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NEWSLETTER Well Done! 2011 School Production ‘West Side Story’ Team

Headmaster’s Message Introducing our Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain

Head of Senior School Issue 8 Term II, 2011

Academic • Christian • Caring

Head of Junior School

Introducing our Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain You are aware that Rev John Reed stepped down from his position as School Chaplain at the end of Term I to accept the position of Senior Minister at St John’s Anglican Church, Keiraville. Rev Reed served the School with great distinction and remains a member of the TIGS Community as a parent and former School Captain. A review of the role of Chaplain has been conducted to ensure that the current needs the School are being met. Rev Reed and Mrs Kate Stanton formed the Chaplaincy team up until the departure of Rev Reed. Mrs Stanton has been especially interested in the School finding a new Chaplain given that she is only employed part-time. We thank her and other teachers for covering the role while a replacement is found. It has been decided to increase the size of the Chaplaincy team to meet the increasing demands of our community. The role of Chaplain remains and will continue to be filled by a member of the clergy under licence from the Archbishop of the Diocese of Sydney. An Assistant Chaplain will also be appointed from 2012 to assist the Chaplain with Mrs Stanton in providing the School’s Chaplaincy services. I am pleased to announce the following appointments: Chaplain:

Rev James Rogers

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Rev Rogers is currently Senior Minister of St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Lugarno. He graduated (Bachelor of Music Education, UNSW) in 1992 and spent five years teaching in Primary and Secondary schools in NSW. He undertook theological training at Moore College (Bachelor of Divinity, Diploma of Ministry) between 1998 and 2001. He acted as Assistant Minister of St John’s Anglican Church, Wilberforce between 2002 and 2006 before taking up his present position at Lugarno. Currently he is a Council member and Youth Task Force Leader of Georges River Regional Council. Rev Rogers was born in Wollongong Hospital and grew up in Warilla, attending Lake Illawarra High School. He played Group 7 Rugby League, French Horn in the Wollongong Conservatorium Youth Orchestra as well as completing a fitting and turning apprenticeship with Commonwealth Steel. He became a Christian in 1986 through the ministry of Thirroul/Austinmer Anglican Church. He is married, has four children and lists his interests as Theology, Music, Education, Leadership, Greek and Hebrew and Holidaying with family and friends. In accepting the position he said he was “delighted to accept the position.” This week’s Message from the Chaplain on Page 3 has been written by Rev Rogers to mark the occasion of his acceptance of his appointment as Chaplain of TIGS. He will commence his duties as Chaplain at the beginning of Term IV, 2011. Assistant Chaplain:

Rev Mark Grieve

Rev Grieve is currently serving with the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in South Africa. He graduated (Bachelor of Education (PE/H/PD) in 1993 and worked as a teacher in Zambia and Campbelltown. He undertook theological training at Sydney Mission and Bible College (Bachelor of Bible and Missions) between 1996 and 1998. Following his graduation he worked as an itinerant preacher for SMBC, a Secondary PE/H/PD and Christian Studies teacher in NSW, and acted as a part-time Youth Worker at St Paul’s Anglican Church, Emu Plains. In 2004 he joined CMS and worked as a student minister at the University of Johannesburg. Since 2008 he has been involved with the establishment of Sophiatown Community Church. He is an Ordained Presbyter with the Church of England, South Africa. Rev Grieve is no stranger to the Illawarra Region. He studied at the University of Wollongong from 1990 and attended St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong for four years. In 1996 and 1997 he worked as a part-time Youth Minister at St Paul’s Anglican Church, Fairy Meadow. He is married, has three children and lists his interests as Surfing, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Playing the guitar, Board Games, Reading and Motorbikes. In accepting the position Rev Grieve wrote: “My family and I are over the moon and can’t wait to begin.” Rev Grieve will commence his duties at the School at the beginning of Term I, 2012. As a School we thank God for the provision of our Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain and pray that they will quickly settle into our Community and contribute to the achievement of our Mission. We welcome them both to TIGS.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Chaplains Connection

