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Since 1998, Mae Fah Luang University (MFU) has been established as a public autonomous university situated in Chiang Rai province, the gateway to the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), in the heart of the ASEAN region. The university was founded to meet the needs of the people in the north of Thailand and its neighbouring countries, and to commemorate the gracious contributions of Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra, lovingly known to her subjects as “Mae Fah Luang”. Almost two decades of development has led to MFU being recognized as Thailand’s fastest growing higher education institution. English is used as the primary medium of instruction in the majority of courses, with Problem Based Learning being MFU’s method of teaching. Utilising the “University in the Park” concept, MFU offers an environment and culture highly conductive to living and learning, attracting numerous visitors from many countries annually. This has led to various forms of mutual cooperation and collaborations, and has encouraged the rapidly increasing number of international students. The International Affairs Division (IAD) offers friendly and helpful advice, from the initial enquiry stage, assistance with application procedures, as well as immigration and travel guidance. We invite you to consider MFU as the university of your choice on your path to future learning.




Providing high quality teaching and research with the vision of being the centre of the agro-industry in the ASEAN region, the School of Agro-Industry is committed to the training of competent agro-industry technologists with professional ethics, who feel a responsibility to maintain and enhance their professional competency through continued expansion of knowledge and proficiency. Undergraduate Programmes • B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology • B.Sc. in Postharvest Technology Graduate Programmes • M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology • M.Sc. in Postharvest Technology and Innovation



With the goal of establishing Thailand as the leader of research and technology in this field, the school uses the most high-tech and sophisticated equipment available to serve patients and advance student research. The school is highly confident that it will soon become one of the world leaders of research in this field. Graduate Programmes • M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine • M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Science • M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Dermatology Classes are held at MFU Hospital, Sukhumvit 21 Road, Bangkok



With the pride of being the first and leading institution aimed at the study of cosmetics in the ASEAN region, this is the ideal school for students interested in this specialised field. All programmes have been designed to provide fundamental and advanced knowledge as well as skills in cosmetic science for students wishing to pursue careers in the cosmetic industry. Undergraduate Programmes • B.Sc. in Beauty Technology • B.Sc. in Cosmetic Science Graduate Programmes • M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Cosmetic Science



The school is devoted to producing educated and skilled graduates with a thirst for knowledge, self-discovery, abilities, and mindsets suitable for medical science and dentistry. Undergraduate Programme • D.D.S. Doctor of Dental Surgery (Only for Thai citizens)



The main objective of the school is to produce graduates in health sciences of high professional and ethical quality, and to continue to develop teaching and research to surpass international standards. The school has been very active in developing programmes that combine the excellence of traditional knowledge and local wisdom with the most modern alternative techniques. Undergraduate Programmes • B.ATM. in Applied Thai Traditional Medicine (Students must be fluent in Thai) • B.CM. in Traditional Chinese Medicine • B.PT. in Physical Therapy (Students must be fluent in Thai) • B.P.H. in Public Health (Students must be fluent in Thai) • B.Sc. in Environmental Health • B.Sc. in Occupational Health and Safety • B.Sc. in Sports and Health Science Graduate Programme • M.Sc. in Public Health



MFU’s fastest growing, multi-award winning school aims to maintain and develop high quality graduates and researchers with world class abilities. The school offers high-end, unique, multi-dimensional programmes developed by active practitioners of IT under the guidance of an internationally acclaimed panel of visionary leaders and innovators in the IT industry and advanced IT research. Undergraduate Programmes • B.Eng. in Computer Engineering • B.Eng. in Information and Communication Engineering • B.Sc. in Computer Science and Innovation • B.Sc. in Information Technology • B.Sc. in Multimedia Technology and Animation • B.Sc. in Software Engineering

Graduate Programmes • M.Eng. and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering • M.Sc. in Information Technology



Regarded as the most updated and well developed practiceorientated law school of the GMS, the school instructs students with an interdisciplinary approach and aims to train graduates to be knowledgeable, have legal expertise in theory and practice, and to believe firmly in moral principles, legal justice and ethics of the profession. Undergraduate Programme • LL.B. in Laws (Only for Thai citizens) Graduate Programme • LL.M. in Laws (Only for Thai citizens)



