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Headmaster’s Message our Talented Athletes Head of Senior School Head of Junior School Issue 8 Term III, 2010

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Our Talented Athletes Congratulations to our wonderful athletes on their outstanding successes. In recent weeks we have celebrated: • Emma McKeon – recently represented Australia in swimming at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore and Junior Pan Pacs in Hawaii. • Mountain bikers – TIGS Senior team of Samuel Jones, Miles Waring and David Manton recently won the NSW/ACT All Schools MTB Cross Country Relay Championships. • Jack McKenzie-Wood – was selected in the NSW CIS swimming and rugby teams. • Zoe Morrell – was selected in the NSW CIS Hocky team. • Zoe Correa – was selected in the NSW CIS Girls Football team. • AICES Athletics – TIGS won overall AICES medal count with James Belcher being boy athlete of the meet and Emily De Brot named girl athlete runner up of the meet. TIGS were Champion School at the Illawarra All Schools Athletics Championships. • Equestrian – Lauren O’Neill was overall Year 7 Champion at last weekends Berry Inter-School Equestrian Championships.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

TIGS has a Talented Athlete Program for athletics that provides special support for athletes of exceptional talent to succeed at the highest level of representation. This program is managed by our Director of Sport, Mrs Melinda Sharpe and Mr Adrian Deck, and is available to all students who exhibit the talent and determination to progress in athletics. The TIGS commitment is to provide all students with the opportunity to develop a love of physical activity and to develop their physical skills to enable participation in recreational and competitive sport during and beyond their school years. Last Saturday I had the pleasure of watching three of our netball teams participate in the season ending Grand Final games. TIGS Netball Club has been competing in the local competition for 3 years. From a humble beginning in 2008 with two teams, there were six teams competing this year: One team in U/8s, one team in U/9s, 1 team in U/10s, two teams in U/11s and one team in U/12s. 57 TIGS girls, coached by parents and senior students under the watchful eye of Mrs Sharpe, represented the School each weekend during the winter months. Three of our teams reached the Grand Final and the results were: TIGS Sparkles

10C’s Champions

TIGS Crystals

11C’s Champions

TIGS Diamonds

11A’s Champions

What an outstanding result! There are six things that I liked about the performance of our teams: 1. Students of all ability levels had the chance to play and compete. Encouragement to participate in sport is offered to all students. 2. At full time, all three teams had to be told that they had won. It is wonderful thing to be focussed on playing your best, not winning. 3. Everyone had a chance to compete and all contributed to the success of the team. 4. Congratulations were offered to the girls on the losing teams before celebrations began. Empathy for the feeling of others is an important life skill. 5. The girls were so obviously proud to be representing TIGS and exhibited such strong School spirit. 6. The parents were so encouraging and supportive of all the girls. They shared the excitement and pride in the achievement of the TIGS teams. Congratulations to all the girls, parents and supporters of TIGS Netball on a great season. I had a great morning – and yes, it was also nice to win.

Chaplain’s Connection If you are ever in Zagreb, the Croatian capital, you can visit the Museum of Broken Relationships. The founders, artists Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić, decided to set up the museum when, having consoling friends over their failed romances, their own relationship came to an end. Unsure of how to dispose of a few sentimental items they had collected together, they decided: “It would be nice to have a museum to store all these objects that have emotional pressure on us.” Starting with their own wind-up bunny, the collection grew as they invited their friends to donate items; and donations continue to flood in. There are the obvious things: love letters, engagement rings, teddy bears, photos, massage oils. And then there are the less obvious: scooters, empty liquor bottles, a garden dwarf, a glass house, a box made of matches, even a gall stone. Every object has attached to it an anonymous note reflecting on the lost relationship. For example, perhaps the most unusual object is an artificial leg donated by a war veteran who fell in love with his therapist. “The prostheses lasted longer than our love. Better material” says the attached note. The Museum of Broken Relationships has been invited to tour widely throughout the world. I suspect that this is because it taps into something that is very real in the human experience. How often do we keep our own museums of broken relationships, broken dreams, and past hurts, locked away deep within our hearts? Would it not be a relief to unburden ourselves of these carefully hoarded ‘treasures’; to find a way to turn them into something constructive? In 1 Corinthians 13, the apostle Paul describes the nature of true love: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres ...”

