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headline on BBC, is far too great a feat for myself alone. So, I used my journalistic prowess and for a week I interviewed friends, family and complete strangers (spamming all my social networks) with the question. Many women said “rich men”. The men, of course, said “looser” women. Others were a little more profound. Popular responses were, “financial freedom”, “new ways to produce resources that are cheaper” and “women in better professional positions”.

From the



he one thing the world needs right now.” By Shana Genever

Now I’m able to debate any side of an argument. I pride myself on the way construct articulate sentences that give the illusion that I’m the authority on any topic. But when I sat down to write this, I found myself staring at my laptop, cursor flickering impatiently. The truth is that to isolate a singular global need, taking into consideration the variables: third world countries, Hollywood, racism, classism, xenophobia, world hunger, world peace and any other


Co ordinating Editor: Shana Genever Managing Editor: Simone Martufi Managing Director: Gugu Madlala Art Consultant: Asanda Rani Creative Director: Yivani Nkukwana Layout artist: Nkabanhle Mawala


IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

Mary Honeychild, Editor at BPM Magazine said, “The world needs more ideas… People who are willing to bring action to their great concepts…People who are willing to follow throughwith innovation and hard work to make a difference and impact their immediate surroundings.” Andre Engelbrecht, financial advisor at Old Mutual, commented that “The world needs more fearless leaders: people who are not afraid to take on “the man” and challenge the system. Obama types.” “Morals,” says Sheree Stevens, a 22year AFDA student. “If you have morals, you automatically have respect and an understanding of the feelings and situations of others.” “She’s right,” a fellow student approves, “we need morals. The way the world seems in 2011, nobody cares about their brothers and sisters, we all on our own paths. Globalization is our Armageddon”. Then it hit me. Financial Advisors said that the world needed financial freedom. Teachers told me the world needed education. The unemployed said that the world needed jobs. Nobody was telling me what the world needed. They were telling me what they needed instead. The more people I ask, the less idea I have of the singular “thing” that will contribute to making the world better for everyone. The “one thing” needs to impact EVERYONE. So, what do i think the world needs? I think that that is exactly what the world needs to figure out.

Photographer: Lebohang Moleko Stylist: Phildancia Meyer & Charne` Mingo Business Developer: Inga Gubeka Sales: 1.Nathi Mbele

2. Ashton Abels 3. Divan Snyders Social media: Indalo interactive

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Ma se po*s Falko Starr


mongst 47 million people in South Africa, the phrase exists as a term of dislike. It’s usually grunted with deep anger, shouted with fury, and there are times it’s said with a little sigh and a shake of the head- This is often when the one executing it uses it in disbelief. Translated it is Mother’s vagina. Also, as said by the English speakers from the Southern suburbs in Cape Town. In saying it, the user intends to offend the person/s at whom it is directed. However, offense is not always guaranteed. It is used so often that the value of it has been reduced to it simply passing as a 4th degree insult. ‘Jou ma se po*s` is the exact phrasing, but Cape Flats creativity has remixed the basic term that sometimes it incites laughter more than annoyance. In fact, I think the add-ons are more exciting. Universally, there are parallels in all languages, dialect and slangs that share the same sentiment when being called a vagina. What part of it is bad? Can the fact, according to some, be that it’s smelly? That it bleeds? For me all the other entertainment that derives from it heavily outweighs those possible reasons to put the genitals in a bad light. To even be called a variation of `p*es` ( i.e koejawel, doos, koek) is bad. Even if you are an appliance, car, clothes, music or even an innocent squirrel. There is no upside. And then to add insult to vaginary, they aim it at your mother`s vagina instead. And there are many incidents that lead to violence from this. So, why is this label a bad thing? We as men mould our existence and every daily activity with the purpose of having sex. The

10 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

clothes men buy, the cars men drive and the jobs we have are all designed in the marketing strategy for conjugation. That means we want to be kissing, licking and penetrating the body part of a woman that has been idolized since idolizing began. The vagina has been revered as the object of man`s desire in music, movies, books, toys and millions of merchandise that based on our need for achieving close contact. The value of the p*es is clearly demonstrated in the existence of a Pocket Pussy . (Sexual paraphernalia that simulates a vagina`s feeling during sex that you can carry with you in your pocket). What about the fact that a book called `the vagina monologues` is one of the best-selling books in the world. If we really adopted the p*es as the worst comparison for bad action , a not cool person or an unsavory event then why would we want to read a book about what it has to say? There are businesses make sure that it’s waxed and that a special haircut can be administered. There is a particular kind of undergarment that can make it seem more alluring. If I was a p*es, doing so much good for the world (especially the tedious task of giving birth), but still found me on the receiving end of a negative association, I would seriously consider not doing anything at all. At least not until I was fully appreciated.


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Starting a brand baby, starting a brand Amanda Cooke


aking the move into fashion from an educational background was relatively easy for me. I have always had an artsy streak, so it was only a matter of time before the creative fairy in me broke free. When Rodney Douglas first asked me to be his business partner for Kaapie Lifestyle Clothing in 2009, I jumped at the opportunity. I loved the idea about highlighting the fabulous diversity of the Mother City. I immediately thought “We’ve got a great product, show me the money”. However - It didn’t take me long to realise that we had a long road ahead of us. We had all the elements to make it work: A registered company, an awesome name and three eye catching designs. Looking back I now realise one of the mistakes I made, was believing that all our friends would purchase our t-shirts, they would tell their friends about it, and thus increasing our popularity. BIG MISTAKE! Don’t get me wrong, our support system has been phenomenal but the brand needed to be bigger than its namesake, the city in which it was created. The Importance of a Brand Ambassador

12 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

We started off by creating a fanpage on Facebook. I posted the pictures of our t-shirts on the fanpage and within minutes, a fashion photographer extraordinaire by the name of Bradley Ruiters, asked if we would like to show up at a fashion shoot. Bradley and his amazing partner, Lynn Dreyer had the models on standby and all we needed to do was bring our t-shirts to the location. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity! Two of the models on duty were Shami (Shamrock) Kinnear and Lisa Appollis, whom we still work with today. They immediately fell inlove with the brand and became the very first Kaapie ambassadors. Their enthusiasm for the Kaapie brand was infectious and popularity on our fanpage began to grow. In 2010 we decided to showcase our t-shirts at the Mitchells Plain Festival. We were fortunate enough to meet Janine Van Rooy aka BlaqPearl, an amazing songstress and poetess who is a part of Afrikaaps. She immediately resonated with our brand and has worn our label on tour in Europe, on photoshoots for newspapers, magazines

FASHION and most recently, on the cover of her new CD – Against All Odds. Because of our chance meeting, Kaapie’s most popular t-shirt, the Born on the Flats design, is the cover of a book called: “Mitchells Plain – A Place In The Sun”. Lessons Learnt: 1.


3. 4.

When starting up a business make sure you have 3 key elements covered. This is a lesson I learnt from Marawaan Sasman aka @MrPigeonPie (twitter handle) (a) Make sure you have great idea (b) Bring forth your best personality (c) Do not disregard the importance of building up your brand NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! I cannot emphasize this enough - It’s not what you know or who you know, it’s about who knows you. You never know who you may meet along the way. Keep on learning – The world is constantly changing and you need to keep abreast of what’s hot at all times. Social Media is your friend. It’s free and it will help you in marketing your product to the broadermass-



What’s Next for Kaapie This year we plan on getting our label into a few more stores both locally and internationally. The demand for our t-shirts in Australia, New Zealand and the UK is escalating. We would like to collaborate with a few up and coming local designers to bring out the essence of what it means to be a KAAPIE. We are working on a few other projects right now but I cannot say much more… all will be revealed soon. Other than that, we plan on conquering Cape Town – one Kaapie at a time! Follow us on twitter: @kaapieclothing Facebook: /kaapieclothing Email us: Photos courtesy of LynnD Photography – T-shirts are available at Cape Town Tourism offices in Burg Street, Simonstown, Muizenberg and at Cape Town International Airport.

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Photographer : Lebohang Moleko Models : Kimlin , Keshia , Tracy , Mulanga, Holly Clothing label : Just Cruising Long Street Make Up artist : Kebone Bolofo Styling : Simone Martufi Location : Grand Daddy Hotel Sky Bar

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Photographer : Lebogang Moleko Models : Malikah , Kebone , Galina of Abstrakt Make Up artist : Kebone Bolofo Styling : Simone Martufi Hair Stylist : J Phildancia Meyer

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NativeRefugee Jeremy Bregman

“What we do is incorporate all these different sounds into a NativeRefugee blend, creating a sound that listeners can hear and feel.”

