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4-2-14 Fushimimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0044 Japan TEL: +81-6-6201-3531 FAX: +81-6-6223-1419 ¢Konoike Plant 2-1-48 Higashi-konoike-cho, Higashi-Osaka City Osaka 578-0973 Japan TEL: +81-72-966-9600 FAX: +81-72-966-9650 ¢Tokyo Branch 1-19-8 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031 Japan TEL: +81-3-5250-0750 FAX: +81-3-3562-2759 ¢Nagoya Branch 1-12-17 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 460-0008 Japan TEL: +81-52-217-2491 FAX: +81-52-217-2494 URL:

HISAKA WORKS, LTD., is ISO14001 certified for its environmental management system.

HSK-CE000200 14.07.2000.AIB

Sincerity We will - be people with abundant affection and courage, who have sincerity. - make products free of deceit and ambiguity, that have sincerity. - make company full of harmony and brightness, which has sincerity. In April 1962 we formulated “Sincerity (Magokoro)” as our motto, with the aim of realizing our founder’s dreams and achieving further development. It expresses our management philosophy as an

A spirit of development that hasn’t changed ever since we started out. In homes, streets, offices …. and also at sea. Someplace in your surroundings that you haven’t noticed, HISAKA’s technologies and products are alive and doing vital work.

enterprise – “Let’s be a company that is trusted by society through providing it with products that are free of untruths and artifice. Thereby, let our members discipline and improve themselves and each other.” Just as individuals have beliefs and personality, enterprises have their own spirit and ethos. We want our basic spirit to be, “All members working actively with unceasing passion that is sustained by a rich humanity, aiming for a global HISAKA.” And we want their lively, forward-looking attitudes to form our ethos. Our motto “Sincerity” embodies such sentiment, and it is inherited by all HISAKA members, pulsating in their hearts and in their conduct.


Through our technology, HISAKA has created numerous Japan-firsts and world-firsts in response to the needs of the age.

Back in the days when Japan relied on imports from the U.S. and Europe for most of its industrial machinery, HISAKA succeeded in developing and commercializing Japan’s first dyeing-finishing machines, plate heat exchangers (PHEs) and ball valves, using as basis the original technology it had nurtured. Since then we have created numerous products that are “No. 1” in various ways – first in Japan, first in the world, largest in the world and so on, aiming to be a global specialist manufacturer in the fields of Heat, Dyeing and Valves. The HISAKA of today inherits that spirit of development and has taken on the challenge of developing manufacturing to new heights.

1996 World’s largest plate heat exchanger

For use in central cooling systems (CCSs) for petroleum, LNG and chemical plants in the Mid-East, we launched the “UX-100” – the world’s largest PHE – followed by the even larger “UX-130”.



We devised a double seal-line structure, with inner and outer gasket seal-lines. Using it we developed the “NX-50”, that achieved long life – double previous lifespans – under high temperature and pressure operation.

1975 Japan-first stainless steel sterilizer for pouch-food

With boil-pouch products in the limelight, we commercialized the “RCS” stainless steel sterilizer, that was cleaner and safer than the iron tank sterilizer used up until then.

1974 Rapid circular dyeing-finishing machine

Responding to the need for energy and resource saving due to the Oil Crisis, we developed a “Rapid Circular” dyeing-finishing machine capable of dyeing in 1/3 of the previous time. We sold 6,000 units of the two models, CUT-RA and CUT-RZ, on world markets.


For the first time in Japan, we developed and began manufacture of a cloth-dyeing machine, that used a wincing tank lined with thin stainless-steel plate. Subsequently we successfully developed high-temperature, high-pressure yarn dyeing and drying machines that incorporated our original concepts.



2001 Aseptic rice cooking line We developed an aseptic rice cooking line that gives both safety and tastiness by incorporating our groundbreaking rapid food sterilizer “RIC” and achieving additive-free production of cooked rice.

2007 Duax

We commercialized the ball valve, that achieves friction-free between the ball and ball sheet. With groundbreaking capability, it can be used under severe operating conditions with abrasive fluids, etc.