Under Construction

First, let me say what a tremendous honour it was to have received the invitation to take up the position of Chaplain at TIGS. I know this is a highly valued position in the School so I am deeply humbled by your trust. I want to assure you that I will serve you to the best of my God-given ability and with all the energy that God works in me. I’m presently the Rector of Lugarno Anglican Church. It’s a wonderful church in a beautiful community in the south west of Sydney. There is a couple in my church who moved into Lugarno a few years ago. They bought a retirement home which was not totally suited to their needs so they began alterations. The place has been “under construction” from the moment they moved in. When I think of this couple and their project home I can’t help thinking how it presents a good picture of the Christian life. We are all “under construction”. When we come to faith in Jesus God sets up home within us by his Spirit. And having made his home within us he then begins the work of renovating us. His project is to refashion us into the image of his beloved Son Jesus who is himself “the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being…” (Hebrews 1.3) The chief tools of God’s trade are his Word and Spirit. It is as we speak the truth of God to one another in love that God gently refashions us after the likeness of his beloved Son Jesus. Similarly, as we serve one another in love with the gifts God has given us so we are wondrously reconstructed by God. For me, this is the ultimate beauty of Christian community. As with the couple in my church, God’s renovation of us will not be accomplished in an instant. Indeed, it won’t ever be completed in this life. We will only be made fully like Jesus when we see him as he is at his appearing (1 John 3.2). Even so, God’s good and gracious work is to begin that transformation of us now. This is the Christian life. I look forward to coming to you in October so that together as we speak and act in love we might be further formed by God into the likeness of his beloved Son Jesus. May God continue to richly bless you until that time. Rev James Rogers

Role Models

Senior School

The week of the Production is always an exciting and demanding week for everyone in the school community. And it is ultimately such a valuable and satisfying educational experience on lots and lots of levels. A Performance always is. It is a creative trans-disciplinary learning platform for all those involved in the presentation: the dancers, the singers, the techies, the musicians, the stage crew. It is a service opportunity for all those involved in supporting the production: the ushers, canteen helpers, make-up assistants. It’s very confronting to present at Assembly, in front of your peers. Staff and students work together in teams with a common purpose. Parents too are involved in the success of the enterprise. It really is a community effort. And the whole school benefits by sharing in the progress of performances as we watch items at Assembly over the weeks that lead up to the Production. We watched the boys from the Jets dressed in ‘adapted’ school uniforms, we heard Aiden Chilcott sing ‘Maria’ and the girls sang and danced their way through ‘America.’ It’s hard to front up cold, to an Assembly in front of your peers and take on such a role. But they do and they do it so well.

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

On other Assemblies, over the last few weeks, we have had other students perform and it is a mark of how special this school is that we have such outstanding role models for all of our students: boys like Jason Bujaroski who beautifully sang ‘Music of the Night’ and girls like Mel Morris who played ‘Romanza Appassionato’ on trombone during the past few weeks. These performances are a powerful statement about the broader curriculum and the development of the whole child and the outstanding role models Senior School students are presented with every day.

Junior School

TIGS Extended is an excellent facility for our TIGS families providing a quality program for the children between 3.00pm and 6.00pm. All working or studying families are eligible for a 50% rebate of out of pocket expenses under the Childcare Rebate Scheme. This rebate scheme is not means tested which means that all of our TIGS families are eligible. A fairly simple application form needs to be completed once and then the rebate will be applied. Next term TIGS extended is looking to assist our busy families with additional play opportunities here at school. We frequently hear of parents finding it difficult to coordinate play times with their children’s friends due to the distances travelled to get to school. Children can invite their friend for a “TIGS Extended play date”. This means parents will get a few valuable hours to catch up or even a few hours for themselves while the children have a happy time playing together in a safe and fun environment. I invite all of our Junior School families to take advantage of this new initiative and I am certain that the children will really enjoy the fun things that Mrs Buckley and Mrs Lill have planned for them next Term.

Judi Nealy

Head of Junior School

Vacation Care is offered this school holidays from 18 July 2011 to 22 July 2011. Numbers for this service are actually quite low so please consider using the School for child care during this time rather than other sources. Again the child care rebate applies. For the Mandarin Lessons report by Shao-Ping Yeh (Language Teacher) please click here.


CIS Cross Country Congratulations to Ashley Dribbus who came 2nd in the 10 year girls and Zoe Dribbus who came 4th in the 9 year girls and qualified to represent NSW CIS at the State All Schools carnival next Term. Many of our TIGS runners achieved very strong results improving on their previous performances. Our most notable performers were Sarah I’Ons who was placed 10th in the 12 year girls and Austin Pallone who was placed 20th in the 10 year boys.