As for the other three members of the band, Kebone and nasIPHI were introduced to G.O through NativeRefugee’s manager. After hearing their voices, both G.O and X-Ryda fell in love with their sound and knew they had to be a part of the band. Andy Leigh was added to the line-up after the band heard her work with Mellovision, and they knew straight away that she would fight right in. “We met through a mutual love of music,” says X-Ryda. “And the desire to bring something conscious onto South African soil.” Influenced by a wide range of musicians, authors and poets, from Talib Kweli and Nas to Ben Okri and Chinua Achebe, NativeRefugee challenge modern day philosophies on music and art, and aim to speak for those who can’t. “So many great writers and lyricists touch our hearts and move us, to the point of picking up our own pens and relaying the same message.” says G.O. “Messages that educate and uplift anyone listening.” While happy to be known as a hip-hop band, NativeRefugee are quick to mention that they have a distinct and unique blend that distances them from your average hip-hop band. “We work with acapella bands, instrumentalists who have traditional music training, poets and some extremely soulful vocalists.” says G.O.

26 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

“Like most of us on a spiritual path, we need inspiration, insightfulness and personal growth. By surrounding ourselves with the songs from the ‘conscious music movement’ we can help this powerful art form do its duty and be a healer in our lives.” Catch NativeRefugee perform every Wednesday night at Zula Bar in Longstreet, and look out for their mix-tape entitled ‘The Illiterate Genius’ which is due for release later this month.


ounded by two gifted poets, Mfundo Ntobongwana, aka G.O and Xolile Msila, aka X-Ryda, who met during their Xhosa initiation in 2010, the NativeRefugee family has slowly been expanded to include female rapper, AndyLeigh as well as female vocalists Kebone Bolofo and nasIPHI. Speaking of their Xhosa initiation, X-Ryda said, “G.O and I just happened to go at the same time and that’s where we met.” “We often laugh about how God thought it fit to have us meet when we did.”

The very fact that they are a conscious music band is altogether a new and uncommon area in South African music terms. Conscious artists ask the big questions about life, death, spirituality and humanity. Many followers and contributors to the genre view the work done by such artists as an alternative form of healing. “We stick out because no one writes about the beggar on the street whose God is a hot plate.” explains Kebone. “No one speaks for the child whose mother is blind and whose father abuses alcohol, because you can’t sell that.” Heather Frahn, editor of the Conscious Music Movement blog says that, “Music in this way, when it’s from the heart, is very powerful.”

We met through a mutual love of music,And had the desire to bring something conscious onto South African soil.

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They say a healthy body is a healthy mind.


t is the year 2012, some say that this is the future, there are those which call it the end; I prefer to call it the beginning of the new. Of the next! There are many different opinions on what this magical Chinese year of the dragon has in store for us. Some of these are very positive and speak of hope and life while others are very negative and speak of doom. I have thought long and hard while reading many different sources of opinion as to what is most likely at this time of our existence. After all my searching for the most objective and neutral message to deliver to you, I have realized the following tangent. Be prepared for radical change. Regardless of whatever this year will hold for the global people, one fact remains throughout. It is all about your vessel. Your vessel will be the difference between your survival and adaptation -or not. It will come down to the inner you. It will come down to your body being able to handle whatever change should occur, it will be up to the state of your mind to conceive and comprehend whatever may be going on around you. A well looked after body will survive any event, while a strong and healthy mind will give you the strength to excel in the new. So how do we ensure the optimum performance of our vessel? Simple, you’ve read the solutions on a healthy body in lots of places. It’s the norm, drink lots of clean water (boil it first if you can), eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, lay off the red meat, stay far from the cool drink and sweets. Pick up any wellness book or Google how to keep a healthy body and you will be showered with solutions. It is the mind which is a little bit trickier. Society as it stands does not celebrate the need and roadmap to a healthy mind like we do a healthy body. For you to have a healthy mind, you have to have an active mind. You must open your mind to the notion that everything you know up until now could be fatefully flawed. Practise being inside your mind. You need to exercise your mind like anything else you are trying to excel at. Spend time reflecting on the possibilities within. Use your mind to discover the answers to questions you have not thought askable.

28 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

Celebrate and embrace the fact that the mind is extremely powerful yet dangerously under-utilized. For you to have a healthy mind, you first have to understand what the mind is. The mind is your connection to the soul. The mind is the you which is alive. You have to find and listen to the direction of the soul which is there, speaking in the mind. You have to realize that you are neglecting the soul and the power of the mind. The very second you fully comprehend and understand the previous paragraph; you are well on your way to a healthy mind. This column or article if you will is the beginning of a journey. Together, we are going to discover, understand and embrace the power which we each have as human beings. It’s going to be a tough journey and often what we discover will go completely against everything we have been taught. I ask one thing, evaluate. Use the ability you have through a healthy mind to evaluate whether what we discuss and learn on this journey makes sense, if it does not, ask questions, debate, use the social platforms, use the IMBO LIVE radio show, let’s figure this out together. That is the glory of the journey, it is a collective mission, and we have to make it together. The first practical of our journey is important before the next issue. I would like to give you something to try. Wait for a night where the sky is clear. Wait until the stars are visible in their glory. Take a pillow and go outside. Lay down on your back and just relax for a minute. Think about everything that has happened in the day, while looking at the bright side of it all. Once you are relaxed, begin to take in the stars. and choose a group or a particular star to concentrate on. (The group or star will grab you). Now begin to breath deep, slow and deliberate, tasting the air and swallowing the still; then, let it out deliberately and slowly, letting all tension go with it. Continue to do this until your eyes close. In your mind, think about all the things you love, Think about them and love them more, concentrate on the love you have for them and wait until it happens. When it happens you will know. Till next time, I command all the love and positive energy of the universe upon you. I LOVE you. *written by The Way*


The SN fitness lifestyle and wellness column Marco Pietrowski


i everyone, this is an awesome opportunity for me to share my thoughts and advice to all that have concerns with their healthy lifestyle and nutritional needs. Let me share with you some info on myself and what I am about. My name is Marco Pietrowski and am originally from Durban KZN, I am currently a fitness lifestyle and supplement store owner here in the mother city by the name of SN (Stellenbosch Nutrition) Cape Quarter, I am also a competitive Pro fitness model winning a few provincial and national fitness titles, I was also a brand ambassador for Muscle Science and Smartshake featuring in adverts for both brands in numerous national and local magazines nation wide. Some of you may be thinking “what on earth is a competitive fitness model?” it is similar to bodybuilding in the sense that we diet and train like a bodybuilder but not as ‘hardcore’ as they do, we do stand on stage in a line up but we are not

allowed to flex as they do, unlike bodybuilding where physical looks don’t count that much, in fitness shows it does a lot. hence fitness “model”. looks count a lot as well as confidence, skin tone, costume choice and aesthetics which is a pleasing overall appearance suited to the criteria, this year I will be attending world champs in Las Vegas in September to represent S.A. Let me give you an insight as to what to expect in my column in the next few issues, I will be asking at the end of every column for some feed back and also some questions if you have any to please feel free to mail me or pop into my store, I will also be covering nutrition concerns, training advice, diet plan recommendations for weight loss and toning and also supplement recommendations. Myself along with other companies will also be doing a 12 week lifestyle challenge, where I will be assisting the competitors with their needs in regards to training eating and supplementation, we will be updating the progress of the competitors in following issues.

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Shana Genever

“A word literally translating as “health” and commonly used as a drinking toast in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.” The new Irish pub and restaurant in Green point is in a prime spot for watching the city turn a reddish grey. Slainte’s veranda is ideal for sipping a relaxing Mojito while the air cools into an evening breeze. The IMBO team had heard the hype through the grapevine and decided to go check out this high-class venue. The look is red leather, deceiving of its Irish heritage. The flat screens and open plan sitting area adds a trendy funk to what should stereotypically be a green cozy hole in the wall. The staff is immediate, and we are seated in no time, besides the busy 6 o’clock shift change. I am already impressed. Starters are ordered. The wait is slightly lengthy, though the end result leaves us excited for the main event. The deep fried Jalapeno prawns where firm and crunchy, the taste rich. A clear favorite, even before evaluating its competition. The Prawns are served with a tangy mayonnaise based sauce and were perfectly complimented by the sour peppers.

30 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

The ribs drenched in BBQ sauce were another hit. The meat melted off the bone, and the petite Sirloin steak got an approving nod from Gugu Madlala, CEO of IMBO Magazine. “Good piece of meat”. When the waitress laid down my seafood platter, my eyes widened. The selection of prawns, mussels and fish skewers smelt of exotic herbs, I salivated, not wanting to wait for my fellow patrons to get their meals. Courtesy was secondary; I wanted to dig in immediately. When everyone had been served we sat in a satisfied silence, only broken by comments synonymous to “pass the salt” and “mmmmhm”. (And yes, the glutton that I am did order a burger as a takeaway. It was chicken, it was crumbed, and it was eaten in 30 seconds from parking my car.) The Pinotage a perfect palate cleanser before dessert. Lemon Meringue pie. Instead of a slice, one gets a whole miniature tart, perfect for sharing between two stuffed people. The ice cream soothed the yummy sour lemon centre. The crust thick, yet sweet. A evening well spent and thoroughly enjoyed.

