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Senior School Swimming Carnival An International Baccalaureate World School

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The Illawarra Grammar School


Mr Stephen Kinsella Headmaster Important changes have been made to the HSC that are of relevance of all parents of children in Year 9 or younger.

Will a student that does not have an HSC still be able to attend university?

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA, formerly known as BOSTES) has announced that from 2020, all HSC candidates in NSW must have reached a minimum standard in reading, writing and numeracy to receive the HSC. These changes do not apply to students currently in Year 10 or above or those intending to study the IB Diploma (DP).

No and Yes. Currently, universities require an HSC, or an alternative like the IB Diploma, for a graduating Year 12 student to be admitted through the Universities Admission Centre (UAC).

The minimum standard has been set at the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) Level 3 for three areas:

The universities do have alternative pathways and preparation courses for students that do not meet their general entry requirements. Students that do not meet the minimum standards in reading, writing and numeracy and therefore do not have an HSC will have to negotiate directly with the university of their choice.

Reading - comprehension, grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary

Implications for Parents

Numeracy - number, measurement, space, data and algebraic representation

Writing - audience and purpose, structure and cohesion, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling

What is the minimum standard?

How will students demonstrate they have achieved the minimum standard? A student can demonstrate they have achieved the minimum standard through one of the following: ‘Prequalification’ Year 9 NAPLAN test – Band 8 or higher results in all three areas 1st and 2nd opportunity Year 10, NESA on-line tests (organised through the School) 3nd and 4th opportunity Year 11, NESA on-line tests (organised through the School) 5th and 6th opportunity Year 12, NESA on-line tests (organised through the School) Following the completion of the HSC examinations, a student will have four more years to pass the NESA tests and qualify for the award of an HSC. A student will only have to re-sit tests in those areas where the National Standard has not been achieved. What will happen if a student has not achieved the ACSF minimum standards by the end of Year 12? A student that has not achieved the ACSF minimum standard in all three areas will not be awarded an HSC. Instead they will receive a Record of School Achievement (RoSA) which will list their results for each HSC subject. NESA has advised that exemptions from achieving the minimum standard will apply to students studying Life Skills courses in English and Mathematics. A complete policy for exemptions is yet to be released.

It is important that undue pressure is not placed on students to ‘prequalify’ through the Year 9 NAPLAN tests. The ACSF standard is to be achieved by the end of Year 12, not necessarily in Year 9. While many students will demonstrate they have achieved the standard through their Year 9 NAPLAN test, about 30% of the students in the State typically do not. This is no surprise as we know that students achieve academic maturity at different rates and in different ways. NESA understands this and has provided multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate when they have achieved the standard. Results in the tests will inform students and their teachers on the areas for improvement required to achieve the ACSF minimum standard. What will the School do? 1.

An information evening will be held for parents of Year 9 students on Monday 20 February commencing at 5.30pm in the Library.


All students in Year 9 will be prepared for their NAPLAN tests in the usual way.


For students that are identified as being at risk of not achieving the ACSF minimum standard: a. Additional tuition (withdrawal from some classes) will be offered through Years 9 and 10 to maximise their chance of achieving the ACSF minimum standard b. Afternoon tutoring will be available to all students to hone the skills required for the completion of the NAPLAN and NESA tests

Parents that have questions about the ACSF minimum standards should contact the Director of Teaching and Learning, Ms Melina Sangster. Advice from NESA can be found on their website.


Rev. James Rogers Chaplain A Day with the Archbishop

Last Thursday our Year 12 School Captains, Vice Captains, House Captains, House Vice Captains and Chapel Prefects attended the Archbishop’s Annual Commissioning Service for Prefects in Anglican Schools. The service was conducted at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney and was attended by 33 Anglican Schools in the Sydney region and beyond. It was a good opportunity for our students to experience the broader Anglican Schools movement and to meet other students in similar positions to themselves. As always, our students represented our School with distinction. The day was hosted by the Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies. The text Archbishop Davies chose to preach from in the Commissioning Service was John 13, the famous passage where Jesus washes his disciples’ feet. Archbishop Davies highlighted the extraordinary nature of this act of Jesus and encouraged all present to adopt this as a model of leadership. True Christian leadership is servant leadership as modelled by Jesus.