Chloe Shadler, Michela Cavallarin, Kaeden Hamdan


Alissa Tonkin


Benjamin Lu


Temira Cowie


Jasper Bambrick


Harrison Webb, Olivia Barber


Soraya McCann


Krishnendu Gupta


Connor Harvey, Winnie Cheng


Kye Gosling, Emmanuela Franco, Georgia Webb, Daniel Tubman


William Barber


Thi Hung Trinh, Ruby Pallone


Daniel Laing, Ashlan Waldock

Foundation Assistant 2 year contract/Term time only Part Time - 3 days Commencing 25 July 2011

To apply please visit Applications Close 08/07/2011

PO BOX 225 Figtree NSW 2525 Tel: 02 4220 0200 - Fax: 02 4220 0202

Ce Me rt ri ifi t Ru ca Ha by T n te i Cla na lde n ra h

Tem Sw Sco Oli ira C ainso tt Sh via B owi n ay arb e Ha er rpe r


Technology shutdown Monday 11 July – Saturday 16 July

Effective 21st century teaching and learning, school management, marketing and communication all critically rely on robust and efficient technology infrastructure. To this end, we are undertaking some significant infrastructure maintenance over the coming school holidays. This maintenance will necessitate a complete shutdown of all technology services including our phone system. The shutdown will take place during the middle week of the three week break from Monday 11 July until Saturday 16 July. We have timed this shutdown to ensure minimal disruption. The school website WILL be available throughout this time and all important messages and communication relayed via the front page of the site. Please note that the following services WILL NOT be available: Narradan - the Student Learning Portal Edumate - the Parent Portal School email Should members of our school community need to contact the School during the shutdown period please use the following numbers: Main School Phone number (from 9.00am – 3.00pm on weekdays) Emergency Mobile number (after hours only)

ph 4220 0200 ph 0438513288

We appreciate your understanding as we strive to ensure that our technology serves us well.

Creative Arts News ‘The Works’ 2011 Exhibition 26 – 27 August 2011

Please join us to celebrate art and design and continue the tradition at The Illawarra Grammar School with ‘The Works’ 2011. The exhibition will feature Artworks, Film, Design, Furniture, Photography, Ceramics and Textiles from HSC 2011 and from past and present students, teachers, parents and friends of The Illawarra Grammar School. Official Opening Friday 26 August, 2011 6.30pm - 8.30pm in the IGC Announcement of the $2000 Acquisitive Prize donated by Westpac. Launch of The Works People’s Choice Award. Saturday 27 August, 2011 The Works Cafe 10.00am - 4.00pm in the IGC Do you have arty kids? There are some wonderful exhibitions currently showing at our Wollongong City Gallery and a visit to this Gallery during the school holidays is a great way to enhance your child’s art experience. The Gallery also has some exciting winter school holiday workshops commencing on Tuesday 5 July and concluding Friday 15 July 2011. Morning Workshops for 5-8yrs run from 10.00am to 12noon and afternoon workshops 9-14yrs run from 1.30-3.30pm. Class are $20 per child and bookings are essential. For more information on the exhibitions and the workshops see workshop program at the Art Gallery

Larissa Bennet Alumni 2009

Edward Hulme Current Parent

Kids Workshop “The Works 2010”

Due to the interest and excitement surrounding the Jubilee edition of the Works Exhibition, The Illawarra Grammar School will again be running an Acquisitive Art Award as part of The Works 2011, on the weekend of the Friday 26 August. We are very happy to announce that our generous sponsors Westpac are able to support us again with a prize of $2000 which will be awarded to the winning artist. One of the most satisfying aspects of this exhibition was to be able to reconnect with past students, parents, teachers and friends of the School and we would like to carry on this tradition by extending these friendships and establishing new ones. If you are an artist, designer or photographer or are in contact with artists who are friends of TIGS, we would like to get in contact with you to invite you to join in on this very special exhibition. Also, you may have some time to spare during the preceding week to help with the organisation and hanging of the exhibition or with the café.