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32 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012


Oscar Pistorius Simone Martufi

Positive defiance and Olympic dreams


orld history is abundant with exceptional individuals who have defied the odds and changed the world. Positive rebellion of sorts, that has moved the human race through the staunchest of eras. If these people had listened to their peers and had in turn responded with, “you’re right, that is a stupid idea”, civilization would have missed out on milestones that have guided us out of oppression, ignorance and . If Edison didn’t defy the odds, we would all be sitting in the dark. Meet Oscar Pistorius, a modern day rebel and South African sports hero that has done the seemingly impossible. A world record holder and gold winning Para-Olympic athlete many times over Oscar has faced setbacks that might deter many of us able bodied persons. Born in Sandton in 1986 to parents Henke and Sheila Pistorious it was decided that at the age of 11months old, both of his legs had to amputated at the knee due to him being born with rare condition resulting in missing fibulas. It is ironic that that the world has categorized him as a “disabled sportsman” yet he says taking to sports was the most natural thing in the world and has been a sportsman since his earliest childhood years. He attended Constantia Kloof primary and Pretoria Boys High School where he excelled in rugby, tennis and water polo. He also took part in Olympic wrestling but after a serious injury he was introduced to running during his physical rehabilitation and found his true athletic calling. It is clear that sports with its competitive nature and drive is the very essence of his being. For Oscar the term doesn’t aptly describe him in any way at all. Having been involved in sports his whole life he thinks of himself as primarily a sportsman and then according to him a very “abled” one indeed. He has been quoted as saying: “You are not disabled by the disabilities that you have, you are able by the abilities that you have”. Oscar’s unique perspective on the world also drives him to be the best human he can be and says that inspiring and motivating people from all walks of life makes him feel fulfilled as a person.

This positive attitude is also constantly reflected in his career as a sportsman which he says is key to achieving any goals. “I’m a fierce competitor and I believe in working hard to achieve your goals. I do everything to 100% of my ability. If I can provide some inspiration this makes me feel fulfilled as a person but as an athlete I’m trying to do my best and go as far as my career takes me.” But Oscar’s triumphs were not without controversy and criticism. The bright light of his achievements threatened to be overshadowed by furor surrounding the use of his prosthetic leg blades known as the Flex Foot Cheetah. They consist of light strong carbon composite made by Ossur of Iceland like j-shaped blades that has earned him the moniker “Blade runner”. His dream was always to be part of the Olympic team and in 2008 he successfully won the right to compete against able bodied athletes after a court ruling overturned the imposed ban from the International Association of Athletics Federation. The ban stated his prosthetics gave him an unfair advantage over other athletes. Unfortunately Oscar did not qualify for the Beijing Olympics that year but says that on the whole people have responded positively to the whole debacle. “I just get on with the job, train hard and be the best athlete I can be.” When asked about his plans for the future its clear there is no dampening of spirit or determination. Currently hard at work with his final training schedules it is evident that his hopes for this years big event, the London 2012 Olympics are very high and his excitement tangible . “The organizing committee has taken great efforts to taking the Paralympics games to new heights and I feel that the games could be my best ever. I’m very lucky to have a great team behind me to support me and keep me grounded.” Oscars list of achievements stand as testimony to the indomitable human spirit that is in every one of us waiting to be unleashed and the importance of striving to achieve ones goals while never ever giving up no matter what.

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IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012 35


Nathi Mbele - A true Inspiration.


athi Mbele is a bright, enthusiastic and creative young entrepreneur from Durban, now living in Cape Town. He is the managing director and co-founder of an advertising company called AdNotes Pty Ltd. It’s a media company that offers national and international brands the opportunity to advertise directly to the student demographic. “Our products and services aim to engage consumers emotionally in order to win not only consumers eyes, but also their minds and hearts. Every time clients use AdNotes, we give a learning tool to an underprivileged school child,” says Nathi. He and his partner Gerald Neves met in 2009 at a roundtable of a global organization called Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE UCT). They soon realized that they shared a passion to help educate our nation and bring hope to South Africans of all backgrounds. “We both instantly recognized in each other the need to give something to the world - AdNotes was born, ” says Mbele. Nathi reckons that the advertising landscape is completely changing. Consumers are getting better at blocking marketing messages and reaching them is challenging. Customers expect more from businesses, and will vote with their wallets if a company’s brand values don’t impress. They see socially responsible advertising initiatives as the solution and that inspired their business idea. Growing up in the township Umlazi outside of Durban, Nathi Mbele never imagined that at the age of 26 he would have started his own company and a non-profitable organisation helping hundreds of people in the townships to also start their own businesses. “Helping others start their business and starting your own business is two completely different stories, Nathi says jokingly. Nathi matriculated from Zwelibanzi high school in 2004 and

36 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

furthered his education at The University of Cape Town. He earned his degree in Business studies, majoring in Economics and Statistics. I wondered what led him to decide on a degree in Business and Economics and learned that he has always been interested in human behavior, their spending habits and the products people choose. “I wanted to end up within the field that can better explain our behavior and Economics and Statistics was the closest choice to offer such experience,” he says. Nathi is the co-founder of Student In Free Enterprise - SIFE (UCT Chapter) in South Africa. SIFE is an international nonprofit organisation that works with leaders in business and higher education to mobilise university students to make a difference in their communities and becoming socially responsible. He is also the SIFE UCT Income Generation Project leader. This project is committed to creating economic opportunities for the people of Khayelitsha through tackling priority of Local Economic Development (LED) areas. “SIFE is a non-profit volunteer driven organisation, but it allowed me to deepen my experience with, and understanding of, social issues in South Africa.” Nathi is very proud of the school he matriculated at and says that his good education played the biggest role in his success today. “A good education is truly the only way to a better future,” Nathi says. Nathi’s advice to young professionals and entrepreneurs is simple: Get involved, associate yourself with like-minded individuals and find good working partners. “I am 99% lucky and 1% ability. They say ‘lucky’ is when preparation meets opportunity; I constantly look for opportunities and prepare to engage them. Mostly I take each and every opportunity on my way very seriously,” Nathi says.


Dam Rom ian an with his immense passion for music he used this as a tool to help young people in the music industry, “We at CryBaby Entertainment are all about giving of our time and offering our services up to the less fortunate” , states Damian.


amian Roman, the CEO of Cry Baby Entertainment. This incredibly artistic music producer has grabbed the chance to uplift the community in various ways. He is always on a mission to better his high standards for quality music. Damian says,” I am so hungry in this game”. This perfectionist has proved his work, working with South Africa’s well known nominated SAMA (South Africa Music Award) winner , Chad Saaiman, and helping him produce and co – wrote the hit song “Tonite” & working with Jimmy Dludlu, Ernie B and Nigel Morkel from Coca Cola Pop stars just to name a few. This fresh independent record music label is only situated in the Mother City and has come back in with full force after; Damian took a break to further his studies in Business and Research to enhance this youthful movement. “I think our greatest achievement is being able to restart the company and see our CryBaby family grow day by day. “ He expresses that, “However I chose to take a step back only to leap forward.” CryBaby Entertainment has been and still is very active with CANSA, Woodside (special care centre), Bonny Town and Na’Afrika where they run programmes to help raise funds and provide entertainment and receive no financial support. Growing up in Retreat, where he has first hand experience of how children grew up and struggling to follow their dreams,

CryBaby Entertainment has found remarkable and talented young individuals that are already signed to the label. “The most important thing I would say is ask God for direction and move from there.” From a very young age he would observe things very closely... during his years at High School and still today he is extremely captivated by well known passed on rappers that our children still pin their ears to. “I was also very influenced by gospel singers and it’s these people that help shaped and mould me as a producer” he says. He started planning and putting together his own shows already starting at high school. In February2012, CryBaby Entertainment has shot their very first Music Video and with Damians “stop-at-nothing” attitude the team will be producing their second Music Video for the year in March. Every two weeks CryBaby entertainment hosts “ Ultimate Jam Sessions” at one of Cape Town’s Hottest clubs where singers, rappers, dancers, music producers, bands and comedians from all over the Western cape to check what Cape Town’s rising stars in the act. CryBaby Entertainment performs at all different events like Carnivals, Fund Raisers, High Schools and Gradations. If you would like to get hold of them you can on or on Facebook, “CryBaby Entertainment”.