Following the Commissioning Service the Archbishop conducted a Q&A with the students. Questions ranged from the role of women in society, to the moral failures of some Christian leaders, to the demands and delights of leadership. Archbishop Davies drew from personal experience as he answered the students penetrating questions. He spoke about his time as a School Captain and his current experience as an Archbishop. A key theme in many of his answers was integrity. Students were encouraged to hold fast to their convictions, even in the face of the extreme opposition which can sometimes assail a leader. The students appreciated the Archbishop’s honest and personable approach. Below is a photo of our Captains and Prefects outside the Cathedral following the service. They have also written their own reflection on the day which appears later in the Newsletter. I thank Mrs Burton, Dean of Senior Students, for her assistance on the day.


Mrs Judi Nealy Deputy Headmaster, Head of Junior School Meet the Teacher Night

A highlight of our week this week was the Meet the Teacher nights. I really love the opportunity to speak to our parent body and to share our goals and focus areas for the year. The classroom teachers likewise, see great value in strong partnerships with parents. Thank you to all parents for taking the time to demonstrate how much you value your children’s learning by attending this important annual event. Each year in the Junior School we have a theme or focus area for both the staff and the students. This year’s theme was inspired by Mili Haber (Year 12 2016). At the Year 12 final assembly Mili encouraged her fellow students to “be bothered”. This is one of the key learnings she has taken from our School, to not sit back and say: “I can’t be bothered” but to step up, take action and be bothered. We are going to keep being bothered in the Junior School by the following 6 key actions

THINK critically. Ask questions and use proof to explain. Be flexible and innovative to design solutions to problems. Reflect and question ideas. LEARN continuously. Learn and practice skills. Use these skills and make mistakes. Build on knowledge and apply to new situations. WORK intentionally. Don’t give up and be the boss of yourself. Set goals and try to achieve them, when you don’t figure out why and try again. Effort and persistence are valued. Take risks and create beautiful work. COMMUNICATE effectively. Speak, write, and listen with clarity. Know your audience, understand the purpose, and choose precise language. COLLABORATE constructively. Take responsibility for yourself and your learning group. Listen with empathy and understanding with a commitment to shared success. Give and receive feedback.

CONTRIBUTE to the whole learning journey of your classmates. Apply your work to serve an authentic purpose. Be empowered to make a difference. Recognise your important place in the community. These six actions are how we will live out the learner profile and attitudes of the IB in 2017. They will be the focus for teachers, students and parents to ensure another fantastic year of learning in the Junior School.

Student Spotlight This year we are going to profile a student each week. The way we choose the student to profile will be very unscientific – the captains will pull their name out of a hat at assembly! We will only have one grade in the hat each week to make sure we cover all of the grades in the Junior School. Enjoy!

Sarah Partland Class: 6Y

Who are your friends and what do you like to play? Molly, Jessy, Arielle and Rebecca. We like to play soccer.

What do you like to do best in the classroom? Solving difficult problems in Maths and English.

What are you really good at? Being caring and helpful and trying my best in all my learning and work.

What do you need to work hard at? How do you do this? I need to work hard at my learning to keep my grades up. I do this by listening in class and doing my homework every week.

What extra curricular activities are you involved in inside and outside of school? Soccer, Football South Coast, swimming, surf club, hockey and running training.

Car Line Covered Waiting Area

Construction is well underway for the new covered waiting area on Drummond Drive. The steel structure has been completed, and the roof is close to completion. Cosmetic brickwork and fencing have commenced, with paving to be completed in the next little while. This area will be a welcome relief to both Junior and Senior students, providing shade and cover from the weather. This structure has largely been funded by the P&F using proceeds from TIGS Great Fete. Matt Field Property Manager





Xiaojia Tang, Lohithan J Avinash



Izabela Noveski, Alexander Damachis

1R 1S

Brandon Nugara


Tom I’Ons

2M 2T

Service Hamish Lepp Alissa Tonkin Mena Tsaganas


Solomon Kennedy, Angelique McNeill Rohan Manshani, Jack Finnin Jonathan Mountifield, Tyler Hallal Om Kothari, Hollis Bridgeman-Law Oliver Mountifield, Roscoe Kambouris Lola Stephenson

3D Alexander Mumford, Tom I’Ons 4G

Oscar Kiely


Popi Tsaganas, Christopher Mountifield


Hamish Dutch, Brandon Nugara, Evangeline Kennedy


Lin Yu Ma, Pia D’Rozario

6Y India Strangman

EXTEND@TIGS My name is Natalie Ryan and I will be team leading the Extend service @TIGS. I was previously an assistant at the service working with Tom, who left to take up a Teaching Scholarship. I am thankful for this opportunity and look forward to working alongside all the families at TIGS Extend. Last week we made Pokémon Spinners, we created some awesome magazine art! We played a TIGS Extend favourite “Capture the Flag”, we had a few puppet shows created with paddle pop stick people and made a shadow theatre! We finished the week with a fun-filled scavenger hunt.

organisation of a puppet show and inclusive play. Monday 20 February Hula Hoop naughts and crosses Tuesday 21 February Silent Ball Wednesday 22 February Paper Plate Crowns Thursday 23 February Frostbite Challenge

Natalie Ryan, Team Leader

Friday 24 February Are you a Proud Parent?