John Reed Chaplain

“It keeps no record of wrongs”. True love, real, godly love, which is based on God’s love for us, doesn’t keep a secret list, a hidden museum of past hurts, carefully stored away; ready to be dragged out and used as ammunition in the next round of conflict. No, real love – God’s kind of love - finds a way to let those things go, and start afresh. Remember how Jesus taught us to pray? “Our Father in heaven, hallowed by your name ... Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.” God’s forgiveness for us, and our forgiveness for others, are inextricably linked. The Psalmist says of God: “as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us” (Psalm 103:12). Surely we in turn must be willing to let go of our carefully treasured hurts and resentments?


Senior School This year we have initiated a system of Awards in the Senior School which not only acknowledges excellence but also acknowledges and seeks to reward those who aspire to be the best that they can be. It is aspirational in that it allows access to the highest of awards to all who are involved and committed to give of their best. The system is graphically illustrated inside the front cover of the Senior School Diary and it might be good if you had a look at that illustration. It attempts to show in diagrammatic form two important aspects of the awards (but sometimes diagrams and illustrations are not exactly crystal clear to the uninitiated, when they might make complete sense to those who designed them!) The first important point is that students will be given recognition not just for outstanding success but also - and just as significantly - for commitment and involvement. Students who are involved, trying their hardest in class, in a sport or a cultural activity and in service activities such as their Year group’s fundraising or community service activities will be given Faculty Awards and Recognition Certificates. This first level of acknowledgement will take place either in their classroom or at Year Meetings. It could also be part of a presentation on Assembly if they are involved in a group event or activity. The second important aspect of the awards is that those who are not necessarily star athletes or gifted academics can achieve the Head of School’s Award, which is equivalent to a School Colour or a High Distinction in a public examination, by accumulating a number of Faculty Awards or Recognition Certificates over the year/s.

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

This system began this year and so it was with great excitement that I have just seen the first three Head of School Awards being prepared for three students who have achieved the awards through involvement in a variety of different contexts: success in representative sport, through their being awarded Merit Certificates in Public Examinations and through involvement in community work. I hope that these are the first of many awards given to acknowledge those who ‘aspire to be the best they can be.’

Junior School PYP Update

The Primary Years Program is having a great impact on the children’s learning in the Junior School. We are seeing evidence of authentic and deep learning about enduring understandings and great skill development, both in specific disciplines and in transdisciplinary skills. Skills are important, without skills, both disciplinary and transdisciplinary the children cannot demonstrate what they know and understand, nor can they communicate effectively new understandings. In our planning we continue to “honor the discipline” so that skill acquisition is still sequentially taught, practiced then applied. Students develop skills and strategies drawn from the subject areas, but they are aligned with the five transdisciplinary skills which are: o o o o o

social skills communication skills thinking skills research skills self management skills

Transdisciplinary skills are relevant to all learning, formal and informal, within school and to events and experiences beyond its boundaries. They are relevant to all levels of learning from pre school right up to post graduate studies.

Judi Nealy

Learning in the Junior School is an exciting and diverse time for our extended TIGS community. I encourage you to have a chat with your children about their Transdisciplinary Skill development, look for opportunities to acknowledge their skill development in these areas and to point out to them the great progress they are making.

Head of Junior School

Finally I would like to introduce 6 new “teachers” in the Junior School. Brad Savage, Jeremy Harrison, Joshua Kinnear, Nathan Nagaratnam, Jacob Hall, Matthew O’Hanlon. These students spent many lunch times designing a professional development course for our teachers using the new Mac computers. They then conducted workshops on Monday after school and our teachers were most impressed by the amount they learnt from these budding IT gurus! Thank you very much for being knowledgeable and great communicators and for using all of your transdisciplinary skills to make this training a success. We are looking forward to the next training session.

Operation Christmas Child Packing Day Wednesday 22 September 9.00am-1.00pm

Program for ‘Big Day In’ – Thursday 23 September

11.00am - 11.50am 11.50am 12.00pm - 1.00pm 1.00pm - 1.45pm 1.45pm

CLASSROOM VISITS MOVE TO REES HALL FOR ASSEMBLY ASSEMBLY TIG LUNCH ON JUNIOR SCHOOL OVAL S to R SOCCER FINALS ON C the on ug Uni JUNIOR SCHOOL OVAL pla U1 gra by t S un yed 2’s a ulat Emails this week d n i n d ion Un ay • Operation Christmas Child flyer for (12 the F U14 s • Naplan Test Results G te tun Se ina ’s w • Operation Christmas Child request for helpers fo rand am mately ptem ls las ho r a Fin a b t n • Big Day In Hamper Order Form fan al. de eith er). e t W h tas r tic ell d e al al n o s o e i n n as e on Natrnatio . e

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Science News 2010 Australian National Chemistry Quiz