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Zambia Asheigh McCulloch


usaka, capital of Zambia is experiencing a blossoming renaissance, notably when they won their first Africa Cup of Nations against the Ivory Coast in February. Since then, the small country has caught the eye of the West. Nestled next to Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, Zambia’s main export has always been its spectacular landscape and wildlife. But their spectacular win in the Cup of Nations has seen a boost in Zambia’s national pride. The last time they reached the final in 1994, it was just a year after 18 Zambian team members died as they took off from Libreville. Before the final, Zambia’s coach, Herve Renard, commented, via the Associated Press, “There’s something written that we have to go to play to honour the memories of the Zambia national team that died in 1993. It was catastrophic for the nation. The 12 million people of Zambia are waiting for us to go back to Libreville. Immediately [after] we arrive, we will go to the place. We just have to think of them and play for them and play for Zambia because it’s a fantastic country.” Following their victory, Zambian captain Christopher Katongo was named Cup of Nations Player of the Tournament. Zambia continues to thrive in their entertainment and culture too. Zone Fam, a popular hip hop group have garnered two nominations at the Global Music Awards, an organisation created to give unsigned musicians a platform and bring music from all corners of the globe together. Additionally, American rocker Bryan Adams has begun backing an organisation that will build schools and hospitals in this country. Economically, Zambia is at its lowest inflation in at least 10 years. “The reduction is mainly attributed to reductions in food and non-alcoholic beverages,” the Central Statistics Office said in a statement (via Reuters).

38 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012


A GENERATION ENTITLED? Ashleigh Testimony Davids


ne of our greatest downfalls as a generation is our feeling of entitlement. We believe opportunities should be readily available to us and that we have a right to everything we want. We adopt a mind set which candidly says, “The world owes me”, some of us do this unconsciously and others are well aware of the complex living within. I’ve learnt that people, will disappoint us at some time or other. Our families will let us down,the education system, government, labour force and market place will fail us, terribly,and yet our lives must go on, our dreams must be made reality and we must live the best lives we can,if we really want to of course. We needs to adopt a change in thought, and realize that our present day and future rest firmly,in our own hands. No one is responsible for you but you! We need to create the opportunities, take the risks, and do what we can, with what we have, even though that may not be a lot,you’d be surprised to know that a little bit of effort, goes a long way. GUIDANCE Obstacles, are an evident part of life. Each individual faces a set of circumstances, comes from a certain background which may express limitations or lack, and deals with day to day challenges as well as periods in life where the course of things doesn’t always run smooth. And? We have to get up

from that! If we do not, we will not, achieve that which we hope to. No one on earth fights our battles for us. We have to strap up our armor, and journey on! The term ‘go getter’ can not only be coined by a certain individual of a certain creed. Your circumstance does not determine whether or not you can rise to this role, your character does. It starts with simple things like thoughts, and choices, and implementation of both of those. Therefore a rich kid from Sandton and young one growing up in the dusty streets of The Cape Flats can both meet each other at this point. If your heart beats for something better, and something bigger, and you are willing to work, you’ve got this! You can do what you can, with what you have, right where you are! Yebo yes, perhaps you’re barely scraping through Varsity, maybe you live in poor conditions, have gang violence or other social ills draping the walls of your life. Yet, even amidst all of that, you can excel! It is right there, in your current location, where you can make things happen for yourself, your present and future. Don’t wait for circumstance to change, for things to get better, you need to step up and make them better! Procrastination plagues our generation to the core. The longer we delay effort on our part, the longer we delay seeing the returns of our investment. A banker will always tell you to save as EARLY as you can, for AS LONG as you can, in order to achieve maximum results, the same applies with going out there, and getting yours. Start, TODAY!

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Campus connect

Art from the Heart Nastasha Daniels


he aim of the humanearth exhibitions is to raise awareness for the ways in which we harm the planet and also the ways that we live in harmony with nature. in other words, the exhibition series aims to explore the theme of human interaction with nature. The exhibitions are organized, lead and curated by Nastasha Daniels. They rely on the support and cooperation of different organisations, individuals, companies and communities throughout South Africa.

05 March 2012 – 31 March 2012 Opening | 18:30 Participating Artists | Elnette Viljoen Tamzyn Varney Janet Ranson Larita Engelbrecht Janet Botes Nina Faasen Curated by Nastasha Daniels

HUMANEARTH III: FIRST MATERIAL -curated by Nastasha Daniels (exhibition view). Works by Larita Engelbrecht and Tamzyn Varney.

the exhibitions were initiated by the former ecojunki movement/network, which was focused on raising awareness for human responsibility and unity with nature, and encouraging related change. HumanEarth III | First Material AT US Gallery Stellenbosch

40 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

Proposition | An exhibition in which artist’s re-establish conventions pertaining to materials The conventions addressed in this exhibition traverse vari ous sectors, such as the social or human understanding of clothes/material as an indicator of status. Also our understanding of the physical limitations and capabilities of certain fabrics is explored; as well as the

Campus connect HUMANEARTH III: FIRST MATERIAL - curated by Nastasha Daniels. Tamzyn Varney. Untitled (Septic veil: Cathedral length), 2011.Chiffon, velvet, liquid latex casts, mutton cloth, cotton thread, elastic thread,antiseptic solution, steel dish, fish line, food colouring. 264 x 60 cm

counter act or enhance the affect of said elements. Janet Ranson simultaneously explores the evolution of human society and as a result it’s evolving relationship with its surroundings. She forces ‘Human’ and ‘Earth’ together through her works entitled Hanging Trees and Toxic Growth. She forces the viewer to contemplate her choice of material and their physical relationship to each other.

human relationship with raw materials and human adaptation of these fabrics in order for our bodies to navigate the environment.


amzyn Varney has chosen off –cuts to explore the tentative relationship between human beings and the environment and how this relationship plays out in social dynamics. Her work represents the evolution of Earth sourced, raw materials to signify a state of human, social iconography. Her work ‘SepticVeil’ reveals the transformation of the accepted clothing item, the veil, into something grotesque and somehow socially unacceptable. This highlights the human attempt to regulate each other, as well as the environment.

Nina Faasen, Janet Ranson and Janet Botes have collaborated in agroup land art initiative. The interaction is staged at an abandoned house between manipulated materials (cement, PVA, bricks, etc) and its existing counterparts (sand, grass, weeds, etc) to produce work relevant to the basic interplay between human (material) and Earth material. Ultimately, this exhibition intends to explore existing physical and conceptual links between humans, materials and fabrics and establish others.

‘Septic Veil’ exposes human social iconography as representative of humans’ interactions with the Earth. Elnette Viljoen combines discarded umbrellas and industrial felt to highlight the existence and possible destruction of the land under the weight of heavy human hands. The heavy, grey, industrial feltsimultaneously represents the occupation of Humans on the Earth and the landscape itself. She literally exploits the nature of the chosen material in order to represent the landscape; and the mode in which the Earth may be disturbed by human activity. Larita Engelbregt explores the physiological needs and abilities of human bodies through handmade felt sculptures. She explores the influence of surrounding elements on the human body and the successive use of raw materials to

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42 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012


Journalism stand you in good stead should you want should want to seek out conflicting opinions to get further in your career in the long on controversial issues. You should always term. be curious. JOURNALISTS ARE INHERENTLY PEOPLE OF PRINCIPLE. THEY ARE CONCERNED WITH THE TRUTH, AND IN PRESENTING THE TRUTH IN AS ACCURATELY A WAY AS POSSIBLE.

This truth can come in the form of reporting a real-life crisis situation, giving the details of what happened to the tee, or interviewing a famous person and capturing their character based on real observations recorded in a non-judgemental way.


good journalist is a recorder, someone who relates and records everything, from the mundane to the extraordinary, with the same detail and meticulousness each time. So to be a successful journalist demands that you know how to do this – you need to study or do a course on how to write in this sort of way. A course on feature writing, or news reporting is a good start. Some of the longer diplomas and degrees will offer you more of a perspective on the field you are going into – media studies, for example, will give you a broad view of the media and why it’s important in society, how it moves opinion and influences political debate. This sort of knowledge will

If you are concerned with the world, as a journalist you need to guard your role and keep your independence in situations where this can sometimes be difficult. ou need to be a person of strong moral character and someone who is not afraid to stand alone. Every day journalists are tempted to write about people in favourable waysin order to further their career, or protect their reputation – but this is a no-no in journalism. It’s what we call a conflict of interest, and in order to keep the press independent, and working well in a democracy, a journalist needs to guard his or her own independence all the time.


In most journalism courses, there is a large section on ethics – and learning these ethics means making them a part of your choices every day. It’s not easy. If you want to be a journalist, you need to have an open mind. You need to value every person’s humanity, even the people who have made mistakes. Having in your hand the power of the pen means that you must use it responsibly, and give everyone a chance to be heard, from the powerful to those who have no power.