Mathematics Tip!

Post your proud parent moment on Extend’s Facebook page with a short caption and hashtag #ProudParent to win a GoPro Hero5 plus more prizes worth over $1000.


Winner announced on Facebook on Monday 27 February. For terms visit Our Extend Superstar is: Arwen Bowman

… for great CALL OUR OFFICE 1300 366 437


Mr Greg Lanyon Head of Senior School To use a sporting analogy, we are off the blocks for a flying start to this term. In Week 2, Year 7 were away on their Outdoor Education programme, Year 11 creative arts students were at Bundanon on the Shoalhaven River and the Senior School Swimming Carnival has been swum and won by Aranda House, making it three years in a row they have won this House event. Congratulations to all Houses for the high level of competition, House spirit and participation during the day. One of the unique things about our School is the pride students feel in being part of a House and the level of camaraderie that is built between students of all ages, particularly at major events such as the Swimming Carnival and, later in the term, showcasing creative talents at the Artsfest competition. The Year 7 outdoor education programme was conducted over two locations, Wedderburn Christian Campsite and Cataract scout camp. This was an introductory programme that will set them up for the rest of their outdoor education life at TIGS. For some of our Year 7 students it is their first time in a tent, first time in a cabin with other students or even their first time away from home. Activities such as abseiling, caving and rock climbing were introduced and the foundations laid for advanced versions of these activities on future camps. As well as these activities, the experience of setting up tents, cooking on camp stoves and making themselves comfortable in the bush will set them up for future outdoor adventures.


This week Year 7 parents had the opportunity to meet most of their children’s teachers in the Library after school. Parents were introduced to unique elements of an education at TIGS, including the benefits associated with an International Baccalaureate (IB) education (student-centred and inquiry based), a structured student wellbeing programme and TIGS online learning environment (OLLE). It also allowed our parents to begin building a partnership with teachers that is crucial to positive outcomes in learning this year and in the future. These opportunities to connect are invaluable and we appreciate families taking the time to attend such events at such a busy time. If you are a parent of a student in Years 7 to Year 10, there is an information evening next Tuesday in the Goodhew Research Center (Library) that will help explain and unpack student assessment in the IB Middle Years Programmes (MYP). This event was held successfully last year, so the evening is targeting parents who may have missed it last year or those who are new to the school this year. The starting time is 6.00pm and should be finished by about 7.00pm.

SCHOOL CAPTAINS A New Year for Year 12

The first of February saw the start of a new academic year for our Year 12 students. This involved getting back into doing homework, more study and engaging with leadership positions after some study mixed with a restful holiday break. On the second week of school, a group of Year 12 leaders went up to St Andrew’s Cathedral for a Leadership Commemoration service. This involved a day in Sydney for the leaders to listen to advice given by the Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, on how to be a servant leader as well as conversing with leaders from other schools. This was a great experience for all the leaders involved as their scope of how to lead was expanded and they can now take this new knowledge into helping the TIGS community. Also during that second week, Year 12 attended a Discovery Day at the University of Wollongong. It was a day in which students went to the university campus to experience firsthand the day in the life of a university student. It involved lectures in areas nominated by the students, tutorials, live music during lunch and a chance to meet other like-minded students from NSW, ACT and Victoria.

MYP ASSESSMENT INFORMATION EVENING On Tuesday 21 February there will be an Information Evening on MYP Assessment. This evening will explain the details of MYP Assessment and outline the new MYP Assessment and Academic Honesty policies. The evening is targeted at new parents of students in Year 7 to Year 10 who are interested in understanding how MYP Assessment works. It will begin at 6.00pm in the Goodhew Research Centre (Library).