The school aims to develop the quality of academics and increase internationalisation for sustainability of humanities learning and language and culture. Serving as the centre for excellence in the teaching of Thai and foreign languages, there is no better place to gain the necessary expertise in such a broad array of disciplines and languages. Undergraduate Programmes • B.A. in English • B.A. in Thai Language and Culture for Foreigners Graduate Programmes • M.A. and Ph.D. in English for Professional Development (International Programme)



With the aim of crafting proficient graduates in each field of study to meet the fast growing needs of ASEAN businesses, industries and government departments throughout Thailand and the region, the school is one of the leading business schools, offering extensive and diverse courses, using modern teaching approaches to ensure the utmost benefit to the students, while also providing a high amount of exchange opportunities to many of its partner institutions. Undergraduate Programmes • B.Acc. in Accounting • B.B.A. in Aviation Business Management - Aviation Services - International Aviation Logistics Business - Aviation Operations • B.B.A. in Business Administration • B.B.A. in Hospitality Industry Management • B.B.A. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management • B.B.A. in Tourism Management • B.Econ. in Economics Graduate Programmes • M.B.A. and Ph.D. in Business Administration • M.B.A. in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management



The school was established with the aim of producing doctors with emphasis on family and community medicine, and focuses on caring for patients, family and the community holistically, combining medical scientific subjects with behavioural and social sciences, and integrating teaching with research and focusing primarily on the results of treatment and the quality of life of patients. Undergraduate Programme • M.D. Doctor of Medicine (Only for Thai citizens)



The school is a leading nursing academic institution, recognised nationally and internationally for its production of quality nursing graduates. It is a continuing education centre for nursing and health personnel in the Upper Northern region of Thailand and the GMS, and also serves as the beacon to direct the society’s health. Certificate Programme • Cert. for Practical Nursing (Only for Thai citizens) Undergraduate Programme • B.S.N. in Nursing Science (Only for Thai citizens)



With the vision of continuously striving towards excellence in science, technology and international recognition, the school produces graduates with a high quality education and instils integrity in order to continuously promote the development of science, technology, economy, and society, as well as the environment. Undergraduate Programmes • B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry • B.Sc. in Biotechnology • B.Eng. in Materials Engineering Graduate Programmes • M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry • M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biological Science • M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biotechnology • M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Computational Science • M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Materials Innovation




The school aims to provide academic excellence in Chineserelated subjects and to produce graduates who are 1. CHOOSE A PROGRAMME knowledgeable and skilled, with a well-founded understanding • Choose a programme that you wish to apply to. of all aspects of sinology: culture, economy, society, politics, and international relations. Undergraduate Programmes 2. SUBMIT APPLICATION FORM • B.A. in Business Chinese (Only for Thai citizens) • B.A. in Chinese Language and Culture (Only for Thai citizens) • Application forms can be downloaded from the website. • Complete the form, and then submit it to • B.A. in Chinese Studies International Affairs Division (IAD) (Focused on the Policy and Strategy of China) Mae Fah Luang University • B.Ed. in Teaching Chinese Language (5 years) 333 Moo 1, Thasud, Muang (Only for Thai citizens) Chiang Rai 57100 Thailand Graduate Programme E-mail: Fax: +66 (0) 5391 6023 • M.A. in Chinese - Thai Translation and Interpretation (* Not accepting Chinese students) 3. RECEIVE INFORMATION (** Students must be fluent in both Thai and Chinese)



The school is focused on the production of graduates who are able to address worldwide social issues and developing projects and businesses intertwined with the advancement of global communities and nations. The school is determined to find a resolution to the global lack of successful development, and provides first-hand access for students through diverse culture and experience. Undergraduate Programme • B.A. in International Development

• E-mail or telephone confirmation will be received within approximately 4 weeks. • An interview can be held by telephone call or Skype video call. Other documents may be required; in this case, further notification will be sent. • A successful interview will be followed by an official acceptance letter, with the necessary visa request documents and acceptance package.

4. ARRIVE AT THE MFU CAMPUS • International students must arrive 1 week before registration day.

5. REGISTER FOR CLASSES • Submit original copies of all necessary documents to the Registrar Division. • Full fees must be paid in Thai Baht currency. You then become an official MFU student!