More than 115, 000 students from 1409 schools from across Australasia competed in the 2010 Australian National Chemistry Quiz. Some students from Years 7 – 10 Science classes and the Years 11 and 12 Chemistry students from TIGS took part in the Quiz and achieved highly commendable results. Seven students were placed in the top 10% of the State and have earned High Distinction awards. 17 students were ranked in the top 10–25%, and 16 in the top 25–40%, earning Distinction and Credit awards respectively. Students who received High Distinction Awards were: Year 7 Emily I’ons Year 8 Jaiden Fullerton-Harvey Year 10 Hugh Allison and Kishan Wijesinghe Year 11 Erin Cunio, Robert Henderson and Misha Kovac Students who received Distinction Awards were: Year 8 Isaac Brown and Ethan Butson Year 9 Robert Brodie, Steven Cortie, Kieran Devitt, Timothy Johnstone, Szeyin Li and Thomas Oyston Year 10 Rhys Campbell, Katherine Marvell and Callum McNeilly Year 11 Joy Li and Sarah Stone Year 12 Samantha Elliott, Owen Taylor, Jamie Tan and Peter Varcoe Students who received Credit Awards were: Year 7 Teagan Johnston and Aislinn Turner Year 8 Oliver Sekulic and Harrison Steele Year 9 Alec Adams, Angus Turner and Darshan Sitharthan Year 10 Siobhan Butler, James Early, David Kroek, Nicholas Marzano and Rahil Verma Year 11 Kye Adams and Dilpreet Wadhwa Year 12 Harry de Souza and Bransen Noel-Gough Congratulations to all who participated, and I would like to thank Mr Stutchbury for organising the competition. Martin Sormus Head of Science

Performing Arts News Coming SOON to TIGS – THEATRE WORKS The Performing Arts Faculty are excited to announce and welcome our resident theatre company – Eaton Gorge. Eaton Gorge Theatre Company are a team of local actors and educators who have been recognised both locally and internationally for their work in theatre for children and young people. In Term 4 TIGS will be launching 2 new drama ensembles after school called THEATRE WORKS. These fun and energetic classes will be led by Juliet Scrine and Ian McColm from Eaton Gorge Theatre Company and will be open also to students from other local schools. Young actors who participate will have the opportunity to build confidence, relationships and skills and students will perform devised or scripted plays at least twice a year. Classes will be open to stage 3 (years 5 and 6) on Monday afternoons and stage 4 (years 7 and 8) on Tuesdays. Classes will begin in Term IV but any interested students are invited to a FREE INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP on Tuesday 21st September from 3.30 – 4.30pm in the Begbie Centre. For more information please contact the Performing Arts Faculty.

TIGS Netball Club Saturday

last display of netball It was an amazing for the Illawarra District at Fred Finch Parkn Junior Grand Final Day. Netball Associatio ayed in the grand finals and ortsmanship and Three TIGS teams pl hool with great sp represented the Sc were outstanding with all three skill. Our resultsr divisions. An achievement every teams winning theiproud of. student should be - TIGS won 36-32 ds V Corrimal Bullets Under 11A’s TIGS Diamona Coach: Mary Shalal rs TIGS won 11-10 V Southern Suburbs Panthe Under 11C’s TIGS Crystals Tayla Brailey and Emily Sotiros Coaches: Peta Drury, TIGS won 14-12 kles V West’s Koalas ar Sp GS TI s C’ 10 r de Un Coach: Chris Pather with the club sure to be involved ea pl a en be s d the School ha It ort from parents an this year. The supp the club direction and success. have helped to give s and managers ular to all coache Thank you inpartic o have given up their time to tion. of the six teams wh lp with administra train teams and he ll be held esentation night wi The TIGS Netball Prber in the IGC. Wednesday 22 Septem building and ard to once again We are looking forw . 11 club for 20 strengthening the go netball! Bring on 2011 and ion Melinda Sharpe and Outdoor Educat Director of Sport

tHE Great Race The Great Race will be held for Senior School at Jamberoo Recreation Park on Thursday 23 September. The Great Race is a compulsory School event promoting participation in novelty events for all students. On this day points are awarded for a number of novelty events and the well known House “Haka “to go towards the famous Shell Shield. Students this year are not to be driven to or from Jamberoo Recreation Park but are to come to School at the normal time, using the usual modes of transport. Shuttle buses have been organised to transport all students to and from the Park. Students are not allowed to remain at the park to wait for parents. Students must wear their House Shirts and school sports shorts to this event. They are expected to wear appropriate swimwear/ rash shirts, hats and sunscreen. The water will be cold so students may like to wear their wetsuits. Students are encouraged to bring plenty of food and water for the day as there may be limited food outlets open. While at the Park strict safety regulations will be enforced by the attendants and TIGS staff. Students will be required to obey all safety instructions, follow safety signage and not engage in anything considered reckless behaviour. Due to changes in risk management by the Park all students must wear colour-coded wrist bands to identify their level of swimming proficiency. Students are also advised to operate a buddy system within the park, not going alone to rides, shops, cafes or toilets.