You also need to know when to let go of your own strong opinions on certain issues. If you are reporting on a community about which you have a strong opinion, it might be best to give the story to someone else. This is because you stand in danger of becoming a ‘crusading’ journalist, attaching yourself to a certain cause and becoming almost one-eyed, focussing on nothing else. This is a dangerous position to be in, because you lose sight of balance and objectivity, the crucial tenements of good journalism. So to be a good journalist, you need to know yourself pretty well, and be able to keep those opinions of yours in check. Most of all, being a journalist is a people-centred career. You should love people. All your efforts on your stories will be team efforts. From your sources to your editors, your work will be meeting up with people every step of the way – so traits like empathy (being able to walk in someone else’s shoes and recognise their humanness) to modesty and sensitivity, to being able to take criticism, to negotiating your way in a charming and honest way, should be part of your personality. You need to be patient – and don’t expect to be famous. Expect to be good.


ou need to be able to do this Karen Jayes is a lecturer in journalism and without judging what they are creative writing at CityVarsity School of saying – or trying very hard not to - and Media and Creative Arts. without writing in a biased way. You

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Quants Analyst: Intern

Do you want to be part of the leading Quants Team in the country? Our client is a major player in the investment arena and they are looking for motivated Quants Analyst with a high aptitude for numbers. Use your striking academics achieved in your Bsc Statistics Degree / Actuarial Degree to complement this  impressive Quants team. The position requires the expertise of a young professional who is passionate about becoming part of something special. The role will develop into a career path that will afford you a high degree of autonomy  and will provide you with great reward for individual success. Please note that applications without academic transcripts/ academic results will not be considered. Email your CV to Tarryn Armist at

Engineering Internship/ Brits North west Province Robert Bosch Pty Ltd . Requirements : mechanical, industrial or B engineering degree. \Skills : engineering and technical skills relevant to production design and re –design process. Project planning, costing, analyzing, management and co-ordinating skills , analytical skills.Please note this is a 1 Year fixed period contract. Please submit your CV and copy of completed qualification to fax: 012 250 3022 or email

Hospitality Internships

YDP, a Cape Town based recruitment company,  are now recruiting for luxury hotels & resorts in the USA. If you want to further your career with international experience, then this opportunity is for you. Allan Gray Internships We are currently looking for front office, food & beverage Cape Town and all levels of chefs. In order to apply, you will need to We are looking for a few outstanding individuals to be inbe a South African citizen with an excellent command of terns. These interns should be those starting their careers in the English Language, aged between 18 and 30, hold a one or two years time (should be in their final and penultitertiary qualification in hospitality or culinary and have an mate year of study) in B.Com, B.Bus.Sc, B.Sc. (Actuarial Scihave overall driving ambition to succeed in your career. ence) and Computer Science students with excellent grades  Booking essentials for personal consultations. i.e. 65- 70% accumulative GPA (average). Cape Town (YDP regional office) They will work in a set area, however will have access to 22 Waterkant street (entrance in Sea Street) senior people in the business. The internship will be short 1st Floor term (2-4 weeks) during the June vacation period. Jobs will Cape Town be around the of : Administration , Client Service , Distribu- Tel: 021 440 5160 tion and Information Technology. Email: Apply with your CV online using the following link : http:// Internship Media 24 Pretoria Cape Town FoodPods Consultant intern (Volunteer) Grahamstown  Business Consulting Organisation: Heart  Western Cape Wood Stock Cape Town Requirements : to be a final year student in any degree We create, incubate and accelerate high impact high Job categories involve IT , Statistics, Management Services growth social enterprises that work long term on the , Publishing , Media and the performing Arts. ground where it matters most. This is a fantastic opportunity Candidates should mail their CV and a motivational cover to gain some work experience at a dynamic business that letter to : will make a real difference in the lives of many people. Visit us on applications close on 12th August 2011 Send Cv’c and a cover letter to

44 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

OPPOrTUNITIES Content Writer Internships Xcellent Media Cape Town Job categries involve Advertising, Marketing and PR Publishing, Media and Performing Arts Description : • Content for all our in house projects/websites and any content needed for clients (working alongside Head content writer)  • Blog entries for several sites, Twitter, Facebook, G+ Entries  • Engaging with social media accounts of clients and internal sites.  Email CV to Internship Medical Physicist Groote Schuur Hospital Cape Town Requirements - Minimum Educational Qualifications: An appropriate qualification that allows for registration with the HPCSA as Medical Physicist (Intern) and  registration with the Health Profession Council of South Africa as a Medical Physicist Intern.The candidate will undergo internship training for a minimum of two years as an intern medical physicist according to the HPCSA-accredited training program at Groote Schuur Hospital.The candidate is expected to take part in all quality control, dosimetry, brachytherapy and radiation protection calculations and measurements performed in the Division. Directions to Candidates: Applications on form Z83 containing full particulars (separate sheet if necessary) regarding qualifications and experience, should be accompanied by certified copies of qualifications, driver’s licence, together with a Curriculum Vitae CV), and the names of three referees, must be forwarded to the address as indicated. CVs will not be returned, Excess personnel will receive preference. Candidates are requested to complete Section B of the form Z83. The information is required to enable the Department to ensure employment equity is complied with in accordance with EEA, 1998. It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time and place as determined by the department. Please note the vacancy will be open until the 7th September 2012 until the post is filled. Applications to : The Chief Executive Officer:  Groote Schuur Hospital Private Bag X4 Observatory, 7935 (For the attention: Ms F Safodien) Enquiries to : Dr TC Kotzé 

Tel: 021 404 6266/75 Fax: 021 404 6269  E-mail:  Tourism Learnership Cape Town /City Bowl Requirements: Grade 12 / Matric High school Studies or further tertiary studies in Tourism Experience in the Tourism sector Age between 18 and 35 Very Good Communnication Skills  Customer Service Skills Valid Drivers License - advantages Ref : Contact : Melissa Van Rooy 021 422 1114 Business Internship/Final year student CRF institute Cape Town Requirements: a degree ideally Bcom or BSci At least one years part time work experience Good telephone manner Ref: advert Ad ID 359740404 Senior Acturial Apprentice Bruma Finance Gauteng/Johannesburg Requirements: Undergraduate degree Bsc Acturial Sciences Applicants must have · the ability to calculate EV’s · thourough analytical skills · knowledge of prophet modeling system · business support across all BU’s and ad hoc assignments · minimum of 5 core technical exams completed · proficiency in Microsoft word, excel and internet To apply please call 011 622 2723 and ask for Joy Nkuna Or log in to the website 6 months Apprenticeship IT technician Absolute Computer Solutions Cape Town city center requirements : matric in Maths Applicants must be warm , friendly , persistent and self organized. They must also have a passion for all things digital and

IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012 45

OPPOrTUNITIES work well under pressure Salary : apprenticeship salary plus petrol allowance Mail your CV to :

GENERAL JOBS Credit Controller We are looking for a Credit Controller for a well-known retail company situated in Epping. Duties • Collecting of outstanding customer payments • Calculating discounts due • Reconciling accounts • Processing journals • Liaising with customers • Resolving outstanding queries on the account • Allocating payments on the customer accounts • Daily sales calculations - calculating the Net Sales and Gross Margin of the company • Applying for customer credit limits with our Credit Insurance Company . Location: Cape Town Western Cape  Salary: Negotiable  Date: 15 March 2012 Please forward your CV fax it to 086 710 3580 JUNIOR HR/WAGES Administrator AA PASTEL PARTNER WAGES AND METAL INDUSTRY modules knowledge ESS-NO CHANCERS without this exp you do not need to apply! Would suit an AA person living in Roodepoort/Fleurhof/Lenasia/Ennerdale. HR Degree/ Diploma an advantage. Own car+Drivers License.Excellent English,Admin,Communication & Excellent Organizational Skills and Administration ability.Call Wynonie or e-mail DETAILED CV to wynonie clements : . Location: Florida, Roodepoort - Gauteng  Salary: R10000-12000  Jnr Bookkeeper Company seeks dynamic lady (EE) with Matric minimum 3 years previous debtors and creditor experience. Must have worked on Pastel and Excel. Duties include: debtors, creditors, general ledger, recons, VAT, administration. Urgent! Own vehicle and valid drivers license. Melrose Arch , Gauteng Email cv to :

Junior Legal Advisor Cape Town - This position for a female is with a leading FMCG group. Qualified as a conveyancer and with conveyancing exp Some commercial exposure would be good - but not more than 1 - 2 yrs exp. Please email CV’s to :

46 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

HR /RECRUITMENT Medacs Healthcare is a Specialist Medical Recruitment Agency providing Medical staff to hospitals and Private Practices. We currently require a Recruitment consultant for a 24 hour service at our office based in Tokai, Cape Town. Hours are currently envisaged to be 13H00-22H00 (this may change as the need requires).The successful candidate would be required to book candidates for shifts at night as well as obtain the relevant compliance documents. This role will initially commence on a Part time basis. Would ideally suit a new graduate or student looking to learn about the industry and earn money whilst studying. Interested candidates are requested to email CV to: Melissa Cloete

Junior Journalist/Sub-editor Title: Junior Journalist/Sub-editor Area:  Centurion Salary:  R10k One of largest IT websites in South Africa serving the local market with technology and business technology news with the largest online community in the country.  This candidate must be passionate in the Technology and IT field. Requirements: Matric Relevant Tertiary Degree or Diploma Previous relevant experience  For more information, send your CV and skills matrix to subject line: HB Junior Journalist)

Junior eMarketing Account Manager Junior eMarketing Account Manager required for agency based in Jo’burg North