Application No:

MAE FAH LUANG UNIVERSITY Application for Admission Bachelor’s Degree

Master’s Degree

Attach photo here (size 1”)

Doctoral Degree

1. APPLICANT INFORMATION First Name Middle Name Last Name Passport Number Date of Issue


Place of Issue Date






Expiration Date








Place of Birth

Date of Birth


Blood Group

(a) Address Permanent Address Postal Code Telephone (Home)

Telephone (Mobile)



(b) Current address used for postage (if different from permanent address) Current Address

Postal Code Telephone (Home)

Telephone (Mobile)



(c) Contact person (in case of emergency) Name








3. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND 3.1 List all schools or colleges you are currently attending or have previously attended beginning with the most recent. NAME OF SCHOOL, COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY






***Please Note: If you are applying as a transfer student, please add all course descriptions of the courses you would like to be transferred as an attachment to the application, so they may be reviewed by the appropriate departments.

Name and Description of Previous Awards or Scholarships

Date Received

Name and Description of Previous Extra-Curricular Activities

Date Attended

*** Please add additional sheets of paper as an attachment to the application to the application if space is insufficient.

3.2 English Language Proficiency Test English Proficiency Tests

Best Scores

Date Taken

TOEFL IELTS Other............................. *** If you do not have English Proficiency Test results, an Intensive English Course at Mae Fah Luang University is required.

3.3 Details of Language Abilities Language

Native English Speaker

Native Chinese Speaker

Level of Proficiency (Excellent, Good, Fair) Listening




4. PROPOSED PROGRAMME OF STUDY (Example: School of Management, Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism Management)

School of Bachelor of


Master of


Doctor of


Proposed starting date of study

/ Date

/ Month


5. PARENT OR GUARDIAN INFORMATIONS (a) Primary Guardian First Name

Last Name

Current Occupation


Employer/Company Home Address



(b) Secondary Guardian First Name

Last Name

Current Occupation


Employer/Company Home Address



Sources of financial support during your period of study: Parent/Guardian…………………

Scholarship/Grant (name)…………………………


6. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (In English) Only one copy of each document is required. All documents should be in English or have a certified translation. Originals of documents should not be sent. Tick boxes where appropriate. Enclosed A completed application form

Recommendation Letter

A single 1-inch photograph

(For Master's/Doctoral Degree)

A copy of original Passport

Working Experience Letter

Academic Transcripts from high school level and above

(For Master's/Doctoral Degree)

Graduation Certificates from high school level and above

Publications if any

English proficiency score report (TOEFL, IELTS) if any

(For Master's/Doctoral Degree)

Doctor’s Medical Report (certification) Other (please list).........................................................

I certify all of the above given information and statements to be true and correct. * Application Fee (300 THB paid upon registration) Applicant’s signature

................................................................... / Date

/ Month


How did you hear about Mae Fah Luang University? Online



MFU Newsletter

From a Friend

Other ..................................

Education Exhibition at ...........................

Send the completed application form to the International Student Office by post, fax, or email to one of the addresses listed below: Address:

International Student Office International Affairs Division Mae Fah Luang University Chiang Rai 57100 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 5391 6024 Fax: +66 (0) 5391 6023 E-mail: Web: Facebook:


• High school certificate or equivalent to grade 12 or year 12, as certified by the Ministry of Education. • English Language Requirements; o TOEFL Paper-based 450 or Internet-based 32 o IELTS 4.5 Conditions: a. Students who do not meet the English proficiency requirements will be required to enroll in Intensive English. b. Students who meet the English proficiency requirements will be required to enroll in Upper Intensive English. c. Students from schools using English as the main language of instruction for at least 3 years from previously attended high schools will be required to enroll in Upper Intensive English. d. Native speaker students will be required to enroll in Upper Intensive English. e. Students who submitted English proficiency other than the aforementioned requirements will be approved by School of Liberal Arts. • Chinese Language Requirements; (For Chinese Studies students only) o HSK Level 3 Conditions: a. Students who do not meet the Chinese proficiency requirements will be required to enroll in Intensive Chinese. b. Students who meet the Chinese proficiency requirements will be required to enroll in Upper Intensive Chinese.


• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited university with a GPA of 2.5 or above. • English Language Requirements; o TOEFL (Paper-based) 450 - 500 o TOEFL (Computer-based) 133 - 173 o TOEFL (Internet-based) 45 o IELTS (Academic module) 5.5 o TU-GET 450 o CU-TEP 45 o CMU-eTEGS 60 o MFU-TEP 55 Conditions: a. It may vary depending on the programme pursed. b. Score is valid for 2 years.


