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Imber Court Sports Menu Assorted Sandwiches

£1.90 each

Cricket Teas (round of Sandwiches, slice of cake, tea)

£4.25 ph

Plated Ploughmans

from £5.10 ph

BBQ—Burger, Sausage with 2 salads (summer only)

£6.00 ph

Cornish Pastie, Chips & Beans

£4.60 ph

Pie, Chips & Beans

£4.60 ph

Sausage, Chips & Beans

£4.60 ph

Homemade Pasta Bolognaise

£5.60 ph

Homemade Chilli & Rice

£5.60 ph

Homemade Chicken Curry & Rice

£5.60 ph

Homemade Shepherds Pie with Beans

£5.60 ph

Imber Court Sports Menu  

Sports Menu

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