OPPOrTUNITIES The Junior eMarketing Account Manager is responsible for helping to manage customer accounts utilising electronic marketing capabilities. This includes managing new business from existing clients and assisting the Senior Account Manager in achieving the account objectives for each client.  This position has the following areas of focus:Business Development, Campaign Management The candidate must: •Be able to compile concepts and proposals for presentation to specific client audiences.  •Be confident to sell him/herself and the company’s capabilities.  •Have excellent written and spoken communication skills.  •Have a proven track record of building healthy customer relationships.  •Have proven intermediate to advanced skills in Microsoft Office Suite, specifically Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Salary: R10 - 12 000 p/m depending on experience If you would like to apply for this position, please email a copy of your CV to 

2. Junior Sales Consultant Randburg Gauteng The successful applicant will seek out and pursue company and project business opportunities to ensure the long term sustainability of the business. Requirements We are looking for an individual that has: • a broad knowledge of business; • the ability to work independently and with a team; • superb relationship building skills; • proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office programs; • excellent communication, presentation and negotiation skills; • driver’s license and own transport; • minimum 3 years business-to-business sales experience; • an MBA or post graduate qualification in Human Resources/Communications will be advantageous. Emails cv’s to B COMM Graduates A well established company in Kimberley is seeking for B Com Marketing Graduates. Salary is highly negotiable. Email CV’s to :

English Teachers We are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic persons’ to teach English to 2-12 year children in China. The person/s must have a passion for working with young children. Requirement/Experience Fluent in English 2 year teaching experience BA Degree (any)/4 year teaching diploma Training will be provided upon arrival in China. Signing on bonus of +-7000 Basic salary of R12000 Housing allowance Email CV’s to : 3. University graduates (any major) needed to teach English in Georgia (near Turkey) We offer a 120hr TEFL course that is fully-accredited and internationally recognised and all completed online for around R1800. Prepaid flights, free housing, 130 positions available per month. Couples and friends welcome! A once-in-a-lifetime experience! No recruiting fees charged to you! Candidates from South Africa, UK, Ireland, EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand only Email CVs to : English Teachers We are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic persons’ to teach English to 2-12 year children in China. The person/s must have a passion for working with young children. Requirement/Experience Fluent in English 2 year teaching experience BA Degree (any)/4 year teaching diploma Training will be provided upon arrival in China. Signing on bonus of +-7000 Basic salary of R12000 Housing allowance Email CV’s to : University graduates (any major) needed to teach English in Georgia (near Turkey) We offer a 120hr TEFL course that is fully-accredited and internationally recognised and all completed online for around R1800. Prepaid flights, free housing, 130 positions available per month. Couples and friends welcome! A once-in-a-lifetime experience! No recruiting fees charged to you! Candidates from South Africa, UK, Ireland, EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand only Email CVs to : Graduate Engineer (Secunda) Requirements: The engineering disciplines should be in completed electri-

IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012 47

OPPOrTUNITIES cal (light current)and/or electronic B Tech or Degree.


The target individuals must be willing to travel and work away from their home base for extended periods.

A definite stepping stone for a willing and meticulous B Bus Sci or B. Com (M/Sc) to compliment a dedicated group of risk and performance professionals at a leading Asset Management firm! Your strong analytical and programming skills, exposure to risk and performance systems and a passion for financial markets will gain you invaluable experience and exposure to the world of finance!  One year’s experience in a similar role along with experience in Bloomberg is a definite benefit!

The target individuals must have a passion for instrumentation and control. If you meet the minimum requirements please e- mail your CV or if you know someone that may be interested please feel free to forward this email onto them

Send your CV to Nicky Harrison at research@capitala. Junior Developer Woodstock R8 000 – R12 000 Our client is currently experiencing rapid growth and there is significant scope for the successful candidate to use his / her creativity to create new opportunities and products for the company. Requirements: Matric

Title: Graduate / Junior Java Developer Area: Cape Town CBD Salary: Negotiable Are you passionate about all things Java? Does the word mobile get you excited? Are you looking for a challenge and growth and do you have the education to make it happen?

Relevant degree / diploma / courses

Educational Requirements:




Relevant Degree/Diploma with excellent results (NOT NEGOTIABLE)

mySQL preferably 2 years experience A strong numerical competency would be preferable. You will be working in a team but should show high levels of creativity and initiative and be able to work without much supervision. Only candidates with long term goals need to apply.   For more information, call Sam on 021 551 0378 and send your CV to (email subject line: SH Junior Dev)

Skill Requirements: Strong Java 5 SE or greater language skills SQL skills Linux skills Good understanding of database concepts Understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle Duties: Create and maintain documentation but not write epic novels Follow client specifications, attend meetings and sessions

48 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

OPPOrTUNITIES Develop according to object oriented design principles Ensure code is robust using industry proven methodologies and tools Support and maintain applications Debug and fix software faults or any disturbances in the source Optimize system performance Work with the team or independently when required depending on the mission ·         Remain current on Java development or changes : for more information, call Nikki on 021 551 0378 and send your CV and skills matrix to (email subject line: ND Java Developer CT)

time to time international travel may be required for training and/or to assist with other projects around the world.  KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & EXPERIENCE Essential Knowledge of the following: · · · · · · ·

Databases Real-Time software systems Mobile Computing oMicrosoft Project, Excel and Access Highly developed computer literacy Fluent in French and English Previous work in the mining industry .Please apply online

Employment Benefits Broker Consultant Junior Technical Services IT Engineer An International Mining company is looking for a Junior Technical Service Engineer. The System is used to monitor, control and record production and machine health information for the mining fleets. A typical System deployment consists of a Microsoft SQL Server database and Mining System front end applications communicating in real time to mobile computers on the mining equipment via Mesh or WLAN wireless network.   MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS / QUALIFICATION: · A tertiary or similar qualification in Electronics /

Mechatronics / Computer Engineering · or related IT or Mining Discipline · or extensive practical experience to an equivalent

level. South African “B” Class Driver’s License (Manual) MUST BE Fluent in French and English Ability to pass South African Workers Medical   Software Developers Administration and Accounting This role allows the employee to be required to work with or without other engineers in the Africa Office in Pretoria and on sites. · A significant amount of travel is required in this role. The travel is predominantly to provide onsite support services to African clients; however, from · · · · · ·

Embark on an exciting career move for this new breed of short term commercial & personal lines insurer who are at the forefront of empowerment and transformation.  They seek the crème de la crème, Employment Benefits Broker Consultants who have excellent sales experience via an established and “own” network of brokers.  If you have the passion for success and wish to reap lucrative rewards and would like to apply for the position, then please send your CV to Nicky Harrison at or call (021) 419-4800


Part Time Maths tutor required Rosebank Cape Town Go to to apply Assistant Dog Groomer Constantia Go to to apply Part time sales assistant Tygervalley Go to to apply Part time retail assistant Cape Town Go to to apply Electronic Engineering student wanted for part time work Montague Gardens Cape Town Go to to apply

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arch was an action-packed month for South Africa’s favourite sport. From the Six Nations to the Vodacom Cup and everything in-between, there was more than enough rugby to keep one happy.

1. Having started at the end of February, the Super Rugby tournament has got off to a scintillating start. Local heroes the Stormers have won their first 3 games and sit in 2nd place on the log. The Bulls were not far behind and sat in 5th place on the log but their next match against the Reds was testing.The Six Nations tournament came to a close on the 17th, with Wales winning the tournament just 2 points ahead of rivals England. Ireland finished in 3rd position with France and Italy in 4th and 5th respectively. Bringing up the rear was Scotland who failed to win a single game.

2. Only 5 unbeaten teams remained after two rounds of the 2012 Vodacom Cup. Having started at the beginning of March, this is the 15th edition of the annual domestic cup competition. The Eastern Province Kings sat at the top of the Southern Section table having played and won their opening 2 games. On top of the Northern Section table were Griquas..