A reminder to all students to return their permission slips for the Great Race to School as soon as possible.

Berry Inter-Schools Equestrian Championships

Last Sunday Lauren O’Neill (Year 7) competed in the Berry InterSchools Equestrian Championships riding Ranger’s Apprentice aka Bundy! Overall results for the day: - 2nd place in 65-70cm AM7 - 2nd place 75-90cm AM7 - Champion Year 7 Show Jumper - Year 7 Versatility Champion – this included the 3 Sporting Events. Overall points are collated with each riders best four placings over the weekend in each year. Lauren was OVERALL Year 7 Champion and won a saddlecloth and beautiful Rosette for her results. Congratulations to Lauren on a great day!

After School Sports Activities For information on tennis coaching please click here For information on a Basketball Camp please click here

Senior School Sports NSW CIS Athletics Championships

On Tuesday 14 September 11 TIGS students travelled to Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush, to compete in the NSW CIS Athletics Championships. In some trying conditions, the TIGS athletes performed exceptionally well against competitors from all of the Independent Schools across the State. Almost all of our 11 athletes won a medal in at least one of their events and all of them were wonderful ambassadors for TIGS, competing with great sportsmanship and enjoying the fun atmosphere of the day. The results were: James Belcher 16B – 2nd 110mHurdles; 2nd Discus; 3rd High Jump; 3rd Triple Jump; 6th Long Jump Emily Debrot 17G – 1st Javelin, 2nd Discus, 5th Shot Put Phoebe Fraser 16G – 8th 800m Kyle Grubnic 17B – 1st Long Jump; 4th Discus; 6th 200m Sam Haber 18B – 1st 400m; 3rd 200m Joshua Hurt 18B – 1st 200m; 3rd 100m Mark Mura 17B – 6th 100m Madeline Negus 13G – 7th 100m Hamish Paine 14B – 1st 3000m; 2nd 1500m

Tegan Richards 16G – 1st 400m; 5th 200m; 9th 100m Harrison Steele 14B – 6th Javelin Senior Boys Relay (Mark Mura, Joshua Hurt, Kyle Grubnic, Sam Haber) – 2nd 4x100m Relay The NSW All Schools Athletics Championships will be held from 7th - 10th October at SOPAC (Homebush). We wish all of our TIGS competitors the best for this event.

Year 9/10 Sports - Term 4

These Summer Sports for Years 9/10 will begin Week 2 next term. Could all students ensure they have their diary signed on the sticker indicating preference for Sport. Badminton Basketball Boardriders Golf Rock Climbing Swimming Table Tennis

Monday, IGC 3.30 - 4.30pm Wednesday, IGC 3.30 - 4.30pm Monday, North Beach - 6.30am TBA Wednesday 3.30 - 4.30pm Wednesday & Friday McKeon’s Swim Centre - 7.00am Monday, IGC 3.30 - 4.30pm

Canteen Roster • Meal Deals • Salad boxes • Fishermans Catch

Don’t forget to go ON-LINE www.flexi to order your lunch

Week 10, Term III

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Week 2, Term IV

Monday 20 september

Monday 11 October

Monday 18 October

Rose Dragutinovich Lauren Cunio

Tuesday 21 september

Leilani Donovan Janene Sunderland Lauretta Bussoletti

Barb Mandelson Janice – Etheridge Brown

Tuesday 12 October

Pat Calchi Pene Mortimer

Wednesday 13 October

Wednesday 22 september Thursday 23 september BIG DAY IN & GREAT RACE

Friday 24 september Kylie Mill Christine Flint

Jan Scot3t Help Needed

Heather Rugg Nichole Anastas Pam Parkinson

Thursday 14 October Assunta Disibio Help Needed

Friday 15 October Joanne Elliott Bronwyn Marvell Toni Bolt

Rose Dragutinovich Lauren Cunio

Tuesday 19 October

Barbara Mandelson Janice Ethridge-Brown

Wednesday 20 October Anne Kelly Alison Mc Kenzie Kim Gibbs

Thursday 21 October Teresa Marzano Alice Martin

Friday 22 October Kylie Mill

Christine Flint

Back to TIGS Sunday 19 September, 2010 10.30am in Rees Hall

Charity Art Show 8-10 October 2010 The Illawarra Grammar School (parking & entry via Powell St, West Wollongong) Opening Night: 7pm, Friday 8th October (tickets $20) Other Times: 10am-4pm, Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th October (free admission) To donate artwork and for more info visit All proceeds from ART4refugees support the work of SCARF (Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families). Artists have donated paintings, photographs, sculpture, jewellery, textiles & ceramics to help fund programs like Homework Help, Volunteer Mentoring and L2P Learner to Provisional Driver.