Science News

NSW Minerals Council Bursaries 2011

On Thursday 16 June, 16 senior students accompanied Mrs Murphy and me to a dinner sponsored by the NSW Minerals Council. Speakers at the dinner were university students or recent graduates. They provided an interesting insight into courses they were studying and the wide range of career opportunities in the minerals industry. The highlight of the evening was the presentation to three of our Year 11 students of a Minerals Council Bursary worth $500 in Year 11 and $1000 in Year 12. The three students are Hugh Allison, Nathan Bow, and Isaac Kim. The students have also each been assigned a mentor in the mining industry. Congratulations to each of the students and thanks to the sponsors of the bursaries, the NSW Minerals Council, BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal, and Gujarat NRE Coking Coal. Martin Sormus Head of Science

Senior School Sport Senior School Athletics Carnival

The Senior School Athletics Carnival is on Thursday 30 June at the Kerryn McCann Athletics Field. It is a compulsory school event where all students compete for their House to win the House Shell Shield. House shirt and school sport shorts must be worn by all students at this event. If a student cannot participate it is important for them to come along and help with the various jobs that need to be done and assist their house patrons. Students can make their own way to the venue. Supervision will be available from 8.15am at the track. Buses will also run from the School down to Beaton Park from Western Avenue at 8.30am. The carnival is expected to finish at 3pm and all students must stay for the duration of the day. The Senior School athletics program is available for download on Narradan. If the weather looks inclement please listen to 96.5 Wave FM for cancellations.

Rugby Union - Camp Waratah

If you are interested in Rugby Union - Camp Waratah please click here for more information.

Student Success

NSWCIS Cross Country Last week a strong contingency of 25 students represented TIGS at the NSWCIS Cross Country at Eastern Creek Raceway. Congratulations to the following students who have achieved selection in the NSWCIS Cross Country team. • • • • • •

Julien Smith (Year 7) 1st place 13 year Boys 3kms Angus Pryde (Year 7) 4th place 13 year Boys 3kms Caleb Stamper (Year 8) 5th place 14 year Boys 4kms Alexander Seal (Year 9) 3rd place 15 year Boys 4kms Hamish Paine (Year 9) 8th place 15 year Boys 4kms Emma Ramsey (Year 11) 6th place 17 year Girls 4kms

TIGS also entered 5 teams in the NSWCIS School Teams Event with brilliant results. Congratulations to the 13 and 15 year Boys Teams who won the Schools Team event for the NSWCIS Cross Country. The boys in these teams included: Champion 13 Year Boys Team Julien Smith Angus Pryde Matthew Galanti Zac McLaren Champion 15 Year Boys Team Alexander Seal Hamish Paine

Crick, Hannah and hopefully progressing to Stella Muirhead, Lily Tuivaga, the semis. Hannah Kim and Cassandra Wallace. It was a great day NSW All Schools Cross of tennis and the TIGS Tennis Country Mt Biking Secondary All Schools On Sunday 19 June, three team would like to thank Ms Volleyball Tri-Series The All Schools Volleyball Tri- senior TIGS boys joined with Stanford for taking us. Series was held on Saturday 12 other local boys from Rice College, AFL Gala Day 12 June at Sydney Olympic Edmund Park. Kieran Ackhurst (Year Cedars Christian College Two teams competed at the 9) was in the NSW All Schools and Keira High to represent AFL Gala Day held at Reed Team which had unique the Illawarra in the 3rd Park, Dapto. victories over CCC (3-1) and annual NSW All Schools CHS (3-0). This was a first MTB Championships held at The Opens team consisting time victory for CIS and we Yellomundee Regional Park of Bryce Etheredge, Kurt Ferguson, Kyle Locke, Hamish congratulate Kieran on his near Springwood. McIntosh, Stuart Mill, James selection and participation in The TIGS team of Jake Needham, Thomas Robinson, this successful tri-series. Latham (Year 12), David Lachlan Shrubb and Jessie Manton (Year 12) and Alistair Price were ably captained by Cycling Success Martin (Year 11) finished 3rd Jackson Gray. They defeated Congratulations to Bridget in the senior category. Figtree High and Cedars Mullany (Year 9) for her College but went down to outstanding results at the Thank you to Tim Manton and Illawarra Sports high. Shepparton Junior Cycling Rod Latham for coordinating Tour last weekend. She the team and to the other The Under 16s team also cycled in U/15 boys from the Illawarra for won two of their three representing our region so games. The team consisted - Time Trial 8 kms - 1st well. of Aidan Breslin, Giuseppe - Road Race – 1st Fierravanti, Adrian Haise, - Criterium – 2nd Samuel Isabella, Anthony AICES Champion School Keating, Michael Ledwidge, This placed Bridget as the Tennis Day overall U/15 Champion for On Friday 17 June the TIGS Damien Manzini, Bryce Prior this event. Well done Bridget! team travelled to Cintra Park and Raman Wadhwa. They Lake Illawarra to compete in the AICES defeated High and Smiths Hill but Tennis competition. The boys CIS Football Cup: unfortunately lost to Edmund Round 3 TIGS vs Oakhill had a great result, coming Rice College. 2nd overall. The boys team College – Monday 20 June consisted of Fred Newman, Thank you to Noel Burton 2011 Dominic Riordan, Mark Perri, who accompanied me Adrian Haise and Gabriel and Result: TIGS - 2 vs Oakhill - 0 provided valuable Hole. assistance. Congratulations This now puts the team into to the boys on their excellent the quarter finals and we look The girls team put in a solid behaviour and good forward to our next meeting effort, putting them in 3rd sportsmanship. place. The team included Jaiden Fullerton-Harvey Angus Cochrane Harrison Steele