Cricket 1. Having already won the Twenty-20 as well as the ODI series against New Zealand in their own backyard, the Proteas are looking to make it a clean sweep by beating New Zealand in the test series. The 7th of this month saw the first test drawn after a rain-interrupted game of cricket in soggy Dunedin. However, the 2nd test, which took place from the 15th to the 19th, was easily won by our

50 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

boys. A 9 wicket victory with more than 2 days to spare shows good signs for the 3rd and final test in Wellington, beginning on the 22nd. 2. The MiWay T20 Challenge was well and truly under way. It was the premier Twenty-20 cricket competition in South Africa and the Bizhub Highveld Lions sat in top spot, having won 7 out of their opening 11 fixtures. The 21st saw 3 fixtures being played with the Sunfoil Dolphins taking on the Nashua Mobile Cape Cobras, the New Age Impi battling it out against the Bizhub Highveld Lions and the Nashua Titans going up against the Chevrolet Warriors.

food for thought



he waist high concrete walls blur into your peripherals from the driver’s seat. Across from the school, the homeless children peer though the unforgiving crevices of it, where the cold has crept its way through, like poisonous vines, penetrating the grey cotton blankets they sleep under. The green fence a window to an impossible future. Some things only happen to other people. From beneath the dusty grass that has pushed its way through the cracks, a mother breastfeeds her child, watching the cars pass by without noticing them, hunched over each other intheir only shelter from the infamous Cape Doctor. Walking up the steep pavement and looking through the fence, I feel as if I am intruding. Walking into someone house, uninvited.

education. I stood there, peering through a fence at human beings, in awe. At the zoo.Surprised when these creatures reacted like, well, people. I expected them to accept my behaviour, because subconsciously, they should know that I was better than them. Right? The woman covered her breast. This surprised me. Then I surprised myself. When did I stop noticing people just because they aren’t in my social group? Am I personally ignorant, or am I a product of a secretly prejudice society? That’s when I really noticed the thick concrete wall between us. They were keeping me out. A friend and I sat down there for a while; the metaphor of the situation evaded her completely. This was an assignment; we were pseudo reporters and needed descriptions. I felt uneasy. A man, possibly the woman’s partner, though I felt too flushed to ask, sat down on a brick next to her, passing her a few coins, pulled from the side pocket of his off white corduroy trouser. She smiled at him and said a few words.

With notepad in hand I start jotting down the first adjectives that pop into my head. I am engrossed in my own poetic bubble, inspecting them, making notes about my new subjects. Then it hits me. They are staring at me quizzically. Who is this trespasser staring at us through the wire? They kiss and chat away in a dialect of I immediately feel ashamed. Afrikaans ignoring our presence at their window. I think of how I wash my hand after giving money to people like them. If I even contact their fingertips I sanitise I wouldn’t go into the dwelling of a working profusely. class man and stare him down. I made I wonder how often successful people no appointment. I didn’t introduce myself. wash their hands. I’m done peering I just walked straight up to the corner through the fence. This task seems more where they sleep, eat, live, and I stared. introspective. We’ve all been on the other side of the fence at some time. The world seems to measure your humanity by your possessions. I HOPE IT ISN’T COLD TONIGHT. They judge your soul by the extent of your

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I AM EUGENE “SPARE WHEEL” MATHEWS, THE TAXI’S RESIDENT HOMOSEXUAL. I DON’T DO MUCH AT THE TAXI HENCE MY NICKNAME… A few months ago a couple of friends and I were having a chat about nothing in particular, when the topic of Aids came up and soon a rather controversial question came up. I asked them a question which has been bugging me for months; I asked my friends who they thought would be the first to catch the dreaded disease.

“ “ In hindsight the question might have been of poor taste and a little immature. My friends were stunned, as expected and wondered why I would ask such a morose question?


The answer is I wanted to start a dialogue amongst ourselves and the people we love about HIV and Aids. This dialogue should encourage safe sex and the regular testing for HIV. We should encourage the understanding of the virus and should so as to eradicate the fear we might have towards anyone with the virus, whether it is a person with HIV or any STI. Going for an Aids test and talking about the experience should not be an event filled with shame but one as common and judgement-free as a dental check-up.

BEHIND IT | @eugenemmathews

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The Taxi Joyride with Nick Plummer is live every Saturday morning from 9-12 – listen or interact online, or just drop by the studio in The Old Biscuit Mill.

and the journey’s end will often witness passengers emerging as if they’ve just climbed off a rollercoaster, ready for another ride. Our taxi will take you where you want to go, sometimes to places you didn’t know existed, or occasionally to places that you need to go to. Our taxi also stops for no-one. Our taxi doesn’t obey the speed limit. THAT’S OUR TAXI.

Our Taxi is a community. The brainchild of Soli Philander, one of South Africa’s most popular personalities, it reflects It will use all means of getting into the his personality, his passion and his style. flow of traffic, and getting out of it again. It started life as a popular interactive It travels at the speed limit twice per trip facebook page, and – once on the way up to light speed, and has evolved into a much bigger sentient again on the way back down. being; a global community; an internet radio station Our taxi is a vehicle used by people from all walks of life, to get from here to there, a much bigger sentient being; a as a barometer of how we want to live global community; an internet radio our lives. station; online media; social media; a Our taxi is usually very full, very noisy,

television programme and hands-on in-your-faceprogramme and hands-on in-your-face real community outreach, development and involvement, making a difference. OUR Taxi brings everyone together for the ride of their lives, every day of the week. Entertaining, informative, eyeopening, hilarious, tear-jerking, unafraid, unfettered and ready to rock. That’s how we roll. OUR TAXI IS NO ONE PERSON, NO ONE IDEA, NO ONE PRINCIPLE, NO ONE COLOUR, NO ONE CREED, NO ONE SOCIO-ECONOMIC GROUP. IT IS ALL OF THESE. ON OUR TAXI, LSM STANDS FOR LIVE SOCIAL MEDIA. WE ARE THE TAXI.

listen | | facebook: thetaxi | facebook: taxijoyride | twitter: @TheTaxiWP | twitter: @TaxiJoyride

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Incredible Ibiza- the Party Pilgramidge Simone Martufi



o Ibiza does indeed exist and those of us who have made it to the shores of this hedonistic heaven it almost becomes something akin to a pilgrimage.

Nestled in the warm inviting Mediterranean Sea, its sunsets and care free atmosphere are the stuff of legends. Here all lovers of electro and dance music come together and can revel in the offerings from new exciting Djs and producers from all over the world, undiscovered talent as well as big name headlining acts who battle it out on the decks for DJ supremacy.   Its incredibly assessable form almost anywhere in Europe and if you already happen to be in Spain it’s only a 45 minute flight from the mainland. The first thing one gets inundated with when landing in Ibiza airport are the flyers for various clubs and parties happening all around the island that you pick up along with your luggage. From the moment you land its game on and you will already be planning your evening’s fiestas in fervor of excitement. It’s a small island and can drive round it in  approximately three hours or so but getting around by bus can be a little complicated however there are plenty of taxis available and is the transport of choice. Many tourists come seeking sun and wild nightlife, and if it’s your first time, you don’t really know what to expect but this is one place that far exceeds any expectation

56 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

For sure you know you will encounter insane parties, inebriated revelers, stunning beaches and a phenomenal music scene but you will also be in fact floored by the majestic beauty of the island and the friendliness of the locals. You will also meet the islands alter ego, that of its more chilled out hippy self and a dedicated artsy set. Its true Ibiza’s reputation pays homage to the stereotypical party animal but the local government has been working hard to promote other more relaxed and family friendly aspects of the Island. It has a fine selection of low key family orientated holiday resorts and towns like Talamanca dotted all over the island

TRAVEL PIECE where Spanish families vacation and the wealthy dock their super yachts. The shopping is wonderful in all areas of the island and shops range from flea market style stalls and shops selling jewelry or cds to up market boutiques housing designer beachwear.    It’s truly wonderful that the island has so many different spots catering to all budgets and personalities. If you want the maddening party atmosphere with a small slice of Mediterranean character then San Antonio is the place to be. If you like bohemian chic then stay in Ibiza old town with its charming cobbled walkways and bougainvillea draped wrought iron balconettes that add a pop of colour to the white facades. Similarly there are many different night spots to visit depending on your mood and music tastes. If you like a more chilled laid back atmosphere and a real Latin flavor then head to the Playa den Bossa strip where chic beach restaurants clear the furniture after dark and spin some sexy tropical style house music.

If you are seeking big crowds and super hype then the world famous clubs like Pasha, Amnesia and Space will not disappoint. Here live body painted Go Go dancers put on a show and are a staple part of the night’s entertainment. WHILE ACCOMMODATION CAN BE AFFORDABLE, ALCOHOL AND CLUB ENTRANCE IS STEEP. EXPECT TO PAY AT LEAST TEN EUROS FOR A BEER AND ABOUT THIRTY AT THE DOOR. One thing the traveler must absolutely do when in Ibiza, if it can at all be managed , go to bed early to catch the ferry to spend the day on Formentera a tiny little islet  just an hours ride away. It is a welcome oasis of calm to Ibiza’s frenetic energy and totally worth the little bit of sea sickness courtesy of the choppy ferry ride to lay eyes on such exquisite untouched beaches. There are various inexpensive bus tours available from the port that will allow you to spend some time frolicking in the piercing blue waters before whisking you away to the cliffs for some awesome pictures and then dropping you at a gorgeous little port café for a lunch of

fresh octopus salad, grilled snapper and a giant glass of home made sangria. Whatever your palette, Ibiza has something for everyone and is a magnificently beautiful and non stop fun holiday destination. It is guaranteed to make the traveler fall in love with life. Long after the holiday is over the memory of blissful days spent lying in a hammock with a chilled glass of sangria while some lounge beats gently lull your senses will get one through the dullest day and have you pledging silently to oneself to return to its shores someday.