• Master’s degree or equivalent from an accredited university or Bachelor’s degree (Honours) in related field with a GPA of 3.25 or above. • English Language Requirements; o TOEFL (Paper-based) 450 - 500 o TOEFL (Computer-based) 133 - 173 o TOEFL (Internet-based) 45 o IELTS (Academic module) 5.5 o TU-GET 450 o CU-TEP 45 o CMU-eTEGS 60 o MFU-TEP 55 Conditions: a. It may vary depending on the programme pursed. b. Score is valid for 2 years.


APPROXIMATE FEES Tuition Fees - Range of Undergraduate Fee per Semester - Range of Graduate Fee per Semester



26,000 - 78,000 25,000 - 143,000

813 - 2,438 782 - 4,469

Other Expenses (Undergraduate) - Application - Intensive English / Upper Intensive English Programmes - Intensive Chinese / Upper Intensive Chinese Programmes - On-Campus Dormitory (4 Persons Shared Room) per Semester - Damage Insurance (Refundable after Graduation) - General Maintenance per Semester - How to Live and Learn on Campus Programme - Fresher Package - Health Insurance (Annual) - Health Check at MFU Hospital - A Bank Account and New Student ID Card Fee (ATM Card) Other Expenses (Graduate) - Application - Registration - Damage Insurance for Mon-Fri Programmes (Refundable after Graduation) - General Maintenance (Annual) - Health & Accident Insurance (Annual) - A Bank Account and New Student ID Card Fee (ATM Card)

300 4,000 3,600 4,000 2,000 800 2,200 1,000 2,100 500 200

10 125 113 125 63 25 69 32 66 16 7

300 2,000 5,000

10 63 157

300 2,300 200

10 72 7

Note: * 1 U.S. Dollar = 32 THB and subject to change. MFU reserves the right to adjust tuition fees without prior notice.


First Semester • Semester starts Mid August • Semester ends Mid December Second Semester • Semester starts Early January • Semester ends Late May Summer Semester • Semester starts Early June • Semester ends Late July

MFU HOSPITAL Using a combination of alternative and modern medicine, the on-campus MFU Hospital provides emergency services, diagnostic services, medical treatment, dental services, dermatology services, and holistic health services, in addition to alternative medicine and Chinese medicine clinics.

ACCOMMODATION All international students are guaranteed dormitory rooms (shared 4 persons) on campus for their first year of study at MFU.

TRANSPORT Within the campus, free public transportation is provided in the form of EVT (electronic vehicular transport) vehicles. To travel into town or other locations, taxis or minibus vehicles are conveniently available.

SPORTS FACILITIES • Indoor Stadium and Sports Centres • Gymnasiums • Basketball Courts • Badminton Courts • Outdoor Track and Field • Tennis Courts • Olympic Swimming Pool • Fitness Centre • Running Trails • Cycling Tracks


Centre of Excellence in Natural Products Innovation Centre of Excellence in Fungal Research Centre of Excellence for the Hill-tribe Health Research (CEHR) Business Economics and Logistics Research Excellence Centre (BE-Logist)

RESEARCH GROUP • Green Cosmetic Technology • Phytocosmetics and Cosmeceuticals • Materials for Energy and Environment Research Group (MEE)

RESEARCH UNIT • Unit of Postharvest Technology (UP-T) • Human Gut Microbiome for Health Research Unit

SPECIAL UNIT • Area-based Social Innovation Research Centre (Ab-SIRC) • Office of Border Economy and Logistics Study (O-BELS) • Tea Institute


MFU Connexion (Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences) Journal of Food Science and Agricultural Technology (JFAT) Vacana Journal of Language and Linguistics Plant Pathology & Quarantine Current Research in Environmental & Applied Mycology

The University in the Park gateway to the GMS situated in the heart of ASEAN

China (Yunnan) Vietnam

Myanmar MFU



Philippines Cambodia

Brunei Darussalam Malaysia Singapore Indonesia


International Affairs Division Mae Fah Luang University Chiang Rai 57100 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 5391 6024 Fax: +66 (0) 5391 6023

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