This was very beneficial for the students, as it gave them a personal experience of university and allowed them to decide whether the courses they chose suited them. This is priceless for the students as the HSC is approaching rapidly and they need to decide on their futures after school and this day was exceptional in providing that little bit of extra information to help us answer that question. On another note, at the commencement of this year a change to the House point system was implemented. This new House point system was an initiative proposed by the Year 12 Captain Team and SRC with input from all of the House Captains and prefects which aims to make the system more equitable for all events and carnivals and has an emphasis in participation. We would like to thank everyone for their input and contribution to making this endeavour possible. As a School Captain Team, we would like to wish everyone in the School and specifically Year 12 good luck in the upcoming academic school year and Half-Yearly Examinations. Your School Captain Team

Image from left to right: Nathan Troiani, Robert Martin, Mia Whitehall and Meena Jasim.


TIGS Tennis Day

We had a large number of keen tennis players involved in TIGS Tennis Day on Monday, with over 30 students competing for a place in TIGS Tennis Team for 2017. Unfortunately we had so many competitors we did not get through the tournament, however in consultation with the coaching staff and Mrs Lane the following students have been selected to represent TIGS this year at NASSA. Boys: Mitchell Main, Harrison Taranto, Sotiris Haris, Harrison Kiteley and Thomas Main. Reserve: Nikhil Balaji (not attending). Girls: Maya Field, Charlotte Tregonning, Kara Anacleto, Lucy Koder and Cartia Taranto. Reserve: Elizabeth Westwood (not attending). We wish our team all the best in the NASSA Tennis Gala Day on Friday 3 March.

Senior School Swimming Carnival

It was another beautiful sunny day for our 2017 Swimming Carnival. Participation and engagement was extremely pleasing and our Year 12 students showed exceptional leadership across the day. Once again Aranda took an early lead that they were able to maintain until the end of day to win the carnival convincingly. Congratulations to the following Age Champions: Age



12 Years

1st Elizabeth Michelmore 2nd Alexia Loeser 3rd Eloise Goodman

1st Kaleb Anderson 2nd Cooper Kerridge 3rd Angus Townsend

13 Years

1st Eva Katkjaer 2nd Kiarna McIlwraith 3rd Amelia Druett

1st Omar Matar 2nd Ben Giason 3rd Nicholas Chiaverini

14 Years

1st Aria Bacic-Johnston 2nd Caitlyn Mortimer 3rd Regan Norris

1st James Healey 2nd Daniel Jiang 3rd Harrison Webb

15 Years

1st Eloise Happe 2nd Amy Logan 3rd Cartia Taranto

1st Ethan Brunskill 2nd Sebastiano Di Noro 3rd William Barber

16 Years

1st Kyra King 2nd Amy Gibbons 3rd Ruby Crandell

1st Griffin Spicknall 2nd Austin Pallone 3rd Alexander Saddi

17 Years

1st Georgia Robson 2nd Jana Massingham 3rd Stephanie Moustoukis

1st Nathan De Lutiis 2nd Timothy Gaynor 3rd Matthew Logan

18 Years

1st Sarah I’Ons 2nd Elizabeth Martin 3rd Erin Golding

1st Ethan Dorrian-Nancarrow 2nd Daniel Laing 3rd Nicholas Gulaj

Congratulations to the following students who broke records across the day: Omar Matar 13 Year Boys 50m Freestyle 29.18, 50m Butterfly 32.73 and 100m Freestyle 1:05.68 Ethan Dorrian-Nancarrow 50m Freestyle 24.70 and 50m Breaststroke 34.04 Aranda broke the record in the Senior Girls Relay 2:18.07 1st and 2nd place in 50m Freestyle and 1st place in all other events will progress to NASSA Swimming Carnival on the evening of Wednesday 1 March 2017. I will be nominating additional swimmers from any events that were close at our TIGS carnival.

Talented Athletes Programme

2016 was the first year of the Talented Athletes Programme (TAP). Congratulations to all students accepted into TAP for 2017. These students have been notified and the timetable and student list is on the OLLE TAP page. Our TAP students will be aiming to improve their strength, conditioning, speed, mobility, balance and flexibility for their respective sport, as well as develop their swimming, cross country, running and athletics skills and various representative levels. Students will be coached by Abbey and Karlo from Cross Fit JAK this term on Tuesday mornings and on Thursdays they will be coached in the pool by Joshua King. Peter Murphy will be the Athletic Development Coach.