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10 must have gadgets for students Amanda Mtuli A mix of gadgets for die-hard ‘straight A’ students to the versatile ‘I’m making it’ students. These gadgets are some of the many out there that are breaking through the market to making the learning process fun and educational. Now that’s what’s up!


Livescribe Pulse


he Livescribe Pulse is a smart-pen that records whatever you are writing – class notes, memos, etc. – and can then be uploaded on to your computer. The Livescribe Pulse can also make an audio recording of what you have written. After downloading your writing on to the computer, you can simply tap on a section and it will be read back to you. It can hold up to 200 hours of audio on its 2GB (gigabyte) version.

1 2 2 58 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

im Watch


heck out the im Watch timepiece from Italy that has the aesthetics to go along with the hardware. While being nearly the same size as that of the iPod nano. im Watch will feature music-playback capability, Twitter and Facebook clients, weather reports, access to an app store and Bluetooth connectivity for use with your smartphone. Guess you can say that luxury is the main selling point of the im Watch, with basic models starting from R2,316.00 upwards, depending on your material of choice


Projection Clock


aving an alarm clock that does more than just wake you up in the morning is a definite plus. Many of the latest alarm clocks offer a variety of special gadget features. The Projection Alarm Clock and Weather Monitor not only keeps accurate time, but also measures the temperature and displays weather forecast icons on its face. This is a neat gadget to have around during exams for those who snooze more than they should. <<<We see you. Wake up!

3 4



Tab Top PC


his device is a household name in India and the environs not for one thing that, its cool design and user friendly interface. Milagrow Humantech (creators) announced that this breaking through gadget has the potential to replace all desktop, laptops or other tablets for your computing, information, networking and entertainment needs. Milagrow TabTop Pc is power packed with the latest features, Full HD, HDMI, USB host, USB 2.0 SD card, LAN connectivity and fully loaded over 50 applications for various needs. Ok, can you say “full house” wow I wonder who’ll be stepping out into the club scene? Hmmm!

Victornox USB


USB flash drives have made saving and transporting files from one computer to another smooth and easy. One of the newest memory sticks, made by Victorinox, comes with a whole terabyte, or TB, of storage space, which is more than enough room for writing files, music, and anything else you wish to back-up and move about. It’s all about the storage space. Think about it? Yes, got to have it!

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Mobee Magic Feet


oing wireless is obviously where weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re headed to, and this also applies to wireless charging capabilities of devices these days. The Mobee Magic Feet inductive charging system does just that, where it will be able to juice up the batteries which send power to your Bluetooth keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad â&#x20AC;&#x201C; wirelessly. Even better news is you do not need to remove the batteries in the first place.

6 7

Nintendo 3DS


o longer the sole preserve of children, the multitasking Nintendo 3DS is the perfect travel companion for adults too. Features include a 3D depth slider, two built-in screens, a circle pad, a built-in motion sensor and gyro sensor, and a 2GB memory card. Everybody needs a little rest once in a while. This little baby right here is great to unwind yet keeping you in the loop.

7 8

Portable hard drives


nother gadget for students is the portable hard drives. These gadget works in an excellent way, letting you save files for future use without hassle while you can also take the device along with you to anywhere.

60 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012





here are countless numbers of them out there, but some are outstanding when compared to others. The Nokia Lumia 900 and other phones such as Sony Xperia and the likes are cool smart looking phones for students this season. Not forgetting the likes of Blackberry and iPhone, which have been dominating the mobile space since they debuted.





aptops have become a necessity for university students, with new deluxe models appearing on the market every year. The latest innovation in personal computing is the iPad from Apple. Offering all the features and functions of a laptop or notebook, the iPad is completely portable and internet accessible. The iPad also can double as an e-reader, which will prove very useful as textbooks become more and more expensive. This is a chic item and it literally takes its own life.Even top fashion houses can’t resist “dressing up this apple.” The likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent are just a few designers who’ve taken to styling accessories for this gadget.




reviews book Shana Genever

The Knowit-all A. J. Jacobs A.J Jacobs is an entertainment journalist at one of London’s top tabloids. But as a graduate and quick-witted, semi-smart individual, ten years after University…. Is that enough? The book centers on the egos of the educated and realistically mimics the mindset of the majority of the working class, “what happened to my life?” It hilariously points out all the flaws we try to rationalize about ourselves on a day to day basis. It makes you question whether you’re really as smart as you used to be when you were young. This book is a true account of real-life Journalist A. J. Jacobs challenging attempt to get through an entire series of the encyclopedia Britannica while being an active husband and functional member of society. It is a hilarious feel good read that any scholar can relate to and it emphasizes the effects of media and celebrity influence on the minds of a supposedly educated society. It ridicules how after university people lose half the information they have learnt, and it gets pushed out of the mind to be replaced by who in tinsel town hasn’t worn underwear on a night of debauchery. This book is informative, as it actually provides entries from the Bri-

62 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

tannica, made readable by the comments and witticisms woven into the facts. He starts the first chapter with “I know the name of Turkey’s leading avant-garde publication. I know that Bud Abbott was a double-crosser and John Quincy Adams married for money. I know that there’s a heated controversy over who invented the accordion. I know that dwarves have prominent buttocks.” Jacobs has been praised by many critics as being talented enough to turn any real life, everyday situations and turn them into hilarious anecdotes. He has written a number of best sellers. ‘The year of living biblically”, “my life as an experiment” and “The guinea pig diaries” are all critically acclaimed as being thigh-slapping funny. This book will be enjoyed by anyone who has ever been a student and can look back on the days where they didn’t need to check notes, could answer any question on Jeopardy and didn’t need Google. This book is good natured, funny and like any good novel has a moral backing that leaves you with that warm, human feeling like you have just bonded with the characters, and have enough facts to make you feel smarter after reading it.


reviews movie

The Darkest Hour 3D Directed by Chris Gorak, recognized for his art direction of the hit movies “Fight Club” and “Minority report”, the film follows two American web designers (Max Minghella and Emile Hirsch), who fly to Moscow to pitch their social networking idea. The plane short circuits for a few seconds, pre-empting the destruction about to take place, deceiving you into thinking that lightning is about to destroy earth. On arrival in Russia, they find that their idea was already intercepted by their Russian contact (Joel Kinnaman), and the two visit the local club, synonymous to a bad 90’s rave scene, to knock back a few. There, they meet up with two fellow female travelers, and sparks fly as these four overtly attractive people swap stories about their sordid ordeals, setting the precedent for the inevitable romance that is about to follow. When the sky changes color and foreign bolts of current move towards the crowds, these four make a hasty escape, ironically joined by the wolf of a businessman that sabotaged them in the first place. The aliens are attracted to earth’s metal and electricity and have no regard for its inhabitants. They can’t be seen by the naked eye, making the day more dangerous than night, so

the protagonists track them by the street lamps and light bulbs strewn on the streets. Regardless of the main characters being very relatable; the average American twenty –something’s looking to make it big then having to drop their plans to save the world, you know the usual. The film is predictable. The acting is shocking, but easily forgiven because of how beautiful they all are. God knows that if aliens ever invade earth, I want a skinny blonde chick to save my ass. There are some strong emotional moments however, and a few very important characters die, which gives the film a nice twist. Strong points? The aliens are very original. And by original I mean totally cool mechanical balls of electricity that disintegrate human beings by just touching them. Anything that can turn you into dust in 2 seconds flat deserves props. The concept is fresh and seeing these monsters spinning out of control in 3D makes the trip to the cinema worth it. Also, witnessing a country besides America being targeted by extraterrestrial intelligence is oddly refreshing

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Cape Town Jazz Festival This years line up is set to blow you away with headlining acst such as Lauryn Hill and the local hart toppers Good Luck from the 30th March until 1st April at the CTICC

Out In Africa Gay Film Festival From the 30th March until 8th April Annual film festival showcasing some critically acclaimed talent and celebrating an out and proud culture.

The Eagles - Cape Town Stadium If Old school mellow rock you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to miss these music legends. Wed 4th April

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The Taste Of Cape Town Unleash your inner foodie and learn to distinguish your camembert form your gorgonzola, your shitake form your Porcini . 19th â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 22nd April , Green Point Cricket Club

Jazz Singer Nomfusi Motown Jazz singer Nomfusi will delight audiences in a free concert in De Waal Park On the 1st April 3pm.

Kyle Shepard SAMA nominated artist Kyle Shepard launches his new album at the Baxter theatre Rondebosch from 20h00.

Flapper Themed Plarty Party like its 1920 with a flapper themed night at Casa Blanca Portswood rd , Green Point on the 14th April. Enjoy hopping to the sounds of 5fmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dj Poppy , Micasa and Dj Lloyd Of Goodhope Fm.

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CREATE. EXPOSE. EMPOWER From your campus to the world 68 IMBO/ ISSUE 3/ 2012

Imbo Magazine April 2012  

A youth empowerment magazine bridging the gap between corporate and youth with the mandate of empowering through entertainment.

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