Library News We’ve had fun selecting a wonderful array of books to tempt Junior School parents and friends at our ‘Big Day In’ Book Sale on Thursday, September 23. Why not spoil yourself, your children or the library? We look forward to seeing you there! Click here for flyer. We are also excited about some of the fun new book that have just arrived on our shelves in the library. Some picture books that have really caught our eye include: The Cat’s Pyjamas by Wallace Edwards has really captured our imagination. It’s a beautifully illustrated picture book that brings new meaning to 26 well known idioms, or sayings. There’s even a cleverly hidden cat in each illustration. We think this “eye spy” book is truly the cat’s meow. Jeannie Baker’s new book Mirror is an innovative bilingual picture book comprising two stories designed to be read simultaneously. In English and Arabic the stories recount the lives of two little boys who live worlds apart. The extraordinary pictures convey to us how people are all connected and share experiences and values despite cultural and geographical differences. Both these books will be available for sale at our Big Day In book sale!

Uniform Change Over Winter to Summer

Don’t forget to visit and ‘Like’ our Library Facebook page to keep up with all the fun in our library, and hear about great books, websites and events.

The Uniform Shop will be open during the School holidays from 9.00am to 3.00pm Thursday 7 October, Friday 8 October 2010 and Saturday 9 October 2010.

Should you have any questions about the library, please contact Leanne Wndsor on 4220 0226 or lwindsor@tigs.

Appointments necessary, phone 4220 0230. Please note all existing Year 6 students who are entering year 7 in 2011 should have their uniforms fitted and purchased by 11 November 2010.

Have you got stitching skills? We need your help. We have designed a textile wall-hanging to celebrate the School’s 50 years Golden Jubilee. The design depicts the establishment phase, the amalgamation of TIGS and SCEGGS through to the modern co-educational school of today. The fabric and threads have been purchased and we are ready to meet with those of you who would like to contribute your stitching/appliqué/embroidery skills to the project. The finished art work will be an imposing 2m x 3m. We plan to make up kits for people to take home to work on and to arrange meetings at regular intervals to keep everyone in touch and to provide assistance. A talented quilter will be contracted to assemble and finish the work. The names of the contributors will be listed on the back. Our first meeting will be 10.00am 14 October 2010 in the Goodhew Research Centre (Library), Room G19 and you will have the chance to help finalise the design and choose the section you would like to work on. Please RSVP to the Library office on 4220 0275 Thank you Meredith Hutton and Bev Pallister

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Day c i n c i P i ll Alumn S G Rees Ha l I o o T h c S o r Junio • Back t 10.30am 0 1 0 2 er

emb 19 Sept

10 mber 20 e t p e S - 23 hool Junior Sc e h t in m t 11.00a Starts a r 2010 e b m e t p 23 Se

In’ y a D ig ‘B l Schoo • Junior ace R t a e r G chool rk S r io n e S a • Action P o o r e b 10 Jam mber 20 e t p e S m - 24 r e T f o ay 010 • Last D ember 2 t p e S 4 bly - 2 m e s s A n duatio a r G 2 1 • Yeaar the IGC r 2010 e b 9.00 m in m e t p - 24 Se r e n in D duatioCn a r e G 2 1 n entr r io a t c e n u Y F o • Portofin 6.30pm er 2010 b o t c O 9 - 8s e e g u f e t4R r A F R A C • S he IGC 10 in t ober 20 t c O 3 1 - 11p m a C ip h aders e L 9 r a • Ye

TIGS Class of 1990

TIGS Class of 2000

High School Reunion 20 years

High School Reunion 10 years

If you attended TIGS during your primary years from 1978 - 1984 or in Year 7 1985 to Year 12 1990 you and your partner are invited to attend the 20 year School reunion

If you attended TIGS during your primary years from 1988 - 1994 or in Year 7 1995 to Year 12 2000 you are invited to attend the 10 year School reunion

Click here to view full invitation

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Issue 8 Term III, 2010  

Issue 8 Term III, 2010

Issue 8 Term III, 2010  

Issue 8 Term III, 2010