1986 Brazed heat exchanger

We developed a compact brazed heat exchanger (BHE), targeting manufacturers of mass-produced machinery for wide-ranging applications including refrigeration and hot water supply.

1960s 1951 Japan’s first dyeing machine

2013 High temperature and pressure-resistant PHE


1966 World’s first circular liquid dyeing-finishing machine

This realized completely in-liquid processing for the first time in the world and eliminated the shortcomings of previous dyeing machines for woven synthetic fiber goods, such as foaming and scuffing. It spearheaded our advance into overseas markets – for example it was introduced at the U.S.’s largest textile processor.

1955 Japan’s first plate heat exchanger

Embarking on development of a PHE with original technology, we perfected the “EX-2”, the nation’s first domestically produced PHE. We’ve expanded our market share ever since, as the domestic pioneer and top manufacturer of PHEs.

1966 Japan’s first plate evaporator

We succeeded in commercializing the nation’s first plate evaporator, based on our plate heat exchanger technology.

1958 Japan’s first ball valves To counter imports, we made use of our unique can-manufacturing technology to develop Japan’s first domestically produced stainless-steel ball valves. Since then we’ve won high market appraisal with our development of jacket valves, sanitary valves and automatic valves.


The HISAKA Group sends out all over the world many kinds of products that are useful for living. HISAKA products include plate heat exchangers, sterilizers/disinfectors, evaporators, dyeing-finishing machines, ball valves, and more. They contribute to a wide range of industries that support people’s daily lives. Food HISAKA products are used in various kinds of processes in food-processing, such as sterilization of pouch-foods, steaming, cooling, steeping and cooking of food materials, and concentration and drying of extracts.

Fluid foods and beverages HISAKA supplies sterilizers for sake, soy sauce, spirits, tea, drink and so on, as well as other equipment that is indispensable in their plants.

Air conditioning HISAKA products are used for maintaining pleasant environments in factories, commercial facilities and office buildings.

Chemicals HISAKA products are used for heating/cooling, heat recovery and fluid control in chemical plants.

Automobiles (machinery) HISAKA products are used in processes for manufacturing enjines and electirical components for automobiles, and painting of the vehicle body.

Dyeing HISAKA products are used in processes for dyeing and finishing various fiber materials, such as synthetic fiber, composite fiber and natural fiber, that are used for clothing, building interiors, industrial materials and so on.

Energy HISAKA products are used in various types of plants that produce/supply the energy necessary for daily living and economic activity – coal, oil, gas and electricity.

Iron, steel and other metals HISAKA products are used for heat exchange and fluid control in blast furnace and casting processes, and in smelting nonferrous metals such as copper and nickel.


Marine HISAKA products support engines and other onboard equipment and systems with high safety and reliability.

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics HISAKA products are used in pharmaceutical plants that produce medical products, and in plants that produce basic skin-care products.


Pursuing high technological levels and a rich humanity, we will continue to contribute to global development. As a manufacturer specializing in industrial machinery pertaining to clothing, food, housing, pharmaceuticals, environments, energy and

We provide products to many different fields, based on fluid temperature and pressure control technology and sophisticated manufacturing technology. In this way we support the safety, comfort and convenience of people’ s daily lives.

other fields, HISAKA WORKS, LTD. provides products across a wide range of categories in the industrial world. In the period soon after the war, we worked to develop Japan’s first plate heat exchanger, dyeing machine, ball valves and other products, based on our technology for processing stainless steel. Since then, we have sent out various kinds of products that are of service for daily living. We take pleasure in the fact that the products we develop make daily life pleasant for society and for people. With our company motto “Sincerity (Magokoro)” as the basis of our business operations, and treasuring our spirit of development, we will continue as before to take on challenges to support affluent lifestyles for the people of the world. “HISAKA as a global household word” and “Pursuit of a rich humanity” are items permanently on our agenda, and we will strive to go on being a company that is widely trusted by society.