Rugby at TIGS and Local Rugby

At TIGS we provide students with opportunities to represent the school and further representation within many sports, including Rugby. The Rugby landscape has changed in recent years, especially with the increase in popularity and exposure of 7’s Rugby, a fast paced 7 a-side version of the game that debuted at last year’s Rio Olympics. School Rugby In Senior School, students will have the opportunity to represent TIGS in a number of gala days (both 7’s and 15 a side). These are open to boys and girls if numbers permit. Training will be held at lunch times to ensure students that are new to the game know how to participate in a safe manner. U/16 and U/18 students in the Senior School have the opportunity to trail for representative selection through our NASSA pathway.

In the Junior School, students may have the opportunity to participate in school based gala days if there is enough interest from local schools in the Under 10’s and Under 12’s age groups. Year 6 students in the Junior School have the opportunity to trial for CIS representation via nomination from the school. Illawarra Rugby has introduced a new concept this year that is open to Schools and clubs. The Illawarra Youth 7’s will be run on Friday evenings at the University of Wollongong and is open to boys and girls with competitions for under 10’s through to under 16’s. As a school, we are happy to support teams that would like to enter with equipment and training (there is no cost). More information on the exciting new concept can be found at www. If you are interested in nominating your child for school rugby, including the Illawarra Youth 7’s, please email Mr Tregonning au Local Rugby The local Illawarra competition has 11 teams based from Shoalhaven through to Woonona, with ages ranging from under 7’s (no tackle) through to under 18’s. Games are played on Sundays. If you would like more information on Local Club Rugby please email Mr Tregonning au

TIGS Netball Club

TIGS Netball Club had a great 2016 season, with our Year 6 girls winning the Grand Final. We invite any girls 8-17 years old to join the club in 2017. Get your friends together and create a team. Students in Senior School can sign up on the Netball OLLE Page by Friday 17 February and students from the Junior School can email Mrs Lane directly on au. Training will take place on Friday afternoons at TIGS and games are Saturday mornings at Berkeley. Please see Mrs Lane if you have any questions.

Up and Coming Sport Events Wednesday 22 February – NSW All Schools Triathlon (Individual Event) Thursday 23 February – NSW All Schools Triathlon (Team Event) Wednesday 1 March Swimming Carnival


Friday 3 March – NASSA Tennis Gala Day




TIGS Foundation Board, welcomes all our TIGS families, alumni, and friends to 2017. A very big thank you to all our families who have generously donated to the Annual Appeal; your wonderful generosity assists and supports TIGS Foundation with capital works programmes throughout the entire school and will improve the School’s future resources.

Taj Mahal Dinner 6.00pm Saturday 25 March Join us to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of India as Bollywood comes to Wollongong! Step through the doors and be transported to another world with gourmet Indian food, entertainment, dancing and exciting prizes all for a great cause. The Taj Mahal event raises money for two worthwhile causes: The Disability Trust where funds are used for a long-weekend of respite care for local Disability Trust clients, supported by Year 12 students from TIGS who volunteer their time as carers, and TIGS Foundation, raising funds for initiatives such as scholarships for a local child/children whose circumstances would not otherwise allow them to access the opportunities afforded by an education at TIGS. Enquiries: Sharad and Lata Tamhane 0439852497, Cedric and Usha Fernandez 0409854882, Helen Bugg 4220 0288 Lisa Wilson 4220 0264

Interesting Fact TIGS Foundation Board was founded in 1986 as a fund-raising arm of the School to assist and support the School Council by encouraging and fostering the interest and financial support of past students, parents of students and friends of the School with a view to preserving, improving and developing the School’s property and facilities.

Taj Mahal Dinner 6.00pm Saturday 25 March UniHall - The University of Wollongong

Tickets w! o on sale n


For bookings visit TIGS website

TIGS Foundation Annual General Meeting

TIGS Foundation members and others who are interested are invited to attend TIGS Foundation AGM When: Wednesday 15 March 2017 Where: Goodhew Research Centre (Library - Entrance via Powell Street) Time: 6.00pm - 7.00pm Welcome drinks 7.00pm - 8.00pm AGM RSVP: 13 March 2017 Contact: Lisa Wilson 4220 0264 or email

Visit Online ticket sales close Friday 17 March Proudly brought to you by The Illawarra Indian Community, TIGS and The Disability Trust



BARBARA ARROWSMITH YOUNG Academic • Christian • Caring

An International Baccalaureate World School

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young is recognised as a pioneer, as the creator of one of the first treatment applications utilising the principles of neuroplasticity. She began using these principles in 1978 to develop cognitive programs to address learning disorders, first starting with her own debilitating set of brain deficits. She continues to develop programs for students with specific learning difficulties and her program of cognitive exercises is implemented in 55 schools in Canada, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Barbara is the author of the international bestseller, The Woman Who Changed Her Brain. She holds a B.A.Sc. in Child Studies from the University of Guelph and a Master’s degree in School Psychology from the University of Toronto. Barbara is the Director of Arrowsmith Program and Arrowsmith School.