Canteen Corner Online Ordering

To order canteen food online visit The new menu for Term II has commenced. Please ensure you are checking the new menu prior to placing an order as there have been some price changes to existing products.

We need your help!

The Canteen would like to welcome any new helpers for 2011. If you could spare a few hours once a month, we would love to have you aboard our team of dedicated volunteers. Please contact Megan in the canteen on 4220 0241.

Canteen Roster Monday 27 June Sonja Forte Julie Chiaverini

Tuesday 28 June Rose Dragutinovich Lauren Cunio

Wednesday 29 June Zina Ainsworth Wendy Gray Spence


Friday 1 July Maureen Whitton Help Needed

Monday 25 July Sonja Forte Julie Chiaverini

Tuesday 26 July Rose Dragutinovich Lauren Cunio

Wednesday 27 July Pat Calchi Danielle Burton

Thursday 28 July Jennifer Cowie

Friday 29 July Lynda Webb

Monday 1 August Catherine Kirby

Tuesday 2 August Snezana Bujaroska Anne Jones

Wednesday 3 August Help Needed Help Needed

Thursday 4 August Help Needed Help Needed

Friday 5 August Maureen Whitton Help Needed

TIGS Extended Vacation Care

The TIGS Extended Vacation Care program will be running a week of activities and fun in the last week of the July school holidays, 18 - 22 July 2011. For further information, enrolment and permission forms please see the TIGS Website, or email the Director on kbuckley@tigs. To download a July 2011 Information sheet please click here.

TIGS Uniform Shop Opening Hours

The Uniform Shop will be open on Thursday 21 July and Friday 22 July 9.00am – 2.00pm. No appointments necessary.

2012 Enrolments and Beyond

Limited places are available for 2012 with places filling quickly for 2013 onwards. Students currently in Year 6 are automatically enrolled into Year 7 for 2012. Should your child not be continuing on to Year 7 in 2012, written notification to the Headmaster is required no later than 23 September 2011. Please contact our Enrolments Secretary, Ms Nicci Fripp, on 4220 0216 or email for an Application Form or further information.

School Contact Details

Have you changed contact details recently? Current details of all students including names, addresses, emergency contact information, medical conditions and parent contact details including mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses need to be kept on file and accurate at all times. Please ensure that any change of any details during the year are noted on a Notification of Change in Contact Details form and returned to the School office for recording.

Holiday Study Blitz

Study courses are being held at the School during the Winter School holidays for any student from Years 7 - 12. The courses being run are: Study Skills and Strategies - Years 7 - 9 Senior Study Skills and Strategies - Years 10 - 12 Essay Skills - Years 10 - 12 Advanced Reading Skills - Years 10 - 12 Please click here for more information and to download your enrolment form.

To keep up-to-date with the latest news and events that are happening in and around our School, we encourage you to subscribe to the email Newsletter. Simply visit our website: and sign up on the home page.

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Issue 8 Term II, 2011  

Issue 8 Term II, 2011