Yuichi Maeda President



HISAKA Group products – active in areas of all kinds

Liquid dyeing-finishing machine HISAKA’s “Circular” liquid dyeing-finishing machine is active in all kinds of fiber-dyeing processes, bringing color to everyday surroundings. Further, it is in use in industrial material fields other than clothing – for example, car seats, building interiors and medical cloths. HISAKA dyeing-finishing machines contribute to energy- and resource-saving, as well as to low costs, high productivity, high quality and stable processing quality, in large numbers of production lines.

Plate evaporators These are capable of high quality concentration, and at the same time, thanks to their low heating temperatures and short heating durations, they suppress the impacts of heat on the flavor, color, vitamins and other aspects of fluid foods. Further, their small volume improves the product yield. Our plate evaporators are active not only in concentration of extracts, fruit juice, dairy products, soymilk, molasses and other food products, but also in concentration of processed fluids in the pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Brazed heat exchangers High-temperature and-pressure sterilizer Achieves reliable sterilization thanks to homogeneous and stable heating/cooling performance in the device. Can cope with conditions of all kinds – food in cans, bottles, pouches, plastic containers, etc., especially, but also desserts and microwave oven foods.

Pharm XXX aceutic Co. als



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XXX Textiles

Continuous liquid sterilizers


Besides saving energy and resources, these robust, high-performance, lightweight and compact heat exchangers with brazed plates can play a part in enabling smaller-sized mass-production equipment. Widely used in oil coolers for lube oil and hydraulic oil, and similar for hot water supply systems, floor heating, etc., and especially in chillers, heat pumps and other refrigeration cycle equipment.

These come in a wide diversity of types – plate, tube, spinjection, joule and other sterilizers. They are used for sterilizing liquids ranging from beverages, milk beverages and seasonings to alcoholic drinks and more. They achieve reliable sterilization and will guarantee enhanced yield of production processes, higher quality, and stable operation. XXX Shipbuilding. Co.

PHEs for air conditioning These PHEs are used in air conditioning and hot water supply, where their diverse features including high performance, space-saving and cost-saving can be fully exploited. Employed particularly in district heating/cooling, and also in cogeneration systems, they serve to create pleasant urban spaces in all kinds of places – offices, hotels, residential complexes, hospitals, leisure facilities and more.

Pharmaceutical sterilizers HISAKA pharmaceutical sterilizers were born from its long-cultivated food sterilizing technology. We take pride in their high quality and have received high praise for them in medical manufacturing markets in Japan and around the world. They are used for sterilizing infusion solution bags/bottles, prefilled syringes, and the like.

Ball valves

XXX Chemica

ls Inc.

In order to operate a plant with good efficiency, the fluids inside it must be efficiently controlled. Ball valves have the advantages of extremely low fluid friction and very short operating time, that can be exploited to contribute to efficient operation of a plant. These valves are used as key components for fluid control in a wide range of fields – chemicals, machinery, iron/steel, nonferrous metals, food, air conditioning, shipping, paper/pulp, and more.

Jumbo PHEs

Friction-free ball valves Aseptic diaphragm valves Our SHV Fine Top (with built-in fine-top solenoid valve) is a diaphragm valve made of PTFE (Teflon), whose concept is “zero micro-contamination”. It is employed in large numbers in the dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, where high levels of sanitariness are demanded.


Friction-free ball valves are optimal as the valves in equipment that handles fluids containing powder or slurry, or that is switched on and off with high frequency. They are structured so that the ball does not slide against the ball seat during opening/closing. This means long service life and contaminant-free, efficient operation. These valves are also used in production lines that require high safety because they handle fluids, food additives, fine chemicals and the like, that must avoid admixture of foreign matter.

Plate heat exchangers (PHEs)

PHEs for marine

As lightweight, compact and high-performance heat exchangers, PHEs are used in industrial processes of all kinds, including chemicals, foods, air conditioning and sanitation, marine, paper and pulp, machinery, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, and more. Besides enhancing the efficiency of production equipment in various applications – heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation, heat recovery and so on – they also contribute to effective utilization of resources and saving of energy.