A Personal Journey Into the World of the Brain: Shaping the Mind In this presentation, Barbara will talk about her journey of discovery, the lines of research she combined and the outcomes achieved over her 35 years as an educator and researcher. She will describe a number of learning disorders, from those that impact the learner in school to those that affect us in life. She will discuss ‘cognitive glitches’ – those areas of weakness that we are all familiar with and often explain away by saying, “I am just not good at navigating, recognising faces, (fill in the blank).” She will discuss ‘cognitive mismatches’ – situations we find ourselves in where the demand of the task is incompatible with our cognitive functioning and the challenges this presents. Principles of neuroplasticity and the factors leading to both positive and negative brain change will be discussed. During the event there will be live demonstrations and direct insight from students and parents involved in the Arrowsmith Program at TIGS, illustrating the impact this program has had on learning. There will also be a book signing at the event and the opportunity to register your interest in the Arrowsmith Program at TIGS.

FREE Presentation 2.00pm - 3.30pm Saturday 18 March Venue: The Illawarra Grammar School Access via Powell Street

For more information or to book your ticket please visit


Does your child have a passion for problem solving? Are they a gifted mathematician? Maybe they excel in science? Or would like a head-start in the study of Shakespeare? Itag@TIGS might be just what they need. These workshops are designed to provide gifted and talented students with opportunities to explore their interests with like-minded peers. Workshop places are open to both TIGS students and students from other schools. Workshops will be held from 9.30am - 3.00pm on Saturday 11 March at a cost of $75. This event is suitable for students from Year 3 to Year 10.

Academic • Christian • Caring

An International Baccalaureate World School

Colourful Chemistry Year 4 to Year 8 Discover the world of acids and bases in a series of chemical experiments. Use household substances to make indicators, neutralise common acids with bases, and investigate the colours of fireworks. Students will need an inquiring mind, the ability to collaborate in mixed age groups and think outside the test-tube to succeed in this hands-on workshop.

The Curious and Magical Mathematics of Polygons! Year 4 to Year 10 Q. What object has 6 edges and 5 flat faces that appear and disappear with a flex of the fingers? Investigate and design patterns to construct a variety of magical flexagons and curious compound polyhedra. Learn techniques for constructing objects from paper and be challenged to identify the mathematical patterns that give rise to the surprising properties of these objects. A. Pentahexaflexagon!

Become a Problem-Solving Champion! Year 3 to Year 10 Are you a great thinker? Do you thrive on solving challenging problems? To be a great problem solver, you need to be able to work as part of a team, both at school and in the workforce. This workshop teaches students essential skills such as team dynamics and time management so they are equipped to be champion problem-solvers in a range of situations, from group assignments to academic competitions such as Tournament of Minds or Da Vinci Decathlon.

Simply Shakespeare Year 5 to Year 7 Learn about Shakespeare, the man and his works – both plays and sonnets. Discover how much of our common language has come from The Bard after 450 years!

Imagine – Express - Create Year 3 to Year 10 Calling all young artists. All activities require the individual to explore and experiment with different techniques, styles or aspects from the elements of design. Artworks will be created based on their artistic exploration and experimentation. The young artist is therefore asked to make choices based on a broader knowledge of art, artists and the process of art making. Ultimately each person will develop an individual artistic style and complete a work they can take away with them.




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Parents of Year 9 NAPLAN Information Session 5.30pm in the Goodhew Research Centre (Library) Year 8 Camp 20 - 24 February Junior School Swimming Carnival Western Suburbs Pool, Unanderra Parents of Year 7 to Year 10 MYP Assessment Information Evening 6.00pm in the Goodhew Research Centre 2018 Year 7 Try TIGS Day 8.30am to 3.10pm Book NOW!

Pupil Free Day Professional Learning Day All Day

2019 Year 7 Try TIGS Day 8.30am to 3.10pm Book NOW!

iTag@TIGS 9.30am at The Illawarra Grammar School Book NOW!

Newsletter Issue 2 term I 2017  

Newsletter Issue 2 term I 2017