Let Emaar Hospitality Group enrich your holiday experience with elegance and style.

As a city lifestyle resort located in the heart of Dubai, Address Boulevard provides visitors with an experience of luxury and service that is second to none. Located only 15 minutes away from Dubai International Airport, Address Boulevard overlooks the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, and has direct access to Dubai Mall, one of the biggest shopping and entertainment destinations in the world.

32 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

Individuals who love a little luxury will not be disappointed by the variety of Guest Rooms and Suites available, all of which are tastefully designed, decadently decorated and fitted with every convenience to maximise comfort. This opulence carries though to Address Boulevard’s sumptuous selection of restaurants and lounges, where guests are promised unrivalled enjoyment.

For the ultimate dining experience, visit The Restaurant at Address Boulevard Hotel. Inspired by the welcomed familiarity of a modern-day apartment, this unique restaurant offers diners an array of delicious and inventive Mediterranean dishes, served across outdoor terraces and sophisticatedly decorated spaces that include a living room, dining room, collection room and a dressing room. This novel culinary concept is certain to delight the senses and tantalize the taste buds!

Luxuriate at the Most Exclusive Address in the City

For those who relish the feel of water on skin, the Address Boulevard Hotel’s pool area offers an idyllic escape from the demands of daily life. Blessed with breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa, the three swimming pools – a Main Pool, a Family Pool with a cascading waterfall and a Spa Pool (dedicated to spa guests) – also provide a perfect place for holidaymakers to soak up the sunshine, swim and sip on a variety of innovative beverages.

Left: The atRestaurantAddress Boulevard offers a take on appointedAbove:bistronomy’‘globalWell-guest rooms and suites become a retreatwelcomeafter a day of shopping, entertainment and BurjtheFacinggastronomy.page:fascinatingKhalifa provides a surreal backdrop at Address waterfall.athreeequippedopulentBoulevard’spoolsidewithpoolsandcascading

Visitors who can’t get enough of Dubai’s shopping and entertainment culture must book a stay at Address Dubai Mall. Only 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport, this city shopping retreat is conveniently located in Downtown Dubai and boasts direct access to the worldfamous Dubai Mall – home to some of the finest retail, dining and leisure experiences in the world. In fact, many of the city’s most sought-after attractions, from the Burj Khalifa to the Dubai Opera, are only a short stroll away. Upon returning to the hotel, guests can enjoy some R&R in the Rooms and Suites designed to evoke a sublime sense of serenity. Premium amenities, from complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi to interactive flat-screen TVs, capture the imagination at every turn; while a private balcony presents spectacular perspectives of the iconic Dubai skyline.

Address Dubai Mall also offers visitors a remarkable range of restaurants to indulge in. Dining destinations such as Cabana, Karat and Cez excite the senses and provide diners with the opportunity to enjoy one-of-a-kind epicurean experiences. Hotel guests also have access to an outstanding selection of services and amenities created to enhance enjoyment and optimise productivity. These include a spacious open-air lap pool, The Spa at Address Dubai Mall, an exciting edutainment facility for children and a variety of impressive meeting and events spaces paired with planning services aimed at elevating every corporate or socialSo,occasion.whatare you waiting for? Whether it’s living your dream city lifestyle or going on a much-needed city shopping retreat, Address Hotels + Resorts is where you need to be to make life happen.

33 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

Bask in the beauty of COMO Laucala Island, an idyllic resort with the perfect blend of luxury and Fijian nature.

COMO Laucala Island is a private island resort situated in the pristine blue waters of Melanesia, in the Cakaudrove province of Fiji. As the ultimate escape from the pressures of daily life, COMO Laucala Island promises guests unrivalled luxury, Fijian natural beauty, peace, and privacy.

Golf The Day Away

The resort also offers a range of extraordinary experiences that can rarely be found in a single island location, including worldclass sailing, deep-sea game fishing, horseback riding, water sports, a farm tour of the island’s sustainable food resources, and a variety of Fijian cultural activities.

The tropical island paradise boasts 25 Residences, all private dream homes, that come with personal pools, spacious sundecks, luxurious lounges, and outdoor baths overlooking the ocean. Strategically placed in unique island spots, COMO Laucala Island Residences are suspended over emerald lagoons, nestled amidst rainforest, or resting on stretches of private beach. Each of the Residences exist in glorious isolation – allowing for total relaxation and rejuvenation. Guests will also receive the services of a Tau – Fijian for “friend” –who will be happy to assist with all aspects of the trip at any time, including organising customtailored excursions on an Olympic boat, decadent private dinners, or an enchanting afternoon at COMO Shambhala Retreat – the island’s premiere wellness centre.

34 Heavens Voyage | Autumn 2022

For avid golfers or holiday makers looking to unwind by hitting a few holes, COMO Laucala Island proudly offers an 18-hole Championship Course, meticulously set in the old plantation and flanked by a breathtaking backdrop of mountains and sea. Designed by Scotsman David McLay Kidd, this par-72 course is challenging for experienced players, but with a variety of tee box options, is also inviting to those new to the game. The par-5 12th hole is the signature hole: the green extends onto the beach.

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