These PHEs are used for the cooling water coolers and lube oil coolers of main engines, and for the coolers of other auxiliary equipment. In large ships they are also used in the central cooler. Thus, in various different locations they play important roles for safe voyaging.

These are the largest-sized PHEs in the world, and are produced by press machines that are also the world’s largest. Known as “Pioneer of Jumbo plate”, they are used in LNG, chemical, oil refining, power generating and other plants all over the world, while large models made of titanium are employed for CCSs (central cooling systems), that use seawater as cooling source, in offshore plants.


From Japan to Asia. From Asia to the world. The expanding HISAKA global network.

HISAKA has been developing technology with its sights set on the global market since the 1960s, and has won high appraisals from customers all over the world for the products it has delivered.

Over recent years we have used the trust in our products as a springboard to set up affiliate companies in various global

locations, and have expanded our distributors and technology tie-up partners, so that we now have in place a network able to provide swift responses tailored to customers’ needs, from equipment introduction through to maintenance.

About HISAKA ˜Established

May, 1942

˜Business Line Manufacture and sale of industrial machinery ˜Capital

4,150 million yen

˜Listing of stock Tokyo Stock Exchange (First Section)


˜Annual sales

23.1 billion yen, consolidated (actual result for fiscal year ended March 2014)


Company: 470 Consolidated: 590

(as of March 31, 2014)


Portugal South Korea (Seoul)

HISAKINDO (representative office)


HISAVINA (representative office)



˜ Production base



˜ Technology transferee



˜Saudi Arabia


˜South Korea


˜ HISAKA Group

China (Shanghai)

Thailand (Rayong) Saudi Arabia (Dammam)

Thailand (Bangkok) Philippines (Manila)

Malaysia (Penang) Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh)


Indonesia (Jakarta)


Japan (Osaka)

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Japan (Nagoya)

China (Yantai)



Japan (Tokyo) China (Beijing)


Technology transferees ˜Portugal






˜South Africa


South Africa

Saudi Arabia (Dammam) Established 2012


Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Established 2004

China (Changshu) Established 2009

Konoike Plant


HISAKA Group – aiming for global-level manufacturing

The Konoike Plant – central hub of HISAKA’s manufacturing – has introduced equipment developed with original HISAKA technology and is moving ahead with drastic raising of the efficiency of its manufacturing processes. As the HISAKA Group’s

mainstay factory possessing sophisticated manufacturing technology that creates products of high quality recognized around the world, the Konoike Plant aims for tireless progress in the future as before.

Main equipment

Konoike Plant

High-precision automatic welding machine for stainless steel

We were the first in Japan to develop a high-precision automatic welding machine and to successfully apply it in the manufacturing of pressure vessels. This machine can weld new materials such as super stainless steel, and plays an active role in making food machines and dyeing-finishing machines of high quality.

Manufactures high-performance plate heat exchangers with original plate design, pressing and sealing technologies.

Main equipment

Efficient-processing machine

All the processing for fabricating ball valves – including lathe turning and milling – is carried out by this single machine, a numerically-controlled combined-machining machine. This efficient-processing machine, capable of operating 24 hours unmanned, has raised ball valve productivity and speeded up delivery schedules.

Development & testing equipment

Manufacturing lines

Heat Exchanger Division (Plate heat exchangers, brazed heat exchangers)

Dedicated clean assembly space

A dedicated space for assembly of sterilizers and other devices requiring high cleanness, for delivery to the pharmaceutical industry and other fields. The pharmaceuticals devices assembled in this dedicated clean assembly space contribute to the pharmaceutical industry by raising safety and reliability.

Vital Industry Division (Food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, dyeing-finishing machinery)

Manufactures machinery that makes contributions in three fields: food, pharmaceuticals and dyeing-finishing, including sterilization/disinfection of foods and pharmaceuticals, and dyeing processing of clothing and industrial materials.

Valve Division (Ball valves)

Manufactures products that cope with liquids, gases, powders, grains and other fluids, under high viscosity, high temperature, high pressure and so on.

Heat exchanger lab

This lab inherits the frontier spirit that developed the nation’s first PHE. It continues to research and develop groundbreaking PHEs with performance, functionality, prices and quality accepted the world over, by further expanding and evolving the plate technology we have cultivated up until now.

Food development lab

This lab is where foods that customers want are created through trial-and-error of methods, conditions, etc., and new devices and systems for food are materialized. Customers can also bring their own items here for testing. This is the development base that produced the sterilization recipe that is a basic for large numbers of pouch foods.

Dyeing lab

Besides conducting tests on items that customers bring in and developmental tests with the purpose of dye development, this Lab also conducts new product development on its own initiative. Many processing techniques for globally-salient fashions and new synthetic fibers were born here.

Environmental conservation activities With environmental conservation becoming a prerequisite for corporate activities, we formulated an Environmental Policy and Action Guidelines in fiscal 2004 and have been implementing our own unique environmental conservation activities. Further, we acquired International Standard ISO14001 certification for our environmental management system in July 2008, and are promoting efforts for development of environment-conscious products, cost reduction, internal and external accident reduction, and energy-saving activities. ¢ Environmental policy

Promote environmental activities with company motto “Sincerity (Magokoro)” as basic philosophy.

40,000-ton press line

This line with its 40,000-ton press – the largest class in the world – produces super-jumbo plates – also the world’s largest – for use in LNG plants and similar, as well as various different types of large-size titanium plates. It’s the line that supports “Pioneer of Jumbo plate”.


20,000-ton automated press line

A totally automated, unmanned press line composed of a forming press, trimming press, crack detector, raw material and formed plates conveying devices, plate collecting device, pressing die replacing device, and other equipment. This high-efficiency, state-of-the-art press line achieves productivity 1.5 times higher than previous lines and can cope with plate sizes ranging widely from medium to large size.

Continuous vacuum furnace

This large-size continuous vacuum furnace, which is the world largest class in both size and capacity, is used for brazing the plates of brazed heat exchangers. A 3-chamber continuous-type vacuum furnace with preheating, heating and cooling sections, it boasts a maximum processing load of 2,000 kg.

Make people- and environment-friendly products. Make ours into a people- and environment-friendly company.

Become people- and environment-friendly corporate citizens.

¢ Action guidelines

1. Abide by laws and regulations on the environment, and by societal agreements of which the Company approves. 2. Promote development and sales of environment-conscious products based on customer needs. 3. Strive to save resources and energy by preventing environmental pollution and implementing activities to reduce environmental impacts. 4. Offer services that contribute to lessening environmental impacts for customers. 5. Implement sustainable corporate activities that harmonize environment, quality, safety and cost control. 6. Carry out continuous improvement of environmental activities and integration with the region, with all members participating.



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HISAKINDO (representative office) TEL: +62-021-58901302

Vital Industry Division

Food Machinery Saes Department Food Machinery Sales Section (Osaka) TEL: +81-72-966-9621 Food Machinery Sales Section (Tokyo) TEL: +81-3-5250-0780 Pharmaceutical Machinery Sales Department Pharmaceutical Machinery Sales Section (Osaka) TEL: +81-72-966-9621 Pharmaceutical Machinery Sales Section (Tokyo) TEL: +81-3-5250-0780

Having created numerous Japan-firsts and world-firsts, HISAKA has grown into a globally-spread network. At the bottom of that are our corporate philosophies of “HISAKA as a global household word” and “Pursuit of a rich humanity”. In our next phase, we will ceaselessly take on challenges of innovation as we aim for

Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Sales Department Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Sales Section TEL: +81-72-966-9631

Valve Division

Sales Department Sales Section (Osaka) TEL: +81-72-966-9651 Sales Section (Tokyo) TEL: +81-3-5250-0770 Sales Section (Nagoya) TEL: +81-52-217-2493

high-performance manufacturing that is second to none in the world.

MICROZERO CO., LTD. Sales Department TEL: +81-42-548-5855


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